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I)e,.'ign: Wolfgang B:lUr. Da\ld "Zeb" Cook. Enll\lnna. Leon
Ste\en Sehend
hnruduclion: Da\id "Zcb" Cook
": diting: Duane Max",cll
CO\'er Illus tration: rk
Illus trati on: Toren AIluhon. Andrew Baker. Anthony Fr:mci sco.
QUlllton Hoo\er. Heather I-I udwn. Kt .. efe. l\1:ttthew
[\·hl chell. Eri c Polak. "·hchael Phillipi. rk po,1
Luyout : Ri ck Achlx-rger
I'roducl Management : Wol fgang Baur
"uhUs her : Chris Pramas
Special Th:mh 10 Ron Foster.
for his excellent and Ilrne ly tran<latioll effon,
Green ROll m Pubhshing
P.O. Bo, 1723
Renlnn, WA 98057- 1723


AWilbl 1 Japan
ButI1boo Elf
GianI Panda 5 .J'l"ew
Bell SPlOl 6 .Ne\\
Carp Eater 7 Nc\\
Cia) SoldJe.r 8

Cnm!oOn Moth

Dr4;on. Jade. JO Ne.",
Dragon. Poison Il Japan
13 China
j-ukuranOOu 14 Ne",
I-i.ldari COnslrucb l.S
' 'I'll
Ihroe 16
' 'I'll
H .. .I-!)a 11 Japan
IllUu-rt·\olllcn l8 Japan
J ilininki 19 JUpUIl
Kijo 20 Japan
KlIlg of the Tcngu 21
Kmo·o- bake 22 Japan
Ku::.unc 23 Japan
Komon.nmja 24 Ne",
Kanall Jlji 25 Japan
KUWlg Shi 26 China
Kurotc 27 Japan
Lang-Suya[ 28 Malars1a
Manke), 29 China
Demon 3 1 l\C\\
Mounuun Man .l2

Woman 32 Japan
Design Credits
Wolfgang "aur : A",abl. B:IIIlOOo Elr. Be ll Sptnt. Clay Soldier.
Giani Panda. Kmg or the Tengu. Kino-o-bale. Klbune.
Kuang Shi. Monle) Demon. Poir.on Dragon. Jade Dragon.
Red R)uJII1. Samebi lO. Sennin. Sililo Me. Shojo.
Tanuki. Tenshi-lOmbo. Tiger General. Tilbalnng.
W:l rrior. White-hnl rcd Yasha
"Zcb" Cook: Monle) KlIlg
Erik \lun:l: !-ulur:mOOu. Kurote. L:mgsu)ar.
Ponll:lI1al. Rolurokubi. Sm-)ou. Tha}c Tase.
rlen Kou. Ubagahl. Zunbcmhou
Leon I'hill illS: Carp Eater. Jl ldari
Illroc. Il l-fYO, htan-mOlllCn, Jlkrllinkr.
Komori-nrnJ". Konaki JiJI. Nmo, Shl.ryO,
SPlTl t<. of Kurulll".
Chris "ranms: Chmo. Crim<;()n I\I olh. Neal·ta.
Ta-Jen. '11111(lIIg-luong
Ste\en Schend : I'eng- huang. KiJo. l\lountam Foil

NeaktJ 34 Cambodia
N100 35 Japan
POlilianak 16 MalaysiJ
Red Mmblcr 31 Ne\\
Rokurulubl 38
'''''" R) IIJIIl 3. Japan
Sameblto 41 Japan
Sill r) 0 42 Japan
SllIlo Me. 43 Japan
ShuJo .... Japan
Spmb of Kuruma
Tanukt 48 Japan
Tha)e 50 Bumla
Thuou!;-luoog 51 Vietnam
T'len Kou
Tiger GcnCI".li 53 Thailand
Tilbalang 55 PlulhplIlcs
Ubagahl 56 Japan
Warrior 57 Nc.w
WllItc-halred Ghost 58 China
Y:bhJ 5. Japan
Yru,cl 60 Japan
lunbcrabou 6J hpo",
Appendl.\ I: Tcmplatc Sc.nmn 62 Japan
AppendIX 2: Creature Lbt 63 Arrangcd by CR
J V1trod LACtioV1
It"s been '>ome fifteen-odd } cars since "at \0 \\nle the introduction for an A.,imHhemcd
prOOuc!. Bad. then. It \\a:-. the original Oriel/wI A(/I'('lIIlIr('.\. time it 1\ .... ell. you can <,CC ",hal II
IS. It is Ihc etTon of a lot of writers and game players. including Ill) <,(:If. to I;rcalC:I collection of excit-
Ing and inlCre\ting for your pka!>urc.
Now. i1 would be vcry casy (and vcry cliche) 10 go on abOll! hov. have changed Hl thc fifteen
years since the fi rst Oriell/a{ Atil'elllllreJ. bUllhc faci h Ihcy really ha\c not changed that much. Sure,
the Tulc\ have changed-twice-goi ng through IWO one by my own hand and one by others.
My 0"'11 life ha ... chlmgcd (bullhat's neither here nor there). and if you're old enough 10 have been
playing \\0 hen Orie"",' Al/w-'n/ures first came OUI. jour life has undoubtedly changl!d. too. But for all
that. people '>till play roleplaying games. Mill \\,allt ne\, and Interesting and want the
lure ofthc unlL'>ual. II rn .. ) be }OU are a gamer lIi!cre<' led in It may be }OU are slIn-
ply interested in acqUIring lie\\, and unu,>ual mon,>lcr-. for your OWII 1I0n·A,>ian camp.ngn. Whalc\er-
11 doesn't really mallcr. What malters and whal changcd is that gamcrs '>tlll \\,allIIO h:l\c fun.
BUI of (and bad.. to that cliche) Iherc (Ire dlffcrenccs belwecn now and thcn. Ilttlc way' and lil -
lie that dOIl't add up to a y,hol e 101 individually. orc\cn that much a whole. but that
do create a "hift in a lot of Asian campaiglh. Bad.. thcn. the of game" :lIld gamcr-. was main-
lyon Japan. and Ori('I11(11 Al/l'eI1lUre.l· had a bias. In hone,ty thai great deal my
own doing: I ,imply more intcrc<,tcd in Japan Ihan China or an) of Ihe of A"ia, Pan of It
my doing. matenal of the type you need for a g .. me-Iegend,. foll..Jore. ghost '>tone ....
hl,tonc\. biogmphlc,. arr.::hitecture. picture, ... nd n'K)\ le'>-y, ..... <'Imply more ,nailahle for Japan than
China. ThaIland. or Korea. The .. udience. too. \\, :IS more mtere\led in Jap .. n \\, lIh 11' \:Jmurai and ninjas.
clernenb that didn't <.eem 10 exi<'( in Chm .. and cI<;ey, here.
With IImc the and the k.nowledge ha\e changed. Back then. the whole genre of Hong
Kong mo\ wllh thl!lr \\ tid action. wire \\ork. and \\ere only ll1o,>t of
heard about. but Jlcver '>:1\\. Maybe you were luck} and .. aw one or two. MayOc a fricnd of a fricnd
had a funy. 1ll'lIl y.timc,-copied tape. Maybc you onl y heard about Ihem from Now. wilh
maybe a little effort (or a Illcmbcr'>hip at a video you can find all 'Oft, of movies. (If
you haven', ,>cen Ihcm you rcall) .. hould chcck Oul A Chillese Glum Ston'. /Jril/e Il'ilil WI,ile flair.
The HerOIC' Trill. Mr. LII U'llrriors of/he Mag/{' MOWlIlIill. and Ihe
well as the n tltle\ Green SlIake. The TlII'C/1I MaHer. Drelll/ful Me/Olh. Hurning ParadIse.
SWOrt/SlIIlIIl \Cric'>. and A Chillese Odyssev. P/,I. / & 1. Thcy may nOI all m:lkc but they are full
of ideas.} Who would h .. \e Ihought fifteen year. ago Ihat :I Chinese nYlng 1110\ ie would
be nomin .. tcd for:ln Ac .. demy Aw .. rd?
And not JU\tlllO\-IC" Ovcrallthere been a broadening of '>cope III all A":lll The
hi,tonan Jonathan Spence \\ fltes highly readable of Chine\e hi'>lory. Mu,>eullh ,>Iage exhibi-
lions of Cambochan ,cltlpturc. Tour<; takc thc advenlurou,> to Vietnam and Burma. Our knowledge of
thesc place, and theIr while far from perfect. 1\ a lillie hit broadcr and bettcr informed.
The movies alone y,ere cnough to pro\c u, y, rong. There i,> more Ihan ju'>t and ninjas:
()1her cultufC\ ha\ e equally c\citing fanla,) world., :lIld - .. word undcl'\\ orld y, ;In-
derlllg maglc .. 1 monk<.. ill1l11on<ll<; and dcmo.,.,. falrie ... and ,upern3l11ral
And \0 you scc that III thl.'> collcction. It mdllde,> from .. broader scope than before.
renectlilg bolh a deeper cxpo,ure to falllliiar culture,> and ... from ncy,. one'>. It pro\'ides more
undel""'tandmg :md detail, about that may ha\c been printed belorc. In filct, 11 includes crea-
tures \dth name" I don't fCcognize and from p"n, of the world I'm Ie,,> farml1ar w1lh And thai
what·s exciting the chance to open the'>e pag.c\ and come acros'> a ne\\ crclllurc. a ney, ide:l, 10 SIIr
up the imaginatIon and 'el your pl .. yel"'" on their
So. rcad cnJoy. and 'hen like the Monkey King. thc hall,> of HC:J\cn (ol roleplaYlIlg) and
proclaUI1 your,cl! thc Greale\1 Sa£c ofThcm All. Who knows? Imght work
0:1\ id "Zeb" Cook
Au!>tin. TX
Large l\ lonstrous Humanoid
(A<l uatic)
llil Din:: 4J8+28 (46 hpj
Init hll hc: -2 (Dex)
20 ft.. SV,UII 40 ft.
}\ C: 21 C- I SllC, -2 Dc'(. +14 natural)
Flat -footed AC: 21 . touch AC: 7
,\II;le,",l>: Tndcm +-4 mckc; or 2 +4 melee.
tUle I melee
l)umaJ,:t': Trident I J8+ 1; or clav." I d6+ J.
bill' I d6
Fact'/Wclu.: h: 5 fl. h)' 5 fUS n
S]K-'Cial \Hacks: k')
SI",-'('ial Qmllilie!>: II11 I1lUllIUC<', ride
S;u inJ.: Thro\\s: FOr1 +8. Ref +2. Will +3
Ahi li lil'S: SI r 13. Dex 7. Con 25. 111113. \\ ., 9. eha 11
Hi de +8. +11. Spot +6
Expert.,;;:. Improved Dl'ann
Climatcfrcrntin: Any co;!,!a] area
OrJ,:llnil:alion: Solitary
DllIllclI J.:t' Rating: "
Treasure: Slan(brd
AliJ,:lImcll t : Usua!!y neutral I'll]
Athllll('crncni Klinge : 5 to 8 HD ( Large). 91012
li D {ll uge)
Thc'>C ·' demon," are bluc· h:urcd. \\hltc-
\ ltnncd \.Iho lile along rocl)
Jnd Cal the boodiC'> of drow ned
rhhcnncn Thc outcr ,llll 01 thc a\\abl
I' opalc\ccrH ;U1d hard. IIkc thc 'hell of
an ahalone. fhi' !> ktn 1\ ,cgrncntcd to
alh}\.I freedom of mO\emerH and han!
cnough to \\ard off blo\.l\. Thclr qcs arc
.. urroundcd b) black \lltl. malmg them
.... -ern IIle e,en deeper hollo\,\ Ihan the)
alre;ld} are. Awahl oflcn \.Icar blue clolhes and
e:ltry hlue hanncT"'> when ric1mg Ihc waves.
The a.,abi colkl."\ IrCllwre: Ihey carefull y grow
large \Cll\hcll<. containing 'hining e.l oti c

COI":Il<.. lind Ihe Ihey halc taken from [helf .ic-
All ,1\.I:lhl 1\ a po\.lcrful combatllnt at !>Ca, \pcndlllg rnOlot of its
11I11C underwllter. venturing \() the !>urface primll ril y during
An awabl i, reluctanl to fi ghl on land, bUI it will gladl y
ho:ud <;mall ,h11)'; \() ;llIacl :md cat their cre\.l!>.
Kide \\ (t; x): An a\.labl can hlcrally \.I all on \.later al
all) tllnc (though it '\.11111, than il walk,). and It can ride
\.I;I'C, dunng great ,I(mn'. '[;lndmg on Ihc fo:mllng waters and
!clung the calT) II forward. While ndlng \.laIc!>. an all;,bi
ha, ,I I110ICl11cnl ratc of 40 fcc1.
Ie} St:m.' (SIl ): lllC gl'lfC of ;1I1 ,llVabi Clln tll m w;Hef to icc.
Th" as-foOl dlamctef ' Irea. and cannot affoclilling
creature\ unlcl.s the) an.' cOlcrcd in I'mcr- in \.Ihlch case, Ihe
creature i;. cntitled 10 a Rene); '><l, mg throw to a, oid being
enlombed In Ice (DC 12). Iflnc s.l\ing thro\.l fail". Ihe creature
tmppcJ 111 ICC II IIh equi \ alent to a web 'pel1 and II can-
not hreathc. U<.<: the rule on pagc 115 of DMG to deter-
mine the ice the victi m. The awabi Ill;!) u-.c
th" ability on('e per round l:>tmlg <,() require, a action.
A trJppcd creaturc can ' I!lCmpt to breal free wit h a Slrength
cheel (IX' 23). Anyone (lut'lde Ihe ice can brc"llt open b)
mnlCtlng an accumulatt.'tl total of 50 points of damage I' Ith a
lIe:lpon. Plereing lIeajXlI1' u\eJ to free a trapped creature mnlct
onl ) h;M their normal d;ml:lge (round fmcllon, down) Once the
(tamagc total reached 50 pomb. the trJpped cre:llu re b free.
Immuni ties (Sul: AW:lhl are immune 10 cold. well as
1I;IICf- and I'inJ-ba\cd :ulacl ,.
Bomboo Elves
Med iulll -Size Humanoid (EIt)
llit Uice: Id8+1 (5 hpj
Initiat h e: + I (lxx)
Spt.'Cd : 30 ft
Arlllor 14 (+1 Dex. +3 studded leather)
Flat-footed AC: 13. touch AC: II
Attacks: Kalatlll +0 melee or longbow +2 ranged
I)anm!:c: K:ltana IdlO or longbow Id8
5 ft. b) 5 ftiS ft.
Sp'ecial Amu .. h. shooti ng \!Ur\
Slx't: ial EI\"en traits
Sa_ ing Fort - I. +3. Will - I
All ilities: Str II. Dex 13. Con 9. Inl 12. \Vis 10. eha 12
Skills: Htde! +3. Listen +3. Mo\e Sllenll) +3. Search +3. Spot
+4. Wildellle\\ Lore +2
Feats: Weapon (]ongbo")
Climat cfl' Temperate or fore,1
Comp:lny (2-4). or ;,quad (11-20 plus 2 3rd-lc\cI
sergeants and I leader of 41h- to 71h- le\\:1)
Challenge Rlili ng: If.!
Treasure: Standard
Ali gnment : Often chaotic neutral
A{h'llllccmcnt Ra ngc: {'haraclcr
GoldelHlmncd. ",l lh green eye\ and hair wilh
pure "htte. the bamboo elves are creature .. of the green Jade
bamboo gro\e ... tall and and qutck In Ihey often
raid human \Clliements for h\oe5lock. orch:ml frutb. and leather:
m "'tnter. the} htde in the htlls "hlle the bamboo
and dry. Their annor.s made of lamellar bamboo or bot led and
hardened 1':111<1:1 leather: their and Mmws usc the same
material ttl cOl1lpo<,itc layers.
Bamboo ehes lire aligned to good than other cI\C1l \ub-
t}pes. \\'ithm a group. the maJOril} of mdn iduab ,hare the .,anle
lllignrncnl. hut group, \ary bet"ccn good. neutral. and e\l1.
11]('ir chaotiC nature often pu" them at odds with Small
ehe, and arc not uncommon. "ith b:Ull-
OOo-culle"," and \ tllagers often the fiN casualttes. Bamboo
almost alway, the,e war; 11\ the long nm. as their 11It · and·
run dme ofT the and samur.lI :md
are nOI \cry useful III den", on mountain
Medium-Size Animal
lIit I)i ce: ]dlS+9 (25 hpj
+2 (+2 Dc.')
Speed: 40 ft
AC: 16 (+2 Dc" +-I nalural)
flat-fOOled AC: 14. touch AC t2
Att:tl;ks: 2 cia"" +6mclee. I bite +1 melee
I)amage: 2 cht"", Id-l+4. bite Id6+2
Face/ Rt'ach: 5 ft by 5 f!.lS ft.
SIK.'t:ial All ack ... :
S]K't:ill l Qualities: Scent
Sa\ing Fort +6. Ref +5. \\111 +2
j\ bilitics: Str 19. Dc, 14, Con 17. Int 2. W.., 12. Cha 9
Skill s: Clmlb +lS. I .• stell +6. Spot +2. tm +8
LIke all they:u-e e\en xenophobic warrior<.. They
prefer to right by stealth. and unlil.c mosl other eh\!11 .. pes.
bamboo ch'cs arc expert night fighler>..
El n ' l1 Trnils (Ex): LIke all b:.nnboo elves benefit from
racial lraib . .,llght]) modified for thelf cultural mil ieu:
Proficient "1111 <;cimitar. I.alana.longbo ..... composite longbo .....
shonbov. . and composite shonbo ..... regardless of character class.
Immulllt} 10 magic sleep spells and effects.
+2 racial to Will Sll\eS enchantment or
"hion: cun sec twice as far as a human in
sl:l rligln. 11100l1hghl. torchligh1. etc.
+2 mcml \0 Search. SpOl, :LOd (:h ... -cks. An elf
v. ho merely pas-,c, wllhin 5 fect of a secret or concealed door is
entitled \0 a Search check though oclI\cly looking for II.
+2 r.lCial to Lore checks.
Ambush (Ex): Bamboo clve, prefcr to ambush focs by night.
so they can attack nnd then di .. appcar. Any attacks they make dllr-
ing a surprise round (see Dj\·IG. page 61) gain a +2
bonus and count as Sneak Attad,.') (+ld6, liS per a 1st level Rogue).
Shooting Slars (Sp): Druidic teachmgs e\el) bamboo elf
10 tum Id-l nOlllml into star each
da).1l1e bamboo ehcs fa\"or these m 'heir mght attacks.
since tile} <;ow confusion in the enem) r.mks. A shoot ing stN" :HTOW
appears nonnal. but it bur;ts wll h lt brighl grcel1 light upol1 impllct.
Thi s clrcet as thcj1(m' spell (IX II). Bamboo elvcs often Hlrgct
the ground nghl In from of the.r foc .. (Ireal tIll!, as an :l\Iack V'o. AC
10: u.>c the grcnadcltl..e weapons chart to where
fall). Shootmg star arrows nlu!,t be used the day they arc
enchanted or re\ert back to normal:uTl)WS.
Oa rk_biun (Ex): Bamboo haw darhision to 10 fcct:
th.s .s III addition to eh en low-light \ Ision.
Bal",boo E lf C ha,'acte,s
Iflhe OM II. a bamboo clf may become a pla}cr charac-
ter III an A.,lIln d20 campaign Bamboo hll\e the
el\en tra.ts .. abo\e. and al;,o gam II +2 racial bonu\ to
Lore. The} gain +2 Dexterity. +2
-2 Conslltutton.
A bamboo elf\ favored clas, .\ ranger. Bamboo elf
lend to be druids and "izanls: they falor illusions. enthant-
menlS. and clmnns.
Climlltef l'crrai n: Temperate hllh. or mountatn.
Organililtion: Solllllry
Ch:lllcnge Rutin!:: 2
Trellsure: None
!\Iignment : ncutral
j\d\' a ncement R:tnJ:e: -1-9 HD (Large)
The gmnt a bear Ihalll\c<, 111 damp. tlltsty bamboo
high m the hilk ThelT preferred forc .. arc 31 le:I't 4.000
above <,ea le\'\"I. and finding gHUlt plmda ill a fOrcsl at 10.000 or
even 12.000 feet not uncommon. They cat bamboo :l!lllost
exclusi,cly. although they been I..nown to cat olher vegeta-
lion" hen nece<;SIlI). Giant often I>cfriend bamboo ehcs.
and the '"0 \pccles 11\ e together In man} bamboo
elf tribes. c,cepttonatly large and giant <,ene as
mounlS and guanhan animals. l1l e} 180 to 280
Giant are al\l ays wllta!). (''lcept for a hnel !kri<Xl
e:kh )ear the breedmg
Whil e the) do no. Cal meat and h3\e a much more gemle tern-
pcrmllem than gnuly bears or CI en bllKk bear.. giam panda
can be d:mgcrou\ to thoM: who III their tcmwl)' or
thremen them.
Sec.,! (E)( ): Whil e panda Vision 1\ qUltc poor, their -.ense of
Ciiant Pandas CIS ;\1\ 0"",,15
Bamhoo hengeyol..I, -.ennm, 'Plrih, and a few
other h;lle been known to ride the large'! of giant pan-
3\ mount ... While they are about a, fa't pandas
h'lIe a mu(;h I"eher gait. hftmj! and Ing thcir ri ders more
than ,omeone mounled on a \larhoN!. The) p,u11ally make up
for thl" I'.lIh Ihelr ability to S\\1111 and to cJmlh Oler bamcrs Ihat
would confound a hof';c.
o.:'plle alllhc!.C ma!..e temble mounb for
long dl,tan(;c Ir1P'. the) must spend 12 hoUl') a d,IY cliting bam-
bot). Ie.jlmg them Imle time for tmlel
B ell Spirit
Small Outsider (Good, Lawful)
I-Iii Dice: 2d10-t4 ([5 hp)
Initi:lli ve: +6 (+2 Del(, +4 Improved Initiative)
SI)t'cd: ft.
AC: 17 (+2 Dcx. +4n:llunll, +1 size)
Flm-fooled AC: 15. touch AC: 13
Attacks: Staff +4 melee
J)OUII (lgt': Staff Id6+J
F:II.:c/H:('(u.: h: 5 fl. by 5 fUS f\.
Special AtI:n:ks: Fireworks. spe ll -like abili ties, pure \ound
Sped:11 Qualiti('s: Damage reduction 15/+1. celestial qualities.
immune 10 .onie altad.,. allcmalC ronn
S:lI' ing Throws: Fon +5. Ref +5. Will +5
}\bitili cs: Sir 12. Dcx 14. Con 14. Inl 14. 14. ella 18
Skills: I-leal +6. Hide +8. Perfonn (belb. dance) +6. Sen.'c
MOI ilc +6, Spot +6, Tumble +6
FelltS: Improved Initiative
Clim(lter rcr n tin: All) land :Ul d underground
Org:miZ1Hion: SoliWI). pair. or \quad (3-5)
Challenge Klllin/:: 3
Treas ure: Standard
Alignmen t : U"ually lawful good
Adv:mecllll'llt 3-5 HD (Medlum-Si,e): 6-8 110 (L:II,£c)
Always moving 10 the tinl..ling sound of bell'>. arc
small humanlll..e crealUres wllh blacl.. hair. squari,h features.
coppery 3nd clothes SlUdded .." itll bells of bron!.c. sihcr.
copper. 3nd even gold. Their h3ts are often tall cylinder:;.
like tcmple bell-.
The 'ound of a bell spirit\ movemcnt always terrifies oni
and evil spirit!. of all kinds. and the bell 'pirih typically li\ e in
or I..nown for the piet) of their 111on].., or nuns.
and the pure tone of the belh hung there. They love of all
and arc frcquell1
pcrformer; in celc't ial or ,ummoning<,.
Bell <,pirit" arc reludant fighters. but detcrmined. They wield
st:l\e, 'hod with copper or iron.
Celestilll Qualit ies (Ex): AUrJ of menace (DC IS). magic
Circle ag:lInst eVIl. electricity and petrification IIllmuZllty. tcle-
pan. tonguc,. +4 save againM pabon.
Sonic Immuni ty (Ex): Bell spiri ts are immune to all fonn,
of 'onic attacl.. .
Spell - Like Abilities: At will-(Ii<l. ,Inee/ el ·;I. l 'OllliIllIG/
flllme. and tml)r(II'nl indyibililY (self only). all as by a 5th
level \orCerCf. A bell spint can summon fireworks. as a InfO/eeh-
II/es "pell. "IX IImcs per day.
I'ure Sound (t<:x): The pure tones of the bell 'plrit dri ve
away and oni aligned agai n'! the bell spi rit. In most
this mean., E\ll -aligned undead. ,>piri!!>. and 0111. but 111 a
fe .... case., bell 'pirih hnve been I..nown to drivc a .... ay chaotic
undead. and 0111. The bell spirit a clcrie for
de'<lroymg Of rebul.. ing undead a dcric of level
eqlllvalcrn to 4 its Hit DIce (and ..... Ith the appropriatc
Charisma bonu,). Most bell spmts rebuke undead as if thcy v.ere
8th-level cleric,.

The Legend of Shimotari
One of the nl(),t fu-.cinating ever told of a hell
,pint of Yong Yan Du. a hell 'pirit of ,uL·h .... i-.dom
Ihat pure sound summoning ,ueeeeded heYllnq all
e.\pc<:tallo1l'. Instead of driving a .... aY an oni. Yong\ pure
'(lund summoned ShllllOlan. and there his end., and
her-. for Shl1110tan wa, a golden !Cng-huang who
,o01\ forgot her summoner and fell in love wi lh a monal
monk of great pidY and hran-ry.
Shl1l1otari died helping her love and hi, hrethren
defend their monasteT)' fro111 a horde of monsters. In her
death. she allowed the monks to keep her hUdy. reducing
her blood and tears into inks. and using her s(ales and
kathers as needles. For more than .!()() years. the
Brotherhood uf the Golden Feather ha ... tnlined monks.
and its most exceptional students gain the honor of an
elaborate talloo ritual that invests a tiny ponion of
Shimotari'sjlositive energy into them. The most famous
Feathered Monk W'-lS Tumari\<;u .he Shadow Fist: His amls
and chest shone with golden feather tallUO\, and his fi sh
glowed as he fought undead without fear of their unholy
The hell spirit's pan in all this is lung forgotten by
most. but rememhered by the monks of the Brotherhoud.
whu st ill offer prayers and ea ... t hells in Yong\ memory '-IS
wel l as Shlmotari·s.
CCl rp EClter
l\ lonstrous HUI1l .llloid
llil n ice: (9)
(n!liath e: +4 (lmpro\ed Iml1all\e)
Spt'Cd :]O 11..]0 ft. '"1111
AC: 10
AC: 10. touch AC: 10
AtllIcks: 2 claw\ +4 melee. bile -2 melee
Clav. 1114+1. bile Id4
F;lcc/Uellch: 5 ft. by 5 ft.lS fL
Spt..'Cilll l\ UlIcks: Demoralize
S,R'Cilll Quali lit"': l\one
5a\l.."': hm +0, Ref +3. \\111 +5
\ hi lilil'S: SIr I:!. 11. Con 10,
lnt 14. WI\ 14, eha 12
Blutt +12. +8.
P,clI'OL)..ct +18 . Spot + 12
I·cah: Improved [1lL(lallvc.
WC;lpon I-("w. (cia",)
Clirn:lt cf1l'rrui!l : Allllo ... , any land.
IhouJ;'h ,11\\ JY' ncar J body of \\ ater
Ol):lUlil.alion: Solita!)
Ch:.lleIlAl' R' ltin!!: I
Double. bul only w:llcrproof item,
ChaotIC c\il
Ad\ ancemcnt : By cl1:IrJClcr
The carp c;llef plcally fC.'>Cmblc, an old crone or
widowcr with .. ullen cyc .. , papery skill. :md qnng)
h,lIr who,c \ole reason for e"j\lcnce is to create de'pni r III
Olhe" It, are threadbare. unkempl. and 10m
tn the point of '>OCinl IIlndcqunc),. Thcse creature, red. of Iheir
11\\11 dc'p'llr. and thc) k-ed on their abillt) 10 ,prc:ld that aura 10
other cre,IIlIn'"
If (h,lradC" C0111e do-..e enough. the carp eatcr gm'>ps Ihclr
clothing nnd Ihem oflhe Ills of the Ilorld. \poutlng qUlle
fluentl), of mon,lcr, up the rood. brignmh nearb). or elcn a
rcccnt perllld of poor \\cnther. In facl. Ihe cnrp catcr cnl1 be qUite
:1 good ,(luree of IIlfOrmnlion if the ch:mlclc" hale enough
p<lliellcc. Unt'ortunately. SI:>Ylllg 100 do,>c to n carp emer fur n
prolonged l)I! noo of wnc ,ap' a l)Crson', vilallty and n
decp 11'-Ile"nc,\. Snled. Ihe carp caler Ihen Inc\ to convince her
11(11111 th,Hlhe onl) frcedom fromlhclr pam I' \Ulcldc.
CJrp eater. arc hlghl)' '[..llIed plc[..pod,cts, Of len lhe) amass
Imllre"'11 I.' hOJrd .. of IIcm,> Ihe) hal e filched fronl their I iCli111s.
\1.111) of the .. mailer u..eful bauble;, the) [..cep tuc[.. .. -d a\\ 11) III the
lold, of their dOlhlllg. \\ hlle the grealcr IXlnlon of their
they hnle, UndCl"\lalcr. They hnle no necd for .... ealth: Ihc) mere-
ly .. eek to deprllc Olher<; 10 funher dc,palf III the .... orld.
Due to her nallirc. the carp enler :IIOIds din..'t:t confrontations
e"cept :lg;un;,1 demor,lIll.ed foes. If she er\Countef\ a Ihrcaterung
group. thc 1:rcaturc attcmpt!. to engage them IIIl"OlIICNlion. of len
tdhng hI.', 10 drJ.\\ a All the .... hile \\orks
her po .... Cf'l of llc-.p.:ur upon the charactef'l, Should the be
ullcrly a)!Jm,' her. the tall> eater Into the Ilt'arb) .... aler and
ll1h a .... :I), III Jetual 001l100\, U'>C\ her Iklrdcncd as cia ....
and m[..c .. at any character blocking her l"-Cape route. I ler bite
:,,,"h 111 filll,hlllg ofT any charJCtef\ thai .. how of ....
l)e,p:lir (Sul: All .... Ithm 10 feet of Ihe Cllrp eater
I11I1,t ma[..e a Will '>ale 1.'1 cry round (DC 16) or '>ufTer a penalty
of ·2 \() all rolh due 10 delllomhla110n. Once a char:lcter faib a
.. ale. the only I\;IY 10 brca[.. the I., 10 ()uhidc the
10-foot areOl Unfortunately. for elcry rtllllute the liClI1I1
Ihc DC for the by I The penaltlc'
\\ Ilh the de,p:llT IIlcre:l'>C b) -I for clel) mmU\c .... ell. If:t
\ ICt1111', penaltle, reach -10. Ih:ll creature glIC' III to despair.
The \I<.:lIm JU\t '>1" do .... II and gl\C' up. cffcc\1I ely becommg
,wooed ( D\I(,. pg. 85).
Ski lb : C:lrp cati'!"! gam a +12 nu:i:ll bonu. to their Pie[.. Chl'l[..'
"They soy hope hos the powel'
to Inove 'A/ h at
dCl'I\C\9L' then despoil' do?"
C loy Soldier
Medium-Size Construt' l
lIill)ice: 4<110 (22 hpj
Initi:llin' : +0
Spt'ed: 20 fl.
AC: 241+14 nalUr:ll) AC: 24. touch AC: 10
J\It:lcks: Spear +9 melee
Danla!,!C: Spear Id8+6
F;Ice/Rcach: 5 fl. b) 5 ftlS fl.
,\II:I (' ks: Impal e
SI)C(:il,1 QUl.lili es: COIl'lrllCI. Immune 10 piercing
S:I\III),: Thruws: Fort +1. Ref +1. Will +1
Alliti!i"",: Si r 22. 1)C)( 10. Con . lm-. II. eha I
Clinmlcrrcrnlin: Any land
Or):lll1illltilll1: Pair. compnny ( 11 -20, with 4 mountoo
hculcnanh of ]·4 HD and I mounted 5 HD lead('rs). or
legion (4(J()-2.000. wil h 80·200 licutcn:mts of 34 HD.
40·100 <:al)lal11' of 5·6 HD. and I general of 9 HD)
Challl'lll,!l' IblinJ,\: ]
/\l i):lIll1clIl: Alway, neutral
A(h:lllccmcnt H:lIIl !,:C: 3-9 liD (Large. mounted.
40 feet 1ll0\Clllcnt)
The day .. oldicr." animated by a "izard or <,orcercr;
ere.ltlng one not n.."qUlrc the .... orl of mighty magic
requlIl_-d to mJ.le a golem. day 500idiers are mther more
tcmporary .... orl ... quicll) fonm.-d and baled. thcn JUSt
qUILll) em:hantcd
EaLh d<lY <,oldlcr marled .... llh the name of a <'01-
dlcr ..... ho'>C "pmt II. a result. they can be
a .... cd or Ik,tro)oo If thcy .... cre undcad of6 HD--
y,hen Ihc amm:ul1lg ., or a .... oo. the clay
a mere ag:nn. open to any nearby Spirit.
Clay are COII\lr\lctcd for and buried wllh
powerful llllg .. , general" and emperor>. In these cases they do
1101 ob.!y direct order<.. bul arc loyal 10 Ihe last ordc",
gllcn 10 lhem. TYlllcally, 11m 1\. "Guard Ihis lomb from all

Clay "oldlc .... are con'Mucts. unable to imagine defeat
l ___ :md ea'l ly lured n\1O Imp'. l1o ..... elcr. they arc usuatl) made
• III lal}!e number. a\ fOOI'oldle .... and fight .... lIh sl..innish hne or
fonll:lIIlln 1,ICIIl;' at the comm:md of an 11llelhgcnl
tcr. A clay ..ol(licr nbc), creator or an)One it has been com-
manded to heed. 3\ long ll\ II can hear Ihe commands. Silence
"pel" arc poy,erful 1001, again'l \:I3y soldIer;.
Con!,truct : Immune to mlnd-m(1uencing effcrls (chann ...
compul' lon\. p3\1cm" and morale effcrts). poison.
"iL-cp. pardi} \1\. dl'>Ca-.e. dcmh effcrlS and necromantic
ellcxl\ r-,;ot \ubJcu to cril lC31 hlh. \ubdual damage. 3bility
agc. 3bl1ll} dram. energy drain. or death from d3mage.
Immune 10 .lIlY reqlllrel> 3 Fonuude sale (unles,> the
elTl'C\ aho .... ork .. on ohJcclQ. (range 60 feet).
r\l\c;cnl CII'\ pc" OI'S
COL.dd cOII,\II'\OI,\d thc f;r';l,\g of
thOL.,sOl'\ds of gI.IOI·diol,\S/ each
sfol\di l,\g il'\ l'a l"<S fOl' cCl'\hlr'i es of
dal'kness. Whcl,\ st-tl11ight a90i l'\
falls v\I;lh;.·\ IOl\g-dor'kel'\ed halt
the dLlsly cu'.n):, is l'l'\lcashed,
" '\cH'chil'\g olll 10 the
.:In'\p<'!'·iol 100nG.
Cl"imsof'1 M oth.
.. luge Vermin
llil Hi ce: 16<18+80 (152 hI')
Inili:lti. l' : +1 ( Oct)
SPI-'t'd: 20 It .. 60 ft (
AC: 28 1- 2 \lIe. +1 +19 natural)
Flat-foott-d AC: 21. loueh A(" 9
Attacks: 2 +18
Damage : Slam Idl0+8
"':lcclReach: 10 fl. by 20 ftJIO fl.
Speci:ll AII:u' ks: Blood dram, hghlnmg "mgs.
StK'Cial QU:llilics: Damage reduction 101+2.
healrng 5. IIneanll) dodge
Sau!!!: Fon +15, Ref +6. Will +6
/\bilities: Str 26. 11. ('on 20. Int , Wi., I],
Cha 5
Skills : II ltjc -]. L"lcn +5. SJXlI +5
Fl'llls: Fl yby Attacl
Clirn;lte/ Tt'rruin: Any land
Organiz:llion: Sohlary
Challenge Rating: II
Treasure: None
Alignment : ('haollc eVil
Ad"ancemcnt : 11-:'2 li D IG:lrgantuan)
The onginal erilll..on moth. ('hu O ..... a
bea'" of Aeconhng ' 0 legend,
Chu 0 began life a t)-pical nmlh. hu, accl-
dentaJl) flew tnto ,he gaplllg \\.ound, of a d)-lOg
giant. As life ou' of 'he giant, Chu 0
blood for the fir\ot tllne, The ttny 11101h contmued to
drink. by the fla\or, It dronl untIl the
grant \\.as a and the cOu .... lllg blood ,rorhfonned Chu
o inlO a 1110lh the of an elephant
Chu 0 \\.ent on a r:lmTXlge. m1:lckmg mOrlal and Splnt alike,
and sucking them dry. She aho lard en,unng the COIHIIIUU-
lion of her line. Chu 0 '" ,aid 10 ha\e been ,hlln by a dragon '>Cnt
from He:wen, though ,orne legend, imiq th:lI ,he \\.as merely put
to sleep and uwakens once a century 10 \\. re:ll her revenge.
Her progeny contLl1\le to plague the world They nc,t 11I
remote und brmg de,trucllun wlIh no \\. 'ImllIg. Their
cocoons, m:lde of a unique CflllI'>On ,Ill. :Ire much '>Ought after
by treasure hunter, and Robe, made from thi, ,ill are
said 10 h:l\e the -trcngth of , Ieel
Likc all \cnmn. ennN)n ha\e no tnlelhgence, Thi s
they fighl by m,WKI alone. Nalurnl pre<!ator\o, enm<;()n moth ..
\tall lheir pre) and Ihen pounce The) II) 10 pm Ihelr foes and
then dram theIr blood, If opJlO"I\lon 100 ,tIff. Ihey break off
from combat and fly a" ay 11\ ..eareh of pre)-,
Ul ood Drain (Ex): A Cr1r1l'>on moth thaI hll\ one opponell\
Wl lh both of :lIIack, can male a funher touch auacl. If
Ihls anad InK the 1I101h\ I'robo..cis OUI and dr.arn\ the
opponent of preciou, Vitae, mOrcllng I d6 of tempor.l.r)
COnSIllUIIOn dumage.
Lightnin,l: W1ulo:S (SII): A cnll1,on moth', generale
electncity d uring fllgh!. Once per minute, a cn11l..o11 moth call
dl'-Charge a \\'lld of clectncal p(J\\.cr. as a chl/m
IlgllllllllX ,pell C:l\l a 16th Ic.d \()rcerer.
!'ounce n': .... ): If:1 erim,on 111mh or leaps upon a foe
durrng the fir,t round of combat II can mal e a full attack e\'en if
II h:l' alread) laken:1 mOle a.:llon
Unl:unny [)odlo:c The cOIllJXlund eyes of the crimson
moth glle 1\ all around 'Ight. and II, antennae provide a heighl-
ened <,erl-.c of "mell Thu, 11 rclam., Its bonu, 10 AC
of bemg caughl flat-f(K)\('() or berng st ruck by an
m\]\lble JII:lCler. AddItionally. II e:l ll nOI be flanked.
t"e:lb: ('TIlmon moth, rceei\e FJ)by Auacl a bonus feal.
T l w tip olth ....

