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00 design,

INTENT OF SPECIFICATION This sub-chapter is intended to cover

materials procurement, manufacture/fabrication, testing and supply of various types of fabricated and boughtout pipes,fittings,expansion joints, gates, screens and other miscellanious items connected with the circulating water system of 2 x 210 MW units. C.W.PIPING Scope of Work design, accessories, insurance, at pipes, painting, testing system. like / and required The contractor's scope of work shall supply of steel include

engineering, loading,


unloading at site, of

comprehensive piping of

fabrication site,

required circulating water

outside surface coating and wrapping

inside painting for pipes above 1600mm dia., handling of fabricated pipes at site, erection, and The commissioning of circulating water piping scope of work also includes Civil works

excavation, and back filling, construction of anchor thrust blocks chamber of man holes / air valves

other miscellaneous civil works that would be for installation of piping. Scope of Services

drawings final inlet heat








No.MEC/S/P123/A04/S4/01 and 02 complete with all joint welding at Battery limits viz., piping from and outlet of condensers, cooling water pipe for

piping and

exchangers (inlet and outlet), connection of C.W at cooling tower inlet, make up water pipes

blowdown pipes. ends the All bends , reducers, tees distance pieces, dished etc. of all sizes and shape required for complete

system. instruments stubs All piping and fittings for vents, drains, tapping points with stubs and root valves and

for the thermowell connections etc. necessary gaskets All counter flanges, blank flanges, caps etc. for the piping. All necessary bolts, nuts, and

required for installation of the system.

tees valves the nos. (Double be be gate

All with

flanges, manhole and manhole covers, flanged blank on flanges, above automatic piping are air-vent included in


contractor's scope of supply.A minimum number of 6 automatic air vent) air release cum vacuum break valves for each unit (total 12 nos.) shall

provided of

on CW piping.The air release valves shall isolation

200 mm dia with separate 200mm dia

valves. the for Manhole Butterfly shall be provided on either side of

valves for maintenance purpose


300mm dia.). also The pipework covered under this section shall

T3. pipes shall be manufactured/supplied as below: pipes ISPart-I With ii) 200 mm to 350 mm size i) Upto 150 mm nominal size M. G.D X Thickness in mm 219. covers pipes.S ERW Black conforming 1239-1984 (Medium Duty) to Plain ends.I. crosses.14 . ERW to conforming 3589-1973 but ness as below : O.01 specified The The term 'pipework' referred (such herein as bends. flanges.S. sockets.0 323. etc) valves. unions.and other with various work air is - include internal pipework for the pumphouse piping between pump house and main plant and units the as indicated in the drawings enclosed specification and described in pipe paragraphs of the specification. pipe work for service water air also included in the scope of the contractor.14 7.35 7.9 355. nipples.6 x x x x 6. pieces. service air and instrument piping etc. generally tees. Pipes ISthickspecified Nominal Dia DN DN DN DN 200 250 300 350 mm mm mm mm : : : : M.1 273. fittings reducers. throttling stubs for primary sensing instruments etc.. for drinking water. plugs.14 7.

specified a) 1984 b) 1984 For Instrument Air : For Service Air : iv) 400 450 500 600 mm mm mm mm : : : : Manufactured - Spirally Welded at Rourkela Plant) of quality. plates Grade -A by submerged arc IS-2O62-1992 process as per IS-10234 or equivalent having indicated against the pipe dia: .50 Fabricated from plates as in para T3. 1600 mm and above Fabricated Steel Pipe lines All fabricated pipelines specified below shall be conforming welding thickness fabricated to from tested quality M.D X Thickness in mm 406. IS:1239 .02 T3.1984 (Part-I) Heavy G.90 9.S.0 610 x x x x 7.25 seamless IS:1239 .0 508.iii) 400 mm to 600 mm size M.01 Drinking water Service water : : IS:1239 . Pipes( Steel commercial Nominal Dia DN DN DN DN M. O.02.14 7.1984 (Part-I) Heavy duty/IS:1978 St.1984 (Part-I) Heavy / IS:3589.S.1984 (Part-I) Heavy duty/IS:1978 St.14 7.S.I.25 seamless (Hot dip galvanised) c) d) T3.4 457.02 IS:1239 .

