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Under the High Auspices of the Romanian Academy The Department of Science and Information Technology and The

Forum for the Knowledge Society The Association for the Development of the Information Society - ADSI in colaboration with Agora Group organize the MultiConference

“Information Society for Romania”
The Need To Improve The Romanian Public Institutions Management To Citizens’ Advantage – 1st edition October 31st, Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel, Le Diplomate Hall, Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest).This event continues the series of activities of the Association for the Development of the Information Society (ADSI) and Agora Group for supporting the Ministry for Information Society (MSI). Sincerely yours. constantin. aimed at the development of Information Society in Romania. Thomas Kleininger Executive Director Association for the Development of the Information Society (ADSI) & Romulus Maier Managing Partner Agora Group . For further ). 2011. After initiating a general debate on the issues launched by the Digital Agenda for Europe (the conference "Digital Agenda for Romania – 1st edition" held on July 11.Chapter Digital Inclusion" organized on March 26th. romulus. a necessary step in order to reorganize and improve the functioning of public administration in Romania. Romulus Maier ( ). and Mr.surdu@adsi. at Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest and the conference "The Digital Alliance for Romania Launch . at the Conference Center of the NIS.maier@agora.The Need To Improve The Romanian Public Administration Management To Citizens’ Advantage – 1st edition. proven to be of great benefit and necessary. including the principles of corporate governance by Coordinating actions for Interoperability and perfOrmance for continuous effective and efficient reorganization of the Public Institutions operational processes. the coordinators of the event. an event which aims at initiating a concrete action plan. we are pleased to invite you to the MultiConference "Information Society for Romania". please contact: Mr. The event will present the ways of developing the Information Society in Romania. Constantin Surdu (+40722572108. in the spirit of the Digital Agenda for Europe adopted by the Commission in May 2010. 2012.

S.Ministry for The Information Society (MSI)* – President . President of the Forum for the Knowledge Society Romanian Academy Traian BASESCU Neelie KROES Crin ANTONESCU Valeriu ZGONEA Victor PONTA Prof. 2014-2020. Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton.Government of Ireland. … Q & A Session . Florin FILIP Q & A Session 11:00-12:30 Plenary Session . Le Diplomate Hall st 09: 00 – 9:30 09:00 – 11:00 Moderatori: Welcome Coffee Opening Remarks Thomas KLEININGER – Executive Director – Association for the Development of the Information Society Romulus Maier .Government of Austria* – Chief Information Officer . Col. Luisita GUANLAO Dan NICA Catalin MARINESCU Acad.iCollege U. 1 – E-governance.Agora Group – President of Romania* – Vice-President of the European Commission. IT&C and research-development-innovation 4 – Broadband and the digital service infrastructure Agenda October 31 . health and culture 3 – E-Commerce. USAF (Ret). Former Deputy Chief Information Officer of United Kingdom Government * – Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs . 2013. Reinhard POSCH Bill McCluggage Mary McCully. interoperability... European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda* – President of Senate of the Romanian Parliament* – President of Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament* – Romanian Government Prime Minister* – Chief Information Officer .WORLD BANK* – Minister .D. Prof.1st Workshop Digital Agenda for Romania The Digital Agenda Strategy for Romania. 9:00-12:30 . Ph.National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) – President of the Department of Science and Information Technology Romanian Academy. National Defense Universit* – Lead Information Officer . cloud computing and social media 2 – IT&C in education. Dr. Dr.Managing Partner .

Simplification of functional procedures and their transposition to the electronic environment. including trans-boundary services c. using a bank card (SNEP). … Q & A Session 14:30-15:30 Business Lunch . The current status of e-Governance projects. effectiveness and efficiency of the infrastructures: a. Measures for transition to Cloud Computing and the creation of a Governmental Cloud Agenda October 31st. 3.. Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton. Implementation of the common information system inter-operability framework for the public administration institutions. Single Integrated Information System (SIUI) etc. 2013. Future projects and measures to provide interoperability. Electronic Transport Assignment System (SAET). Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP). Development of new public services. National Electronic Payment System for taxes and fees. b. Le Diplomate Hall 12: 00 – 12:15 12:15 – 14:30 Welcome Coffee Break Plenary Session .. 12:30 -14:30 . at the central level: Single Contact Point (PUC).2nd Workshop The IT&C Interoperability. Electronic Prescription Information System (SIPE). Effectiveness and Efficiency in Public Institutions for Romania 1. and at the local level. 2.

). Electronic document archiving measures. 3.3rd Workshop Electronic Identity and Signature for Romania 1. … Q & A Session . nfc etc. 2. digital fingerprint etc). 7. Measures to provide integrity. Internet procurement safety promotion programmes . authenticity. Measures and solutions for online payment development in romania and new payment methods (m-commerce. Agenda October 31st. m-wallet. Electronic fraud control measures. 4. 5. Storage and use of citizen id and authentication elements on mobile terminals.. 15:30 -17:30 . 6. 2013. Implementation of a centralised authentication and single identification system for all the citizens and organisations (digital certificate. availability. non-repudiation and confidentiality of data and documents for all citizens and organisations. Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton. Le Diplomate Hall 12: 00 – 12:15 12:15 – 14:30 Welcome Coffee Break Plenary Session .. one time password.

RFI. Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton. 2013. MARKET WATCH. ARIES. ASOCIAȚIA DIRECTORILOR DE TEHNOLOGIA INFORMAȚIILOR ȘI COMUNICAȚII . AGORA GROUP. Agenda October 31st. providing the national security framework for networks and information systems. Digi24. implementing vulnerability assessment measures and penetration tests to cloud computing architectures and monitoring of cloud services. Le Diplomate Hall 17: 00 – 17:15 17:15 – 19:30 Welcome Coffee Break Plenary Session .. LSRS. in the context of the current IT&C structures. Comunicații Mobile. Radio Romania. ZF. measures and solutions for the intruder and cyber terrorism control. APDTIC. ANISP. ANIS. ANIAP. and in the context of Internet of Things – IoT. Radio Romania Cultural. development of a national cyber attack monitoring and control system by7 integrating the public and private systems. Cariere etc… . ATIC. Business Magazin. 17:30 -19:30 . … Q & A Session 19:30 –20:30 Information Society Fashion Show* Business cards lottery Coffee & Wine Testing Networking * To Be Confirmed MEDIA AND SUPPORTING PARTNERS: PORTALUL NAȚIONAL DE ADMINISTRAȚIE PUBLICĂ. IT TRENDS. applicable to the State institutions and critical infrastructures.4th Workshop IT&C infrastructure protection for Romania 1. Calendar Evenimente. AFER. 3. GDS. AMR. ADEVĂRUL.CIO COUNCIL . 2.. 4. TVR.