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There Are No Victims In This World – Why It’s Time To Accept Humanity’s Power of Creation and The Soul’s

August 20, 2013

Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease Waking Times It’s still a concept difficult to accept, even by those well -versed in meta-physical sciences, but we all create our own reality, from health to disease, happiness to sorrow and birth to death. There is not one experience that is not governed by our own creation. When we choose to experience what we perceive as violent or even horrific events in our lives, others tend to unleash very emotional judgements on those experiences without any concept of their higher purpose. We are not so much in a journey of discovery, but more of creation and it’s not as important to find out who we are, but who we want to be. It’s All About Our Choices…Yes Yours Too The world is in a specific state and condition because of the choices we have made (or have failed to make) as a collective. Yes, there is blame and pointing fingers–he did, she did, they did, the dark powers did, the powers that be did. Well who are those people and entities? They are you, part of you and part of who you are. Whether it falls within your comprehension or not, the Earth is in its current state because of you, just as your life is the way it is because of the choices you have made –or failed to make. We are all one and operating in one unit. Although it may not seem this way…it is. There are no right or wrong choices. They are just choices and your life experience can be no other way than how you design it to be. You are the orchestrator, architect and designer all combined into one. Your thoughts are pure energy translating every frequency into an experience. Do you think your thoughts end after they leave your heart and mind? They never end. If anything they will go out into the universe and come back at you like a boomerang. All thoughts are creative and attract the energy that they emit. Love will attract love and fear will attract fear, but the greatest masters that have ever walked the Earth are those who have loved unconditionally in every moment of their lives. Even as they were being tortured or killed, they loved those who were considered their oppressors or murderers because they understood these people were part of them and part of the grand cycle, so they and their oppressors may rise to their highest purpose. We have reached a critical mass now on Earth where duality is being left in the dust and multiple perspectives are bringing us together to understand each other in ways we never thought possible. We are all seeing each other for who we really are, but more than this, for who we can and want to be.

cared for. attract any relationship and correct and perceived negative into a positive. abused. So we cannot possibly judge another soul’s journey in this life because we have little concept of what the soul has come to experience in its current incarnation. success. yes. failure. or tortured? Yes. Each life created a specific circumstance to assist in the soul’s highest purpose and each successive incarnation is perfectly po sitioned to fulfill a prior lesson in the last life. But the soul is always hoping for one thing–that the incarnation chooses love above all else. We are only human. the one abused or murdered. yes and yes. There Are Absolutely No Victims Is it wealth. supported and encouraged? Yes. Maos.The Soul Knows Exactly What It Needs In actuality. anxiety. Humanity places the negative or positive labels on these frequencies which are then translated into vibrations and experiences. Different types of experiences created through different frequencies but they are only frequencies which are neutral in nature. we need not attract anything. So why do souls choose to experience what we perceive as good and bad choices? This is where the human ego cannot fathom tragedy and horrific events as choice. Our soul knows everything intimately. It must experience and this is the soul’s primary reason for incarnating on Earth. A murderer in this life may choose to experience being a victim in the next life and may also choose to be murdered by the same soul who incarnated as the victim in this life. The frequencies that are trying to communicate with us to help us achieve our highest purpose are all around us. abuser. Only the human ego perceives that it must learn from an outside source to understand. greed. all of these frequencies will finally become part of who we are and we will never go back to who we once were. There is no right and wrong. The problem is we are always rejecting them. guilt. or is it being the victim. We have lived hundreds even thousands of lives on Earth. Evil Is a Human Perception Not A Universal Reality Does this mean that the Hitlers. So we ask to be murdered. We create each experience long before it commences. We all know how to heal ourselves from any disease. It does not have to be taught anything. or being what we consider a predator. the incarnations will continue until the soul has achieved what it has come on Earth to learn. anger. That its connection with source is stronger than the human ego. The soul experiences through choice. How would you feel if you and bunch of your friends all committed to a mutual agreement . But all the understanding and wisdom that is possible lies within. shame and all other emotions deterring us from our true selves. yes and yes. If the lesson is not learned. raped. knowing is not enough for the soul. The soul who incarnated as the abused child may then choose to be the abuser. Equally. We cannot experience anything without attracting it. poverty. We cannot make those judgements because we do not know what is in the soul’s agenda book. stress. Once the curtains close. However. This is the point where most of humanity cannot separate emotion from an understanding of a soul’s journey. murderer. worries. power. Do we ask to be in a loving family. a child who is abused and raped by their father may reverse roles in the next life to experience the duality on Earth. all the time. we are all one on the other side. Why would there be? These souls made contracts with each other before they incarnated. and Stalins of the Earth did not receive punishment? There is no judgement on the other side. yes. Once we let go of our fears. They are constantly trying to reach us.

