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Feasibility Report

Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer, Idrees Akbar, Urooj shaeque, Hafsa Zia, Abdul Muqtadir , Shoaib Amin

Team #:01 Group (A) MBA M2 4
Client (Company):

Chosen target country: BAHAWALPUR, PAKISTAN
Team members:
1) Waheed Naseer 2) Idrees Akbar 3) Shoaib Ahmed Amin 4) Abdul Muqtadir 5) Urooj Shafique 6) Hafsa zia


So we think that we are right to choose a healthy and nutritious product. Shoaib Amin Product/Service (a brief description. no artificial flavor and the coconut water of coconut is very much healthy . including title page: 29 pages Team members: Waheed Naseer Idrees Akbar Shoaib Ahmed Amin Abdul Muqtadir Urooj Shafique Hafsa zia 2 . Good Life”. Pakistan. Hafsa Zia.Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. having no fat. Idrees Akbar. our slogan is “Good water. We are targeting Bahawalpur City. 3-10 lines): Our idea is to provide high quality and natural coconut water as our product. as our potential market. Urooj shaeque. Abdul Muqtadir . The question here rises why Coconut? because coconut water is a healthy. Number of pages.

Basic Characteristics 6. Product 4. Entry Mode 10. Legal Environment and Government 8. Economic Environment 7. Shoaib Amin Table of Contents 1. Cultural Environment 9.Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. Urooj shaeque. Marketing 3 . Idrees Akbar. Organization 3. Staffing 11. Market Opportunity Analysis 5. Political. Executive Summary 2. Abdul Muqtadir . Hafsa Zia.

coconut. History In 2013. we will describe some points on staffing and marketing this product. Coconut valley mentioned. Basic 4 . explanation of different market analyses. In this report we will present to you our ideas and strategies for choosing a new product and launching it in a new market. After a number of meetings and market comparisons we decided to launch our product in Bahawalpur city Pakistan and later in other cities in Pakistan such as the Lahore or the Islamabad city. In 2013 . We also will explain the different characteristics of the legal. “Good water . Organization Coconut vallay is a Swiss multinational relating to diet and health-related consumer goods company. There are 50 employees in the company. opportunities and some of characteristics of the chosen market. idrees & waheed coconut launched his company.Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. Currently. Good Life” is best interpreted as what coconut most values and how it is expressed through its products. economic and cultural environment. Idrees Akbar. as our new product. 2. he decided to commercialize his product throughout Bahawalpur in Pakistan. Special water. Market capitalization at the end of June 2013 was 50. coconut valley advertised his company through an Entrepreneurship Day in “The islamia university Bahawalpur”. In the following part we will give a brief overview of coconut vallay. all its products focus on delivering diet. Shoaib Amin 1. Five month later 05 June 2013. from a very famous city Karachi. Executive Summary (PAK) We have worked for two weeks on this project. Abdul Muqtadir . We have chosen Natural coconut water. We first start with the history of this company. while operating profits increased by 15thousand. coconut. Sales increased by 20 thousand to 35 thousand. the company has 3 subsidiaries in 1 city in Karachi. they created a milk-based Coconut shakes food. Hafsa Zia. Economic Facts The following figures refer to the period of 5th & 6th June 2013 in Bahawalpur . and are compared to the period of 5th & 6th June 2011 in Karachi. After that. In 2013.000. Coconut ’s slogan. At the end. and then we will look at some product ranges that followed by the economical facts of coconut. We will explain the importance later on. we will have a detailed look at the competitors of coconut valley and we finish with a SWOT analysis. and the profits for the period increased by 7500 hindered. Coconut valley headquarter is in Pakistan city of Karachi. This report consists of product information. health and nutritious for a pleasurable life for its customers. Operating cash flow increased by approximately 70 % amounting to 20 thousand. Urooj shaeque. Trading operating profits increased by 15 thousand. The founders are Idrees Akbar and waheed Naseer. It is the largest food company in the world measured by revenues.

Investor Words (2013) also mentioned that the presence of the competitors can drives down the price of goods and services because consumers will have more choices to choose if the price of a particular product or service is too expensive.Market Opportunity Analysis Our brand is designed to be a high-end brand.Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. we are going to introduce the new product that we would like to launch on a new market. Therefore.61Rs . Our starting target market will be in Bahawalpur Pakistan. they should have a higher purchasing power. criteria may include the population rate. an increase of 10 % versus the prior year. assisting top consumers in obtaining a Product synonymous with a healthy. When we are talking about high quality coconut water we focus on good quality coconut . Idrees Akbar. or a strong desire to obtain a product showing a trendy lifestyle. Hafsa Zia. They all increased in the period that we have analyzed which shows that coconut valley is a very attractive company for investors. Shoaib Amin earnings per share were 1. so our product would be more easily accepted into the market. or whether or not the people’s culture includes a tradition of drinking coconut water. high-status. 4. competitor means a business that provides similar products or services. coconut shake . some of the criteria of a trendy lifestyle would help us to decide where the best market for us to enter would be. For example. 3. which may require a higher income. average income level. and trendy lifestyle. Abdul Muqtadir . because coconut valley has launched Special coconut shake + ice cream in November 2013 city Pakistan Bahawalpur . Competitors According to Investor Words (2013). So there all the existing food manufacturers are coconut direct and indirect competitors. Product In this part of the report. Based on the character of our product. The following SWOT analysis will also supply additional investment information. to be our customers. . Urooj shaeque. 5 . Coconut valley is largest food & Water Company in the world. Our idea is to launch high quality coconut water in developed cities especially Karachi.

