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ll systems go for Brooklyn's Carnival 2013 scheduled for August 27-September 2. Scores of personalities assembled on Monday at Brooklyn's Borough President Gallery to participate in the launch of New York's Caribbean Carnival 2013. Several personalities and spectators assembled at the Brooklyn Borough Hall amid dozens of costumed masqueraders to participate in the launching of the 46th annual 5-day cultural festival of the West Indian Day American Carnival Committee (WIADCA). The annual carnival was founded by mainly Trinidadian immigrants living in Harlem in the early 1930's. The festival, a four day event, starts on Tuesday, August 27 ending on Saturday, September 2, Labor Day, has become the largest cultural festival in the country, drawing over three million people each year to Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Five nights of calypso and soca are planned and will include more than 35 artists from across the Caribbean including Calypso Rose, Lord Funny, King Wellington, Dominica's De Rose, St. Vincent's Becket, Grenada's Fatman George and Jamaica's Dance Master. The schedule includes: •Tuesday, August 27, 8pm, "Ladies & VIP Nite" •Wednesday, August 28, 8pm, "Vincy and Nurses Nite •Thursday, August 29, 9pm, "White Jeans Soca Vs Dancehall" •Friday, August 30, 8pm, "Icons of Calypso & Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica Independence Toast" •Saturday, August 31, 9pm, "Wall to Wall Calypso and Soca" celebrating Trinidad & Tobago Independence. This year the traditional Calypso "Tent" or mini-concerts is held at the Tropical Paradise Ballroom on August 27 thru August 31 and is sponsored by EVERYBODY'S Magazine.


Brooklyn's Carnival 2013





AUGUST 1-31, 2013

US Marijuan Production on The Increase
News Americas, New York: amaica may be blamed for marijuana or pot (Ganja) trafficking to America, but drug enforcement agents have their hands full trying to stamp out growth of the drug in the United States. While the U.S. State Department report on narcotics for this year shows there are an estimated 15,000 hectares of marijuana growing in Jamaica and some 67 metric tons of mar-

Jamaica May Lose Pot Capital Status To US

ijuana was seized in 2012 alone, the American domestic marijuana growers have harvested a minimum of 2,500 metric tons of saleable marijuana in recent years, worth over $25 billion on the retail market. Continued on page 4

Greenhouse grown Marijuana

2 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013


‘Community Lifestyle Newspaper’

‘Let your voices be heard’


William C. Thompson Jr

Eric Adams

Mathieu Eugene

Letitia Tish James

Meet and Question the Candidates for New York City Mayoral, Borough President, City Council and Public Advocate.
to be held

St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
331 Hawthrone Street, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Mayor Christine Quinn Anthony D. Weiner Bill deBlasio William C. Thompson, Jr City Council 40th district Mathieu Eugene Saundra Thomas Sylvia Kinard John Grant Supported by: The Voice• 100 Black Construction Workers • Shirley Patterson District Leader • Community Board # 9

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Public Advocate Cathy Guerriero Reshma Saujani Letitia Tish James Sen. Daniel Squadron

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
at 6:00 - 8:30 pm -------------------------For information or RSVP

Vivia: 917-627-7690 Shawn: 347-873-8139 St. Gabriel's: 718-774-5248 Street Hype: 914-663-4973

Co-hosts: Shawn Clark and Vivia Morgan WWW.STREETHYPENEWSPAPER.COM


AUGUST 1-31, 2013 • STREET HYPE • 3


s the September 10 Democratic Primary draws closer, the campaigns are getting more aggressive in New York City with more than 200 candidates seeking to represent the party in the general election in November. Thousands of potential voters in our communities have already declared that it's the Democrats all the way. The Democratic party accounts for 5,507,928 or 59.1% of the State registered voters compared to the Republican's 3,130,122 or 33.6% and the Independence, 345,957 or 3.7%. We want to believe that all major political parties promote positive ideals and have good intentions, but each party disagrees on the method and application of laws to achieve these positive results. However, a party will always need personalities and people to carry out the mission from time to time. The overall mission may not change significantly but the outlook and vision of the candidates or people is constantly changing. Each candidate has a style and

