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Piping Services

Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, Valve Inserting, Repair Clamps, Manufacturing

For over 75 years, Furmanite has made it our business to keep piping systems onstream during maintenance, retrofitting, alterations, emergencies, and new construction.

The Industry Leader in End-to-End Maintenance, Solutions, Services and Products:

Relax, It’s Been Furmanited
Furmanite’s engineering, manufacturing, and field personnel are exceptionally qualified to give you fast and correct solutions to any type of piping problem. We own and operate the most complete line of hot/wet tapping, line stopping, valve inserting, and repair clamp equipment available. Much of it is proprietary machinery designed by our engineers and built at Furmanite’s manufacturing facilities. Our capabilities assure our customers that we can meet virtually every possible pressure, temperature, and/or size application. We design, develop, and manufacture both standard and custom fittings and equipment for our customers, who include all major oil and gas companies, the chemical, pulp and paper and steel industries, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, plus utility, water/wastewater and industrial plants. Our products and services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are considering modification of pressure piping, call Furmanite. We can show you how to handle the job without shutdown or interruption of critical processes. Furmanite’s full line of products and on-site services is designed to keep your piping systems onstream worldwide.
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Pipeline Intervention (Line Tapping and Stopping) Leak Management and Repair Valve Management and Repair Trevitest™ On-Line Valve Testing Leak Detection and Repair/ eCompliance™ On-Site Machining and Bolting Concrete / Composite Repair Tank Roof Repair







allowing a new branch connection from the original pipe. Furmanite manufactures a complete line of hot/wet tapping equipment 1 for tap sizes /2" (12. .50 mm) to 72" (1800 mm) with pressure ratings to 1480 psi and temperatures to 700°F as standard on all types of pipe. 36" (900 mm) wet tap on a water main. 6" (150 mm) wet tap on steel cylinder concrete pipe for purge/equalization.Hot/Wet Tapping Hot/wet tapping is defined as using an under-pressure drilling machine to cut a hole in an operating pipe. Special applications are available on request. This process is done without any product leakage or interruption of flow.

2. Remove hot tap machine to allow for connection to new pipe. 8" (200 mm) hot tap for line stop operation and 2" (50 mm) equalization tap.Typical Hot/Wet Tap Application The components for a typical hot/wet tap application include a fitting designed to contain system pressure. 3. Install hot tap machine. 5. Perform hot/wet tap through the open valve. and a drilling machine used to make the hot/wet tap. . 4. a valve used to control the new connection. 6. A special device retains the “coupon” removed during the hot tap operation. Close hot tapping valve. Retract cutter assembly. Install fitting and valve on the existing pipe. The following is the basic procedure used to perform a hot/wet tap: 1.

. 14" (350 mm) line stop with bypass.Line Stopping Line stopping is a means of temporarily stopping flow in an operating pipe. The following pages describe several line stopping procedures and applications that Furmanite routinely performs. If used in conjunction with bypass lines. alteration. product flow can be continued around the isolated section of pipe to be repaired. or relocations. Line stopping can be used to isolate piping systems for repairs.

any one of Furmanite’s 40 offices on five continents. transmission. onsite machining. gas. which utilizes a reduced branch fitting. I Submit I Obtain detailed information about Furmanite’s services and patented products including fugitive emissions audit services. Larger sizes available upon request. Find experts who offer solutions to specific engineering challenges. online requests for technical engineering services. I Access I Read Sequence of 36" (900 mm) folding head installed in steel cylinder reinforced concrete test pipe. oil.Folding-Head Line Stop Connect with Furmanite Furmanite’s website is engineered to provide you with fast answers: I 48" (1200 mm) folding head for crude oil line stop. bolting and more. Furmanite uses the folding-head line stop on water/wastewater. Sizes range from 8" (200 mm) to 60" (1500 mm) with pressures to 150 psi. is another cost-effective method of line stopping. and petrochemical. success stories about how plant operators across many industries have successfully implemented immediate and measurable solutions for critical challenges. leak sealing and valve repair solutions. information by industry or by service as you link directly to case studies. . I Reach Three-way line stop fitting with folding head inserted to allow for installation of butterfly valve. The folding-head line stop system.

