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API 574 Quiz

1. API 574 covers inspection of: C. piping D. vessels 2. Cast iron pipe can be joined by: A.        Welding B.        compression C.        epoxy resin . D.        bell and spigot 3. The primary purpose of inspection is to achieve the desired quality assurance and: A.        ensure plant safety B.        supply the necessary paperwork for outside audits C.        complicate maintenance activities D.        create an avenue for dismissing craftsmen \ 4. Ultrasonic thickness readings at areas with surface temperatures above are normally higher than actual thickness. . A.        100OP B.        200oF C.        306°F D.        212°C 5. Flame detectors used to indicate a furnace or boiler fire may give erroneous indications on control panels during: A.        Welding or related repairs on piping. B.        Piping alterations in the shop. C.        ultrasonic inspection. D.        radiographic inspection. 6. Leaks in a thread may be caused by: A.        8ack-welding the fitting. B.        Lack of thread lubricant. C.        Under-pressuririg the part. D.        Changing the direction of flow in the piping system. 7. A leaking threaded joint should not be tightened while the system is in service under pressure because: A.        The craftsman should not be near the threaded connection. B.        b Rust or corrosion might be holding the pressure. C.        C. The joint might be unscrewed. D.        D. A crack in a thread root might fail.

Leak test C. B. Use water in the system.        Recommended Practice 13. t = PDI2SE is the formula for: A. Overpressure the system. API RP 574 is a: A. 14. 9.        C. the tubing may be welded. Forged.5a 11. C.        b. C.        b. Seamlessly drawn. D. ASME 831.        C.        D.        . Wire drawn. care should be taken not to: A. During the manufacturing of tubing.        Required Piping Thickness B.        Radiographic test B. Underptessure the system. The details of inspection of in-service piping are provided in: A. During a pressure test.        Average Piping Thickness12. B. but is generally: A. Hammer test 10. Ultrasonic test D.        C. Which of the following tests should not be used on cast iron piping: A.        D. A globe valve is commonly used to: .        b.        Allow any inert gas into the system.        Specification D.3 C. Riveted. ASME 8 16.        ASME IX B. API 570 D.        Code B. D.8. Maximum Piping Thickness C.        D.        Arbitrary Renewal Piping Thickness D.        Standard C.

B Paragraph 10. C.5 "'.2. B Paragraph 4.1. B.2.1 12.1 5.5 11. D.        Prevent back flow.        Stop all flow.1. B Paragraph 10.        Allow full flow.4 10.5. C Paragraph 10. D Paragraph 10.3.2 14. C Paragraph 10.3. D Foreword 13. D Paragraph 4.' c "'.1.        Stop all flow.2. 15 A check valve is commonly used to: A.2. API 574 Quiz Answer Key 1.        Allow full flow. A Paragraph 11.2. C Paragraph 1.        Prevent back flow.8 .1 4.2 6.2.1 .3 9. D Paragraph 10. A Paragraph 5. D Paragraph 4. A Paragraph 4. C.        Regulate fluid flow.5.2.3 15.3 7.3. D Paragraph 8.2. B.A.