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Most of Karan Kundra's schooling was done in Jalandhar, Punjab where he was born. Karan was one of the finalists of Mr India 2008 and won the title of Mr. Style Statement. He was pursuing an MBA degree from Florida, USA but left it in between because of his acting. He owns a well established international call centre in Jalandhar. His father SP Kundra, is a businessman.His mother Suneeta Kundra is a housewife. He is from a business family. Karan Kundra has three sisters. Poonam Malhotra, who lives in USA, is a doctor. Meenu lives in Toronto, Canada. Madhu lives in India. Currently he is dating Kritika Kamra his co-star and the main lead from serial Kitani Mohabbat Hai. Karan Kundra will be a participant in season's 2 Zara Nachke Dikha Life Style of Kritika Kamra and Karan Kundra Email Written by freemovietag on Sep-11-09 3:51pm From: Karan Kundra: Karan Kundra is playing the lead role of Arjun Punj in Kitani Mohabbat Hai on NDTV Imagine Television. His smile is fantastic and so cute. His co-star in Kitani Mohabbat Hai is Kritika Kamra who plays his lover Arohi Sharma in the drama. Born October 11, 1984 Jalandhar , Punjab Occupation Actor Years active 2009-present Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown ssEarly life : Most of his schooling was in Jalandhar & in Rajasthan. He has a degree in MBA from the USA. He owns a call centre in Jalandhar.

“I just hope Arjun has little bit of attitude in him even when he gets in love with Aarohi (grins)”. “I always have a smile on my face. she has the determination to get her place back. Name the woman who you admire or respect the most? Professionally. But having said this. my life is my mother and my three sisters. She is very good actress and also very Beautiful. we hope that his pleasing smile gets tagged to his on screen character too!! Media: What is the value of a woman in your life? I come from a family where I am surrounded by only women. I am happy the way my character has unfolded. However. 1988 . not scared at all to face the world. Born October 24. Anger is what Arjun Punj is made of. all I can say is that Arjun Punj is a larger than life version of Karan Kundra. concludes Karan. The dashing new find of Ekta Kapoor. Her smile is fantastic and so cute. the young lad is just the opposite of the arrogant. quips Karan. Well. Karan Kundra who plays the ”Angry Young Man” Arjun Punj in Kitani Mohabbat Hai on NDTV Imagine is thrilled at the audience response he has been getting lately However. Men are outnumbered in our home. but in real life I am the naughtiest person in my family. Even on the sets. I am now looking forward to the transition phase where I guess the guy will mellow down due to Aarohi’’s love”. adds Karan. “Well. In my real life. angry brat that he plays on screen. and Arjun Punj can”t even pretend to smile (laughs). I play pranks on everyone”. How do you see the ''Woman of Today''? Woman of today is very powerful. I look up to her for everything. Karan also feels that he will miss the Arjun Punj with attitude when he gets into the romantic phase in the story. She basically knows her place in her society and when things go wrong. Kritika Kamra: Kritika Kamra is playing the lead role of Arohi Sharma in Kitani Mohabbat Hai on NDTV Imagine Television.Karan Kundra in real life and his on screen character of Arjun Punj in Kitani Mohabbat Hai are poles apart. Women can make or break a man''s life (smiles). I admire Ekta ma''m as she is the first powerful woman I have come across. as I have a mother and 3 elder sisters who have taught me everything. she knows her rights.

