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Optimized Multi-Layer Transport

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Company Overview
Market Trends Optimized Multi-Layer Transport Network Management Summary

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Company Overview .

ECI Telecom . India & China 250 active customers 23 service centers Established in 1961 Operating in more than 70 countries International service centers located close to our customers .Fast Facts Over Over years of experience More than 50 2000 employees Over 25 offices worldwide Development centers in Israel.

Global Presence Corporate HQ in Israel Regional HQs in the US. India and Singapore Over 25 sales offices in all continents R&D centers Israel. Netherlands. China. India Over 100 partners in all continents .

Strong position in markets Market Segments Wireless Wireline MEA & ROW 4% Utilities & CoC India 17% Gov't & Defense Data Center Interconnect Open Access Europe 46% APAC 10% FSU 16% Chunghwa Telecom 6 .

Apollo Network Management 4A 2Pe/2A OPT9603 OPT9604 Optimized Multi-Layer Transport (OMLT) Artemis 1P OPT9608 OPT9624 OPT9648 NPT NPT-1020 NPT-1200 NPT-1600 NPT-1600C NPT-1800 XDM XDM LightSoft Optical Networking XDM-40 Artemis 1P 2Pe/2A 4A XDM-450 XDM-500 XDM-1000 XDM-2000 BroadGate (BG) XDM Multiservice Packet Optical BG-20 BG-20C BG-64 XDM-300 XDM-900 XDM-100 XDM-500 XDM-2000 XDM-1000 XDM-3000 BG-30 B-FOCuS RCO RCO100 RCO300 RCO500 ONT-GPON Hi-FOCuS M41/V41 M61 M82 M152 F152-HB Network Management NG Access CPE-XDSL MiniCAB 64V MicroRAM 64A MSAN I-OLT E-OPS Res/Biz Remote Cabinets OSP FTTC/N Central Office Metro Core/ Long Haul ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 7 .ECI Product Portfolio OPT.

Market Trends .

Market Trends Driving Transport Evolution  Low cost services to ensure revenue growth  More bandwidth at a lower More Bandwidth to Support  Support of existing and future services  Mixed environment (TDM and Ethernet) is here to stay for many years  Low CAPEX and OPEX while maintaining reliability of the network Bandwidth price for new services  Maintein revenues from existing services Packet Based Services Time ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential .

Operators’ Dilemmas When Moving to Packet Transport Complexity CAPEX and OPEX MPLS-TP or IP/MPLS Mixed environment Handling remaining TDM Native TDM or Circuit Emulation (CES) ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 10 .

What is OMLT? Transport Network Packet Network Connection mode Connection oriented √ Connectionless OAM Protection Switching BW efficiency Data Rate granularity In-band OAM Data plane switching Fixed Bandwidth Rigid SDH hierarchy √ √ √ √ Out-of-band Control plane dependency Statistical multiplexing Flexible data rate QoS One class only √ QoS treatment OMLT= Packet Efficiency + Transport Grade ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 11 .

MPLS-TP or IP/MPLS Control plane integrated in the network node NMS IP/MPLS ■ Pro: Automated self healing ■ Con: Requires IP knowledge PE1 NMS P1 P2 P3 PE2 Control at the NMS  Pro: Simple maintenance and network operation  Con: Limited IP functionality MPLS-TP PE1 P1 P2 P3 PE2 ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential .

Less network failures Human Error 4%  In transport networks human errors account for 4% of service outage hours Other 96% Human Error 22%  In IP networks human errors account for 22% of service outage hours Other 78% 6 times more human errors in IP networks – Using MPLS-TP will reduce network complexity while maintaing all of the advanced features of a packet network! 13 .MPLS-TP .different view… Simplicity .

MPLS-TP or IP/MPLS  Technologies optimized for different network segments  MPLS-TP optimized for metro networks (aggregation and access):  Simple management and maintenance  Scalability up to thousands of network elements  Low cost (CAPEX and OPEX) MPLS-TP: MPLS optimized for transport networks Offres all advantages of MPLS technology without complex control plane on thousands of network elements ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 14 .

MPLS-TP vs. 2012 55% lower TCO ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 15 . MPLS-TP TCO for Metro Transport . IP/MPLS – TCO Analysis Five-Year TCO Comparison of MPLS-TP with IP/MPLS Solution for Pure Packet Traffic Five-Year Cumulative TCO Source: ACG Research .

Optimized Multi-Layer Transport .

