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Benefits and Pitfalls of Gamification for Consumer Marketing Gabriel Gheorghiu - June 14, 2012 Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailMore

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which are experts. marketing.” just like for gaming.g. such as online communities that recognize and reward their most active users with titles or other tokens of appreciation (points. etc. In essence.Other articles written by Gabriel Gheorghiu: Dassault’s Consumer Experience Management.).. But by using gamification. so that users spend more time on a Web site where they are exposed to advertisements. gamification applies concepts used in the design of computer and video games to business.. Gamification techniques also aim to engage influencers. for customer-facing activities such as sales. and customer service). but to highlight your strengths as a company. as they are already buying their products or services. etc. As for existing customers. which will help make them more likely to keep buying from you— again and again.. engagement is key to keeping prospects and . stars. By engaging prospects and making them come to your Web site or join your online communities. in order to attract and retain people. analysts. the mistake many companies make is to take them for granted and stop engaging them. Some forms of gamification have been used for years. Benefits of Gamification With the tremendous success of social media and the disinterest of Generation Y in static information from Web sites or press releases. Engagement will provide influencers with the information they need to accurately talk or write about your products or services—when that happens. you are more likely to turn them into loyal customers. their followers or readers will want to know more about you products and services. but may have an impact on your reputation as a company. thus indirectly affecting sales. Some more recent techniques aim to make the user experience fun. they only want to focus on turning prospects into customers.g. Virtually Yours Business Process Simulation Technology from Lanner Siemens Product Development Solutions for Process Industries What Is Gamification? In a nutshell. which may never buy your products or services. you can continue engaging existing customers and renewing their interest in your products and services. I describe how gaming techniques can be used for customer-facing activities. These techniques can be applied both inside the company (e. In this article. Why Are Companies Experimenting with Gamification? The goal of gamification is “engagement. But any type of engagement would not be effective if the quality of your offerings is poor —gamification cannot and should not be used to cover your weaknesses. to facilitate employee collaboration or to encourage them to use software solutions in their daily tasks) or outside (e. where the idea is to make people want to play more games and encourage them to do it more often. journalists.

as you can not only readily respond to negative feedback and share positive messages. Another advantage of gamification is that it affords the opportunity to measure the results of your engagement efforts. make sure to avoid the following mistakes. as. but if you create a funny and interactive game explaining to people why this is important. People will come back for more because gamification makes their interactions with you fun and challenging—and therefore appealing and attractive. Turning all or most interactions into a game will capture the full attention of your users. which can be caused by a misunderstanding of its scope and a superficial implementation of its principles. Pitfalls of Gamification But gamification can have its pitfalls. To avoid this. but also to analyze the effectiveness of your gamification initiative. influencers and. anyone that finds interacting with you attractive. they’ll surely share their negative feedback online and your image may end up being damaged. They also need to get to know your company and get to be interested in its offering. and they will ignore everything else. This may result in initiatives that only you may find fun and engaging—your customers won’t. or at the wrong time may result in your gamification initiative not resonating with your users. so if you fail and disappoint them. as well as address issues that may affect your image.customers interested in your offering. which was launched soon after the company faced fierce criticism regarding the way it dealt with interruptions caused by unhappy unions. we all know that electric cars are good for the environment. A good example of this is the Qantas Twitter competition. People having fun when visiting your Web site or joining online communities is only the first in a series of steps that is needed to run a successful gamification initiative. but through interactions. will surely help you build a good reputation. you can make engagement “stickier” than traditional marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that gamification attracts people who are also using social media a lot. It could even fail or backfire altogether. In order to avoid that. but also your claims can be supported by facts and customer testimonials. Gamification also allows you to have more control of what’s being discussed about you. You can see who spent how much time online or which are the users that interacted the most with other members of the community. Using gamification. Happy users will also spend some of their time providing feedback and even new ideas on how to improve your offering. in a wrong way. make sure that not only the employees responsible for gamification are prepared and motivated. in fact. Finally. For instance. gamification can be used to educate customers. Conclusion: Make Sure to Tie Your Gamification Initiative to Your Sales and Marketing Strategy . you took the time to do more than just claim to do what everyone in your market is already doing. but also encourage other users to contribute. Loyal and happy customers. which will make them better understand your offering and how it’s different from similar products or services. they are more likely to trust you. for one thing. This information is not only used to reward participants. not through censorship. Gamifying the wrong thing.