The power is in the hands of the voters!
method of dealing with issues. This is based on other premises that we don't believe the voting process should not always be based on party tradition or diehards. Voters should always find out where they fit in on the political spectrum and which candidates to support. According to a June 2012 study, commissioned by the New York City Campaign Finance Board, voters engagement is a significant and persistent challenge in New York City. In the November 2010 Federal midterm and New York State elections, the turnout in the city was significantly lower with 28% than in the rest of the State (53%) and nationally (46%). In recent years, the voter turnout in the city has been historically low. In the 2009 New York City general election for mayor, 18.4% or one in five New Yorkers cast a ballot. The ethnic and racial minorities including African Americans have lower voter

turnout rates than the Caucasian population. The Pew Research Report in 2006 found that in the United States., 37% of whites were regular voters compared to only 31% of Blacks and 24% of Hispanics. We are very concerned about the extremely low turnout in New York City. It suggests that the election results may be biased toward the interests of a relative few. This inequity among citizen participation has important implications for the electorate. As voters we can influence the decisions on policies and other resources that generally affect our lives. The more a community is involved in local elections, the greater the chance that the candidates will listen to the issues. We need candidates that will address and improve our education system, unemployment, immigration, business opportunities and the inequitable distribution of these services within communities.

The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send your comments and or suggestions to Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published

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aking decisions is a central part of leadership. Even when a leader uses a liaise-faire leadership style, the leader remains responsible for making decisions that followers should pursue. Followers often look to leaders to make decisions, particularly if they have difficulty with envisioning the specific tasks that are required to achieve a goal. Because of the importance of decision making to leadership, you should understand how to approach decision-making. To make better decisions, you should understand that decision-making is a process involving a sequential series of steps that are often considered part of the critical thinking process. These steps are (a) identify the problem, (b) analyze the possible solutions to the problem, (c) evaluate which of the possible solutions will be most effective, and (d) select and implement the solution. These steps give you a structural framework to improve the quality of your decisions. The first three steps focus on collecting information that is useful. The way leaders as decision makers collect this information often depends on their leadership style and the situation. For example, the autocratic leader may be comfortable with personally collecting the information, while a participative leader may be comfortable relying on the information provided by others. Identifying a problem requires that you understand that a problem exists and can also recognize the root cause. While it is often easy to recognize the symptoms of a problem, the actual cause of the problem may not be immediately apparent. As a result, a good leader carefully evaluates the nature of the problem before considering the possible solutions. All problems have more than one possible solution. Effective decision making requires identifying the range of possible solutions that address the root cause of the problem. At the same time, the leader must remain aware that decisions have a direct

How to Be a Better Decision Maker
Dr Neva Speaks

As a result, an effective decision maker has a contingency plan in the event that the decision fails to achieve the desired result. This plan often consists of a solution to the problem that was rejected during the evaluation phase of the decision-making process.

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effect on followers when evaluating possible alternatives. After evaluating the alternatives, the leader should determine the solution that is most likely to solve the problem without causing new and unanticipated ones. A leader making decisions should also recognize that all decisions will not produce the desired result. Some solutions appear effective in theory but fail in practice.

Dr. Neva H. Alexander is an experienced educator with international experience.

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4 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013





-Photo Courtesy of Council member Andy King

cores of Jamaicans attended a service of thanksgiving at the United Church of Jesus Christ, 3936 Bronxwood Avenue, Bronx on August 9 in honor of the late Barrington “Barry” Hyde aka Rookie who died on August 2 at the Calvary Hospital after a long battle with cancer. Barry who died at age 52 is survived by his daughter, Sharmakay; sister, Victoria; mother Greta Kerr; brothers, Joseph and Devon and several other relatives and friends.

