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Interpreting Houses - Planets in House Interpretations
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Surya in the 12 bhavas
Surya in the first house. You are a proud and courageous individual and you may be dominating and controlling in temperament at times. You tend to have a fair amount of fire in your nature. There is something about you, some air of importance, which makes people notice or feel your presence. You find some way to emphasize your relationship to your physical body. Your tendency to be oriented to your own interests may appear to others as unkind or rough behavior, but there really is something very honorable in you. You are independent, frank, firm and outspoken. Your weakness is that you may easily get irritated and show some arrogance towards others. You enjoy opportunities to influence other people, not through speech or excessive activity, but rather through showing courage and demanding respect. Your eyesight tends to be somewhat weak. You do not enjoy constant activity, and like to see results rather quickly. To some you seem a leader or even father figure. Prominent parts of your physique for good or bad are head, eyes, heart. Surya in the second house. You have a good prospective on acquiring substantial wealth, but you have to be careful not to lose it. Particularly through unreasonable taxes, or fines from government institutions, you may suffer losses. Also you have to guard against theft. You will earn money through your own personal efforts, but you may in fact get an income from the ruling powers. Status and family background are matters you take interest and pride in. When you speak, you may easily sound immodest, and your speech may not sound very smooth and soft. A speech defect like stammering, might bother you at some time in your life. Your facial expression or speech may reflect a dominating nature. The area of the face may tend to get some health problems, caused by excessive heat in this area. Your eyesight may tend to be weak. Your education may be on the short side or suffer from some obstacles in your life. It is likely that your fatherly had an important influence on your choice of schooling. It is easy for you to attract people to assist you in your endeavors. Surya in the third house. You have a very well developed ability to take initiative. You are courageous, strong and valorous, which allows you to act quite independently and successfully. It does make you somewhat impatient sometimes. Your capacities and intelligence will make you very capable in overcoming obstacles. You may strive to gain a position of authority or autonomy, and are enterprising in those endeavors. Your mind is resourceful, creative and ambitious.

and in early life that may give a power struggle between you and your mother. However. but you might also oppose him. You are a fitness freak. with a sharp memory which allows you to learn easily. You appreciate luxurious and showy autos and houses. You have a constant interest in learning. You do like to be in charge of your personal affairs though. You will often lack money of your own. Surya in the fourth house. and like the experience of importance at your home. You will be likely to have very few children. You have a bright intellect. no doubt you are intelligent. If you have any children. you may find it challenging to get a very good job. and are able to understand how to use human and economic resources well. In spite of your mental skills. and understand people's feelings. You may not have many siblings or if you do. You experience some trouble acquiring or holding on to wealth. and you may enjoy living in such places. You are a natural communicator. dear to the people that relate to you. You are an . Therefore you may experience irritability at home. Your father may be close to your heart.You may have a specially distinguished child.You have a powerful intellect. conveyances or other such properties. because you prefer intellectual growth. and rather earn on your own. You tend to be in control of your domestic life. and environments that provide comfort. There is a deep kind of sensitivity in you that makes you appreciate music. good-looking. You have a fiery and dominating temperament and you may be quick to anger and irritability. hills and similar environments. especially from the older siblings. and never permanently settle in one place. land. This gives you a tendency to change residence. traveler. there may be difficulties and conflicts in your relationship with them. giving rise to quarrelsome domestic life. and all this will bring you fame. However. and adventurer. Your quick mind tends to be a little unsteady at times. You are powerful. Your stomach may give you trouble. the relationships with your own relatives may not be so ideal. You may have to be a commuter in your work. You are likely to be the one to initiate relationships with others. When you court the opposite sex you may find yourself in a power struggle. Wealth will not come to you as easily. you get separated from them. while expressing generosity towards those around you. You are wise and valorous. and you don't have too many friends and relatives to help you out. You have a tendency to serve the government or some other ruling entity. your plans may be quite premature and there is a tendency for rash decisions. or no children. Surya in the fifth house. A core aspect of your personality is not expressed effectively. You have a liking for forest. particularly your own house. instead of comfort. You may be prone to sore throats or choking. You are always looking for the key to happiness. You like to speculate. You will also be able to acquire wealth. You have good managerial skills. You love playfulness and adventures.

and strong sexual desire. but your lower back or kidneys may need attention. Surya in the sixth house. Your sexual desires tend to be strong. Your life has a theme of challenges. You have a significant physical attraction to the other sex. You can be a powerful publicist or promoter for worthy causes. Generally. an element of pride or ego will keep you from being really close to your spouse. as great emphasis is on the opposite sex in your life. Your life will be a little unpleasant at times. He may be consumed by work. and your knowledge and virtues will bring you a good reputation. You will be supportive of your friends. family and others you have pledged your loyalty to. Abundance of wealth is not likely to come your way. through your strength and ability to face obstacles. Nonetheless. Your father may have some health problems or be difficult to get along with. a model for others.exemplar. and have good luck on your side. At times you will enjoy success and fame. and even having any kind of competitors will be disturbing. and you may not get along with authorities. you will have some difficulty dealing with the other sex. Financially you may gain substantially. But then you may lose your success. and the possibility of being insulted or otherwise be put to disgrace. Your mother likes to have you nearby as you are a real asset to her. You have the capacity to acquire a high position and make good money. but then lose it again due to heavy expenditure. and will be likely to cause separation. Long term relationships turn out to be difficult and characterized by power conflicts. with unnecessary travel. you may feel out of control in relationships or marriage. Your strength should keep you victorious. Your life can turn about in interesting ways. A happy marriage will be a difficult thing to realize. Your career improves and grows over time. or an energetic teacher. happiness and friends through misfortune. Relationships form an important area of your life. You are likely to be an employee rather than self-employed. which gives you both opportunities as well as difficulties. You might be a perfectionist and bent on self-improvement. If you do marry. You have many other good qualities. Your spouse or partner may have a concern about fertility. In some cases this may be caused by your own inappropriate behaviour. Your eyesight may suffer. and you may have some irritations in your heart. Surya in the seventh house. Your job is very important and should give you an opportunity for full self-expression. but in some instances you may have to accept defeat by your opponents. Your sense of ego will be in the way of creating balanced relationships. Surya in the eighth house.You have a powerful digestion which is beneficial for your health. You may also have to face separation from people .