On the day of crucifixion. for Mumbai. Arohi leaves Shimla. Sansoon mein khushboo. her hometown. every one thinks he killed him. however it is then that Hari Prasad interrupts and takes Arjun up to the terrace to talk. Even though Arjun hates women. He tries to plead his case and convince Arohi of his innocence but after the kidnapping Arohi has been unsure of Arjuns personality and intentions. who is on the same train. aane lagi. Arohi sits next to an old women who left her purse on the ticket counter and Arohi – always helpful – goes to get it for her. The woman cries for help and Arjun. Arohi takes that CD to jail and saves Arjun just in time! After returning home to his newly reunited parents. Arohi now has to choose if she wants to be with karan. Arjun and Arohi both then see each other. Ganga Rai tries her best to save him but fails to find any evidence that can prove he isn’t guilty. Lyrics Of The Title Song Tumko chuke bhi chune ko karta hia dil. .’s friend’s nosy wife. bumping into each other. Hari Prasad.’s threat. But remembering D. But it takes her time to convince the ticket counter man that she knows the owner of the purse and when she does return to the train. Arjun’s father admits to him that he was the reason Arohi left him. * The role of Natasha was to be done by Dimple but later done by Mihika. but eventually Arohi’s goodwill and kindness show him a tenderness he doesn’t expect and he also falls in love with her.Occupation Years active Note Actress 2009-present * The Show was earlier named as Kabhi Kabhie Isse Junoon Kehte Hai. Band ankhon se bhi. Arjun’s passion sees no bounds as he leaves all the luxuries of his life. On the wedding day Arjun kidnaps Arohi and questions her about her choice (as he doesn’t know her reason for leaving him) and demands she refuse Karan as he knows she doesn’t love him. he had. Here Hari Prasad comes to understand – even to like – Arjun. Arjun. an arrogant business tycoon learns the meaning of love when he meets Arohi.. With what he thinks is the help of Arohi’s enemy (Arjun). to go back to her father’s old house in Shimla. mujhko aye nazar. for which they have to take a local train to reach. Then Arohi’s father. Arohi watches a CD of her sister Sur’s marriage tape which turns out to actually be of Arohi’s father’s death. except then Arjun’s father. Kaisai kahein hame kitni mohabbat hai. Kaise kahein hame kitni mohabbat hai. This causes Arjun to decide to leave Mumbai and go back to Shimla for a quiet life where he can love Arhi secretly and not bother her in her newly perfect life. This story starts with a mysterious man in jail who tells his own love story to a woman who wants to be his lawyer. in which she told Arohi that she . come to Mumbai to nurture her dream – this then clears the misunderstandings between them. As Ajun was the only person on the terrace with Hari Prasad. the city of dreams. so that she can become a singer. In Mumbai she meets Karan Singh. chaane lagi Dil pe deewangi chah. They both then decide to go by train instead of waiting for the next flight but their train leaves from the Bandra Terminal.. Arohi also decides not to face Arjun and leaves Mumbai forever. gai iss kadar. making sure Arohi doesn’t tell this to Arjun. Hari Prasad – Arohi’s only living parent – dies here. Kitni Mohabbat Ha Kitani Mohabbat Hai It is said that love can change people unbelievably.K. The CD was hid by Paddy.. From here it looks as though everything will be perfect for them. etc… however they always seem to look away at the last second. D. a famous singer and womanizer who first steals Arohi’s own song and then pretends to help her in her music career. Their worlds collide when Arohi gets a job in Arjun’s company as his personal assistant... it has already started to move. but now it has been changed to Kitani Mohabbat Hai. D. standing next to each other to read their train numbers.. goes against his father’s wishes and changes his identity with the sole aim of watching over Arohi. a simple small town girl brought up with the right values and the dream to become a singer. Arohi’s dream’s come true in the time he is in jail and she becomes a huge star. Coincidentally. Arohi then receives Karan’s marriage proposal and – thinking of Arjun’s well being – agrees.K. Arohi suddenly remembers her deceased mother’s last letter to her. Punj (whose wife and Arjun’s mother left him) refuses this marriage and emotionally blackmails Arohi to leave Arjun. Arjun becomes the cause of a great calamity in Arohi’s life. he can’t help falling in love with Arohi as she shows him everything opposite to that which he thought represented women. Arjun is sentenced to death after 2 1/2 years.. They both book the same flight to Shimla but the flight gets cancelled. rescues her. His name is Arjun Punj and he narrates the tale with a wonder in his eyes and memories of a beautiful. Arjun then goes to jail. After Arjun saves her from a burning building she realizes that Arjun still loves her very much and despite what she had thought she saw (whenever he was mean to her). Awaargi. because of a bunch of misunderstandings. Arjun and Arohi decide to marry. gets up and reaches his hand out to help. the day coinciding Arohi’s father’s barsi (death anniversary). as he believes she humiliated him. laughing young woman. Haan mohabbat hai. . he tries many times to humiliate her. but accidentally slips on the rain covered floor and falls down from the terrace. However. Pake bhi pane ko karta hai dil. Throughout this whole period of time they are shown as almost meeting many times. Ganga Rai. in fact.K. Finally on the train. After this Arjun goes to the place where Arohi and Karan are getting married to try to persuade Arohi to come back to him. she tries lying to Arjun.

