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5C Monthly Meeting January 16, 20013 Minutes of Last 5C Meeting:

Location 5th District Police Station 1805 Bladensburg Rd NE Washington DC 20002 The meeting was call to order by Commissioner Bob King @ 7:15 pm he ask for a motion the meeting be open for business commission Nolan Treadwell second the motion Commissioner King asked if officers were elected or voted on all 7 of us stated yes. Commissioner Manning, James, Treadwell, Russell, King, Butler and Thomas- Barnes were sworn in by Councilmember Anita Bond. Commissioner Bob King past the floor over to commissioner Manning, of Commissioner Manning she ask for a silent prayer. Commissioner Manning, spoke on 5C bylaws, Commissioner King made a motion to label 5C bylaws, Administrative person, community committee, and phones until our next meeting, It was second by Commissioner Barnes. Commissioner Manning asked that each commissioner introduce themself to, the community, and if they had anything to say Commissioner James, spoke on the addition request for Israel Baptist Church she stated that she don't see it happening because the residents don't won't it in their community, and that she support her residents, Commissioner James also spoke on, the liquor licenses for Sala Thai Bar and restaurant, she stated she spoke to the owner and she didn't see any problem that would keep them from opening, and she also spoke about Carolina Kitchen coming to Rhode Island Row. Commissioner Treadwell spoke on the Chuck Brown Park Theater and that some the resident didn't want it there, due to noise controlled he stated the size of the poster that they are putting up he think it could be smaller Reporting: Date February 20, 2013 By: Comm. M. Barnes Secretary