p."oboscb is shc,,' p CIS steel. .'\Ce
stuck into soft pesh, it takes bttt a
In;f1tdt' to StIck a body d ."}.',
DV'C\ goV\J 3C\de
Cli nl:ltcflCI' min: An} land
SOlltM)' or dUlch. pair
Ch:llIl'ng ... W}nnhng OJ. H'!) young (5). younS (8).
Ju\cllilc (101. young adult (15). IIdull (18). mature adult (19). old
(10). \1,'1) old (11). :lllelcnt (22). ",}ml (23). great v.}nn (24)
Tn.·asurc: Tnplc \I:mdard
\l i),(II lIIcIII : AI":!}" neutral good
\d\ :mccmcnl Kangl': W)Tlnlms \1,'1) young (9-10),
young (12·' ]1. Ju\cmlc (15·16). young adult (18-19). aduh
121-22), adult (24·25). old (27-28), \cry old (30-31).
:mclcn! (11.:\4). ")nn 06·]7). greal wyrm (39--40)
J:I<lC dragon, ;LTC grccn"h. v. hilI,'. or brov. II dragons wllh seal-
tered of deeper color!l1 their hide", Long. ,;nuou" lind
whl"kacd. Ihey arc faithful of Ryujin. Ihe Dragon King.
ll1elr eyc' and ,caie, lil('r:1l1y ,hed lighlll1 darloc,,_ IiI from
Wllhlll by Ihelr pure
Jade dmgon, art! of puri lY. oppo'lIlg evil io all ii'
form' ·111ey h\e on 1110UI1I:111110P' and in cloud palace,_ '>()lIIe-
limc, 111 or on Wlila!) hills. Unlike olher
Ihe) arc of Ihe I:md. nOllhe ;.ca. In a fe\l ea;.c'.lhey
become oler/calou, enforcer;, <,CClll1g 10 root out not onl) elil.
but al,o nculr.tllly, and punl'hing tho<.c \I ho disagn.--e \I a h Ihcm.
of ccnam <.eCrt!t as the Pure Jade
Tnad. are "'Iid 10 be ahle 10 COl11lllllnicate wl1h thcse dragon ...
and el('11 [0 ,Ulllillon th('1ll Ilo\lelcr. the<.e clO'>C bctv.ecn
hUman, :1nd dr.tgon, arc rare. In 1110,[ IISI I
human land, only un(.kr the ('"(pre'" order-., of the Imgon KIIIg.
to -.eck out and pum,h \,()mcone v. ho ha\ sinned Hca\Cn,
or to rt!v. ani hCf()(', \lho hal e fulfilled [hclr J.anmc obligations.
COIn Gaf
AJade dmgoll C;1I1 au"ck 1IIIh 11<; po\lcrful cla\ls and leelh. bUI
",ually prefer.. 10 fighl fromlhe \ky ",ah ,pells and brealh
\lcapon' Jadc (Iragon, arc in Iheir pursulI of ('III.
e'l)ccHllly undead and onl.
W(':I I)(1n (Sil l: The J:lde dragoll bre:lthes a cloud of yelh,l\ liglll.;1 , parklmg that i, as bc:lul1-
lui ", flrcv.ork, by lught. :md re,clllble,,, briglll miq 111 day-
hnu' Tin, IUl1ll1lOU\ lal)()r hamh unly evil crC:lturcs. mOic[lIlj.!
dalll.t£c through an o\crwhdnung IIlfu'lon of hoi) encrglCs_ All
cnl CfI!;ltUf\.'\ ,uff ... r hfl!;lth mdicatcd: evi l
dc,tro),cd \1>1)' eannot he regcner.tted or re,urTe(·tcd, The
t.tke, on .1 cone ,hape.
( 10:\ ): Jade dragon\ can lernf} crealure,
mcrely by [hclr pre..cnce, The PO\l cr effect \I heneler a drag-
on auxk,. dM'1!C\. Of 01(', Of \\1 olerhcad_ CrealUfC<i \I llhlll
100 fect are \uhJC\:tlolhe C(fl"Ctlflhc) hale (e\ler Hll DIce than
lhe dral.!ofl Good-ahl.!lll"t! draj;OfI' arc IIlUllUne to the effect.
Jade draj.!on\ are cleric", able to Cll.,t spells v.llh but a
\lI1glc v.ord \lhlle In Ihclr natural fonll_ The) command the
d011lalll\ of L.lrth. \\mcr. ProtectIOn. and Good, and gain all the
granted JlO\len. of Iho-.e domam,,_
SIJClI . likc Jade gam ;,pecial ,ho",n
In thc t:1hlc bcln\l light, l/(I\/lKht. Il'arlll.g slmm-lIm. (}(In·
11111/, and ({,.illll"KfClll·. They can U\C cach ofthe;.c abihlle;, four
[lInc\ per day_ In addlllon. can de/I'n fii' and
drlcu all.l!lImrlll \IX 1Ii1lC' per da)
I lIull u nitil-", IE\ ): Jade dr.tgon" arc Immunc to cold. leI el
and dr.unll1j.!. ,1C"t'p. and par.tIYI.ation cffec[,,_
The)' are :11..0 Immune to corruptlon_ That i ... the) C:lnnot be
I)(),-.e,'-Cd hy "pmt, or oni. they cannot be forced t(1 perform e\ II
,1Cl\ (e\en \lhcn maglc"ll), chamled. controlled or dominatcd).
ilnd theIr ;Ihgnmclll canllot he altcred,
\\'II I (' r n n:;lthing (Ex): J;lde dragon, e:lll breathe water a,
(,<I"ly a., :ur,
DrCl90V1j P Oi SOV1
L.nge Dnlgon (Water)
Clilmll cfl'crruin: /\Jl)" plain .. , h.Ill>. or
OrJ:llni/:llioll: SohlaJ)
Chall enge I-(alillg: \\ymlhng 3. \cry young 7,
young 9.JII\C1111C 15. )ioung adult 16. adult 15.
mature adult 14, old l3
Trc:''>lIl'c: Normal
Alignrm:l1l : U,ually chaotic evil
Ad\ lllll'ClIlcnl RlInJ,:c: Wymlhng 7
[01) 110. It,'" 11-12 HD.
young 1:'i-17 I1D.Ju\cllile. young
adult. adult. mature aduh. and old.
191021 III)
Among th ... dcadhcl,t of demons. POI-
son are norlllal dragons Ihm
hale been c01nJplcd by e\il
while .,tlll tn Ihc egg. These spirit .
1;1I1111hc dragon wllh faulnes,> ami eVIl.
allnwmg It ." grow faqcr and .. tronger
II' an abo.lmu1;l\ ion. :mu bummg the drag-
on', c",cnr.:c frtlm the inside. ,loll, 1) \\l1h-
cnllg the urngoll', body. It takc., year; fOf II
pQN)r1 dragt)n'> cnonnou!< and
\lrength 10 Iy fade. But before they
dic. pONJIl dragon' foul "db. kIll cnure
herd\ of IIw..cock for and dc\our
human\, c,pccially chIldren. The pain of
their 1>I)"onO\l, hl()(x1 mal..e!> them hot-
tempered lUld ea'lly pro\oked \0 astounding aCb
of \ JOlence. Thc)' create :mUheillcnt,. and \\ ipc out
enl1re \ IlIagc\ jU\\ for \port.
l1Cl.:au\C POl\l)[l arc lamtt."<i \\hlle \\lllll1lhc egg. Ihey
gro\\ through the nonnal of draconic life much more
qUld..!y. The) are fed and cared for b) their parent\ If the)
"ere norm,ll, though the) quicUy and then dc .. troy their
\Ibllng hatchling". A typICal poiwn dragon!> hi\ or her broth-
c .... and "'I"-Iel'o and then lea\e\ the while a \\ )'mlling or
very young. I>oi '-On effecU\cly reach adulthood by the
tllne mo,t dragon, :lfe ,till butlhey beyond
old llgC. CH'epl a, undead.
A II (Xu <,()11 dmgon, delight In tamlln!! anulher dragon .
While the tamt 1\ nOi out\\ardl ) apparent. :my nc\t fouled
"a), gl\e, bIrth to at one young poIl,{)n drngon hatchling.
1'00'>On dmgon\ do mate and lay egg'. bUlthc-.c are rarely fertile.
re'>ulung In 'IIllborn abominalton ....
Unl1l..e mO\1 dmgon!<. poll>On dragon ... cannot fl). 1l1c) are
,trong \"Imme ..... ho"e\er. able to li ght a l'urrcnl e\en whIle
1e:1\ Ing a tr:ul of dcad and bladened \\ ;Itcr, behind them.
dragoll' di'hl..e direct confrontallon. prcfernng to poison
a 11:111)"\ mount .. b)' fouling their 'Water. then the party
or fouling all the" I'll!; ncar them. [n eomb:u. thc} cannot fly but
often fl!ar up high 10 ,<,Inl..e like a ,nake. Whcn \\ounded. theif
blood bt.'Conte' a "eapon "hich II o,c:mcr\ onlo opponenh b}
.,hal..m£. 11\ hod)-.
Hrenth "C:lpon (Su): POI..on brealhe a cone-shaped
cloud of pure comlpllon. damagmg an) creaturc Ihal breathes
Jnd that f,uh a Fortllude ,,,,c.
Poison nit e (E, ):
A poiwn drngon· ... bllc I' al"a},
toXIC. though II, cla\\, are 1lQI. The
poI,on \Mie, b) age. but II pro-
duce, poI\(Jn bcgllllllng a., It I, hatched Thl' OC mcrea'-
c, b) ., p.:r age catcgol). from II f\>fa \\}rmllng. to 14 fora \Cl)
)oung. 17 for )oung. 20 for ju\enlle. and ..0 on. n,e damage
hke" I\C mefe:he,. ,Iartmg \\-lIh I d4 Sir (:In(l I Str '>CColldary)
and H1efl!:t,mg by that amount per age e:uegory. An old dmgon',
pOi\()11 hite ha, DC 32 and infeeh Sd-! Str !lnd 8 .. econd'iry.
SI}CII -li ke Abili ti es (511): A fXll'OI1 dragon C'lII
IHJisml threc per day. a }oung dr.lgon can Implant a
gtIllfJ1I Ihrcc IIllle, per da),.:J. young adult {'an 'W/Wl/OM' a
once per nionth. an adult can ('omrof 1.-('(11/"" once per day. and
an old dragon can fimulJ..1ff "1'( illIte' per da).
SIICll clisli ng: \ pol\()11 dragon <,pell, :1' a cleric. "llh
:lece'" to the Death. Enl and War domam,.
l'oi'On mood (E, ): Their blood i, (Contaci DC
18. 2d6 Sir. -.ccol1dal) Id3 SIr). and once a dmgon i,
wounded III combat It "ill often 'hal..e Ih body a free action.
,c:tllcring the hlo<x1 ranged touch allack.
The IXlI\OIlOU' blood isn·tju-.[ a d'lIIger In combat When il
drie ... 11 harden' and contaminates e'er) thing II touche,. Thu!<. a
poi'>On dragon', 15 often Imnted \\ Ilh <.eC're-
tiom (Contact DC 20. 2d6 Con. <.CCondary I d6 Con plu\ Id6 Sir).
T:linl \\ :tll'r: A polwn dragon tum'> an) \\-:IIer 1I10uches to
Ilnge,ted DC 12. Id-! Con. "t'cond:lT) Id" Coni. The poi-
<,(InUl!! for 2d8+1 da),. B) poI..orllng lrngallon \\a1er. a poi-
\On dmgon l'an of len wilher crops or ri ce Of other gram. or WIpe
out herth of
Jade D"a90"s
by Age
AJ!c Size lI it Di ce (hp) AC AII :I(:].,; Fori
Will Urealh Fear
Wynnllllg S 5dI2+5137. 16 \+1 +5 naturn]) +7 +6 +5 +7 2d6(13)
Vel') )'oung $ 8<112+ 16 (68) 20 (+1 size. +9 n:ttural) +11 +8 +6 +8 4d6 (1 6)
I IIJ12+33 (1(») 23 (+13 IImoraU +14 +10 +7 +10 6116 (18)
JUlcl11le M 1-kl 12+42 (UJ) 27 (+17 n:atural) +18 +12 +9 +13 8<16 (20)
Ynun!: adult I 17d1 2+68 (1 78) 30 (- I +21 n:uural ) +21 +14 +1 0 +14 IOd6 (22) 22
Adult L 20d 12+ UX){230) 34 (- I size, +25 natural) +25 +17 +12 +17 12d6 (24) 24
Malo!\! adult
23<11 2+138 (287) 37 (- 2 +29 naluml)
+28 +19 +13 +18 14<16 (16) 2.
26J12+156 (325) 4 1 (- 2 +33 nat uml) +32 +21 +15 +21 1&16 (28) 29
Very {lid
29<.1 12+203 {391J 45 (-2 +37
+2 ,\ +16 +22 ISd6 (20) 31
G 32d12+256 (464) 47 (-4 size. +4 1 nat uml) +38 +26 +18 +25 2Od6 (22) 34
\\} ml
G 35d I2+315(542) 51 (-4 sile, +45 natural,
... ,
+28 +19 +27 12d6 (24) 3.
Grc:u II ynn G
38<1 12+380(627) 55 (--4 size. +49 natural) +4. +31 +21 +30 24<16 (26) 40
Jade D"a90" Abiliti es by Age
Aj.:c Sjl('cd
Con Inl Wis CII:! Lc\'cl
Wyrmling 40 ft .. fly 100 n. (good) 12 10
12 14 11 Immune to corruprion
Vcr) young 40 ft .. fl y 100 ft. (good) 14 10 14 12 14 15 Li ght
40 It. rly 150 fL (a\ .. rag(:) I. 10 I. 14 I. 17
40 fl.. ll y 150 fl. (a\cmge) 18 10 17 I. 18 17 light 3rd
Young adult -10 ft " l1y 150 fl . (avemge) 20 10 19 18 18
D:ullagc reduction 51+ 1
S' h
Adult 40 fl.. rl y 150 fl. (o\emge) 22 10 20 20 20 19 Seanng Irght
Mattll't! adult 40 ft" Ily 150 1'1. (a\cmge) 24 10 22 22 20 21 Damage reduction [01+2 9,h
Old 40 fl..l1y ISO fl. (a\erage) 2. 10 23 24 22 23 Sunbc:r m 11t h
Vel) old 40 ft . fly 150 ft. (a\'erage) 28 10
2S OZl!l\Zlge reducIron 151+3 13th
Anclcnt 40 fl . fly 200 ft. (poor) 30 10
28 24 27 P:hS .... :rJ[ 15th
\\ynn .«) fl . l1y 200 fl . (poor) 32 10 28
29 O,lInage reduclion 201+4 17th
Great Wyml .w n . fly 200 n. (poor) 34 10 30 32 28 31 OlslIlIegr:lIe 20th
P oi SO" D""90"s
by Age
,\ gc Sile lIil Dice (hll ) AC AII :lck Fori Rer Will Breath
M I2 (39) 15 (+ I +4 natural) +9 +5 +5 +7 2d6 (13)
VCI) young M
[(k1l2 (65) [8 (+8 natural) +13 +8 +7 +9 4<16 (16)
Yuung M 144.112+28 (119) 22 (+12 naluiCIl) +18 +11 +9 +12 &16 (18)
Ju\enl1e L 181.112+72 ( 189) 25 (- I sire. + 16 nat ural) +22 +15 +11 +15 8d6 (20) 18
Young :tdult L ( [71) 29(-1 Slle. +20 naluml) +23 +14 +10 +15 IOdb (22) 20
18d12+36 (153) 32 (-2 +24 mlllLra1) +23 +13 +10 +16 12d6 (24)
Mature :Idult
ISdl2 ( 11 7) 32 (-2 +24 natural ) +22 +11 +9 +1. 14d6 (26) 24
18<112- 18 (99) 28 (- 2 +20 natural) +19 +10 +9 +17 161.16 (28) 2.
P a iso" D" a90" r \biliti e s by Age

Dex Cun Int
Ch:1 Special Casler Le, -eI
Wyrmlrng "OU_ 14 10 10
14 14 Poi..,oo bile
Very younp 40 fl.. ' .... 1111 20 fl. I. 10 12 13 14 15 Foul water
Young 40 fl . 30 1'1.
10 14 15 I. I. Sugge<;tion
Ju\cnrlc 40 no. -10 fl. 20 10 18 I. 18 17 POl'-On
aduh "0 ft .. .., .... 1111 .. 0 n
9 I. 17 18
Unhallo ....
Adult 40 ft. 50 fl.
8 14 18 20 19 Control .... eather 5th
M,lIure adult ft.. .., .... 1111 50 ft. 22 7 10 19 20 20 Damage reduction 51+ I 71h
Old 20 fl. 50 ft I.

8 20 22 21 Cloud)..l ll 9,"
Fe "'9-
Huge Outsider (Good. Fire)
llil Uke: IOd8+40 (85 hpj
Initillthc: 1
SI}Ccd: 40 ft" fly 80 fl. (good)
AC: 18( - 2\i/C, I Dc".+ll natural)
Fl al-fool.:d AC: 18, tom:h AC: 7
/\U:n: ks: Bue +15/+101+5 melee
1):lIl1agc: Bil e 2d6+ 10 10 ft_ b) 20 ftJIO ft
Spt'1: i:ll AIt :Ii, ks: po,>.!."c energ}. spell" lummg
S,K'Cilll Qunlilics: Fire <,ubl)pc. damage reducllon 201+2
SlUt':'!: I'on +11. Ref +6. \\'ill +10
I\hilitit':'!: Sir Z",IX" 9. Con 19. IIlI 18. Wi, 16. eha 19
Skills : ConCCl11r,ilJon +14. Diplomacy +16. G:lthcr
lnfonn:nioll + 10. Inllmidate + 10. [nt uil DITC.:1I0n + 12.
Knowledge (arcana. gcogmphy, hl'\ol)'. religion. the planes)
+ I O. + 14. Search + 12. Sen"c MOllIe + 11. Spcllcraft
+14, Spot +14
FelllS: Flyby Altack. Spell PenetratiOn
Climllt ef1"t!r ruiu: Any aerial or land
Orgiini lli lion: Solitary
Ch;ll1cngc R:llillg: 12
Trcll-,>ure: Standard
/\I ignment : Neutrnl good
AdnlllccmCIII : 11-15 !-to (Huge). 16-2-1 It O (G,lrgantuan)
Full y 17 fcet long from beak 10 lall plume. Ihe fcng-huang a
powerfUl and Image of und Ihe powcr of the
They have -.otnelimc\ been rumored to be the <;coul'
!lnd for the Bureaucr.lcy. panlcularly for
Shang-Ti.lhe Great Emperor. hlm<;elf The head I'
sLmilar 10 a huge phcasant. its feathers of brighl gold ... and roo ...
Its body i\ long and smuou",. scaled hke a dragon', or
of ... i\e Sile and lilewise colol\."'(1 III gold, and reds_ It" lail
(fealhel"' nll1nll1g In a dorsal stnpe from head 10 wll) falb out
hke a in a glorious di'pla) of gold. orange. and red
"CllIeS and fc:uhef">. Thc 10\\ shlllllller of fire continually
rounding the crent ure. The feng-huang· .. prevcllce i, me!lnt to be
nOliced :lI1d 10 that the arc watc1l1ng,
On 11<' own. Ihe feng- hu:lII g flle, aoout Ihe plane .. and watch-
the going,-on of all manner of belllg' III" )U<,I a ..
111 the blnh of a .. hepherd·s daughtcr a, 111<' m wJlchmg a war.
Meellng a feng-huang more Ihan once In a hfc\lffiC 1\ a rare
e\ent. and hcmg allow cd 10 <;ec It c1o'>Cr than n} ing 0\ emead at
dawn Int eracling wllh a feng-huang 1<; an
edueallon. bOlh III pallence and In diplomac) The) are II1lelh-
gent and pohte. and they IIIdulge In COIl\CNIIIOn rarely but With
great vigor. If their are not up to a _O·hour comef">ation
on weaving or the WOO-year history of II long 10,1 empire. a
feng-huang might take offen->c.
Feng-huang re<,pond to summo/l 1II00nll'r 1'( .. pell' or at Ihe
beque"l Of:l god (h:6Cd on the pra)cf' of h ... r<lllhful). and they
been known 10 mtercooe m many way .. III the monal world
The) may do 'it) ,ubll ). an omen III the mOTllmg .. ky. or more
dlrecll). perchmg atop a cliffSIde o\erlookmg J hoi) temple Ihal
enemle .. and approach
The feng-huang 10 ll\OId combat. prctcmng 10 remam an
cr and reporter of for the Bun.::lucracy (or
for It .. ow-n \<lII,factlon). If draw n11l10 comtlat. 111\
loward undead and enl creatures.
Eller&) (Su): The feng·hullIlg " IInrnunc to po5ltl\e
elJoCrg) d;unage or It take .. double damage from negall\e
cnerg) attack ... mcloolllg energ) dram. negatl\e energ) ablhl)
damage. and negali\c energ) ablhl} dram. unle .... a..a\ mg throw
for h:1If dam;lgc L, allo .... ed. 111 .... hleh ca!>C It lake .. half damage
on a ,uccc, .. and double damage on a failure. It al'>O dou-
ble melee d,lInage agalll\1 all und.·ad and neglltl\e energy
cffech. and itlldd, Id6 addillonal melee damage to any e\il
Crealtlrl.". bll undcad tall.' double ba .. c damage and Id6 addi-
11011:11 uamOlge.
Slwlls : The feng-huang can ca .. 1 "pell, a .. a 12Ih-ll.'\el
cr. Ihough II no matenal or foci. It can
.. pell .. fronllhe Fire. Good. Kno,," ledge. and Sun
Turninl: (SII ): A feng-huang can lurn undead If It ,,"ere a
12Ih·le\el clenc. When dClenlllnmg tummg damage. roll--kl6
and j)dd the efTcrll\e dene Ie\el and liS Charisma
modifier 10 detenmlle the tOlal number of hit dice of undead il
c:t11 turn Treal the feng-huang If., (he Extr:t Turning
allowlllg II to :tHempt 10 turn undead :l number of tulle, per day
C(IUal to 7 + 11'> Ch:tfl,ma modifier. Each lurning altempt requires
a "llUld;lrd action
Firt! (E'\:): a fire creature. the feng-huang is
IIlImUl1e to all form' of fire. It double damage lillie,s It
make, a \ucce"ful '>:I\e.
Ou,--,>ider Chara<:leristics: The feng-hu:lIlg dan. \ Ision 10
60 feci. and cannot he raJ<;ed or rewrrecll-d to re'lore lIS life
(only "'i\1I or IIIlmde \pclb work on oUh,def"»_
Mcdium· Sizc Undead
ltiIDkl' : &112 (52 hpj
IIlil i:llil c: +3 ( Dc>; )
fL climb 15 n.
AC: 17 (+ ] Dc;.;. -+4 1I:IIU(;II )
Fl 31-fOOled AC; 14. louch AC; I ]
All aeks: 6 +8 ranged. cia" +3 mel ee
1):Hll age: Id8+1 and Id2 lernporaf)
Chari\nI:l.cl3\1 Id4
Face!Rl' :l ch: 5 ft. by 5 ftiS fl (15 fl , "1Ih mleMlIle stern,)
SIK'Cial AlIlIcks: III1Pro\OO grab. CUf'\C of
lhe rotten gUI
SIK'Cial QU:l lit ics: Unde:ld, lunl
Ultel>IUle cra\l l
Sa\c,: Fon +2. Ref +5. Wilt +6
Ahilitics: Sir 12. Dc;.; 17. Con . Inl 14. Wi, 10. Cha 6
Skill s: Balance +1 1, Bluff +6. Climh +9. Concenlralion +8.
E'tcape Arti'l +7. l lide+ 7, LI\len +6. l\.'Ime Si lenlly +7.
SIXlI +6
Fcub : Combat Rcnnc'. Dodge. 1'- Iulhallacl. WC:lpon
Foeu, (l1Ileslinc \tem)
Cli nmlefl'cr rain: An) la nd lind under ground
Orga nizll iion: Solitaf) or clique (I fuluranbou pIli!> 2-4
ghoul ,)
Cimll cn)!c Ral ing: 5
AIi J: Ill11cnt : Always thaollc c\11
Ath mwcmcnt: By chllr:lcler cia',
' -uluranbou are corporclil 'pmh of human!> 'oI-ho \penl their
enllre ob'> wi th (X:l"\Onal beauty and magneh'lll
II nk-ou,I) ugt) , Wl lh l'OOr-.c \llll. malted hair. and a
grotc"'lue dl"tendcd ,uch creature, ha\e III death become l'I
parod} of their -.elflrnage III hfe - ;1I1d Ihe) aren't In on the
All fuluranbou belle\e they arc Ihe of
perfectlon,and so Ihey di'pJ.I) their ull'lghtl) gi rth cl1her COI11-
plelely naled or with a lI1ooC\t cloth cOlcring Ihe gCll ltall ;l.
Their bloated contaltl the helm of Iheir eornJpll on, ;1
"nthltlg lI1a\s of prehell\l1c ItIIC,hllC ,[em,>, cach of \I hll'h end,
ItI ;I 1000hy nta" Ful url'Inbou ficrccl) covet thc 1r.Uh Ihe) \()
valued In hfe, dnl\l JlIg Iho\c qu,IIIIIC\ from their victim, I I"
[he'>e abhorrent appcndJgc\
]'ukumnbou .. peallhe languagc\ the} ,pole 111 life Cu,u;tll)
t\ fulur:ntbou can lmle 11\ nt!e<.[ntc "ilhnt a' II frce
aCllon (they can tilde all or nonc the ere:Hllrc c;mnot hide 'ome
'tC111' and fCleal olhel'l), The ne,h mold, lIround the
m;),lmg them completcly frum \lghl Ch;lraClcI'I ma) m;l l e l'I
Spot chccl (DC 20) to ob-cl'\c II 'hght nppllng oflhe belly front
[lInc 10 lime, as if \olllct hl ng \lere .. Inhering aboul \I .Ihlll
Rcle;l,mg the 'tem' ., a 'tandard aClion that doc, nnt
prolole al1acl, of oppof1umt). A, Ihe fuluranbou I(Xll, Ille a
normal Calbell ugl}) hUlllan "hen hiding I'" \lelll'. I[
ottcn ;JIICl1lpb 10 all) \lllh l'I part) ofad\cnturers. po"n}; :l';I
p,)\\crful and 1111portan1 dlgnH;JIj , If gllcn an opportu1ll1). Ihe
fu luranbou Wltllf) 10 'plillhe p;lrly. leamlll g up 1\lth [hc mO\l
chari .. matic parly member for n I;lter
SIems ( .. A fuluranbou's di\!ended belly con·
lalll\ a dozen prchclNlc Inle,llIIe \!elll\, each endlllg 111 a foul -
\l11e1ll11g many- toothed mouth \llIh a lolhng. discolored tongue_
SI\ of the<.e dl'gU"lI1g ,Ippcndage, 'tnle ea<.:h round, 'oI-lIh a
range of up to 15 fLoc!. LI\ Ing (fe;llUre\ 'tro.:l b} nn IIlIe't11le
,tcm ,uffer Id2 POlllt' of IClllpor.t1j Chan'l1ll'l dalllnge_ lach
1'01111 of Chari'ma dal1l,lge re .. tllrc, 2 hll 10 a \loundl'd
tulur.lIIhou_ Such hit 1'0111[\ cannot granlt he crealure hll 1'01111"
abmc 11\ onglIIat 1(1laL A creature reduced to Chl'ln"l11a () Ii) a
ful urJnhou i., UIKon'l-IOU",
l lll llrl1\ cd Grab (E'I. ): It [he lulumnbou hlh \\lth an IIlle .. -
tille ,[em attad. II a, nomlal and may altempt to
,[ilrt J grapple a free a<.:lll)l\ 'oI-lthout prmo!-..lIIg an 1I11acl 01
0PIXlrtullll}. Grapplcd l-re;JIUre\ ;JUIOllIliheall} Id4 p<lInt'
(If telllporaJ) Chan "ilia damagc each round for each allached
IIlle'tllle '>!elll,
CUTW of Iht' HOll cn GUI (Su): LI\ 111g creature, b)
a luluranbou often contract J hornhle lnO'ol-n a' the
eur-.c of the rotlcn gUl_ The UI1'>Cllll1lg cur-c, dcll\ cred by the
lulur:lnbou's hideou\ tougue, 1\ a nMglcal dl,cn'>C (h'l[ COI1\'C)\
lhe nflU'Cl111 ng '>Cn,ullon of humlred, of unduhu IIlg "OTlll\ cr" II 1-
illS \I Ilh11l lhe IKIlIll', \IOnt;ldl Cur'te of (he rotten gUI llcl.
hlr111ude ,a\'c (DC' 12), lIIcubalion period I day: damage ld6
ICI1lp<W.iry Con,(ilUtlon ];.;Idl day Ih.-.reafler. on a failed ,a\e. the
l-realure mU\lmIllIL'(h3Icl)' ... ed al another Fortllude \a\c or
,uffer 1 point of pcmlancnl dram. Creature\ "hll
d ....... hllt': mnll·ted \11th the CUI"'>C 01 lhe rollen gut an--.c a,;J
ghoul m Id4 Ca\lmg 11fI1lf'(/JOII jmm ('Iii on 3 bod) hcfore
the end 01 that lime a\en .. Ihe Ir.m .. tormallon (bUI doc, nOl cure
lhe dl'>C3>e),
IntC'itinc Cnl,, 1 ([,,): If a fu\..uranbou
'Ienh fn:c. it can usc them to cra"l, The 'tern
<:reatc en'lugh \u<:llon thai a fulwranbou <:;In e\ en <:Iunb along
"all, andl:cllmg, .... llh a climb IX of 0 or higher,
Lndelul : Immune to nund·mfluencmg effL"\:t.;.. p01wn.
paral) "" ... tunnmg. and Not \ubJect to enucal hlb. sub-
dlul dam;Jge. ability damage. encrg) drain. or dc.lth from mas-
sil e It.Jm:lgc.
A fU\..llranbou n!cel\'Cl> a + 10 l'lll:iHI 10 Climb and
MOle Silently \\..ill chec\.. \ v. hen empl o)lI1g hi"
llit Di ct': 2dlO (II) pi li " char:l(·ter
Initi:l thc: +()
SIX.'t:d: 2() ft.
AC: 24 (+14 natuml)
Flat· looted AC' 2-1. tou('h AC: 10
SI"m +7
1);lIlI a).:c: Id6+6
,,' llct'iRt::lch: S fl, by 5 ftl5 f1.
\tlllck,,: None
SI)t.'(i;11 Quali til"'i: Damage resl"tance 10/+1. con\t ruct
hm +0. Ref +0. Will +0
Abili tic .. : St r 23. Dc, 10. Con: -. Int 10. Wh 10. eha 14
Skil "' : By l:];I"
"'l-lItS: By d,I"
Clima te/ TeITllin; Any land and underground
OrJ,:lmizati on: Solitary or group (ld4+1)
Chullenge Rating; 2 plu, ehamctcr cla"
Trellsure: Standard
\liJ,:nment : Special
Adl ltnCCtnCll t : 13) character
I1 ld:m '>(ulpted \C\cral anllllated Maille, dunng hh lifetnlle.
thllugh onl) ol1e of thOM: \.\ a, recorded III legend. The storie, tell
of Ihe 'l:lIlptOf. who upon :t beautiful \.\ oman sought to
crt';!t.: Ih.: perfect 1111:1gC of hcr. Upon completion of the project.
the pcrfe<:\lon of thc ":ltIiC \\:ts \0 011\\ Ie" that lhe gods IIlrned
hrT 1Il10" Il\lIlg crca1urc, While thi S Icgendl\ particul:trl y
f,unnu,. 111 '>0 of other Illilgmfi cent Mone conqructs.
crcJlIon, dC'Ignl..-d to ealT) the life c,-.cIlCC of the pcr<>on the)
"cre mllddcd aft{'r. II ldari found a .... a) to ein: ul1l\ent mon:t li ty.
Eoldl panll:ular con'lruet carrie, the life and c'pericnccs of a
parti.:ular PCN.lII. Duc to the e'\prnsc of thc\C con,lruCiS. il is
Ineredlhl} rare to find 11\ II1g of an)onc other than
\\e:ll1h) .. d\wcrat \, Occasional ly. Cn!atr d 11 \(','>(;1 for a
lord\ f"lIlnte "lIlIumi. court icr. 1>OCt. or gCl'ha. The con,truc"
are u\ually made of poli shed marble. and thc wor\,hip is \0
prrfect that e\cn \\ hen the creat ure, mo\ e their dothlng appears
to On .... a!lOlI! them,
II ld"ri COI1,tfUl: h may ne\er mo\e mort: Ihall (Jne mile from
the pl"l:c thc) .... ert: created. Doing so unr:l\eh the m .. gic that
hind, ;Jnllllatlllg 'PlTltlO lIlanimate \C'loCl.
SJ.illJ,; hale Ihe '\..l lh til<!} learned .... hlle aJt\e.
T) pl cal ' \..Il t.. are h, too bclo .... :
,\rl"tocnlt ; Appraise +6. Diplomal:Y +14.
Kllo\.\ ledge Ih"lOry) +6. Sen-.c fo, l01l1 +6
SlilllUfai : Inlllllldate +1 0. Jump +I'L Li , tcn+6. Spot +6
Courtier: llI ull +10. Script +4. DlplollHIl:Y +10.
11ll1llcndo +8. Knowledge +4. Sen,.: Motivc + 10
I'oct: Kno .... ledge +15. I\'rform (I>ocl ry) +15
FI'llt S: I lIdan po,-,('''" the feal' thcy learned
\\hlle alt\('. Typicalleab arc hsted belo\\'
Aristocr :lt: Lcaden.hlp
S:ullun li : Clea\c. .... er Attac\... Qllle\.. Dra ....
The c()n,t mct\ hght dependcnt lll)On the crca1Un! that they
rt:,cmbl c. A ,<ullumi construct will have the addilitmal fighting
,kill, 111':1 (t)picall y at Ic\cl 8). II hi Ie OIIC of a courtier
limited :tddl tlonal fighting ,\"ill\. I 10\\ c\cr. all of the con-
struct, 11;1\ e the attac\...
Construct; \ Immune 10 mnld'lfIflucnc lfIg
effcl:I'. pol'>On. \il'Cp. paral) di'>C:I-.t'. death effccts
and liCl:mnMllIic Not ,ubjCl:! 10 l:Tl ll c:t lllll". d:un-
age. ilbilt t) d.lm:tge. ellC'l!) drain. or death from damage.
Effech that TCquu"C a Fonnude ,a\e do 1101 am.'Ct constructs
unll''' thc cfll.'C\ al'>O on obJ('Ct, Dar\..ll sion to 60 feet.
t-I i roe
L.u·gc Ciani
lIil ni ce: 12d8+48 (102)
Initilllhc: +0
"0 fl
AC: 21 f I \IZC. +12 mlluml)
"'uI·fooled ,\C- 21. touch AC- 9
Allnd.s: 2 .. +16 rnclt.'C
l)anmJ:c: Slam hl6+8
F:u:e/J(clIch: 10 f' by 10 flll5 fl.
AUll cks: Bello ....
Sp«iul QU:llitics: Tongue,
S:uc.,: I-ort +12. Ref +4. Will +9
Abilities: 5[r26. [)ex 11. Con 19. Inl 18.
Wi .. 16, eha 16
Skills: Crall (jade) +15. Craft ( .... 000) +20.
Knowledge (rl!iigion) +12. Knowledge
(local) + 12, 1.,\lcn +6. Spot + 1 0,
Lore + 15
Fellts: Expert;\(!. Improl'ed Di sarm.
Iron Will
Climal t'/lcrnlin: Temper.lIe or \.\ann hills
or fore'l'
Or)!lll1iLlllion: Solll:lry or farllll) 12-4)
e h:lllen!,!!' Kalin!:: 7
Tre:"UI"t': Standard
1\1;1: 11111('111: Neutral good
\ (hllll("Cmenl : B) character class
The hlroc fC<.emblc_ a 1)))II:al gmrn from
\\c'tern 111)lho\ Thcy're typically around
121014 fccttall and could be
laken for tall hIli C'CCpl for theIr
'!llelr garb (legglllg5
and \hlrt) COl1lprl'ed of '>C\cml al1lmal
alll,C\I n together \\!tll unc:lI1n)
The) u,ually wulk amund barefoot
\\ hlle hili gmnh lire bnJmh IoU!, mtcnt upon smashing a
I,:u't) belorc eonver\lng, the 11ITOC is qui ll' the opposite. If nOI
IhrciHened. the jllroe nwy Join the group with on any qucst for
thc cau'e of good. [1<, knowledge of home are<l is unC<lnny.
'1I1d It gl:ldly II11P<lrt" IIlfOrm:illOn to travelen. o\er hOllC<l, <I,
long II' II doc, nOlllunk the) \\111 bring 1111'l' luef or dest ruction.
The lliroc partll;ulilrly rc\cre\ and monks, CSlx:cially
tho'>C \\ ho follow pacifhlit'
A -.ohlJry hlTOC I11lght \lell be found fllcdnatmg In a clearing
III the \I OOth. practlung tree.<,(;ulptlllg or car"lIl£. jade. Tree·
<,(;ulpung C(1n\I,I\ of pl:l(IIl£ \leight" on of or
c\cn hea\) rock" agaimt thc trunks 10dl\cl1 lhe lree's gro\lth
Into an J.c\lhcllcul1} pJca\1IIg Il11age, A \\'ildcmc'is
Lore roll (IX' 15) alcrt, "n obscncr thaI a tree has becn <iCulptcd
111 a Due to the fascination \I Ith \lood :1IId
jade, mo't, If not all, of the (reature's treasure enurcJ)"
of ,uch Ohj(.'Ch The more enhghtcned e\tn gi\c frttl) of
[hClr I,Clf-(rc.lled \\-ealth to a humble party member. Becau<;.(: of
[helf eOOlcmplal1\e nature, IUTOC often becomc sennlll creature"
«oee en(1) on page 62),