Install line stop fitting and perform hot/wet tap application as described on previous pages. Line stop head enters the pipe through the hot/wet tap connection. 9. Line stop equipment and temporary tapping valve are removed from the line stop fitting. Repair. Temporary valve is closed and the line stop equipment is removed. 100% shutdown achieved. 10. . Blind flange is installed on the line stop fitting. 3. 4. or relocation of the pipe is performed. 5. Temporary tapping valve is opened. Temporary seal is achieved and pipe flow is stopped (unless bypass is in place). Line stop head is removed from the pipe through the hot/wet tap connection. the completion plug is installed in the branch of the line stop fitting and locked into position. The following is the basic procedure used to perform a pivoting-head line stop: 1. 2.Pivoting-Head Line Stop 6" (150 mm) pivoting-head line stop in heavily tuberculated line. Installation of sealing element on 6" (150 mm) pivoting head. 8. Line stop equipment is installed on the temporary tapping valve and the valve is opened. 7. Completion plug is installed on the tapping machine. Tapping machine is installed on the temporary tapping valve. 6. 11. 12. alteration.

Sure-Stop sealing by Furmanite is a popular and proven cylinder-wedge method chosen by many customers for its positive mechanical seal. The positive mechanical seal provides two distinct advantages: • • Sealing on the machined edge eliminates problems related to erosion/corrosion.Sure Stop Positive Sealing for Large Diameters Furmanite’s 20" (500 mm) Sure-Stop bottom-out fitting with completion plug installed. . from 14" (350 mm) to 48" (1200 mm). Sure-Stop line stop operation. or out-of-round pipe. Traditionally limited from 4" (100 mm) to 12" (300 mm) pipe. The mechanically wedged seal allows new sections of pipe to be pressure tested between stops. Hot tap required for Sure-Stop operation. internal pipe buildup. this method is now available for larger diameter pipe. Double 20" (500 mm) Sure-Stop on natural gas line with 14" (350 mm) bypass.

Standard class rating 600# and 900#. refineries. modifications. and most chemicals. Hot tap required for HTP operation. steel mills.75 mm) to 16" (400 mm) on temperatures to 700°F with pressures to 700 psi. petrochemical. The Furmanite HTP Stop provides several advantages: • Sealing on the machined edge eliminates problems related to erosion/corrosion. hot oil. HTP sealing by Furmanite is a popular and proven line stopping system which provides a metal-to-metal seal at the pipe face. internal pipe buildup. or valve replacements to be done safely as a “Block and Bleed System. Sealing surface is metal to metal on the upstream side. • • • HTP line stop operation. Special HTP fittings designed and manufactured to customer specifications based on system parameters. Standard high-temperature line stopping capabilities range in size from 3/4" (18. The mechanically locked line stop head allows downstream repairs. or out-of-round pipe. . allowing for the line stop head to be left on the line longer than elastomer seals. Temperatures up to 700°F. Applications include steam. Consult your Furmanite representative for special applications.HTP Stop Positive sealing for high-temperature and pressure pipe systems 8" (200 mm) HTP line stop with 400 psi on steam condensate line in paper mill.” • Can be used on higher temperatures or pressures than listed above. paper mills. The HTP stop is used most often by utilities. and other industries.

FloStop II Furmanite lightweight hot/wet tapping and line stopping system Furmanite has developed the most advanced. cost-competitive system not only meets but exceeds most industry requirements and specifications. The 10" (250 mm) and 12" (300 mm) are carbon steel. Pressures to 250 psi. Cylindrical rubber stopper is in line stop position. Pressures to 100 psi. Cylindrical rubber line stop machine assembled with valve and fitting. Line stops can be performed on 4" (100 mm) to 12" (300 mm) lines with pressures to 250 psi. Furmanite’s FloStop II system offers industryaccepted cylindrical rubber sealing elements or traditional pivoting heads. 12" (300 mm) FloStop II pivoting-head line stop on water main. and 8" (200 mm) fittings are stainless steel. This easy-to-use. lightweight. The 4" (100 mm). and durable wet tapping and line stopping system currently available to the water/wastewater and gas industries. Hot/wet tap on 12" (300 mm) ductile iron line using IP412 FloStop II tapping machine. . Furmanite’s FloStop II heavy-duty line stop fittings are available in sizes 4" (100 mm) to 12" (300 mm). 6" (150 mm).

