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Essentia Data Sheet

Smart Automation in Customer Experience Testing using


Retail companies are seeing a significant portion of their revenues generated online. Customers
access these online ‘‘storefronts’’ via the browser and the entire interaction between the
customer/retailer is a ‘‘data stream’’, without feedback of any kind, which is a very challenging
proposition for retailers.

Online customers expect a superior shopping experience every time they access a retail site
regardless of their choice of browsers, browser settings, plug-in, security options, operating
systems or hardware used like laptop, desktop, Mac or iphone.

‘‘One in three customers switches to competitors due to web site issues.’’

Source: Harris Online Consumer Survey

Nine out of 10 users have experienced some sort of application obstacle forcing them to abandon
a transaction. 40% of those users said that the action they took after experiencing an issue was to
simply switch away------ permanently ------ to a competitor, either online or offline. Ever increasing size
and complexity of current online commerce sites, introduction of rich technologies and breadth of
browsers and platforms that users are adopting while the state of CE testing has stagnated using
laborious visual checking tools has been a major challenge for all online vendors.

Essentia is pioneering a new class of Customer Experience Testing solution to address customer
experience issues including browser compatibility before they occur in the field. Using
EssentiaBCT, engineering and product groups can significantly increase Customer Experience
testing efficiencies, speed them up and substantially increase quality and coverage. Online
vendors using EssentiaBCT will be able to provide a great customer experience & gain more
customers, increase sales conversions & customer satisfaction while strengthening their brand and
reputation in the market place. The world’s largest online retailers rely on EssentiaBCT to improve
their online customer experience and see significant business benefits.

Key Capabilities
Web based solution
EssentiaBCT is a web-based customer experience testing tool that can test web pages across
multiple browser/platform combinations.

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Integrated planning module
Users can plan, create & manage tests effectively based on different testing needs.

Site-wide crawling
EssentiaBCT can crawl all the pages in a website and provide comprehensive statistics for all the

Functional module flexibility

Users can conveniently choose all tools or combinations of these tools as required and submit
multiple URL’s for simultaneous testing.

Extensive browser/platform support

EssentiaBCT supports diverse browsers and platforms to test web pages for various combinations.

Identifies errors in the web page HTML code and compare them against HTML web standards.

Testing Missing Links/Pages

Tests if there are any inactive and broken links in the website using Link checker.

Automated Image Compare

Captures screen shots of web pages across different browsers/platforms to determine if the web
pages are cross browser compatible.

In-browser functional testing

Test web pages and applications for functionality. Users create scripts for testing transactions in a
website and test them across different browsers. The same script can also work for all the browsers
available with EssentiaBCT.

Compare tests
Re-execute the same test and compare the test results.

Analyze tests
Analyze test reports based on project/url suites/tools selected and visually compare those using
graphs and charts.


Helps you understand the underlying issues with flexible reporting across different criteria like
Project, Tool and Browser types.

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Key Functions
EssentiaBCT comprises of the following functional modules which are described below.

Site Crawler

Crawl the website and generate an URL database including links embedded in flash
• Handles http, https and authenticated sites
• Handles millions of pages
• Configurable crawler depth and number of pages per depth
• Handle embedded links within flash
• Filter URL’s with keywords to do specific crawling
• Include external URL’s for crawling
• Restrict the pages to be crawled
• Pause/Restart crawler anytime
• Thumb nail view of crawled pages
• View Web page statistics
– Performance
– Links available in each page
• Export crawled URL’s to excel sheet
• View URL’s in tree/table format

Image Compare

To capture and compare screen shots of web pages across multiple OS/ Browser combinations. It
identifies whether a web page is rendered identically across different browsers/platforms.
• Multiple browser support across different Operating systems, browsers, plug-in, settings
– Windows XP, Vista, Redhat, Ubuntu, Mac
– IE 6, IE7, IE8, FF2.x,FF3, Chrome,Opera,Safari
• View differences in screen compare between a reference and selected browsers under test
• Configure your default base browser for comparison
• Automated image comparison against browsers
• Full pages spanning multiple screen views compared
• Can handle many URL’s simultaneously
• Rerun existing test suite and compare results across different site versions

Copyright © 2008 Essentia, EssentiaESP, EssentiaBCT, Global360 are trademarks of Essentia Services and Essentia Soft Solutions, all rights reserved.
Link Checker

• Identifies broken links and provides detailed status of error URL’s.

• Check for broken links, Server Errors, Page Not Found
• Handles sites typical case of web sites that doesn’t support HEAD request
• Supports both http/https URL’s
• Classification of errors based on response code (HTTP 404,500,501,403)
• Ability to parse through rich content like Flash.

Web Runner

• An in-browser automated functional testing for JavaScript, AJAX and Dynamic contents of
web pages that maintains a record of each action along with screen shots capture for these
• Supports authentication and web based transactions (like shopping cart)
• Capture screen shots for every action performed and compare results across browsers
• Testing support for AJAX based pages
• Test script captured in one browser can be used for testing across multiple browsers.
• Versioning of test suites
• Rerun existing test suite and compare results across runs

HTML Validator

• Identifies root cause of these compatibility issues by identifying HTML syntax that introduce
compatibility issues and validating them against internal web standards as well as World Wide
Web Consortium. (W3C).
• Configurable compatibility rules to tailor to corporate standards
• Tiered thresholds like critical, high, medium, low eliminates to minimizes false alarms
• Ability to validate browser specific HTML under webrunner

A database and reporting interface provides complex analysis along with a pluggable framework
to incorporate expansion capabilities to accommodate new customer specific testing modules like
spell checker, image validation, etc.

On-Demand or On-Premise
EssentiaBCT includes a comprehensive experience framework that also includes user, application
and controller services to manage a complex deployment of test factories running concurrently
against a diverse set of operating systems and browsers.

EssentiaBCT is available as a hosted ‘on demand’ service or ‘on-premise’ to ensure that your
website provides your desired high quality user experience to meet your specific needs.

Copyright © 2008 Essentia, EssentiaESP, EssentiaBCT, Global360 are trademarks of Essentia Services and Essentia Soft Solutions, all rights reserved.
Global360 Services
Essentia is committed to provide total solutions that meet our customer’s exact needs. Essentia
strives to strike the right balance between process and innovation so that customers get the
quality they need without sacrificing the productivity they demand. We manage relationships
from a long-term perspective to achieve high levels of effectiveness and efficiencies to our clients.
We maintain fully functional, highly scalable on-site, off-site and off-shore facilities and Global360
practices to optimize for a best-fit delivery model. This environment enables very efficient off-
shore project execution with nearly the same speed and quality as on-site execution and at a
significant cost savings to our clients. We serve as the customer’s extended team and help them
deliver and support a world-class solution including strategy, transition planning, feature
extensions, test suite migration, test suite creation, test execution, team ramp-up, hosting,
support, production testing and customizations.

About Essentia
Essentia provides leading edge platforms and solutions for Online Communities and Customer
Experience by experts in Open Source, Rich Internet Applications and Software as Service. Essentia
is global company based in San Francisco, California and Chennai, India with offices in Austin and
Houston, Texas, New Jersey, London and Singapore. The core Essentia team has worked together
since 2000 in well known web collaboration companies where they developed, deployed and
managed many of the first generation community platforms like OpenOffiice, Java and
Subversion. Essentia Customers include fortune 500 and emerging companies with long - term
engagements. For more information please visit or call 800 573 9137.

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