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The following cover letters are examples to provide you with a basic format from which you can construct your own, personalized letters. We strongly discourage you from lifting any part of these letters verbatim because recruiters may notice specific similarities among letters. The career counselors in OCD are available to give you feedback on your letters.

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The tone is enthusiastic and informative. You will also notice my experience working with the team research concept. and team experience) to the reader. and it closes with the promise to follow up with a phone call. and value (tooling. The cover letter should answer two important questions: 1. Why are you sending us your resume? 2. ." The article talked of your plans to increase your Engineering Research Lab Team. to arrange a meeting and discuss my possible involvement with Southwest Tooling. This emphasis in expansion appears to be a positive sign of Southwest's continuing dedication to quality service. New Mexico 80801 Dear Mr. I will call you during the early part of the week. What value can you offer us? The length remains within the recommended maximum of 200 words. I believe I can offer you and Southwest Tooling substantial experience and the high degree of excellence you need. President Southwest Tooling Research Inc. I realize that you are looking for the best possible people to staff your growing organization. beginning July 1. I look forward to discussing your open position. Arthur C. 200 Mountain View Boulevard Santa Fe. research. Reese: I read with great interest a recent article in Engineering Today titled "Southwest Tooling's Push to Maintain Engineering Excellence. The enclosed resume demonstrates my extensive long-range commitment to tooling research. I am extremely intrigued by the team research concept you have developed.SAMPLE COVER LETTER I (Unsolicited) Address/Phone Number Date Mr. Jane Doe Two Questions To Keep in Mind: The well-written cover letter puts all four major objectives to use stressing the writers strengths. not wordy or overstated. Reese. Sincerely. The motivating force within a research team offers each member a sense of pride and accomplishment.

My experience over the last three years of increasing sales within my territory by 31 % demonstrates my ability to succeed. John Doe Notice how this writer has focused on his value and how it relates to the employer's need. May we sit down and discuss "Marketplace Management" and my strong interests in your sales group at that time? I will contact you the first week in July to see if you are available to meet. . I appreciate your consideration. I will be in Fort Myers during the third and fourth weeks of July.SAMPLE COVER LETTER II (Unsolicited) Address/Phone Number/E-mail Date Mr. I feel comfortable with my potential contribution to your growing organization. McPhall Vice President of Marketing Lencor Industries. As you will note from the enclosed resume. Sincerely. Florida 20114 Dear Mr. especially at Eastern General. and I look forward to speaking with you. my sales and marketing accomplishments. Robert T. "Motivation Through Marketing Excellence. favorably fit your "Marketplace Management" concept. Because of my familiarity with your customer base and distribution network." The marketing philosophy at Lencor corresponds to what I have accomplished on a smaller scale in my current assignment. McPhall: I recently reviewed an article you wrote in Sales Management. Incorporated 2002 Island Harbor Fort Myers.

I was involved in advising clients on the strategic implications of their e-commerce initiatives.nyu. I analyzed specific needs and problems and developed analytically based solutions. coupled with the coursework at Stern. 20 New Date Ms. NY 10003 (212) 555-1212 jd240@stern. I am confident that I can contribute substantially to ABC’s investment banking efforts. NY 10004 Dear Ms. Stern School of Business and I would like to be considered for the Associate position on your closed invitation list when ABC representatives visit the Stern School on (mention date). Mary Jackson Assistant Vice President MBA Recruiting ABC Securities Corporation 125 Wall Street New York. During that time. Apt. As a Consultant for Glendale Burke & Associates. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Jackson: I am a first year MBA student at New York University’s Leonard N. has honed my financial analysis skills. John Doe . My work experience and academic training has provided me with significant preparation for an investment banking career at ABC Securities. I look forward to the opportunity to interview for the Associate position. Very truly yours. This experience.REQUEST TO BE ON A CLOSED SCHEDULE John Doe 124 Greene Street.

