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Model Question Paper MI0035–Computer Networks PART A – 1 mark questions

1. Residential LAN network is called ______________. A. HOME network B. LAN connection C. WAN D. Wireless 2. If the packets are sent to only a subset or group of machines on the network, then it is called ___________. A. Broadcast links B. Point-to-point links C. Multicasting D. Internetwork 3. Which of the following is interconnecting the various components and mobile device using short range wireless links? A. System interconnection B. Wireless LANs C. Wireless WANs D. Home networks 4. _______________ Can be based on static table that are wired into the network and rarely changed. A. Routes B. Layer C. Control D. Session 5. __________________ is a main protocol at this layer which provides a single service, namely, best-effort connectionless packet transfer. A. User datagram protocol B. Transmission control protocol C. Arpanet protocol D. Internet packet 6. Cd stands for _____________. A. Compac disk B. Compact disk C. Committee draft D. Committee date 7. ______________ can be handled by just imagining that it repeats the entire pattern over and over forever. A. Data signal B. ASCII code C. Binary code D. Fourier signal

Circuit switching C. Pulse of light B. Frequency C. Optical communication B. Air boundary D. Harmonics 9. Single fibre D. A. Geostationary orbit D. Multiplexing D. Hertz B. _____________ are those that provide a conduit from one device to another. Wavelength D. Operating system (OS) . Network computing D. ______________ orbit has the altitude 36000km above earth surface. The range of frequencies transmitted without being strongly attenuated is called ________________. Radio transmission 11. Highly elliptical orbit 14. Transmission D.8. Wireless C. It is known as ____________. The number of oscillations per second of a wave is called ____________. Peer-to-peer LAN C. A. Low earth orbit B. The method of dividing a physical channel into many logical channels so that a number of independent signals may be simultaneously transmitted on. ____________ indicates a 1 bit. A. Packet switching B. A.term winner. __________________ looked like the long. A. Free space D. Wavelength B. Terrestrial fibre connections C. A. Bandwidth 13. Which of the following contains a nodal computer called the server and all the other computers are connected to the server and are called its clients? A. Middle earth orbit C. Synchronous transmission 10. Wired B. Bandwidth C. Information systems B. Absence of light C. A. Compression schemes 15. Silica boundary 12.

transmission and reception are achieved by means of ______________. IAB B. A. LDAP C. and occasional commentary on. Switches 19. Static D. The bridge is linked to several local area networks. A. the d channel layer 2 protocol is q. Ethernet 18. Bridge B. A. Gateway C. The data signals are bound by the __________ system in guided transmission media. Routers D. Which of the following is the most commonly used standard for a local area network? A. Linear bus B. LPAD .921 also called __________. A. Which of the following provides oversight of. Segment 23. AT & T 17. Router D. For dss1 signalling. Routers B. Transparent B. Mesh 21. Ring C. NIST D. Servers C. Antenna B. LAPD D. called ______________. Source route C. aspects of the architecture for the network protocols and procedures used by the internet? A. Bridges 20. IEEE C. Topology B. In which of the following type of topology the devices are connected in the form of a closed loop? A.16. Cabling D. Which of the following is a device that allocates traffic from one network segment to certain lines which connect the segment to another network segment? A. Switch 22. Under unguided media. Information systems D. LADP B. LAN C. Star D. Tower C.

Static B. A. Dynamic D. HDLC C. Independent B. Exterior gateways perform protocol functions between ________________ networks. called a port. 32. Dependent C. OSI 31. Network termination C. Interface B. Which of the following is a classical bit. TCP/IP 30. Flag B. Each socket has a socket number consisting of the ip address of the host and a ___________number local to that host. Terminal adapter D.oriented protocol? A. 8-bit C. A.bit B. SMTP B. Protocols 26. Layer D. HTTP D. A.24. ALOHA B. __________ indicates the beginning of the isdn data-link layer frame fields. ____________ is an agreement between the communicating parties on how communication is to proceed. Connection release D. CSMA/CD . A. A. __________________ layer architecture is compared with the seven-layer OSI reference model. A. The design of a communications network is what is basically known as ___________________. Inert 27. Network topology B. FTP C. Address C. 16-bit D. 24-bit 29. CSMA D. Network architecture 25. A. Reliant D. Protocol C. Unreliable 28. Ip routing protocols are _________________. Stagnant C.

