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Rangers of Gondor
By James Mullins (elven) Paint Used Chaos Black spray. Chaos Black. Catachan Green. Dark Angles Green. Snot Green. Camo Green. Goblin Green. Bestial Brown. Kommando Khaki. Scorched Brown. Graveyard Earth. Snakebite Leather. Dwarf Flesh. Elf flesh. Chainmail. Shinning Gold. Blood Red. Red Gore.

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10/15/2008 7:46 PM

2 of 4 10/15/2008 7:46 PM .thelastalliance. Shirt Start by giving the shirt a base coat of Scorched Brown. use thinned Chaos Black so you do not obscure any detail on the model. Carefully pick out the decoration using Shinning Gold. this is how I aproched it. to finish off drybrush the arrow flights using Snot Green. leave the Scorched Brown showing in the deepest reccesses. apply a highlight of Camo Green over this leaving Goblin Green showing around the decoration. paint the cloak Catachan Green. Using wastered down Chaos Black go over any areas the spray missed.. this was then highlighted using Bestial Brown. Clean and Undercoat Start by cleaning the model.The Last Alliance Article http://www. removing any flash and mold lines from the casting process using your trusty files and clippers. Undercoat the model using Chaos Black Spray. Quiver Constructions • Reviews • General • Gaming Boards • The Shire • Bree • Eriador • Amon Hen • Gondor • Elven Havens • Dwarven Realms • Rohan • Isengard • Mordor Give the quiver a base coat of Goblin Green. Once this has dried apply a highlight of Dark Angles Green over this leaving Catachan Green in the deepest 27 users online: Campaign • News • Introduction • Rules • Approval • The Map • Army Lists • Battle Completion Miniatures • Reviews • Collecting • Readying for War • Dioramas Painting • General • Elves • Men • Dwarves • Orcs • Trolls • Hobbits • Maiar • Others Conversions • General • Elves • Men • Dwarves • Orcs • Trolls • Hobbits • Maiar • Others Natural Terrain • Reviews • General • Gaming Boards • Rocks • Hills • Trees and Bushes • Water • Snow Introduction The Rangers of Gondor have long defended the woods of Ithilen and this is how I painted these deadly archers.. The Rangers spend most of their time in the ruins of Osgiliath so naturally their cloaks would become dusty. Cloak As the larest part of the model I decided to tackle this first.php?pid=disparticle&catid=9&sub.

The straps were painted Graveyard Earth and then highlighted using Kommando Khaki. Boots Paint the socks arond the boots Goblin Green and then highlight them using Camo Green.php?pid=disparticle&catid=9&sub.A. bottom lip and the fingers. Sword. RotK Era • Scenarios Archive BoFA • General • Painting • Conversions • Terrain • House Rules • Scenarios User Galleries • Gallery Search • Miniature Gallery • Sculpting Gallery • Terrain Gallery • Unfinished Tales Gallery Community • The Last Alliance Forums • Chatroom • Events • Links • Members List • Member Map FAQs • Website • Official GW Game FAQ • BGIME Magazine Website • Search • The Archive • Contact • The Alliance • History • Legal • Help Under Shirt As the Rangers spend time in the woods they needed some nose. Carefully pick out the edge of the tabbard using Graveyard Earth. The Rangers are now ready to ambush the Haradrim in Ithilen or defend Osgiliath with Faramir Help Us Currency Converter You will need a PayPal 3 of 4 10/15/2008 7:46 PM .thelastalliance. Arm Greevs The arm greaves were given a basecoat of Red Gore. Tabbard Silply apply a coat of Goblin Green and then highlight using Camo Green. Pre WotR Era • T. Apply a highlight of Camo Green over this leaving Goblin Green showing in the reccesses. The hair was dry brushed using Bestial Brown and again with Snakebite Leather. Hands and Hair Give the face and hands a base coat of Bestial Brown. FotR Era • T.A. making sure you paint in between the arm greaves. The boots themselfs were painted using Graveyard Earth. TTT Era • T.A. Trousers Paint the trousers Bestial Brown and apply a highlight of Graveyard Earth over this then pick out the very highest parts of the trousers using Kommando Khaki. cheeks.The Last Alliance Article http://www. Apply a basecoat of Goblin Green on to the under shirt. The bow was painted using Scorched Brown. Using Elf Flesh care fully pick out the forehead. Bow and Straps The sword was painted Chainmail and the cross section was painted with Shinning Gold. Using Dwarf Flesh highlight the face and hands leaving Bestial Brown between the fingers and around the eyes and mouth. Using Blood Red pick out the edges of the arm greaves. • Harad Gaming • Reviews • Rules • Battle Companies • Supplements • Tactics • War Stories • Gaming Aids • All About The Game • White Dwarf Archive Scenarios • The First Age • The Second Age • T.A. Face..

The Last Alliance Article http://www. If you do not have one click the PayPal logo below and sign The article currently has 64 stars. Quick Links 4 of 4 10/15/2008 7:46 PM .php?pid=disparticle&catid=9&sub.. James Mullins (elven) Did you enjoy this article? You can give feedback and discuss it here. account to donate.thelastalliance.