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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Minutes of the meeting March 19, 2013 Conservancy Board Members present on call: David Lamfrom, Lynn Davis, Sid Silliman, Michael Gordon, Dennis Schramm, Linda Slater, Ben Spillman (not on call) Community Foundation. David and Sid met with them on February 13, 2013, trying to fix issue of notifications when we get new membership. Their IT person said it is an easy fix, but requires a manual email. They committed to doing that. Sid has other details that attempt to fix electronically. Appears to be on the right track, but we need to keep an eye on. They also met with the VP and she mentioned there is funding available for groups that have 501(c)(3) status. The MNPC does not have that status apparently. We need to work towards that status because we might be able to obtain $25,000 grant from the Community Foundation. Sid committed to following up on this. Invited the Community Foundation to our star party. Restoration event on February 15th was a real success. Folks that participated indicated willingness to participate every year. Had 12 volunteers, 5 NPS staff and 4 kids. Over 50 car and truck tires found. February 14, 2014 marked on NPS calendar for next event. Another restoration project with Mojave Desert Land Trust is going to happen. Thinking is to have it on May 11th, same day as the star party. Membership. Picked up three new members (one life) since our last call. Also two renewals. Budget. Last statement shows account balance of $10,901.29. Website updates. None. Still need bios and photos from Ben and Lynn to post on the site as members of the board of directors. Star Party. May 11th at Hole in the Wall. Board training. Thinking was to do in conjunction with the star party. Then do a face to face meeting of the board. Looks best to do board training on May 12th. (Does not work for Sid). What about June 15th or 16th? Works for everyone on the call. Lynn not available on June 16th, so 15th looks the best. NPCA might be able to provide space in Las Vegas. What about Ben? Lynn sent email to him while on this call. Ben is available either May 12th or June 15th. Board agreed to set the date for board training on June 15th. Mitchell Caverns. Seems to be positive progress on reopening. Poppy Preserve staff have also been working on this issue. State Parks has plan to fix water system and other repairs ($300k) and shoot for weekend openings only this fall. State has no money to hire staff. Working on raising money. Linda and David met with this group. They have website attempting to raise money. Michael asked about linking our website to their site. Go ahead. Should the board

provide financial support? Board discussed and made a motion to provide a donation of $250. Approved. Newsletter. Board agrees we should do one for the spring. Linda can provide info about art exhibit at Kelso Depot. Also did one on flower bloom. David will write one on Mitchell Caverns update. What about one on the fabulous Joshua Tree bloom. Linda will try to contact Jim Cornett and see if he will write a guest article. Michael and David may be able to provide photos. What about an article on the impacts of the sequester on the Preserve. Sid volunteered. Sid will also write article on restoration project. What about article on energy projects on the horizon? Lynn volunteered to work on with David. How many should we produce? If this is a substantial newsletter we should think about how else we want to distribute? At Kelso Depot. Linda can provide copies in reading room. Sid suggested the board send ideas to Dennis on where we can distribute the newsletter and how many copies we need. Call ended at 2:10pm.

Next Meeting: April 16, 2013 at 1:00pm.