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Covert Senior Lifeline, 73292 34th Avenue, Covert, MI 49043 September 2013

Covert Senior News is a monthly newsletter designed to provide timely and relevant information of interest to Covert Township residents age 60+, their families and caregivers. We will provide information about services, resources, and events; where and when they are offered; and, who is eligible. We welcome information on all senior-oriented activities in the area and may print information if it is received before our deadline (10th of the month). If you have any comments on how we can improve our newsletter to serve you more effectively, please send us your comments. Reprinting in whole or in part of any article or photo appearing in the Covert Senior News is not allowed without express written permission. Please Note: If your name or address on this newsletter is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us. Also, if you are receiving duplicate copies or would like to be removed from our mailing list, please let us know. Direct your comments to:
Flozene King, Coordinator P. O. Box 123 Covert, MI 49043 Ph: (269) 764-8378 Fax: (269) 764-7031


Tuesday, October 8. 2013 Round Trip Transportation ONLY $30.00 Includes: $20.00 Free Play $5.00 Towards Dining Bus leaves 8:30am-Returns 4:00pm Payment due: September 30, 2013
Everyone over 21 years old invited *****

Getting the Basics Workshops
“Health Coverage: Getting the Basics” *Selecting, Purchasing & Understanding
Presented by: Lisa Ross, Consumer Outreach Coordinator

“The New Health Care Law: What It Means” *Patient Protection & Affordable Act Inside This Issue
Covert Senior Lifeline & Loan Closet Nutrition Services & Commodities Mobile Food Pantry Library, Computer & Sewing Classes Transportation & Pantry Services Senior Lifeline Calendar Congregate Meal Menu 2 3 3

Presented by: Karin Gyger, ACA Ombudswoman

Thursday, September 12, 2013 1:00-2:30pm
Sponsored by: Michigan Dept of Insurance & Financial Services

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bring them into the office if you need help filling them out. to 4:00 p. O.m. 73292 34th Avenue Covert. sing-along. coffee and tea.—3 p. Call 764-8378. East of M-140 Hwy. Please call to reserve a meal.m. You do not have to join anything. Covert. friendly conversation. The Senior Monthly Commodity Distribution takes place every 3rd Thursday of the Month from 10 a.. A complaint procedure is posted on the center bulletin board and copies are available for you. 73292 34th Avenue. Fax (269) 764-7031 Covert Senior Lifeline is located in Covert Township. sewing. MI 49043 _September 2013 Van Buren United Civic Organization P. Senior Brunch with the students at Covert High School is the 3rd Thursday of each month. Complaints/grievances? We aim to please.-3:30 p. Daily office hours for Covert Senior Lifeline are 8:30 a. If you have a complaint.Covert Senior Lifeline. Your positive feedback and constructive suggestions are always welcome too! 2 COVERT SENIOR LIFELINE TO ALL OF OUR 2013 SUMMERFEST SUPPORTERS & PARTICIPANTS ***** HELP SENIOR LIFELINE WITH OUR ANNUAL PENNY DRIVE FUNDRAISER Drop off your pennies to the Center and watch the amount grow! Every Penny Counts! LOAN CLOSET Covert Senior Lifeline has medical equipment to loan. Hours are 10 a. but there may be a time when you have to complain about services you receive at the center. Call 764-8854 for more information. All senior residents are welcome. table games.m. on Lake Street (34th) Avenue in the Van Buren United Civic Organization Human Resource Center.m. Hours of service 8:30am-4pm Notary Service-Notary at center Tuesday & Wednesday. if at all possible.m. Monday—Friday. please follow the procedure within a week of the complaint action. TV. lunch. Van Buren United Civic Organization’s building is available to rent for families and non-profit organizations. MI 49043 Phone 764-8378. 3 p. The Emergency Food Pantry is available for any Van Buren County resident.m. Box 123. fun trips. crafts.m.m.. Call 764-8448 Forms Assistance—When you have papers and forms to be filled out. Just come and be a part of the things you like to do. exercise. Activities at the Center include Bingo. Items available: Wheel Chairs Walkers Stool Risers Bathtub Seats Canes Call us for information at: 764-8378 . movies. 10:00 a.