.. male : aa tujhe khud mein main is tarah loon chhupa....hume kitni.... This Jalandhar-bred boy is mobbed by fans wherever he goes.... rather hysterical...........oooooooo............hume kitni... bandh aankhon se bhi mujhko aaye nazar...........tu hi dikhe jab bhi aankhein khulein..... oo pyaar keliye hi humko mile zindgaaniyaan pyaar hi zindagi.. kaise kahe hume kitani mohabbat hai.......................oooooooo.. saanson mein khushboo chaane lagi.... dil pe deewangi chagayi iss kadr.. with girls going khuda bhi hume kar naa paaye judaa... female : dekha falak dekhi zameen.. paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil... hugging and even tearing at his clothes...haan mohabbat hain ....(2) mohabbat bhari lamhon ki hai haseen kahaaniyaan.................................. And finally they are married.. just as Arohi and Arjun had dreamed it to be here is kmh's full song. Arohi stars to run after the train. tumko chuke bhi choone ko karta hai dil paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil aawargi aane lagi.............. not needing to use words to understand each other and completely content in each others arms.... Women want to be all around him...... kaise..pyaar hi hai khuda yoohi chalne rahe pyaar ki raahon par ............kitni mohabbat hain........... male : kese kahein kitani mohabbat hai.................kitani mohabbat hai Karan Kundra Biography Men want to be like him............... He is everywhere his fans (ala telly hooked swooning women) ... bandh aankhon se bhi mujhko aaye nazar..believed in her and that she always knew Arohi would achieve her goals – but that she also wanted Arohi to have her own special person with whom she could enjoy her life. kaise............ tumko chuke bhi chune ko karta hai dil... saanson mein khushboo chaane lagi. male : teri saanson se hi meri saansein chale.......koyi nahin tumsa kahin........kissing........ aawargi aane lagi.... dil pe deewangi chagayi iss kadr.... Arjun grabs her outstretched hand and pulls her into the train where they simply hug........... female : kese kahein hume kitani mohabbat hai..kitni mohabbat hain....... ooooooooooooooooooo mohabbat bhari lamhon ki hai haseen kahaaniyaan.

Ted Baker and Ed Hardy are just among the few . an Evolution X by Mitsubishi Lancer and a Jaguar. who is very fond of designer clothes. Being a model turned actor. his Grandfather too was an actor. Armani. along with playing games on his iPhone. going to the gym. as well as a businessman. India). Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab. King K Height: 6'1'' Date of Birth: 11th Oct 1984 Personal life: Born into a Hindu Khatri business family of Jalandhar (Punjab.-) Karan enjoys singing and listening to music. Karan is the owner of a well established international call centre. He can watch the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel for hours (A geek in disguise lol). Manish Malhotra. Not many people know but Karan is not the only actor in the Kundra Family. high-octane performance in Kitni Mohabbat Hai might have left women breathless and wanting for more. a Rolls Royce Phantom. he is the youngest in the family with three older sisters. Their latest completed project is the 'Insignia Shopping Mall' in Jalandhar City (Punjab). an Audi Q7. Fashion: Fashion is 'Anything I am comfortable carrying off and which makes me look classy' -Karan Kundra Karan Kundra is an extremely stylish actor. Diesel. they can't help looking! His intense. alongside his father. watching movies and US sitcoms.he loves punjabi songs and his favourite singers are Atif Aslam. and worst. Lately his favourite American sitcom has been 'How I met your mother'. Hobbies: Karan enjoys reading. Karan did his schooling from both Jalandhar and Rajasthan.S. He runs a business of building infrastructural amenities for new buildings under construction. and has graduated with a MBA degree which he acquired in the U. Raghavendra Rathore.A. Versace. and his dream is to buy a white Mercedes. Zara. but telleville's latest hottie Karan Kundra is reveling in his season in the sun after having tugged at the heartstrings of a 'K' obsessed nation!! Name: Karan Kundra Nicknames: Sunny.look. Karan also loves his cars. Gurdas Mann. surfing the net and facebooking.