Fmnihc<, form the gathering of thcse They
associ:llc In largcr only III of great need.
Thc Imoe [0 :l\oid confrontall on, finding it discord<ll1\ with
the hannony of nature. T)"pically it reltes on bellowing \0 <o.c<lre
:l\layopponent' If that work, it typically runs, not out of
cowardice, but nterel) [0 avoid the conflict III thc first place.
However, If[hc intent on hamllllg the hlTOC, lIS fami·
Iy or friend!>, or I, Inherently unna[uraL [he giam will allad,
u'lllg po\lerful blow,
Hello" ( ": '1: ): 1lIc hlTOC has Ihe ability to )e11 wilh such
ferocity Ihal (111) oppoucm wllhlll 50 ft make a Will sa\e
(IX 15) Of flee for Id4 rounds. Creatures allied \\-ith the hlTOC
make a Will.!>:t\c (IX 10) or SUITer a -2 to all :lnd
allack for one round.
TOIIl,;uCS (SII): Through a gift ofthc 80&" each hm)€: has lhe
abill[y to 'peak and undcl'>[and any nalurallanguage as outlined
In [he dl\ Inc \1)('11 descnption (PI I pg. 265).
Medium-Size Undead (Incorporeal)
lIil Dice: :!d12 (I])
Iniliali\ e: +2 (Deq
Spt't'd: m fl t1y (pcrfc<:t)
AC: [2 (+2 De'()
rlat -fOOlcd 10_ louch AC: [2
Attacks: Incorporcallouch +] melL-e
Sec !>pccinl !Iliad. ..
t' :lce/Kcach: 5 ft b) 5 filS ft,
Spot.'(·ial Attacks: PO,I,C\'lOn
Spt.'i:i:11 QUlllil ies: DR 101+1. undead. mcorporeal
SlI\CS: ron +0, Ref +2. Will
Abililil'S: Slr - .Dc1\. 15, Con - . Int 8. 12. Cha 8
Skill s: lI ide +10. L'\Icn +10. SpOI +10
Fellts: None
Climate/ renain: Any land or underground
Organi:mtion: Solitary
Chnllcngc Rating: 4
Trcllsure : Standard
Alignment : ChaOlic e\ II
Ad,'ancement: -
The ,J...i-I)'O arc undead III \pmt form who po\<;e ... , creatures and
anempt to dme them 10 the polOl of \uicidal fury. An lki-I)o
fonns "hen a pcr.on die, dunng an :tel of anger. lbc fury of the
100 \Irong to allow 1I from "orld as a ghos!.
The Ill-I'}o tne, 10 pos.c" the ne:tre,tlt ... mg humanoid closeSI 10
ils own former racc, [hen unlc:t"he, the hoslllily II h:ts been
unable 10 \cnl "n<.'(: It'> death
Co ,,,, bat
An lki-I)o upon II, Incorporeal ndlure 10 gel alll'> \ictlm.
Once It 'h \ lellm. II nllempt' 10 1l'>C liS pos!>Cssion abili ty.
POSSCS1>ion (SII): The lkt-r)o mu<,[ a
[ouch al1:tck ag:un.>llh \K'lllll If [he nu:u;l Ihe largel
[hen IllU,t male a Will \ave (IX: 20). If Ihe W'l!cl fail-, the roll. the
iki-ryo the target erc:llllre. Allh:l\ poinl. the chamcter
becomes enmged If under the mflucnce of emOfl()IJ (mge) (sec
pg. 199 of the I' l l). !>Ceking 10 llll all ot her Ilvingcrcallli"C.'> in its
immediate vicilllty. If there arc none nearby. the [lOl>sesscd crea-
ture runo; in a random dlI'CClion unlll il ei ther find ... a potential vic-
tim. or unttlll drop,> from TIle ili-I)'O ht.'Cdless of
the danger 10 II!, If the ho\l dics or Ix:comes e:d mllqed and
unable to contmue. Ihe lk"l)'o \llllply Ihe hfeless bod) and
secks :lI1olhcr. If all the la'l!el of an ('//lotion (fear) spell.
illS immediately de<;lro)OO. Thl' lS an c\ccption to the general
IlllmUlllI) undead have to lllllld-mt1ucTlClIIg magic. Note that/cor.
score. COlllt' [('or, :lIld "ltllllar Im\e no effect on an ili-I)'o.
Only the ellUli/O" (fcar) bnng .. aboullh
Undead : Irnmunc to mmd-mt1ucTlCmg effe<:h. poi'>On. sleep.
parnl)'\ls. \tunmng. and Not ,ubJc.:t to !;nlical hll!>. sub-
du:tl damage, n"ll1l) damage. energy dram. or dealh from 1ll:tS-
SI\C damage
IncOrl)()rell l: Can be h,lmlCd only by other mcorporeal crea-
or + I or better \.\ capon, wl lh !I 50'l chance to 19nore an)
damage from a corporeal Can through solid obJccts
at WIll (blu not force efleet,). and own allacb through
armor. Alway" !>lleml)
T he sh'ai" of lI'avel had (,'ctYL'd ow'
I"\C"VCS, btll ncvt.'I' ,-liJ ::; <.'xpcct Iny
faihel' to C\t-tC\ck his 0\\11"\ lalnil y. jV\ y
h'icc.l to j' L'sh'ct il"\ h i ll,\' bLAi
he hll"I"'LI th ... ,n to cilhcl' side . ,;f-\I"\
i,"\hwHCI.Il (.""\1\!::1L'I' consllll'L'd hill"\, Ct ,"\d
he lashcd out ot L""\ tCCt l'il"l9
pesh I,'oln 1\1.'1' shoLlldel', the,"\
sil<.'ncit'9 hL'I' ... CtI" w ii h Ct fist.
,;f-\9Cti" I"y lL'apl LtPOI,\ hilH,
d"owin9 lI\y 10 the 91'otll,d.
He sh'l'99Icd, tntt people piled
lIPOI"\ hill, io kL'L'P hil" f"oln IHovi'"\g.
\I\/hy \"ould C\ nOI'I"olly calli, 111CII"\
do sIlch £)
Small Aberration
lIil I)ic(' : IdS (4)
Iniliath e: +0
S,JCl'(l: -K) ft fly (poor)
AC: 15 (+I Dc" +1 Sue. +.1 I!;L, ural)
Flat-fooled A(" 14. louch AC: 12
A!t ucks: Wrap +1
1.):1111:11,:(' : Speci;)]
5 fl. by 5 fti5 fl.
Spt.'1: ial ,\lIaeks: Suffocate
Qualit ies: Animate dc:ld. mmlUt11UeS
S:I\ es: Fort +0, Ref + I. Wi ll +3
\hiliti es: Sir 10, 13. Con IO. lm 3, Wis 12, eha 6
Skills: +4. Spot -+4
Fellls: None
Clwlll'ngl' R:11inl: : 1
,\ li gl1l11cIII : Chaot ic C\ 11
\d\ aIlCCmenl :
111e IlIan-rllOmcn a cOllon cloth un1l1 II
\\. rap\ 1I'>Clf about the mout h :md of ils \ ict im III an a1tcmpl
to \uffocatc II. In \Inuall) e\cry \\.uy. the creature is mdisun-
gUl\hahlc from a bolt of conon fabric about 8- to fect In length
:lnd Hoot wide. ll ppcar,mcc frequenll y gilic\ ill hc
adl';II1I<1ge of [1 no moul h 10 spc;!k of. lllld nu I\'<:og-
1l1/;lhJc org;ms. [f cut. 11 p;L1e IT;;m, luccnl ichor.
llJe IUan-momcn h;!, IwO mode .. of Fi r-I. 111
hghl it propel\ Ihelf through the air. Ihough
111 Ihc dlI'Cdion of the \.\ Ind I[;,elf. Negligible \.\ I11d\ gilc
It 100 hlile hft. and \.\md" allo\.\ 11 no control. Wuhoul a
good bn."elc. lhe tltall-mOlllen u..c<; a fonn of det/d. It
IICllm 0111') \ulTocallon a lomble after 12 hour.
ral<;cd b) olher mcml" or Ille dest royed). The
mon'lcr then U\C\ Ihe lombic to bring 1\ closer 10 (lIlOl hcr 1 ictlill.
All l11an-momcn doc .. nOl need lu fccd for l1\omh ... gUl11g Into
it If 110 food l' 'nall'lblc. Ol1ce disturbed. though.
11\ fa\llllg cau!>C, (l fre\11)' 10 il. allacklllg
IImllcdlalcly, no mallcr Ihe odd,.
Sage\ are Ull'ure how the creature pllX.'rcate, or clen \\ ho or
\\ hat Crc;JICJ Ihe fir.t of Ih
If the man-momcn h:t .. no h(ht, II \\ilih unlll a licll111 1\ \\uhl11 a
fcw Icet before propelling Ihelf through Ihc air and around the
t;Jrgci. Howevcr. ,hould Ihe crealUrc currently be \\Tapped
around a de,ld liclill1. Ihe victim Will ri-.e as a I.ombi e (MM. [lg.
[\)1) ,md carry the cloth 10 U new larget. An) allacb :tguln,t the
monqer \\ hile II I, current ly largel dalU;tgc
again,t both Ihc IlIan·1I10l11cn and Ihe
Suffoca te (Ex): Annor OIhcr thal1 a full helm prolldc no pro-
tection lhe IllOn\tcr, " ull (or all) {)(Iler del ICC
inhibiting a "rapped cloth from COntact "l1h nose :md moulh)
render. the attack though the may nOI re:tli7C
Ihl' for Id.t round .. If thc '" the IlCtlll1 begin ..
10 \ulTocalc (<,tc 0\10 , pg. 88), The "u;tllll lIIay alle111pl a
Retlell ,al'c (OC [5) to e;lIch a hrcath of air before the

lion begin" or mu,1 irmnedlatcl) '>Ian COII\IIIUIIOn
for lhe IIClim toea"t \\1I1t lerhal
components" hllc hemg \uffocatcd.
Immuniti es (1- >, ): Due 10 I\'> mhcrent blunt
"capol1 \ do nOl h:tnn the l11al1 momCll Flamc double
dant;Jge and c:tu<;e\ Ihe creature to \iClil11.
We defeated fhc \\!alkil\9 dead, nd-t i l\9
!Iwi f' l i mbs f,'om Iheir' bodies 10 PI'CVCI\!
each cr'o\vli"9 piece fl"011\ getting to liS.
okalni fOl,clwd L'ach deca}'in9 11II1\p,
Inlll'Il1.t"' 1"9 \\'L,,\I ' c{S a90il1.s'l evil. Hly
, hen did \\Ie notice hlhy Otll" pl'iest h<."\<.1
" sik·v·1f so 101" 9' O"C of he l'
SCCH' ves hod GCCOI" ... CI1.hvi l1.ed ouo,d
hL'" face (."\11..1 choked ho.:'l', PCI·hops
h .. "l.d Geel1 100 COHStIll1..:d b}' a spell to
notice he,' consciousness slippi"9'
lI it nit-I': (]9)
Iniliathe: +<)
Speed: .'Oft.
AC: 16 (+6 natural)
1()()ICd AC· 16. touch AC: 10
AIIHCk..,,: 2 r.:law, +4 mclee. bite I mcke
I):Hllll ge: Cluw ld4+3. bite ld6+1
F:lcdRcllch : :) ft by 5 fti5 ft.
SjX.'t: i:1I J>{)Iwn bile
Sp«illi QUHli tico. : Seen!. poor cy c,ighl
S:I\ es: Fon + 1. Ref + I. Will +3
Abili ti l"i : SIr 16. Dc" II. Con II. Inl 7. \\ 10. eha 8
Skills: Cllmh +8. II lde +2. +12. I\·IO\c Sllenlly +2. Spot -'
Mul1l:utacl... Weapon (bile)
Clillllllcflcrrain: Any land
Orl::l ll h:lIllon: Soillary. gang (2d61. or mob (2d8+10)
ChllHenge Rllti ng: 2
Trea ... ure: Slllndard
\li l! nment : Nculr.1I c\l1
}\d\ a ncemenl : (Largc)
A Jll..mml..l. or ··corp..c-ealcr:· us II " more comlUonl y known. has
often becn eonfu..ed \\.-llh duc 10 \toopmg gal!. c"ag-
gcrmed J;I". and laloned fingers. They seldom bolher
around them lIIde\\ II interferes wllh Ihelr abili ty 10 cat. Their
gha'lly vl,age and Ihe palpable \Ieneh of eVil Ihlll hngcrs around
them make' unhl..cly Ihal othcrs "ould le:l\e them be.
A JII..ll11nkl \eck, OUI food \Ia scent. Thcy prefcr dead crea-
turc" and Ihe IImc de:tth IS of no Impon:mee to them. If
thcrc·, fle,h on the bone. Ihey·1t cat u. They only auaek a Ji\ing
crealure If Ihey ha\en·, ealen m a "ccl.. (m 'Which ea'\C they go
for Ihe mJured or lame fiN). If attacked. or If Ihey·rc mterfered
With "hllc gorging.
If Ih.!y ha\ e C,llen mQr"C recently '"1Ihm a d:IY). Ihey arc more
wary 'When approaching food. They hC'llnte (lnd for li\ ing
before (lIlProaehmg Ihe meal. (flhey <,en<,e:m ambush.
they ,prlllIthmugh In Ihe food and Ihen mn oIT.
Any humanoid I..illed by a jikininki but not eaten or
become, one of the undead in Id-l hour.. . The jaw a
,ccond row of teeth gro"s. and fingcm:ul\ 10 become
cia", Dc,trtlYlllg Ihe body or casllng a bless upon
the cofp"c purge!> Ihe laml of Ihe undead from the \iclim and
pre\cn!\ II rt'mg aJlkmll1kl.
Co,,, bat
The J!I..lnll11..! allaeb Wllh claws and bi le. l11ey II) 10 rakc Ihc largcI
"Hh the!r cia", and bile illlo Ihing ne\h wHh thcir poi <;() nous bite.
They fight unlll de-.troycd. Once a largel ha, ih :l IIC11l1011. the
corp-.c-eatcr 1\ <,l11glc-rnindcd in il!> :mllcks.
lIih' (Ex): The bite of Ihe jikmmki lo,ic. Anyone
billcn hy a corp<,c·eater must succeed at a Forlllude sa\e (DC 15)
or ,uffer 11111131 damage of I point of Con and !tCcondary damage
of an addl\toiMI I d6 of Con.
Seenl ( E'\. ): Sec pg. 10 of M1\1 .
I'oor E)l .... iAht : JIl..lllml..1 a -' penal!) \0 Spot
Undead: Immune 10 nllnd-mnueneing e!Tecb. sleep.
paraly,i'. \tUlllllllg. and disease. Not Crl lical
damage. ability damage. energy drain. or deal h frorn ma'''I , e damage.
"J \\ICt:o' not a good FI!'icst, Ct"d thol..'9ht
O!',l y of ihe fi!,e c lothes J COLt ld get OLii
of "'1' cal l i"9· Fol" tho t I'caso"\ J \Vas
,' c,60I'" a jil,kinil,ki, have evel'
since dcvow· .... d tilL' COI'PSCS of a ll
thoSl! \\11, 0 died i" this d i sh' iei. +-Iave
pH}' 01\ n,y lI,isc ,'aGIL' plight."
Lnrge Giant
lI il Uke: 5<18+10 en hpj
Ini lialhe: +5 ([)ex. Impro\oo 111111311\1')
S)>ttd: 30 fL
AC: 14 (-I size. +-I natural. +1 Dex )
Flat·fooled AC: 13. touch AC: 10
AtIllrks: T\\o +5 mcll'C. bue +3 melee. lail +3 melee
J)llln:!!,!,,: Claw ld6+3. bUe 1<16+1. ,;ul Id-H 1 (lash or
Jo'acelRcllCh: 5 ft . by 5 ftJIO fl
Spl'Ci:,1 Allacks: IrnprO\ cd grnb. hunger
aura. abillt) ab-.orpllon
S]x'Cial Qualities: -
Fon +6. Ref +2. Will +1
,\bilili e.-.. : SIr 17 (var). 11 h ar ), Con 15. Inl
14. Wi, 10. eha 10
Skills: Hide +2. to. "ovc Silently +2, Spot +3.
Lore +2
Feats: Improved Ini llall\e. r-,-Iul(lallacl
Cli ma le/Tcrnlilr Any land and underground
Chlillclige Raling: 5
Trells ure: Double
A1i l: "mcnl : Chaotic C\ II
l\d' II11CI' I1I(' III : By character d •• ""
TIIC a malevolent ogre that the und
and while they at..:" not "holl y rare, they arc ,oliwry
creatuR's. Kijo aJiloom at 9 ft'Cttal1. haH: scaled tml .. C(IU,l1
III length to their hl'ight. and all'oa)s .... ear loose-fi lling or
robe,o" 1belr body \ ary due to their magical abill tle .. and their
hunger---they gam 1lIa. .. and hull" they OIl their hunger and
thclr quany literally to death !lcarb). A'<ide from their
changing bulk. klJo can ha\c .. 1.111 tone\ r.mgmg as hght as dull
)ettow to:h dark :h an a\h grey. The tail .;cales, and cI:w.
arc atl darker of lhe , km The) ha"e of sc:lle<'
acro)\ their bodie .. whcre nomlal ogre, sprout hair or
KI)o \Hlnd ap,lTt from \ 1:uldMd ogre" wilh Iheir cunning IIllct -
leCI" and their hunger Wherea .. ,ma, h out blindly and
foml m 'Imply to add nurnbcr .. IO their <,jrength. kl)o I'o orl.
With allies rarely if e\l'T. and they {'un tal.e months to plan out
:lrnbu"h -"lies or allael. .. Only their hunger force\ them to aCI
!.COner than the) \\ould IIl.c; fel'o can \\ nhstand a ra\ cnou .. I.IJO'"
fl.·Clhng frenz).
When born. I.IJO .. hare allthc "tandart! features of nonnal
ogre .. , but they appear .. mailer and \\ than other young
ogre .. , A .. the) gro\\. Ihelr brow .. , proult helr elongatcd hom,
Jnd thcy gro\\ a lall ,Ifter Ihelr fir .. t t\\O year ... 13) Ih, .. Hme. Ihcy
INIlIIl) become ouIC' I'I" frorn wh:llc\cr ogn .. h tnbe had :Idopled
them, though ,ornc rellJaln In ,ICt 11" Irib,l! leader by \ lOue of
theIr magical
The b..1s.c language of the I.IJO "G13nt, JU\t lil.e all ogr'C"
DcpenJmg on tl}CIT location ... 1.1)0 call al..o other languagc'
and D\h can a.\"Ull'lC Ih;1\ each I.ijo learned at
Gtant, Commoo, and one other I(!!';al dialctl or monster lOngue,
spcal. of tl}C ongm of the I.IJO mlhc death of one of
the old the moon god hI S the food
gndde" for he look offen<;c at her magK"
111 pulling food from ht, mouth. A .. ,he lay dYll1g from ht .. allack.
the first bjo sprang from her wounded Momat'h, ho\\ling n .. It
fled, The kiJo forever Iwnger because of the moon \ dc .. trucll\'c
a\sault. People also 1111\ i .. wh) they prey most often on
thoM: m moonli ght or tal.e .. pedal noti ce and revenge upon
T .. ul.tyomi's faIthful.
Kljo prefer sneal. allael., and 3mbu .. he"" lhough they rei) on ter·
r:un and their 0\\ n cunmng 10 better the odd" for
Their .. pcdal ablill1es <>pCmle \\ hether or not Iheir Intended prcy
become') aware of thetr pre .. enee, and I.IJO prefer 10 lie In wait
unttlthe are linnly In thclr falor. If forced inlO phYSical
COtnb111, kijo can wield or manlal weapons, lash OUI wll h
il .. c laws. or lash OUI at opponent .. wllh massi\e tail.
Aura (SIl ): KtJo proj ect an 1111 Isible hunger aurJ
,ll'Otmd them, Any Crc:IlUrc, I'ollhll1lhe :wm Llnl1ledwtely
become .. ubjttllo '>\ar.ation and Ihl!".t effects (DMG, p 86) wuhm
lhe Ii"'t round of contact ( I round '" I day without food or water),
1bcs.c effeclS remam after the \ Icum lea\cs the kl)o', aurn.
Sulxlual d.1Lnage and fatigue eflcct .. are a", described 111 lhe <ot'ClioLl
referenced abo\e. Creature\ 1\ Ilhm thl" aura must .. uccC(:d al a IX
16 FonilUdc ..ale evcry other round or "uffer its ( .... hlch are
cUl11ul al1\c, i.e, three roumh of failed .. a\c-" equal s thl'L">c of
.. 1:l1"\1I110n. fatigue, damage. and <;() on).
Abi lit ) Absorption (Sil l: If opponents within the I.i)o\
hunger aura an cffec!tle 10,", of Strenglh or
poinh due to fatigue cauo;cd by the hunger aura. the I.ljo ab .. orb ..
the NjuI\alcnt number of poinh fill' one full day (2..\ houl"'<). '111s
can affect combat abihtle\ (1I\t;k1.. bonu,. damage. and AC).
Impro\(''(l Gr:lb The I.IJO\ tail i\ prehensile and more
Ihan cap:lble of grapplmg opponent.. lind guardi ng thc crealure\
00(;1.. The tatl enough ,Ifength for grapphng, bUI rarely
and opponent .. It to drain thelll of
theIr strength 1\ Ithm It, hunger aura,
Medium-Size Monslrolls Humanoid
Ilit Oice: 16£18+32 (l/).l hpj
Initi atiH': +8 (+4 +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 30 ft.. lly 90 1'1. (poor)
,\rmor Class: 20 (+4 Dex. +6 natuml)
"'tlICks: Katana +24/+19/+14/+9 melee: or 2
clnws +20 melee
Damagc: (masterwork) IdlG+8: or claw Id6+4
Facc/Rcllch: 5 f1. by 5 f!.l5 n.
Special Att lleks:
Speci al QUlIli t i\!S: Weapon ma'tery. dellcet .mows
S:"'cs: Fon +8. Ref +14. Will +11
Ahiliti cs: Str 18. Dc" 18. Con 16, Inl 15. Wi, 13. Cha 16
Skills: Appraise +6. Balance +5. Bluff +6. Concentration +9.
Craft (weapon<;nlilh) +15. Disgui>e +7. Gather Infonnat ion
+6. Hide +7. Intimidate +8. Knowledge (military) +5. Li sten
+5. Scry +5. Search +6. Sense MOlive +4. Spot +7
Feats: Combat Reflexes. Deflect Arrows. Dodge. Expertise.
Improved Initlml\'c. Mobility. Spring At tack.
Wcallon Focus: katana. Weapon Specialization: kalana.
Whirlwind Allaek
Climatcr rcrrain: Temperate and cold mountains (lild forests
Organization: Unique
Ch:l llc/l gc Rating: 13
Trcllsure: Standard
Alignment : Chaotic evil
Adnmeellll.' nt : NA
The king of the tengu IS a rn\cn-headerl humanoid who wanders
uninhabited mountain regions. especially ncar
glades. ,treams. nud abandoned temples. He stands fully
7 feet tall. with head and shoulders covered in black. iron·hard
He alway, a fan of hiS own glossy bl ack fcath·
ers that as a tessen or \\ar fan. His hand, and feet ore
clawed. and beak IS a glo<:sy black. Hc has black feat hered
though he is an IIldifferent flycr and can carry at a
sll1gle Medium-Size passcnger.
The king of the tengu often travel, as a human: he
may also polymorph into human fonn. He is accompanied
by at ICllst two and soilletime, ten to twenty nonnaltengu (also
kno\\ n as kenku). 1'0 ho are his servants. scouts. and retainers.
The king of the tengu the language of all ammals. as
well COlllmon and a secret bnguage that only his followers
C o mba t
The king of the Icngu IS much li ke many loyal followeTh: a
masler of di'guisc and md.ery. and an expen swordsman. He
prefers duels to ma.,scd ballies. and uses his spring :lIt ad abi lity
to slrike and run. If forewarned. he defenSive magics such
as shirfd. s/OIw.\·kill. and flrmec/ion from elements (fi re) spells 10
ward off weapons and magical attack.
Spcll s: The king of the tengu spells as a 12th-levcl \01' -
eercr. Li ke hi\ follower ... he prefers that trick and confu!>C
his A t}jlleal spclliist mostly incl udes spells from the
Enchantment. l11usion. and Transmutation schools. alt hough he
also has one or two damagll1g ,pelis in hi, repertoire for situa-
tions that require thcm. He can also polymorph 5eif at will.
nnd human. spirit. and oni fom)s 10 confound his ene·
nlies. His bailie cry a pol'oerful squawk equivalent 10 a 5//0111
\pel1 u,able once every other melee round as a fn..'e aelion.
Wellpon Mastery: Because of incredible affini ty for
\\enpons. the klllg of the tengu more feat, than usual.
somelNhat like fighler;. He gain., thc Weapon katana and
Weapon Specializallon: kalana feab for free.
DCnl'cl l\rro\\ s: With a weapon 111 hi, the king of the
tengu can deflect a number of ranged attacks directed at him
equal to I his De\terity modifier. Without a ..... eapon. he tS
li mited to denectingJu\t one ranged allack per round as granted
by Ihc feat .
Skills: The klllg of the tengu is a master swordmaker. He
gains +10 to all Craft (\\caponsmithing) , kill checks.
T e a c hi"9 the S ecee ts
of the Blade
The greatest treasure of the king of the tengu not his gold but
hiS knowledge of s\\ord manufacture and slNordplny. Player
character<; usually are on the wrong Side of his blade skills. but
they can <;ometime\ benefit from these
For of hi., own. the kmg of the tengu 1'0 III Wl11etimcs
leach a hUlllan or hUnlanoid a few niel:;. In exchange. he may ask
for gold, wille. or a par1icular \\eapon or Jewel-if he is gil en
what he he takes on the In gellem!. he prefcr-.
,tudcms \V ho are ChaotiC or E\ 11. but he makes excep-
Any student he accepts mu'll hal e proliciency with manial
or they IV III be thl'OI'o n out lNi lhin a day or two.
After one month. the "!udem may make an Intelligence check
(DC II): If Ihe studcnt autonKltically Wellpon
Focus: katana. If the roll fails. the student may study for anOlher
month if he or ,he Ch(lrnh the king of the tengu
(Diplomacy roll. DC 17). A fighter who <lllenntlng
Weapon Focus frol11 him Illay al\cmpt to leam Weapon
Specialization. even before 4th Icvel. To do so. he or ,hc I11USI
provide lmother offering (of at least 5.000 gp value) and then
study for six month" With another Intelligence check (DC 14).
he kant., Weapon Specializallon: katana.
Ki r.o-o-bok e
Mcdi um· Sizc Shal)Ccha ngcr
lI il [l ift': (I] hpj
Illili;(lh c: +1 (+1 Dc\,
S[JC1:d: 40 f, . (hmb ",0 f'
Armur Cl as\: 15 (+1 Dc\. +4 n:llurnl)
Flal ·fooled AC: 14. touch AC: I I
\lI ud;!!>: Slam +2 melee
Slam Id6+1
Face/RClIt' h: j ft hy 5 fUS ft.
Spt."('"iaJ .. : Tree heart.
lree 'Iride. herbal healing
S:I'I' o; : hlrl +5. Ref +4. Will +4
SIr 12. 1], Con 15. tnt
13. WI' 11. eha 15
Skill o;: Bluff +6. Climb +J. Di'guise +6,
Il eal +7, Illde +5. +4. Mo\e
Slicml) +5, S[)O( +3, Wildcrnc,s Lore +4
FClI b : Improved Unnrmcd Sl ril c. Dence!
Climnlcfl'crrai n: Any fort,'
Or}:ani nlli un: S.)IIIJ.ry
Clmli el1 j.!,1' Kal ing: I
Al ign ment : U\U.lll) 1:l\o.ful good
\(h :mct' llI t' nl : ]-6 li D
The \"lfIo .. o .. baJ..c" a trec 11\111£ as long :15115 tree Of gro\C
l1\c\, and d) IllS'" hen It 1\ CUI do ..... n. A l..ino-o-baJ..e in lIS human
fon11 ha\ the 'lie :md appear:tJlCe as any \ ilIager. They
1t1 dOlhmg Ih;u th" related to the seasons: yellow.
grecn. and pale bluc 10 'pnng. bnght green. ochre. and chocolate
hm\\n, In or.mge. ro .. -d and pale bro\\n in autum. and
grt-y, blue, or \\hlle m \\In[eT. In [he ('a.-,e of <.Orne ki no-o-ooke.
,helT h:lJr follo\\, the pallem: blond 10 ,pri ng. then black,
[hen hroy,n. then grey or ,no\\ ..... hi[e 111 \\lI1teT.
KlI1o-o-ha)..e are kind·heaned and friendly, willing [n comfon
1r.l\clel'. feed the hung!). and [end Ihe sic).. HO\\ewT. there nre
e)(cepl1un,. A )·o-oake 110111 )..,11 to proteel it, trec. and It has a
deep hatred 01 \\(IOdculIel"\. charcoal burners. and e\cn cook,.
pOllel"\. and bilker, who COI1\ume grem of firey,ood.
Co '" lw i
KlI1o-o-ba)..e have lough bUI sliII rno'c as
branche, \y,.:1)"1t1g 1t1lhe wllld TheIr fiNI al\\a), 10
a\old a tight When foreed 10. they fighl effl'ClI\cl). and can
knol.:).. dO\\11 10 mid-flIght
lIerhal Cr.x ): KlOo-o- bake are lOUmately f:u11ihar
\\Ilh all of the plan" an,j tfl"(" that gray,. in the fares\. The}
kn(1\\ Ihe he'l herh, 10 u'>C 10 tre<1llllnes),Cs and cure \\ound".
Kmo-o-roke gam a +4 (IreUlmlance bonu,> 10 all Heal checks
"Iready neen figured In abo\C). Funhermore. they (an
I.:ure 10 hll pomt' of" damage per day per the lay on
han,j, allllll)
Tret! II c:lrt ( .. : ,, ): A )"tno-o-ool..e y,ho'>C tree '" cuI do\\n
dlC' 110 IIhm minute., or hour> of the trt.-e·, dealh If the
tree i\ nOI )..llIed. a ) )..illed III humanoid fOlln
reborn 10 II, hean tree the folloy,lng ('Yen If It-
hum:11l hod) l' cremated. For till" rca'-On. each klno-n-ba)..e
)..l'Cll' the e":I(;t Iree " con"del"\ home a ,,""'Cre!.
Tn.'C St ride (Su I: A kmo-o- bakc can al\\a)s qep 111\0 one
tree and out of another a, If II 110 ere using a /fei' Jlri(/e a 121h-
Ic\el dnud.
The of the tvee speaks btlt liM I!!,
CH,d if LlishH·bcd disappecl.l-'"s the
It"tII1k 0." CHHOH9 the leaves.
l\ lcdium·Size
llil Hice: 6dK+6 en hpj
Inili:ltht>: +l (+4 ])ex)
Spl't'd : 40 fI
AC: I II (+4 +4
Hal-foolcd AC' 14, touch AC: 14
Aile +1:1 Illelee. :2 cla .... +0 melee
Blh! Id6+1. claw Id'"
.' m:e1Rl':lch: S 11 OJ 5 (US ft.
AII:lck.s: Trip. abilmc,
Spi.-'i:i:l1 Quali ties: Alternate form. d;llllal!c rcduclioll 15/Mhcr
Furt +6. Ref +9, Will +4
\hililil", : SIr 12, De;..: 19. Con 12. 1111 1 J. WI\ 8, Cha 18
IIlun +11, Clunb +2. Diplomacy +7. Di'gUl'.e +4. Hide
+8, 1 .1'len +6. -' MO\e Silently +4. Scarch +2' -' Spot
\\illlcmc" Lilrc +2
Feal": $l1clll Spell, SUIl Spell. WC<lpon Fmc"",c (bile)
Climalcfl'crrain: Any or CI\ .tlled
Org.lni"/:alion: SOlllaT)
RJltinJ:: II
Trt'asurt': None
\Ii ltmllc nl : U..,ual1) la .... ful C\II Of lawful neUlral
\ d\aneemcnl : 7-12 110
Thc I.lhune. or fox woman. i!> an CVII ,hapechangmg fox capable
of hum;1I1 form and tx:wllchlng l11el1. I ler magic IS sor-
cerou'. and hcr lllu\ions arc cvcn she
Mo,1 I.II,,";]C chann a human malt! for years or e\'cn decadc.\.
long cnough 10 matc wnh him and place hef duldren wi lhin
f,umly. Once di'>Co\crcd. she flees. lea\mg her children behind.
Femalc children oftcn become klbUIiC Ihcm!oChc!.: the male!> are
prone 10 l)l, .. !>Orccrcrfrogues.
A klt,une a\t)ld, physical combat if prcfernng
10 rely on her magiC and Idles.
Trill (Ex): When in pure or fox-woman form. a kitsune
\\ho hll' Wllh U bile :1I1:lCk can <lllempilo Inllihe opponent as a
tree action «,cc page 139 in the PH). The trip anempt dol'S nOl
requlre;1I1 addltionallOuch allacl.. nor II pro\ol.e an attack
of OpportUlllt). If the anempl Ihe opponent cannot rcaetto
tnp Ihe klhune, Note [hat 111 (0' foml. the a-4
penalty to the !np attempt due 10 her ' lIe but galll\ a +4 slabilit y
for h'l\ IIIg more than 1\\0 for a total mo(lifier of +0
(plu" her Strength modifier). In (0,,\\0111:111 form. these modifiel"'>
tx:eomc +0 for "/C and +0 for for'l 100al modifier of +0
(plu' her Strength modlficr).
A kihune is always able 10 ca,1 a of
II ICH!I e(llI.llto her Hit Diec. with full oonu,e .. for her
With her Still Spt'll and Silent Spell fe:I". ,he can often her
enurely IIndct(!eICd by the <-he lives among.
Spell-like ,\biliti es (SI»: A I.lhune can U'>C cium" l1ersoll as
a 'pcll. hl.e l1111111) four per day and both arr."lllli'
and perl/Hem IIIlllg .. once per day. The IIIlmg .. (1rr."(1Il1l typical-
I) to COIIJure a human habitation. .... cII a, IlIu'iOl)' clolhes
;lI1d food Treat the'>C abilitie!> ca" by a <,Orccrcr of a le\el
(!qual to thc klt,unc', hll dicc.
"IIernulc Form (Sil l: A l' a \\ito adop" the
shape of:1 \\om:1l1. not a .... oman .... ho :ldopt\ the ,hapc of:1 fo\(.
A fo\(\\om:ln C:1Il adoptlbrce fom,": a fo\(. a h:M-mlx
"IIh a fo\ head and human bod). or cnurely human (but wilh a
of \\ lutc III hcr rcddhh haIr. and nnnu ..... fox-hk fcatures).
Whcn clwnglllg from onc fonn to another. lhe kll<,unc regains hit
poin" :I' If ha\ mg rc\tcd for a day. A , Ium kit-line revcrts to its
fo.\ form. although It remain.s dcad. SCI);tmted body retain
the huntnll form. ho\\e\er.
1):llml l,:c Reducti on (Ex): A klhune III anlillal or h)brtd form
galli' damage n:duCllon
Skilb: All Rogue are Ircal(.-d a, ,I.llIs fOf kitsunc.
.Kmuoc recel\e a +4 racial to \\'lldcmc .. \ Lore checlo.!.
"hen traekll1g by ..cent. as \\1'11 a +4 bonu\ 10 Search. Spot.
and Li,ten eheel. , \\hen 111 humanoid form. In mnma1 or h)brid
(ofm. the-.c bonu-.cs IIlcrea'>C 10 +8.