Link state C. Which of the following is an architectural framework for accessing linked documents spread out over millions of machines all over the internet? A.32. A. ________________ field tells how long the frame and its acknowledgement will occupy the Ethernet. Tcp C. A. Mailers B. Portal . Sequence field 33. RARP 38. ___________________ is the part of network layer software which is responsible for deciding which output line an incoming packet should be transmitted on. A. ICANN 37. Udp D. Routing algorithm C. _______________ protocol is faster convergence than distance vector protocol. Link state algorithm D. ___________ keeps track of which version of the protocol the datagram belongs to. User agents for electronic mail are sometimes called as ____________. Path vector algorithm 34. _______________ transmits segments consisting of an 8-byte header followed by the payload. Path vector B. Webpage D. Dotted quad notation is also called as _________. Routing vector 36. Version field C. Duration field D. Dotted lines C. A. A. Data field B. Header field B. Tcp/ip B. Internet B. Dot address B. Dotted periods D. The type field D. A. Smtp 35. Recipients D. A. E-mailers C. Frame header C. Congestion B. Dynamic vector D. WWW C. Mail readers 39.

FDM AND TDM B. Circuit and message C. Plotter C. Flow control and routing D. Protocols and peers 42 _____________ and _______________ are the protocols of transport layer. FHSS and DSSS C. HEO B. Multiplexing and de-multiplexing C. A.40. Connection oriented and connectionless B. GEO 46 Which of the following is not a network device? A. Gopher D. Super computer D. Synchronous and asynchronous D. HTTP and SMTP B. Fax B. IP and RTP D. DNS and RTP C. IRC B. A. TCP/IP B. A. LEO C. Cryptography C. A. VHF and UHF 45 Inmarsal is an example of ______________. TCP and UDP 43 _____________ and _____________ are the methods of multiplexing. CDMA . MEO D. Frame relays C. Suspension bridge 47 Identify one among the following that is not a packet switching protocol A. THF and IHF B. HTTP Part B 41 Which of the following are the two types of services which the layer can offer? A. Short wave and UHF D. ________________ IS A FORM OF SYNCHRONOUS CONFERENCING. Banyan vines D. Hal-duplex and full-duplex 44 Which of the following are the techniques to spread the bandwidth? A.

Asynchronous The gateway computer reads the destination address and forwards the packet to an ___________ gateway that in turn reads the destination address and so forth across the __________ until one gateway recognizes the packet as belonging to a computer within its immediate neighbourhood or domain. Beta. Ground-based stations and satellite communications systems. dish D Radio frequency. Which of the following are the types of methods which the bridges use to determine the network segment a MAC address belong to? A B C D 51 Transparent and source route Circuit and message Packet and static Static and distance vector protocols B channel also known as ________ channel is a telecommunications term which refers to the ISDN channel which carries the primary data or ________ communication.48 Microwave radio frequencies are used to transmit messages between _______________ and___________. Systematic. A. Asynchronous Synchronous. internet 52 A B C D 53 A B C D . quick D. Computers and walky talkies D. 49 Cable television is a system of providing television to consumers via ________________ signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibres or coaxial cables as opposed to the over-the-air method used in traditional television broadcasting in which a television __________ is required. Adjacent. A Wireless transmission. Computers and networks C. Unsystematic Synchronous. voice B. Bearer. A. Unsystematic Systematic. B. antenna C Microwave transmission. Best. network Opposite. Bearer. clear The technology for B-ISDN was asynchronous transfer mode (ATM). clear C. 50. network Opposite. Guided and unguided media. dish B Electromagnetic spectrum. antenna. which carried both ____________ voice and __________ data services on the same transport. internet Adjacent.

