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Demosthenes Translation As the situation had reached this point after we had returned here we had- as is only naturalfollowing

on from these events feelings of anger and hatred between each other. On my own part, however, I swear by the gods I never saw fit to bring a lawsuit against them or to pay any attention to the things which had happened. I made simply this decision: to take care in future and guard against having anything to do with people of that sort. Therefore first I wish to provide the witness statements of these things which I have said, and after this I wish to show he sorts of things which I have suffered from this man himself, so that you can see that the man himself has done far more terrible deeds in addition to these things. So then these are the acts which I thought that I should take no account of. And not long after this while I was taking a walk just as I was accustomed to do, one evening in the agora with Phanostratus of Cephisia, a man of my own age, Ctesias the son of this man passed by drunk, by the Leocorion, near the house of Pythodorus. And having caught sight of us and having uttered a yell and having said something to himself in the way someone would if drunk, so that we could not understand what he was saying, he passed by uphill to Melite. For drinking there (for we learn this later)at the house of Pamphilus the fuller were his Conon here, a certain Theotimus, Archebiades, Spintharus the son of Eubulus, Theogenes the son of Andromenes and many others. Ctesias made them all stand up and marched into the agora. And it happened that as we were turning back from the temple of Persephone and as we were walking back we were somewhere near the Leocorion itself, when we met these men. And when we got close to them one of them, a stranger, fell upon Phanostratus and was pinning him down, while this Conon here and his son and the son of Andromenes having fallen upon me, first stripped me, then having tripped up and pushed me into the mud they treated me in such a way, leaping upon me and beating me, that they split my lip open and closed my eyes. And they left me in such a bad way that I was neither able to stand up or utter a sound. And as I lay there I could them saying many terrible things. And the rest of what they said both contained some bad language and some I would shrink from uttering in your presence. But one things which is a sign of insolence of this man and a proof of the fact that the whole affair came about due to this man- this thing I shall tell you. For he began to sing imitating fighting cocks that have won a fight, while the others were urging him to beat his sides with his elbows in place of wings. And after this I was carried away by some passers-by, stripped as I was, while these men cleared off taking my cloak. And when they got to my door, my mother and the maid servants began crying and shouting, and at last with difficulty having carried me to a bath and having bathed me, they showed me to the doctors.