Medium-Size Monstrolls Humanoid
llil Diel': (IJ)
Inil ia.hl! : +8 (De",. Illlpro\cd Inlll3mc)
Sprtd : 30 fl .. 40 ft. gl1de. 20 n n) (poor)
AC: 14 (+4 Dcx)
FI!JI-fool ed AC; IO.lou!;h AC: 14
AWIl:k..,,: Weapon +4
Ollln:lgl' : Weapon + 1
Facd Rl'ach: 5 ft. by 5 ft 15 ft.
Slk'Cial AHacks: Dc:uh allack
S)K'<"ial Quali ti es: Shado\\ "all
Fort +2. Ref +7. +6
\ bili ties: SIr 12. 18. Con 14. tnt 16. 16. Cha 12
Skills: Balance +7. Bluff +-I. CllIllb +4. Dl'\able De\lce
+6. Di<;gul'\e +4. Escape +7. 1-lldc+8. Listen +8.
Mo\c Silently +8. Sc:m:h +4. SpOt +8. Wildcmc\s Lore +4
FClIls : Impl"O\cd Cri ti cal (choscn wcapon),
Il11proved 111111alhc. Weapon Fine",;: (cho,en WCl1IXJIl)
Cl inmt cfrerrain: Any hmd
Or J,,:lllli1.alion: Solitary
ClllI lI l' lI gl' Rati ng: 2
·I ..... Standard
Align ment : Neulr.ll 1.'\ II
Adnlllcement : By chamctcr cla""
Legends of the bat-nmJu. u mce of ercmcd
by the gods and then forgotten. that too" rcfuge from humankind
III undcrground C;l\crn\, Whllc perfectly _uited for of
\tealth and indi\ idual eomhat, the Komori-ninja arc IIl-Sllltcd fur
.... arfarc. Their skill "lIh thClr cho...:n "capon astound-
IIlg. nlld thclr find .... 10 plCrcC Htal points With rclah\e
ea.-.e. Thc<;t: prefer lighl blade" though they "III rcr.ort
to another If a nn< ... ioo ealh for lhem. While theIr
the l\logurd-nlllja are more prone to polson uo;.c for
.1 .. the Komori-mnja prefcr the du"Cct fccl of thc
IIlstant kill. rehshmg the of their larget's death.
A loose layer of tough ,kin thcir anns to thclr leg'.
akin 10 the II IIlg" of a 0Ylng This allow, the
10 glide Silently around thc mountains ncar ils under-
ground latr or from buddmg to bUlldmg wllhin a city. Thm ,ITlpS
of Inlaid" llhln thc "cbhmg allow the Komon'llInja 10
rctmct thc v.mgs ag:llnst thclr arm\, leg,. and body. To usc the
ghdmg abilny. Ihe as ... 111U'\ reITlO\C any clothmg other Ihall
a or cloak 1ltercforc. thc-.e prefer not 10 v. car
any garb other than eloah unle', reqUired by the
TIley are 'iCldom found In cllllua[lon. preferring [0 hunt III
lhe mountallls "here they can best IhC their gliding A
Komorl- lI mja can be hired a, an assassm, though they
havt! no need for money. The ke)\ to controlling one arc
from ancient lore thai dlc[atc who control<; ce11am elml' of the
A holder of a "nt can c01l111l:md the eorrespondlllg
K01l10fHlInja to ,en-e. r. l0,t of thc ha\e been dC'lroyed
o\cr the }cars. but a fcw re1l1am tuckcd a" ay 111 of
nobles Of buned In thc fUlII\ 01 :l ca'tk.
Cam bol
Komon-mnja Will mrely :I1I:lck anyonc exccpt for a
tar£cl. Like I1IOS[ skilled their st)Jc IS to slle:lk 111.
'tnke. and then sneak OUt E.a<.:h Komon-mnp has a prererred
"capon. '1') plcall) thelf blJdc, arc of quality.
Death AIt:lck Komori-nmp ha\ e the dcath auack ablh-
ty as noted III the class of (pg. }())
Consider the IClclt() be 2. for purpo"es of the :llIack
(makmg the FonLlUde <,a\c IX' 15).
Slmdo\\ Ju mp (SII): Komori-mnja hale the ability to
0" jUl1lp (40 ft.) e'l:3ctly a .. dC)Cflbcd in the pres-
tige (DMG. Vg. 36).
".], \Vas <-0 vcunpll'e :J fell l'0t-, [ :JI
can\t:'. flv'ot'gl, IhL' \\Iindohl 01'\ bed
wil19s and killed ow' Il"\Qsle.·!"
KOVloki 3iji
Medium-Size Shapech:'lngcr
lIil J)ice: Jd8+12 (25)
Inilialh"e: +2 ( Dn)
SI)('('d: 30 ft,
I\ C: 16 (+2 +-' natural)
Flat -footed AC: IJ.tooch AC: 12
Anne"s: Grapple +7
namagc: ht6+5
,"'llcc/ Reach: 5 fl. b) 5 fUS ft.
SIK"Cial A tt acks: Cru<;h
SIJeCial QualiliL'S: LlIllttcd pol)·mo..,..h. damage reduction 10/+2
S:l'"es: Fon +7. Ref +5. \Vlll +]
Abilities: SIr 20. IJ,Collla, lru II. \Vi s II ,Cha 12
Bluff +1 1. Li\!cn +8. Spot +6 Power Allad" Impnncd Bull
Climat c(lcrnlin: Te mpe",t..:: Of W:LTtIl Ulnd
OrganizlIliun: Solitary
CIHl llengc Rilling: 4
Tr('lIsurc: Standard
,\I ignmcnl : ChaollC evil
Adn lIl CCOlcnl : 11) diameter
Thi s monster's naluml fonn i, that of a bloated human \.\-ilh the
propol1l0ns of:l bah). height '" :lbout Ihat of the 3\Cragc
man. bUllhe \ohmlc 1\ tv. ICC Ihal 111C kcy 10 liS
upon mnalc abllllY 10 11110 a baby of an} humanoid
racc. A I)plcal plan .... oul d h:l\e lhe konakl JIJI I)ing b)
lhe Sidc of a road or other Ihoroughfarc (siream. bridge. elc) in
baby fom,. A pcr.on along and pi cks up the baby. a!
\lhich poolnl the mon,ler lrall\forlllS ba.:k mlo It!. full ' QUile
frequently Ihe .... elght of the alone 1\ enough [0
[he \ Icum. otherv.I'>I! Ihe louall JIJI the " Ict im and
it to dealh. 1'.10\1 of thc<;e creatures prefer [0 ambush
indI vidual characters, though thc palienl havc becn known
to let piclcd up by a famil y and have waited to
tran,foml untlilt 1<' alone With one of them.
In baby form. the konnll JIJI no anae!.. .. and
immediately if harmed. If up agaimt a foc,
the mon,ter Will try to escape or find a defen,ible posllion \\ here
it can limi\thc number of lh 1I11(lck(.'r". Ib method of
altack from the umhu<.h) ,.. to charge through its oppo-
nents. Whtle Ihe ult(ld. rhly. the relics on liS rubbery
skm to mo,t of the d .. nmge from oppoonents'
Crush ( E", ): When the lonaki JIJI transfonlls, a characler
holdmg the baby Iml) m:, ke a Rcnc, 'ave (DC 15) 10 drop it.
O1hcrv. I<>C, the charactcr nUN make an opposed Slrcnglh chcrk
ag:llnstlhc mon-ter wllh a penalty due to the bulk and (XlSi.
lion. If the charaeler f:II " the roll, he lakes Id6+5 points of
cnlshmg damage On each round. the konakt j iji will
conllnuc 10 mnict damage on I ICllm
Sh .. -' had beel \ the baby she
had fOL,nd on the ,"oC\d. r\s a Me\v
,noihe" s he thOLISI\i he."self best
qW:'Il i ficc! to -I('Ik •. -' C('\I'C of ('\ second
chi ld. r\ wild 1I'\LI s t hove
bl"oken il\lo 1",1' hOLlse ('It,d fed 0 1'\
hel" pcs h bcfol'c takill EI Goth babies
il\-Io tlw fOI' ''' st to feed its YOLII,\ g.
Medium-Size Undead
lIiti)ice: 3<112+3 (2J hp)
Initiat iH': I CDC\ J
SlIced: 20 h.
Ar mor Cht';s: lo.l (. 1 +5 nalUml )
Flat-footed f\ C: 14. loueh AC: 9
Allacks: 2 cia ...... +3 melee
l>:tnmgc: Id6+J
5 ft. by 5 ft.l5 ft .
SI)('dal Di\
SllCeial Qu:tl ilit'S: Borrov.ed lum delenmnmion
Sa\t'S: Fon +1. Ref +0. Will +4
Ahi lities: SIr 16. Dcx 8. Con -. Int 8. 8. eha 8
Climale!rl'rntin: An} land
Organil.:ltiol1: Solitary or mob (12· 72)
Challenge R:lting: 2
Tn':Isurc: None
Alignment : 1_1 ..... ful 1'\11 or lawful
Ad\;lI1cclllcnl: +.10 liD
Kuang \111 ;Irc Ihe zombie\ of myth: they havc physical
bodICS. bUllhey are nOl ah\l'. and Ihl') ha\ l' little mdependent
"III or Ihoughl, IIIQcad. Ihc kuang :Ire :11":1)' the cs of
C\ II pflc'h or '>Orcerer. who command mobs of thc<'c anllnated
corpse, Howcvcr, Ihey arc nm roUmg undead: kual1g ,Ill ha\e
.... cll-pre'>t' .... cd bodic\ ..... cll·drc,scd 111 funcral clO{hc\. v.lth
cmpl} .... hllc C)C\. pale .. kill. and a of red paper , luck to
thClr forche,ld\. ammating thclr m0\101l,
III '-OI11C the dead walk of thclr 0 .... 11 will. \\Ilhout magic
required 10 ;U1IIll;lte Ihem The.;;c kuang "In .... ere buricd a"ay
lrolll their famil y ..... llhout a proper burial feast. paper clothes.
hell moncy, food. or mccn-.c. These undead \\alk Ihe rural
lUlder lhe guidance of a prte.,t .... ho herd' them
lmghl direct a li\ Ing noek. TIley ha\ c ju,t cnough 1I11c1ligcnce 10
pro\ Ide a ho1ll1l1g IllstnlCl. but alnlOSl no IIIllIati\ c of the ir ov. n.
\1obs of \..uang , hi work wget her to pull mounted foc' OUI of Ihe
<,;.tddlc. and 0\ erbcar Kuang "hi are nOl espe·
cially fa,\ or dc\er. but Ihe) male up for Ihl'> \.\llh
munbcr, and remar\.. abl e tcnaclty.
HorrO'l ed Turn Kc, i,t:lllcc (Su): A \..uang whc)',c anima·
tnr i .. flI.'arhy I" much more difficult to rebuke or av.- e Add thc
leI el 01 the ;uumalOr to Ihe DC of \..uang shl for purpo<,es of
rebukmg or ;Iv.-rng the undead
Unde:ld OCl crminalion (SII): Kuang arc deler-
mUled 10 rC;lch a proper rc"lng place. Killing il once not
l'nough- a I.uang ,hi n\C, up again the nighl and conti nue,
VII" .. \.\a) unle" II, body I, properly hlc,..oo ami huned. or u/1111
body I, clll lrcly dC'ITOyed
If an c\ Ii I.cep" them from returning to thei r home ,Ii ·
lagc for mort! than I 1110111h. the I.uang ,hi are enlltled to a Will
,,\\ IIIg Ihm" againsl lhc J.nHnatc dead ,pell that crealed and con-
trol\ IhC11\ (t}pICally IX' lo.l for lhe 1111I11mum-lc\el aClUal
OC \ aric, With Ihe of the (1/III11UII' dl'(jd). If they
Ihe) reg;l!n Ihelr free \.\ 111 ,lnd eilher att ack Ihe Of march
"ft'lO 1h<!lf pl\lper buriJ.1 .,itc
Oi,'hibilil) (Su): E\en aflcr arm, or of a I.uang \hi arc
<;Cp;lralcd body Ihey 1IIa} I. cep Inl\elmg tOI\ard Ihclr
home \lllage. or anaeklflg an enemy. Any fire. aCid. or holy
d:ullage the lml"'., will to <'eel. It, pl:\I:e.
Unde:ld: Immune I(J rnind·rnnucncmg effcct .. , poi\on.
,Ieep. paral},I'. 'olUnnmg. and dlse:I'>C I'\ot cntlcal
hit ... subdual d:lmage. abi ht) damagc. energ) drain. or death
from ma'\IVl' damage.
Animate Kuang Shi
The \pcll' rCljuircd 10 allllnalC ;1 lU;lI1!! ,hi mll\1 lx' wrillen
on a rcu ,1h.'<'1 of raper "1(11;\ -un'c"lul
chl'ck IIX' thl' 'pcll I' then !!lueu 1<11hl' face "I 'he
htld) ,,, 11\al.e II 1110'<' Rl'l11ml!l!! the paper (a 'lh."cc"ful
unarmed auack agaln't "rm"r ("la" 12. proHlkmg allaeks
of rl'I11<)\l', Ihe ammalillil unl1lthe paper i,
pUI hacllll pl;K'l" In ,til ",her rC'f-'<·,.-h. (he 'pcll "a nor-
l11al """''''/<" ,1,.,1,1 '1 .... 11
Large Monstrous Humanoid
Il il IJice: 4<18+12 (:'\0 hpj
Inil inlh e: +1
SI>Ct'd : 30 fl.
I\ C: 14/-1 '"l'. +1 Dc" +4 natllr.J.l)
AC 13.lollCh AC: 10
All aeks: 2 claws +7 melee
D:ulI:ll:e: Cla\\ Id6+4
F:leclRc:u: h: 5 n hy 5 ftJlO ft
Speci a l AH:u: k ... : Dctilmg tOllch
SI)I,'c ia l QII:lli li"",: Stench of
contortion. filth dwcller. ablilli c'
Sa\ " ... : Fort +4. Ref +5. Will +]
Ahili ties: SIr 19. 13. Con 16. lnt 14. 8. eha 10
Skill s: Cl1mb +20. bcapeArtl,t +17. l hde +4. ...
+4. Mo\e Silently +5. Spot +1
!<' e:lb: Dollge. Mohlhty. !',)Wer Attad,
Clim:lt efl'ernli n: Any land or underground
Or gani7.:ttio n: Sol nary or gang (2·5)
Chall enge 4
Treasure: None
Al ign mcllt : Alv.a}' neutml c,1I
Ad HUl eelllellt : 5- 12
Lut le I' kllo\\ n of Ihe bll<lrrc and deadly
creature, knov. n the l.;urOl e: hlack. hat!)
"ho d\\ell III rcpul\i\e tinding
nouri,hllleni b) lhe excrcmelll of CI\ Ililed men.
De,plle Ihelr large 'ize. kurote arc known to squccle
through IIghl place, "hen disHlrbcd. emergmg from pit:. of
olTallo dc\our \urpri<,Cd 1I\O()('eru<, as Ihe) heed nalure',
call. The kurote \ lIl\al lable hunger for ordure i, <;C) imen:;.c
Ihalll ha\ few pllllo'-Opilical problem" v.lih learmg ap:trt a
h\1IIg human 10 fi,h fece, from II,
Kurote arc hairy wllh fhe-fingered hands and
three-lOcd feCI, all of which end 111 Icmhlc claws. Excrement
and olfal coal their uluformly dark, (·oar<.e The creatures'
head' arc ,omev.hal OUI of proportion 10 Iheir appearing
larger Ihan Ihey oughlto (po" ihl y 10 accommodale a ch:lracter-
i"lieally large moulh). KUfOt e lack nOM!'. for "hich they arc
rno't lIkely e.\lrcmely gnneful.
Legend, 'uggC\t that Ihc kurOIC once "ere a proud "arriOf"
mel.' U1 ,en icc 10 a JU'I d:urIl),o. On Ihe eve of an imponlllt bat-
tle. a ri\ul lord fctell Ihem WI th a magnificent fea.," hoping to
"00 them 10 hi' , .dc Oflhc conll icl. Humbled by Ih" di,play
(theI r fir;1 lord h:ld ,eldom lIeknowledgl.'<i theIr and they
chafed at \\ h:1l Ihey \av. as II bck of the lul'Ole aban-
doned their Itcge. \\ho v.l!.." defeated v.llhml hc "cd. Seeing
their OOnorlc" Octr.t)'al. Ihc goo\ of eanh and tire cursed the
kurote wI th cndle" hunger for Ihe of w uSleful1cu\ ings.
Kurotc \peak IhclrOv.n r:lclallanguage ( KurOle) as v.ell as U
deba!>Cd \e ..... ion of Ihe Common tongue.
Kurote prefer 10 lurk ILl darkne". U\I1,g thClr lIIl1jor ill/(lgt' spell-
Itke ability 10 tempt fol k mtu _cv. el"\ and tilth-pI I". usually
fallm!; back on unerC,III\e bUI nonethclc .. effeetL\e "glim of
meta]"' or "mJured child" 1111"lon<.. Occasionall y kurote eschew
,uch compllealed 1I1<'lcad prefcrri ng 10 through
10 gain the clement of ,u'llTl,e agaln,llhcir .. nemle,.
which Ihey then 'll\agc \\llh thclrtemblc clav. <,.
IJelil ing Toueh ,Su): '1lIO'C damllgcd hy a kurole' s claw
att"ck 1111,,1 makc a Fonltudc ,ave ( DC 15) or con-
tr<lct Ihc "a.,lmg di'e.l-.c known lh filth fe\er DMG. p. 75).
Stench of E\"Crt' I:1 (Su): The kurole\ black pelt b co\ered in
excrement. urine, and It, o\\n di,gu<,lmg. Lllagi c- Iaeed sweat.
Tho!>C wl thm 10 feet mll'l ,u('cced al a Forti tude (IX 15) or
be "meked "1Ih nau<,Ca. \Ilffcring a ·2 circumstance penal ty 10
all ,a\c,. and , kill chcrh for Id6+4 Kurote arc
immune 10 elTl.'Ct. A\ a full-round acllon. lhe kurole Iml} hck
Il'iCl f clean. Icmpor.lri ly removmg the qeoch. To re-lllIlillle il. il
IllU" spend a filii round LI1 U ec""poolor place of filth.
S upreme Contortion (Su): Wcll aeeu\tolllcd to negotialing
Ihrough Ihlll pipe' and <, g.rJle,. " ,kin eSJl'."'Ci"lIy
pliable. Kurot c are not luntled by the ' Ile of thclr head v. hen
maklllg Escape Artl,t ehcc'" to gellhmugh a lIght sp:lee.
Filth IJ\\'dl er ( Ex): Kurotc are umnune 10 all diseases.
Including magIcal tll'-Ca-.c' ,ueh a.' mUIllLll} rot and lycant hropy.
Spell -I i kl.' a hil i t A I v. III---(J/llrIll . tllIIlnll!; IighlS. giros/
SOIllU/. ("/umgt' IM:I) mOJor Imllgt'. Thc'iC abihties are as
thc Ca\1 by a 4th-Ie\(:1 wl/ard IX 12 +
Sk ills: A kurote reCIC\c<, a + 10 racial bollU, to Climb and
I;."':a»," Arti-I , kill check,.
L CH" 95 VlyCU"
Medium-Size UndCl.ld
lI ill)kt!: 6d12 (39 hpj
Inil illthe: +3 (De'l;)
S,)Ccd : 30 ft .. n) 60 fl. (perfect)
AC: 13 (+3 Dc,)
Flat-footed AC: 10. lOuth AC' 13
Attacks: 2 +5 melee
I) :tmagc : ClilW Itl6+2
.' tlce/ Rcllch: 5 fL b) 5 filS fl.
Spt.'Cial Att acks: RalOr 11m]" IIllprO\OO grab. devounng may"
create !opallo n
Spt.'Cilll Quali ties: l'ndcad. ahcm:uc form. damage reduction
151+1. +4 wm resistance. cold 20. electri(11) few.l-
am;c 20. fast heahng 5
San 'S: Fon +2. Ref +8. Will +6
Abilit ies: SIr 15. Dcll 16, Con -, lnl 14. 12. Chll 17
Skills: Bluff +12. [)lpIOIlHlCY +14, Di,£ul<;c +1 2. Gmher
Informlllion +12, LI\ tcn +12. Mu\c Si lelltly +1 0. Spot +3
Dodge. Mobility, Spring AUtlck
Clima te/ Te rrain: Any land
Orj!:l nizalion: Solitary (lr Wlllal)' plu, 2-5 ponlianak
Chlill enge Rati ng: 5
Tn-asure: Standard
Alignmc nt : AI .... neutral e\ II
A,h ;Ulccmcnt : 7-18 li D (Medlum-Slle)
Lang,uyar arc Ihe corpore;11 undead 'pmb uf spi leful women
who died in childbirth, A langr,uyur·, rage al the unfair circum-
de:l th 111((ll lfc<,1\ in a terrible mouth m
the nape of it\ neck, .... hlch II u,uully leep<, hidden behwd long,
beaut iful hair. Such creature, frequentl} po .. e II\'wg ",omen .
.... orl mg their .... ay II1tO <.Oclet} that the) might feed offthc life
energ} of ne'" born bable,. tmn.fonmng the poor mto
their appallmg hunger. langsuyaT are II1tensel) sc_,ual
hewS". re\ealing no out" ani "Ign\ of undeath. Within human
Ihe) often tale a ,erie\ of lo\'er; "'hile conduct
illS thelT terrible :11 11Ig111. Such I, the beauty :lnd pa,-
,ion of a that IWIIl) mcn ha\e :mempted 10 m:!ke 11
Wife uf Ihem. Doing l11\'ol\e, a eoml,)lemed process (in which
the lang,upr be a wllhng partlclpam) in '" hich the erell-
lure\ hair and fingenullh are cut olT and <,tulTed 11110 liS <;ccond
mouth, SlI1ee nearl) all ,uch ·'operallorb·' end 111 the
her .... Icled "'a), "Ithm a )ear or tl'lO. Itl\ unlno",n
'" hether lhe ritual hold, (alhelt limited) po .... er o\er the creature,
Of" hellier "dOCile" ];lIlg\uyar 'Impl) pia) along "Ith Ihe ru<.e
unlll the) lire of their nMte or tl.clr hunger for the of
nel'l born' too great to hear.
l..ang,uYllr speak the Common lOngue.
L:mg,uyar prefcr to rely upon theIr good lools and magnell\11l to
lulllheir :Iduh \ICllm, I\Ito a '>C1l,e of !>CCunt). Under co\'er of
11Ight. they fl) for;\ n.calm the dark. When consumed
"'lIh blood a lang'>u)'ar 1'1 111 not hc<;itate to use liS full h()';t
of altae"" upon an)onc ",ho YoouhJ 'land 111 the I'I-a) of liS
unholy meal.
R:1lOr Nail s ( Ex ): Wound. hy a langwyar\ fluor-
,harp claw atl:!ck, bleed for I pollll of damage per round there-
afler 111 add ilion 10 the nomml damage dealt by tbe attacl
from claw attack, 111 cumulallve bleedins
The bleeding can be "topped only b) a successful Helll
check (DC 15) or Ihe applll;atioll of :lny cure or other heal-
mg ,pelt (heal. he(llillg firde. und ,0 on),
ImllrO\cd Gr:lb (E,"): If the );l!1g,uyar hits wit h a cl nw
nttacl. it damage nonnal and ilia) attempt 10 stan :1 gTllI'-
pie lL', a free action I'IllhoUI pf()\'okmg an all:!ck of opportUll il)'.
l)e\ ou ring 1:1'" (Su): Once the has r,uccessfully
grappled an opponent ... he to dc\our her victim the
rnal'l at the nape of her necl. Ttus allac" 1\ III lieu
of the nonnal unanned "In"e damage inflicted on a held oppo-
IlCnt. The langsu) ar chel'l" the \ icllm\ mflictlllg Id6
pomL' of damage and I hI' permanent Constitullon dralll each
round Ihe hold is rnalnt:uned
Creat e SI):l\\ n (SII ): A hUI1l;lI1old or monstrous humanOId
baby ,1:Un by the tlcn)unng ma\\ allack lise<; a, a
IX)lllianak ('<Cc the delll.:nption uf Ihl' crealure on p:lge 36) I
da}\ after burial. The pontlan:ll under Ihe col11m:Lnd of tl.c 1:lI1g-
\uyar 1'1-110 creatt'd it and remain, en, la\Cd until rnaqer·, de:llh,
Al lerlllil e Form (Sui: A lang,uyar can the ,h:lpe of a
large 01'1 I as a standard Th" abLllty " sinlilar 10 a ()ol\-
morph seifspcll cast by a 12th·le\el \Orcercr.
Undead: Immune to rmnd-Influenclng effects. poiMln.
and Not subJcctlO cnlleal
hll<" damagc, ability d:l1l111gC. energ) dram. or dealh
from d:lmage
M o",key
(aka the Monkey l(iI\9)
l\l edium-Sizc Magical Beast
lI it Dice: 2OdlO+JOO (110 hpj
Initlath e: AI",:!), WII1\
S]Jecd: [n,umtancou,>. fly 1I1,1:l111:II1cou,
AC: 35 (+9 Dcxlcnty. +4 natural. +12 phocnlll Mmor)
Flat-footed AC: 26. touch AC: 19
Auacks: Iron rOLl +27/+221+17/+12 melce. fi" +27/+22 melee
Danm):c: IdlOOO rod. 2d12+9 fist
FardW: ear h: 5 ft b) 5 ftJline of
EXlr:lOrd in:l f) Abilities: Selecthe damage. n SCl;fCl
Monley hall'>
Sped:11 QU(ll ities: [nqantancou!> mo\cmcnt
Sll \C!>: I-ort +27, Ref +]1. Will +21
,\bili'ie!>: Sir 29, Dc'll: 29. Con 20. tnt 27. Wi, II. eha 26
Skill .. : Balanl;C +42. Bluff +35. Escape +42. Handle
Ammal + 19. I l lde +.15, Knowledge (:ITcana) +24. Knowl edge
+2-1, Knowledge (nature). Kno .... lcdgc (nobl]uy and
w)'alty) +24. Knov.lcdge (the planc\) +24, Kno .... Jcdgc (religion)
+24. LiMen +14. Mo\e Silently +37. Pi cl Pocket +30. Sery +28.
Sen"<: Mome +25. Spat +32. Tumble -f-.n
Alenne<,s. Ambldc(tcrit). Combat Reflews.
Deflect Arro .... Dodge. Expenl;,e, Impro\oo Tnp, [mpro\oo
Tv.o-Weapon Fightmg. hnpro\ed Unamloo Strike.
(monle},), Mobllcty. QUIck Orav.. Spring Anaek. Whlrlwmd
Any land
Organi l.lItion: Unique
Challenge R:ltinj:: No hope
Treasure: Only magIC
I\li gnlll enl : Chaotic Ileutr.ll
Once Upall a tnne there .... as a egg that hatched a stone
monkey .... ho .... ent 1(1 li\c v. Ith all the othef mOllkc}s 011 Flo .... er
and Fnlll Mountam. Some sa) he .... \\1"<:. dCH":r. bra\e. and
geneTOU\. Other\ he .... as IYlllg. grecd} and vain.
,\nd yet in of all this the other made h1111 their
king, the Cele".al Emperor waged .... ar on him. Ryujin the
Dragon-Lord feared hlln. and the Greal God puni,hed him.
So who I' Monkey'1
Monkey ,I umque creature .... ho found in the
mortal realm and wmellmes not. although he can alv.:lys De
found III those .... .... here gods. and men hH' side b)
side. Although the King IS not a god. he Immortal and
god-like po .... e!"'>.
In the of men, are legend-literal-
ly. By de<,t:Tlpuon, hc .... hom Stonc Monkey on the
Mountmll of Flo .... and FrUIt. halched frulll :1 egg
bathed in the fire of dragons. He quickly hi S dominance
ovcr the of the mountain to become their king, From
Ihere he had m:my ad,cnturcs. [00 many 10 recount here. During
Ihem he learncd magLe. gained IInmortJ.Jlty. acqlllfcd hIS
weapon Iron Balla", Rod. wenl 10 v. 1111 the Celestial
Emperor. "a, Imprisoned under a mountam and .... as c\cnt ually
freed to help a monk bnng holy <;cnplUre, bad. from a dis-
lanll and. He wao; a rebel. a sage. a a .... amor. and c \en
a prole!;IOr at dIfferent IlI1Ies.
Alt hough hc many rOnllS. normal appearance
Ihal of a hum:mold mOil key, the heighl and general
of a I\nrmal man. li e a I.ul al1d his bod) ' s co\ercd III fur.
althuugh he I' really ,wldc from li e a .... ear.> a
golden ,Uil of annor. at Olher palace garb. and slilI other
tnne, the robe .. of a ,age. He usuall y wear- hi S CTO\ln as klllg of
Ihe Illonkcy, and wmelime" an iron rod or 'wff. None of
thi' ,hould he con .. ,dered a delimu\(' dc;,.cnption. howe\er,
he h,l' a number of other gu l',cs.
Monke}'\ PO\lC" are. qUlle 'Impl}. con'ldcrable and god-hke.
\lell beyond thc of e\cn Ihe greale"l Any mortal
\lho challenge., him to banic being ftM)li\h. li e callnOi be
killed, although he can be hurt.
SdL'Cti\ c Monkey's preferred \\ eapon. Ihe Iron
6 alla\I R(xI. ol1ce u<.Cd 10 keep Ihe oceans calm. Immenl>Cly
large and he,ny. II O\le\'er. through hiS m:lgLe. Manke) can
\hrinkl he rod 10 the 'IIc of a pill, and 01'11'11 carrie'> it tucked
behllld h,,, car. li e C:111 cau<.C lito grow to any length on com-
mand. e\cn rcachlllg 10 lhe Cele<,hal Palacc. :Ind no maner
he \I iel d., II if II wcre a lighl '>Iaff. 1I0\\C\'cr. thc rod is so
hea\)" no other can pi ck It up. Wilh II he can choose 10 do an)
amount of damage from I \() 1 000
The 72 Secret Transrormations: Monkey learned Ihe!)C
mY<,llcal ch,l1lges pm'! of hL\ lran,cendc nce to immort:ll1ty. [n
gamcplay Ihl " mean" he can turn mlo any creature 01' obJcct al
\\111, of n;!lUre or
r-.l onkt'} Monkey can pluck h:L1r, from fur and
Ihro\l Ihem IniO the aIr, whereupon Ihc) arc lran<, fonned mlo hl\
fdlow monkC)"\ (all po .... erful wurriors armed .... I\h
\tolen from the Ccl.:<.l1al Pal ace and Hcll). He can also U<'c the
.,ame Icch11ltjue 10 create a11l1llatcd ,word\ and any\l here
from I to 1000 all ,trike at equal to hImself. The'\e are
wine of the po\ler- he u<.Cd 10 li ghll he gods.
In!>tlm\:lncOl1s r-. l mcmcnt : Monkey oftcnlights while flying
on a goillen doud that can 1IIo\e him any\lherc :tInear lll'I:IIlW-
lIeou" speed" magIc he learned fro m Ihe Illllllonal Sage'>. When
he 110t havc Ihl' cloud, he can <,Iill :.OI11CNlult Ihrough Ihe
\ky tor of leag\I('" In 'hoft. he no pcnalues
wllhdrawl1Ig from comhat (unle" faced by another belll g of ,"11-
liar alwa)' has the II11ILall\C .... hen he It and can
mOle !O pomlll1 a banle III a bhnk o f the e)"c. Mortal, bat ·
tlmg Ihe Monkey Ki ng are doomed 10 lo'>C.
The Roles of Monkey
The Monlo.. cy King bt.-C1l many different al man) di f-
ferent time,>, The (1)110" Ing are of the ""<1)' Monl ey might
Influence In II camp:lIgn_
liS Rt'tlcl: Qne of the most roles for the
\lonl-c) Klng the hol y rebel. fore\er crealmg trouble for the
power. of the Coun. A, II rebel. he fe'pedS no :wthon-
\) btll hI'. o .... n. 10 no po\\.cr and others \0 acknowl-
edge ,uprcmc ll11ghl _ Il o\\c\(r. he doe, nOI ;,cd.. \0 conquer
the S(Kh. unly \0 leach them Iha\ he IS Ihelr equ:ll or greater. So
long lhey treat hlOI VI Ilh he i, apt 10 lea\e them be_
In Ihe Inonal rc'llm. mcan, he hI-ely w take exception
10 holy m..:n \\ ho do nOI :lclnowlcdgc hi' pov.n. if
Ihey arc pm ... erlul ,lIld mtlucnlml He might \ i,,' during II templ e
/' "'\ rca,>!, un\ c off lhe £UC\I\, up Ihe fUlllilurc and lake all Ihe
hMxI :md \I me bad. 10 h,\ rello\l He I1I'ghl unnale in
Ihe lemple founlams. rendenng them- .... ell. On Ihe
\: ./ road he nllghl apJX'ar a common tra\cler and pia) ...oml: non ·

lethal prank on hi, victim A":I rebel. hc L\ l roublc .. orne lUld
dcslructil e. but loCldolll ael, \lith trul) ... indlclI\e maIlCIOlL<,neSS,
,\ [nnkey as Sagl': The Klllg, a mnurallal-
em fur magic and beLl1g educated h) one ulthe Imrnonal Sages.
behc\cs he "the ..age 111 the world. While he 1\ cIeler
and talented. Monkc) far from 111<.C. He \'lIil1, impcluou\. :ll1d
gullible (e,pccial1y \I hen II appcal\ \0 hi " \ amly). AI lime, he .... ,11
\lander the \\orld 111 Ihe gUI<.C of a \I "e Immortal. I)flen appearing
10 t'hallengc greal \I ho mIght threaten his repulalion The
ch:dlenge" u\Uall) take the foml of puule or magical contC,h .
Trul y 'WI<.C ':I£es win bcc,lll'>C thc) '>Cc Ihrough the
KlIlg', di'gUl'>e and then pia) upon fault.<" TIleY may O,lucr
hUll Illl" accepting an (even for him) w.,k. or d"l)Urage
the Monkey Kmg. prclel1ding not 10 kno\l II is hun. unlll he
mlo a rag .. Once tnded, the Mon].. e)" KlIl g him'iC[ f (II';;U-
ally III a iii of pique) und Of cour..c. the triebter doe\n't
like belllg tricked cau.,cs all manncr of troub1c unlll he 1\ properl > be It \\lIh or ILlle,
Monk\;') as I)cfcndl' r or t hl.' I'l'01111.' : A\ the king of the mon-
ke),. Monkcy ' s :II <,() their grcale,,1 .... arnor and their genef..ll 111
baul e, Of :tllthing" Ihi.<. hone aTCa he 10 e)tcci al In all
bailie, \I IIh Ihe d l\lIle PO\lcr. he ha, onl y 1x.'C1i defe:ued
onee- al1d e\en then Ihcy could only 1:lke hnn for a
1I!1lC. l ie bold. fearlc<;s. and pla)ful 111 hallie.
11l;tlchmg hl\ foc .. mo\e for mo\c. !)()\ler for po\lcr. He a
good lighl . at '0 long he', .... mnmg.
In the mortal realm.l h" Illean\ \ Ionkc) \1111. on \el) raTC
occ;hions. appear 1\1 light for a cau'>C or defend the fmthful He
particularly ra\or- lhe \lonhy undenlog and tho"ol: Ojlprc''oL-d b)
y If their enemle, do not treat them .... Ith TC'peel,
He \\ill al...o lake lhe \idc lighling hi' tmdil10nal enCl11le'
suo:h as lhe dcnlO11' of Hell and other I I.: .)pi-
c:LIl Y comc, III dl"guI<;C a' a lone '\lonhman With no partlcul:lr
background, If he j, grccll-d and trealed 'Wilh oonOl". he
may for bail ie. Once III banle, Mon].. e) re\c"h hi , true "oI:lf
ju,t before muting the enemy and rciumlllg 10 01>. 11
Reincarna ted \lonkc): Some people dai1ll (alt hough the)
arc untru\lwnrthy Ih;tt while Monkey c;tnnot he
he call he killed-a hllie bit. and only hy thc lno,t
powerful SUI whcn he I' kIll ed. hc I"n't really de:ld, e\en·
lually appearing mlhe mortal world a, a human belllg. Selllg
rcmcamaled, he no memOI) of hi, J)O\ler. or IntC
mL\Ure-al 1caQ nOI righl uw;ty. Howcver. true Monkey splril
" 10 hIde or "uppre" Such IIldl\ldu;t]., ha\c C'l:lraor·
dlll;t!)' po .... er<.. 1ll0,t of \I hlch they du nOl e\'en under-land them-
They Icnd 10 luck, ,urpming qrcnglh,
strange magIcal po",er.. and 10 damage. \\"or.e for
thein, Ihe force of Monkey', spIri t cannot be hlddel1 ;t lltl Ihey
lend 10 attract Ihe attcntlOn of ,upematural bein!!,. 11lo"tl) Iho'>C
\llIh ...omc "'Ith MonkeY-JIlted lo\er.. denu)I1,
looking fur re,engc, fello\l .. lookLl1g to reille Ihe good old
da)". and old enellllC' (and Ihe Kmg a 101 of ene-
If rclilcamaled l\1onke) I' any\\hcrc about. therc 1\ sure 10
be plenty of e'l:Cllelllcl1t for Iho<.C nomlal folh :111 around. e\en
thc of ad\ enturer..
" Ne ... Monke) ror :1 Ne ... MillcniUlII! , \Ionkey 1\ mllllor
lal. ;,o 10llg afler the arc gone. '-Ionke) \\-111 be
around-ye,terdilY. tOO;!y. and tomorrow NO\l. thc \1unke)
Kmg a clC\er fello\l ;tnd thoroughly modem m hi,> outlook So
It certaml) , land" to Ih:1\ If ;,omehO\\ a cU1lpaign wound
up In the pre;,enl or Ihe flllure. thc KlIl g \\-ould Ihere.
111\ ol d \1;1), \lould not ehal1gc. hut hc no problem pick"'g
UI) lhe l:uc,t lechnology and the I:lle,t \l yles. In faci he would
sumlUml him'!'lf \\ uh allthc I:tle,t glldgeh and gear. Monley
with a cell phone"! ,..Ionkl')' with :1 'pacc,hlp? Of COUI>.C
Monle), ha\mg great iun m a world tOO -.cicntific to behc\c m
mimc1c".' Oh. thl' Imublc hc could male
MoV\ke y D e moV\
Small Outsider E\' il)
llit Di ce: IdS+1 (5 hI')
Inil ialhe: +4 (+4 Dc"
SIK'ed: 40 It . chmh 40 fl
AC: 17 (+4 Dc,. +2 n:.lu1":l1. +1
Aat ·fooled AC': 11. touch AC 15
Allack!>: Bile +2 mekc
Damage: Bile Id-l
Face/Krach: 5 fl. by 5 f!.l5 ft
Spccill l AHacks: Monley
Sp{'ci:11 Qualitil-s: Darbl' lOn
SII\ ill g ThrliII S: h l11 +.'- Ref +4. Will +1
Abilitics : Str 11. Dc, 18. ('on 11.1111 7. 9. Cha 10
Skills: Ihdc +11. Li .. len +2. Picll'ockct +12, SPOI +2
FC:ils: Dod1,":c
Climat cfl'ernlin: Any fOI\:"
Org:llli 'mti on: Pair OT troupe (]·6)
Chllll cn):e K:ll ing: If.!
Trca!>urc: None
A li gnl11 enl : A I II- a) \ chaot ic l'\ I I
,\dlllll cellleni R:IIl i-:l': 2-3 110 (Small)
am go. monlc) dcmon, arc marc
a nUl\ancc than .lthreat. Ihelr M:aly
'lm. long c1a\\o-hand,. frmged tenlacular
head,. and long 1:111, TC<.emblc
an IIlfl'mal parorJ) of a tnlc manley. but
thclr chaos and ml-.chlef can be de:idly.
Monkcy dcmon .. commonly groom 1:lrgCf 0111 and feed on
their ,crnp'. Ii\ Ing l:.rgely an(] \Ca\cngcrs. Onley
oftcn act ll!> ,cout, IIr 'clllric, :1\ \\ell.
Like largcr ani. monlcy (]emon, arc u"ually to humans.
Howe\er. thclr aU;Kh nrc not leth:tl combined
with thc of II larger. deadlier om. t-.·!onkcy demuns u"u·
all) swarm a \lCtll11. to u<;c thclr abilIty to piel
to "0.::11 Itelll' uf up to Small "ll'. One the vic-
11m while the oth.e'" gmb \\hatthcy eun. They u<;c their superior
chmblll1,": to c..capc. t-.lonlcy demon .. ha\ e almosl no sen<;c
of "aluc. thelT theft, arc IIltcn(]ed to annoy or to lure viclims into
Irnp\ or ambu,I .... ,.
(\Iollk(') (Su): AIl)onc louchc(] by a monkcy
(]emon II1U" millc a Will ,;l\mg thro\\ ( DC II ) or suffer mon-
ley madne" for I d3 Om of all llllds arc Imlllune to
monle) 1110<.e \\o ho mal c a S;l\lIlg Ihro\\
3re nCI er agam affectcd by monle)
l\lonlc) make, a \ Ictlill 'It <;111 1. (]ropping all
and rockmg 10 and fro. Victim' rcpon that the touch
in'tlll, homblt' of dcath. hopclc"<.nc,,. and
Skill s: Manley galll a +8 racial m()(hficr to all Pick
Pockct ,kill
QloIicl<<2t' tl'C\I\ thl' eye COl lid follow,
the fI',ol\kcy dL',I\Ol\ Pl\l' Slol ed loiS
by lL'Clpil19 f,'ol1\ b'L'L' -10 tt'ec. Jts
cel'iL' 1\L'L"""ILljl'i"9c of tt:'l\faclcs
slo\\/Iy \\wifheLl CIS it \\IL\tched loIS
'Hovin9 bCI\L'L"""Ifh its h·ccs.
M OVlV\taiV\ Folk
Medium-Size Monstrous Humanoids
I\l 0unl:tin " Ian
Il il Uk!.':
I ni li:llhe:

