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British GP To Lauda

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OCTOBER 2, 1976
~~ ~~

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w n u n u e d From rlrgs I incident in the 100-mile sprint. Holbert got b w k on the winning track in the next race at Daytona, winning the 250-mile Paul Revere race, giving the Monza its firat win in a race longer than 100 miles. It wasn't a strong win. coming more at the expense of problems by others. but it was a win. Two more races with poor results followed before a Monza again made it to the winner's circle as Holbert recorded yet another victory in the bizarre rainrace at Pocono. That race was followed by Halbert's third-place finish at Mid-Ohio in the Three-hours and a clear victory in the Road Atlslita 500 kilometers. That race ga;e Holbrrt hls slxth vlctory of the season in 13 races Monzas had won seven. Normally, winning half of the races should just about wrap up the title for a driver, but as noted. this was not your average garden-variety year for the IMSA series. In spite of- the record. Holbert still has his hands full withthreetime Camel GT Champ Peter Gregginthe factory-backed BMW and Jim Busby in the BrumosIMltcom Porsche. The two have been just a s consistent as Holbert in each race to keep the Monza pilot from running away and hiding. Gregg started the year offwithhiethird victory in the 24 Hours of Daytona. sharing the ride with Brian Redman. Grege. another Porsche defector this season. was unable to make another trio the winner's circle until August, when donlinatea the rain-shortened race at adega. Usudly, it takes more than wins to be in contention, but not this r. Aside front aseventh-place finisbat ring where the car hadaproblemwith and a 23rd at Lime Rock following a h. Gregg a r d the BMW have bean in e top-three in every race but two. ~esidebthe wma. he wan aecond a t L q m a Swm the Arrl t h e , Ontuio.


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Pocono, and Mid-Ohio for theTbrae-hour. title. Gregg ia in seaond, needing two He recorded thirds a t Road AUant. the victories and two very low finishes by first time. Daytona in the Paul R e ~ r e . Holbert to take the title again. Busby i s and at Sears Point. A fourth a t Mid-Ohio third, just out of the chsse for thechampiin June and the most recent 16th-place onships, but still having a good chance a t finish at Road Atlanta are his other two second should Gregg falter. Keyser is finishes. In short. although he hasn't won fourth and Dyer fifth, eachoutofthechase as many races as he had inthe past. h e h ~for third and well clear of their followers. been a model of consistency, leaving him The fourth spot i s really up for grabs with the only chance to overtake Holbsrt between the two. Behind the leaders, no one has mounted for the tltle. If you didn't have a Monaa this season. aBMW was probably thenext a serious. continuing effort to make a difference. In Porsches. John Gunn. Bob beat choice. Hagestnd. Tom Frank, and Roberto QuinThis was supposed to be the year that tanillas all ran stronn in some races Poreche met its match. The marque. wblle dolng poorly or notenterlngothers which has dominated the series s i n w its The nlosl cons~stent drlver m the top ten incention. suonosedlv iust wasn't able t o has been Phil Currln m brs small-block mak'e it thls tilie. thekiles weretoomuch Corvette. Phil has not run the entire against the aglng C w e r a RSR Y e s , the schedule, but he has finished in the top 10 rules were againstthecar, but appuently every race he entered, with the highest the people who decide these things forgut rssult being a second at Tallsdsga. to tell Jim Busby and George Jlyer. In the GTU'class it has been Brad Between the two of them. thev scoredfour Frisselle and his Dateun 2402 all the way. victories for Porsche agmnsi the M o n a u wrapping up the title at Mid-Ohio in and BMWs. That, added to the Holbsrt IKeyaer vlctory. gave Porsche a total of Aueust. Walt Msas has won the GTU c1&s when Brad d ~ d n ' fbut he dldn't have five thus far. not a bad record. Everyone enough money to campaign hls Porecbe reslued the Porsches would be touah to 9144 the whole season, g ~ v l n g Frlsselle a beat in the long races, whlch they wsrs. green light. Brad's expected opposition but they also managed to pick up aome from Bob Sharp Racing suffered setback wins in the short sprints as well. Busby after setback to keep Sharp out of the got things rolling with a victory a t running. The team's Z car was destroyed Ontario, following yet another bumping a t Road Atlanta in April putting them incident with Peter Gregg in that race. behind and then Bob Sharp broke his Dyer followed up Busby's win scoring in wrist at LimeRockin May. Ellion Forbesthe next race at Lime Rock. nipping Robinson filled in ably for Sharp for the Keyser's Monza by the incredible margin balance of the season, but by then all was of .W1 seconds at the finish, about the lost. length of a bumper. NOW, the question is, where does IMSA In July. Busby won at Sears Point, with Dyer second as the Porsches dominated and the Camel GT go from here? No rules that event. Jim then scored a victorv in changes will effect the lsat two races, but the Mid-Ohio Three-hour in ~ u g u e t i n d they i r e expected to be interesting anyfollowed wrth a second at Road Atlanta. wav. Green has a strong chance at t lust Not really a bad year for a car which wloning bGL events, but ~ G l b e r 1% everyone said was uncompetitive. It may a s good a bet to finish well in at least one not have had the speed of the Monzas and to wrap up the trtle Gregg's UIsk wrll not be easy, for he will have a lot of competiBMW, but it could still win. The point s t a n & n p pretty much ref- tion to worry about besides Al. At Laguna lected the season. Holbert leads, needing only a seventh-place finish or better in exther of the two remalnlng races a t Lsguna S e c 8 m d Daytona to wrapupthe

