The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop

3-day process (see page 2 for more info.)
Date: April 4th, 5th & 6th Time: Friday (4/4) 8pm – 10pm Saturday (4/5) 12pm – 4pm Sunday (4/6) 12pm – 4pm


Nitvana Bodywork Demo
(See page 3 for more info.) Date: April 4th Time: Friday (4/4) 2pm – 6pm • Nityama speaking about his work • 1 hour demonstration of women’s Table Session (Nityama) • 45 minute demonstration of men’s Table Session (Sasha) • Q & A time


Private Sessions
(See page 3 for more info.) Date: April 3rd through the 9th Time: Limited availability by appointment (call 415-439-9902) For women: 1 hour consultation, 2 hours of Nitvana Bodywork For men: 1 hour consultation (with Nityama), 2 hours of Nitvana Bodywork (with Sasha)

for a 3 hour session

For great package rates, see page 4

Exclusive Offering
(See page 4 for more info.) 7 days of luxurious living with the Tantric Mongoose, Shantam Nityama.

For package rates, see page 4. 415-439-9902

• Discover how your patterns of relating may be decelerating your spiritual development.The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop a 3 day process The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop addresses a very fundamental part of cultivating sexual energy. . This breaking down process is an essential preparation for one’s inner journey. • What or who is controlling your mind? • What are the internal mechanisms that are keeping you from vibrating at higher frequencies? • What do you need to understand about yourself. and guiding them through a personalized “breakthrough process”. in order to accumulate the energy necessary for reaching higher levels of consciousness? Nityama will spend individual time with each of the workshop participants. • An opportunity for you to uncover any myths that you may have about sex and relating. which involves breaking down the habitual patterns and conditioning that one has accumulated. answering questions.

available to give Nitvana Bodywork for Polarity Therapy.nityama. called Nitvana Bodywork. thus realigning both He has pioneered his own to their natural polarity. Sasha is modalities. Nitvana Bodywork has the ability to open energy channels and pathways that have been obstructed since childhood. please visit: www. revolutionary form of bodywork. Bowen technique and NeuroStructural Integration technique. free of any agendas and expectations. A Sasha – The Cobra disciple of Osho since 1980.Nitvana Bodywork Experience is the only teacher… Nitvana Bodywork is an opportunity for women and men to reconnect with their intrinsic nature by experiencing the natural flow of their sexual energy throughout their bodies. Men’s Sessions. with their positive pole (the genitals). while healing at the deepest levels. Nityama also utilizes his expertise in numerous healing Closely trained by Nityama. These sessions are designed to raise the capacity for experiencing increased Bliss and to assist in the eliminating of any general or sexual traumas stored in the body. presence and compassion of a true Tantric Mongoose and has dedicated his life to awakening It facilitates women in reconnecting with their positive the higher consciousness of men pole (the heart). A journey from sex to superconsciousness Shantam Nityama The Tantric Mongoose Nityama exudes all the power. he has inspired. Bodytalk. Advanced Medical Qi Gong. (For more information about Nityama and his . including Reiki.nityama.html with their true nature. With his ineffable style. designed to take men and women on a journey from sex to superconsciousness. View video clips of Nitvana Bodywork Sessions: challenged and supported thousands of people in realigning www. while assisting the men in reconnecting and women. humor and

contact: www.nityama..) • An opportunity to get a taste of the Tantric Mongoose . Package includes: • The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop – 3 day process • Attendance to Nitvana Bodywork Demo • 2 hours of Nitvana Bodywork • 7 night stay (April 3rd . $3100 for one Want to share a room with your lover or friend? $4100 for two Sasha 415-439-9902 For booking. (photos available upon request.10th) in a private bedroom in a luxurious 4 story Mark Van der Gaag 773-561-6011 mark@corepowercoach.Packages: The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop & Attendance to Nitvana Bodywork Demo All Inclusive Package: The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop & Attendance to Nitvana Bodywork Demo & Private Session 2 hours of Nitvana Bodywork (for women – with Nityama) (for men – with Sasha) ……………………. The Tantric Breakthrough Workshop & Private Session 2 hours of Nitvana Bodywork (for women – with Nityama) (for men – with Sasha) $500 $800 $1000 Exclusive Package: Living with the Tantric Mongoose Luxurious living in Nityama’s energy field (only 3 packages available).

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