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Re: The necessity to stop the massacres in Egypt and condemn the military coup against democracy before it is too late

This urgent letter concerns the massacres and rapidly escalating developments in Egypt. It is no secret that millions of Egyptian men and women have held peaceful sit-ins and protests in squares since early July this year in a show of amazing resolve to restore democracy, and demand the return of the elected President, Mohamed Morsi, and the institutions representing legitimate authority, as well as reinstatement of the constitution voted for by the people. Following the overthrow of democracy, and the kidnapping of the President and key state figures, with the mandate derived from transparent democratic process—taken to unknown locations, the authorities of the dictatorial coup have proceeded to take hundreds of lives and injure thousands in horrific attacks on peaceful protesters across Egypt in the past weeks, and began this morning of 14th August to shed the blood of protesters in the hundreds in horrific on-going massacres.

Following the coup leaders’ threats in the past few days that “time is running out”. It is quite clear that the military junta is exploiting European and international inaction. . When the issue is a choice between supporting democracy or dictatorship. police. where millions of people have gathered. and that they will disperse the peaceful sit-ins in the squares at any price and regardless of the number of victims. of all ages. causing hundreds of victims in the initial death toll. It is disgraceful indeed that no European statement of position has been issued against the military coup overthrowing democracy in Egypt. With this letter. shed more blood. and armed militias have launched bloody attacks on the peaceful protesters. considering it a green light to flagrantly quash the people’s will. These threats may only be interpreted as preparation to commit mass murder in squares full of men and women. I express my shock at the massacres currently taking place that may far exceed the horrific tragedy of Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989. especially in Rabi’a al-Adawiyah Square in Cairo. then standing in the middle is unjustifiable criminal collusion and implicit support. rather a deafening silence regarding events. the military forces. and prepare to commit massacres against the masses. or some timid expressions and positions that in no way rise to the gravity of the situation.

parliaments. deeply let down by governments. and negligence in forthrightly condemning the military coup. I demand of you. and continue to wait. greatly alarmed by this inaction.I feel. and many others do too. lack of concern. who have all failed democratic change and the Arab Spring at this critical historic moment. or use influence to halt the military coup that is returning Egypt to the dark era of dictatorship. and many others do too. as the massacres increase. We have waited in expectation of a clear statement of position in keeping with your commitment to democracy. in the clearest terms to stop the massacre! stop the military coup! Regards. human rights. . and fundamental liberties. and that an avoidable tragedy be averted through a small measure of moral courage and principled action. and the grave violations of the right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression. I feel. and did not raise voice. We fear that it may well be too late. and all its crimes of shedding innocent blood. and politicians across Europe.

Egypt declares state of emergency Announcement comes amid security crackdown on pro-Morsi protesters that has left at least 149 people dead nationwide.html .com/news/middleeast/201 3/08/201381413509551214.aljazeera. Read more… http://www.

. .View the pictures: http://www.

but he was no radical. Read more… http://www. but the repression was never total.nytimes. and to have seats in parliament. The Brotherhood. to contest elections. But that is where Egypt is headed. was allowed room to operate. the Muslim Brotherhood was repressed. as the country’s largest opposition force. Under the regime of Hosni Mubarak.A Future Worse Than Mubarak’s Reign It would be perverse if the January 2011 revolution paved the way for something worse than what it sought to replace. Mubarak may have been a .


html . 2011. in the Egyptian upheavals of the early 21st Century .com/indepth/opinion/2013/08/20138158166985671.start date: January 25. but it is a day that will go down as a watershed moment.aljazeera. and a very bloody one. Read more… http://www. end date: unknown.Who will pick up the pieces in Egypt? It will take time for a more accurate picture to emerge of the events that have begun on August 14.

America’s Complicity CAIRO — FOR millions of Egyptians still reeling from the shock of Wednesday’s stateled massacre. and how do you stop them from killing again? Read more… http://www. which killed at least 600 peaceful protesters and possibly many more.Egypt’s . the questions are now very basic: How do you reconcile with people who are prepared to kill you.


you had only to climb the pink marble steps of the Al-Fath Mosque – sticky with fresh blood yesterday evening – and see the acre of wounded lying on deep-woven carpets shot in the bloodbaths are now a daily occurrence It was a disgrace. The police – some wearing black hoods – shot down into the crowds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters from the roof of Cairo’s Ramses Street police station and surrounding streets. the bodies pile up. a most shameful chapter in Egyptian history.html .The police keep firing. Read more… http://www. 25 shrouded corpses. And to see their terrible work. They even fired at traffic on the airport highway. Dr Ibrahim Yamani gently lifted the bandages from their bodies: shot in the face. In Cairo. in a remote corner. shot in the head.