According to CIA World Fact book. 7. 6. as a complete census has not been undertaken since 1987(World Population Review. Percentage of the population.Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. economic systems. Pakistan economy system is socialism & capitalism. which know as capitalism. Urooj shaeque. Infrastructure. which is known as democratic socialism and totalitarian. (b) Economic systems There are three types of economic systems. transportation systems and electrical systems are also of high concern. which have their affect on the working of the business. 2012). socialism and mixed economy. . (a) Economic conditions There are many elements in economic conditions. Hafsa Zia. Basic Characteristics The basic characteristics of Pakistan cover population. we believe our new market should be somewhere in developed nations or fast growing developing. Idrees Akbar. based on these considerations. climate. the gross domestic products per capita (GDP/capita) for Pakistan increasing each year. There are no accurate figures for the population of Pakistan in 2013. Shoaib Amin Political environment also is an important factor that may impact our strategy in choosing the market. area. Abdul Muqtadir . As mentioned by Index Mundi. There are five main components of economic environment which known as economic conditions. the Internet penetration rate and the popular beverage and lifestyle. which will be increasing. urbanization rate and natural resources. international economic environment and economic legislations. Economic Environment Economic environment is the economic factors. decreasing and consistent through the years.Cultural Environment 6 . the amount of population in Pakistan until July 2012 is 18core people. 5. There are two parts in socialism economic system. economic policies. such as Internet penetration rate. Thus.

Such managers are very experienced and familiar with the existing market. the blend of the local personnel and the existing employees would be the best staffing combination to help our new product enter the market. Their existing and mature network will help to build some new connections that can bridge the new product market. Therefore. Abdul Muqtadir . Shoaib Amin Understanding the cultural environment of our new market. we need to hire some local personnel. 8. They can help strengthen our social media marketing strategy. We need staff for explaining the nature and the function of our Special coconut. a good staffing strategy will be a crucial factor affecting the success of our new product entering the new Pakistan market. we need staff to maintain our social media net works in order to connect with our high purchasing power customers along with organizing and advertising our product to be best recognized by the market we are entering.Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. They would help the product support our strategy of creating a trendy lifestyle. will give us a better role in the marketplace. or corporations. Young Coconut is not available in Bahawalpur. Therefore. They will not have language barriers in communicating with our customers. These types of employees will also help save some of the cost for other use. For management level staff. coconut chocolate. Thus. Since our main target is entering Bahawalpur with a special focus on the market of Pakistan . The new product could more easily and quickly enter the market. We believe the existing employees will have better knowledge of the company’s culture. In addition. demographics. such as high-level clubs. and demonstrating the process of the brewing method.coconut shake . these new employees who come from universities are commonly social media savvy. as well as to market our Special coconut to some special customer groups. We have divided the market entry in four phases: In phase one coconut water .coconut shake + ice cream. Idrees Akbar. and attitudes could affect business. so it can be more successful. fully utilizing them might cause high workloads. languages. Marketing 7 . We also need staff to distribute the product to our existing and new retail partners. Urooj shaeque. 10.Entry mode In the following part we discuss how to enter the market with coconut water in Pakistan. In addition. Hafsa Zia. values. We also need staff to take the orders from Internet sales and to deliver the product as soon as possible to the customers. The reason we choose local personnel is because they know their own culture and people. In many function areas we need staff to help us to deliver our Special coconut water to the market. which would create some pressure and poor performance. since the existing employees already have original jobs to do. These managers will help launch the new marketing and distributing departments for the Special T product.Staffing The staff members we mostly need are in the marketing and distributing departments. structure and the connection with the different distribution channels. we should be fully aware how the religion. Therefore we adopt market skimming strategy. 9. However. we will allocate some of our existing managers from traditional departments.

Hafsa Zia. For example we can quote the problem of the language and the culture. the legal difference. In this part we are going to speak about all this point and explain our strategy to enter on the news markets. Abdul Muqtadir . about the language and the culture. we are very lucky and in our team we have people from lots of different horizon so each people can give some advice about the new market. First. 8 .Feasibility Report Coconut Valley Waheed Naseer. the packaging and the advertising that are not the same in all the country. . Our force is our multicultural team. Urooj shaeque. Shoaib Amin To enter on our new markets lot of challenges are expecting us. like the different marketing challenges that all company can have when they decide to go abroad. For example we would like to launch our new product (high quality healthy coconut water) in Pakistan . Idrees Akbar.