Burke and Associates. and I am very interested in applying my experience and education in this evolving industry. the internet. Sincerely.nyu. I feel that I have a great deal of experience and expertise to offer a prospective employer. NY 10003 (212) 555-1212 Date Carol Brown ABC Corporation 230 Fifth Avenue New York. As a Consultant for Glendale. I have been following closely the convergence of entertainment. As my enclosed resume illustrates. strategic planning and significant client interface.NETWORKING COVER LETTER John Doe 124 Greene Street. John Doe . high-tech marketing. Media and Technology track. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me about the Entertainment industry and the opportunities that exist as the industry goes through a dramatic realignment. As an MBA student with an Entertainment. I gained experience in marketing analysis. and marketing implementation. 20 New York. I would appreciate your advice on getting into this sector and wondered if you could suggest possible contacts in companies that are at the forefront of this convergence. my coursework at Stern has included e-commerce strategy. In particular. regulatory policy. I am interested in offering my skills in business strategy and development to East Coast firms that are emerging leaders in Entertainment and Telecommunications services. NY 10003 Dear Carol: It was very good to see you last week in New York. I want to thank you in advance for any guidance you could give in regards to my career search and will contact you shortly. In addition to avidly following developments in the trade press. Apt.

I am very interested in learning more about Brand Management and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you in order to benefit from your unique insights into the field. John Hamilton General Manager ABC Company 175 Broadway New York. My background is in Consulting and I am especially interested in learning more about the following topics: § § § The typical day of a brand manager at ABC Company The projects and challenges a brand manager encounters The impact of the internet on brand marketing and brand awareness I will call you next week to determine a convenient time when we might meet.LETTER TO STERN ALUMNUS/ALUMNA John Doe 11 Summer Street New York. I am a first year MBA student at New York University’s Stern School of Business and I obtained your name from the Stern Alumni Directory. I have enclosed my resume so you will have a sense of my background. NY 10004 212 555 1212 jd200@stern. Hamilton. John Doe Date Mr. Sincerely. NY 10012 Dear Mr.

I am currently an MBA student at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Sincerely. where I was responsible for the development of a consumer marketing survey. Inc.C. My participation in industry activities introduced me to many professionals in the field who gave me both assistance and instruction. John Doe . Having worked both as an assistant program analyst and as an active participant in media production. I can also be reached at 212-555-1212 or via email at jd201@stern.. CA 90278 Dear Mr. I would be particularly interested in visiting your offices between (dates).LETTER RESPONDING TO AN ADVERTISED POSITION John Doe 124 Greene Street. Apt. I interned at Cinemobile Systems. and look forward to meeting with you. D. I will be returning to Los Angeles during my winter break in Date Mr.. in Buena Vista. I was also a member of the team that developed the CATV cash flow model. NY 10003 (212) 555-1212 jd240@stern. I have been an enthusiastic student of the motion picture industry for quite some Prior to business school. I was employed by the Office of Telecommunications Policy in Washington. In the summer of 1996.nyu. I will call you during the preceding week so you could suggest a time we might meet. California. 20 New York. I appreciate your consideration. My interest in the financial and creative aspects of entertainment and media is long standing. I believe the contacts I made and what I learned can increase my value to your company. I believe that I have the experience and ability that this position requires. Brian Davidson Senior Vice President ABC Corporation 2122 Pacific Boulevard Los Angeles. Davidson: I noticed with keen interest your posting on the HotJobs web site for an assistant marketing manager. which is now in use at the agency.

The time and the assistance you have provided me has been most helpful. This is an opportunity to market your skills. Currently. and you helped me see areas of potential fit as well as gain insight into the changing Internet space. talents. White: Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to meet with me last Tuesday regarding my career search. and desire for a particular position. NH 31305 Dear Ms. It certainly was a pleasure talking with you. Address/Phone Number/E-mail Date Ms. Thank you for recommending their names and allowing me to use you as a referral. Jane Smith . Please let me know if you become aware of any opportunities that would be a good fit for me. Janet White General Manager ABC Company 1250 South Street Winchester.THANK YOU LETTER Always follow-up any meeting with a letter thanking the individual for his/her time and emphasizing your understanding of the meeting. I'll be sure to let you know how these discussions develop. I am in the process of contacting the individuals you suggested. Sincerely.