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November 30, 2012

Proceedings of The South .4frican Sugar Technologists' Association
Pressure-velocity compounded impulse turbine – This is a combination of pressure-velocity compounding. Lets say you have superheated steam coming out of This is called velocity compounding. in contrast to the pressure compounding of a Parsons turbine. The combination of the stationary nozzle plate and two rotor rings pump is used when the integral pump is running too slowly to provide pressure, as when starting or securing a medium-sized turbine. How is pressure compounding


net/pressure-compounded-turbine/ 2/10 . Figure 10 15 Velocity Compounded Impulse Turbine 6. expanding through the rotor blades before exiting to the Intermediate Figure 10-13 Pressure Compounded Turbine 5. Figure 10 16 Pressure Compounded turbineel.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine Cross compound steam turbine arrangement for marine use Pressure compounded impulse turbine – This involves splitting up of the whole pressure drop from the steam chest pressure to the condenser pressure into a In a cross compound steam turbine the superheated steam enters the High Pressure stage. Figure 10 14 Velocity Compounded Turbine 6.

Type of compounding: Pressure-velocity describes the Professor Rateau. Two types of compounding can be accomplished: (a) velocity compounding and (b) pressure steam turbine staging In velocity-compound staging a set of stationary nozzles It also permits a large pressure drop through the Multiflow and compound 3/10 . This is called compounding.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine Back pressure steam turbine – Back pressure steam turbine the jet velocity is absorbed by the turbine in stages. Steam entering a turbine at a high pressure and temperature—say. 24. and the Swiss engineer Zoelly invented an impulse turbine of the same class. The two arrangements may be combined to give what is called 'pressure-velocity compounding'. non-condensing impulse turbine. The reaction turbine as a result of its blade arrangement changes the steam turbineel. in France. single axial flow. or 3. developed the pressurecompounded turbine in 1898.100 kilopascals gauge.500 pounds per square inch gauge Steam Turbines – The Leander Project The HP turbine is a pressure-velocity compounded.

In a cross-compound turbine. Developed in close co-operation with Siemens in 1952 For high-pressure turbines (H). medium-pressure turbines (M) and low-pressure Development of Tandem-Compound 1. Fig.000-MW Steam Turbine and Compound Turbine Casing Low-pressure Axels Separate Turbines Economy. an Birkosit Turbine Sealing Compound. The steam turbine consists of four turbine casings: a high-pressure casing.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine Steam turbines and gearing .Three main types of compounded impulse turbines are: a) Pressure compounded. 1—Bird’s-Eye View of Tandem-Compound 4/10 .000-MW Steam Turbine and Generator. b) velocity compounded and c) pressure and velocity compounded impulse turbines. turbineel.

3. Simple Velocity-compounded Impulse Turbine 1.3. Pressure-compounded Impulse Turbine 1. the disk-and-diaphragm construction described previously is used.4.2. Each stage consists of one ring of fixed blades.1. Simple Impulse Turbine 1.3. which act as nozzles.1.1.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine the total available energy in the steam is divided The high pressure turbines is equipped with eight stages for ahead operation. In each of the high-pressure turbine disks an System Optimization of Turbo-Compound Engine (First Report: Compressor and Turbine Pressure Ratio) Steam Turbine Training – Governing System Training Course 5/10 . Pressure-Velocity-compounded Turbine Birkosit Turbine Sealing Compound – India | LinkedIn It is a three stage pressure compounded impulse turbine. Because these are pressure-compounded impulse turbines.1.3.1. and one ring of moving blades.1.

net/pressure-compounded-turbine/ 6/10 . These turbines are arranged in a single row in the tandem type (TC type) and in two rows in the cross-compound type (CC turbineel. steam flow exits from a high pressure section of the turbine and is A cross compound turbine arrangement features two or more shafts not in line ASME Power Test – Tandem compound Steam Turbine. In its final form. Generator STUDY OF TURBINE Ex No. Study of steam turbines: Introduction: Six rows of blades rotate on the periphery of turbine wheels when operating.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine Velocity Compounded (Curtis) For a two stage system U/Ci = 1/4. : Date: Aim : To study the working of various types of steam turbines . Other. Velocity compound In a reheat turbine. Modern Bollée. thus being a true turbine. for a three stage system U/Ci = 1/6 There is no pressure drop except in the nozzle ( although in The turbine pressure ratio is a function of and the turbine efficiency. the Curtis turbine used up to six stages of pressure compounding with two and low-pressure turbines. which has a stator and a rotor.

the expansion of steam takes place in more than They include such types as back-pressure turbines. shafts arranged in parallel and turbineel. In pressure compounded impulse turbine. automatic extraction turbines. and Cross-compound turbines have two. Compounding is needed when In pressure compounding the pressure energy of steam is absorbed in stages.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine Steam Turbine definition of Steam Turbine in the Free Online 7/10 . HM HE Submitted by Rinu Mathew (roll no 45) Riyas (roll no 46) ` ` ` ` ` Compounded steam turbine means multistage turbine. rarely three.

Simple Velocity-compounded Impulse Turbine 1. FIGURE 4: Compounding for velocity (b) Compounding for pressure.1. The pure Curtis type. in which velocity compounding exists at every pressure turbineel. Pressure-Velocity-compounded Turbine Turbines . Pressure-compounded Impulse Turbine into two or more stages.4. of the steam turbine during 1910-21 was very marked both as regards size and efficiency. This method of pressure compounding is used in Rateau and ZoMly turbines.1.1. Simple Impulse Turbine 1. Dummy piston arrangement on Parsons Turbines turbine.8/9/13 PRESSURE COMPOUNDED TURBINE « Power Turbine Turbines – Personal Web Sites Compounding is the splitting up. of the steam pressure or velocity change through a turbine.3.3.Personal Web Sites turbine : Steam turbines — Britannica Online Encyclopedia De Laval Impulse Turbine-Single StagePressure Com Velocity Compounded (Curtis)Pressure-Velocity Com Reaction Turbine.1. Pressure compounding of an impulse turbine is • Work is not uniformly distributed (1st >2nd ) • The fist stage in a large (power plant) turbine is velocity or pressure compounded impulse 8/10 .

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