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Welcome to Binghamton University! The class of 2017 has arrived at an historic moment in history.

Never before has a sitting President of the United States visited our campus! Opening weekend brings excitement for both the campus and greater community. The political climate as it relates to cultural initiatives took center stage in politics and in the media this summer. Many of those issues will drive the programming initiatives for the MRC. CULTURE CONNECTS is the official newsletter of the MRC. The MRC is your source of information for all cultural group programs, special upcoming events,
Dr. Nicole Sirju-Johnson MRC Director

workshops , trainings and ways to get involved both on and off campus! Our goal is to help you get acclimated to our campus and the Binghamton area. Inside this issue, check out our listing of cultural groups you can join at Binghamton! Browse our listing of

In this Issue:
Local Resources 2

minority-owned businesses in the area. Whether you need cultural foods to remind you of home, a local religious establishment, salon or even a taxi, we’ve got you covered in the MRC! Visit our website for all the latest in contests and activities. Like us on Facebook and sign up for our e-mailing list on our website

Cultural Student Groups on Campus 4 MRC Fall 2013 Event Calendar Contact us at or by phone (607) 777-4472. We look forward to serving you! Dr. Nicole Sirju-Johnson MRC Director

MRC September Programs & Events 7

. Binghamton 125 Main St.. Binghamton (607)729-1083 (607)748-5093 (607)786-2165 (607)748-2133 (607)797-2288 (607)797-1166 (607)798-8998 (607)724-0633 (607)722-5767 (607)770-1268 (607)770-8938 (607)754-6778 (607)729-0156 (607)798-1833 (607) 729-9988 (607)724-2003 (607)724-4692 (607)217-7188 (607)723-6440 (607)235-3123 (607)723-9011 (607)798-7899 (607)722-2003 (607)729-8180 (607)724-2513 (607)771-6063 (607)484-1604 (607)723-0555 (607)296-4213 (607)723-0495 (607)722-8181 (607)217-5777 (607)729-2266 (607)723-6454 MRC CULTURE CONNECTS OFF CAMPUS RESOURCES *indicates business is an LGBTQ friendly establishment but does not service the LGBTQ community exclusively..P.. 2 Interested in advertising in the MRC CULTURE CONNECTS Newsletter? Benefits: Binghamton University’s students of color and International populations are growing. Johnson City 3748 Vestal Pkwy E .. Johnson City 1110 Chenango St..... Binghamton 222 Water St.. Endicott 254 Main St.html Contact us: For more information about advertising in CULTURE CONNCECTS... Binghamton 623 Main St. Ste 2.... Vestal 200 Main St.. Main St #2. Binghamton 56 Court St. Make your business more visible among students... Binghamton 4700 Vestal Pkwy E. Binghamton 47 Riverside Dr... Johnson City 3218 E. Johnson City 2 Main St. Vestal 287 Main St. Main Street.... Buffet Star China Doll Restaurant China Garden Restaurant China Lake Restaurant China Wok Far East Chinese Restaurant Foliage Chinese Restaurant Fraternity Chinese Restaurant Fu Star Chinese Restaurant Grand China Work Buffet Great Chinese Buffet Moon Star Chinese Restaurant New Century Chinese Restaurant Panda Chinese Restaurant Red House Chinese Restaurant Red Wok Chinese Restaurant Argo Restaurant Crepe Heaven Cortese Restaurant Despina’s Mediterranean Taste Grande’s Italian Restaurant Greek House Restaurant Grotta Azzurra Italia Ristorante La Cucina Pizzeria Little Venice Restaurant *Lost Dog Cafe Nirchi’s Restaurant Number 5 Steak House Taste of Europe * Tranquil Bar/Bistro Currys of India Halal or 777-4472. Your advertisements can run in any single edition of the newsletter for as low as $55 or in all the newsletters in any semester for as low as $120.... Deli & Mini Buffet Moghul Fine Indian Cuisine Taj Halal Restaurant Chinese Cuisine 4089 Vestal Rd. Endicott 1011 North St.. Vestal 59 Main St. Binghamton 215 Washington Ave. Binghamton 465 Chenango St.binghamton. Endicott 4700 Vestal Pkwy E. Binghamton 1250 Upper Front St. Endicott 3215 E. contact our office at mrc@binghamton.. Binghamton European Cuisine 117 Court . Please visit our website for more advertising rates: http://www2. Binghamton 79 Court St.. Binghamton 117 Robinson St. Binghamton 33 S Washington St. Binghamton 2421 Vestal Pkwy E. Binghamton 62 Glenwood Ave. Binghamton 36 Pine St.. Binghamton 1185 Vestal Ave. Binghamton 87 Clinton St. Binghamton 217 Main St. Vestal 560 Harry L Dr. Vestal 13 Washington Ave.. Binghamton Indian Cuisine 45 Court St.