HI Tacoma. NC Alternate Line Stop Methods Furmanite owns and operates a complete line of hot tapping and line stopping equipment. AL Orlando. KY Portage. Long popular with gas companies. go to www. WA Vancouver. IN Parkersburg. Wherever You Are. GA Columbia. . OK Muskogee. Furmanite can complement gas utilities service with our full range of capabilities. TX Corpus Christi. WA and click on “Contact Us”. FL Baxley.Tee-Plug Line Stop or Cross-Manifold Line Stop Special innovations like this tee plug are used to stop off branch connections where possible. 8" (200 mm) hot tap on cooling water line in a commercial building. 12" (300 mm) natural gas line stop using hot tapping and line stopping equipment. NJ Milford. 8" (200 mm) wet tap for folding-head line stop application. IL Merrillville.furmanite. GA Cartersville. CA Salt Lake City. OK Beaumont. CA Carson. VA Paulsboro. LA Downers Grove. TX Houston. SC Charlotte. For a complete listing of global Furmanite locations. KS Broken Arrow. We also offer unique solutions to process plants where tight working conditions might limit the use of other styles of line stops. TX LaPlace. FL Jacksonville. CT Saraland. WV Norfolk. LA Sulphur. TX LaPorte. We Are North American Locations I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Oahu. UT El Dorado. IN Louisville.

500.000 man hours (nearly three years) without a lost-time injury. the temporary bypass is disassembled. On completion. The flow is stopped in the original line and a section of pipe is removed. Numerous safety awards from customers. I Step 2 Line Stop Machine Temporary Valve FLOW I Step 2 shows the line stop machines in place. a typical pressure layout shows the use of two hot tap fittings with valves and two line stop fittings required for the installation of a new section of pipe. Furmanite has an impressive safety record in this industry . I Complete Fitting FLOW New Valve Line Stop Machine FLOW Permanent Relocation Double Stop and Bypass for Permanent Relocation Using Bottom-Out Fittings Bottom-out line stop fittings offer an alternative method to perform a line stop and bypass. the line stop machines are removed. Significant lowering of TRIR since 2001. The original line stop machines are removed. As a result. and we strive to be the safest provider possible for them.Typical Line Stop Applications Temporary Bypass Line Stop Machine Temporary Valve FLOW Line Stop Fitting Double Stop and Bypass for Valve Insertion Utilizing two fittings. there is absolutely nothing more important than the safety of our employees and customers. the line stop machines are removed and the blind flanges are installed. As above. and cut. the flow is maintained through the new line while the line stops allow for the cutting and capping of the existing line. Step 3 shows relocation complete. and the blind flanges are installed. evaluating and improving upon our safety policies and procedures. and the blind flanges are installed. We are continuously developing. Once the line is isolated.thereby adding tremendous value to all our technical and engineering services. Two fittings are required. . We know that safety is also very important to our customers. drained. I Step 3 Completed Fitting FLOW Spherical-tee line stop fitting for line termination with side outlet for permanent relocation. enforcing. the system flow is maintained through the bypass from one line stop machine to the other. Furmanite: Putting Safety First At Furmanite. Bypass Taps 1. No OSHA-recordable lost-time injuries in 2004 and 2005. Completed Fitting FLOW Step 1 Line Stop Fitting FLOW Double Stop and Bypass for Permanent Relocation In step 1. the new valve is installed.

48" (1200 mm) line stop fitting with completion plug installed on crude oil pipeline. 12" (300 mm) SureStop tee shown with bottom outlet prepped for welding. 2" (50 mm) purge equalization fittings. and Close-Sure line stop fittings in a variety of sizes and combinations for hot/wet tapping and line stopping. Our fittings are designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI and ASME standards. Other codes are met on request. . 48" (1200 mm) by 36" (900 mm) three-way line stop fitting for use on flare line. Typical Close-Sure completion flange. Fittings are available for size-onsize or reduced-branch applications from 2" (50 mm) to 60" (1500 mm). Outlet from side or bottom. 16" (400 mm) spherical three-way tee with Close-Sure flange. 12" (300 mm) mechanical line stop fitting with blind flange. Customdesigned fittings are available on request.Manufacturing Fittings Furmanite manufactures split tees. shaped nozzles.

