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Comments back on why we are not an option

Second paragraph: August 30th placement with me is not true as Brianna was not release from hospital after birth until 08/24/05. There was no order out on Tonya at the time of Briannas birth. Physical abuse did not happen until months later I believe October from Dan while Tonya was at work. She called me. Tonya and I took Brianna to the emergency room. From there Tonya had Brianna taken to make sure that everything was safe TPC by the county. Brianna was placed with Merieka the foster mom. Tonya was not charged with anything. They said Tonya could have visits with Brianna if supervised with me. I had taken Brianna a lot thru her whole time with Merieka. They were making sure everything was checked out of what happened with Briannas abuse. December Tonya placed a temporary restraining order out on Dan. Brianna was still with Merieka the foster mom. She went to a program and was placed in first avenue apartments. Brianna was return to Tonya there at First Avenue where she lived, and not with me. The reason as to why she couldnt stay with me long term

was that I had to return to work and could not supervise the interaction between mom and Brianna. So Tonya accomplished getting her back on her own from Merieka.

Third Paragraph: In May of 2006 was the FIRST time Brianna was removed from moms care due to the drinking incident besides the abuse by Dan then she had to wait till the county was for sure of the abuse by Dan. Brianna was only placed with Justin for couple of days as Jamie had just had a c-section in April, and was not able to move around after Brianna. In May 2006 when the drinking occurred while being pregnant Tonya was placed into foster care for the unborn childs protection. Also Mary the adult foster mom got a license for children so Brianna could reside there also.

Fourth Paragraph: When Brianna was habitually truant from school was the first time Brianna was placed with me. The reason as to why Brianna was given back to Tonya after I called Thelma Kuntz, and the guardian ad litem was, because I became ill due to medication I was

on. They never explained to me to wait for the judge. I thought they took care of it. We had her on a jips order for truancy. During the time Brianna was with me Tonya, Dan, Harmony, and Owen were still having weekend visits with them unsupervised. No one knew of the abuse and neglect that was happened for we lived 2 hours away. I did not have Brianna home already thats not true.

Fifth paragraph: The aunt and I were the ones that reported that something was going on in the home after the aunt and uncle had the 2 girls for a weekend visit for Easter at our house April 2012. Owen was sick with a cold and could not come. This was the first time Owen and harmony were ever pulled from the home.

Sixth paragraph: Everyone in my vehicle wears a seatbelt I have a text asking for the car seats and boosters when we took the kids to the beach in May from Merieks. I do not lie to my grandchildren. I was never given the opportunity by the county to take all 3 grandchildren into

my custody for long term as was said that I did not follow thru with. If a visit was cancelled it was due to work or a change from the foster home that was not able to be met. Im not sure who there talking about that cancelled to meet in Madison the last minute. I never had a chance to meet with jasmine for the 2 youngest, and I usually drove down and back. Never asked the foster moms to meet me. Pam knows the one foster mom that had Brianna. We were having visits with Brianna on regular bases till Brianna was moved to Meriekas.

Seventh paragraph: Why does Jasmine get to make the decision as to having weekend visits or not. She is not in charge!!! I agree with having structure and I would have continued with a schedule at my house that was similar to the one they were following but I was denied. Aunt and uncle had weekend visits with the 2 younger children while Brianna was in their home but when Brianna went to Pams those visits were stopped by Jasmine. I have recorded that I had 5 visits with the 2 younger children but was denied any other time I asked. Aunt and uncle

were at the hospital for Owens surgery on behalf of the family.

Eighth paragraph: The reason for me not being able to make it down for the meeting on Feb. 22nd was we were under a severe winter storm warning so we asked for the phone conference because this was very important to us about jasmine not letting us talk or see the kids also they were all getting together so we could address this. The storm ended up not being as bad as anticipated and Pam still had her plans so papa drove down to get Brianna. No promises were made to Harmony I simply said I sure hope we can go to culvers sometime like we did for Christmas. That is NOT a promise! I never gave Harmony a hard time for calling me Sylvia I just said I didnt know if it was one of the other kids in the home because she usually calls me granny she replied jasmine told me to call you that. If harmony broke down after phone call it is probably because she misses us and Jasmine was harassing me about making promises. Sure she felt like jasmine was yelling at her granny that was not alright in my eyes I did not start anything with jasmine for it

wouldnt be good for Harmony to hear that. Therapist is being manipulated by Jasmine as the therapist has never met me nor seen any interaction between family and my grandkids. Therapist is going on what Jasmine has to say and thats it. The reason I believe that Harmony and Owen do not ask to call is because they are being brainwashed by Jasmine.

Ninth paragraph: Feb.24th until April 29th was a long time for Brianna to go without seeing us as she was with us a lot. She was excited to see us and acted silly and pretty just like other kids do. This behavioral specialist had been to the home maybe two times to see Brianna so how could he make such a determination from that. Doesnt even know Brianna or to characterize us. She just was placed back with Merieka from Pams two months before school was out. In April they got the behavioral therapist. Brianna acts just fine with knowing we missed, and love her. That is very disturbing comments.

Tenth paragraph: The therapist was not on our phone conversation that I had with mereika phone conversation we had was a different day anyway. Also he was not there when we return to the home. Bob (papa) asking Andrew the foster dad outside to talk which was very professional by bob to not start anything in front of the kids as Andrew approached us in front of them as we returned to the house inside. We did have things for Brianna also bought for all children in the home. We havent seen her in two months sometimes we like to buy her something. Bob told Andrew we would honor their wishes for thats their home. They took care of it as adults.

Eleventh paragraph: Never sad Dan was solely responsible for all of this. Tonya has confessed on it. Your only talking about the sexual abuse that Ive been talking about that hasnt been proven, and some statements came out of jasmine that said she could keep them all from being taking by the state and placed in a home together if she can prove sexual abuse Tired of the lies. No one has been charged with it. Dans case got dropped

for sexual abuse so place it on Tonya. I havent seen anything from therapist because the social worker would never get a signed document from Tonya so I could be involved with the specialist. Years to come they will heal with family that can take care of all of the help they need.

Twelfth paragraph: I already set up a place to take care of in home counseling and more. Also programs can continue up by us as well as where they are. They also can have therapy together as they are not doing that where they are. They are a family the three of them. Also I would drive Owen to childrens hospital I would stop at nothing to take care of my grandchildren no ones going to hurt them in my placement. Grandparents love is unconditional. Also the ptsd for Brianna does anyone realize she lost a brother to s.i.d.s, and now youre taking her other brother Owen away from her. Also Mom, grandparents, Uncle and Aunt cousins actually they all think we dont love them, and abandon them.

Thirteen paragraph: On the working hard to keep the extended family involved it is not typical in your words, then why is it that children losing attachment with close relatives has a (psychological impact) on them? Also you all not following the rules by the judges orders even at the April 17th one year review. Nothing wanted to be done to reunify even before the tpr was put in. Yes this is about the best interest of the children let them heal in their families hands.