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no lees than three Turbo Porsches will be entered for Qeora, Follmer. Hurlev Havwood, and ~ s l l n y Ongals. In addiiion i a the Turbos. Vssek Pol& h r s entered his BMW CSL for Howdy Holmes. a car almost identical to the car of Gregg. Monaas will be out in force, with Jerry Jolly having a new car, offsetting the fact that Keyser may pass on the race. And, of course there will be the normal Porsche parade of RSRs. For Daytona the question mark is John Greenwood, who has won the finale two years in a row. If he enters, he has to be a favorite. althounh his nlace could be taken by Mike &ockxnan in the Lev Corvette. Greenwood's car from earli this season. In all, it will make for one heck of a season. one which would Dromnt most sanctioning bodies to stand pat with w they've got, hoping to duplicate success next season. Most would, but not expected that IMSA will. Altbou IMSA officials will neither confirm nor deny it, it i s expected that a great deal of changes will be made in the rules. Theprlmary areaofconcern.onewhlch caused a ~ r e adealofconnrctearlrer t thra year, centers on theporsche Turbo. Under the present ruhts, there is noquestion that the Turbo is not a very competitive car. sometimes less so than the normal RSR. It i s expected tnat IMSA will open up the rules for the cars for 1977. The first step should be that all cars in the series wlll be subjected to the FIA Weight scale as llsted for Group V. If followed, that would add weight to theMonzas, Corvettesandother AAGT cars. although it wouldn't be a great penalty. Under the rules. a 350 cid Monza would have to weight 2541 pounds. rather than the current wei ht of 2500. The 42'7 cid Corvette woulf weigh 84 pounds more than it does now. The prime beneficiarries of following the FIA scale would bs Porsche and BMW. The weipht on the Turbo would drop more Continued On Next Page



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The return of IMSA to Charlotte Motor Speedway's 2.25-mile road course i s marked by thenext-to-lastracein the 1978 IMSA Radial Challenge Series on Oct 8.

Mazda RX-2 and the 2002. IMSA i s busy writing the carrulesfora new series planned to get underway in 1977 The idea i s to attracts. typolh(gh1y

it is the first Ford to take advanlage of the equal rim width regulation. More weight has been placed on the front wheels by inserting a long spacer between the engine and gearboxthus noving both the engine and driver significantly forward. The front suspension is mounted inboard. The sleering box is mounted in line with the front rocker. And this, along with the new aerodynamic bodywork make the T-440 "the slipperiest Formula Ford ever." The air box is incorporated within the streamlined tail. which fairs in the roll bar. Length has been increased six inches over the T-342-wRh both track and wheelbase increased also. Weight is at (or below) the legal minimum. As you can see, the T-440 was designed with just one goal in miid: to go fast. To find out more, give us a call.