SI"-'Cial }\lIadu:
SI>t'.: illl QII:llitics:
S:I \
Abiliti b:
eli nmt l'fl\o rrui n:
Orglm i I.ul ion:
Chalicllg,c Killing:

1\ li J.:llrncn I :
Ad \ :1 nct' rIIt'1ll :
:'id8+20 (42 hpj
+2 (-2 Oc'l. +4 Impro\'ed ImlHlll\e)
]0 fl
10 ( -2 Dcx. +2 nat)
FlJI-fooled AC: 10. tooch AC: 8
2 cia .... +9 melee. bilc +4 melee
Claw Id6+4, bite Id4+2
5 ft by 5 ftiSfl.
Cur<.e [ouch. frightful presence
D:lInage reduction 9/silver
Fort +5. Ref +2. Will +1
SIr 19. Dc ... 6, Con 19.
[m 8, Wi,S. eha 9
+3, Move Silcruly +10 SI)()\ +3
Improved Initimive
Any lloodcd or mountainous land arc:I!>
Solnary (bOlh)
" (b01I1)
None (OOIh)
Chaotic Cllllboth)
None (both)
Among the learwmc (i;)ngcr; 111 the
and mountall1\ lire the mountain foil.
'peal of them a\ scnt to lhe mortal
plane b) SU,<UlO" (l the 10 pumsh those
who "ould dC"IX)11 h1\ lind fore!>!s. Others
hUll at older m) Ih, Ihal male lhe hung!) Ihe olT·
,pnng of the \\ rongcd Ulemochl-Nol:Ulll. goddess of
food, Ihe 'Plrih e\l.:apmg along" lIh Ihe fjl"1 kiJo from her
dYlllg body
The 1Il("H,JI1talll fUll.lnll"n 1110umaln man or
llI()unlam "(lilian. arc 11l01'l' properl) demOniC '>PlriU. that have
,I mortlll ,Ill'll. Willie there are bct\\een Ihe
I" 0 gender. . Ihe)' ,hare b,,<,II.; charaeleri"i c,> of hunger. rage. and
In geneml. the CI'l'<lIUrclo <;eel1l 10 be malfonlled
human' \\ilh hunched oacl,>. numcrou, Well\. wart.,. lind lump'>:
and open weepmg wound, b) the ;,core their face, and tor·
so, Upon cI()<.Cr m'l)CctlOn. Ihelr b<xhes h:l\e been and
warped lnlO l;lrger fonns 111 and SlaT1.\.. "ith one 11mb longer or
more than :molhcr. They are only larger Ihan nor-
mal humJn,
The fjr;,t allnhule notice aboulthe mountain man or
\\O!ll:1I1 "tl'lclr ' tcnch The IIIh3bll1ng "Iretches and
the ph} ,,,al \h.-l1. Iiterall) tearing II wmpletely OUt or 111C
roh 3\\J). l)pl<:al1y Ia.,tmg only a time before becoming
too rQ(tcd to hold them. I)e,prte the putrefaction of the l1esh. the
and abllrtle,> or thc-.e remams constant until their
fonlb ha\c been dc'lfO}ed 10 hpj.
Whilc Imlcd 111 tcnn\ of hle pes and origin". rK'i -
Iher mount,un man nor mountall1 \\oman "Ish 10 ha\c afl)"lhrng to
do "l1h one anothcr. They arc <'()i1la!) maraudcrs Ihal haunt their ler-
mfcclmg an) Ihe) meet and do not consume. In many \\a)s.
they lIre JU'I a, hOlTlf)111g a ... \amplrc\. both "car Ihe altered
fornl'" of formerl), 11\ rng mort,ll,
Dc.,troY111t: the body of u mountall1 man or \\oman relcasc\ thc
c\l11 th,1! altered Ihe human rOml It po,>se\scd,
1'I 10011 111ill " 'oman
-kl8+8 (26 hpj
+6(+1 Dc" Impro\ed [nIlHlIl\e)
1S fl .. Oy 40 fl (a\crage)
14 (+2 Dc\, +2 nat)
Rat·fooled AC: 12, touch AC: 12
2 cia'" +6 melee, bite + I Illeke
Claw hl6+2, bue Id4+1
5 fl hy S fI.fS fI
Cur.c touch. l111pro\ ed grab. \\\allow \\ hole
O:lIliage reduUlon
Fort +3. Ref +6. \\111 +1
Sir IS. 14. Con 14.
Inl II. WI'> .'I. Cha 9
Ll'lcn +3. SIlently +14 Spot +3
Improvcd [mtmll\ e
Mo""'tain Man
Moumam man is alw3)'s a m:lle humanoid with a rnaSS1\C
hunched back. long Its \011>0 well OUI of
lion with 11l. legs. Black bristly h:lir sprouts all over the mountain
man in patches. though some arc so hairy as \0 resemble
Dc'pile warped :Ippcarancc :mel massive sile, mountain man
moves through Ihc und often !:Ikcs ils prey
unaware. Mountain man" is gullural and more li ke
growl., and grunb than words.
MOllntain v..0!l1311. in rmm)' way .. _ appears morc frightening or
Sickening Ih:m her male coumcrp:lrt. The human female body
sprOUlS dragontly-likc wings large enough to suppon her larger
frame. She al lcasr four inscctoid legs along her IOr50. Her
eyes arc multifaceted <lnd black. Mountain woman cannot
her lower jaw and entire throat arc a IIlsectoid tho-
rax capable of her prey whole.
Nei ther of these much or Mrategy in
b(lttic They attack mi nd!cs,ly and only nee hattie if wounded
or if they have captured at least one meal for later
consumption. Neither the presence of mind 10 utilize
relying imtead on their preternatural claws <lnd limbs.
Curse Touch The of either mountain folk carry
their insidiou<; cur.\C. Any human, (or humanoid, though few
ever report these creatures within the flesh of nonhumans)
injured by mountain fo[1.. who do not die of their wounds 111(IY
become mountam folk themse[\·es. Within one hour of being
wounded. V1cWIIS must make a Fortitude save equal or greater
than the total points of dam:lge de3lt 10 them by the mounwin
fo[ l.. . If the e fail". the victim falls into a COma alld remain,
there in a high fever while his or her erupts with pustules
and boils in ,hon time. Only remQ\'e Cllrse or greater can
halt this cffect once it h!!, begun, as the victim is u')ually dead.
ih soul or spirit wrenched from the body by the invading spint
once the coma sct in.
"reseuet! The presence of the
mountain man triggers fe<l r in those within within 20 feet.
Anyone within this mdius must make ;1 Will save (DC
13) or become shaken (DMG. p 84-85).
only ,hghtly larger, mountain woman can swallow up to
Medium-SI":C prey. the victIm less than Small SilC. Ihe
mon';\er !lee, baltle after swallowmg hcr pre), as her entire
and body blo..1ts and to en\'c!0p the food. Otherwise.
"he to digeq her melon the spot. Any swallowed victims
must mal..e Fortitude at DC 14 each round or suffcr both
Id8 points of constriction damage and 2d8 of diges!I\c
acid damage.
Flight Mountain woman has a quanet of dragonlly
wing, on hcr back, which <lllow hcr to tly at 40 fcci per round
with Alcrage m;lneu\erabtiity. She if burdcned by gmp-
pled or ,walluwed prey, her reduct!d to 30 feet per round
by Small prey and 20 feet per round and Poor maneuverability
With Mcdium-Sli'e prey.
For purposes. mountam foIl.. follow the general sta-
tist ic, above. If a PC or NPC faib to fight off the infcct1On. that
pel);on becomes possessed b} a mountain folk and Ihe
body alters, gaming powers as noted abo\·e. The person's
IS consumed by that of the mh:lbitmg evil SpITlt. Oncc
OCCUTl>. the mh:lblled pel'on may not be rcwrrL"Ctcd: only 11 wish
or miracle 1l1:1}" re,\ore the o!igm;11
Mountain J\ lan: SIr/Con +!t Dcx · 5: Int 8. Wi, 5, Cha 9:
liD as original per,on (mmirnurn 110 a\ ab(l\e)
1\ IO\lnl:lin Woman: Str/De1(/Con +4: lnt II. Wi, 5, Cha 9,
HD as onginal person (millllllurn liD as abo\(:)
"MOI.-II"\tail"\ folk, 1"\0 [notic'"
\vhot fOI'!'\"\ they take,
have l"\olhin9 il"\ thclYl
save f'ClVCI"\OLIS hL'1"\gel '
ond ll"\odl"\css."
Impro\ cd Gr:lb (E ... ): The four 10 in<;eclOid legs
along the mountain woman's torso arc strong cnough
to gmpp[c any prey allackcd by one of
her claw allacks. Thc smallcr lcgs grapple the prey
up close 10 Ihe torso to rcstrict movelllent and either
allow thc 10 lly away wi th hcr food or
consume il on the spot. MOllnlam woman not
herself grappled if she holds the prey among these
torso legs.
(' I
Swall uw \Vhole (Ex): Mountain woman's most
fC;lr,ome <luatk is her ability to swoop down and
swallow victllllS whole. Mount<lin woman must
make an additional grappling allack
after a grab to hcr victim. Despite being
, .....
l cdium·Size Fe)' (Earth. Incorporeal)
lIi t [)ice: IOd6+IO {-IS hpl
Inili:ltiH' : +7 (+3 +-I lmprolcd 111I1I:lIIIC)
Fl} ]0 ft (pcrft:ct )
AC: 19 (+3 Dc'l. +6 defiedlon)
"'hu-fooled AC: 16. touch AC: 19
AtllU:i..S: Incorporeal touch +8
Oanm/.:c: Incorporc,l l touch ld6 pcrm:mcnt
Chan, ill;! dnllll
F;ICc/Kl'lII: h: 5 ft. b:r 5 ftJS rt
Spec;:.1 Allaclu: ChammJ d ..... lI1. ,!XII-II!.." abLhucs.
,>ummon '>pirit!. of the dead
Spt.'1:illl Qualities: Incorporeal
SnH's: Fon +-I. Ref +10. Will +9
SIT-. 16. Con 12. 1m [3. 14. eha 22
Ski ll ,: Diplomacy +14. Gmher Infmmlltion +14. lm;midmc +14,
Knowledge (local Mea) +10. Li,ICIl +12. Sense f..l olhc +10.
Blind-Fi ght. Comb;!! Rcfic)lcs. hllprol cd
[1l1l1:111\ C
Clinmle/ Terrain: f\ny land
Chall tlll,:C Kaling.: 9
U,u<llly IJwful neUlrJI
Ad \ IIIlCl' menl : I I -10 Ill) (r-. ledlllln·Sile)
Neal.. ta arc tulelary e:l nh \]llnl' common in some e)( Ol1e localc"
rhey With other religion, and pl ay an irnjJOl1ant part in
the foil.. belief\ of Ihe nal1le people,
Each neal..-Ia a home, ,uch :l':1 rocl.., J or elen a ter-
mile hilI. and Ib colllrol r.l(hJle'> out\.\an1 from th:1.I obJeCt. A com-
mon neal..·la controls an .U'l:a the ,ifc of a I Illage, \\ hlle othe" con-
lOll nli ..... I ..... entm: pro\ Ince'. The .. prc..ented here arc for the
\"Ilbge \ ariel), \\ hi Ie the neal·ta of a pro\ IIIC"t' \\ ould top 2S liD.
Neal..-tll are u,u<ll1) hcneHlleTll. but onl) so long the prop-
er "arrifice, are made. While ,ome neal.. -ta hale been\\nlO
demand human ,a('rifice,. they arc thc e)(ceptlon mlher lhe
rule. 1\ 10\1 arc content with humt oft"eTings of incen-.c and fOlxl.
On.:e neal..-la offer healing. :tdl icc, rain for crops, :md
Ihe IIl..e.
The ongm of the I1c"k-ta " a 111)"tery, Sonic 111'151 that tlK')
are a form of anee"or and IhclT abilily to gh()',l,
,upport, Idea. Other. OI'PUtC thl' theory, maml;lInmg the
neill..·la arc mamfe'tauon, of nature It..elf llle neak-Ia are
on thl\ I,'>ue
I'c;lk·t3 ,>peal Tcrmll ,lIld Cornillon
Neal..·ta rarely engage 111 comhm Their mcorporeal form allu\\,
them to ,ml mlo the eanh ur thclr homc obj ecl, They arc only
I\lU,,,'t.Ito ilcuon .... hen 'ilcrtficc, arc lacllllg or their territory i,
threatened. In Iho\C ca\C\ , neJl..-ta UI,(: Ihe,r ,pell-like ahililie,
hle rllrlhqu(lkr to frighten their hX', a\\a). If all d<.e they
\U1llIlK)n ghO\II) aid ano anad, \\ ,Ih tllClr IIIcorporeaJ louch.
Drain (Suj: Id6 poult, 01 pennanent Chan'IIi'l
danlilge 'Il\o<.e Ihat flaunllhe ,plntu.,J order b) nOl. oifenng ...acn·
tlce 'utlt'r the of Ihe per.onal l)O\\Cr Charisma 0 nlC,lIl' th;lI
the target" withdrawn \Iltll a eomahl..e hc1ple",
Evi l neak-ta ofiL'1\ Il\Clkc theil' h Olnes
i" hills thol gl'OW l l pOl1 lilt.'
1\I,c"emafed COI'PS<..'::; of thos..: that
died violent deat hs,
Incorporeal: Can he harmed only by ol her mcorporc<ll crea-
lure, or + I or bellcr wcapon, w, th a 50'1 chance 10 Ignorc lilly
damagc from a c(Jrpt)real 'OUTCe. Can pa" through ,nlid obJcct,
at \\ 111 (but nOI force clTecl<.), lIno 0\1. n through
llnllOr. AI\\a), mo\c, ,ilclIIl)
\Icdium: Neak-ta JIl), .... " d medium, an older \.\omiln kno .... n
a\ amp. \\hen they .... ant 10 tall lOOT hcal monals. The ncak·liI
enter. the bod) of the mp ano ,peal, th,ough her. While the mp
I ' Jlll, .... , .... d. the neal-Ia (iln C;I,III\ heahng Neal-Ia can-
nOl. fnn.:e on;11I UIl\.\llhng ,uhJecl. Rup lire u,uall)
\ Illage \\I\C women and often member, of the adept
Slwll-Like A bil i ticl>: At wll1--("lIre wmmd.\ '. I",.III(II'C
(III('(/It" and sof/('/] ('orlh 01111 .\/(1111'; .l/d:I)·-("OIuml wcor/wr,
(lil/le/III(1gic nel./roli: e jJO/.\{In·, and Ij)/li.e ,/OIleJ: I/d<lY·
('(lrlliqll(lJ.t' . retl/O,·e /Jhm/ll e.\.\.:dCII(nt'u·, and remow' CllrH'·
TIIC-.c abihtie\ arc Ihe b) a I-Ith-Ic\cl ';orecrcr
(\a\e IX 16 + Ic\('I). Spell<. marled \\llh an .. k can
only be C:I"I .... h,le tllC lICal·ta JlO'..c,-.c .. a rup.
Sum mOil Spirits or the Dead (Su): '\cak-I:I can. III tulle .. oj
nt.'t.'t.I, aid from Ihe realm of the dead. Once per o:IY. a
neak-ta can summon d6 The DM dClermmes the CR of
the gho", Thl' ahlhl)' {)l hcrv.i-.c a .. a Will·
1/1/111 "uml!er 'pel!
Large Outsider
llil Dice: 12d8+48 (102)
Inil i.lI he: +2 (Dcx)
Slll'Cd : .. Oft.
I\ c: :n (-1 +2 +12 natural)
flat-tooled AC: 21. touch AC: 11
Att ack ... : +] grcllhword + 201+15/+10 melee and two +2
+ 17 melee
Damagc: +3 grcatswonl2d6+12 .m<ltwo Id8+5
,"'acclnc:lc h: 5 fl. by 5 ft.110 ft.
Special j\ tt acks: -
Sll'cci a l Qualiti('s: Damage reduction (5/+1). immunities
S:n cs: Fort + 12. Ref + 10, Will + II
Abilil ies: Sir 22. Dexl5. Con 18. Int 13. \Vb 16. eha 14
Skills: Balance +12. Climb +14. Intimidate +18. Jump +14,
Listen +20. SC1l';C MOIl\e +16, Spot +20
Feats: Multianack. Mliltidcxtcrily. Multiple·Weapon Fighting
Clirnalcrr crrain: Any land
Or !:anil .• llio n: P:ur
Clmll t ngc Rating: S
TrC:I-,> urc: Nunc
Ali gnnll'nl : V:!ric,
Ad \ ,1111'1' 1111: 111 : lligh templc guardian 14- 16 HD (Large). alt ar
guardian 17-20 IlD (Huge)
four-armed lemple off intruder; with
their demonic vbage and 'Aeapon The g:lrb of
a nioo changes depending U]Xlll the temple il guards. though
typieall) they \I'ear more garmenb th:ln :lrmor. They
l\:l\'e reddish skill. bl:lek-rillImcd glolling fangs, and a
spi ked brow. and their faces :Ire twisted inlO an "narl. In good or
netltraltemples lhe appearance is designed 10 .;care away intrud-
ers. Nioo arc not inherently el"il un1c,s gU;lrding evil temple .. ;
il1'lead. these take on the alignment of the appropriate
deilY, Therefore In gOOll-aligned the creatures
wear robe" bearing the \ymbol of the deity to they ,CT\'e to pre-
I"ent accidental connict •.
NlOo arc u,ually found in pam •. one on eilher side of an
entryway or guarded object. Only the high in a lemplc h:ls
the authority 10 command a nioo. Should the high pric\l dic. the
guardi:ms will follow the laq order given until the temple de,ig-
nate\ a nell lugh pries\. Nioo :Ire imclligem. but not loquacious;
they only rel:lting to their Gate
for example. eonl'ersc to conley II ho m:ly or may nUl or to
asee!'\:l11l \Ihether a panleular char:leter mee1.<; the requiremem ..
\0 eont11lue. If :luae\..ed. eornm:mded to allack, or a character
attempts to force a way past a nioo. the guardian fighb furiou\ly.
Attempt' to lure the guardian, from their po..h fail as a nioo
e:mnottral"cl more than 50 feet heyond il'> de<.ignated post. Any
:utac\..\ again,t:l nioo from outside of that 50 feet also fail.
All moo He profielcm II tlh lhe ","capons they carry. and typically
Wield one large weapon with thciT upper two and ,horter
bl:lde, or wC:lpom with their 10ller hmbs.
(Su): A nioo i, re,lrit ted In lIithin 50
feel. of it<, de'lgnated area of Any attac\..s or from
out,idc th;tt arca hale no cffect against the nioo. COll\erscly. a
nlOO canllot affct·' all}O!le outside that area either.
e.v..:''''y doy :J l,.-Ol'9ht the 0 ffc"iJ"9S
fo t he fC Il\ple C\nd nevel' did :J see
fhe move ("'01l1 thei ...
posts l-II1til the dol' :J C\ccideV\t ol ly
leff lI1y cOt'vil'9 knife ii , tht..! o ff£:"l,jl" 9
bowl. :J( the p"iest hod I' OJ
il,tcI"vel1cd :J wOlll d h ave !osi
my life thai dol"
Tiny Undead
Ili ll>ice: 2d12 (13 hpj
Ill iliulhe: +6 (Dc". ImpTO\cd [mu:1u\c)
SIM.'ed : 20 fl.. fl y 40 ft. (a'crage)
AC: 14 (J)n +2. SilC +2)
Flat·fooled AC: 12. touch AC: 14
2 lalons +5 melee or bite
+2 melee
1):lIuage: Talon Id3- 1 or bit e Jd3-1
Face/ Reach: 2 112 ft. by 2 In ftJO fl
Special AHacks: Chllhng <.Cream. rend.
spell-Ille :Ibihties
SIK!Cial Qualiti es: Undead. ;'<:CIII. +2 tum
Sa\cs: Fon +0. Ref +2. Will +3
Abi lities: SIr 9. Dc;.: \-1, Con • 1111 12. Wi s J l. Cha 14
Bluff +7, Escape Artl'" +7, Hi de + 15. Intimidate +5.
Li\tcn +5. Mo\'c Silently +7. Spol+5. Tumble +7
Feats: Improved Inllm1l\c, Weapon hnc'iSC (claws)
C1imat efrerrain: An) kind or underground
Organi l,:t liun: Clutch (2-5) Of clutch plu\ I langsu) ar
Challenge Rat ing: 2
l hasure: None
Ali gnment : AJl'o u)S chaot ic enl
A(l\ a ncemenl : 3--6 liD (Tiny)
TIle corpore:ll of babl c\. po111ianaks envy the 11\,-
Ing \\ uh unparolleled hatred lmd JCllloIISY. Since the gift of Ilfc
10. as denied them. they 'I>cnd their day!> hunting humankind (par-
IIcularly children). teanng Ull0 fie,h \\lIh thei r sharp talons and
pKklllg at corpses \\l1h their temhle hoping Ihat by con-
\ulmng the freshly dead the) corne a '>tep c1o!>Cr to under;tand-
IIIg the C\),Cllce of hfe. lbough al .... a) , fruille,!>. Ihls quest dri\
all ponllanaks. \\ho hope one ua) to de\OUf the fie,h thai
! "'III allo\\ Ihelll to troll'>Ccnd Ihelf current abommable and
da1l11 the hfe that ,hould h;,l\c been them •.
PontlanaJ.s appear a!> naleu dcad human babies With owl-li l c
features. lIlc1udmg feat hery taloned fect. and a many-
toothed beak. The fiy hy lmnt1clllly waving their arms.
Some pontianab are ' l);Jwned from the deceased of
the cmellang;,uyar (M!C the de.,cription of this creature eb.e-
\\ here 111 pnxluc!), SUdl are In all other "'Wr' Iden·
lIcalto ponllanOll,
Ponllanaks speak Common_
A ponuanal usually announce\ u\elf through ghost sOItlul baby
cne., 111 the darkness. lunng the CUriOUS to their untllllely
Such creatures are not abo\e (0) ing wuh their prey. however.
and often a1c er theI r aumllllu\lOlh to confuse listenen..
mg volume as a \1ctllll gel,> funher a .... ;Jy or bccolmng qUlcter 11\
he Of approaches.
Chill ing Scream (SII ): I'onllanal.:, can 1ctlOO'iC a chil hng
keen mg. channelmg thelf rage and ,uffcnng mlo a po .... erful and
confoundmg SOIllC attacl.: When a pontianak ..creams. all h\ mg
creature, \\'-Ithm a 20-fool spread mu,1 .,uccec(i at a Will <;mc
(IX' I]j Of be alt'ectL"(! by C(ltIjiHifJn. as the spell ('asl by a 7th-
le\cl bard, The effect 7 round." A creature that
3gainst IhlS at tad cannot be 11 ffeclcd by lhe same pon-
lI::mak'!> chilling ;,crcmn for one day.
Rend A ponll:umk that hll' wllh bolh talon
latches 01110 the opponel11\ body and le;Jr\ the auto-
mallcall y deals an addl tlon31 I d6 pOim<; of damage.
SIK' II -like abi li ties: At Inll /<:lrtll/ smln(l. ('htlltge self. ('IfH'-
dlllOlH rClrCal. \'ClllriloqIllSII/ Uda}· -l/1l"1s1bllln' The!>C ahllitle,
are the \pell\ by a 4th·le\d bard ha\c DC 12 + \pcll
Unde:ld: Immune to mrnd-rnflucnclllg effects. poi'-On. sleep.
"lUnnmg. and dhea\e, I\'ot 'lIbJect to Critical hit". ,uh·
dual damage. ability d:nnagc. cnergy drum. or de;Jt h from mas-
'I\e damage.
R e d
Meditlln-Size Outsider (I nfernal)
ml n ier: 15d8 (67 hpj
Inilinlh e: +2
S,K't'd: 50 fl.
Armor Class: 2::!: (+2l)cll. +10 natural)
Rat-footed AC: 20. touch AC: [2
Att acks: Grc:llaw + 18/+ 11/+8 melee
Damage: Grealaltc luI2+]
Face/Reach: 5 ft hy 5 fliS fl
Spet:ial Attacks: I lcll"h Judgment
Sp«ial Qual iti es: Infernal UllllltUllCy. ablhtles
Sa\ing Throws: Fan +9, Ref +1 L Will +13
,\hili tit.'S: Sir 15. Dc;.. 14, COil 10. 1m 17. \Vb 19. eha 14
Skills: Alchemy +5. Bluff +9. Clllnb +7. Conccntmuon
+20. DIplomacy +13. DI\gUI"1' +15, Forgery +14. Gather
Information +9. Hide + 16. Intinlldnlc + IS, Knowledge
(Arcana) +5, Knowledge (ReligIOn) +11. Li,tcn +20.
Mo\e Silently +10. Motive +16.
Spot +20 (165 point'))
,,' eats: Jl11pro\cd DI,arrn, Improved Trip.
Weapon Foell\ htaff)
Cl ima lc/Terra in: An} land or <,(,'a
Chall enge Ra lln!!: 12
Tn>aSll rc: None
Alignment : AI .... a)" l;I .... ful e\il
,\ dnUlce ment Runge: 161032 liD
A red mlm"tcr" a ccle,hal tllmed from lhe
.... orl of Hea\en to -.en I' the of llell Ilowe\cr.
unille most \111'. gLbbenng of eVil. lhe red nllmqer
a falfade of good. ;,ervlllg evil III Ihe of a
wonhy magistrale or officml of the emperor. A red mlll istcr
al .... ays ..... ears rich robes :lIId \C,lmcnts wllh all the ornamenl"
and fillips one nught of a wealt hy official. and
carries a large. iron-shod or halberd.
[n (heir "pct.'ch. rt.-d mlll!"c!'; arc calm. reasonable. and often
pcNlnsivc. llicy tcnd 10 he ... ,uffy and fonnal. insl"tmg on being
taliI'd hy all proper tltb and Itkc ..... i<,e Illsi\tlng on follo ..... ing all
procedure' and proIOCO['. 'llIey 'ItI'I\'e to eontrol the systems of
human government to 1':111<,(' , utTering: exccutlng the innocent. cre·
ating famine\. encouraging hw.brcake"" slealmg from the public
treasuries, and bribing other to fa\or the nch and power·
ful and trample pea!><I11\ .... rnerch:lIl1", and When a red
minister rules In a pro\ mel'. 1),"Uln) and dc:nh are surc 10 follow.
u,ually far prefer 10 olhers as their tools, and
a\oid combat .... hellc\ cr When forced to fight, Ihey
usually Ihrow mll1lon, atthClf :ut:tcker and !leek 10 escape.
Ahiliti es: A red mllmter can eastllNl'Cliie and
charm fJer50n on Ib \ ICIUlh oftcn as II likes. and can cast
dere('f delet"1 good, and 1.-r11L deulit ..... ice per day.
They enJoy telhng their \lctlUh Ih;lllhcy can cllher cooperale
"hill' 11\ mg, or cooperate once Ihc), arc <le;Id,
In ad<lllion. a red mmhler c:m wilh merely
components three tllllC, per day, and cil{lrm 1II0015ler six
lime>.; per d:lY. TIle>.;e abili ties arc all a, Ihe ,pells b), a I )Ih
level sorccrer (DC 10 +
Infcrnlll llIlnlun ities : Red 1111111,te["<' are l111mune 10 fire. ]Xli-
\On. electriCity, and arc rc'I\lam 10 cold and :Icld 20).
They call 'I.."C In d;l rknc" perfc\:lly, e\cn thai cau,ed by decper
'pcll" and Ihey can commumcale telepat hlcall )' with
any 1I1Iclligent creawre_
Il ellis h J udglll t' nt (SII ): Wh lie moq lal\ of the
Cele"tl31 Bureaucracy ('an heavenly Judgmcm on mor-
tah, a red Illlm,tef call Judgment on any chaotic
soul. To u;,.c th" ]Xl .... er. the red 1l\11II\ler atthc \ictLln for a
full round. Judgmg the creature', <,.OIl!. then a ,i ngle ..... ord
at the end of the round. "ummlng up e\ cl) offell-.c agairuot Ihe
la .... thai the target e\ er commilled. Thi, <,(,'nlen('c Of Judg-
mem affects the targel and all 0I1te ..... "1Ihm a _'\O·fool radiUS of
the targel a lliolllll \pcll
Medium-Size Monst rous Humanoid
8d8+8 (44 hi»)
Iniliat hc: +7 (Oc:.:. Improved Initialive)
SIK'l'd : 30 fl.
AC: lJ (+3 Ik,;:)
Flat-footed AC: 10. touch AC: 13
All acks: BIle +12 melee: or Jongsword + 10 melee
Damage: BIte Id4+2: or longsword Id8+2
Facc/ RI .. ach: 5 fl. by 5 fl.140 fl.
SIK'('ial AII:lcks: Blood drain. fearful lulling
Sllccial Qua lit ies: Vorpal immunity
S:l\cs: Fon +3. Ref +9. Will +6
Abili t ies: SIr 15. Dc,;: 16. Con 12. l nt 12. Wi s 10. Cha 14
Bluff + 13. + 13. Pcrform +7. Tumble + 14
Combat Improved Inilimi\c. Weapon Finesse
(hite). Wcapun Foeu., (bitc)
Clinml cf l't<rrltin: Any land and underground
Org:mi " ion: Solitary
Chnlll.' nge Rating: 5
Trelts ure : Doublc ,tandard
Alignment : lawful c\il
Ad\ :lIIcctlll'nl : By character class
Rokurokubi e"emplify kanJl ie rctribullon. Whcn a practitioner of
Cen311l stfict him or hCl'elf in forbi dden
pleasure' or in willful and unapologetic of
pfOlx:ny or lifc. theIr ill1ernalilcd <;ubconscious guilt grow,
<;trong Ihm thcy bccomc rokurokubl. Such ,hameful creatures
aplx:ar human. bUI can ,trctch Ihcir impossibly long necks to
makc chilling blood dr;lin ntt:lcks from a great dislanee.
r.lo,t fukurokubi arc fem;tic. though some fcw mnle speci-
mens arc known 10 1',, ;<,1. Though their prehcn\ile nccks Clm
,treleh up 10 40 fed. their nonnal form i., th;lI of!l regular
human hellig. A deep purple band of around Ihe of Ihe
ned. re\raJ\ Ihe rolurolubi', nature, though \uch
dbguI\e marl wilh male-up and dOlhing.
Rokurokubi 'peak Common.
A rokurolubi prcfcr, to hide bchmd covcr. out its impos-
long neck for qUIck bile attack<.. If po",ihle. thc crc:Jture
use, I" lul1tng song 10 enllce lIS cnemie, into lelhargy before
lliood i)min ( Ex): Upon a ,ucces,ful bite anack. :J rokuroku-
bi deals I d8 potnt, of l.:mpOntf) Conqitutlon damage to a li\ ing
foe. A creaturc reduced to Con 0 by a rol-ufokubi dies.
FCllrfli l l·n .'Scncc (Su): The rokurokllbi call di"'Oll ils face
uno a fnghlcnmg demonic vi'age. All wilhin 30 feet who sec the
di'lurblllg 1ll1:lge mu,t ,uccecd at a Will save (DC 16) Of bccome
'h:Jlen. rem:lInlllg ,h:Jken for 5d6 round". This abililY affech
only thosc Wilh \hal1 8 hll dice. An opponent who succceds
at Ihe ,aving Ihrow i., Immunc to Ihe frigll1ful pres-
ence ability fur the ufthe day.
Lulling Song (SII ): When a rokurokubi II" clIl:hanling
o;ong of 10.". allli\!ng crcalUre' wilhin n 6O-foot spread
male a Will save (OC 16) or be affected by dum/!
{)('nml urI/eel' (Ihc rokurokubi the song and effect). as
thc cnst by an 8th-level ,orccrcr. This is a sonic. mind-
affecling chann. A crealure Ilwt successfully savc, again,t thIS
attack C:1nnOI bc affected by the <;(Jug of a rol-urol-ubl for one day.
Vorra l 1 rnmll nity ([,, ): If dccapuated by a \orpal weapon. a
rokurokllbi docs not dic. It, bod) retnalllS acm'e. and ils head
flies hack !O the body lllld reatt:\ches itself on Ihe following
round. [f the hend and body remam 'oCp;!rnlcd fur more tl1:ln 24
hour,. thc creature die,.
The cuulals of S\",-LiI\9 PI·efectl.u·e
tell the sad st ar')! of C hao-Li, a Sk'f'I'\
}.'0I..\1'\9 fishmoI"l9t:'1' who kl""lowil"l91y
took a I>okw· ClS Cl Wi fe.. ".J
ol,del' }'ou to sCl've IHC!" he said t o
he/"' 01" theil> wcddin9 dCl}'.
Sc.<ve him she did, to 011 a
plate with seve., l11al'\9oes, th/"'ee date.s,
ClI'\d a bed of (I·esh I'\oodles.
Colossal Oriental Dragon
II it Dice: -Wtt I 2+616 /902 hp)
Initiati 'e: Clmpf'(J\(.-d InUiame)
Spt-'t-' d : 50 ft .. 11) 251l h (good). '\\Im 100 ft.
AC: 50 (-8 ,III,'. natural)
F1al,foOlt'u AC': 50. lOu(h AC; 2
A" llcks: Bile +54 mde .... 2 cla\\\ +52 melt.'C.lail +52
melee; cnhh /Largo.' or +54 melee; tall S\\CCP
or smaller crc;LIure,) +:'12 melee
I)anl age: Bile 4d8+ 18 /19--201ITS]2I, 2 1,'1;1\\<; -kl6+9. lail dar
-kl6+27: (ru\h 4d8+27; lall \\\cep 2d8+27
Face/ RI.':lch: 40 ft. b)- 100 ft.120 ft.
Sj}(-'cial A" :ICk,: Breath \\e;lpon\.
frighlful (DC' 41)
SIIf..'Cia l QII:1IiliCll : Scenl. ' 1)<'11 33. damage reduct ion
imIl1UlllIlC'. blilld'ight. 'CIl,e ... ",ater
bre:ll hi ng
S:ning T hm" ,; I'on +:18. Ref +24. Will +36
Abililie .. : Str 47. Ix, 10. Cun 38. [nl 33. Wi .. 35. Cha 35
Skills: Aleht'm)' +55, C'un(('ntr:1I10n +57. Diplomacy +56.
Innuendo +34, [nllll1lu:lle +56. Jump +62. Kno ..... ledge (arcana)
+41, Kno\\ [edge +51. Kno\\ ledge I.
Kllo\\ ledge (nature) 1, Kllo\\ ledge /the planesl +41.
Kllo\\ledge (religIOn) +51, Li,len +69. SCI) +55, Search +55,
Scn-.e \ 1ome +67, Spclkmft +55, Spot +69. $\\ Inl +62.
"Ildem.::" Lore +34
Fe:lb: Alenne .. ,. Comhat C'a\llllg. Emptl\\er Spell. Fl y- By
Allali... Ho\er.lmpf(l\ed Cnllc .. 1 ( 1l IIe). lmpro\ed Imliatnt:.
\l ull1aIl3d" Po"cr Spell. Quici..en Spell-hke
Ability, Spell FUll" (e\o..:al1on). Snatch, Sunder. Wingoler
Climat e/rerrain: An) "alcr or air. coo'tal or mountainous land.
Org:mi1.ation: Solllal). Tf'(lupe IR)uJIn and 8 celesti al dragons)
Chall enge Ibting: 25 ("IJht;U))
l ..... a;.url' : \\ hen tral ehng. R) UJIII hi .. magic and
lhe Tide Je\\el .. (\/"'C Ilelo ..... ). III, palill'c 2d6 lelel 20
plu\ the Irca,ure" of hl\ COn"orh and folio\\c,,",.
Alignmell t : AI\\3)' la\\ful nculml
Ad\lJllCellll.'lIt R:mgt': ':'oJ/A
Called thc Lumlllou" Belllg. the Sea Kmg, thc Dr..!gon Emperor.
and many olher II1le\. R)uJm I" the Japane\<' dmgon god oft/Ie
<;ca. All long" anI! or Oriental dr..lgon, pa) hun homage. and
likencv, I" one of the hadge .. of TO)alt}. ,ho\\ing that a human
cmperor h;j' R)uJIll'., f.l\or Acconllng 10 Icgend, It RyuJlII
"ho fiN l;jughl lhe \.C({c'"' of "fll1ng :md 'pcllcrafl.
by pre\Cntlllg u hum;m \\lIh ,I ,(rolilll<'crl bt.'f.I wJlh char-
acter,. Ryu)lI1 11\1'_ III Ryugu. h" pal:lcc :t l lhe ool1om of the ,ca.
RyuJIIl 1, a ;,illuou\. o,c:ded ({ealll rc "Ilh a largc homcd :tnd
..... head. and a largc mouth Indeed. in templ e\ de\;oted
10 hml. the Sea- Kill!.: '" al\\ay, p'lluted (lr ,(ulpled With a large.
op,'n mouth. li e Iw_ four dawed lep. but IlO \\111!! .. : ht'
nil''' b) mea"" of Innate maglcul ptl\\Cr
Whcn he always accomp:micd by eight great
celestial wynns that take Ihe fonn of scrpenb. fellow pilgrims.
or even On the outer planes. Ryujin is an ally of
l3ahamul. bUllhe two grcat of Law do nOI always coop-
enHe. differing 11\ their IIlterpretalions of lhe law.
Tunics are regarded his messengers. bUI fish. dragons. sea
and shark-people aho :.ene him. The dragons who
h1l11 arc usually bene\"olel1l: they bring rain. guard sacred
dwellings. and w:ltch over people \\ith importal11 destinies.
When the are angered. however. Ryujin and his dmgons are
commanded to <;end typhoons and noods to punish the wicked.
RyuJin many ilmguages. including Common. Celestial.
Draconic. lnfenml. and the language of sea-creatures. He can
speak magically to any intelligem creature.
RyuJIIl is mrc1y challenged by anyone other than the other
of dmgonkind. dcmi -gods. and the gremest of heroes.
he is a sorcerer of 28Ih-level, and has damage reduction 25/+4.
Breath Weapons (Su): Ryujin twO breath weapons. a
powerful wind and a of lighming and thunder.
Ryujin's wind breath canlitel1l11 y move a horse. and usually
creatures of Hllge size or sm;lller tumbling. Because size
and mass arc so important 10 Ihe wind. all creatures suf-
fer a savmg Ihrow modifi er based on Iheir size: CoJoss:1I + 16.
Gargantuan +8. Huge +4. Large +2. l\-1edium-Size +0. Small - 2.
DiminU!ive -8. and Fine - 16. NOle also Ihallhe wind
breath weapon requires a FonilUde &1\ IIIg throw (DC 44) rather
Ihall a Rene)( "a\"c: though Ihe wind originales from R)lIjin'l>
moulh. it fill, an elllirc region hundreds of yards wide wilh
wind. Dodgi!lg the wind is !lot an option.
Hi s lighining-lllld-thlinder breath weapon (li ne in air. cone
underwater) inniclS 3]dR. and the throw is a nonnal
Renex (DC 44). The noise of the thunder 3eb as a power
1I"0rd. SIIIII on any creal ure within heuring di stance e)(cepl other
dragons (DC ]8).
Frightful Prt.'scnce (Ex): Ryujin lerrifies most creatures
merely by his prelo-Cnee. The power lakes efk"Ct whenever Ryujin
charges. or nics or swims Creatures within
440 feet arc subject to the effect if Ihey have 44 or fewer Hil
Dice. Lawful dragons (and Bahamll! and Tiamat) arc imillune to
the effect.
SI>clls: Ryujin is:l sorcerer of 28th level and eaSls spell s with
but a <;ingle word while In hiS natural form. He of lens Quickens
favorite .. pells: II/ogic fill1g. magk missile. and dllli"
SI>t'II- like Abilities (Sp): Ryujin has a number of
abililies. all of which he call lise fOllr times per day: f(l/llighl-
/lillg. comro! ,,"eatiler. ('II/£"gl'. imprOI"lHf il/dsibililY.
and 3utommic charm of all !>Ca creulures. Fin:!lly. he can
I'!wpedw,lge SIX limes per day. These are :!Il cast a
sorcerer of 28th level.
Immunities ( Ex): RyuJin I" imillune to cold, electricity.
magic mIssiles. poison. sleep. and paralysis effects.
nlindsiJ;hl (Ex): Ryujin's blindsighl extends 10 450 feet.
Uark\'ision (E.'Il): Ryujill'S 101.500 k-ct.
Water Hn)Ulhillg (E.'(): Ryujin can breathe water easily as
air, and can confer this (Ibility on anyone he chooses 10 bless this
way. The conferred ability laSlS for one month.
The Sea-King's Palace: Ryugu
TIll' .. the ('Ollrt"".
Ryugu 'It- on Ihl' oothllll of the "'-.'a. RYIIJm "Ihe nla\ter
of h"th the palael' and Ihe ,uff('lJntlint: cnulllrp.ide. called
Ihe Flergreel1 LUld. \\arm and dry realm filled With
or,lIlge. cherry. and plum tr<'e ... The dragon.god'> many·
.. tofled 1\ huil! of red allli white ,'oral ;lI1d guarded
h) hi' cohort of eight ccie'li,li draglli1' . Human fi .. h pel"
pie Imerlolld and .... l11ehito (,hark'pcople) Ruyjin a,
U)lJrtler ... as do "choo" of "a \Urtle ... thh. tOr1obes. and
dragon lurtle ...
The paLK'e " diVided into four ... each COITe-
.. j>llIIdmg 10 a cardmal direction. The north ,ide of the
palaL'e ,'onlalll' the Winler lIal1. \\here .. now all the
time. Bul\erllie, and L'herry 1'010'''1111' dnnllnUle th..:: ea .. lern
,ide . ..::alled Ihe Hall of Spring. The IlIghtingale ,ing\ ther..::
mlht eh'ning", The Slimmer Hall full of L"riL"ket
allli green gra" i, the l11ain feature of Ihe southern wilig
of I he pa ia..::e. Maple, perpetllall y ,'ll\eretl in hflg hlly -L"ol-
med leaw\ arc the pillar\ of the Aulul11n Hall on the we .. t·
ern ,ide of the palaL·e. AI the L"l'nter of Ihe palaL"":: i, the
Jade Pavilion. a great pagnda hllih enlird) olthe finest
Jade caned from the ,..::a 110m.
A duy III thi, palaL"e b like 100 years on earth.
The lol'"ioise thanked
V\t' ashilna fat' his ki",dMess, and offc.tOed
to -fake him 10 the Palace of the
D,oagon I(ing.
Tide Jewels
Ryujin L"Onlroh Ihe Ilowilig water; of the ocean with Ihe
magiL"al Tide Jewel ... hut sometllllcs he loans the" je\\e].,
10 noMe or de'>ening humun".
One sUL·h ll(.:easiun was many ,·..::ntufle .. whel1lhe
Empress Jingo planned an inva'IIJIlof Korea. She prayed
to Ryujin and senl bma, the Spiril of Ihe Seashore. In hb
temple. There bora wa .. given Ihe Tide Jewels for the
empre". The lapanese Ileetthen set ,all Inwards Korea
and th..:: Korean nel.'l oullo ConfTllnlthel11. Wh..::n
.. he .... w Ihe appTlla,'hing Ilee\. lingo ljukkly threw Ihe
Ehh-Titl..:: lewclml0 the sea sothatlhe tide receded al
once and Ihe Korean Ileet was hcaehed. The Knrean, all
Jumped nut onto Ihe mudflat .. hut althal Illornenllhe
emprl"" thrcw the Flood-Tide Jewel and a greallidal
\'\'a\e roo;".' up and drowned the men. The tidal wuvt' ,'ar-
ried the lapane'oC Iket on to Ihe "::Oll,L and they Wl're
enllrely vidoriou ... relurnmg home with ,ilb and olher
plunder. The je\.\eh Ihel\l,d\..::s were qui"kly rCl'o\ered hy
bora and a"tored to RyuJIIl',
I.aler Ryujin p<'r'llllally pre"'-.'nlt·d the Tide Jewc1s. on
a hcalltiful ,hell. 10 OJin. Empres\ Jingo', son.
Large Humanoid
Hit Hice: 7c.18+14 (-\5 hpj
InitillliH': +2 (Dc'()
Speed: 30 fl . wlm 50 ft.
Armor ClII!oS: 15 c- J +2 Del(. +4 natural)
Fl m-fooled AC' 13. touch AC: I I
AttllCks : Bilc +10 melee
I);uml l,:c : Bile IdS+4
F.II,.e!RClldl : 5 ft 10 fUS fl.
SIM-'(:i;11 t\t1:lcks: S\ldffi-by nllac!.
5,,*-'('ial QU:llilies: Keen <;cen!
Thrm\s: ron -+4. Ref +7. Will +6
Abi lit ic<;: Sir 17. Dc'( 15. Con 14. Inl 11. 12. Cha 8
Inllnl Direction +8. LiSlen +6. Search +10.
Scn\C MOllve +4. Spot +8
Fculs: Track. WC;lpon hlCU\ (bile)
Climalcr rcrrain: Any aquatic or coast:ll
Org;miz:lliull : Solitary. (2-5).
or pad. (:,\ · 10)
Chl.llen!;c Rnlill g: -l
\li gnmcll t: U"ually chaouc neutral
Ad,aureOle"1 Range: 8·14 HD (Huge).
15-21 HD (Gargantuan. ''Aim only)
Sal1lebl\O arc humanoid ,hark-people.
wl lh ([;Irk grey or bl ack _kin and a
mouth full of leelh. They roughl)
10 feel [ull, 'WI th glowing green and
webbed and feet. Male samebl[O ha\e
\pl ky beard, They neler grol>.ing larger.
clentllall) nl allng gmnb in shcer Sile.
The "amebi to <.Cr.e RyuJIn. lhe Sea King and Dragon
Emperor I lund reds of [hem guard palace of Ryugu, and all
ilnd are his scoutS and[l>. The'C mclude
many Garga1lluan \amebilO. creatures 100 large 10 leale the
ocean and walk lhe land.
The lear, of a \;ullebilO arc very rnrc. but lilway\ lurn inlo
,mall, pearl" rubie,. and The 'lmlCbltQ hoard these.
bUI occ:I<'lollally a whim them to ,hare thei r tTCa.'>UTCS.
m pU .... Ult of <,ome romantIC or idl.'ali\ti c goal.
Del>plle their apparent size and fefOCllY. samebllo are cOl>. ards.
Once their prey 1\ 1>.0ul1(led. a group of .... 111 allack en
mal>sc. bU! nom: of them .... ant to be the Ii!"';, to ,tnke. A good
bluff or a JlOl>.erful charge can scnd them scatteTlI1g. nley arc
much more he"larn lighteN on land than 111 Ihe water.
KCl'n M:l' nt (Ex): A can noti ce creature, by <;.Cc nt
.... ltlll11 a 180-foot 111 the watcr. or 360-fool on land.
It can blood al up [0 a mile 111 W:ltcr. :l nd up to 100 yardl>
on hind. All , amcbl to gam a +4 bonus I>. hen trJCl..tng by scent.
S"im-b) 1\lIack: A C:ln "bump and bltc" III a
allacl.., lhen mo\ e on before [he \ ICllm really
kno .... " "hat happened. This funetlOn\ as doc, the nyb)
attack. allol>.tng the creature 10 lake a mOle aCllon (including a
charge) and another panlal acllon at any POint durlllg the mOle.
h cannot t:l ke a <iCcond 1110le aCllon dUring a round when it
made a .... ml by:mack.
Shark c\pe<:iall) fa\(lred <"amcbl to nde huge
as under.ea. but thi,> i\ ["",.iIl'. In thc<.C ,UUal;OI\\. they often
usc lance,> Ju<,1 a.\ If Ihey weTC mounted <,.aI11Ural on land
\I\)h ... m C"-OSSH"\9 the LOI"\9 B,'idge
of T OtOl'O SClW Cl s t.·on9c -
lookiH9 CI'cohu'c with Ihl..' body of
11\/.'''', wifh ski .... blackel' thai' coal;
if:,; eyes g lowed like l..·l\'\c,·alds,
and its bcal,d \\IClS
like the beal·d of a d,'agol\.
Shiko Me
Mcdium·Size Outsider (Evil)
lI il l)in': 3dS +3 ( 16 hpj ti atil·c: +8 (Dcx. Improved Initiath'c)
S]JCcd: 40 fl.
Armur CI;ISS: 20 (+4 Dc'\(, +2 armor. +4 natural)
Hit-footed AC: 16. lOuch AC: 1..\
At lm.: ks: Ka\! +4 mel..::c or 2 +3 melee
1) 01111 011,:1' : Kalan:! I d 10+ 1 or t law, I d-l+ I
FaCt'/RI'Hch: 5 fL by 5 ft.l5 fc
S]Il'<:'ili l Qual it ies: elemental foml
S'l\ il1g Th rows : Fort +t Ref +7. Will +2
Abil iticl>: SIr 13. Dcx 19. Con 11. Int 13. Wis 9. e ha 14
Skills: +5, Bl uff +3, Climb +4. -+4. Escape
+6, Hide +7. Li sten +3. Open Lock +6, Pcrfonn
+3. Ride +5, Search +2. Spclltraft +2. Spot +2. Tumble +6
Fell ts: Impn)\cd lnitial1\C
Cli m:lt e/Tc.-rain: An) l:lI1d
Orgalli z:lt ion: Solitar). troupe (2-5)
e h'l il ellgC Rati ng: 3
Aligll menl: l:lwful evil
Ad, uncelllent Kangt' : 4-9 li D
Shlko me are thm. long-homed female devils who move with
the of a stnking snake. They are unnaturally thin. and
skilled at strikmg qUickly and rctreatmg. They have a fondness
for mask;, and co'>tumcs and are proficient \\.Ith musical instru-
usually the The ir prcferred \\eapon' are
kman:!" and nagma!a. though they use sai.ji nc. and a,
welL 111e), u"ually hide their cla\\.ed hands under glo\'es or
In the outcr plane>. the me are the COII',ons. me,sen-
gers. and as,as'm, of powcrful devils, Recau,e they are protect-
ed by infenml patron" few creatures of the outer planes will
Shmko Me In fem<lL Common. <lnd the elcme-mal
Shiko me arc 'ilent. rather fighters who depend on gre:u
"peed and to make up for a lack of raw power. reach.
and They , trike fallen opponents to be ,ure Ihe) dOl>,n:
they fight With poison and from amhu,h; and they do nOt :IC{'epl
othcr than 10 laugh and behead anyone fooli,h enough
to otTer up a "word. TI1CY arc very capable of gci ,has or
entenamers to g..::t elos.c 10:ln encmy. then pulllll!; \\. capon, from
Iheir robe, to :lI1ack. Thcy typically adopt their clcmental forms
to e,cape from a fight. or to mumidate Ihe weak.
Elcnlcnllil Form (E:ro. ): E.1ch shl ko me can assume one of
three alternate form,: pure 'hadow. wll1d. or fire, No indi vidual
,hikl) me i, known 10 Iwve mastered more than two of the three
demental fornI" and 1110'1 are lllllltcd to one.
In pure ,hadow form. a ,hlko me gain, damagc
51+ I. and a + I 0 bonu, 10 11\ hide roll III <In)' condition other
Ilwn dlrecl \unlighL They combll1e Ihl' Jbllil} wi th
,neaJ... a1tneb.
In pure wind fornl. a slui.. o me become, effecll\ely irl\ 1\lblc
\\hllc motionless. flies at <I mte of 80 fLoel per round. and gam,

