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Lesson Plan

Teacher : Spataru Irina Trainee : Tanase Claudia

textbook ( Elizabeth Gray . pictures connected to food.”) Skills : Receptive skills – reading and listening for detailed information Productive skills – describing pictures Material : blackboard. Virginia Evans.. chocolate cake) . Language practiced: vocabulary – food and drinks .Expressing opinions (“ My favourite food is …. Express Publishing. milk. To recognize the food in images. orange juice.Date: 7th of December 2012 Grade : 2nd Unit: My birthday Lesson : Food Time: 50 minutes Aims : To practice some of the new words .Describing pictures . To introduce new vocabulary on food . pizza.Identifying food( ice cream. To familiarize children with spoken English Function : . To name the favourite food. Set Sail . 2001) T’s book. worksheet.

The trainee asks questions to the children (page 19) Eg: “Who are they?” “Where are they?” “What’s on the table ?” 3.Speaking and reading practice. bananas. The trainee sets the right atmosphere to encourage speaking and Ss involvement.Listening Aim: .5 jumps. Afterwards the children have to repeat Time Interaction Time Interaction T-Ss Ss-T Time Interaction T-Ss 10’ 10’ 20-25’ T-Ss Ss-Ss . orange juice.Words will be written in jumbled order. Ss respond. The trainee pins up the food images from the lesson 2: familiarize children with spoken English Procedure 1.The trainee explains the task (listen and repeat the words: ice cream . Activity 2: . Girls. The trainee checks the homework. chocolate cake) 2.To introduce the theme of the lesson Procedure 1. . *The trainee says some commands. 3. Children will be asked to come to blackboard and match the words with the pictures by drawing lines. 4. 5. The trainee plays the song “Yummy yummy chocolate” from lesson 2 and invites the children to play along. The trainee asks the Ss:” What do you eat for breakfast?” Activity 3: .The trainee draws a large 18 on the blackboard. Ss read the words. stand up and turn around” 2. 3. The trainee throws the ball and the Ss have to say words connected to the previous unit: foods. apple . eg:”Boys. The trainee plays the CD and invites the children to listen and mime. She asks the children to name the number and then asks them to open books at page encourage Ss to name the favourite food Procedure 1.Activity 1 – Warming Up Aims: . 2. pizza . Aim: . burgers.To warm Ss up.

hold it up and repeat the words after the trainee. I don’t”. T shows Ss a packet of biscuits and a bar of chocolate. Activity 5:.. The trainee plays the CD and invites the children to listen the song “Happy Birthday”. Listen and tick: The Ss listen to the CD and tick in the right boxes. “My favourite food is ……” on the blackboard.To practise some of the new words Procedure Time Interaction 1. but I don’t like biscuits. ”Yes. ”Ss are encouraged to make similar sentences:”I like…. “I don’t like …”. but I don’t like…” T-Ss 10-15’ Ss come to the front of the classroom and pair up. Ss are asked to make sentences: I like pizza. I do/No. 2. The trainee writes sentences with: “I like ….”. 3.the dialogue. Ss-Ss performing the following dialogue:” Do you like chocolate cake?”.Assigning homework Procedure The trainee gives the homework: “Write three things you like and three things you don’t like. Activity 4: – Vocabulary Practice Aims: . Afterwards the trainee will teach the song to the Ss.” Time Interaction 2’ T-Ss . 4. The trainee up one food picture and says its name in English. They change partners and ask about a different food.To recognize the food . Ss find the picture in their flashcards set. Write your favourite food. 4. She says:”I like chocolate.