N.J. tied for the runner-up spot. Amos ' Johnson. Raleigh. N.C.. i s 3U poinu back of B a r d but, technically. he can make it. Nick Craw'sBMW is going again, witness his Road AUanh mkilometer victory. Using nearly all ofthe 1.5-mile oval. Charlotte's road course i s a notably fast track so all five of these drivers plus Gene Felton. Dennis Shaw. Pat Bedard. HOWIT. Joe *mato and others flgure to make the 200-kilometer run rugged. . . .With Charlotte coming UP. the current Radial Challenge standinge show six different makes of cars driven by the six driversonpoints-Colt.Mazda. Datsun. Pacer. BMW. Gremlin. Japan vs. Kenosha and Bavaria.. . .At every course RS cars have run this year, anew race lap record has been set. Charlotte's record i s two years old. Two of IMSA's four driver championships and four of the six manufacturere championships have been decided. Brad Frisselle. El SegundoCalif..hasdommated the Camel GTU class and Gilles Viileneuve. Wicke. Quebec, is likewise in the IMSA Formula Atlantic Championship. In the Camel GT manufacturer divisions. the Porsche Carrera has run awaywithGrandTouringOverwhilethe BMW 3.0 CSL i s all by itself in Touring. The Datsun Z has a lock on Grand TouringUnder.TheMonzahasbeatenout the Corvette and Cpmam in AllAmerican GT. With two races to go. at Laguna Seca and Daytona Beach, only Touring Under is undecided with the Alfa Romeo GTV holding first ahead of the

about the same number of r m s as this year. be for ~~~~i~~ The new seriua care on road oourats and eligible models would be those from 10s to 116-inch wheelbase. ~h~ industry gsnerally now ascomp.cts andluxury groups ,,alls. specific engines would be ble. most of cubic inches displeoe. ment. but with a few around 305 cid. All cars would to standard miniweights. AII would use the same carburetor, standard-size steel wheels from racing rubber, and modifications permitted would closely follow the s p i r i i o f t h e p r e s e n t ~ ~ ~ a t e g o ry rules.

, ,

Trivls questions: One 1976 Camel Gl' race has Lasted less than an hour. Which one?. . .One top IMSAdriver Lhis year has finished every race he's entered, always in the same potiitlon. Who?. . . T h i s year. only one IMSA driver chanlpionship can be won by a driver who has raced an American car exclusively. Who 1s he? Sometimes the obvious is overlooked and the competitiveness of thls year's Camel GT may be such a candidate. Traditionally, race winners were Porschea with an occasional Corvette win. Last year. BMW broke the domination but Porsohe still had the majority vote, and there was still the occasional Corvette win. This year, the winner's cimle in split and shnred rs never before the six victories for Monaas, five for Porsches, and two for BMW.

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rorion appurntlg o d # d by yow reporku. The atow 8tmn3r m i W that Ongain .nd Al .Unw dould haw gau on to Ontario despite any would an editor dwl if thr m a n u mportur d decided on hleowntogotoOntulorfththedri&leaving the went unmvemdimAutorsSnWhi&chepar.Llel 'texaat, it .houldhi#hU&t Ulsb.stoproblemf.osd not only SCCA, but am U8Ac (co-8hnaolm of event and bola emotionor iCOntuio. and with tba to loss b y a U B A G d r I v e . r d ~ h d b g t h . oter. gain and U m dgned to a p w that wmke& a n m Of thr h u l d h p their eyes opsn. at and the 'wnlllot' with Ontario pra&W. I nmy

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OCTOBER 2, 1976

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