. Binghamton (607)770-9628 (607)217-7276 (607)217-4224 (607)217-7225 (607)644-9030 (607)766-0557 (607)484-0188 (607)775-9499 (607)724-8424 (607)741-4062 (607)797-2528 (607)798-7306 (607)644-9121 (607)772-0722 (607)770-0073 (607)797-9888 (607)798-7521 (607)786-8028 (607)238-1771 (607)773-8888 P. Binghamton 1247 Upper Front St..... Binghamton Korean Cuisine 4010 Vestal Pkwy E. Binghamton 278 Main St. Vestal 119 Harry L Dr.... Binghamton 175 Clinton St... Vestal 1009. Vestal 108 N Jensen Rd.... Johnson City 1101 Bunn Hill Rd.. Vestal Pkwy E. Binghamton 9 Glenwood Ave... Binghamton (607)729-9988 (607)729-5905 (607)766-9509 (607)797-4087 (607)777-9440 (607)724-4905 Barbershops & Salons Blazin Cuts Barbershop 291 Conklin Ave...Japanese Cuisine Fuji San Kampai Japanese Steak House Sahara Japanese Sushi Restaurant Sake-Tumi Tokyo Sushi Buffet Man Nam Korean Restaurant California Grill Chipotle Mexican Grill Delgado’s Café Los Tapatios Mexican Restaurant Margarita’s Cantina Sabaidee Thai Restaurant Thai Basil Thai Thai Cuisine Thai Time 4105. Endicott 584 Court St. Binghamton 92 Front St. Vestal 302 Main St. Binghamton 280 Main St. Vestal 1166 Upper Front St. Binghamton Thai Cuisine 36 Jennison Ave.. Johnson City 3701 Vestal Pkwy E... Binghamton (607)771-6786 (607)772-8187 (607)238-7551 Envy You Salon & Boutique (Women) 3325 Vestal Pkwy E. Johnson City 1 Washington Ave... Johnson City 184 Clinton St. Endicott 190 Main St. Vestal Mexican Cuisine 912 Vestal Pkwy. Johnson City Vietnamese Cuisine 29 Willow St.... Binghamton (607)205-2220 (347)853-4099 (607)771-6566 (607)729-8390 (607)621-1332 (607)237-0206 . Johnson City 35 Pine St. Binghamton 200 Grand Ave. Binghamton 157 Main St. Binghamton Turkish Cuisine Turkish Restaurant Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant Nhu Y Pho 99 L & R West Indian Grocery Bakery 258 Main St. Vestal 4698 Vestal Pkwy E.. Vestal 122 Washington Ave. Binghamton 20 Downs Ave.. North St.. Binghamton Grocery Shop Asian Food Store Dnister European Market Hang Phat Market Lonny’s Asian Market Nannerys Grocery Store 200 Main St. Endicott 71 Court St.. 3 MRC CULTURE CONNECTS West Indian Cuisine 10 Lake Ave..... Vestal Envy You Salon & Boutique (Men) Face’s Barbershop Five Star Barbershop Grand Master’s Barbershop Miracle’s Hair Salon New York Styles Barbershop Platinum Cuts Barbershop Shuna’s Hair Studio 3325 Vestal Pkwy E. Endicott (607)422-1010 1303 Monroe St...