02.02. The by bending shall that be gradually bent to true cylindrical no undue stress develops in the shape tolerances on dimensions of pipe fabricated from shall be as follows: i) On outer diameter as calculated from circumference Out of roundness : : + 1/4 of plate + 3 mm & -1. Pipe sections in straight lengths delivered at site joints done at shall be of suitable length to minimise shall as far as possible. .04 erection field be site The 1 mm per metre length (Max.02.5 mm thickness.The plate All fabricated using pipes shall be a plate bending manufactured machine.02 cold plates so plate. the fabrication End preparation yard to facilitate welding.) pipe circumferential weld shall be done in such way that the longitudinal welds become staggered in two consecutive sections. ii) iii) Out of straightness : T3.Straps shall be provided at field joints.------------------------------------------------------Nominal dia Outside dia Plate of pipe mm of pipe mm ------------------------------------------------------16OO mm 24OO mm 1632 2432 16 16 thickness mm ------------------------------------------------------- T3.03 a any T3.

01 Fabrication of pipelines and welding of pipe joints The contractor welding shall arrange at his cost transformers. service water and drinking water shall be carried out by the contractor.04 tools. etc required the Gate valves. for gas welding . all plant. welding and all details. etc.drawings T3.. Pipe fittings Fittings shall be supplied as per IS:1239-1992 Part for pipes upto 150 mm dia and shall be fabricated pipes for dia 200 mm and above. Details of hydrostatic and ND tests to be done shall also be specified. nuts and washers be supplied in quantities and sizes as during detailed engineering with price included in lumpsum quoted.02. fluxes etc. Root valves.04. flanges. Gaskets. T3. Blind pipe shall flanges.05 The of contractor shall submit detailed working pipelines and fittings including fabrication These complete fabrication proposed T3. other of materials. air. welding electrodes for electric arc and filler rods. instruments and oxygen consumables including any acytelene cylinders. All root joint welding from headers for service instrument air.03 II from drawings for approval by Purchaser/ Consultants. Bolts. Drain valves. and gas welding for T3. drawings bill shall indicate design parameters.

04. with tests Number like a adherence b) a) Welding procedures shall be prepared in line IS:7307(Part-I)-1974.S. reaffirmed in 1991 and shall be carried out to quality procedures. IS:7310 Welders employed shall be qualified as per . Once welding procedure is qualified. going of T3. all The contractor shall arrange at his own cost for tests outlined in this section.Pipes.welding per carrying out the welding at site. i) ii) less agressive T3. strict to it shall be made during actual welding.02 The contractor shall indicate the procedure he is to follow for fabrication/erection/hydraulic testing M. thickness range etc. Method of Quality Control in Welded Joints Following besides steps shall be taken quality in by the to controlling general.04 contractor. Submerged orc as per IS 10234-1982 shall be carried out as relevant International code. make Strength-equality with parent metal Absence of defects iii) Corrosion resistance of the weld shall not be than that of the parent metal in environment.04. effective control in carrying out welded joints. of procedures will depend on variables positions of welding.04. T3.03 requirements Requirement of welded joints The contractor shall ensure the following while welding the plates/ pipejoints etc.

welded approved T3. proper weld profile shall be checked visually. uniform and from fins. reaffirmed in 1987 after c) type. Preparation of joints The contractor shall prepare the edge correctly to shape. ANSI size and dimensions of the vee-grooves B-16.passing (Part-I)-1974.. fit up.05 the per in Non-destructive joints tests of weld of shall be carried out as per procedures/ drawings. teers. notches or any other defect which adversely afect welding and shall be free from . position of welding. the following stages of inspection shall also carried out : proper slag etc. necessary tests. approved subject qualifying initial check tests as per IS:814The contractor shall strictly follow welding procedures during actual welding. cleaning of between the passes. approved Besides. however. free may loose The welding surfaces shall be smooth.04.25 unless otherwise as specified drawings/documents. be d) Welding Such consumables consumables shall be of are. amongst others. ii) i) Weld edge preparation before welding. to 1991.