All-Native Transport – Ultimate Flexibility Packet  Native Eth./MPLS-TP  EoSDH ETH TDM STM16/64 SDH TDM  Native TDM  CES Ethernet GigE/10GigE Optics  ROADM  40G/100G ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 17 .

OMLT Main Building Blocks Increased Capacity High speed 10GE data cards MPLS TP Protection Management and OAM Y.1711 Tunnel OAM 1588v2 Full LO Matrix PW Redundancy E2E NMS CES (E1.1731 performance monitoring Synchronization TDM Support Bidirectional Tunnel FRR SyncE Native TDM (PDH. STM-1) MC LAG PM Reports ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 18 . SDH) DWDM 40G/100G MPLS-TP OAM based on BFD 1:1 Linear protection Y.

OMLT NPT Portfolio LightSoft End-to-End Management Switching Capacity 640 Gb/s Metro Core 320 Gb/s NPT-1800 240Gb/s Metro Aggregation NPT-1600C NPT-1600 200 Gb/s Metro Access Access NPT-1020 NPT-1200 100 Gb/s 10 Gb/s ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 19 .

5G TDM switching Design for street cabinets (up to +70 C) From 64Kbps up to STM-64 and 10GE NPT 1020     CES and native TDM support 2U Expansion unit for additional 3 IO cards  2U with up to 7 traffic IO cards   All-Native: 100G/200G centralized packet switching plus 40G TDM switching Design for street cabinets (up to +70 C) NPT 1200    From 64Kbps up to STM-64 and 10GE CES and native TDM support 2U Expansion unit for additional 3 traffic IO cards ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 20 .OMLT NPT Family   1U only All-Native: 10G/50G centralized packet switching plus 2.

NPT .36 TDM NPT Data 10GE  E1.94 TeleProtection ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 21 .24/V.24/RS232 V.35) 32xE1  4xSTM-1  Control 1xSTM-4 IEEE C37.94 V.11/V. 2/4 E&M.35 V. E3  STM-1  Network IT Services FXO/FXS.Variety of Interfaces Voice Interfaces  High Speed Data  Interfaces FE FXO/FXS  2/4W E&M Low Speed data      FE  GE  10GE  MPLS-TP Video Surveillance FE/GE IEEE C37. E1 CES  STM-4  STM-16  STM-64 PBX RS232/RS485 (V.11 V.

OMLT NPT Family  160G Packet switching and 120G TDM 12 I/O slots Integrated DWDM and ROADM NPT 1600    320G/640G Packet switching and 120G TDM  24 I/O slots High capacity shelf designed to support up to 1T packet traffic NPT 1800  ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 22 .

packet switching  OPT9603 .2U height with 3 universal slots OPT9603 For metro edge  Cost effective solution for metro. Photonics.OMLT OPT Family OPT9624/48 For metro core and core/regional/long-haul  24/48 universal I/O slots  1/2/4Tbps ODUk cross connect  Flexible configuration. In Line amplifier. in-line and Packet-OTS applications  Ideal for 100G overlay in existing networks ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 23 . ODU-XC and packet switching OPT9608 For metro edge  8 universal I/O slots  Flexible configuration: standalone WDM.

Network Management .

efficient use of staff. multi-layer alarm Optical Client AMP Client correlation and root cause analysis  Opex reduction.1Net’s LightSoft Unified Network Management System  Single unified management system supporting full FCAPS  For all ECI transport equipment  For all transport technologies  100% GUI-based management  Point-and-click provisioning  Advanced automatic path finding  Same look & feel for all technologies MPLS / Ethernet Bridge  Multi-layer topology approach – multiple OTN / SDH task-sensitive views of the network  Shorter out-of-service periods  Unified OAM. Multi-System NMS ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential 25 . Physical MUX MUX  Single point of integration to OSS short learning curve Unified Multi-Layer.

Summary .

High Power Amp  50Ghz spacing Customer Metro Access Metro Core Regional / Core ECI Telecom Proprietary and Confidential . IP/MPLS 100Ghz/50Ghz spacing 2D-ROADM. Passive filters Regional / Core  Mesh topology  ODU-XC with ASON/WSON GMPLS-Based  IP/MPLS  MD ROADM.OMLT applications in the network OPT9624 NPT1020 Mobile Backhaul NPT PTSN OPT9624 NPT1200 OPT9624 CLE/ CPE OPT9603 OPT9608 Metro Access Each network segment demends different functionalities and capacities       Ring or PtP topologies Ethernet L2 MPLS-TP CWDM DWDM Passive filters       Metro Ring or mesh topologies TDM and Data Aggregation MPLS-TP.