Flags and fragment offset G. A aT. SMTP and UDP 58 Routing algorithm can be classified as ________________ and ________________. _________________ indicates the position of the fragment’s data relative to the beginning of the data in the original datagram. Path vector and distance vector B. bF 57 _____________ and ________________ are clearly an improvement over ALOHA because they ensure that no station begins to transmit when it senses the channel busy. Persistent and non-persistent CSMA protocols C. A B C D Pretty Good Privacy and privacy enhanced mail SIMME and XML security Digital signatures and cryptographic techniques Data encryption standard and digital signatures . b In the Internet. transmits D Services. Fragment offset and protocol 55 The interface defines which primitive _________________ and ___________ the lower layer makes available to the upper end.54 While ______________ consist of a 3-bit field of which the two low order bits control fragmentation. ARP and RARP B. repairs C Operations. A. Non adaptive and adaptive 59 While ________________ are designed for frame relay networks. Congestion and distance vector D. E. Inverse ARP and RARP 60. A. transmits 56 State whether the following statement are true or falsea When the load offered to any network is more than it can handle. bT B aF. Flags and protocol H. RARP and ARP D. bF D aT. bT C aF. Ethernet and connection oriented protocols B. Link state and path vector C. congestion builds up. A. services B Operations. Protocol and source address F. TCP and UDP D. A Operations. ARP and Inverse ARP C. The scheme and standard for email security standards are ______________ and __________. _________ maps physical address to IP address. which allows the destination IP process to property reconstruct the original datagram. packets get lost when a router is overloaded.

Part C 61 Identify the above diagram from the following option and find out what is the missing component in the diagram A. 2d. 4a a. SERVER Connection oriented services interactions. 2d. + acknowledg. 2b. 3a. 4c 1c. 3a. RECEIVE 62 1 2 3 4 A. header & user data (Payload) . DNS & RTP d. connection number & packet reg. 2a. D. HTTP & SMTP b.25 packet number format ATM cell format TCP in TCP/IP protocol suite UDP in TCP/IP protocol suite 1b. D. B. 3d. Connection oriented service interactions. 3b. 4c 1c. ROUTER Connectionless service interactions. C. CLIENT Connection less service interactions. c. 4b 1d. Match the following X. B. No.

4->Cladding glass C. 1c. Microsoft and Netscape were fighting for violations in which space? Browsers Search Engines Artificial Intelligence Word processors . GEO b. 1b. 2d. 4d 66 A. 3d. 1->Conductor. 2c. 3c. 4c a. 2->Wire mesh conductor. 4b B. 2a. 3->protective plastic covering. 4c 1b. 1->Wire mesh conductor. 2a. 4a 1b. 3a. 3b. 2c. 4b 1d. 2a. HEO d. 3->protective Plastic covering. LEO a. 1b. 4a C. Asynchronous transmission The above figure is diagram of coaxial cable. 3d. synchronous transmission b. C. 64 Match the following Real-time audio and video String into bytes Information transfer on patterns The transmission of data to and from hard disk 1c. 3->protective plastic covering. Fixed antenna positions no adjustment required 2. B. D. 4->Cladding glass D. D. Half duplex mode d. 3d. MEO c.63 1 2 3 4 A. 3->Protective Plastic covering. 4->Wire mesh conductor B. 1->Copper core. special antennas for small footprint is needed A. Global radio coverage is possible 3. 3d. 2->Insulating material. A. 1->Copper core. 3d. Apogee and Perigee 4. 2a. 4->Insulating material 65 Match the following 1. Name the parts of the figure. 2a. Isochronous transmission c. C. 4c D. B. 2->Insulating material. 1d. 2->Insulating material.