2013 10:00 AM-3:00 PM MOBILE FOOD PANTRY Thursday. I came to the Covert with much experience and community participation. Meals are prepared by CK Catering and served at noon. MI RECERTIFY NOW! For more information call: 764-8854 Free Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Give Away (Bring containers for items) For additional info call: 764-8854 We also need VOLUNTEERS Sponsored by: Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank Van Buren United Civic Organization Senior Nutrition Services Senior Nutrition Services provides nutritious meals in Covert Township. working my way up through the ranks to the Asst.Covert Senior Lifeline. During the day there will be many events. September 19th-Registration 10:00am Distribution-10:30am-12:30pm CIVIC CENTER 73292 34th Avenue. 19. and also many years of positive change and community involvement in Covert Township. COVERT TOWNSHIP FIRE & EMS WELCOMES Mark Cleveland. Covert. tours & car seat safety inspections. Monday through Friday. Michigan. 24-hour notice is required to reserve your meal. Chief at Addison. Call Leona at (616) 546-0352 to reserve your meal. Call 1-800-722-5392 for more information. 2013. September 28. 73292 34th Avenue. I look forward to meeting each of you at some point.” “I have greatly enjoyed my first few weeks on the job as we are making changes everyday in the department. in the Southeast part of the state. They are funded by Area Agency on Aging along with other funding sources.” 3 . See the SNS calendar in this newsletter for the monthly menu. Words from the Fire Chief…. Feel free to stop by my office at the Covert Fire Station just to say hello. Seniors may enjoy a hot meal at the Covert Senior Lifeline dining site. “I started my new duties July 1. Sept. Eligible homebound senior residents will receive a home delivered hot meal prepared by JA Food Service. New Fire Chief An OPEN HOUSE for the new chief will be held on Saturday. The meal menu is published in the Senior Nutrition Services monthly newsletter. MI 49043 September 2013 Monthly Commodities Van Buren United Civic Org (Civic Center) Thursday. I have been in fire service 22 years. Covert. Information will be available on smoke & carbon monoxide alarms. but keep in mind participant donations are essential to continue to provide quality meals.

22 & 29. They work on group projects and also help members who are interested in marketing their crafts at local bazaars and events. The club meets twice a week to share ideas. Instructor Tuesday October 8. September 13. Meeting times will be as arranged by the participants. MI 49043 September 2013 VAN BUREN DISTRICT LIBRARY—COVERT BRANCH 33680 M-140 Hwy. Lawrence & Mattawan. and conversation in the activity room. NEW ACTIVITY! SEWING CLASS Friday. Covert.Covert Senior Lifeline. 15. They welcome all crafters who would like to join their group. Bloomingdale. or phone (269) 764-1298. materials. For more information visit the library at 33580 M-140 in Covert. Master Seamstress 4 . Covert. Covert MI Phone/Fax 269-764–1298 All Crafters’ Club will soon resume their regular meeting schedule at the Covert Library. Nancy Vilims. Gobles. 2013 11:15am-3:15pm Join us for a COMPUTER CLASS Bring your own sewing machine & supplies to class Please call for an appointment Call: 764-8378 Instruction by: Sarah. Van Buren District Library is headquartered in Decatur with branches in Bangor. 73292 34th Avenue. 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm & Help with computer related matters Mrs.

MI 49043 September 2013 TRANSPORTATION SERVICES If you need assistance with transportation. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!! Call Senior Services of Van Buren County at 6373607. Covert Open by Appointment Only. Covert Mondays. 5 .. Call: 764-8854 *** Covert Seventh Day Adventist Church Clothes Pantry 33081 M-140 Hwy. baby items. call Senior Services of Van Buren County at 637-3607. various options are available for Township seniors. furniture. other medical care or to the center for activities. You can also use the services of Van Buren Public Transit by calling 4277921. Regular follow up is also part of this service. as well as putting services into place in the home to address specific needs. Other restrictions apply. Covert.12 noon.m. 12-2 p. housing and other public benefits. Volunteers drivers are reimbursed through the Township Senior Millage. Call: 764-8465 If no answer. Long distance call 1-800-828 PANTRY SERVICES AVAILABLE We Care In The Name of Christ 06321 Blue Star Highway. with pick-up at Walnut Grove Apartments at 10:00 a. They have limited Covert Senior Millage funding available for specialized transportation. Services begin with determining the needs of an identified senior. If you need a ride for a doctor’s appointment. 9:30 a. Call: 637-4342 *** Lily of the Valley Church Food Pantry 30600 M-140 Highway. Call Mistelle Smith. clothing. and cash assistance Open M-F.m.m. and Covert Senior Millage.m. 12-2 p. medical supplies.-3 p. There are Tuesday bus rides to South Haven. 73292 34th Avenue. You must be 60 or over and a township resident. RSVP.m. South Haven Food. . services. Care Manager for Covert Township at Senior Services of Van Buren County at 637-3607.Covert Senior Lifeline. personal care. with referral from We Care *** Covert Community Church Personal and Baby Care Pantry 29759 M-140 Highway. with referral from We Care *** Emergency Food Pantry Van Buren United Civic Organization 73292 34th Ave. Bingo and Lunch at the South Haven Senior Center then shop at Wal-Mart until 3:00 p. please leave a message *** CARE WATCH IN COVERT TOWNSHIP Township residents age 60 and over may receive “Care Watch Assistance” funded by the Covert Township Senior Millage.m. Covert Open M-F 10 a. and other goods.m. Thanks to our volunteer Drivers! If you need a wheelchair van. Covert Tuesday & Fridays. You can also call Senior Services of Van Buren County for medical appointments utilizing their services partially funded by Area Agency on Aging. then help could include completing applications for food. call Covert Senior Lifeline at 764-8378 to be taken by a volunteer.