The rate of shall be more or less equal progress and welder uniform. before the horizontal circular course shall be aligned and adjusted for correct axes. slag. the shell to The general direction of welding shall be towards free end of the joint. Assembly. paint. but in a long joint as in fabrication.04. Alignment & Welding The sequence of welding shall be so planned followed that there shall be a balance of welding the shall neutral axis of the fabrication. The working employ sufficient number of welders the same time in diagonal quadrants of the shell back-step each method of welding. welding. started. and horizontal the complete their To minimise internal locked up stresses due to the vertical joints for the shell shall be welded completed to a circular course and then the circumferential welding of seam welded.06 and about contractor at using of quality scale. 10 mm The clean surface shall the welding faces extend to beyond contamination of the weld metal with foreign and to avoid unsound weld deposit. seam However.other to avoid material T3. moisture or any foreign about material. . grease. back-step technique shall be used reduce distortion. rust.

Tests on welded joints (a) and all close less other magnifying and mm from following The Visual examination contractor shall conduct visual examination measurement of external dimensions of the weld for joints. Before examining the welded joints. of balancing of weld about the neutral shall be followed and the method of fabrication of course pipes shall be similar to fabrication of of or transmission/industrial pipelines diameter. by If fused T3. principle such a sequence and planning.04. glass Examination shall be done by a which has a magnification power of ten (10) measuring instrument which has an accuracy of + 0. The contractor shall examine the during the visual examination :- the i) Check the correctness of shape and size of welded joints ii) Incomplete penetration of weld metal . course in the contractor shall complete then and the placed the all respects on ground and course In shall be lifted assembled position. either accurate tack permanent methods prior to are used. Welded joints shall be examined both sides. areas to than it on both sides of the weld for a width 20 mm shall be cleared of slag not and impurities.each prein same axis each penstock bigger Alternatively.07 Pipe and attachment and shall be aligned properly welding. the tack shall be welds into the first layer of weld or else chipped out.1 or by weld gauges.

Compressed air shall blown 5 from the opposite side at pressure of 4 kg/cm. (b) Liquid Dye-penetrant Test dye-penetrant tests shall be carried out 1991 Liquid in for accordance with IS:3658-1981. reaffirmed in surface/sub-surface defects. The distance between the tip of base . However minimum 10% DPT or MP shall be carried out in the fabricated pipes. (c) The Test by Blowing surface of the weld shall be of covered of with water soap and be to and solution consisting one (1) litre hundred (100) grammes of soap. contractor shall carryout any or all tests in welded while joints as a out result impact carrying specified hereinafter to satisfy the Purchaser the acceptability of the welded joints.iii) Influx iv) v) Burns Under cuts vi) Unwelded crates vii) Cracks in welded spots and heat affected zones viii)Porosity in welds and spot welds ix) of contact x) The as about by test Compression electrode welding Displacement of welded element. as directed the Purchaser. sq.

00 mm .00 mm + 5 deg. the contractor.00 mm iii) Stepping of one plate over other c) Lap Joint i) Overlap 2.00 mm .00 mm Manual arc Tolerance ------------------------Automatic ii) Stepping of one plate over the other Manual arc 1.00 mm 5. + 1. compressor be arranged by necessary. + 2.00 mm 2. Any formation soap buble will indicate shall welding defects. for this purpose.00 mm 5.1.00 mm b) Single Vee-groove Joints i) ii) Bevol angle Gap between two + 5 deg.00 mm + 1.1.of Portable if the weld shall not be more than 50 mm.00 mm .00 mm 2. Tolerance be Deviations for assembly of welded joints may permitted to the following extent : Tolerance ------------------------Automatic a) Source butt-joints i) Gap between the ends of plates + 2.

00 mm T3.05. as stipulated in the specification shall sheets enclosed. T3.05. The expansion be designed such that no periodic adjustment required. as specified in data sheets. Carcass Fabrics of high strength synthetic fibres shall be in suitable number of plies to hold the shape of bellow at the working condition.05 T3.02 construction natural with of holding T3. .ii) d) Gap between the surface 2. angular or rotational movement of the bellow / or the equipment vibration. Split retaining rings integral flanges at both ends.01 the and data joint is Rubber Expansion Joints Design and Construction Design of the expansion joint shall take care of axial.00 mm Tee-filler joints i) Gap between the edge of the web and the surface of the flange 2.00 mm 1. adequate design shall be supplied for securely the expansion joint with connecting pipe flanges.05.03 used the shall to Body Expansion bellow shall be of heavy duty manufactured from high grade abrasion resistant or synthetic rubber. be All fabric plies components impregnated with rubber or synthetic permit flexibility between them.00 mm 2.

