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Immigrants to the United States

Where were you born? I was born in South America. Were you born in Brazil? No, I wasn't. I was born in Argentina.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Buenos Aires. When did you move here? I moved here eight years ago, when I was in high school.

Did you learn Spanish in high school? No, I didn't. I studied it in college. Did you go to college in California? Yes, I did. I went to college in Los Angeles.

Activity 1: Try to complete the following conversations


Sandra: Mario: Sandra: Mario:

Could you tell me a little about yourself? Where WERE WAS DID you born? I WERE WAS DID born in South Korea. WERE WAS DID you grow up there? No, l WEREN’T WASN’T DIDN’T. I GROW GROWING GREW up in Canada.

Dialogue I Read the interview Officer: Where are you from originally. Officer: And when did you move here? Yu Hong: I came here after I graduated from college. Officer: And what do you do now? Yu Hong: I'm a transportation engineer. I WERE WAS DID. 3 Diana: Leo: Diana: Leo: WERE WAS DID you study English when you WERE WAS DID a child? Yes. There are so many things. How old WERE WAS DID you when you began to study English? l WERE WAS DID eleven years old.2 Monica: Chris: Where WERE WAS DID you GOING WENT GO to high school? I GOING WENT GO to high school in Ecuador. So you're immigrant to the United States. that's right. really. Yu Hong? Yu Hong: I'm from China. that's not an easy question to answer.S. I guess one of the biggest .? Yu Hong: Oh. Yu Hong: Yes. Officer: What are some of the difficulties of being an immigrant in the U. That was in 1992. Officer: I see. from near Shanghai.

I'm working as a computer technician. And what was it like when you first came here? Was it Officer: . Activity 2: complete the following sentence. In China. we visit relatives. Are you studying here at the moment? Not now.S.? It was in 1991. I mean. And when did you move to the U. on holidays or the weekend. Dialogue I Read the interview Officer: Ajay: Officer: Ajay: Officer: Ajay: Where are you from. but that's not the same thing.difficulties is that I don't have any relatives here. Yu Hong misses the most from home. It isn't the same here. I came here as a student and graduated two years ago. I have a lot of friends. Ajay? I'm from India.

(COME) here in 1995. I and I (GROW UP) there. it was at times. I so. teaching methods. Everything is very different from what I was used to in India. I (BE) (NOT SPEAK) English. I (BE) born in Chile (not be) very happy at first.. (GO) to a community college and (STUDY) English there. Things difficult for me. Ajay misses . Activity 4: Karina is Chilean but she lives in EEUU now.. Activity 3: complete the following sentences. Things are very different here .difficult? Ajay: Yeah. The main difficulty I had was with the educational system. Try to complete her comments. I'm an immigrant here. My English . and the most from India.

B: What's your name? Glad to meet you. no. What do you want to know? 3 A: How old were you when you moved here? B: About 20. I'm originally from Costa Rica. About 20 years ago. . I'm Orlando from OM Personal. 5 A: By the way. (FIND) Activity 5: complete the interview with the correct choice. Neither am I. I studied it in Costa Rica. B: Sure. 1 A: Are you from Toronto? B: Well. Nice to meet you.(GET) better and I a very good job. No. 2 A: Tell me a little about yourself. I was ten years old. 4 A: Did you learn English here? B: Yes.

Carlos Santana. In 1960 his family moved to San Francisco. and in 2002 he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.S. At present they live in San Rafael. Santana emulated his father José. In 1962 she married Miguel Frías and they had two children. tolerance and brotherhood. Mexico Born in 1947 into a musical family. including the World Financial Center in Manhattan and the world’s tallest building. Carlos Santana thinks that his music is a universal message of love. and in 1988 she married Willie Gordon in San Francisco. He has no favorite opera house.famous Tito Puente’s music . California. where he received a Master in Architecture. Spain Born in Madrid in 1941 he was lucky to have parents who were musicians.Santana could reach a huge audience with his blend of Rock'n Roll and Latin music. but the love she shares with her family. and he always says: "We're all brothers and sisters.Famous immigrants Cesar Pelli. Isabel Allende. . the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. When he added electric guitar to Oye Como Va . Placido Domingo. He went to the United States with a scholarship to attend the University of Illinois. Her father was a diplomatic official of Chile. Paula and Nicolas. In 1981 when she received the news that her 99-year-old grandfather was dying. Let's celebrate the human spirit". she began to write him a letter that would turn into her famous work The House of the Spirits. a Mariachi violinist who taught him the basics of music. Often colorful and fancy on his album covers. but he has sung at the Met more often than anywhere else. this Chilean writer comments that her most significant achievement in life is not her writing. Chile In her website. He has avoided formalistic preconceptions in his designs and he believes that the aesthetic qualities of a building must have the characteristics of each project: location. In 1987 she divorced her first husband. He made his operatic debut at Monterrey as Alfredo in La Traviata. the highest civilian honor in the U. Argentina This architect has designed buildings all over the globe. construction technology and purpose. Malaysia. but when his voice was discovered he went into vocal training. When he was eight his family moved to Mexico and he went to the Mexico City Conservatory to study piano and conducting. He has raised millions of dollars through special benefit concerts.

H Cesar Pelli has always avoided .. NOUN or ADJECTIVE + NOUN: My students are used to exams Martha is used to difficult tests c.. B This Argentinian architect has designed buildings .. 8 when her grandfather was dying.. A Domingo made his operatic debut . 6 all over the globe.. 1 in Malaysia. 2 were musicians. 5 was a Chilean diplomatic official. ING VERB: My students are used to taking exams Martha is used to taking difficult tests . Combine the ideas to form coherent sentences.. To be used to a. 9 reach a huge audience and became famous. J The House of Spirits was written ... G It was lucky for Placido Domingo that his parents . 3 he went into vocal training.... I Isabel Allende's father .. USE: habits in the past b..Activity 8: This is a reading comprehension exercise connected to the previous reading. C Santana added electric guitar to Oye Como Va and he could. 7 taught him the basics of music. E It was lucky for Carlos Santana that his father ... F When his voice was discovered .. D The world's tallest building is . 4 formal designs.. 10 at Monterrey....

Grammar. but in the United States dinner was at 6:00. At first she found it strange and didn't like it. She Activity 7: Este es un ejercicio de COMPOSICION ESCRITA sobre la gramática anterior. She went to Britain and realised that driving on the left is difficult. Susan moved from a very big house in the country to a small place. Juan came to the United States from Argentina. Juan found this very strange. Y verifica luego las respuestas correctas .Activity 6: Lee estas situaciones y COMPLETA las oraciones con la expresión be used to. She 3. At first. CONSULTA arriba las explicaciones de Mr. She is used to driving on the 1. At first Susan Now she is happy. X. At first Juan Now Juan finds it normal. He 2. In Buenos Aires he always had dinner very late. At first she w asn't used to driving on the Now she has no problems. Como ayuda. Escribe CINCO oraciones (3 afirmativas y 2 negativas) acerca de cosas a las que estás o .. To live in an apartment was not very comfortable for her at first. Jane is American.. Diana is a nurse. At first Diana Now she has no problems. She started working during the night two years ago.

. Verifica luego las respuestas orientativas acostumbrado.. . 1 2 3 4 5 Si pasas a la última página de esta lección podrás practicar un interesante ejercicio de lecto-comprensión .. Utiliza en todas la expresión I'm used to al inicio.

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