3d. distance vector protocols 4. 2d. Active c. 2 2. 2c. 1b. D 1a. 2a. Switch a. making it fairly ___________. a. 2a. 4a. Communications c. 3c. Routers d. 2b. 1d. 2 Four distinct signal levels being present it would seem to make this code more likely to be ______________. 3c. 3d. 4b. Efficient b. 2b. Broadcast Radio b. a. 4d B.67 Fill up the blanks with suitable answer 1 ___________________ are at a frequency too low for human eyes to receive and interpret. Self-clocking d. 1c. B 1b. allocates traffic from one network segment to certain lines 3. 3d. 2a. 68 Match the following 1. 4d. this encoding scheme is less prone to DC bias than a unipolar line code. C 1b. 2c. Infrared-light waves d. Balanced A 1d. 1d. 4c. 3a. 4b. HUB b. 4d. 3 The presence of an _________ voltage for all signal states means the line state is easily determined. 2c. 4a. central connection point 2. Microwaves A 1a. 3b. 3a. 3b. Source route A. 4 The bit rate for 2B1Q Signalling is twice the baud. 4a C. B 1c. D 1d. 4c. 2c. . 2a. Bridge c. C 1c. 3b. 2d. 4 A ____________ satellite is an artificial satellite stationed in space for the purposes of telecommunications. 3b. 4c 69 Match the following2B1Q Signalling has the following characteristics: 1 Polarity of the four signals being __________. 3a.____________ is a wireless transmission medium that sends data over long distances at up to 2 megabits per second 3 Transmission of voice and data through the atmosphere as super high-frequency radio waves called ___________. 4b D.

IP addressing supports five different address classes. Re-association c. 3-low. State whether the following statements are true or false a b c d TCP/IP is not really a protocol. 3-high. dF C aT. cd. cF. cT. bF. 2. 2-high. 3d. 4-medium . dF 72. dF B aF. aT. 3. A. A aT. 1-high. Disassociation b. dT aF. 2-low. 1-low. 2-high. 2c. a stations may change its preferred base station A. 4-high B. bT. bF. mobile stations use it to connect themselves to base station 4. the bandwidth must be ___________. bT. 2-low. bT.bT. 3-high. Physical layer ensures complete data transfer. the reliability is ____________. 1b. dT 71. Transport layer provides the hardware means of sending and receiving data on a carrier. bF. 1-low. in Video conferencing. cF. 3a. The network layer does routing and forwarding. 3b. Distribution d. cT. 2d. 1c. Match the following 1. Mention true or false a b c d A B C D The minimum value for an octet is 1. 1d. 2c. cF. 1-high. 1c. dT aF. cT. Association a. In e-Mail the delay must be ____________. In Audio-on –demand the jitter must be ____________. station should use this service before shutting down 2. determines how to route frames sent to the base station 3.70. but a set of protocols. Match the applications with their QOS parameters 1. 4-medium D. 3-high. 4a B. 4a C.dT aF. bF. 4. 2a. in File transfer. dF D aT. 4b 73. cT. The maximum value for an octet is 255. An IP address consists of 64 bits. 4b D.cF. 4-high C.

Sweety. PGP software and hardware devices to support. Bhatra writes a mail to Ms. 2c. Mr. sender authentication and message integrity B Paired key technique. When Ms. 4b 1c.74. He wants his document to be in verifiable. 3a. 4b 1d. I am alive 75. invalid header field c. 3. Echo Echo reply Source quench Parameter problem 1b. GOPHER and Veronica. B. choke packet b. Mr. Sweety receives the mail by pretty good privacy (PGP) method and uses _________. non-forgeable and non repudiable manner. IRC technology. 2d. ____________. public-key cryptography. Match the following 1. . 3b. Bhatra’s digital signature. _____________ and _________. 2. C. 4c a. D Paired key technique. document and Bhatra’s digital signatures. HTML tags. and his signature of the document dB (d). yes. D. paired key technique. his public and private key. ask a machine if it is alive d. _____________ and _______________. 3d. 2a. Bhatra has a document d. A. Hypertext and Mark up language C Symmetric key cryptography. 2a. hash function and a digital signature to provide secrecy. 4c 1d. 3a. A Symmetric key cryptography. 4. his public key and private key.