You have religious inclinations. You look unflinchingly into areas others may consider taboo. where your teachers' or father's opinion about an important matter directly clashes with yours. You are blessed with good fortune in life and a virtuous personality. There may be a strong need for seclusion and privacy to avoid ego conflicts with others. You are very ambitious and career and status minded. Your father has tremendous influence on you and may have attained great progress in life. by helping their health or giving insight in their confusing circumstances. You may get involved in activities that involve helping others get out of their crisis. Your work will involve administrative duties. You will probably not have too many children. You have interest in philosophy. but you may suffer from diseases. or your eyesight may be quite poor. You will be famous. and true spiritual aspirations. Your work may involve research. such as alternate medicine. or be separated. Your eyes may have some problem. which could be expressed as respect for other religious or spiritual practitioners. . At the same time you are freedom loving and the relationship with your spiritual guides may be challenging on the level of the ego. but will definitely have a purpose. You have some mental restlessness. friends and relatives. and that will easily lead to some degree of seperation from them. you are a hard worker. Physically you have good vitality. You have a deep sense of abiding within the law. which will be unpleasant. Finances will not become a serious problem for you. Your approach to work will make you rise in authority and reputation in the profession of your choice. Your relationship with your father may be problematic in some way. wisdom. You have healthy moral standards and you attempt to be righteous in conduct. Your vitality may be at a low periodically. astrology or other "occult" knowledge. Your sense of self or individuality could comprise a great deal of vulnerability in your life. You have the good fortune of having a spouse and children. You are helpful to those who belong to your own group. strength and courage in your activities.who are dear to you. Life will force you through certain transformations. On your mother's side the family is dealing with some challenges. With your father you may have some disagreement now and then. Surya in the ninth house. You have a certain attraction to foreigners and foreign countries. and give you great opportunities to rise in status. law and spiritual knowledge. respected and be hard to defeat by anyone. and there is a chance of getting involved with a foreigner. You will be able to express great intelligence. There may be a circumstance in your life. and life will always give you enough happiness to move on. contributing to health problems. such as sexuality or death. He may have challenges that make him less available to you. and succeed in your undertakings. It may also be challenging for you to keep your sense of dignity in place under all circumstances. Surya in the tenth house. Your temperament can get out of balance easily. possibly overheating of some sort. Your connection with your relatives is not very close. be careful to keep feelings of anger and frustration from hurting others. There is also an interest in unconventional kinds of knowledge.

and for that or other health problems. and you have a good relationship with him. Your father may lead a difficult life and experience financial crisis. and help you a great deal. being important will give you a deep sense of fulfillment. Your Surya is in the twelfth house. relatives and not lack in the material needs to make life comfortable. you will be hospitalized on at least one occasion. Your relationship with your mother may be difficult and strained in some way. There is a natural attraction to improve your life by moving away. You father is a person you look up to with respect. and a tendency to evaluate yourself only according to feedback from the environment.You will enjoy having your children. and some talent in the area of music and arts. You generally succeed in your undertakings. This could cause lack of self-confidence. You are naturally group-conscious. You have good organizational skills. Life seems unkind to you at times. but not get children. and go to other countries. and you will be saved from problems that are too severe. Surya in the eleventh house. You have a good relationship with those who are your supervisors or authorities. You may feel as though your sense of individuality is kind of diffused and non-determined. You have deep aspirations to make something great out of your life. without the convenience of an assistant. In your life you may have associations with places of seclusion like hospitals. and can easily take on responsibilities. You may marry. There is not much happiness found in material gains or family life. Your eyesight can develop some problem. The relationship with you father will be disturbed in parts of your life. Detachment from society. Surya in the twelfth house. You will make wise investments that will yield in good prosperity. and find some lack of having close relationships in which you are really liked. You are likely to have offspring. You have a sense of the broader issues of society and commerce. You will reach your goals by utilizing some of the many opportunities that come across your way. You . and the moral and cultural limitations. but remain modest about yourself. Spiritual practice such as meditation will give you a very rewarding experience. may cause you to break those boundaries and act in a way that some would consider immoral. There may also be a tendency to attempt to escape those boundaries with the use of drugs or alcohol. with which you may actually attain the highest stage of self-realization. Wealth does not find an easy way to you and you may have to work hard for your achievements. You will have a tendency to think negatively about people. As a child you would have liked to be more with your father. Your life will be long. prisons or asylums. But you are strong. You have a deep interest in obtaining fulfillment of your material needs and enjoying life with plenty of wealth. On the other hand you may decide to define or try to realize your individual boundaries with spiritual practices or self-sacrifice. You strongly feel like a role model and an ideal citizen. Ear problems can arise at times. It is usually up to yourself to get things done.

.have a well-developed inner life and strong opinions about the nature of after-death experience.