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Srinagar Weather

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Srinagar Weather
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Best Season / Best time to visit Srinagar
Srinagar has only two climates, pleasant summers and a very chilly, freezing winters. Rainfalls are very scanty here. The best time to visit Srinagar is from April to October Winter (October to March) accounts for winters with minimum consistently well below 0°C and maximum only about 15°C. Winters are associated with heavy snowfalls . Not the best time for sightseeing and the lakes are frozen and snowfall can cause road blockages. View all photos Summer (April to September) are ideal for sightseeing and is the peak tourist season with a maximum temperature of 30°C and a minimum well below 14°C. Srinagar is a popular tourist destination. The summers are excellent for visiting the lakes and beautiful gardens and the natural beauty is at its pinnacle during this season. The winters on the other hand is extremely cold and freezing and not suitable for holidaying. Heavy snowfall occur during the winters but results in road blockages and disrupting road and air connectivity with rest of the country

Best Season: Apr - Oct

Summer 14 to 30°C, Winter -2 to14°C

Pahalgam: 2°C, Thunderstorm Gulmarg: 17°C, clear Nubra Valley: NA Leh: 1°C, Thunderstorm

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Month-wise Srinagar Weather
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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October would be a good month to visit Srinagar. Weather: Moderately Cold One of the most beautiful months to visit the city. The climate is cool and pleasant and the sun shines brightly. Temperatures are comfortable with a cooling breeze. A good time for enjoying a splendid holiday in Srinagar, however care needs to be exercised if travelling with kids and old people. Snow begins to accumulate at the slopes and high altitudes.

Travel to Srinagar
Delhi to Srinagar Nagpur to Srinagar Kolkata to Srinagar Bangalore to Srinagar Gulmarg to Srinagar 860 km 1935 km 2326 km 2998 km 43 km

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Month Jan


Details The weather during this month is very cold accompanied by occasional snowfall. This might not be the best time for tourism as the temperature is below freezing points and


Freezing Cold with Snowfall Feb

the area is prone to avalanche. Snowfall can also cause road blockage making it difficult for travelling. Winter season is accompanied by snowfall, which continues during this month in Srinagar. This might not be the most apt tourist season as the cold waves grip the region, making it uncomfortably cold. Tourists cannot enjoy the famous shikara ride as the Dal lake remains frozen. The temperature starts to rise but it is still very cold and might not be suitable for sightseeing or any other adventure activities. The skies remain clear and cold winds dominate. The ice begins to melt and the end of this month will see the beginning of the spring season. Snowfall has stopped but there will be snow on the ground. The tourist season for Srinagar begins from this month. The lakes have melted and the natural vibrancy is eloquent. The famous gardens comes back to life after a long winter break. The climate is cold during the morning but nights can be very chilly. Extra