which include belts. After appearing in a cameo role as a ghost Prince in 'Aahat' ( Sony TV). India 2008’ and won the title of ‘Mr. The meeting was arranged by Star News and Karan not only met.Chinese. but also interviewed Priyanka on her upcoming movie 'Saat Khoon Maaf'.biryani. he won the 'Best Actor Award' in 10th grade and this award was among one of the few things he brought in his luggage to Mumbai before starting his career in acting. Karan is currently seen playing the lead role of Arjun Singhania in the sequel of his debut show 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2' (Imagine TV). The show is back on public demand. In Late 2009. 'Zara Nachke Dikha' on Star Plus in May 2010.of his favourite brands that he loves to wear. Style Statement’. the number of followers is that of. and rajma chawal and has many more favourite dishes. he went on to participating in his 1st ever dance reality show. he went on to play the lead character of Veeru in 'Bayttaab Dil Ki Tamanna Hai' (Sony TV). He is the 1st ever Indian Telly Actor to have such a huge fan following on Facebook. the 'TV Icon Of The Year Award' (NTA 2009) in addition to his Business Award. Filmography: Karan made his acting debut with the lead role of Arjun Punj in 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' (NDTV Imagine) in 2008. Punjabi . And Karan also tops the list of the 'most searched' Indian Telly Actor on the Internet. He also loves his accessories. since November 2010.chocolate mousse. but the former Miss World was very sweet and stated that . One of Karan Kundra's biggest dreams was fullfilled when he got the opportunity to meet his favourite well known Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra on the sets of 'Zor Ka Jhatka' 7th February 2011. He also won the 'Best Jodi Award' (NTA 2009). Karan got to meet PC after the shooting of 'Zor Ka Jhaka' was finished. He was one of the finalists of ‘Mr. He loves 'Nandos'. watches and designer shades. and is the first Indian daily soap that is seeing its second season. South-Indian and Mexican Cuisines. Favourite Food: Karan Kundra is a total non-veg ‘FOODIE’.000+ fans. Achievements: Already at a young age Karan Kundra was known for his impressive acting skills.with over 115. after Ekta Kapoor spotted him on Facebook. which you could only imagine a Bollywood actor to have.

but you certainly can’t ignore him! This small town ‘Punjab da Puttar’ is here to stay!!” (Tellycafe Sept 2010) "100. Only the eagle flies higher. sassy... By bringing freshness. By having more energy and gumption than pizzazz. And thus started a journey that changed my life completely. ephemeral yet intoxicating. Never again will such days come again.. Cute as a button.)!!" Karan Kundra (May 2009) "Solah baar manaa kar chuka hoon aapko' 11th Dec 2008... with little doses madness.000+ Fans on Facebook and still bursting!" (Fans On Facebook) "Karan Kundra-His freshness strikes like the top note of a perfume. Its the difference in attitude. masti and mayhem thrown in. chutzpah.she would not have let him wait if she knew he was at the event only to interview her. media savvy and insists he's not just another feather in telleville's overflowing cap. rollicking interview with Glimpse. Love him or hate him. my first dialouge. an icon of success on Indian Television. I will only act!" Karan Kundra (11-12-09 via Facebook) “A year since Angels made this page!! A big thank you to them and all of you who have been active here and have supported me in my journey so far! Without your strength specially on this page it would not have been quite the same!! Love you and hope to have you for a long loooong time!!” Karan Kundra (26-12-10 via his official Fan Page on Facebook) What Others Have to Say: "There is something effortlessly sexy about Karan Kundra. All the birds run for shelter.. articulate. In an industry that prefers cookie cutter products. Karan holds his own against a torrent of pumped up pretty boys. By being smart. Heir apparent to the Balaji soap leads throne. this Punjabi lad good-humoredly revels in being dubbed 'so damn hot'(101. never again shall I love. glam and groove into this exclusive. this 6'1" modelturned-actor is young. Mr Stylista at Mr India 2008 and stuff of a Bollywood dreamboat. Kitani's first unit.000+ Fans on Facebook and still bursting!). Above the clouds to avoid the rain.. Never again shall I live. kicking up a riot with his live wire personality and wit-faced jokes!" Nov 2009 Issue Glimpse Magaizine (One Of India’s Leading Magazine) . he's the guy you'd like to take home to mommy. Quotes by Karan Kundra: "When it pours.. casual.