They mostly sustained live ammunition wounds to the upper part of the body¨ Read more… .Egypt’s disastrous bloodshed requires urgent impartial investigation ¨There were dozens of dead bodies and hundreds of injured people.amnesty.


Watch the documentary ¨Rabaa Massacre¨ .

Bloodbath in Egypt A Day of Rage turned into an evening of bloodshed as more than 100 people were killed across Egypt on Friday.html Click on the link to view the photos http://www.

html .co. A military coup. Read more… http://www. millions of enraged supporters of the democratically elected but deposed dictator – reports that indicate well over 1. outrage.independent. shame.000 Muslim Brotherhood sympathisers slaughtered by the security police – and what were we told by the authorities yesterday? That Egypt was subject to “a malicious terrorist plot”.How some ordinary Egyptians became ‘malicious terrorists’ Disgust. All these words apply to the disgrace of Egypt these past six

Made by raising four fingers with the thumb resting on the palm. the sign has come to represent civilian demonstrations protesting the ouster of Egypt's first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi and the ensuing violence that killed hundreds of people Read more… http://www.'Rabaa sign' becomes the symbol of massacre in Egypt The 'Rabaa sign' has become the symbol of protests against the military coup in Egypt and the center of the anti-coup .worldbulletin. Rabaa al-Adawiya Square.


Read more… http://www. The failure of the authorities to provide safe exit from the sit-in. including for people wounded by live fire and needing urgent medical attention. was a serious violation of international .Security Forces Used Excessive Lethal Force The ongoing Human Rights Watch investigation indicates that the decision to use live ammunition on a large scale from the outset reflected a failure to observe basic international policing standards on use of lethal force and was not justified by the disruptions caused by the demonstrations or the limited possession of arms by some protesters. .Watch the video http://www.

Read more… . and other parts of Cairo The investigation of HRW indicates that the decision to use live ammunition on a large scale was a failure in observing basic international policing standards on use of lethal force.worldbulletin.Worst Mass Killings in Country’s (HRW) Human Rights Watch (HRW) is investigating the Egyptian army’s crackdown on sit-ins at Rabaa al-Adawiya in Nasr City and at Nahda in Giza. The statement also suggested that the decision to use live ammunition could not be justified by the disruptions caused by the demonstrations or the limited possession of arms by some protesters.

net/index.Soldiers opened fire on public in Egypt Soldiers opened fire on public in Egypt.worldbulletin. Read more… http://www. acitivists say A young activist sheltering in Al Fatih Mosque in Cairo informed that soldiers were throwing tear gas inside the closed areas and killed more than 120 Hundreds of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. took refuge in Al Fatih Mosque in Cairo after dozens of fellow protesters had been killed by security forces in the square on Friday.php?aType=haber&ArticleID=115516&q=egyp . including women and children.

" the statement said. and many of them have been detained. attacked and some even killed Egypt's State Information Service released a statement to journalists on Saturday. Read more… http://www. detailing what it sees as media bias.they are accused of bias and of ignoring facts.html .Are foreign journalists lying? Foreign journalists are under attack in Egypt .com/programmes/insidestory/2013/08/20138205493240813. "Media coverage has steered away from objectivity and neutrality" which has led to "a distorted image that is very far from the facts.aljazeera.

worldbulletin.Egypt security forces kill journalist after curfew Egyptian security forces killed Tamer AbdelRaouf. on Monday after opening fire on a car they thought had tried to escape from a checkpoint enforcing a dusk-to-dawn curfew. Read more… http://www.php?aType=haber&ArticleID=115471&q=egypt .net/index. security sources said. the bureau chief of a provincial office of state newspaper AlAhram.

The Muslim Brotherhood will not turn to violence to fight the coup in Egypt We are committed to peaceful protests and future democracy.theguardian. What remains of press and TV channels is under the absolute control of those in power and their task is to justify their brutality. Read more… . but the world must recognise the military's human rights abuses Crimes against humanity previously unheard of are being perpetrated in a systemic fashion with the aim of terrorising the entire population into submission to the new coup authorities. the pictures: .com/photos/mosaaberising/page1/ Watch the video http://www.