Humanity is arriving at this point on Earth.before a specific event only to find out all bets were off after the event took place? There is no hell or sin and these are just figments of the human imagination which has allowed the world to better process duality. even they can hide their greatest powers from themselves. . kindness and patience. We are beginning to see that we have powers that have been hidden for so long. In this incredible time of awakening. we never lose. Human beings judge the contracts souls make because they have difficulty understanding why specific behaviors come from some humans and not others. where those who incarnate into families who communicate based on fear and the negative will have a much harder time changing their vibration. intergrates. These people usually have tremedous pain deep inside and more than anything else need those people on positive energetic paths to show them how to let go of their fear and find that space within themselves that can be loved unconditionally so they may release these patterns once and for all. and any conversion is possible. Souls may incarnate to feel powerless in their incarnation and choose a lifetime of physical and mental control over others–domination and emitting that vibration to others around them. separates and diversifies consciousness. God loves all unconditionally. The former hinders communication while the latter allows for communication in harmony. This is their path and they continue this cycle through negative behaviors because all they have provided themselves with are negative tools. Souls Choose Their Path Very Carefully – Don’t Judge It Souls may choose to incarnate into a specific family to learn what it is like to feel “negative energy” so that they may continue to cycle that method of communication as they become adults and then either choose a path of enlightenment or not. Evil as perceived by humanity does not really exist. they may choose to maintain that vibration or choose an alternate path of “negative energy” if necessary. relationships and other life circumstances. This vibration segregates. More often than not. family. Think of the soul as the Grand Master of a video game. Because they feel they are powerless. We Are Limitless The soul is limitless. unifies and makes consciousness one. It always comes down to love and every being can snap out of any negative programming with the right communication tools. but make no mistake. When we select the Grand Master. But again. that it is now time to embrace them and unleash their magic for we are all really magicians. a soul which chooses to incarnate in a family which encourages positive communication will maintain that vibration their entire lives. It is all they know. they must exert dominance through their positions in the workforce. adopt an open mind and see through the multiple perspectives that are now more readily available to you at every experience. Who we surround ourselves with is key to our growth and spiritual evolution. It consists of what can be referred to as a negative energy that draws from a series of frequencies which create a specific vibration. Positive energy binds. every human being on the planet right now is a divine master at the game we call Earth. So powerful in their mastery that behind the veil. You can see things today like you never could before. The same applies for souls who incarnate into loving families who encourage only positive communication and as they become adults. this is the path they have designed for themselves. All it takes is the right person with the right set of energetic and communication skills. Take the time to practice emitting a vibration that encompasses love. It is the only way they can feel normal with some sense of importance in the world. So we must select weaker opponents until we arrive at the point where we become so efficient at playing with a weaker opponent that we can one day come close to challenging the Grand Master. It has no boundaries as humans do. It’s because we all have different lessons to learn.

but to allow the experience and be amazed at how we can all create each and every moment in our lives through our own design and the way we intended…always have…. You are part of all that is. You are consciousness…you are God and we are all one.always will. . You are deeply and unconditionally loved. You are a master.Every soul has their own journey and it’s not your position to judge.