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1) Pasar las oraciones de voz activa a voz pasiva -Tommy will know Machu Picchu ruins in Peru.

-My boss sent me detailed instructions. -Sam’s friend solved the problem. -The workers will complete the new road in the next year. -Paul is going to repair the car. -My brother forgot his wallet at the bank. -My sister will send a letter to my mother. -The little girl is drawing her pet. -She dropped her bag in the train. -My brother takes his medicine every day. -John and Fred will climb the Aconcagua Mountain. -My wife crashed the new car. -I opened the windows. -I drink a glass of water. -You did not send the parcel. -They did not catch the thieves. -Jane has taken some photographs. -The passengers are going to visit the museum. -The teacher made a big mistake. -Mary was preparing a lot of food.

-A new pair of sunglasses is given to me by Michael and Margaret. -Some subjects were being found boring by children. -The truth has been told to your mother by me. -A box of chocolates had been bought for my birthday by Mary.2) Realizar el procedimiento inverso convirtiendo estas frases pasivas en oraciones activas. -The fence is going to be fixed by William. -The bedrooms were cleaned by the maid. -Tutankamon’s tomb was discovered by Howard Carter. -A big surprise has been promised to me by Sally. -A new job has been offered to my father by the boss. -The information is shared by Brighton and Pam. . -Your address and phone number will be asked to you by my secretary. -A new apartment has been rented in Paris by my parents-in-law. -A parked car was accidentally damaged by me. -A good advice has been given to me by my boyfriend. -All the money was spent in the market by us. -Modern hats were bought by the smart woman. -My house was lent to Paul in the weekend by me. -The sensation could not be felt by my parents. -A dozen of white roses was ordered for the guest by the butler. -My wallet was lost this morning by me.

The Aconcagua Mountain will be climbed by John and Fred. The bag was dropped in the train by her.RESPUESTAS: 1) Machu Picchu ruins in Peru will be known by Tommy. The new car was crashed by my wife. The medicine is taken every day by my brother. Some photographs have been taken by Jane. The car is going to be repaired by Paul. The thieves were not caught by them. The pet is being drawn by the little girl. Detailed instructions were sent to me by my boss. The windows were opened by me. A big mistake was made by the teacher. A lot of food was being prepared by Mary. A glass of water is drunk by me. A letter will be sent to my mother by my sister. The museum is going to be visited by the passengers. The wallet was forgotten at the bank by my brother. The problem was solved by Sam’s friend. The new road will be completed in the next year by the workers. . The parcel was not sent by you.

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