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Product Release Notes: NComputing vSpace® Client for Windows Version 1.6.1.

Product: NComputing vSpace Client for Windows Version: This release supports PCs and laptops running Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (32- and 64-bit) and Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) and can be used to connect to vSpace Server or newer (note that connections to vSpace 4 and 5 are NOT supported). These notes contain important information, please read this entire document prior to installing or upgrading.

First Release:
This is the first full release of vSpace Client. If you previously installed any beta versions of vSpace Client, you must completely uninstall those versions prior to installing this released version. In addition, if you used vSpace Client beta software with vSpace Server L-, you must upgrade your vSpace Server software to version before using this vSpace Client release.

For complete instructions on how to install, license and use vSpace Client, refer to the vSpace Client User Manual available online at

Important installation notes on this release:
 Install on any number of PCs: vSpace Client can be installed on any number of PCs, laptops or netbooks in your environment. Licensing: Use of vSpace Client is licensed through vSpace Client Access Licenses (vSCALs) which must be purchased for and installed on each vSpace Server you wish to access with vSpace Clients. Each vSCAL entitles you to make a concurrent connection to a specific server. Refer to the vSpace Client User Manual for instructions on loading the vSCAL keys via the vSpace Registration Wizard. Also, refer to the vSpace Client End User License Agreement (viewable during installation and available as an .RTF file in the NComputing vSpace Client installation directory) for details on your usage rights.

vSpace Client Release Notes

February 28, 2012

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audio and video may vSpace Client 1. Tips and Performance Recommendations:  Performance Profile setting: be sure to use the Management Console settings in vSpace Server and select the appropriate vSpace Client performance profile for your environment (“high -speed network” for LANs and “low speed network” for WAN) .8 Release Notes February 28. Whether or not this distortion occurs depends on the original resolution of the video source and whether the video is being scaled up on the desktop.   Errata Items:  Autoconnect to server running in VM – if your vSpace Client is configured to auto-connect. see www. Video Streaming: If you overlay other windows on top of a streaming video. Microsoft Licensing server required: Microsoft RDS CALs (for Server 2008 R2) or WMS CALs (for Windows Multipoint Server) are also required to use the vSpace Server system in a multi-user configuration. 2012 Page 2 . WAN Logoff: when connected to a vSpace Server session over a long-distance WAN connection. Clipboard: vSpace Client supports a text clipboard and allows you to copy text from your local PC desktop and paste it into your session or vice-versa. it may not do so if your vSpace Server is running in a virtual and refer to the NComputing Knowledge Base for information on setting up a license server (search on “licensing” or go to: http://www. USB devices: USB devices are only enumerated to your local PC and not to the vSpace session. select the disconnect option from the vSpace Client overlay menu at the top of the desktop    Audio synch on WiFi networks: when watching a video on a PC connected to a vSpace Server over a wireless network or when using a very low-powered client PC. you may find that the vSpace Client does not complete the log-off process.ncomputing.html) running a Flash video in full screen mode may result in incomplete video. Please run in the native or windowed video resolution. the information (text) in the overlaid window may become distorted. For more information on license requirements. Check your VM network settings to ensure that UDP network requests are accepted. If you encounter this. Full screen Flash – on some hardware platforms. You must also implement a Microsoft licensing server to enable connections.

programs and/or specifications described herein anytime without notice. Windows and XP are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.get out-of-synch. To request Technical Support. vSpace Client 1. All NComputing software is subject to NComputing intellectual property rights and may be used only in conjunction with Genuine NComputing hardware and in accordance to the NComputing End User Licensing Agreement and Terms of for more information. Specifications are subject to change without Disclaimer Information contained in this document may have been obtained from internal testing or from a third party.6. 2012 Page 3 . Information may be changed or updated without notice. Microsoft. NComputing reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes in the products. www. Contacting Technical Support and Additional Resources   Visit the NComputing Knowledge Base at www. If you need closer synchronization.ncomputing.ncomputing.ncomputing. NComputing is the property of NComputing. depending on the configuration of the shared computer. All rights reserved. This information is for informational purposes ©Copyright 2003-2012 NComputing.8 Release Notes February 28.1. Inc. please use a LAN connection or faster client PC. please visit the NComputing Support page at www. Performance may vary. Other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.