• 0'". I
spell-like ablhtle, eqUl\alent 10 {if willl/ and ghllerdJl .\'l at
\\111. The!;!! as a 7Ih-le\cI wizard.
In pure fire form. a me the ability 10 cast bJ/millg
/{(mr/.I at will. and IS prolccted b) afire (clull form). TIlesc
abi lilies as Cast 7lh-Ievel \\.Izard.
Shl ko-!lIc arc I1l1n1UIle 10 fire. electricity. cold.
and en<'rgy-drainll1g (including my oj f!1l/eeb/l'mel1l. dlill
/OJ/ch. I'nerl"(lIi(ln and energy draill).
Bl ack L otl4S
A fcw mc arc to praclice a dari.. fonn of magic Ihal
depends on hU111:1n blood and bone. black lotu, powder. and Ihc
of demons and onl for il\ efficacy. This called Black
,oreery. Thh blood magic thcm 10 ea,1 from
Ihc EVil clerical domalll, as \\.ell ,I., nccrom:ll1lic and illUSion
These \hi ko me arc eff.:clivcly 41h- 10 7th-level ,orcerers.
l\lcdium-Sizc Undead
llil Dice: :!dl:!(U)
S(X.'Cd: ,10 ft_
\C: 10
Flat·fO(.teJ .·\C: HI, touch AC" 10
\Hack .. : Slam +:! melee: or:! cia", +] mck"e
f):una gc: Slam IJ"+1: or:! clJ\\\ Id6+1
F:u:dReacli: 5 1\, by :'i hlS fI
Sp('Ciai Attacks:
SI>t. 'Cial Qualities: Uamage rc,"lance 101+1.
Imlllunllle ..
Sal es: Fort +0, Ret +0. Will +1
J\ hiliti es:Slr I:!. Dc, II. Con 11. lnt I:!, \\' 1 .. 6.
eh;, II
Skills: Chmb +7. l)i'gul\c +6, IIlde +6, Jump
+7, L"leli +4. SPOI +6
Feah: WCapt)l1 h x:u\ (claw)
Clilllal efrl'rraill: Any ];1111.1
OrgOlni/.lllion: SolltilT)
Clmllcng(' Hliling: :!
Trc:1 .. urc: St'-lnd,lrd
Alignment : \ane,. u\u<lll)' chamK
,\dlaneement : By cia""
ShH)o arc \llllpl) deJd people Yoho don't realile th:u the) 'Ie
died, All nlClTlori..:, of their death dl\appc'ared along Yo IIh their
hI e\ lltc)' appear a .. IlI.mnal humanOid, SJge\ and prie'ls COli-
dellalc the rea\(lIl\ fur the Igllor:mce of \uch a creature,
and pre'>CIII argument- telld to hehcI\.' that a \ hi-f)o \\hen
a mona!. enthralled \\Ith life. die, Olhers argue
that foul magK mU\1 he at work fOf 'ouch a condiuon to occur.
Whatcler the tmth of II, origill. cOl1l l1lung olle of It.!> dealh
not an 1<I,k. d<.'\pltc It, IIltelhgence
During Ihe rught, the ae;uure\ fu ncl ion alnl(hl ('ompl etel)
nomlall), Shi-ryoeal and drink. ,1111.1 Itch;!l\.' It aillc for all
purpo,c, \;llC for Iho'e Illenti oned III tim de'>l'nptlon, The) have
lillie problcm \tcpplllg onlll holy ground tllelr ail gnmem
III life ":1\ ,hreclly oppo"te Ihe alignment (If the Icr-
rHOry, A, d;lwn apprll,u,;he", Ihey 1I1\1\t on h'1\I11£ 10 nlll an
crrand. though If quc'\loned they hale no ,deit 1\ hal crr:md. Ju,t
that II ha\ 10 be cllmpll' tl'd If unhl mkred, the \hi-ryo Will return
to the place 01 deJth ;1I1d di\<lppear unlll the next elerung. 11 \\111
hale no of h,l\ IIlg run an) ermnd_ Ch:lraeler-. Ihal
follow the creature Jnd -.careh Jround the place of n .. d"appc'-lr-
ance Will di-.c(1ler the rclll;llll\ of lhe JlCI"'on (a\ "ell as an)
lreasure). [k\tn)lIIg th<.' remalll' or g1\ l1Ig them a proper burial
Will hall' tYoO hther the dl'Jppcar-.
pt"nnanentl)" (the hillmg hecn IJld 10 re\t) or it
I1Ito a da\\cd ,<.'mhl;mce of I" fl .... llIC( -.elf. 11IIent on de\lro) IIlg
tho'\(' it helle\ ,tole II, life.
While lIot dlfectl) a Ihreat tI) III\' part) or e\cn to the local
popul,u:e. the prc-.cnce of a ,hl·f)o 1\ ol ten dl,turbmg due 10
peculiar behal lor, Their pre-.cnce ma) al<.O be a portent of fouler
creature, m Ihe ,lrea
Sin-ryo tend to :1\011.1 c0111b,ll. l-Iut If eon\ meed of Ihelr true
nature, the) 1Il\1;(lItl) ;lIlad-, the o...<lrer 01 the lIe\\'.
Undead: Immune 10 mind·lIl l1 uem:mg eIiL'Ch. poison,
paral) "1\. \tunnlng, ;(nd dl\l,'a..c Not ,uhJect 10 cntical h,L .. , .,ub-
dual damage, ablht) dalllJ!:e. energy dram. or deat h from
'IIC damagc
"Buf 1<<-1i-s('''f ,,,,hy docs yow'
ShCH-lOH' hClVi.-' 0 flOP bchvccl\ yow'
h •. -'L1d <-11"..1 yow' body?"
Medium-Size Monstrous Humanoid
Ilit Dice: 3dS-3 (10 hpj
Initiatin'; -1
SIX'cd: 30 ft.. SWl1l1 50 fl.
,\rmor Class: 14 (+4 naturo)
Flal-fOOled AC: 14. touch AC: 10
Claw +1 melee
Damage: Claw ld4
Facefl{each: 5 fL by 5 fUS fL
Special Qualit ies: Irnmullt; to poison
8:1\ ing Throws: Fort +0. Ref +2, Will +6
Abilities: SIr 10. Dex 9, Con B. ln! 13. \Vis
17. eha 13
Skill s: Alchemy +14*. Heal +10.
Knowledge (nature) +4. Li sten +5,
?rofes,ion +8, Search +4. Sense
+6, Spot +6, Wilderness Lore +5
Fellts: Alertness. Skill Focus (Alchemy)
C1 imlll elTcrnli ll : Any aquatic or coastal
Orgllll il.:1lioll: Solitary. group (2-5), or b:rnd (5-10)
Chall enge H:;tling: 1
Treasure: Standard
Alignment : Often chaotic good
Advancement R:mgc: 4-7 HD
Shojo are sea monsters wilh long. bright red
h:nr: they have a for holy things. such as
sacred .... hlle sale. pllgrim's robes. and incense.
Their ,kJll is the color of pmk cherry-blossom,.
Shojo wear green sea .... eed and often carry large jars of
The) are typically encountered while they are picnicking.
Ihhlllg along the shore. or tmveling 10 some shrine or another to
make their devotions. Occasionally one will serve:b a chef or a
food for a dragon lmg or other lord of the Evil shojo
are forced to Jj\."'ddlc potions and poisons to coastal
dwellers: some of these lnow the sccrct" of fireworks and gun-
COIYl bat
Despnc fe;lr\ome appeamnce, shOjO arc hannless to most crell-
thUt leavc them alone: they Jovc fishing and drinking, but
have lillie mterest III fighlmg.
Alchemy: ShoJo can bre\\ beer. wine. sake, poison. :md
many other magical liquids. They havc a mcial bonus of +510
any :lllempt to ere:He or identify polions. alcoholic beverages,
and poisons.
White Sake
Sacred white sake is '-aid to have healing powers. being able to
cure dl<.ease. heal wounds. and cven neutralize poisons.
Howe\er. II onl} provides thi, benefit for the deems
fit: sometimes. this means holy people. and other times i\ means
the poor or do\\ ntrodden. 111e shojo ("an give a person a draught
of .... hite sal e to cure what them. If they arc affected
by dl<;casc. the sake has the effect of a potion of remOl"e disease.
If they (Ire injured. the liquid has the effect of a potion of Cllre
Jeri()us \i"()/jll(/J. If lhey lire suffering the effects of a toxin. it aCb
as a potion of lIelltmli:e IXJil"U/t Other modemte healing effects
may be possible as well (these effect\ \\111 be of a
greater than 4th level).
Thosc without a pure heart who dflnk a shojo\ sale arc
drinling poison (Ingested. DC 14, Id6 COnSIltUIiOn plus Id6
Chari'illla. <.ccondary Id3 Con and Cha).
Raise a Clip of sake to the sky, af1d
bless the shojo fOI< theil' \visdOl, ....
\l\Jhit c Cts death, whiie as 610ssofl'\s,
white as the foaln of the sea,
Large Magical Beast
lIit I)i ce: 7d l0+2 1 (59 hpj
Ini tiati\e: +8 (Dell. Improved Initiative)
Spl'ed: 50 fr.
AC: 13 (-I size, +4 Dell)
Flat-footed AC: 9, touch AC: 13
Attacks: Hom +13 melee. 2 +4 melee
I):uuagc: Hom ld8+6. claw Id6+3
FacelHc:tch: 5 fl. b) 10 ft./S fl.
Atlacks: Pounce. death strike. improved grab. rake
Special Quali ti es:
S:I \'CS: Fon +8, Ref +9. Will +3
Abi li til'S: Sir 23. Do 18, Con 17. Int 10. \Vi s 12, eha 22
Skill s: AJlI!JJ:ll Empathy + 12. Jump +8, Move Silcll11y + 12.
Lore +1 0
hats: Improved Imtiative. Weapon Focu\ (hom)
Cli malcr rcrrain: Any land
Org'lnil:llion: Solitary
Challenge Raling: 5
TrCaSUfl' : None
Alignment: Ah\ays lall'fu[ good
Alh'ancemcnl: 8-12 HD (Large): 13-21 HD (Huge)
The awc-inspmng sUI-you hold an impona111 role 111 clvihzation.
Their unerring ability to discern the truth thcm a welcomc
sight in thc noble coum of the land. and thei r penchant for help-
ing the honorablc :lI1djust in the wilderness foml S the basis of
several importilnt legends.
A appears much like a large lion With eyes.
a thick. tawny mane and a single hom jutting majestically from
forehead. beautiful creatures. \in-you have impired
IJOCL ... triggered wan.. and calmed by
showing up. Sometlllles. worthy paladin, convince sin-you \ 0
serve as their special bonded mounts.
Sin-you speak Sylvan and Common.
Sin-you prefer to live a pt:aceful exi'>!cnce. eschewing combat in
favor of intelligent con\ersation with .... oodland creatures.
However. its curiosity it to listen to the claims and wild
stories of and invariably it brings its absolute judgement
ability to bear. The liars. and does what it can to
savage them wi th its impressive horn.
Pounce (Ex): If a leaps upon a foe during the first
round of combat. It can make a full attack cven if it has a lready
ta];.cll a mo\'c action.
Death St ri ke (Su): On a confirmed critical hit against a vic-
tim .... ho has been revealed as a liar by the <;in-you's absolute
j udgement ability. the '111-YOU'S hom becomes a powerful forcc
of justice. In addiuon to ,uffcring damage as normal for the crni-
cal hit. the \'Ictim mtlq mnke a Ponitude save (DC
19) or dic inst:lntly. This is a death cffect. and docs not function
against crcalures immnne to critical hits.
Improl't'd Gl':Ih (Ex): To usc thi, abilit}, the ,in-you nlU-,[
hit with hom attack. If II a hold. it can rake.
R:lke (Ex): A ,>m-you that gCb a hold can ma];.e two ra];.e
attacks (+8 melee) .,.dth hind legs for Id6+3 points of damage
each. If the pounces on an opponent. il can rake.
Absolutc JUdgl'rIIt'nt (Su): llic ,in-you may conccnt mte
upon a ('reat ure to gain the abiltty to discern lies as all lith-level
paladm ( IX: 19). ability ""orks only all a target. A
,ictim who sa\'cs effcct is immune 10 it
for a day.
Eve!". the It,ost honOl 'oble jl,.dge "J'WY be
bOL' 9ht with a hecwy enoLl9h slab of
jade. O ''Il y the sin-yol" is fl"ee fv-oll\ silch
tCIl'lptation. Legend st-lg9csts that the
cl"ecdw'c hates \vith t..ntallH.:'d ft.H'y any
who \Vol,dd aHclnpt to b,-ibc it) giviJ" g
to the pl"ove"b: "/-\s hw·d as a
• I 1 " , d .,
S I 1'\-yOI.-\ S 0 CSCI"Il:JC SOIJ \co nc
of i''Ico''"I,'ptiblc c haI"Ctct c,·.
Spi l" its of KVll"lMna
Medium-Size Outsider (Lawful , Good)
llit Okc: 2d8+6 (15)
Initiathc: +0
SI>ccd: 30 fl.. 40 fl. ny (good)
AC: 18 (+8 natural)
Flm-fo01cd AC: J 8. 10uch AC: 10
/\Wl cks: +6 melee
1)1Il1mgt! : melee
FllcefRcach: 5 fL by 5 1'1.15 ft.
Attm:ks: -
Spcci al QUlIliti($: Light. cli.;ccrn detect evil
SaIl'S: Fort +6. Ref +3. Will +6
Abilities: Sir 18. Dc" 11. Con 17. [nl 12. 16. eha 18
Skill;,: L I\\ Cn +8. Sense r-, 'lotilc+15. Spot +8
FC:lb. :
Climatcfll.'r rain: Any land
Organi 1':l1ion: SO]l1ary or pair
Challellge Rating: I
Alignnll'nl: L11vful good
A(lvHIlCClllCnt : I-I D 5-8 liD (Large)
Spinh of KUfUm3 :Ire akin It) of \ (' ligeance. A dying
pm:" can occasionally one to avenge a crime. though
more frequentl y thc .. c <lppcar \\. hen a tempie or shrine
i, desc..:ratcd.
Each about scven fect tall I/o 1th fcathered l1ley con-
glow with a bright light thai acts like a Ughl ,pcll I/o ith a
40·fuot Kuruma. the philoMlphy of thc whccl that
th<ll pain \111. forces the!>C creatures into the embodimcnt
of blind Ju,tice. ,lIch. their reaction upon \lImmoning is to
a1tad-, Ihe ncarest evil creatlln: (if Olherwisc Ihey i!1lelTl)-
gate whomever I' pre<;ent 10 ol,eo\'cr the CUlpri t for I/o h;lle\'cr
enmc too].. place. If a char.1ctcr lie\, Ihe ,pirit\ eye, glow and the
of the ..:rcatui"e tr.m,funn into blade.,. If the chamcter nOI
retmet the <,[atelllcnt IInmedlatcly. the ,pirit bUllehe, into combat.
Generally forthcoming chamctc!"' who fudge the truth are gl\en
more leniency than outright lian. Howeler. the have IlInit·
L-U patience and .,eldom gil'e others the benefit of the doubt.
When launchlll£ into combat (frequently Ihc fir-t thing they do
when thcy arrive), thc of Kururna tum their own hand ..
mto glowmg blades. Em'h bladc counts as a +2 wcapon for pur-
of o\crcomlllg damage reduction: the +2 is not conferrcd
upon the damage or to allac].. roll.,. In the event that a hand is
neccs"ary. a can take a ,t:mdaru aCllon to tramform one or
both of the blade, back UlIO hand!!.. Upon I...llltng the de!!.ignated
target (the de,ecrator or prie"Hla)"er). the spirit, dl!!.appcar bac]..
to theIr home plane. The bodie!!. of an) kIlled dunng the
combal :llso disappcar.
(Su): Thc ct11:IIla1e an eX1remcly bright hghL All
other III lhe ;Irea ,uffcr a - 210 IhClr from It!!.
IIltl'n'lty. Any crealure lhat doc,n't u<,c nomlal to ,ee
I,uch a ... ;1 are unaffected.
Discern Lies (Sp): Each ha, the ability to di.Kern lies
a, the \pdl. A wcce"ful Will savc (DC 17) negates.
lkte<:t E\iI (Sp): At wlil. spinh of Kuruma deiI'd el'''' a
,pcll-lil...e abilil)
r\ l:nlf'sl of light poDded In}:' SCIISCS,
sending lI\e l'e('lil1g ac ... oss tl,e telllple
POD'" r\" ... ose f ... o nl
-lhe altwo, g !a ... i t\9 Il1tO Ill}:' SOLI I, its
halld 61<:" " d ;l1g il1to a 5hi l\,119 6lade.
.JI \"I/as the," that .J second
\"\"\}:' dccisioll t o st,...;ke the pl'iL'-st.
Huge Giant
lIil I)ice: I.ld8+6S (121 hpj
Inilil lthe: +0
Speed: .w It (c1()uJ\.\all only). fly 20 ft. (poor)
J\ C: 15, :1 'III'. +.'i lamellar amlOf. +11 natural)
Flat-looted ,\C· 25. lOu>:h A(': 8
\lIl1cks: Gargantu;Ul m.NCf'\\Orl. halberd +141+9 or
HUgCJil\<!I1I1 +7/+2
I):Un:lgl': Gargantuan orl.. halberd 2J8+9 or
lIugcJillclm 2J6+6
F:lcclRl'ach: 10 ft. by 10 lUIS ft
SIJcd;11 All ack .. : Spell-M.e .. bllme,
Qunlilit.'>: Cloud\.\'III.. comh lulncmblhty
Fon +13, Ref +-I, WIll +8
Ahiliticlo: Sir 2], 10. Con l(), Inl 16. 14. Cha 15
Skill.!>: Craft (calligraphy) +6. II c01l +5, Inl1midatc +5. Lbtcn +7.
S>:rymg + I I. Spot +7. Wilcil:rnc" LOfe +4
Fl'at.,: AlcrtllC'''. (,1e'IIC. Iron Will. PO ..... CT Allack
Clinml c!l'crnlin: Any hl1lu
Solll'lry. ratnlly (2·5). clan (6-24)
Challl'll!!.£' Raliu): : S
Tre:ls ure: Standard
Alignment : 1;I .... ful neUlral
,\(haneemenl : 12-16 ( lI uge). 17-.'4 35-36