IP 914 hot tap drilling machine capable of performing taps up to 42" (1066 mm). and Scunthorpe.50 mm) to 4" (100 mm) and Furmanite’s IP152 tapping machine with capabilities from 4" (100 mm) to 12" (300 mm).Manufacturing Equipment Furmanite manufactures a complete line of hot tapping and line stopping equipment from 1/2" (12. 8" (200 mm) custom fitting for 45° angle hot tap.50 mm) to 72" (1800 mm) with standard rating to 1480 psi at 100°F or 700 psi at 700°F. Equipment packages to meet your specific requirements can be prepared on request. . and other related items. which includes actuators. sealing elements. sandwich-type valves. Texas. Three-way tee in manufacturing. U. We also manufacture a complete line of line stopping equipment. 46" (1150 mm) high pressure pivoting line stop head undergoing rigorous testing to meet operating parameters. Furmanite’s equipment is manufactured at our facilities located in Houston.K. Furmanite’s IP100 tapping machine with capabilities from 1/2" (12. A complete equipment line is available for taps to 72" (1800 mm). Split tee. pivoting heads. Individual equipment specification sheets are available in our Product and Services catalog. pilot drills. cutters.

painted. Assembly of pipe cutting equipment on pipeline. Valve installed under pressure. 20" (500 mm) ANSI 600 flange encapsulation clamp with structural grips installed on offshore riser containing natural gas at 1100 psi. . Gate valve installation complete. Equipment removal in progress.Valve Inserting Valve inserting is a system that allows for the installation of a gate valve into a cast iron or ductile iron water main or an underground fire protection system without interrupting service. Cutting of pipe to allow for valve installation. 4" (100 mm) high pressure bolt-on mechanical repair clamp. Flanged End Connectors (FECs) and Pipe End Connectors (PECs) are also available. and ready for shipment. Clamps can be welded from permanent installation. Repair Clamps Furmanite’s Piping Products Division offers a full line of Self Sealing Repair Clamps (SSRCs) and Pinhole Leak Clamps (PLCs) that allow for the emergency containment of piping defects. Sizes are available from 2" (50 mm) to 48" (1200 mm) standard. These methods utilize a mechanical means of making repairs to a pipe. pressures to 1500 psi. Larger sizes and higher pressure applications are available on request. Assorted split-sleeve mechanical repair clamps inspected. Bolt-on mechanical hot tap tees. Sizes range from 4" (100 mm) to 20" (500 mm).

. A mechanical tapping tee with Furmanite hot tap machine assembled is lowered into the Gulf of Mexico for clamp installation and hot tap. ANSI 600 for sub-sea application. Furmanite’s engineering. pressures to 2200 psi with capabilities to work at depth of 1000 feet. and service teams are working to meet these challenges. Double line stop at 70' FSW to allow a section of 6" (150 mm) line to be evacuated and raised to the surface. the North Sea. 24" x 12" mechanical hot-tap fitting.Offshore Services Furmanite has worked around the world performing tapping and line stopping services for platform and subsea projects. operations in the Arabian Gulf. manufacturing. Typical applications include taps to 24" (600 mm). and the Gulf of Mexico have been completed on time and without incident. As work requirements continue to change. To date.

101 Old Underwood Road I Building F I La Porte TX 77571 Phone: 800-444-5572 I Fax: 281-842-5111 www. All other trademarks. under ANSI and ASME codes. onshore and offshore pipelines. Specifications subject to change. and gas transmission and distribution systems. and safety factors are met. The Furmanite logo is a registered trademark of Furmanite America. Final inspection of 16" (400 mm) hot tap tee. eCompliance. public utilities. or registered service marks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. Quality Assurance Furmanite has successfully implemented the ISO 9001— Quality Management System. are reviewed by our engineering departments to ensure that proper design codes. Inc. line stopping. All rights reserved. registered trademarks. All orders. Inc. Preliminary Document. Inc. PSIM and Pressurized System Integrity Management are service marks of Furmanite America. Inc. Furmanite America. manufacturing tolerances. Maximizing Asset Uptime is a registered service mark of Furmanite America. chemical plants. Furmanite’s engineering department uses the latest design technology to analyze and develop solutions to meet customer requirements. Inc. service marks.Engineering Furmanite’s in-house design and engineering department provides the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Inspection and documentation of dimensions of manufactured components before assembly and shipment. The scope of Furmanite’s certificate includes design and manufacture of specialized hot . standard or special. Copyright © 2006 Furmanite America.furmanite. and leak repair equipment for piping systems in refineries. Printed in USA.