04 shall carcass Copper coated steel wire or solid endless rings in the carcass shall be used for reinforcement of expansion bellow. bolt.06 End Flanges .embedded the T3.05 rod contraction of washers. nuts Control rod assembly will & lock nuts.05. T3.05. hypalon coatings may be applied at Control Rod Assembly Each expansion joint shall be supplied with control assembly to prevent excessive elongation or of long the bellow. Cover The exterior and interior surfaces of the bellow be coated with suitable material to protect the from outside damage and fluid corrosion. spherical consist connecting plates (gusset plate) for fixing the with mating flanges. of on the Design of the control rod assembly shall take care the maximum axial thrust across the bellow calculated the basis of maximum fluid internal pressure and internal diameter of the arch. the T3. assembly Protective exterior. and of Control rod assembly shall allow transverse rotational movements under limiting axial conditions the expansion joints.05.

suitably During the test. carried over. the be during T3. Hydrostatic Pressure Test and Vacuum Test a) internal half the All Pressure Test expansion bellows shall be subjected to hydrostatic (1.07 The expansion joint shall have integral The bolt hole reinforced full face rubber flanges. if any.fabric on the face. the control assembly shall be adjusted to obtain the test conditions of the bellow.08 Required numbers of carbon steel nuts. suitably match The companion flanges shall identification marked for easy erection by others.5) times pressure test at a value of one and a the maximum working pressure under following conditions for thirty (30) minutes: i) ii) lateral Free position of the bellow With permitted (design) elongation and deflections iii) With design contraction and lateral deflection Inspection for leakage from the bellow shall be out during pressure test.05. and rubber gaskets shall be furnished. bolts. the flange shall have no eccentricity in relation to corresponding bolt hole of the flange on the other The end rubber flange shall be drilled to suit companion pipe flanges. check Before the hydro test and after the hydro test is the bellow shall be dimensionally inspected to deformation.05. b) Vacuum Test . washers 7. Counter Flanges Counter flanges shall be as per AWWA C-207.

These c) additional assurance. extra T3. The Rubber Expanson Joints shall conform to following standards/codes: i) Expansion standards ii) Fluid sealing Association. The external shall and internal surfaces of the with expansion a joint be of Neoprene of 3 mm thickness shore hardness of 65 + 5 deg. USA Design of Expansion joint shall take care of the axial. The body of expansion joint shall be made from abrasion resistant rubber. USA joints manufacturers' Association. The test shall be conducted three different positions for a minimum period of (30) minutes duration in each position. are as described above for pressure test.09 the Additional Tests shall have the right to demand Purchaser tests as may be found necessary for quality All the above tests shall be carried out without cost to Purchaser.05.All expansion joint shall be subjected to a vacuum test in thirty positions at 700 mm of Hg vacuum. . or angular or rotational movements of the bellow and/ the equipment vibration. The expansion joints shall have integral flanges at both ends complete with split retaining rings.

) - vii) Maximum flow (M3/hr) viii)Location ix) x) xi) Test pressure (kg/cm2g) Vacuum design Vacuum test - 16500 Indoor 7.5 xvi) Lateral deflection (mm) xvii)Angular deflection (deg.10 Design Requirement i) ii) Qty. T3. 1-50 lb slip on type xii) Freelength (mm) class xiii)Counter flange xiv) Axial elongation(mm)xv) Axial contraction (mm) - 15 15 15 0. 6 Kg/cm2 Circulating water (for analysis see Annexure-D & E).for Steel wire/synthetic fabric shall be used reinforcement of the expansion bellows./Min. 44/30 iii) Type iv) v) Design pressure Liquid to be handled- vi) Working temperature (oC) (Max.5 750mm of Hg vacuum 700mm of Hg vacuum Manufacturers std. Tie rods shall be provided in the expansion joints. 1600 mm.) .05. Nominal diameter 5 Nos. Single arch type. AWWA-C 207.