Then come up an overall company strategy to create and execute business processes that will involve employees. The gym realized. education. but also that it must be aligned with your overall strategy to engage and attract customers. Also.—which can help you decipher whether they would be responsive to gamification. ROI: Are You Ready to Walk The Walk? | What's Wrong With Application Software? Business Changes. Gamification should only be considered after you have clearly defined business objectives and implemented business processes to achieve them. you will understand which employee in your company is more likely to help with a gamification initiative. It worked so well—that members started using the facility so frequently that many had to wait for machines and other gym offerings to become available.It is important to understand not only what gamification is and how it works. a gamification initiative will be successful when aligned with not only your company’s objectives and business processes. Software Must Change with the Business. So. if you haven’t already. | GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Three: Market Impact | GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Two: HAHT Commerce | GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce for More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part One: Event Summary | Data Quality: Cost or Profit? | What Does the Future Hold for PRM? | EDI versus. Furthermore. you need to set clear objectives up front and design your gamification program to meet them. Some of the work you’ve done to establish business objectives and implement business process will help you determine whether gamification is a good idea for your company. I recently heard a story of a gym that created some kind of gamification exercise to get people to come on premise and make use their memberships. For instance. when creating and implementing business process. which is not always easy to do. but also other initiatives for acquiring and maintaining customers. start with defining your business objectives and how you plan to achieve them. after the fact. you should have a pretty good idea of your customer demographics—their their location. and customers. The untoward end result was that many customers ended up being frustrated.. selling more or having more customers is only a good thing if you can manage it properly. XML--Working in Tandem Rather Than Competing? | Exact Software--Working Diligently Towards the "One Exact" Synergy Part Three: Market Impact | 3M Wraps Up HighJump. And just like any valid strategy. that what it actually wanted was for customers to pay their signup fees but use the facilities rather infrequently. In conclusion. partners. While Retalix Shops OMI International Part Two: Market Impact | PeopleSoft . For instance. age. you gamification objectives should be aligned with your business objectives. | Enterprise Applications-The Genesis and Future. Revisited Part Five: More on ERP Evolution | Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta: A Book ExcerptPart One: Sales and Operations Planning | GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce or More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations. etc.

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Clarus Asks for Pin Money | Concur Scores A Bingo | How to Make Life Interesting after Growing 30.Working Hard to Stay #1 | For inquiries contact us Get help now Search ..D. Intel and Microsoft Create New PC Security Alliance | CheckPoint & Nokia Team Up to Unleash a Rockin' Security Appliance | Freeware Vendor's Web Tracking Draws Curses | I Know What You Did Last Week .Coms Getting Bred By Scient: Will Scient Spawn Into a Giant or Will Andersen Have the Edge? | The Potential of Visa's XML Standard | Why Not Take Candy From Strangers? More Privacy Problems May Make Ad Agencies Nutty | Cisco Steps into E-Mail Management | EMC to Buy Data General | Compaq. Right? Wrong! | i2 Technologies at the Front of the Supply Chain | J. & Service Providers Gear for Wireless Tsunami | Getting Strategic Planning and Financial Planning in the Same Bailiwick | J. HP.D. Edwards and Numetrix Ponder the Future as One | SSA: Evolving into systems integrator to survive | JBA: Will it remain "@ctive Enterprise"? | Advanced Planning and Scheduling: A Critical Part of Customer Fulfillment | Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Market .. boasts CMGI | Engage AudienceNet Brings Users the Ads They Want To See | Ariba Hopes to Spark Chain Reaction | Altrec Takes E-commerce to Extremes | First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement | Concur Aims To Be Single Point Of (Purchasing) Access | WorldCom SPRINTs.Dismal 1999. . Wide and PeopleSoft | Credit Accounting Firm with E-procurement Initiative | Remedy Makes CRM a Personal Matter | With New Clothes and Hairdo.700% | Lawson Plays Well With Others | Commerce One: Connectivity Improved | GE Comes to Lunch.But I'll Never Tell | CIOs Need to Be Held Accountable for Security | At Least Your Boss Can't Read Your Home E-mail. Nokia/Visa Pays Bill.Creating OneWorld of Mid-sized ERP Users | How to Serve an Ad | Counting Website Traffic | Legal Considerations in E-commerce | Compaq's High-End Wintel-based Rack Servers . turns up the heat in the Market Place | E-Procurement Energizes Energy | Be There or Be Square? David and Goliath Team on bCentral Auction Site | Ariba to Leave Integration to Specialists | Double Trouble for Cap Gemini: Integrator's Problems Suggest A Different Approach to Contracting for Technology Services | Bank is First Mover in Canadian E-Commerce | Commerce One Goes High. Edwards . Want to Guess Who the Appetizer Will Be? | News Analysis: Dot. IBM.Web Design Firm | Total Uptime Guarantees? It Must Be A New Millennium! | Adsmart Blazes Vertical B2B Trail | Ariba Goes Vertical: No Pain. the New Millennium to bring Relief (for Some) | Lawson Software: Self-Evidently Thriving on Innovations | Can High Flying NetGravity Maintain Its Position? | Macromedia Shocks with Flashy E-commerce Plans | "Ads are us". Much Gain | Expedia Relaxes Registration Requirement | The Cobalt Group Drives a New Web Deal | Ariba Dances for Joy in Quarter Time | Commerce One Tries Harder | To Tax and Tax Not | USWEB Weaves Great Quarter.

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