The IkJcn ,Ire a race of III thc \el"\ ICC of Hea\en. The)
In the cloud, m re<,p]cndcnt no.Hmg high abo\e
the PCII} r.:om;em, 01 hum:mlmd
The [;I·Jen arc nothmg more than my th 10 foil. They are
rumored 10 be 'oreere .... of I)()\\ cr. and to kllOw many
<,cerci ... The POllll eOITC("I. Thc Ul-jen ha\ c been
ta\lcd .... ilh reconJmg the of monal' on ennh. Thcy peer
do\\ n from the cloud, ;lnd rt.'Cord \\ hal the) <,ee on huge scrolls.
Once a )I'ar they take the .... ,crolh to Il ea\cn. where they are
copied diligl'ntly 1111,) the W'IIlIC record.
TIle ta-jell h\(' a rem,)to.: life. To teach thcm patiencc. Hcm·en
decreed that eacll ta-jen would \IJClld 36 }C:ln. in Ihe womb.
Thcy arc Dam wllh while IUli r. :1, u \igll of Ihelr wbdom. Adult
ta-jcll arc forblddcn 10 toU\;h Ihc e:Lnh. Whcn Ihe) ny. clouds
fonn under their feel. They only ny whcn Ihe) mu' l. preferring
10 on Ihe cloud, lI1\tcad
Ta-jen Celc,lIal. Gmllt, and Common
Ta-Jcn kno\\ mall)- .... 'CTeh anll \OlIlCllmc, Ihey arc b)
Ihe un<ocrupulou<,. They u-.c magic 10 a\old comballftht') can.
butlhe) are h.llberdlc .... m tmle of need.
Cloud" :lIk (Ex): A la-JcII can (and run. Jump. fight. elc.)
on lhe cloud, n .. II the) \\ere <'()hd ground. 1llcy can also granl
thl., abilit) 10 crealure louched. It fOf 12 hour. or unll l
lhe granll1lg ta·jell IOuchc\ the creature agalll and II.
ElIrlh \ulnera bilit) (1-: , ): A la-jen takc\ doublc damagc
from c:lr1h n c 1\ illlo\\ cd for half damagc. A
succe"ful ,il\·C h;\l\c\ Ihc d'lnlilgC and a fililurc doubles II.
SIM'II. Like t\ hi I it A I .... 111--dwrmliliel1u/dllifl"fJ.'"llllCt',
giifll'rt/USI. grellll'r Oh)(urUlI: 111m and
I/day-;,ce 1II\·uibilil\, /rI. 1' 11'1'111.'1 :lIld "/lid w(llI. abih-
are as thc ,pc]]" by :I I 'ith-lew) ,orccrer (s':I\ c DC 12 +
_pclJ bcl).
Ski lls: Ta-Jcn rccel\C +4 ml"lal\ 10 Scry ched .:' TIm
!llre!ldy beell figured Into the SCI)' ,core il!x)\C.
Th ... ta-jell 1<l\ow the c(wt h 's
bt.d they Dilly do +-1t.'(.,vt!I\ Con\l"ands.
Small Humanoid (Badger)
Hit Dice: Id8+2 (6 hpj
Inithllh e: +2 (Dex)
SIJl't'd: 30 fl.. burrow 20 flo
Armor Class: 16 (+1 +2 Dex. +3 natural)
fl:lt-footed AC: 14. touch AC: 13
AUlIl'ks: Short sword +2 melee: or bite +2 melee
Short ,word Id6+ I or bite Id3+1
!'lIee/Rell ch: 5 fl. by 5 fI .l5 flo
Speci;11 AU;ll'ks: Ferocity. mge
Special Qualities: Scent
Slni ll g Throws: Fort +l Ref +l WilI -1
Ahili ti es: Str 12. Dcx 15. Con 14. Int I L 9. Ch:l 12
Skill s: Hide +4. + I. Perform +2. Search +2
Fe:lts: Great Fortitude
CJimal cfl'errilin: Temperate hi lls or forest
Orgalli zatioll : Solitary. pair. or p<lck (5-10)
Challenge R:lling: I
Treas ure: Standard
Ali gnmellt : Usually chaotic good
Advll necmclll By character cl ass
Tanuki arc fe:.lr1css. friendl). humanoid badgers with a sense of
humor and a thirst for Strong drink. especially sake. They usual-
ly wear human clothes ovcr their "qU;!t, furry bodies: typically. a
straw hal. sdk or cotton robes. and wooden sandals. Their front
paws are powerful for digging. but remarkably agile wit h blll -
tons, knOll., and <;rt\<lil containcrs. They thc COllllllon
tongue and a growling l:lI1guagc of their own.
Because tannki love .,trong drink. but arc reluctant to work
for money, they oflen resort to mischief. Their falorite trickery
works by misdirection: one will si ng or dance while scveral oth-
ers sle;!1 away a barrel or jug of sake from a tea house or inn. On
rare occaSIons, they set up a brewery of their own. but this rarely
to much. as they enjoy sampling their own producl.
Tanuki are mcan drunks. They light stubbornly and
silently, hissing cooperat ion 10 one another when fighting a:, a
tcarn. Their IIIcredible fortilUde mean, that they never suITer
auack or damage penalties for while drunk
they gain morale bonuses and +4 temporary hit points per HO.
Rage: A t:JIlUki that mffers damage III combat will ny into a
berserk rJge the following round. cla\\ IIIg and biting madly for a
\inglc round. It gains +4 St rcngth. +4 Constitution. and -2 AC
during this mund. If 1\ is wounded again. the ragc
Ferocity A tanukl such a tcnacious combatant that it
continues 10 fight \\ dhoUI penalty Cl'en when or dying
(see page 129 in the PII ).
Seenl (Ex): Tanuki gam a +4 racial bonus to Wildcnless Lore
\\h("n tracking by
If the DM allol\s 1\. a tanuki can be a player character !II your
campaign. Usually. these are rare. tanuki who visit
human settlements OUi of and then discover they likc
human company. They are typically lighters. rangers.
bards. or sorcerers, though a few arc rogues. Tanuki gain a + I
bonus 10 Strength. +2 co Constitullon. +1 to Charisma. and they
'uITer a -2 penalt y 10 Intelligence and Whdom. They have low-
light vision and automatically gain Great Fort1tude at 1st level.
111 addi ti on to any other fellh carned b)' cI;!ss and level. The
tanuki\ falored i" bard.
The badge!" plays a
d.'wnbcat 01" its pt'ohdye"a11t
s toll'\adV jLISt like a jeste.'.
T e V\shi-tombo
llil Dice: IdS (4 hpj
Iniliath e: +3 (+3
Speed: 10 fl, ny 120 ft. (good)
AC: 18 (+3 +4 nalum!. +1
rlal·fOOled AC: 15. AC: I"
Attacks: Bue +5 nlCtcc
Bue Id-4-2
FaceIReach: 5 fl by 5 fll5 ([.
Special AIl :lcks: Sn:nch
Special QUltl il ies: RCnCCh magic a\ SR 12
Sari n!!; Thru" s Fon +2. Ref +S. Will +0
Abitities : SIr 6, 17. Con 11. Inl 2. 10, eha 9
Skill s : Spot +4
J.' eat s: WC:Jpon (bue)
Climnlt'r l'errllin: Any pl:tlll<" tlllb, forcs!
Org:mizution: Sohlnl') or pair
Ch:llkngc RIlling: 1/2
Trcils ure : None
Ali gnment : AI\Ioa}s neutml
Ad\lUlCemcnt R:U1gc: 2·3 III) (Snwtl )
TIle lClhll1-IOrnbo, or Empcror\ dragonfb. an cnonnous
of dragonfl) '" ho-.e Chllill rl!..emblc\ [he hard. \ himng lacquer
used on ..0 many bo" cup<.. and bo'lc\. Also called lac-
quer dragonflies. t\\O are lnown: red and black. 1be
blacll' by far the more common Both typc\ have wi ngspans of
about four feet, .... lIh iI total body length of about 2 feet.
Lile their lacquer drolgonflles are fl ying preda·
tors, snatching prey from mid-air and devouring it in flight or
'While perched, afe lnown to snatch sparrows.
pigeons, and e\en croW\ from mid-air. 1bey also cal
frogs. toads. :mcl other \mall anunah. \ uch a\ )ioung mbbi b and
squirrch. They have been known to auacl wizard famil iars.
SJllItch A dragonfl) that hi ts wllh a bi te attack altemplS
10 start a grapple liS Ihough II h:ld Ihc improvcd grab special
allack If Ihe dmgonfly geb a hold wll h liS bllc on a creat ure onc
or more size .. !.m"lIer, It automal ie:tlly bllc damagc each
round. or if II doc\ not move and no othcr aellon. il deals
double bile damage 10 the ,natched creature.
WealKlll Fincsse: A lacquer dragonfly gtuns Ihc Weapon
Fine'ise feal for ils bile Ullock free.
Renect (SII ): Anyone caMmg a targelCd magical spell
al a lacquer dragonfly lIlay .... ell '>CC Ihal 'ipcll bounce back 10
them. The magical propertle\ of a lacquer dr.Jg.onfly mean thai a
Spell Reslslance roll IS reqUired of any targeled magical aUack:
if the lacquer dragonny ,ueccs\fully resists, the \pell is redirect-
ed to target liS caMer If the lacquer dragonfly docs not rt''iiSI, the
elTect nOnllally (a 'iavmg Ihro .... applies).
A master amlOrer and a mar,ler lcJ.thcrv.OTlcr can togelher
remove. hanlen. and utilize Ihc hard ,lm of a tornbo to
make lamellar .mnor, It ",hghtly \()f!er than normal lamellar
amlor. bul rctalll\ th.: nonnal amlOr bonu\ and annOT che('l
penulty of arlllor uf it, type but only half as much,
all owing for a Dc XI Crll) bOIlU, of up to +],
'The gold SL\'\ shi.n.nL'l.i ng i.,\ " ool"lt ide.
S hil'\cs elO\,\I."I, \\Ihe,'(' t he " ed-bLII""Iished
F l it to cmd fl'D ill tl \<.' f"C\l"'\sll.lce" t haze
vel' th ... vi l lo9t.' of ... ve nt less days,
Thoye Tose
lIitDi<.'c: IMI2 (l0-l hpj
Inil il.the: +0
Spc.'i!d: 40 rl
Ae: 171-1 \lIc.+Rnaluml )
Flat -footed AC: 17. touch AC: 9
Allack.!>: 2 cia\>,\ +17 melee
1);1111:1/:1' : Clay. 2J4+91J 9-201'(2
F:U:c/H:Cllch: 5 rt b) 5 f!l1O ft
Sp ... ··dlll /\l1ack.<. : \ 'Iaddcmng laughter. lu,l breath
SIH:t: i:11 QlllIlilil'S: Undead. lIl\isibihty. damage reduct ion 201+1
Sa\cs: Fort +5. Ref +5. Will +10
Ahiliti es : SIr 28. 10. Con -. Int 10. 10. eha 14
Skills: Chmb +23. Concent rati on +15. Hldc +10. Listen +20
"-Cllls: Impro\ed Cmlcal Clcu\c. Multiunuck.
I' Attack. WC:IPOIl Foeu, (cI:lw'J
Clitmlt cflc rnl in: Any land and underground
Orgulli1;lltiun: SOhlMy
Clmll cngc Kalin),: : II
Trcasun': SI'lfH.lard
i\ ligUlllc nt : AI"'ays chaotic c\il
Ad\ul1cel1ll'nl : 17-20 (Laf£e); 21-40 (Huge): 41 -5 1
Tha)e la,c <lTC dr.t\\ n 10 the \uffenng I'. Ith disease.
often tr.n chng gre:lt dl"t:tllCC\ to qand at Ihe foot of a
'Id.,bed. tauntmg dl'-Ca'-C \\uh mamacallaughter,
The) tra\ 1.'1 great dl\tJ!lCe<, b) dark on a constant pilgrimage
betlO.ccn thc \IIC\ of great cpldemles. In fact. Iha)e lase are
agent' of !lIne"" U\IIlS lhe cOler of Ul\lsibility 10 breathe
conlagloll 11110 the open "mdo .... of ,lee ping innocents.
Tha),c ta;,e are gmte;,quc the tortured
MJuh of hUIll<lnoid, II ho died horrible.
dc;]th" Thclr :q)pe<lrance<, often releal
the dl,wrhing in winch they
werc ktlled, of 'kin. tha}e lase hale
huge ea". long tonguc,. and teeth.
Th;]yc ta\e Common.
Tha)c law fCICI in Iheir \\llh
maddcmng laugl1lcr before M!tlmg upon Ihem with cia .... and
w,]... ["heir nalumlly tough allo .... Ihem to ignore mO,1
\0 mo\, th;l)e t;t'-C Immedlalel} the heart of any
melee. Though It u,uall) U<,C\ Ih po .... erful
hrc.uh Ing \\ hen In\ l"lble. tha)e tase
hale fe\\ phllCNJphlCaJ problem" wllh USIllS 11111 combal,
\hlddcllillj! I,:IUl;htcr ISu): When a tha)e ta<;c laugh .. It:.
cJ(ophonou\ •• 111 hI IIlg creatures \\lIhlll a 6O-foot "Ilread
mu<,1 \U(CCo.:(\ ,1\ J \VIII '>.lIC (IX 20) or be affccted b) nulla""
hl(/l'(lII,\ {,ml(/lI('r. <1\ the 'pell hy an 8th-lelc1 sorcerer. 11,.<, 1\
a ,>(1111(. mmd, all(,(:Ilng (hJ.nll Tho..e .... hI) \ucre,,,fully sal e arc
unmune 10 Ihe maddellmg laughter of J. thJ.yc for one day_
SlI\lII-tC ( 1-: \ ): A Ihaye lase that hit.<. .... llh bolh da ....
],,'chc, unto thc bod) and lears with Itl> PO .... -
criul rhl' aUlomatlcally deal!> an addillonal Id8+4 POIlII'
oi d;lmagc_
H ... \\ capUIi (Su): Conler dl,ea'iC. conc. 60 ieet. clcry
Id-l round, Ihul no mOTC Ihan filc tlmc\ PCI' day); FoMttudc sale
(IX' 2()). TI,o .. e .... ho tail 10 \oIIC ((Intra!;! (ad-.le feler. mllldfire.
Of the .. ha]..e, (Ihc Ih'I}C tJ.!>C !;h()()<'c" each tlll1e 1\ '-Ce
D\ IG for more dela.h on Ihc..e The \311' IX of the
Iha)e la;.c I' m .. tcad of the .. a\e IX u\uall} \\lIh
thc cho..en d,
(SII ): A Iha)e ta..e can cal>t lin ;5ibi/in' upon It,df
at .... 111. a .. a IOth-lelcl '>(lrcercr.
l nde:ld: Immune 10 mmd-mnuencmg effech. <'IL'Cp.
paral) " ... 'Iunnmg. and dl..ea'>C, 'ot to ('ril ieal hill>. \IIb-
dual damage, Jhlhl) damage. energ) dram. or dealh from ma'-
"I I' damage.
Skilll>: ' Illa}e I;II,C rc(ciw a +5 raCial to Llqen chec].. .. ,
Colossal I)ragon (Aquatic)
IlitUil.."t' : 40d I 2+400 1660 hpj
Inilililhe: 0
Sltttd: 20 fI . \Wlnl 40 ft
AC: 40 (- 8 +38 natural)
Flal -footed AC: 40. touch AC: 2
Bile +49 mclee. 2 body +46 mclee
Bile 4d8+16. bod) slam 2d8+8
F:tcc/ Rcach: 40 fl by 100 flilS fl.
S,Jrti:tI Atlal'ks: Capsire. irnpn)\cd grab, ,pell-hke
,"allow \Iohole. lall SIIoCCp
SIk-'('ial QUlllit;e.;: AIICn1;llC fonl1. rcducuon 151+3. SR 30
Sin es: I'M +32. Ref +22. Will +24
Abili ti e!o: Sir 42. Dn 10. Con 30. Inl 13, \VI " 14. eha 20
Skills: Bl uff +.1:'1. Conccntmlion +38, Galher Infoml allon +33.
[niulli dalc +33. Knowledge (nat ure) +29. LI,l cn +30. Search
+29. r.'l()I IVC +30. Spot +30. Wildcrnc, .. Lore +3()
Fcab.: Bhnd-HgllI. CleaH:, Great C(c:.Ive. Endumrlcc. Experti se.
Improved Bull Ru'h. Impro\oo Cnlical (bue). Mulllallack.
Po,"cr Allad. Sunder. Weapon Focus (bite)
Climatcfle rrain: Any aquallc
Kilting: 24
Tre:lsurc : Double \tandard
Ali gnmcnt : neutr.ll eVil
Adlanccl11cnt: 41 -60 HD
Thuong-Iul\ng, are sea th:lllerrorize c()a.\lal
," ale!"'> .lI1d ,hIpping lane<, . They "port largc red on Iheir
hcad, and often grow 111 eliTe,s of olle l1l1ndred fLoct long.
Alt hough tech meally of the Dragon Kmg" thu6ng-
luong\ al,"ay, 'OC ..... e li rs!. Thcy 'lCt up <'lI1all king-
dmm under the o,ca and ocighbonng land, 1'hc) demand
Inbute from coo,tal COllll11unllles III the fonn of \\ <tnd
hum:1I1 \:Icnlice\, If gifts are nO( fonhcomrng. Ihuong-Iuongs u..e
thclr magIc to flood or they :mack local , hrpplIIg.
vLl lagc" elm only pmy for thc of the Drngon Kmgs.
Thuong-Iullng' attack
frequently. marked
for de,truclton are capsized
and Ihen the CTC," plucked
OUI of 11K.' "';l1er. When the
conlent' :Ire Important. a
Ihuflllg· luflOg Will u<;c hiS 1:111
,"'cep 10 dear offlhe deck.
,wallowlIlg whole (Iny \ ur-
They can abl) ",mp
thcir coil, around an enl1re
and hreak il apart .
Alternllte Furm (SII): A
thuong.-Iuong can lake Ihe
fonn of !lny humanoid (<,ize
Small to Large) a <,Ian-
dard <1(;[100. 1111\ ablhl} "
s1Illtt.r 10 the 1)(lhmorph
bllt .. 110"" only female
fOrtll'_ Thuong-Iuong lise
Ihl' ablll1)' 10 le,t Ihlct1el' by a doddering
old ,"oman Tho-.e that are kind 10 the "tlld lady" are
\\<hile tho'IC ,"ho are cruel arc dc,troyoo,
CUIISill' ( E\): A Ihuong·luong that .,urfaces under
a no.n Of ,llIp Ie,., than 20 feel long automatically capsizes the
\c\-.el It ha .. a 75',,' chance 10 cap"lc a \c\\C1 from 20·60 fect
long. and a Sift chance 10 capsile onc over 60 feet long.
A Ihuong-luL1ng deal, 2d 12+ 16 darn;lgc with
a grappl e chcck ag<llll't an 0PI)(lnent of lilly Size.
Il11llru\cd Gnlll ( F.'I: ) : To u,e ahilrly.thc thuong.luong
mu<,t hrl ,"rlh a bile or body ,lam attack If II gel\ hold wllh a
bl1c. II can attempt to ,"hole, If II hold ,"rth a body
.,Iam. 11 COl" around opponent and can attempl 10 constrict.
SI>cII.Ukc Abilities: AI ,"ilI-----("ol/lrol l\'lIter (double oonnal
area) and "Wiler hrl'lllllmg; 3/day--n ".mmlllnt> 11"/ , 11 lIl/tlfrt'. llispel
m(l,f:.ll".jimlllit' pml,. and see UII'illbilily; IId'-1)"--<"(II"rol
IH' mher_ The-.e are as the .,pell, c".,. by a 2Oth·le\el
S\\llllo\\ "hole { Ex): A Ihuong-luong c;mlry to swallow:I
grabhcd opponenl of Hugc or \l/C by making a Sllccess-
ful grnpplc check Once in\lde. Ihe opponent 1:l ke, 2d8+8 poinb
of cru,hll1g d:1l1l:1ge 2d8+6 roll1h of :Icld dlullagc per round
from the cre:1lure\ A w.allo .... cd creature C:1n
cutlh ,":1Y oul by deahng 50 poillt> of damage 10 Ihe thuOng.
luimg\ dlge\ll\e Irnci (AC 10). Once lhe crealure eXIIS. muscu-
lar actlQII c1o-.e\ the hole: another .... ed opponenl11lu\l cuI
11, 0"'11 .... ay OUI
A thllling-luong\ gullet can hold 1 .... 0 !luge. four Large. eighl
or ' Ixtcen Sl11al1 or \l11aller creature",
Tail (Ex): A Ihuong-Iuong can ' .... lOC!' wllh lall as a
\Iandard action. n le \ .... ccp lllTec!.> a h:LIf cirele wrth a 40·fool
radi u>. cent ered on Ihe thuong-Iu,mg', rcar. wnhm Ihc
are:. arc affected If they are \lIe or ,mailer.
'nlC , .... ccp autumallca1Jy <kle<, 2d8+24 d:ullilge. Affc.:cled creature,
l'an attempl Reflex l(ltakc half dam:1ge. IX.w.
that t'eftISL' 10 pay
/t·il:.ndc w 'e washed a\\ICly Ul'
a l'\g ''}:' \vaves 1-11""1<:"-'" the
COI1\1I', o l·,d o f ilw thw3Hg-IU()I'\9'
Huge Outsider (Fire, Lawrul or Chaotic)
Hit Dice: 28d8+140 (266 hpj
Initiali\'c: +3 (Dcx. Improved Inlti all'c)
Speed: 60 ft.. fly 100 ft. (perfect )
AC: 32 (-2 ,izl!.·] +25 natural)
FI at- fooled AC: 32. touch AC: 7
Att:1Cks: 2 ChlWS +37. bi le +35
Dam(II,\C: Claw 2d6+ 11119-201x2. bile Id8+S
Faccfl./:c(lch: 10 ft. by 20 ftJlO ft.
Sped:!1 AWlcks: Breath wcapon. trip. nlkc 4d6+1 L swallow
whole, spell -l ike
Special Qualilil'S: Dual scent. SR 28. dUIIl:lgc reduction
301+4. fire immunit y
Sa\cs: Fort +23, Ref +17. Will +18
Ahiliti cs: SIr 32. Dex 9. Con 2 1. Int 10. Wi s 10. Chi! 22
Skills: AlIllnal Empathy +37. Balance +9. ConcenlrJt ion +25.
Diplomacy +8. lruimid<llc +37. Intuit Direction +31. Knowledge
(nobility and royalty) +1 L Li'>lcil +3 L Mo\e Silently +30. Sense
MOlive +10. Spot +10. Wildemess Lore +8
Fents: Cleave. Combat Improvcd Critic:rl (claw).
Improved Ini tiative. Ml!lwUlad •. Power Allack. Tmd.
ClirmHcfl"crr:lin: Any land or underground
Organi'!:ation: Unique
Chall enge Rating: 22
Trellsure: None
Alignmen t : Lawful good or chaoti c evil
AdHUlcement: By character
TIIC. and victories of the hero-god Em-lang. nephew to
the lade Emperor of Heaven. are .... ell I..nown to children
throughoulthe land. Erh-lang a proleclor of Hea,·en.
occasionall y mamfesting m the materi;rl world to allend 10 the
more warlike endea\ors oflhe Cel e",ial Bureaucmcy. Though
remarkable as a warrior. Erh-Iang known also by hI S popular
companion. the Dog of j·leaven. T'iCll Kou. T'icn Kou as
Erh-Iang"s confidante and batt le comrade. once c\en going so far
n.r, to chcw upon the Icg oflhe mi,chic\'oU', monkey god Wu-
K·ung. T'icn Kou i" a (fcature of duality. In 1\S )'ang aSIXXt. il
repre,ents friend'hip. loyal ty. and fidclity. In )in it
dc-truction and great \"iolence.
T'ien Kou lool..s Il kc a hugc dog.lhe "i/e of an elephant. Its
., I..i n IS a dcep red. and it Ica\"e,> bchmd a trail of "parklrng 'tarry
radiance whenevcr it mo\cs. ricn Kou has four ,el, of ,harp
claws. a powerful Jaw !rned WIth leelh. and a beauliful mane and
tail. Most poets deSCribe T'ien Kou beaullful and terrible at
the same wne.
"l" icn Kou ,peaks Common and can communicate telepalhi-
cally wllh ull c:ullnes.
"l"i en Kou prefeT'l conversatron ovcr baltic when in ils yang
aspect. fighllng only when pro\"ol..ed or \\hcn faced wilh an
obviou,ly cvil opponell1 (or when ordcred to b)' his mastcr. Erh-
lang). When in Ih \iolcnt yin phase. (\ takes great cffon to gel
"l"ICI1 Kou 10 do :1I1)'lhing but aU:lck. The Dog of Heaven prcfers
to fight frOIll the 'k)'. weakening ib enemies with abili-
tiC, frolll a
BrClIth WC:lIKIII (Su): T'lcn Kou's breath wcapon a 6O-fl.
cone of <.i1/Iin£ purple 'parks released once evcl") I d4 round, .
Those within thc cone muslm:lke a Reflcx save ( DC
34) or 1&18 points of damage. T'ien Kou can breath
"parh 5 tllnc, per du),.
Trip ( K .. ): IfT' ien Kou hi'" wllh a bilc atlack he can al1crnpt
10 trip hr s opponent as a frce aclion witholltm:lkrng a touch
allacl.. or provokmg an allacl.. of opportunity. If the :ttlempl fails.
Ihe opponent cannOI reacl 10 trip T'i en Kou.
Rake ( Ex): "l"ien Kou can make IWO ral.. c allackli (+37 melee)
aguinst a hcld creature for 4<16+11 pomb of damage each.
Wholt' ( Ex): T'i en Kou can try 10 swallow a
Mcdium-size or \rnaller opponent by making a \llcce",ful grup-
pic check. The swallo .... ed creature suffcrs 2d8+22 of
crushing damagc per round plu<. 8 points of damage from Ihe
magical radiancc that T'ien Kou's stomach. A swallowed
crcalure cun cut its way OUI by claw, or a Small or Tiny
\.\capon 10 deal 25 points of damage 10 Ihe ,Iomach (Ae
20). Once the creature elllts. Illu<;(:ular ilction closes the hole:
anolher swallowed opponcnt mu", ugaln cut its 0\\ n way OUI
T'ien Kou's stomach can hold 1\\0 Medlulll -si,e. four
Small. erght Tin}. sixleen DrmlllutlVl;'. or thirty-two Finc or
smaller opponent s.
Spell-Like Abil iti es: 3fdaY---(liler self, hull's sll"elll;llI. wm"
IJfellend I{//ISI/ages. c{)lIl11uwl fill/lie. dispel I/wgic.
fireball.jllUlle lIrrOIl'.j1amIllS Sf'llere. SllseOIH form. glillerell/w.
hasle. hypnolic pailI'm. hghllling boll. mllse armor. mirror
image. proleClioll from ell'mel1ls. pl·rolecllllies. see m l'isihihrl".
willll "'(11/; 21da)· - dwi/l ligllllling. dimensw/1lI1 (I//
slue/d. meleor s"'orm. minor globe of inl·lIlllerabilih'. ram/mIl
fHJlleru. Iflle .feeillg. "'(11/ of fire; I/daY--l!elll\'ed blllSI fire/XII/.
incendiary dOl/d. pltmel·hijt. priIlIIlIIif SlIrll.\". SIIII/mrH. prislIIlII-
/(' _where, flrtOlUltic .... alL These abilluc\ are the .. pells cast b)
a 2Oth-le\d '>OI\:erer (save DC 16 + \petlle\cl).
Du:d ( f; , ): rico Kou 1 .... 0 changing
beho,een Ihem day turns 10 mght When In hi" yang phase,
during the day. he represents fidelny and de\()uQn, AI such
IlIne\, T' ien Kou acb as a booo compamon and occasional
patron to good-hearted adventurer<., When In mght -ume yin
phase_ however, the Dog of HC'a\en lales on a temble visage.
becoming a pamgon of senseless de',lrU(,:tlon and catastrophe. At
such ul11e .. he h to approach, treating cvcryone and
everything 3, enemy.
In tlClJllion 10 the \anation based upon the IImc of day,
change, 11\ can be triggered by a .. ophistieated
code .... ord lno\\ n as the Order of Em.lang. That hero-deity
kno\\ .. the code. of course. as do ccnam monl 'iCCts of good and
eVil dlspo""ion The order is one of the so-called Great Celestial
Secreh, and few pan w IIh 1\ W Ithout a cOlhHicrable
amount of blood.
Tige l" C\eJr1el"cd
Monstrous Humanoid
lIilOiec: 4d8+8 plu" 11d8+24 (I{}.l hpj
Iniliul hc: +2 (+2 Dc'()
Speed: 60 ft,
Armor Class: 21 (- I "Ile, +1 Dcx, +1 Wi .. , +2 monk 1e\els. +7
n:lIumlj or 13 (-I \ Ile, +7 amlor, +7 natuml)
Flat-footed AC: 16. lOuch AC: 14
,\tt;lf.;ks: Large chain + 19/+ 14/+9 lI1elee: or claws
(un:lr!lIed flurry of blows) + 161+ 161+ 11/+6 and bite + II
01ll1l:lI;C: Large chain 2d6+8: or claM ld 12+5, bile 2d6+3
Face/Keach: 5 ft, by 5 ftJ5 fl. (or 10 fl. \.\.-nh cham)
Spt'(:illl AUllcks: Mantal ans. cham comb.1l, Impro\ed gmb. rake
Special Scent
S3' ing Thro\\s: Fon +11. Ref + 1-'. Will + 13
Abilities: Str 20. DC'( 15. Con 15.lnI9. 13. eha 15
Skills: Ailimal Empalhy -ffi. Bluff -ffi, Intmlldate +8. Spot +9:
Bal ance +10. Cli mb +10. Hide +8". Jump +10, Li sten +8. Move
Silently +10. S\\lm +10
Combat Renl!,(c\, DOOge. Mobilit y. Spring Auack. Exot ic
Weapon Proficiency chain)
Subtropical forest
Organil::ltioll: Solltar)
Chall clige Ka ling: 1-'
Treasure: Double standard
Ali gllmcnl : Lawful e\il
,\d\3nccmcnl Kllllge: By ehamcter
The tiger gcncl".Il an animal lord of alillger!., and IS said to be
the IIIventor of many of m:lrtial arh. li e re<;cmbles a tiger-
futTed human Wllh a tiger', hcad and cla\\\_ He is u master of
rnonl-,Iyle mart Ill] li e often ride' a great white elephant.
and prcfel'> Jungle The tIger generJl i<, the leader of the
clilao (see entry). who re\ere hllll \\Ith a devollon IIsuall y
reser\ed for .. amb and emperor<.,
The tiger genend, unhle most monl), gladl y .... eurs full
armor and \\capon ...... hen on the balliefieid \.\.-I\h chiao
legions. lie "( .. no III this. and fights tradItionally Just as
fiercely he .... hen nnanned.
Co '''' bat
When he fttl, l'(mfiJcnt of lIIa,(el) of a \ltua\lon, the tiger
general dl"ann, h" ('PJ1Onenl'. then li\le<, them ilpart .... llh mar·
lIal art" Whcn he ... Ie .. " certain of hi, oppo"enh he i., far more
eauIlOu<,. ,umrnOlllng chmo to aid hlln. and hi" .. al
arnbu .. he\. ,talllllg. and trncllllg to thc fulle",.
i\hlrlinl ,\rls ( E\): The IIger gencrul pUl'\ue, combat superi-
orit y through m:lrtlal an\. A typical tiger gcneml j ... a 12th-le\'el
monk. pur,umg;tn aggre..,..,I\e ''Tiger "yle" of unarmed combat.
Ch:lin COlllb:1! The IIger gencml fighb wllh
,piked chiun two-h:lnded. for maXll11Um damage booth
hand,. hh Strcngth boonu .. gOC\ from +5 to +8). }-II\ larger th:m
u,ual cham aJdlllOnal damage
Since the challl 10' rea(h, he g:un, attach of
opportulllty \\hen 1I10\e frolll 10' to 5' (as'Ullllng Ihey
,Iarted 15' or 11I0\e a\\a)). Wilh hI' Combat Rene1(c" feat he
can do thl\ up to four Ilme\ per round. once per creature
approaching hllll_
Impro,,:d Grab ( 1-:>;): A tiger gcneml eun alt elllpi to get a
hold on an opponent when using claw allaeks.
TillS doc' not dmw an atlaek of oppor1unll)'. If he get' 3 hold, hc
can ml e.
Kakt' (E\): When the tiger generull' fighllng wllh unanned
:lI1acls ruther than a .... eapon. and ,\rile, an opponent .... 111t booth
cla ..... '. he can male t\\O rake allaels (+11 melee) wllh hiS as
.... ell for Id I :!+5 damage each If he \\ IIh a
allad .. he can also rake_
Skilh: The IIger general a -+4 ractal bonus 10 Balance.
and Move Sllelltl y checl" - In of tall grilSs or heavy
undergro .... th. the II lde bOIlU, bo,'COllle, +8
Medium-Size Humanoid
l/it Dkc: 2d8+2 (11 hpj
Iniliativl;' : +2 (Dex)
SI)t.'f'd: 30 ft.
AC: 14 (+2 hide annOT. +2 Dex)
FI:!I-fOOled AC: 12. touch AC: 12
AlIlIcks: Tiger + 1/+ I melee
or +3 ranged
DmTlag(' : Tigcrclaws Id4+2Ild4+1
or ja\clin Id6+2
F:lcclRcal'll : 5 ft. by 5 ft./S fl.
Sp,ccial Att:lcks: None
SIK'ci al Qualities: Low· light
Sal'cs: Fon +1, Ref +5. Will +0
Abilitb: SIr IS, 1),:)( 14. Con 12.
1m 9. Wi, 10. Chll 11
Skilb: lI ide' +5. liMen +2. Move
SikmJy +6, Spot +2
Feats : Ambidexterity, Exotic Weapon
Profh:icncy (Tiger Two Weapon
Clhunl crrcrrain: Subtropic:1l forcs!
Org:mi zulion: Solitary. pair. gang (2-5), band (10-100 plus 25%
noncombatants plus! 2nd-lc'd barbarian champion per 20
:md I rJIIgcr leader of 4th- to 6t h-level). or tribe (20-200
plus 25'J I 3rd level barbarian champion
per 20 :lduhs. I 3rd· to 5th·bcl adept. I ranger leader of 5th- to
8th-le\'el. lUld 2-5 tigers),
Raling: I
Treasure : Stlilldard
Ali gnl11l" nl : Usually neutral evil
,\d':mCl-l1\l" nl: By character
11le chiao are a savage jungle people much feared by their civi-
lized neighbors. They look human. bUlthcir IS miped like a
tiger's, Their encmies that Heaven cursed the chi;JO for ITI;Jt-
ing With anim:l1s and that the tiger are;J mark of
The chiao laugh at such They proudly wear their snipe ..
a sign of devollol1 10 the Tigcr General (sec description on
The chiao are 11l;Jl>ters of jungle warfare. They e)(cci at hit ;Jnd
run tactics. cmergmg from the junglc withoul warning and then
mclting awa) after bloodying their opponenh. Since jungle con-
dlllOlh arc so cl:lllstrophobic. chiao fa\or .. hor1-rangeu
weapon, like javelins. They leI a ram of these and Ihen
close with their hger claws.
Some chi:lo tribes favor the U'>C of poison on
theIr Large venom (injur) DC 18. Id6 Str
Initial ;Jnu Secondary Da11l;Jge) is the most popular poison 111 usc.
FCOlls: Chiao recclve Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Tiger
Cia",) and Two Weapon Fighting as feats.
Skills·: Chiao receive a +2 raCial bolm" to Hide and Move
Silently chcch. In area .. of tall or hcavy undergrow th. their
Hldc to +4
New Exotic Weapon: Tiger Claws
Tiger claws. also known as hagh nakh. are nasty weap()n ..
favored hy thc ('hiao_ Users grasp a metal cm .. shar. from
whtch -.everal (un'cd hlade, protrude. Tiger .:laws arc
usually in palf'; _
Range Inaement
Ti ger Claw
I 11'1 ,
C hiao Society
TI1C chiao are;J tribal people. They h\'e 111 Jungle valleys ami
fiercely prOtect theIr homelanu from ouhiders. The tribes gener-
ally liv..: but all chiao answer the call of the tigcr
gencml. Fighting 111 his Icgion, a great honor and Illall) young
v.amors <,ed.. 001 '-och ,-cnice.The falored champlom of
the Tiger Gcneral are granted tiger head\ of thc!r own. Ihcy
can rdlcct theIr master's perfectIOn.
Chmo IhOllgh prillllti\e. is egalitanml. WOlllen fight
alongside the men. which accounts for the low number of 11011-
combatants m chiao To lhe Civilized neighbor, of the
chiao. thi,- IS jUStmOrc proof of thclr b'lfbari'm.
The fal ored of thc chmo is barb:man. Chiao burbaflan, :Ire
Ihe oottlc of thclr people. leaving le:ldcr,hip to tho .. e
of cooler dl"po"ltion.
Small or Medium-Size or
Large l\ lonstrous Humanoid
Uil Oice: ';d8+8 00 hpj
Init iltth c: +1 (OCt)
Spt.'t1I: 30 fl
AC: 16/15114 (+ 1 Ixx. +4 natural. +I /Of 'lIe)
Allal' ks: Claw +6(+1/0/-1 ,izc)
1)1IImll:t': Claw Id-l+2 or Id6+2 or Id8+2
:'i fl. by .5 hJS ft.
SIK-ocial AlIlI l'ks: Taummg. fcarfullaugillcr. trJrnplc
S,K'cial 5hnn!. and enlarge
Slues: "on +6. Ref +5. Will +3
Abi lil il"': SIr 14. Dex 13. Con 15. In! 14. WI' 9. eha 16
Skill!>: Animal Empathy +4. Bluff +8. l hdc + 12 (+4/OJ-I for
·!Ilc).lntllllld;J(c +7. Jump +3. +2. Pld. l'UC\"cl +3.
Spot +4, Tumhle +5
Fe<lls: Alcrtm,'". Dodge. Run
Clitnat efl'crruin: Tropical or ,ubl roplcal forC'I, hll". or plams
Soht,lry or pair
Cha ll cnl:c KIlling: 2
Tre:IsIH1:: Standard
Ali j!1II1I CIII : Often chaotic e, II
Ad'l1nrement : 5· 12 HD
Tikbalilng lriclsle", \\ ho delight In tonm:ntlng
hUrlUlll\. Thcy oftcn In m:mgo lrecs, bUI generally are para-
\l hl' on clvdl/ed 'tcaling fruit and gmin from fiel d"
and frightcnlng Into droppmg v;lluable,. Storie, dann
Ihal Ihey arc hor-c .. mil) human form \\ nh of
demon blood or WOr<.C. Certainly, Ihey frcqueml) rob and anno}
arc tall and hor<,ehke: they wall upnghl bUI
ha\e hON! head .. ThClr and leg, arc long m proportIOn 10
bodle" and theIr darl blacl mane, drJpe 0\ cr COOlS
of light O;IY, ehc\lIlut, or 'ilrJ\\betl) roan They h;1\ c heavy black
hoo\c, and Ihey rarely \\ear more than a lomcloth or \ery light
robe .. '-Iolcn from a clothesline,
Ti lh:lhmg 'peal Common and Goblm.
A Hklxtlang prefer; to taunt. frighlen and annny a \ ictlm until it
become, fooli,h cnough to run-if Ihe drop, \ a
I1lbal;mg PICL.. them up rJther than ptJI">umg. likbalang
only fight when threalem:d or \\ hen ho-.llie creature .. enter thc
ulbalang', home terri tory. Tilbal:lI1g are .lImo" heard
before being \l'Cll, they love 10 m tree" J.nnouncmg them-
only hlle:1l ntght or early III the mortling.
' Ilultlt (Ex): The con\lam ]latter from a I1lbalang', moulh IS
u\ually ttl,ulllng, rude, and mocking aud the Illbalang can
lallnl by l'c/JIl"iloq(lism, as lhe <; pcl!, ut \\ til. Ik'C,lu\!! of II' uncan-
ny abllily to find UII wCake\1 1'01111, :m)'one li'icenmg
10 the IIlbulang for I full round mak!! a Will
<;.1\C (IX' 14) or \uffer Ihe effccb of a ('lmjilSiml 'pell. The
effecI' of Ihe launtmg last for I round, An opponent \\ ho suc-
ceeds :Ltlhe ,a\mg Ihm\\ 1\ Immune tn the Ilkbalang's taunt abil-
Ity for the re,c ofthc day.
Fellrrul Laughtcr (Su): The ecbomg laugh of a tlkb:l1ang IS
dlslUrhlllg ,md un'-Cnhng. All creature .. \\llhm 100 fect who hear
the br:t )11lg laughler must succeed at a Will .. ave (IX: 17) or

