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Women should not seek equality with men. Discuss.

Intro Since the past, women have been unfairly stigmatized by the society in all areas, such as the political arena, workplaces and even schools. They were often viewed as a group of people with lower status when compared to men. More often than not, women are always confined to the shadows of their home, without much participation in the activities of the public sphere. All these unfair treatments had thus become the impetus for women trying to seek equality with men, which many questioned its validity. As efforts to strive for equality is only a temporary act which brings about long-term effects, and that equality will brings about world peace and stability, women should all the more seek equality with men, regardless of the majoritys view that men are naturally more superior to women, as both men and women should have the same basic human rights. Opposing 1 [P] Some people may argue that any efforts to seek equality with men would be futile, and thus should not seek equality with men, as men are already born in such a way that they are more superior to women. [E] Due to the many past glorious achievements of men, it has thus shaped peoples mindset that men are naturally born in a way that is more superior to women. People tend to associate these achievements with the talents of men, something which they thought is innate in them. [E] For example, one well known chef is Gordon Ramsay, a Scottish chef, whose name is widely known by people all around the world. Also, many great scientists and inventors such as Einstein, Newton are all men. [E] Even though cooking is seen as a womens job, men still make the best gourmet cooks. The fact that a lot of the successful people are all men also proved to the public that men are just superior to women, and can achieve much more than them without much effort. [L] As these mindsets are hard to correct, no matter how hard the women activists group try, they would still fail at trying to convince the whole society that women are actually as capable as men. As such, women should not seek equality with men as they are already born differently as men; there are no reasons why two different groups of people should be seen as equal. Opposing 2 [P] Another reason why many people feel that women should not seek equality with men is that the process of seeking equality will disrupts the worlds social peace and stability. [E] As women fervently fight for the rights which they think they should have, it is inevitable that protests and riots will break out, as the process of seeking equality will split the society into two different groups the women activists and those who feel that women are in no way equal to men. These two groups will thus have conflicting views, and this will greatly increase the chance of a riot breaking out.

[E] For example, the FEMEN protest staged by members of the womens rights group in Russia to fight for human rights by being topless and writing messages such as Women spring is coming, 'My body is mine, not somebodys honor'. This had clearly disrupted the country s stability as those women were detained and arrested, which sparks off even greater anger in other members who later attempted another protest i n the religious centre of Kairouan. [E] It can be seen that the main motive of this protest is to convey the message to the public that women should have their own basic rights too, and the fact that this protests resulted in some members of the womens rights group being arrested, it would only increase the anger in the remaning members which will thus try all means to oppose the government. This thus results in social instability, as no one knows when they will strike again. [L] As such, women should not seek equality with men, as they will be sacrificing the worlds peace and stability for it, which many does not think that it is worthwhile and justified for the women to have the same rights as men. Counter 1 [P] However, though there is an element of truth in the above argument, the FEMEN protests had clearly illustrated the point that womens activist groups will persist in their belief and try all means to achieve their aim. The underlying meaning is thus that, as long as women do not achieve equality, there will not be world peace, as they will constantly stage protests to fight for what they think they deserve. [E] Only when everyone is seen as equal, with no one group of people being more superior to others, will the world attain world peace as everyone will thus receive fair treatments by the society, and there will be nothing to protest about. [E]A lot of protests and riots broke out due to discrimination of certain groups of people, as they feel that they are unfairly treated by the public. Examples include the FEMEN protests, Aba Womens Riot, Detroit Race Riot and many more. [E] As all the root causes of these riots all stems from the fact that the people feel that the treatment they received from the public is unjustified, they stage a protest or riot to make clear their stand that they are actually equal and in no way inferior to the others to receive such unfair treatment. [L] Hence, women should seek equality with men as it will bring about long term peace and stability for the world. Supporting 2 [P] Women should seek equality because they have been treated unfairly by the society for way too long. Only when they put in efforts to fight for themselves, gender discrimination will cease to exist forever. [E] Gender discrimination against women has long been there ever since the ancient times. As time goes by, the various efforts put in by various groups of people to fight for basic rights of women had empowered women and eradicate some traditional mindsets of people that women should be the caregiver and not enter the work society.

[E]For example, empowerment of women had been done through education, and a significantly high proportion of women in Singapore can be seen entering the workforce, with some even taking on the role of sole bread-winner [E] This had thus shown that with efforts put in to fight for women rights, it is possible to correct peoples negative view of women and slowly allow them to accept the fact that women are actually in no way less superior to men. [L] Thus, this supports my view that women should seek equality as the process of seeking for this equality, no matter how long it can be, will certainly be beneficial in the long run, and this benefit is none other than having fully eliminated gender discrimination against women.

Supporting 3 [P]Women should seek equality with men as both men and women are all humans, and should thus be entitled to the same human rights. [E] There is a need for women to seek equality with men as they are always discriminated against, with women in some parts of the world being deprived of basic legal rights. Human rights are inalienable fundamental rights that are inherently entitled to each and every person because the person is a human being. [E] As stated in Article 1 of United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. However, in India, a 24-yearold woman was forcibly married and gang-raped as a brutal 'honour' punishment after her brother eloped with his girlfriend. [E] This is only one out of many cases throughout the world whereby women are unfairly treated upon. Clearly, the India women had no rights and say, and it is evident that her basic rights had been infringed upon. [L] As such, women should seek equality to put a stop to all these happenings around the world, because they deserve so much more, because they are born with dignity and rights, and no one have the right to trampled womens destiny. Conclusion In conclusion, I strongly feel that women should seek equality with men, and should do it in the shortest time possible, so as to minimize any negative impacts on the innocent parties during the process of seeking equality. Due to the aforementioned reasons such as word peace and stability, as well as the fact that everyone is born equal, there is no way women are not equal as men. Despite past futile efforts, women should still seek equality because they should receive what they deserve.

Is gender equality ever possible?