Scores Say Goodbye to ‘Barry’

Barrington “Barry” Hyde October 3, 1961-August 2, 2013

Addressing the first meeting of the East Gun Hill & Boston Post Road Merchant Association (l-r) Marques Payne, membership director, Bronx Chamber of Commerce; Lenny Caro, president and CEO, Bronx Chamber of Commerce and Bronx 12th District Council member Andy King on Tuesday (August 19) at City World Toyota in the Bronx. Over a dozen shop owners along the East Gun Hill Road and Boston Road business corridor attended the meeting which was organized by Council member King and Caro. “These businesses that signed up are the nucleus of this organization. I’m looking forward to a great partnership with our business owners,” said King. Addressing the group, Caro said, “The most important thing is that we want to start. I had an opportunity to meet some of the merchants and (auto) dealerships. A lot of the guys said that it would be tough for them to get here tonight; but if we don’t start some thing it not going to happened.”


BROOKLYN: ings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes on August 23 announced the arrest of 13 drug dealers who have allegedly been operating in and around Fiorentino Plaza, a NYCHA housing development located in the 75th Precinct, and the arrest of two other individuals found in possession of narcotics in the targeted locations. The takedown marks the conclusion of a joint long-term investigation conducted by the NYPD’s Brooklyn North Narcotics Major Case Unit and the Kings County District Attorney’s Major Narcotics Investigations Bureau that was initiated in direct response to community requests for assistance. Over the course of the nine-month investigation, defendants Timothy Breaker, David Boyd, Joseph Cruz, Leonardo

13 Arrested on Drugs Charges
Edwards, Maria Figueroa, Gary Floyd, Armel Goffe, Iesha Hightower, Harvey McClurin, Gwendolyn Morgan, Michael Smith, Calvin Totten, and Cory Vann allegedly repeatedly sold crack/cocaine, heroin and marijuana to undercover officers. Over 90 purchases were made by the undercovers, all in the immediate vicinity of Fiorentino Plaza and therefore, in close proximity to three public schools, P.S. 158, I.S. 292, and the United Foundation charter school. Additionally, several of the purchases were made in the subway station located at the corner of Pitkin and Van Sicklen Avenues. Execution of five search warrants in targeted locations, including specific apartments and motor vehicles where purchases had been made, resulted in the seizure of substantial quantities of

crack/cocaine packaged for purchase, heroin, marijuana, and a shotgun. The dealers have been charged with Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance In or Near School Grounds, a Class B felony, and related drug offenses. In the context of the search warrant executions, defendants Malcolm Bell and Tiffany Harper were arrested on possession charges. The case was investigated by Detective William Warren of the Brooklyn North Narcotics Major Case Unit, under the supervision of Lieutenant William Buchanan and Sergeant William Logan. Assistant District Attorneys Tara Lenich, Frank Santarpia and Alissa Rodriguez are prosecuting the case for the Major Narcotics Investigations Bureau.

Queens: "I applaud the U.S. District Court Judge’s decision on Stop and Frisk," Councilman Richards said. "Harassing New Yorkers who are doing nothing wrong is a waste of resources and can actually be a danger to public safety. The ongoing abuse of New York City’s Stop and Frisk policy has instilled a deep distrust between the NYPD and thousands of innocent, tax-paying citizens who are simply trying to live their lives in peace. In order to regain the trust of those who have been disillusioned by what we now recognize as constitutional violations, we must start with common sense reforms that protect the rights and safety of all New Yorkers.