Johnson City 901 Murray Hill Rd. Binghamton 400 Murray Hill Rd. Binghamton 98 Glenwood Ave. Cab (607) 240-7629 (607) 349-1874 (607) 723-2000 (607) 797-4444 (607) 221-9490 (607) 348-6115 (607) 217-4773 Broome Taxi Services CITI Transport Inc. Fly By Night Taxi Master Taxi My Taxi Nation Taxi NY Taxi (607)773-2227 (607) 723-7433 (607) 759-3257 Safe Taxi ST Taxi (607) 221-5894 Triple Cities Taxi... Washington St. Endicott 1321 Reynolds Rd. Vestal (607) 722-1867 (607) 239-4127 (607) 238-7795 (607) 729-3562 (607) 797-2122 (607) 798-7202 (607) 722-1060 (607) 785-3132 (607) 723-2572 (607) 729-7265 (607) 722-1793 (607) 797-0015 (607) 723-7355 (607) 723-7461 (607) 797-3757 (607) 723-3218 (607) 729-3626 (607) 821-1828 (607) 724-3906 (607) 723-2361 (607) 723-0005 (607) 621-4592 (607) 724-3546 (607) 729-2688 (607) 748-7434 (607) 232-0463 (607) 723-8983 (607) 723-7355 (607) 723-3593 (607) 729-1641 Catholic 360 Clinton St. . 4 Stephen’s Vintage Clothing Talk of Da Town (Cellphone Accessories) 141 Washington St. Binghamton 420 Murray Hill Rd... Vestal 9 Riverside Drive. Vestal Non-Denominational 1315 Reynolds’ Rd. Binghamton Unitarian Universalist Congregation* 182 Riverside Dr. (607) 759-6273 V.. Binghamton (607)348-0055 (607)217-7600 P. Grand Avenue. Taxi (607) 743-2733 Yellow Medi-Van & Taxi Inc. Inc..I.. Endicott Islam 74 Conklin Avenue. Binghamton (607)723-1658 (607)722-7250 Taxi Service A & B Taxi A-1 Chuck’s Taxi A1 Courtesy Cab AAA City Cab.. Binghamton (607) 724-4772 Baptist MRC CULTURE CONNECTS Calvary Baptist Church Cornerstone Community Church First Baptist Church of Johnson City Korean Baptist Church of Binghamton Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic Newman House for Roman Catholic Students St. Peter & Paul Byzantine Catholic Islamic Awareness Center Islamic Organization of the Southern Tier Beth David Synagogue Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life Temple Concord Reform Temple Israel Calvary’s Love First Assembly of God Grace Tabernacle Church Greater Faith & Deliverance Ministries Salvation Temple Church Mt Sinai Church of God in Christ New Heights Ministries Church River of Life COGIC 466 Chenango St... Binghamton 219 Oak St. Binghamton Pentecostal 126 S. Binghamton 28 Frederick St. Binghamton 4737 Deerfield Place. Vestal 9 Leroy St. Binghamton 161. (607) 221-7975 (607) 760-6012 (607) 621-7356 (607) 724-8294 (607) 348-3936 (607) 724-7545 Binghamton Area Religious Establishments AME Trinity AME Zion Church 203 Oak St. Johnson City 254 Washington St.. Endicott Metropolitan Community Church* 83 Main St. Binghamton 911 East Main St. Binghamton *LGBTQ Friendly Centenary-Chenango Street United Methodist Church* 438 Chenango St.. Rogers Ave.C. Binghamton 155-157 Clinton St. Binghamton Tabernacle United Methodist Church* 83 Main St. Johnson City Judaism 39 Riverside Drive.Miscellaneous Businesses Paradise Hair World (Beauty Supply) Simply Me Boutique 197 Clinton St.P. Binghamton 103 Susquehanna St.. Inc. Binghamton 106 N. ACE Transportation All Star Taxi B.. Binghamton Temple Concord Reform* 9 Riverside Drive. Binghamton 110 Main St.. Binghamton *Please contact the religious establishments directly for special services or programs offered for LGBTQ persons.. Binghamton 17 Front St... Vestal First United Methodist Church of Endicott* 53 McKinley Ave. Patrick’s Church Sts....... Binghamton Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church* Corner of Oak & Main St. Binghamton Christ the King Lutheran* 499 Laza Drive..

List of Binghamton university cultural organizations African Student Organization ASO Arabic Association AA Asian Outlook AO Asian Student Union ASU Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting ALPFA Bert Mitchell Minorities in Management Organization BMMMO Binghamton Association of Mixed Students BAMS Binghamton Bhangra Binghamton China Care Club BCCC Binghamton University Gospel Choir Binghamton University Japanese Association BUJA Binghamton University Korean Undergraduate Student Association BUKUSA Black Dance Repertoire BDR Black Latino Asian Caucasian Keeping Unity BLACK Unity Black Student Union BSU Caribbean Student Association CSA Chanbara Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health Society Chinascope Chinese American Student Union CASU Chinese Student & Scholar Services CSSA Diverse Cultural Xcellence DCX Givology at Binghamton University Graduate African Student Organization GASO Haitian Student Association HaSA Hellenic Cultural Society HCS Hillel/Jewish Student Union Hillel Hong Kong Exchange Square HKES Indian Graduate Student Organization IGSO Indian International Student Union IISU Indigenous Student Association ISA International Connection IC International Flag Dancers IFD Irish Student Union JUMP Nation (Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program) Korean American Student Association KASA Korean Network in Culture and Time KONECT Ladies Owning their Curls. 5 MRC CULTURE CONNECTS 2013-2014 THiNK TURCA TSA VSA WSU . Kinks &Straights LOCKS Latin American Student Union LASU MASTI Men of Color Scholastic Society MCS2 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP National Society of Black Engineers NSBE Philippine-American League PAL Powerful United Ladies Striving to Elevate PULSE Quimbamba Tomorrow's Hope in North Korea SHPE Turkish Culture Association Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers SWE Turkish Student Association Society of Women Engineers Vietnamese Student Association Sul Poong TASC Taiwanness American Student Coalition Women's Student Union TSA Taiwanese Student Association X-Fact'r Step Team Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Society Zionist Organization P.