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Very Cold Mar

Very Cold Apr

Moderately Cold

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Save More!! Pleasant Sep Pleasant Oct Nov Very Cold Dec Freezing Cold Today / Current Weather 14°C Light Drizzle Sunrise: Sunset: Humidity: Wind: 5:31 AM 7:23 PM 76% 0 kph (Direction: ) at 0 9 :3 1 A M U pdated at Sun M ay 1 2 . The weather of Srinagar in August can be categorized as cool and pleasant during the days and chilly during the night.16-May-13 Moderately Cold Weather. The whole valley Pleasant is covered with mosaic of varying shades of green rice fields. however care needs to be exercised if travelling with kids and old people. To Trains Return Flights Hotels Jun Pleasant Jul D epart (dd/mm/yyyy) 02/06/2013 A dults (1 2 +) C hildren (2 . Autumn begins somewhere from the middle of this month and the greenery of the regions changes to gold and further to rustic red. Go to high altitudes for enjoying snow . Nights can be chilly so woolens are recommended. Sun shines brightly and cool breeze keep the temperature under check. nights can be very chilly. need to go to high altitudes but travelling to these places can be difficult. Rainfall have completely vanished and the region becomes dry. The sun and cloud play hide and seek in the sky and the region may receive short duration and light rainfall. The region will receive snowfall from the mid of this month. The sky remains clear for most part of the day. This is the best time for enjoying sightseeing or indulging in the various adventure sports and Pleasant tourist activities. low lying meadows and trees. Be… winter break. The climateSRINAGAR is cold during the morning butTemperature. Snow begins to accumulate at the slopes and high altitudes. This is one of the coldest month of the year and snowfall occurs. Might not be the best time for travelling as the weather is cold beyond the comfort level. During this time the people of Srinagar shift to the winter capital. One of the best time for tourism in Srinagar. A good Moderately Cold time for enjoying a splendid holiday in Srinagar. Days are very cold and nights can be extremely chilly. The mercury goes down to the freezing points and snowfall can cause road blockages. Rainfall may occur but is not much of an annoyance. disrupting travel. Extra care is required if accompanied by kids or old people. The weather continues to remain cool during the morning and can get chilly during the evenings. A good time for holidaying and enjoying the Shikara ride. A good time for enjoying various activities and the natural vista that prevails during this time. Temperatures are comfortable with a cooling breeze. This is the warmest month of the year and is within the comfortable hot level. 2 0 1 3 0 9 :3 1 A M 7 Day Weather Forecast May 12 Sunday May 13 Monday May 14 Tuesday May 15 Wednesday May 16 Thursday May 17 Friday May 18 Saturday Rain High: 15°C Low: 4°C Chance of Rain High: 22°C Low: 6°C Partly Cloudy High: 23°C Low: 7°C Clear High: 26°C Low: 7°C Clear High: 24°C Low: 8°C Clear High: 28°C Low: 8°C Clear High: 27°C Low: 9°C Weather Graph for Srinagar mustseeindia. Snow can be found on higher altitudes. Jammu. One of the most beautiful months to visit the 2/4 . The climate is cool and pleasant and the sun shines brightly. Tourists interested in playing with snow . Snow can be found on mountains and slightly higher slopes. The winter season begins and cold waves starts to tighten their grip on the city. Srinagar is very beautiful at this time with lots of blue sky and very little rainfall.1 1 ) I nfants (<2 ) 1 Yatra 0 GoIbibo 0 A ls o s earc h on (opens new window) Aug Search Flight + Hotels . Call us for Package details +91 8880-818-800 Buses One way From May The weather starts to get warm but is still in the comfortably cold range.

Be… N ote: T hes e are average maximum and average minimum temperature for Srinagar .searchmyhotel.. It is mesmerizing to see how this endless recommend you http://www. E mail I D will not be dis played on the webs ite. P os ted by Mohammad A kram 4 months ago 1 4 days ago give me full details of tourist places in srinagar P os ted by kundan ingale 3 0 days ago GIVE ME FULL DETAILS OF TOURIST PLACES IN SRINAGAR P os ted by RA J KUMA R 3 3 days ago GIVE ME FULL DETAILS OF TOURIST PLACES IN SRINAGAR P os ted by RA J KUMA R 3 3 days ago Mohammad Akram: Kashmir is really a brilliant place. breath taking beauty and the feel of being in heaven all in thanks to searchmyhotel.www.blogspot. Similarly. done all bookings through if you want to go Kashmir . the lowes t temperature in Srinagar for the month is us ually lower than the average minimum temperature.The abundance of natural beauty has earned the valley a nickname of the ‘Switzerland of the East‘..http://trevelagents.. P os ted by keeleygomez 2 months ago wow. thanks Mydeals247 P os ted by niken jus t now Kashmir is really Jannat on the map of World And so it is called as Paradise on earth P os ted by Sajad 4 days ago kashmir is the pride for all the j&k peoples who lives in kashmir please dont make this dirty with corruption . last week i visit to Srinagar and i got the best and cheap hotels across india through . T he highes t temperature in Srinagar for the month is us ually higher than the average maximum temperature.wanna more plz SRINAGAR Weather.They are excellent service providers...searchmyhotel. they bring out an amazing reasonable deal for P os ted by sanjeev 2 months ago Awesome info on kashmir.. Comments (55) Name: Questions (331) Reviews (15) Comment: Email: O ptional. i just loved the place. P os ted by sajidshaf i143@gmail. recently visited the paradise on earth with my 3/4 . Temperature.nice info. P os ted by A manda Woods 2 months ago I think Kashmir is the most beautiful place in this World....mydeals247. enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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