Councilman Richards Applauds Federal Stop and Frisk Ruling

Continued from page 1 Jon Gettman, who recently did a report on “Marijuana Production in the United States,” concludes that marijuana harvested and sold untaxed in the United States, makes it the country’s number one cash crop, worth more than the corn and wheat crops combined. Five states–California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington – had marijuana crops worth over $1 billion despite the DEA’s best efforts to stamp down on the drug. That number could grow by $9 billion on medical-marijuana consumption alone by 2016. With the fight for medical marijuana heating up and more and more states considering legalization of the drug, Jamaica may soon lose its place as the pot capital of the world. Medical marijuana is legal in almost 20 states, and recreational use of the drug was recently legalized in two states. Still, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, (FINRA), has issued a new Investor Alert called Marijuana Stock Scams to warn investors about potential related scams. FINRA says the con artists behind marijuana stock scams may try to entice investors with optimistic and potentially false and misleading information that in turn creates unwarranted demand for shares of small, thinly traded companies that often have little or no history of financial success. One company highlighted in Marijuana Stock Scams was touted on the internet as legitimate with investment profiles and sponsored links including one promotional piece claiming the stock “could double its price SOON.” Despite these claims, the company’s balance sheet showed only losses and had only begun to formulate a business plan. The scams also include smart tips to help investors spot and avoid potential scams. The scammers behind these “pump and dump” scams can then sell off their shares, leaving investors with worthless stock, warned FINRA.

US Marijuan Production on The Increase



A.G. Schneiderman Sues Donald Trump, Trump University & Michael Sexton For Defrauding Consumers Out Of $40 Million With Sham “University” NEW YORK. NY: ew York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman on Friday announced that he has filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, The Trump Entrepreneur Institute--formerly named Trump University LLC (“Trump University”), and Michael Sexton, former President of Trump University for engaging in persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct in connection with the operation of Trump University. Between 2005 through 2011, Trump University operated as an unlicensed educational institute that promised to teach Donald Trump’s real estate investing techniques to consumers nationwide but instead misled consumers into paying for a series of expensive courses that did not deliver on their promises. "More than 5,000 people across the country who paid Donald Trump $40 million to teach them his hard sell tactics got a hard lesson in bait-and-switch," said Attorney General Schneiderman. "Mr. Trump used his celebrity status and personally appeared in commercials making false promises to convince people to spend tens of thousands of dollars they couldn't afford for lessons they never got." The petition filed in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan by Attorney General Schneiderman details the advertisements run by Trump University in major newspapers across the country and the direct mail solicitations sent to entice consumers to attend a free workshop. These ads prominently dis-

Trump in $40M Consumers Defraud Claims
call themselves a University. They were also unlicensed under New York State Education Law, evading an array of legal protections designed to protect New Yorkers from fraud. Despite diligent efforts, many consumers were unable to conclude even a single real estate deal and were left worse off than they had been before enrolling in the Trump University programs. Some consumers faced thousands of dollars of debt due to the expensive cost of the Elite Programs. Many felt they had been victims of an elaborate scam. Trump University also committed violations of federal consumer protection law. Federal law provides a three business-day right of cancellation for the type of purchases at issue here, but Trump University repeatedly failed to honor consumers’ timely requests to cancel. The lawsuit seeks full restitution for the more than 5,000 consumers nationwide who were defrauded of over $40 million in the scheme, disgorgement of profits, as well as costs and penalties and injunctive relief prohibiting these types of illegal practices going forward. Even though Trump University was notified by the New York State Education Department (“NYSED”) as early as 2005 that these practices violated New York law, Trump University did not change its name until May 2010 and never received a license to operate in the state. As a result, many students believed they were attending a University, when they were not. This misconception was reinforced by Trump University’s use of a University-like seal on much of its material and awarding diplomalike Certificates of Completion bearing Donald Trump’s signature.


AUGUST 1-31, 2013 • STREET HYPE • 5

Donald Trump Chairman and president The Trump Organization

played Donald Trump’s photograph and signature, or were styled as letters written by Trump himself. The advertisements were replete with false claims, including claims that consumers would learn “from Donald Trump’s handpicked instructor a systematic method for investing in real estate that anyone can use.” Other ads promised “my handpicked instructors will share my techniques” or “learn from my hand-picked expert” and “just copy exactly what I’ve done and get rich.” An investigation by Attorney General Schneiderman revealed that Donald Trump did not handpick even a single instructor at these seminars and had little or no role in developing any of the Trump University curricula, or seminar content. The investigation also revealed that officials used the name “Trump University” even though they lacked the charter necessary under New York law to