System 1600mm .) xix) Pump speed (rpm) T3.00 1.02. bolts and washers 307 Pipe thickness - Carbon Steel IS:2062 3 mm thick reinforced rubber Carbon Steel .00. Duty Type : : : : C.5 Nos.04. Continuous Spool type .xviii) Torsional movement (deg.00 1.01.5 497 Synthetic Rubber Synthetic fibre Manufacturers standard Hypalon or approved equivalent Manufacturer's standard Manufacturer's standard Galvanised Steel Flanges/Counter flanges Gasket Nuts.11 Materials of Construction Bellow Carcass Stiffening ring External cover Internal cover Control assembly Retaining ring - 0.W.03.05.ASTM A Grade A - 16 mm DATA SHEET FOR RUBBER EXPANSION JOINT 1.00 1.00 1.00 GENERAL Service Nominal size (NB)/Qty.

00 1.00.5o 3.00 2. of limit / control rods Bursting pressure of bellow (kg/cm2g) MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION : : : : Single BS 4504 PN-10 6Nos.00 2.04.00 2. Kg/cm2g : DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION Design standard Design pressure (kg/cm2g) : : < 0.00 No.00 3.08.00 As per spec. Maximum pressure drop through the expansion joint at design flow rate.00 4.00 1925 (Appx) 180 During detail Engg./Per Joint Twice the design pressure .00 3.00 2.06.00 2.1. PERFORMANCE CAPABILITY : : : 750 1750 kgs (appx) During Detail engg.05.00 2.00 2.00 Overall dimensions (mm) Gross weight of the complete assembly (kg) Model No. of arch / corrugation Flange pressure rating and drilling standard No. Axial elongation / contraction (mm) : Lateral deflection (mm) Angular movement Torsional movement (degrees) Axial spring rate (N/mm) Torsional spring rate (kg/mm/deg) Frequency of vibration (Hz) : : : : : : 15/15 15 0. 6 750 60 Design vacuum in mm of mercury: Design Temperature (oC) : 3.00 2.00 1.02.

: Yes Counter flanges with nuts.0. Metal reinforcement : Control rod assembly: Retaining ring segments: IS:2062 Gr.00.00 Bellow Carcass Bellow exterior Bellow interior : : : : Synthetic Rubber Synthetic fibre Neoprene Rubber Neoprene Rubber IS 2062 Gr.00 4.A Fasteners Gaskets : : IS:2062 Gr.03. stretcher plate IS-2062 Gr.4. : Yes LIST OF TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED WITH THE CONTRACT Dimensional General Arrangement drawing as specified A cross-sectional drawing of the expansion bellow Manufacturers standard catalogues and Literature : Yes : Yes : No .00 Ring 4.00.00 5.00 ACCESSORIES INCLUDED Control rod assembly with gusset plate. Annular IS1367 Gr. 4.0 Not recommended as Internal Rubber flange shall act as self gasket 5.A Galvanised Flanges/counter flanges: IS:2062 Gr.03.4.00 4.02.00 6.00 INSPECTION AND TESTING INCLUDED Materials Test Certificates Certificates for bought out items Dimensional tolerance as per specification Hydrotest as per specification : Yes : Yes : Yes : Yes 6.00 7.00 4.00 7.00 5.8/6.00 7.01.02. bolts etc.01.00 6.00 7.05.03. A Sq.01. nuts spherical washers etc.A.00 5.00 4.

: 2 sets GUARANTEED DATA FOR R. One set corresponds to the quantity of part used in one R.00. 3.00.E.00 6.04.00 Design working pressure of bellow (kg/cm2 g) : 6 Kg/cm2 12 kg/Cm2 15/15 15 0. Joints Control rod assembly complete with nuts etc.00 5.00 7. joint performance The for data.00 3. JOINTS 1.E. nuts and gaskets Reinforced Rubber Gasket for above R.E. : 1 set : 1 set : N.5 0. 4.05.7.A.00 A write-up on the manufacturing inspection and testing facilities available at the manufacturer's works Any other information : : 7. Slip-on type matching flange with bolts. 1.00 2.JOINTS.00.00.00 LIST OF MANDATORY SPARES FOR R. Note: particular Rubber Expansion Joint Complete assembly of 1600 mm dia.5 BS 4504 PN-10 contractor guarantees that each rubber expansion minimum CW system shall meet the following Minimum bursting pressure of bellow (kg/cm2 g) : Axial elongation/contraction (mm) : Lateral deflection (mm) Angular movement (degrees) : : Torsional movement (degrees) : Flange standard : .E.00. Joint.00 4.00.00. 2.

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