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The Platform

 Soul is part of the Hyperfluid Starlight Electromagnetic Structural Network.  Soul and Spirit Substance is affected by part of the overall changes made in any Grid.



 All changes are experienced as change in any other part of the System. No matter the magnitude of the change and no matter the location in the System, any changes will be transcribes everywhere to be experienced. To experience some of the changes, one must know what to focus on and where.

Mind and Magic
 The Mental Sphere is a specifically integrated force put in place for Consciously Aware Beings to affect change and organize the pattern of the Overall Light Networking System. This is the basis of what is called Magic.

Contact with the Electromagnetic Structure
 Magic is said to be “Change at a distance”, however distance is not the word. It should be, “Change upon deep contact”, because through Mental Spirit Force manipulation, real physical contact is made with the electromagnetic instructional coding of the Light Network.

Organized and Unorganized Force
 Negative emotion must be controlled is and highly directed. Loose





 The more Love Energy one can experience and embody, the more control one has over a wider spectrum of the Electromagnetic Light Network. Love is naturally the most organized force in the Universe, making it the most easy and readily available force to work with.

Magic in the Body
 Moving the physical Instrument we call the Human Body is just as much Magic as moving anything else. The difference is we have become accustomed to the movement of one and not the other.