become .. halen, rematlung .... hul en for 3d6 Thi, ahllity
affccl\ only Iho\.C \\ Ilh fewe r Ihan 6 hit dIce, An opponenc who
at the \;Lvmg Ihro\\ is Immune 10 the tlkb:ll ung's fright-
fullaughler ability for the rest of the day,
Tr:ulIllle (E.\ ): The hea\') llOO\ es of a II l bal un)1, 111 Large 'Ile
can ,tnle any pronc opponent as u hor<.C'\ would, wIth
Ihc u,ual +4 bonu<; for ' Inking a prone oppo nent . For tim rea-
,on, a Il l II,lIang at l:lekmg a tra\cler Will \OmCllrlle leap on hUll
from a trcc, lnocking the opponent to lhe gmllnd. Th!! IrJmple
mnicl\ 2d4+2 damage,
Shrink a nd f:nhtTgc (Su): When:1 tl khil1:mg \\j\he\, II can
change Ih 'I/C from Small to Medlum-,v.l' to Large, slllndll1g
l feet Jnd 8 fcct tall. The ,t,ltl'itC<' abo\e renecI thcse
three 'lie, Gencrally, a tt l balang I' Smull when hidll1g and
lallnllng \ICIII11', and gro\\, large \\hen bluffing, I1ltl1l1idaulIg, or
Ihreatel1lng a \ietim
Tiny Fey (Fire)
lIil oice: 8d6 (28 hpj
Initiative: +4 (Dc)()
Speed: Fly 40 n. (good)
AC: 18 (+2 Sill'. +4 Dc". +2 natural)
Fi at-fOOled AC: 1-i.louth AC: 16
}\ttacks: Touch + 11
Ihnmge: Tuuch I
FacemclIch: 2 111 ft. by 2 1/2 f\.lO rt.
Sp·ecial Att:l(:ks: Immolate. fright fu l presellce
Spedal Qualities : SR 17
S:I\'cs: Fort +2. Ref + 10. Wil! +7
Abilities: SIr 3, Dcx 19. Con 10. Inl 14. 11. eh;) 15
Skills: Concentration +11. Hi dc+23. Intllil Di rection +1 2.
Inli1111dale + 13. Knowledge (local) +7. Spot +8
Feats: Weapon Finesse (touch). Weapon Focus
Clinmtcflcrrain: Any land and underground
Orgllni"llltion: Solitary or gaggle (2-..\)
Challenge Ralin):: 5
TrCllsufC: None
J\li!;nnll'lll : Alv..ay\ neutral evil
,\d\ llr\ccrncnI : 9-24 (Tiny)
While lra\cling through the count/) during rainstorms. voy-
agcrs oftcn report <>eemg strange green lights bobbing invi tingly
on the horilOn. TIred. footsore. and sogged to the bone . .; uch
tfa\eler, often the m),steri ous for the welcoming
lanterns of a wayside chapel or ,hnne. Hoping to fi nd I\arnlth.
these traleleTh hale no Idea that they hasten to thci r doom. for
the lights are ubagahi. malevolent (spirits) who beckon wayfar-
er. to demh b) immolation.
An ub:Jgahl fc .. a Oying discmbodled head surroundcd
by an orb of crackl11lg green fire. Most ubagahl have the faces of
bitter olll crones. though on occasion of male ubagahi fil-
ter back to cultured ,>(X·ict)'. Ubagahl bear childlike
countcnances. though 'ouch mre creaturc, are <>een as harbingcrs
of III fortunc und II1lpend11lg tragedy of great magni tllde.
Legends ,1Igge'>\ that the fir<.t uhagahl was a WOln.lIl who stole
oil from the lamps of way,idc 'hrincs. The of earth :md
fire set her spint aflame. binding her to wunder the lands nearb)
as a the fute of those who from sacred place,.
All ubagahi believe IhlS story to be about themselves (even when
thl' clearly IS nOI the case). and are bound to ... ·ander a specific
IClCalc. --eldom ranging more Ihan 10 miles from a certain travel-
er's ,anctuary they beliele is Ihe source of their eternal eufSC.
Ubagahl broken ComlllOll. but communicate Ilith each
other lia a ,ilent flaring of their
Co,,,,ba t
Ubag:Jhl lomhe humanoid ... who remind Ihem of the life that
could have been Ihell·s. They prefer 10 sneak upon their victim\.
flaring their for dr.unatic effect while nagging opponents
ubout the danger, 01 ';tealing. tIIorallcssons frequently
come olT as m,ane ramblings accentuated by the occasIonal
IInmolatmg touch all:Jck or tos'iCd fireball.
Immolate (Su): Those touched by an ubagahl mUSt 'iuccccd
at a Reflex save (IX 15) or catch fire. (See OMO, p. 86 for
more detail, on this unfortutl<lte condition).
Fireblllls (SII) : As a standard acttOn. an ubagahi may
chllrgc up to 1\1 0 firebll/ls as If ca,1 by a 6th-le\el ,orccrcr (Sal'c
IX IS). Thc spells may be centered upon dilTeretll targets.
Frightful "rf;':SC ncc ( Ex): An ubagahi can foes wit h
ih mere presence. The ability take .. effect automatically when
the creature cau<,es it:.c!f to fl are \lith a bone-chilling Intensity.
Opponents within 30 fect who Ihe nare must make a
Wil! salc (IX 16) or becOnle frightcned for Sd6 rounds. Those
\I ho succcs,full) s:J\e are lilt mUlie to the ubag:lh i' '\ frighl ful
presence for one day.
:1-\ \\IISe t.·ave ler takes heart at the
appeOt'ol'\ce of a 91"'£'('1'\ flame 01'\ the
hm'izol\ w hi le irClvel;"9 at nighi. f-Ie
kl,\o\\/s it as a \Vclco!l'\e-fit·e of a dista,'\t
cOlAntry shrine, CI place offet,jng spil'ih,-
a l tty, shelte,', and wal'u"dh, r\ wicked
t ,'ave lel' sees in the light the L,lJ<." gahi,
and perhaps a lso sel'\ses his OWI,\ fate
il,\ its ct·aclding
WClSp WCll"l"iol"
Monstrous Humanoid
Hit Di ce: 6d8+12 j]9 hpj
Iniliathe: +1 (+1 Dc't)
40 f\.. fi) 80 ft . (good)
Armor 17 (. I +1 Del(. +7 n,uural)
FI:JI -fool cu AC: 16, touch AC: 10
"lIucks: Large Il<lgmata +101+5 melee, bow +7
ranged, \ung +2 melee
1)1II111II;C: L1rgc naginata 2<18+7, bow Id8+5.
\ung 1012+2 poison
face/Keach: 5 ft. by 5 flilO fl.
(5 ft . 'ling)
Sped:ll Attacks: POison
SIJrti:11 Qualities: Scent
Sa\ing Thro"s: Fort +4. Ref +6, Will +4
Abilitic.!>: SIr 20. Dell: 13, Con 15. lnt 12.
Wi, 9. Chil 9
Skills: 11ll1ll1idaiC +6. Jump +8, +12.
Search +9. SIX}I + 12
Fellls: Dodge. Mobility. Spring Anack
Climate/Terrain; Temperate hills. forest. or
Orglmi lulion: Soillal) or pair
Clmllenl!c K:lling: 4
Trt'itsure: Standard
AliglllllclIl : UloU:tl1y la .... ful e\11
Ad\ lUWClIl cnl Range: By character
w:1rriors are powerful crcalUrcs with huge
wings ll nd d:ln11lg movcments: they look ilke an
enormou, \\.-a<,phke combimng .... a .. p-
hle annoI'. \I ith an 11lSC(:toid head that appear<.
almo,>' helmeted_
Though Ihey ha\c a roughly human form.
they rarely \cnture tndoors: of the of
their wmg.). theY:lre almost always found under the open
sky. They o\er 7 feet tall. With enormou, wings
that "retch OUI to a \0, mg"pan of o\er 30 feel Tho!>C .... ing ..
arc dehcate ..... asp warnors can rcgenemle Ihem from Ilothmg
more than taltered in about a wed •. Their limb., are long
and n3rTO\O,. and their spiked knees and elbo .... arc lipped with
POISOIlOU" "wlgers.
Wa<;p w3rriOn. a bUZZing. t\lo-toned dtalcct of the
Common tongue. They al\l3)"s carry from ,m311 bows
\\.-lIh ell\cnomed arro ..... to long cuned n:lgm3ta Ihal allow Ihem
10 attack \0, hllc ho\ ermg In mld.ur.
Wasp warnor, prefer ranged combat. becau-.e Ihe odd:. of haml-
ing (and necdmg 10 magIcally heal) lIS wmgs much reduced al
rangc. In melee combal. Ihcir poison and Ihick amlOred
CilntpaCc ,cnc them wcll. bUll he)' use to l eer oppo-
ncnt\ 3 ..... 1)' from thclr \' ulnemble wmgs then well.
SIJring ,\llack: When auaclmg from lhe ground. a wasp
\\.-arrior can leap Into lhe air for a faslcr auac],; th:lllales 11 quicl-
I} WIthin an reach. as lhe Sprmg Auacl feal.
I'oboll (E:\ ): The stmg of a wasp .... arnor 1\ a 3 fOOIlollg.
lron-h,lrd needle th:l\ pumps as much as \e\er:1I pUliS of poison
mlo Heilln; 1lllghl be eX]lC(·ted. Ihal amount of venom can
llll e,en Ihe hardie" opponent. The po;<,on IS 1I1JUry. DC 15. 2d-t
])e:l;lenly ...... lIh ,econdary damage of 1 ;Uld Id6 hp
damilgc It" rarely for poi,olllllg \O,eapon,. beeall\e so
much of II I'> requIred for Ihe full cffecl When ;IPl'iled 10 ih
the wasp .... venom 1\ DC 13, Id-l Dexterity. \\'lIh
S<."'Condary dama!!e of I [)extenty_
A .... a.<,p ..... arrior\ pol'iOn gl:lnd, are qUlle \aluable. They con-
lam Id6 of venom. each of .... hu.:h 1<' \lonh -100 gp.
Skills: Wa!.p .... arriol' m:CI\ e a +4 r:1l' lal bonu, 10 Search.
Spot. and Li,lell
The WCH'I'IOI' IhL' I\Ogilloto
c:.!mvll"'Cl'·c! \\Iilh the fCH'CC of
its weight Cl",d lJL\zzil\9 wi.'9s,
pil11'\il'\9 the SC\11UU'L\; to the
!:l'" \\Iith one PO\\II..-,,"flll st,·ike.

Medium-Size Undead
Hit Dicc: 7dl2 (46 hpj
InitioHh (': +1
30 ft .. ny 60 ft. (averagc)
Armor Class: 16 (+1 Dex. +5 natural)
Flat-footed AC: 15. touch AC: II
Allacks: 2 claws +5 melee
I)anmge: Claw Id4+2
Slled,l l Att acks: Spells. rearf magic
Slled:ll Qualities: Undead. determination
S:l\cs: Fon +2. Ref +3. Will +6
Abilities : Str 14. Dcx 12. Int 16.
Wi\ 12. Cha 17
Skilb: B1ulT +6. Concentrmion +12. Hide +8.
Intllnidate +8. Li,ten +8. Perform +6. Scry +10.
Spdkraft + 10, Spot + 10
FelllS: Quicken Spell (typically nl(lSic missile),
Empower Spell (typically ice SlOrm)
Clinlllt cfl'crrain: Any 1.111(\
Organization: Solitary
ClmJlenge R:lt ing: 10
Treas ure : None
Ali gnment : Lawful evil
A{h'anecl11cllt: 8 to 21 HD (Medium-Size)
Spumed !lI1d plied grooms. 'lbandoncd apprentices.
powerfUl wiZard" and loven: who have slain themsel\es in a
love ,ulcidc. any soul with a tragic story and a young death may
refure \0 Clller the Kingdom of the Dead. These spirits become
whIte-haired rcfu'lIlg Co acccplthcir fat e and ignoring
the of the Cdc,lial Order. InsteJd. they nom Heaven
and Earth. rcturning to the world or the li\ing to avcllge thcm-
on their tonnentef'>. and indeed ... ll living things.
White-haIred ghosts their human fonm. with long
cI:twhke lingemaib and snow-whIte hair. They 'Wear long
and and oflen carry the marks of nobility:
fans. or mirror.. Only their cold betrays the fact that they
arc no longer among the 11\ ing.
A 1\ ghost is implacable in pursuit of Ihose it feels h(l\c
wronged or octmyed It. especially IOnllCr lo\cr<" hus-
hand, or and fnub.. They fight only by mght.
rC[lIming to darkened haunt .. by dayhgtu. though Ihe) never sleep.
S,lcll s: Whllc-h;urcd ghosl' arc 9th-level wizards (special-
il.t!d 111 necromancy). able to up kuang ,"elelons.
and olher minor undead. :lnd lhey enjoy pov.crful ('vocations
welL such "'>fireballs. IIUlgic //liHiles and ice storms.
Scarf i\ l:lgic (Ex): A white-haired ghost c:m U"C Ihe fabric of
her gamlcnls 10 tfap [Ind cn\3nglc opponcllIs as effectively as 11
rill1/! of clI/allg/eme/!l. Some 'ouch ghosts can extend their halT 10
the same effect.
Undc:l d Determination (Su): Whi le-h<lircd lI"uull)
hide theIr heans and soul, III objects or even 11l unwitllng, inno-
cent vicllnls, as per the 1Il1igic Jar This means that killing
them once llot whlle-halred ghost fires up again
the next night ,lIld continues to pursue vengeance unless its body
is properly and buried_ or the /Illlgir Jor receptable IS
brokcn (or if hving).

Undc:l d : Immune to mind-mflucncing effecl ... poi .. on. ,lcep.
qllllning. and disease. Not subject to critical hib. sub-
dual damage. ability damage. energ) drain, or death frOnl mas-
'\ve damage.
llill)ice: 11.112 +J (9 hpj
Illiti lith e: +1 (De1( lernyl
SIK.'t'd : 10 ft .. fly 60 n. (good)
Armor 16 (+1 +1 Dexterity. +4 natural)
Fiat-fooled AC: IS. louch AC: 12
,\lIack);: Bile +0 melee
Bl lc Id4- 1
FacclReach: ., ft. by 5 fl.l5 ft
SIJCCilll ' \U;lcks: Attach. blood dram
Spct:ial Qualities: Undead
SIn ThrUMS: Fon +0. Ref + I . Will + I
\hiliti cs: Sir 9. Del( 13. COil -. I nl 12.
Wi ... 9,Cha 14
Skills: IIl de +10. Intlmldale +4. L,"Ien
+14. Spot +4. Wildeme" Lore +4
I'e;,b: Dodge. Toughne,"
Clinml efrernlin: Any 1II0U1lla1l1, hllh.
fore' l. or plai n"
Organizllt ion: Pair or fl oek (3- 12)
ChallclIJtc R:lling: I
Treas ur(-: Slallllard
i\lignnlt'Ilt : U\unl1y chaotic 1'111
Ad\ lllll'ellll'nl Range: 2+3 110 to 3+6 HD
TIIC,c undc:III vampire ball. h:1\c white fur. long fang'. and
torJ... ed ,wali ow-l iJ... e tails th:11 mukc thelll extrcmcly mancu\ er·
ahl e III the air. Ya,ha arc the ,pirih of lOoomen whose anger low-
ered their <,1:lIu" III rebinh. A body I' about a foot long.
With a file- foot wingspan.
The)' arc 1'1 11 but eo\\arlll). prcfemng 10 mob wlilary \ ICli m,
Yo heneler po"lbl e. A flock 0.1\\ allaeh J" ,I men or J,,\t
Yoomen. neler both.
Co ,,,[:,ai
A pmr of ya\h'l as a leulII. one alwa)" Circling 10 find a
way to , tTlke an oppone nl from bclllnd while the other di,tr.ld, u
Anaeh (Ex): If a yasha hll .. with a melee touch :mack. il U'>CS
Ih c1:I\\cd wlllgs. feel, and long fang' 10 lalch onto Its \tetim's
bod) . A turned or rebuked automall cally III the
follo\\ mg round An 311ached )'3sha an AC 01 15.
Ulood I>r:lin (1-: ,, ): A ya. .. ha blood. deallllg 1113 point!.
of lefll p()mry COll\l llution damage each round It f'Cmam\
:ma(' hed. Once 1\ drmned 2 POlllts of COIl'"lUll on, II detaches
and flle" off.
Undead: Immune 10 milld-i nfluencmg effeel ... pOl<;on. sleep,
paraIY'I", .. wnnillg. and disca'c. Not '1lbjeello cnll e:.1 hlh. sub-
dual damage, llbllil Y damagc. energy dr-lIll. t)r death from mas-
'" e d:lln;lgc.
'v\J£.'tghi'1.9 li Hle 1I1. <.. WL' i ha l\ Ct kite.
aI·,d \\lhifL' as d eath \\Ihel\ hl-"1.9I"Y,
a yasl\a Gloated \\lith Glood
01ll\05 t piHk ,
Small Fey (Avian)
HilDieI': ld6 (3 hpj
IlIili:llin': +3 (+3 Dcx)
SI>Ct!d: 30 fl.. ny 80 fl. (average)
Armor Class: 16 (+1 SilC. +3 Dcx. +211:11UT:l1)
Fl m- fo01oo AC; 13, touch AC: 14
Attacks: Beak -1 melee
Damage: Beak Id3-2
Fact'fRt!llch: 5 ft. by 5 fLlS f\.
Special t\tlllcks: Nonc
Special Qualities: Immunities. altcmatc foml
S;I\'ing Thru"s: Fort +0. Ref +4. Wil! +2
Abi lit ies: Sir 6. Dex 16. Con 10. Inl I I. Wis 10. eha 19
Skil ls: Hide +8. Liqcn +4. Search +10. Spot +10
Feats: Fl yby Aliad-.
Clirnaterlcrrain: Any mount ain. hills. or plains
Organi"llHion: Soli tary or pai r
Challenge Rlliing: 112
Treasure: Standard
Aligllmcn l : Oftcn chaOlic good
Ad vance ment R;lII gc: 2 to 3 1-ID
Yo.,ci are the spirits of crancs or swans bul
"ome!irncs o,prey. faleom. e\en
'nICY are quiek. eh.lIly wilh Iheir own goah and
suspicious. minds. 11ley are all I>chol den 10
Ihe Bird Kmg. a powcrful animal lord. bUI Ihey answcr
10 no one else. of all arc Iheir enemies.
YOSCI speak Sylvan and Common.
YOSCI will fighl 10 defend Ihcir perches. and Olher
lemlory. They are poor fighlcrs. but stubborn,
AlIern:!l e Form (SII): A yosci has I\\<O forms: a
human shape. oftcn very Ihln and wilh an
aled nose. dclicale bones. cresl·like halr. and fine glossy
and a bird form. which is purely animal. but
wilh Ihc and underslanding.
Imlllunities ( SII ): Yosel are Illlmune 10 enchnntments
of 011 kUlds. mciudUlg charm.,. r/(I:I'. sleep. hoM mOlwer.
suggestioll. nnd "rpl/ol/sm.
FI}hy AUa ck: ThIs feal the bird spirit to aUack
while 111 mid-nigh!. and no aUack of opportunuy.
exaclly Ihe dragon feal or Ihc Rlde.By AUack feal.
The fickle 6, ... d 5p, ... 'tS 6"',1,\9 good h.lck
and soot h'I'\9 d ... eo,l'\s. ,A1'\gel" thell'\l CtJ.'\d
fhey \ViII I"cvel"se yo!,11" good fOdl.lI'\c.
Medium-Size Shapechangcr
lI ill)ke: l2dS+12 (66 hpj
Ini lililh e: +2
Speed : 30 fl.
AC: 17 (+2 IXx. +5 natural)
FilII-footed AC: 15, touch AC: 12
Attack.!>: 2 cI.nH +13
I);unagc: Claw Id6+
F:. ceJReach: 5 ft. by S ft.lS ft.
Keen claI\s. face theft
Spt."Cial Qualilie.!>: Alter self. bhndsight
San'.!>: Fon +9. Ref +10. Will +S
,\bil ilics: Str 16. 14. Con 12. Int 14. 10. Cha IS
Skills: BlutT+17. illde +IS. Listen +2. Mo\c Silently +15. Spot +2
"'eats: Combat Renexes. Dodge. Expenl'ie. Impro\ed
CrlllclIl Weapon Focus (claws)
Climlltcrrlorrllin: An> land and underground
Orgunil:lt iun: SohtaT) or pack (2-5)
Chalkn!:e Rating: 7
Treasure: Double
Alignment : chaotic e\11
Ad"uncel11ent : By character
Paranoid burcauc{;Jt\ often fear thal tlK"lr ha\ e
been1l1filtmted by the male\olent shilpcchangcT\ knov.n as lun-
bernbou. lIl\idIOU\ scofnav.s \lho chao\ by aSSUlmng the
of tlm,e they ha\e murdered. While the goals
of the Ilmbernbou 111\ ol\'e playful yet m:lliciou, and
sabol;!ge. the me:ms by which Ihey replace their YICll rnS c:mnot
Ix anYlhing but \'ile. To another being's
shape. the lunbernbou musl tear av.ay Ihc creature's face and
v.ear II hke a mask
When 111 natural fonn. a IUl1bcrabou appears as a sexless
human With no eyes. 1lO'iC. or moWh. They '>Cldom appear in this
gu"e, prefemng 10 go aboul hfe II lerall y \lelmng the face of one
of their \ lclLlllS. Tho<;c -.cholars v. ho concern lhclllscl\es with
the macabre that Ihe Lunberabou. \I ho are ne\cr M-'Cn
cming. draw ,u\tenancc from the act of
A lIHlbcr.lbou\ \Ieadfast refu<;al to cat or dnnk (and. in fact. its
lI1abllllY to do -.0) I, the chiefmost of dl,coveri ng its mse.
ZunbcrJbou \peak 111 a compltcated sign language understood
onl} by other lunbernbou \lhen 111 their naluml fonn. When
\I eanng the gm'ie of another. it can speak all of the languages
kno\l n by thaI \ictl1n.
Zunber,lbou prefer to auac],. from surpri se. eIther \ neaklllg up on
their or , Imply auaeking \lhlle ..... earing Ihe appearance
of a tmsted friend or confidante. the gri sly means by
which they gam new forms, 1110SIzunbcmbou prefer to find a
single gUI ..... \\1Ih \I hleh the) become familiar. of len I"ing in
luxuT) \llnle cammg nunor but fru\lrating setbacks
in onlcred <,QCiCI) , When dlsco\ered. hO\le\er.they lash out vi()-
lently. attemptlllg 10 gather as many faces as posSible before
beaung a hasty retreat
Kt.'C1l ChlWS (E'\;): The razOf-,>harp of a zunbernbou
hold ,ueh a ragged (.'dge that Ihey are con,idercd l een.
Fnce Theft (Su): Upon a cnlleal hll \\ lIh a claw
all:tck. the lunberabou anempls 10 tear the face from Its victim.
Opponenh ,,"caring ,lordy Cacml protCl;t ion ( .. uch lb a
or helmet) lire Immune 10 Ihi .. allacl, are Crc:IIUfCS
Immune to cnllcal hlls. In addition to Ihe norm:11 damage
from the !:law aUack, tho<;c to Ihe face theft I11U,t
make a Fonitude \3.\e (IX 20) or die 111 agony as their
ne.,hy ""'Igt 1\ from lhe underl}lIlg and bone.
Alter Self (Su): A lunberabou can a"ume the ,hape of an}
Small or humanoid from .... hom 11 .. tolen a
face. The Viclllll mu,1 have been alive at the IIIne of the theft
for abihty to functIOn properl). Faces from already
dead \ IClim, I"t!\llh In horrify Ing. debased mImIcry
which. Ihough qUIle 10 family :Iml wouldn' t
fool an)one,
Thl \ ability functions as tiller selJa\ if caM by an ISth-le\el
soreerer. but the lUnberabou C311 rem311l III the chosen fonn
indcfinllely. It can assume a nev. form or return 10 liS ov. n as a
standanl act ion Changmg fonn al all th31lhe zunbcr-
3bou ph},tcall) placc, thc fle,h} ,kill upon I" fe:ll ure]c,s face,
so a hound or held lunberabou cannot ullh,e Ihl" :lbi!Lty. Most
lunber.IOOu .. s Id6+4 face".
AppeV1 d ix 1:
T emplate
Scnnm :lrc henm\s and hol y creatures that li\'e in the
becoll1mg at one wllh the grc:ll wheel of destiny. clarifyi ng their
Ili·;ion, and lllcJitming on the Way. They sometimes Ji\C on lillie
1110rc Ih:m l110ullwin mist :md and arc often revered b)
pcas:m\s m nearby \ Since cnlighlcnmcn is not only l\
of Ihe powerful. peasant s ,md lowly crc:Jturcs may be sen-
nin often as noble lords or dr:lgons.
SCflllin arc often qll!tc old. and can be mi staken for ordinary
or other intelligent crealure." Howc\cr. by night and in
time, of dl<los. they often surrounded by an aura of holi -
ness. a glowing halo that spread, a feeling of peace and well-
being 10 all around them.
Although sennm are virwous and holy. they are not nccessari-
I) pri esb. They ma) or may nOI have 10 clcric
Ceea+;"9 a
S e nnil-'l Cl"eatuV"e
Senrun a templ<tt!! that can be added to <tny corporeal crealure
of good alignment. Typi call). these are holy men and women.
enlighl!!ned creatures who ha\ e through the of
everyday life 10 the true way, but all intelligent creatures are
cap:lble of enhghtelltnent. Thi s enlightenment grant- them
ci al powe,"" agai nst evil, :ulunc\ them 10 elemental h;Lrmonic\ .
and places certain re'triClions on their behavior.
The Vaf). but typical "Cnllm restrictions include
\0\\ of silence. vegetarian diet. ne\er em food. chasti-
ty. nonviolence. ullmobLlLly. conSlant medLI<tli on. comlanl chant -
mg, lr!!quenl rtlual puri ficati on. po\erty, and sl!!!!ping on bed of
nad, or in caves. Obviously. no sennin is bound by all of the .. c
bUI most adhere to at three.
A scnnin uses all the base creature's and
abilities except a, noted here!.
SIJl'Cial AIt ,leks: A ret;uns :111 the special <tllacks of
the ba,c creature undcrlying the template and gains the fol-
10\\ mg attach: Kim of "l1Id. burning ham/l. cllil/touch and
obJmriliK mill I Ida).
S,Ieci:LI Qualities: I3cc:wse of its Ultuncnlclllto Ihc cJcmcnh.
an cnlightcned belllg becomes clTeetivcly immon;11 :md gain' the
followmg ,peclal qual1\IC, (the.,e fu ncllon if casl by a 17th-
"orcercr. where applic:lble):
Cloud\\alking: Can '.'.<111, on cloud" or of all type.,.
Cure Di sease: A can cllre diIt'lI.\t' once pt'r d<lY.
Elemcnlalllllillunity: On a save. a scnnm takes
no damage from alllirc. water. earth. air. and col d magIcs. even
those that normally do nOI permit a savmg Ihro'.'.. On a failed
!;itle. the scnnm half damage.
SI)C;lk \\i th Ani lmlls: At will. as the spell.
Tran!o l"cr \\'ounds: A can traw,fer a number of hit
poml .. of damage from onc wLllmg neaturc 10 another up 10 the
sennin's hit poml". once per day. WhIle lhe may mo\c
the '.'.ound. It docs not cure II.
Trul' SC"t'ing: At will. as the spell.
S:l\ cs: Same as the creature.
Abi liti es: WI'>CIom +2.
Climatefl"crrain: Any land and underground
Organi 7.alion: Soli tary
Clmlll:'ngl:' Kating: Base creatun.: +2
Treasurc: Nonc
Alignlllcnt: Any good
Adl 01 11('Clllent : By character
\!osho \\lOS ve .. }:' shl£:liOl.-IS QI'\d dCVOld,
QI'\d spent .1"\ost of hi s tilne sh,dying the
"Loh,s of the Law." +-I c lived VCfT
si.npl y il,dcL'd, Clnd il'\ t ill'\C !'cdl,ced his
diet to C\ 91'C\il\ of '11i11el C\ clay.
2 : Cl"eCl tlA I"e List
(Arranged by Challenge Rating)
Bamboo Elf 112 Awabl 4 Wttilc-bmred 10
Monkey DemQU 112 IJ..i-ryo 4
Tcnsiu-tQmbo 112 Konaki JIJi 4 CriImon Moth II
112 Kurote 4 ThaycTasc U
MountaJll Man 4
Carp Eater 1 Mountain Woman 4 Fcng-hu:lllg 12
Chiao 1 Samcbito 4 Red Mmis\cr 12
J ttan-Illumen I Warrior 4
Kino-a-Bake I King of me Tcngu 13
5hoJo 1 Fukur:lnhou
SpiriLS of Kurullla 1 Kijo
Tiger GCLlCL'JI 14
Tallu"l I Lang;,uyar
I Rokurokubl
Ti'cII Kou 22
Sill- YOU
GiaJll Panda 2 UbOlgahi
Thuong-llJong 24
JLk.i..tunki 2
Komori-nlllja 2
7 R)' uJill 15+
Kuang Sbi 2 Zunbcrabou 7
Pumianak 2 1'I lollkc) King Deity
Shi-r) 0 2 Kitsullc 8
Tikbaiang 2 Nioo 8 SClllllll +2
I hd:m COlllitmcLS 2+ Ta-Jeu 8
lade Dragon Varies
Bell Spirit 3 Neal-ta 9 Poi:.on Dragon
Clay Soldier 3
Sluko Me 3
\"""011 lOa
1'hc fo11o"'lOg Inl ,\ lhe pmpc:ny of .... of lhe Inc, aOO "
COP) nlhl 2000 of ,he Coo", In<: COO" Iianb "), All R,ghl' Re'Coed
I (ar'Contn!>u' t1or," fllea", Ihe and/or lradcmar\;
" .... ..... ho haH' con,ri!>ulcd Opo:n Game Contcll1; (bf' I)e""aU\'C
Malena]"" meanS copyn ghlcd mdudlOg dN"m"" ..... orb and mm,·
1allon, (ml"iudong In' O OIIN:r tOnll'uI"r lanruagc». f'OIatl(lfl.
cor...,chon. atldmoo ... \tcnSlon. 1l1'8"'1J<k. ,mpro' en",nl. cQ"'p,lauQn. abrl dg·
n ..... nt or other form 10 "h,dl an .... , ... L may be r",":lS' . UlIn,forfli<.'d or
lIdapted; (cl ""'3n, II) reprodu.:e. hc"nse. rent. lea,., ..... 11.
pubhcl} lran,nUI or OIheno ''''' d,slnb.",,; (d)"Opo:n Gan",
Conlenf' mean, lhe game and 111<:111.1." lhe
p1"OI:es<>c, and roullllC< 10 lhe ,u.h doe. 1M)( embody lhe
l'mdu(1 Idenlll) and" an "nhaoccmenl o>er lhe pnor an and an) adoillional
conlenl clearly ide01ified 3' Open Game Conlenl by Ille Contribulor. and
meall' any .... orL cO\ered by , h" Licel1\C. mdudmg lran,lallon< alit!
'''e .... ofL' under ...... hu' ,pcClfi(ally c, eludes ProouC'l ldcnlll)
(el "ProdU(1 Idemny" n",an, l'fIlduC'l and prooilci line name,. logo' and
[(!emlf) mg marLs Includmg trade dre"; anlfoch; creawre, characle",; "0'
fin. MOt) line'. plOt •• lhemaUI.' ekn ..... "t\. IllCidcnl', language. an
.... orL. designs. dep",u"m. IILellC''''''. fomM'. pose •. concepl .••
,11<.'....." .nd graphIc. photograph", .nd OIhcT, Isual or audiQ reprt",ntauon •.
name' and dc<.Crlpllon> of .·hanklc ..... enchantmenl,. pcr;onahlle •.
team •. PCI'>OlJlll.. and ,pet;IDI ab,hue,; locauon •. en, Iron·
menl'. creature •• tqlllPmc,,1. or 'upemJlural ab,lme, or effccl>.
1°10\ •• or tIc'lgn'. and olll<.'r IradcmarL or n:g"terc.J
u .. dead)' Itlcnuficd D' I'mdUe, 'Uenlll) lhe owner of lhe I'mduct
Idenlll). and which <pct;lficall} e<dude, lhe Open Game COntCnl. (f1
Inean. lhe name'>. mark. 'Ign. mOIlO. dc>ign; Ihal are
u>cd by a Conlrtbutor 10 identify 1l\Clf or 1(' product> or 11K' associated
prOOu," comnl>uled to the Opo:n Gan ..... Llcen", b) lhe Conlnhutor (g)
'l'>ed"' or meall' 10 u<,C.I),,'rtOO,e. oopy. edll. (ormal. mod
If). Inn,lale and <>then. ''''' crea,r l)crt' Matm.1 of Open Game
COntent (hl-YOIlO" or ""'all, the h<;cn'C<' In 'C'f1m Qf thl' agree"",nt
The l l<'en!oC' TIll. L,cen", 10;00) Gan", Contem Ih: ..
.:ontaln> • lIolltt' IOOlc311nglh31 lhe Of1C'n (iamc Conlent may only I:N:
unller aOO 111 teno, of Ih" L,,,cn;,c ,·(\U mu" <ue'h & notiCe 10 any
Opo:n Game Content ,hat )UU l·",. 1\0 lertll' ma) be added 10 or >ublr.JClcd
from Ihls L,cen..c e\Cepl a, de ... nhcd by the L,cen", """If. No olher lern"
N ",,,d,lion, may be apphed lu Jlly Opcn Game CQmem dl)lnl>uled lI,mg
Ih" L,cen>e
,oner and Aeceplaocc lIy U"ng tile Opo:n Game COntenl You tnd,cale
Your ;occeJ>t.loce of lhe term, o( Ih" I. ,ccn",
"' Gnnl and In (on'lder41U>f1 for agreemg 10 u\.C Ih,.
1.I(en\C. lhe Conlnhu.Of'> grant '011 • perpcilla1. ... orld ..... ,dc. ro) all) . free.
....., ·e.du>"e h<"<'not ""ib lhe e' .... 1 ter .. " "f Ibl< L,<"<'n..e IQ lhe Opo:n
S K""",,,,,mallun QI AIllOOruy IU (:"nmbulc. It )'00 arc CQfItnbuung
oTlll,nal malerial Oprn Game Coment. You rejlfco,.cnl Ihal Your
are Your ungmal nNII"" and/or YO\l ha-c ,uffident 10
gram Ihe right' con\'c)'cd by Ih" L,CCII\C.
(, NOlle'c of L,cen .... Copynllhl Yuu mU\1 update lhe COI' YRIGIlT
r.:OTICI:. por1l00 of Ih" L,c'cn'>t' to IlI<:lude lIN: nante" of lhe COPY
RIGIIT '\OTlCE of an) Open Game ('untenl 'OIl arc modlf)mg
Of dl'lnl>ulmg. aOO YOII mUll 1IIk1 the IItle. lhe u>(l)nghl IiIle. aOO lhe COP)
nghl IIolder', namc 10 the COl>' RIGIIT '\OTICE of an) ongmal Open
Game Conlellt you D"lnOOI",
7.l·'>( \>f IdenUl} ',)1,1 'gree nvt 10 l'<,C allY Product ldenlll).
IIIdudmg as an IndKalion al 10 ncepl al ... ,,,,,,,,Iy liccn"'"
m aJl(>ther. ,ndepcll<1cm Agreemem wuh lhe O .... IICr of cach clement of Ihat
l'mdoci Identity. )'011 agree not 10 or n.·adaplaf>llu)
.... Ilh any T ratlcmarl or RCIll>Iered TradcnluL In c"QIljunclion .... nh a .... ""'
conlamlng Open Ga"", COntCnt e.apl.' han,.,d m another.
l!I<1cpen<1cm Agret'nlcnt .... ,th lhe u" ncr 01 'uch Trndemark Or
Tn,delllar\;. TIle u;., of any l'mdu"l Idenllty '" Oprn Game Conlem doc, n<ll
CUII,"lII le a challenge 10 Ihc 0'" IIc .... lup of Ihat I'mduct Idennl) The owner
of any Producl Idem it)· used III OjICII Cuntenl ,haU relain all fll?hl'>.
tille and Inlcre<;1 m and 10 Ih31 Produ';1 l<1cnlll)
8 ldenlificatlon. If}oo d",rtbule Open Game Content You mll,1
IOOIUle .... h,<.:h portion, o( lhe .... ork lou arc arc Open
Game Content
9. l·pd.aung the Licen!oC ""liard, or II, Agenh nla) pIlhhsh
upd.lled ,ei"SIQIlS of Ihl) l ,<;en,.,. " 011 U'C authori,ed HI",On of
Ih" l ,cen,., 1<> cOP). mod'f) and d"trIOOIC an) 0p0:1I GallIC COmenl
nally d"mbuted any' e",oo of Ih" L',en'>c
(0 CIIPY of L,cen;e; You MeST mdude a cOP) of Ih" LI,cn><, .... "h
c>'cry cupy of Ihe Open Game C\HIICIII h,u I),qnbulc
II U'C uf ConlnOOtur Credll, You may nol marL ... , or ad",,",>e
Open GallIC Ihe na"", I>t any Contributor unle" Y\l\I ha\'(
..... rtlltn Ille Contnbul{lt' 10 110 'II
Inablht} loCompl) If.t" ImflO'o"hle for You 10 compl) .... "b an}
of lhe of Ihl< llcen", .... "h rt'pct;1 10 '-Offic: or all of lhe Open Game
Conlenl 0.111<.' 10 ,tatule.jud'Clal order. 01' lO,emmenW rrgulalJon Illen You
not L'"" an) Opo:n Garn.c \biertal .... J .ffccled
11 Tennmallon n", Llcen.>e .... 3ulomalicall) If You fall II>
WHh ali lemu hereill and fall 10 CUrt breach .... ,Ib,n .'0 dJ)' of
a" are of 1M brcl,,:h All 'hall ,Uf" iH IIIe
of Ih .. L,cen""
14 Rdorlnallon If any pro, I""n 01 Ih" L,eel1'<C i, beld to be unen·
f""'cable. 'uch .hall be rdunned to lhe cXlenlne(e"aT)' 1<)
maLe ,I
Opo:n Garno: Li...·en'C \ I.Oa CI>(l)nlhl W"'m:ls of "'" Coo,t. lno..
S) 'tern Reference Documtnt 2(0). ",un!.,> of the C'I&>I. I",
AUlhoor<. \ Ionlc CooL, T .... ccl. and Skip" Ilham,. ,III
malcnal h) F Gar} and Oa>" Amc""n .
hdc Oragon< and Il ungT) CiOO-I>. CopYTIght Grecn Ron,n
AUlho .... ..... ol fgang Baur. Da\ld" CooL, I:.rtk Mona. Leon I'lulhp •.
Chm I'flImas. and Slc>en I· Scllend
'd20 S) \lem' and tIN: 'd20 S) "em' I"g" a..., TratkmarL, 0'" nOO h)
W"anh of lbe C<>a>\ .... d arc u\Cd ItJ lhe lerm, (If lbe S)'lcm
.... >e",,,,,, 1.0. A 'OIl)' (>1 Ih" LKen", "'" be found 3t
h<1c Or.IgolI> and IIllntr) Gh'"I''' Grccn R"mn
l'uh",h,"g .'\n" h)' III<.' "">1'«11 \ C an"I,. Referen,'e to l>ther '''I')
nghled malt'ndl '" no way conllllUln. challenge IQ tile _"P)·
nghl huldei"S of Ihalmalcrial
'11M: te\l" Open Comenl lhe name. 'tat,,"n. anti
C\I' "001 'Cellon of each """"ter, all nc .... "'eapOfIl and mall" Hem, and
I and 2
Dungron< and Dr.Igoo and .... lIartl. "f lhe CIIa". arc Reg"lc",d
T ratlcmarl "f W lI.anh of lhe CI>a.,,<I. and .m: u-ed ..... 'Ih penni""'"
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