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Dear friends of Volonteurope, The 22nd Annual Volonteurope Conference: ‘Active Citizens for Europe’ will be held in Bucharest, Romania, 16th-18th October 2013. We are delighted that the 2013 Volonteurope Conference will be delivered in partnership with our Romanian Member, Chance for Life, and will be linked to the framework of the European Year of Citizens 2013. During the conference we will be celebrating the 7 th Active Citizens of Europe (ACE) Awards. The Awards Ceremony in Bucharest, on Thursday 17 th October 2013, will recognise the invaluable contribution of individual volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations to social cohesion and Active Citizenship in Europe. We are now accepting nominations from across Europe for individuals or organisations who have proven to be outstanding pioneers in voluntary action and Active Citizenship. The ACE Awards will recognise their achievements in improving the lives of their communities, locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Across Europe there are thousands of charitable events and projects and it seems that award ceremonies are becoming a popular way to promote and acknowledge the work of these unsung heroes. We hope the Awards will also encourage European countries that do not have a strong history of Active Citizenship to get involved with volunteering in the future and will provide inspiration for a collective European identity. Nominations will be accepted for individuals or organisations from all 47 Member States of the Council of Europe (a complete list of current Member States of the Council of Europe is available on If you would like to nominate an individual or organisation please complete the nomination form on the following page and email it to The closing date for nominations is Friday 20th September 2013. If you have any questions you can ring us on +44 (0) 20 7643 1329. We look forward to receiving your nomination! The Volonteurope Secretariat

Examples of particular projects/activities through which the nominee has demonstrated creativity. innovation. What benefits have others derived from the nominee’s activities? 5. NGO. 4. job title and organisation of the nominating person: Telephone number of the nominee: Email address of the nominee: Website of the nominee (if applicable): Telephone number of the nominating person: Email address of the nominating person: Please use the space below to answer the following questions and explain why this volunteer/organisation should an ACE Award. social justice. What has the nominee gained from their experience? Have you informed the individual / organisation about their nomination To the best of your knowledge. Please limit your answer to a maximum of 150 words per question. commitment to volunteering. leadership.Volunteer. What kind of work has the nominee done? 2. will the nominee be able to attend the Awards Ceremony in Bucharest on Thursday 17th October 2013? . Examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond in the advancement of the cause/s. 1. Corporate Organisation (Please select the relevant category) Name of the nominee: Name of the organisation (if applicable): Address of the nominee: Address of the nominating person: Name. active citizenship. 3.