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Technical Consultant - will install, implement, and configure OTM.

Also modify a nd tune package as well as any interface or reports work. Salary ranges up to $1 20k with 12% bonus. Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Functional Successfully configuring and implementing Oracle Transportation Management requi res both an incredible breadth and an experienced depth of knowledge. The MavenW ire team has been working with OTM since its inception from developing the produ ct (then G-Log), to helping the first global clients successfully implement it. Our OTM Functional services include: Transportation Order Management Transport Planning Visibility Freight Forwarding Operational & KPI Reporting Order Processing Agents & Workflow Management

Freight Rate Management Frieght Settlement Master Data Management Data Loading Exception Management Supply Chain Event Management

Technical OTM is a complex multi-tier application, requiring extensive knowledge to succes sfully install, configure and tune. Through its steadfast and diverse experience , MavenWire has become the foremost leader in OTM technical services, including installation, performance tuning, scalability, and architectural design. Our OTM Technical services include: Architecture Design Installation and Configuration Performance Tuning (New & Existing) Integration Mapping & Development Reverse-Proxy / Load Balancer Authentication (SSO & LDAP)

Hardware Sizing Version Migrations Scalability / Clustering Config DBA & Data Schema Security Auditing & Hardening

business process automation and visibility (agents) ? Reporting. users) ? Route and itinerary set up.g. including parameters definition ? Shipment booking and tendering ? Events. equipment. locations. documentation and analytics ? Fleet management (non-OTM is ok) .x Migrations Client Resources Support Portal MW Podcasts White Papers Subscribe Newsletter: Share Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print More Sharing Se rvices 2 ------------------------Smile Oracle Transportation Management (Functional) REQUIRED SKILLS: Minimum of 2 years of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) functional or t echnical implementation experience Minimum of 3 years of consulting experience Knowledge of specific areas a plus: ? Domain set up ? Data loading (e. including multi-leg ? Transportation order management ? Carrier and customer rate management ? Bulk planning set-up.OTM 6.