Midwest Region Meeting Minutes Young Democrats of America National Convention San Antonio, Texas August 10, 2013 1.

Introduction of newly elected officers:      Director Quentin Wathum-Ocama (MN) (Absent due to a medical issue) Deputy Director Andrew Rickel (KS) Secretary-Treasurer Hannah Wroblewski (NE) Judicial Representative Andrew Walker (KS) Judicial Alternate Mack Sloan (KS) (Absent)

2. Announcement newly elected Midwestern YDs to caucus positions: (Rickel)    Joey Adler, LGTBQA Vice Chair (NE) Michael Shoemaker, Veterans Caucus vice Chair (KS) Eric Petersen, College Caucus vice Chair of programing (MN)

3. State Reports:    Kansas Nebraska Minnesota

4. Discussion on Region Meeting for 2014:

  

MN said they’d be willing to host it if people wanted to drive that far. But, they’d prefer to host a national conference. NE said they do not want any conferences. They said that they would be too busy with elections. Even if Hannah planned it, they still do not want it. IA and SD were not in attendance. But Kristin Aschenbrenner said that she would be willing to host a party on her farm and would help Iowa with any planning if they want to host the meeting in Des Moines.

 

KS had no preference. Hannah said that her or Quentin would get in contact with Iowa and see if they would be willing to host the Midwest Meeting. If Iowa is willing to host the conference, the general consensus of the Midwest is to have the Meeting in Des Moines. A formal vote will take place at the next national conference.

5. Discuss how to get more Midwestern YDs to YDA events:    YDA conflicting with other elections in their states. Biggest problem seems to be transportation and expense. Midwest car-pooling? Bus/van? -NE was very anti bus. The arguments against a bus were the expense and would states get stuck paying even if some of their YDs bailed at the last minute? -General consensus seemed to be that the Midwest board should research the pros and cons of carpooling for the next conference. Andrew Rickel said he would look in to the cost of renting a van/bus.  Fundraising for the Midwest Region -Can we have a bank account or would money raised have to go through the state accounts? (Probably the second but Board will find out)

-We could have fundraisers throughout the region to help raise money to send more Midwest YDs to YDA events.  Communication -A point person from each state -Conference calls with Midwest Board, and some officers from each state -Rooming together at conferences 6. Adjournment Attendance at Meeting: Iowa: 1 Kansas: 10 Nebraska: 19 Minnesota: 7 South Dakota: 0 North Dakota: 0 Total: 37

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