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Playa Vista Redesign

Assignment No. 4 Andrew Reker PPD 282 Urban Design Sunday, June 02, 2013

Section 1: Project Description

This fairly large eastern portion of Playa Vista has been redesigned as part regional office center and primarily an urban housing project with some limited mixed use applications. There is a regional portion which is primarily offices as well as a mixed use heart at the core of the project area. As a basic overview, there is approximately 3.7 million square feet of office space, 610,000 square feet of retail-commerce, and around 13,600 dwelling units, mostly in medium density districts. Specific square footages and dwelling units can be found in the table in Section 2, further on. A set of gridded streets interconnects the different portions of the site. These street sections can be seen in Section 3, further on in this document.

Section 2: Project Stats

Below you will find some basic project development statistics.

Major Use

Specific Use
School Library Garden Meeting Hall

Square Footage
283,140 87,120 174,240 21,780 3,659,040 130,680 1,089,000 1,219,680 1,219,680 609,840 130,680 130,680 348,480 2,787,840 1,393,920 174,240 1,219,680 1,393,920 174,240 1,219,680 16,196,256 183,600 97,200 86,400 9,387,180 6,625,476 773,190 392,040 381,150 22,229,316

Dwelling Units

Office Low Density Medium Density High Density Plus: Mixed Use Retail Neighborhood Community Regional Plus: Mixed Use Mixed Use Retail+Office Sub: Retail Sub: Office Retail+Residential Sub: Retail Sub: Residential Residential Single Family Sub: Detached Sub: Attached Medium Density High Density Open Space Sheltered Habitat Park Total

678 0

678 678 13,587 102 54 48 7,487 5,998 0


Section 3: Street Sections

There are 5 basic street sections for my redesign project. They are represented in the graphics below. There are two major types of streets intended as entry ways into the site and two minor types of streets intended as connecting streets inside the site.

Multi-way Boulevard

The multi-way boulevard is intended as the type of streets used for the two major entrances into the site. First is the Hughes Boulevard entrance from Jefferson Boulevard. The other is the extension of La Cienaga into the central section of the site Ive chosen. This extension is named Central Avenue. There are three carriageways depicted in this section including two carriageways that are shared spaces next to the sidewalks. The central carriageway has 4 through lanes and one lane which alternates between a turn lane or median.

Main Street

The main street type of street is the type used on Hughes Avenue and the Grosvenor Boulevard extension until Hughes Avenue. This type of road has not only ample pedestrian space, but also, has bi-directional buffered bike lanes. The central carriage way is one lane in each direction with a bi-directional turn lane at center.

Regular Street

The majority of the streets in the neighborhood are this type of street with 10 sidewalks on both sides of the street and two through and two parking lanes.

Alley-Service Street

This type of street is only used in the North-eastern sector of the neighborhood as it is a street which allows connection from parking areas to major streets or is used as a service lane behind large buildings.


This particular type of street is a pedestrianized and bicycle pathway which is indicated in the plan in violet.