18 (UU108. UU108) MRC Diversity Talks (1st) Wednesday. 12:30-2 pm) LGBTQ Student Groups Rainbow Pride Union SHADES The Equality Project Religious Student Groups MRC Alumni of Color Panel Saturday. Sep. 23 (6-9 pm.Cultural Greek Organizations P. stay tuned to MRC monthly newsletter. 12 (1-4 pm. Nov. 12 (UU206 & UU 209) (8-11:30 am) MRC Festival of Lights Wednesday. 25 (7 pm. 6 MRC Fall 2013 Program Initiatives (Mark your Calendar) (All dates. times and events are subject to change. 9 Monday. Facebook page. Oct. 4 (4:30 pm. Mandela Room) Binghamton Korean Catholic Community Binghamton Sikh Association Brothers and Sisters in Christ Campus Bible Fellowship Chinese Christian Fellowship Hillel/ Jewish Student Union Hindu Student Council Indian Christian Fellowship Korean American Baptist Student Organization Korean American Christian Fellowship Muslim Student Association Spirit in the Box Three Angels Message Christian Club BKCC BSA BASIC CBF CCF Hillel HSC ICF KABSO KACF MSA 3AM . Sep. Mandela Room) Asian Greek Council Delta Kappa Delta Sorority Iota Nu Delta Fraternity Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Pi Delta Psi Fraternity Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority Latino Greek Council Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Omega Phi Beta Sorority Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Phi Theta Chi Sorority [Dormant] Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority Multicultural Greek Council Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Delta Gamma Pi Sorority Gamma Sigma Tau Fraternity [Dormant] MALIK Fraternity Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority Sigma Omicron Pi Sorority National Pan-Hellenic Council Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority AGC ΔΚΔ IΝΔ ΚΦΛ ΝΑΦ ΠΔΨ ΢ΨΖ LGC ΛΤΛ ΛΘΑ ΩΦΒ ΦΙΑ ΦΘΧ ΢ΛΓ ΢ΛΤ MGC αΚΔΦ ΔΓΠ Γ΢Σ MALIK ΢ΙΑ ΢ΟΠ NPHC ΑΦΑ Δ΢Θ ΚΑΨ ΢ΓΡ ΖΦΒ RPU MRC Student Leaders Meeting MRC CULTURE CONNECTS Monday.) MRC Cultural Fair Thursday. UU108) MRC Cultural Competency Training for Students Wednesday. and website for updates. Sep. Oct. Dec.

cultural games. bi-weekly meetings throughout the semester. 7 • • • • • New student at Binghamton? Returning student but not currently a member of a cultural group? An international student? Looking to join a cultural group but not sure what’s available? Interested in volunteer opportunities in our community? Come to the MRC’s Cultural Fair! Start your semester off right. staff. Bring your lunch and join us. These lunchtime talks are FREE. Visit our website or Facebook page for flyers. prizes and more! This event is co-sponsored by: MRC CULTURE CONNECTS Campus Activities Career Development Center Center for Civic Engagement Confucius Institute Real Education About College Health VP Multicultural Affairs (SA) The goal of The MRC Diversity Talks is to create an open.P. honest. It’s FREE and open to ALL! More than 40 cultural student groups have signed up to meet you! Food and music will be provided along with giveaways. students and community leaders to discuss the challenges of contemporary issues surrounding diversity. Coffee/tea is provided! *** Check out the MRC Website for information about the MRC Photo Contest and the MRC Diversity Landmark!! . and equal space for Binghamton University faculty.

Check out information on our emergency alert system via the Dean of Students website. You can always contact us directly at deanofstudents@binghamton.binghamton. MRC CULTURE CONNECTS MRC is located in the Dean of If you would like to sign up to Join MRC Facebook Page: receive an electronic copy of Students Suite the newsletter every month. you’ll get the same alerts and messages your student does. Nicole Sirju-Johnson About Culture Connects Culture Connects is a newsletter designed to provide the campus with up-to-date MRC Program Coordinator information about cultural events and programs and Mengchen Huang opportunities available to mhuang@binghamton.For more information about the Multicultural Resource Center. Encourage your student to add your contact information when he or she signs up for emergency text messaging. check out the MRC website: mrc. . Room: UUW 204B please email Mengchen Huang Phone: (607) 777-4472 at mhuang@binghamton. Email: MRC Director or 607-777-2804. If and when there’s an incident on PARENTS! Find answers to your questions on the Web through the Parent Gateway page via the Dean of Students website.