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Close your eyes, and press the thumbs.

You will see that you will feel all the o ther tips of the fingers; avoid it. Concentrate only, where the two thumbs are t ouching. It needs practice. Take off completely all your attention from the othe r fingers and concentrate only there. Of course it needs time, and practice, and if you fix the ether just where you want: fix it. After having -say- ten breath s, press the other two fingers, concentrate only there, and take off your attent ion from the other fingers. Concentrate only there. Take -say- another five deep breaths, then, the other two fingers, the third finger of the hand. Press them a little, feel them and try not to feel the fourth fingers, take off your concen tration from all other fingers, and concentrate only on the fingers you are pres sing then. Take other -say- five breaths, then only little fingers. Press them, this is more difficult than the others, just to disentangle yourself from concen trating on the other fingers. Now, press the two little fingers and feel them on ly. Another five breaths. Keep the fingers touching, feel them all now, press th em all, and feel them all. Then you will stop it, and do it after a while, two o r three times. Now concentrate separately on the fingers. Those playing piano, o r violin - for them it s easier, it s not easy for the others. Another exercise: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Touching the tips of the fingers, feel the space in between. And now, I have als o to use the impressive ether, imagination, call it - creative thought I am call ing it. See it, that among the two hands, the palms, there is a ball of light white, and warm, feel the heat. It is not difficult. You can feel the heat, ther e. See with your thought a ball of white light in the palms, white light, but yo u can feel it as solid, as a ball, white ball, solid, but radiating this light, see it, it s not difficult. Take five or ten breaths, then see, that that white li ght becomes yellow light, yellow - I don t want the mustard yellow, I want canary yellow. Just as you see it in the symbol of the tree there. I want a canary yell ow ball of light. Take five or ten breaths again, and see the yellow light becom ing rose-white light. See it on the symbol of life there, the white-rose light it s easy. Another five or ten breaths and then see that ball of light becoming w hite-blue light, azure light, you see that there on the symbol of life. This col or you can see it on there. Well, it s not difficult to so that. Now you see that ball of light becoming red, like fire. You re holding in your hands now mental fir e. See it, don t be afraid. Feel more the heat in your hands. They are supposed to become healing hands. Whenever you touch them, you can heal people. Now, see yo ur hands colored. See the ball of light again in between the palms white, and se e your hands feeling them, feel the tips touching white, as if you re wearing a gl ove of white color. See them snow-white, radiating light. Now you will feel them more after this practice. You concentrate in the hands from the elbows to betwe en the palms becoming emerald-green. See the hands emerald-green, and see the li ght there emerald-green. Five or ten breaths. Now see the hand azure-bluish like the sky and the ball of light in between the palms having that color. Now, see the hands yellowish, and the ball of light in between the palms see it yellow, c anary yellow. See your hands red, as if painted with red paint, red, blood-red. And the ball of light inside your hands: red color. Take another five or ten bre aths. Then put your hands on your chest near your heart. See how I do it. Withou t disentangle them, only the first, the thumbs, put on your chest. Take deep bre aths, and the energy must go in the lungs. While keeping your hands on your ches t like that, take now deep breath consciously feeling the air entering in your l ungs, breath deeply, and see the energy without any color now, feel it in your l ungs. Do this exercise every day, if you can, if you want to become a psychotherapist. Now, keep your hands joined like that, and repeat it with your etheric hands, wh

You must be s incere with yourself. and the sensate ether. calmly. but it goes in and out also. and feel them. semi-materialize them. because your material hands. see the hands emerald-green. and I said sincerity with yourselves. .1 This is practicing with the imprinting ether. Now you h ave two hands. Inside your material hands and outside your material hands. This is a good exercise for the psychical healers to do. Withd raw them in your physical hands.. In each c ase just have five or ten breaths. You have seen me working. the etheric hands. and feel now your materi al hands. I want the blood color as red color. You can do this exercise every morning as soon as you wake up. See them snow-white. And push towards you outside the spine.ile having your hands joined like that on the solar plexus. This is the time you can do it most successfully for some time. two material full of those of the etheric double. deeply breathing. radiating light. Spread them again in front of you and see them as before the finger tips-touching. and also the ball of light. N ow. it is not just a snake-like shape the spine. While fee ling them. Don t expect from the very first exercises to be successful. but you have also these etheric hands. canary yellow. Skil l comes after long practice. See th e hands red. Try to see this etheric hand. Touch them on the breast and get the energy in your lungs.creativ e. By practice you will gain skill . By long practice.. r adiating from your hands outside. and then. the esthetic ether is in both hands now. you feel having four hands. Bring them near your heart and do. I said I will do this exercises and don t find clever tricks either stop it or find easier ways. as you have done with your material han ds. Now. See in between the palms of your etheric hands th e snow-white color and the etheric hands becoming yellow. Be sincere with exercises. You are playing piano. after -say. Take five or ten deep breaths. You have four hands now. I was working with the fou r hands at the time. the material hands and the etheric han ds. like the blood. See your etheric hands as you realize you can see them. because that will not help. sensate. feel it. Five or ten ck to the etheric hands. not four. to have rep airs on the spine of somebody. the esthetic ether should be in the material hands and the etheric han ds in the material hands.a month. a long time. you are feeling your material hands. You have to put the etheric hands in. That means sinc erity with yourself. two inside and two outside. imprinting and kinetic creative ether builds and maintains all the forms and phenomena of life imprinting ether is used to shape etheric vitality sensate ether is the "feeling giving" ether kinetic ether facilitates motion. see that two hands a re coming up and see them with your impressive ether. See them red. what you have done with your material hands. Now. do it with your etheric hands. Lower down your etheric hands and put them in your material hands. you will master your fingers and play nicely a piece. deep. you saw only the two hands. You need th ese etheric hands. comfortable breaths. because when you have just to do what I am doing. and forget your material hands touching the solar plexu s. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: The etheric vitality is classified into four distinct conditions . emerald-green. I sai d snow-white. quietly. and see the light in the palms red. you will feel your etheri c hands. So you must work with four hands.

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