6 Fri Chess Class 11:00am ***** BP CHECK BINGO-1pm CLOSED ENJOY LABOR DAY! Chess Class 11:00am Bigger Vance Refreshments 9 10 Chess Class 11:00am ******* 11 EXERCISE 11am ****** MOVIE-1pm Two Weeks Notice Refreshments 18 EXERCISE 11am ****** MOVIE-1pm Just Like Heaven Refreshments 25 EXERCISE 11am ****** MOVIE-1pm Auction Bingo 11am-12pm Great Game.C. (Carlos Santana) Chance is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.. not bitter. need help in assessing service. or want and need socialization. COVERT UNITED STATES POST OFFICE VOLUNTEER DRIVERS NEEDED Mileage Reimbursement Covert Senior Lifeline is seeking volunteer drivers to transport our seniors to community programs and doctor appointments. live for today. they may need specialized transportation options because they no longer drive. Covert. Batteries Not Included Start every day off with a smile & get it over with. come to Covert Senior Lifeline Office at 73292 34th Ave. 6 HOURS OF OPERATION Outside door open 6:30am Closes 5:30pm.except Sun Monday-Friday Hours 8:00am-12:00pm & 2:15pm-4:15pm Lunch: 12pm-2:15pm Saturday-9-10am 764-1518 . Great Fun! Chess Class 11:00am Computer Class 10:15am-3:15pm Learn from yesterday. However.September 2013 Mon 2 Tue 3 4 Wed EXERCISE 11am ****** MOVIE-1pm Thu 5 The difficulties of life are intended to make us better. Great Fun! Computer Class 10:15am-3:15pm 12 Getting The Basics 13 Of Health Care PresenChess Class tation 11:00am ***** 1-2:30 pm Sewing Class Sponsored by: Insurance 2:00pm & Financial Services 19 Commodities 10am-3pm ***** 20 16 17 11am-12pm Great Game. The important thing is not to stop questioning.mainly to get where they need to go.. Call: 764-8854 To discuss how you can become a volunteer driver. Fields) 30 Auction Bingo 11am-12pm Great Game. hope for tomorrow. Seniors need transportation for many reasons…. MI or call: (269) 764-8378. Great Fun! Chess Class 11:00am ******* Auction Bingo Chess Class 11:00am Computer Class 10:15am-3:15pm 24 Mobile Food Pantry 10:30am-12:30pm 26 The only thing we know about the future is that it will be. Great Fun! The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace. (W. 27 23 Chess Class 11:00am ******* Auction Bingo 11am-12pm Great Game.

2013 10:00 am .COVERT PUBIC SCHOOLS WELCOMES BACK SENIORS! AUCTION BINGO Mondays. September 18.m. Join us for Fun & Suspense First BRUNCH of the school year Thursday. 11 a.m. FUN & UNIQUE PRIZES! 1:00 p.-12 p. .Covert Public School Join us every third (3rd) Thursday of the month Phone (616) 546-0352 for a reservation 7 BINGO & BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK 1ST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH CIVIC CENTER Meet & Greet Others who Enjoy a GOOD GAME.m.

September 9.m. 2013 Covert Township Board of Trustees 7:00 p. Monday. MI 49043 Permit #2 Return Service Requested Important Meetings Covert Public Schools 6:00 p. Box 123 Covert. September 16...m. 2013 Senior Citizen Advisory Board 6:00 p.Van Buren United Civic Organization Covert Senior Lifeline P.. Tuesday.m. O.m. Covert Township Hall Call: 764-8986 for information 8 Important Phone Numbers All Emergencies: Dial 911 Police (non-emergency): 764-8100 Fire Department: 764-1768 Township Hall: 764-8986 Post Office: 764-1518 Library: 764-1298 Social Security: 1-800-772-1213 Benton Harbor Office: 926-1865 . September 10. MI 49043 Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Covert. Monday. 2013 Van Buren United Civic Organization Monthly Membership Meeting 6:00 p..