and I wish I would have met you. itna entertain kiya aap ne hamein. Karan is young and vibrant. his inbuilt charisma and a very strong presence on screen as well as off screen.. he has written his own destiny.. He is a mine of unabashed talent and spark. bahir aa hi gaya aakhir mein. I wish you could have been here. good looks. he can do serious. He is Ekta Kapoor's blue . his talent is multi-dimensional. has always kept the audience wanting more. he has made us laugh. with a magnetic charm and easy going candour that sets him apart from the rest. he has made us fall in love.. perseverance and sincerity.” Arshad Warsi (Bollywood Actor)15-05-10 11:06:34 via twitter Priyanka Chopra's message for Karan.22-05-10 A Testimonial To Karan From His Loving Angels: Karan Kundra . He has made us cry. I'm telling you! Maine aaj kisi ko itna enjoy kiya hai..22-05-10 Vaibhavi Merchant (B'wood Choreographer) comment for Karan In ZND: "Mr. It was a ROCKING performance!" Shilpa Shetty Kundra on the sets of ZND."Today I have seen the result of what sheer hard work can achieve on ZND by Karan Kundra.Karan has a major crush on PC!) Shilpa Shetty Kundra's comment for Karan's retro performance in ZND: "Mr. He is a versatile actor.Kundra you are the STAR. I swear paa ji. extremely hardworking and dedicated towards his work. you were outstanding! You sold this act to me" Vaibhavi Merchant on the sets of ZND..A man with a great personality. Karan's prowess as an artist does not end here. beneath his calm and innocent veneer. maybe in Mumbai" 30-03-10 via You Tube Video Msg (For those who don't know. intense. maa kasam. With his hard work. from Kashmir whilst shooting for her soon to be hit Movie 'Saat Khoon Maaf': "Hi Karan get well soon. Hope to see you soon sometime. comic and more challenging roles and he plays them all so smoothly! He has entertained us with a variety of roles since he entered the telly world and we have loved all his characters. He is a struggler and definitely a winner! In a place where actors vanish as soon as their show goes off air. Karan Kundra‘s talent in abundance. mein tuvano kehna si. well done .Kundra yeh jo Kundra-panaa tha.

our hero. and we are looking forward to that day . New Zealand and many more. our king on the big screen sometime soon. a very down to earth. with a genuine sincerity about him. South Africa. He has such a charming smile that can melt any girl's heart and his eyes are known to speak volumes that with even a few dialogues Karan can express a lot. Other than that he has a heart of gold. we can guarantee you that! His fans can’t get enough of him and simply wish him all the best in the future!! Us Angels would love to see our darling superstar/superbro. lives for the moment and wears his heart on his sleeves.eyed boy. and this man is going places. USA. Karan is an international star. This handsome actor is just one in a million! Karan has a fab dialogue delivery and he is known to be the master of expressions. success and good health always (Amen) Lots of Love & Hugs Karan’s Angels :-) . China. reaching to countries as far as Europe.-) May God bless him with lots of happiness. he is the friend everyone should have. His smile and his expressive eyes are his trademarks. free spirited and fun loving guy. who lives each day as it comes. his fans are located all over the globe. Karan has a lot of potential. the heartthrob of tinseltown who can sweep young girls off their feet. He is dependable.