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Andretti Signs To Run Indy For Penske

Graham Hill Trophy To Hunt

By Allan Trim James Hunt scored a popular victory on home ground this weekend when he led the Graham Hill International Trophy from the first lap to the last. It was a victory which left everyone with the feeling that the right man had won. The event was held to honor that great motor sportsman Graham Hill, and since James Hunt is considered the most likely successor to this great man it therefore seemed fitting that he should win. Everyone expected an Italian challenge to Hunt in the race and this did in fact materialize, but not from the quarter from which it was expected. A lone works Ferrari was entered for Niki Lauda but did not arrive at the circuit, its nonappearance being blamed on an airline strike in Italy. The challenge did however come from Italian March driver Vittorio Brambilla, whose Beta March stayed right on the heels of the Mclaren up to the point when the cars started to lap the backmarkers and Hunt seemed to be able to get through quicker and so opened a gap. The real race, nowever, was between the Continued On Page 14

READING, Penn.-Weeks of speculation were quelled April 20 with the announcement out of Penske Racing headquarters here that Mario Andretti has been signed to drive one of Penske Racing's McLaren/Offies in the Indianapolis 500-mile classic May 30. Tom Sneva, Penske's regular USAC driver, also will handle a Penskeprepared McLaren. According to Penske spokesmen, the addition of Andretti to the team frees up regular second-car driver Bobby Allison to do the World 600 NASCAR race in Charlotte, N. Carolina the same day as Indy, which incidentally is the same day of the Grand Prix of Monaco, the annual Formula One romp through the streets of Monte Carlo. Andretti said that his plans for the rest of the season will not be finalized for the next week or so.

Depailler, Team Tyrrell's 'Peter Pan,' Grows Up

By Eoin S. Young
When the Ferraris don't show, James Hunt is hard to beat: here he leads second place finisher Brambilla late in th e race. Allan Trim

Los Angeles Firms Pledge Support For Files Suit SCCA's Pro Rally Series Against Mazda
By Walt Woron LOS ANGELES-With no determination yet made in California's allegation that Mazda Motors of America is guilty of false and misleading advertising about its claimed Mazda Mizer fuel economy and price, the city of Los Angeles has leveled its own lawsuit against the importer. This one, filed in superior court by the city attorney, alleges that Mazda used false and misleading advertising and statements "to induce the public into purchasing (their) products and services to the financial detriment of each such person." "The case against Mazda stems from consumer complaints that Mazda failed to honor its promises to fix engine problems in certain models," deputy city attorney Robert Cramer of the ' city's consumer protection service explained. " Consumer complaints indicate that some car owners have paid large repair bills because of the malfunctions." The suit is based on complaints of "not less than 50" owners whose cars had malfunctions or failed to perform because of leaking seals between the combustion chambers and cooling passages on RX-1, RX-2 and RX-3 rotary engine cars. Liberally quoting from Consumer Reports, the action states that Mazda Motors warranted it would replace failed seals with new ones (installed on cars beginning in July, 1972). By promising this, then failing to live up to it, Mazda has " engaged in unlawful, unfair and Continued On Page 9 DENVER-Eight manufacturing firms have posted a total of $54,390 in contingency awards for the Sports Car Club of America's 1976 Pro Rally Championship series, while an additional firm is donating use of electronic timing equipment for the European-style rally competition. A per-event total of $5520 in purse and contingency award money is available for the 1976 SCCA Pro Rally series with events currently scheduled from May through November. Siliconix Incorporated of Santa Clara, Calif., will provide its latest electronic digital stopwatches for SCCA use at each event in the Pro Rally series. This is the first time in the series' history times of all competitors will be standardized to the nearest one thousandth of a second at all controls and checkpoints.

Bob Daniels Racing, an accessory firm with headquarters in Michigan, and the Toyo Tire (U:S.A.) Corporation based in Southern California, have initiated contingency programs for the 1976 series, although Toyo Tire has previously been an SCCA Pro Rally event sponsor. Daniels Racing has posted $780 in awards to teams using Rallycom intercom systems while $6000 is available to competitors using Toyo Tires. Continuing their support programs for the 1976 Pro Rally series are Bilstein Corporation of America, $1200; Chrysler Corporation, $27,600; Cibie/EPFE Co. (lights), $1350; Cooper Tire Company, $6360; Datsun Distributor Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A., $9900; and Marchal America (lights), $1200 The fourth annual series gets underway May 29-30 wi th the Big B end Bash event in Texas' Big Bend National Park area.

Patrick Depailler is in the Elf-Tyrrell pit at Kyalami, a small figure in his racing overalls, listening carefully to Ken Tyrrell. Ken is speaking slowly and deliberately, simply even, so that Patrick understands the changes that have been made on the car. There used to be a joke that Ken Tyrrell's French was English spoken very slowly and VERY LOUDLY, but now he communicates carefully with Patrick iil English. Standing to one side, listening with some amusement, is Teddy Mayer, manager of the MarlboroMcLaren team in the next pit. "You speak to Patrick as though he was a little boy," said Mayer when the car had blasted away and left the pit in a hollow of slience. "That," grinned Tyrrell, "is because he IS a little boy ... " So Patrick Depailler, rivalling Peter Pan as the oldest little boy in the world, has made the grade in the team, able now to foot it even with obscure English jokes. He feels secure inside the comfort of the Tyrrell "family", aboe to work with Continued On Page 8


Jaguar Hype V12, XJ.S Jaguar XKE 3.8, 4.2 rriumph TR5, TR250 Triumph TR7 Triumph TR6 Tpumph GT6, all Austin Healey 3000 MGB, MGBGT Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4 Austin Healey 1006 MG Midget 1500 MG Midget/Sprite 1275 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Triumph Spitfire Mk III & IV MGA, all Austin. Healey 1004 MG Midget/Sprite 1098 Triumph Spitfire Mk I & II MG Midget/Sprite 948 Morris / Austin Cooper





Thomas A. Murphy, General Motors' board chairman, is predicting sales of at least 10.5 million units for the industry in 1976 and he says the combined car and truck figures could be the second highest in history. The only fly in the ointment, he says, will be making sure that labor negotiations go smoothly this fall. Carburetor restrictor plate restrictions, a fact of life for BMW drivers in the IMSA radial challenge since last May, have been completely lifted for all carbureted Bimmers and the restrictor plates for injected Bimmers have been enlarged two millimeters. The Pacer also geis an enlarged restrictor plate and all cars in the series are now able to use 5.5-inch wide wheels if the manufacturer offers them. Continued On Page 3


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