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‘I   am   going   to   Paris’   says   Cob.   Why   so?  Asks   Arthur.   ‘We   need   a   new   architect’   says  Cob  in  a  deep  voice;  sad  and  excited  at  the  same  time.     A   well-­‐built   fellow   executively   dressed   sneaks   into   a   shady   space   of   a   profoundly   lit   lecture   hall.   He   overhears   some   conversation.   There   is   something  of  interest.     “This  last  job  and  I  can  go  home”  exclaims  Cob.  “This  last  job  is  for  some  very   powerful   people   who   I   think   can   permanently   fix   my   charges”   says   Cob   with   gleaming  eyes.  Cane  overwhelmed  with  pity  and  care  agrees  to  help.   Cob  is  walking  to  the  rest  room.  The  well-­‐built  fellow  swiftly  comes  out  of  his   shady  lair  and  follows  Cob.  They  both  enter  the  rest  room,  Cob  still  unaware  of   the  follow  up.     The   door   opens.   A   hand   held   the   door   mid-­‐way.   Cob   walks   up   to   the   sink   to   wash  his  face.  The  tap  is  in  the  complete  surrender  to  his  fingers.  Water  slowly   starts   pouring   into   the   sink.   A   splash   of   water   is   about   to   reach   his   face,   he   closes  his  eyes  and  feels  a  soft  presence  of  hand  over  his  shoulder.  Cob  doesn’t   open  his  eyes  or  rather  isn’t  able  to.  Things  go  black  in  a  moment.     The   well-­‐built   fellow   is   in   conversation   with   Ma’l   at   Cob’s   house.   A   stark   of   betrayal   &   a   fire   of   vengeance   can   be   seen   on   her   face.   She   looks   convinced   and   determined   to   get   back   what   belongs   to   her.   The   guy   leaves   and   Ma’l   is   tears.   Cob   and   the   guy   enter   a   lift.   Cob   feels   uneasy   in   his   presence.   The   lift   is   also   behaving   in   a   weird   way   like   it   has   waited   all   this   time   for   this   particular   moment.  Not  in  such  a  surprising  fashion  the  lift  jots  up.  Someone  just  called  it   to  the  floor  above.   A   bright   ray   of   light   enters   the   lift.   The   door   opens   up   to   a   beach.   Cob   is   surprised,   the   beach   looks   familiar   though.   The   well-­‐built   guy   shows   no   emotions   and   keeps   a   straight   face.   Cob   jumps   out   the   lift.   The   guy   follows.   Cob   walks   down   some   steps   to   the   sea   and   kneels;   his   eyes   fixed   to   a   spot.   Sound  of  a  bullet  fire  makes  Cob  come  out  from  his  transient  hibernation.    


                                                                           ANIMESH,    SWAPNIL  SONI,    SWAPNIL  SRIVASTAVA,    VENKATESH,    JIGISHA,    SUJOY  

  his   head   stained   in   blood.   After  the  bullet  fire.IMDL  PROJECT  -­‐2   STORY  SCRIPT  &  MOVIE  MAKING   The   well-­‐built   guy   is   lying   on   the   sand.   Beside   his   body  is  a  figure  Cob  has  known  for  quite  a  long  time.  Robert  has  had  many  lessons  in  this  room.   But   still   unsure   about   the   reality   he   spins   the   totem   and   leaves…   And   the   totem   finally   falls.  The  totem  will  be  ineffective  in  Ma’l  ’s  dream  as  it  belongs   to  her  and  not  to  Cob.  I  would  have  dissolved  my  father’s  empire.    SWAPNIL  SRIVASTAVA.     The  well-­‐built  guy  holds  a  name  plate  in  his  hand  and  starts  to  play  with  Cob’s   totem  with  another  hand.    JIGISHA.   The  well-­‐built  guy  is  talking  to  Robert  Fischer  in  quite  dark  place.   “If  it   would  not  have  being  you.   no   one   follows.  halts  for  a  moment  and  says.  The  totem  topples  again.   where   dreams   and   reality   come  to  sink  together  in  an  infinite  limbo.  He  spins  it.    VENKATESH.  He  walks  to  the  door.   He   is   over   joyed   to   see   his   children.   the   guy   puts   his   name   plate   down   and   looks   at   Cob’s   totem.   Robert   appears   very   thankful.   Cob   is   coming   out   of   the   rest   room.   Cob   finally   reaches   his   home.  Lessons   in  dreaming.   Fischer  rises  to  leave.  The  name  plate  reads  ‘Mr  Howard  Roark’.  Ma’l  with  her  hand  still  on   the  trigger  stands  there  emotionless  and  looks  at  Cob  straight  into  the  eyes.         !                                                                                ANIMESH.  “I  am  the  world’s  most   skilled  extractor.    comes  a  blow  to  Cob’s  head  and  Ma’l  without  wasting  a   moment   takes   Cob   into   the   depths   of   her   dreams.   Thanks  for  everything  Mr  Roark.   With   the   same   calmness.”    Robert  walks  away.  I  win”  .   He   remembers   his   talk   with   Ma’l   and   how   he   convinced   her   to   take   Cob   in   her   dream   and   make   him   believe   that   his   dream  is  a  reality.    SWAPNIL  SONI.   Some   intriguing   moments   of   his   dream   ease   his   mind.  Thanks.  He  spins  it  again  and  says.   He   joins   Cane   and   meets   Ariadne…  The  movie  continues….  protecting  his  sub-­‐conscious  and  basically  everything  the  world’s   most  skilled  extractor  had  to  offer  and  teach  him.   The   guy   seems   pretty   calm.  seems  to  be  a   sort  of  interrogation  room.  It  topples.    SUJOY   .

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