By Kimmy Blair Street Hype Reporter r Richard S. Obedian, a Long Island, orthopedic surgeon, will pay the government $388,000 to settle allegations that he violated the False Claims Act by submitting false claims to Medicare for minimally invasive spine procedures, the Justice Department announced Wednesday (August 21). The Federal government found that in 2005, Obedian knowingly circumvented lower payment rates for kyphoplasty procedures by using incorrect billing codes assigned to more complicated surgeries, thereby inflating his Medicare reimbursements. Kyphoplasty is a minimal invasive procedure used to treat compression fractures of the spine that often are due to osteoporosis. Medicare billing rules prior to 2006, required the use of a specific billing code to denote the performance of this type of procedure. These rules precluded the use of other codes assigned to more invasive and complicated expensive surgeries. Stuart F. Delery, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division issued a statement saying, “We expect physicians who participate in federal health care programs to bill for their services accurately and honestly and neither the Department of Justice nor the taxpayers will tolerate those who knowingly overbill federal health care

Doctor to pay $388,000 for False Claims

programs.” William J. Hochul, Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York said they will continue to vigorously enforce the False Claims Act for the protection of the taxpayers and the United States government. “We will continue to vigorously enforce the False Claims Act for the protection of the taxpayers and the United States government,” said William J. Hochul, Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York. “The Obedian settlement vividly illustrates the role of dynamic law enforcement partnerships in the battle to protect Medicare from those who would bill inappropriately,” said Thomas O’Donnell, Special Agent in Charge of the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, New York region. “Our office continues working to ensure that taxpayer money is spent wisely.” “This resolution is a prime example of CMS’ successful partnership with the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice to carry out our mission to prevent and detect Medicare fraud and protect the Medicare Trust Fund,” said Peter Budett, Deputy Administrator and Director, Center for Program Integrity in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

6 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is encouraging the region’s fashion designers to apply to participate in this year’s Dominicana Moda in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from October 21-26, 2013. Caribbean Export, under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), will be collaborating in the organization of Dominicana Moda 2013 (DM2013) to support fashion designers in showing their collection during the Dominican Republic official Fashion Week. Caribbean Export is committed to the development of the fashion sector in the region and seeks to enable opportunities such as these to engage relevant stakeholders and foster sector-wide integration. This collaborative effort will provide a

Regional designers should not miss Dominican Republic Fashion Week

great opportunity for emerging and established fashion designers in the Caribbean to expose their vision at a regional and international stage, thus positioning the Caribbean as an international go-to location for fashion design and ingenuity. In the past eight years, Dominicana Moda has grown to be the official Fashion Week of the Dominican Republic, thus the most important platform for the fashion Industry. It has certainly become the fastest growing runway show in the Latin American region. Dominicana Moda is a yearly event for around six days of continuous runway shows where the best brands and designers come together. Major fashion houses have participated in the past, and this year it will surely continue to grow.


ST GEORGE’S, Grenada: The mother and wife of two of Grenada’s leading revolutionaries, Alimenta Bishop -the mother of Grenada’s second prime minister, Maurice Bishop, and the wife of Rupert Bishop (the father of Maurice) -- died on Saturday at the age of 97. “Every year I get upset about the same thing” she said eight years ago. “Every time I ask why I can’t get a word about my son’s body, they saying to forgive, but I am saying how can I forgive when I don’t have results about my son.” In 2005, 22 years after he was assassinated, Maurice Bishop’s mother asked the Grenada authorities to release the body of her son to her care. The mother of the Spice Island’s former leading revolutionary said even Jesus’s mother got his body to bury after they crucified him. Rupert Bishop. Photo: grenadarevolutiononline “His mother was able to get his body to

Mother of Grenada's former revolutionary leader Maurice Bishop dies at 97

bury, but when I ask what happened to my son, nobody would tell me,” Mrs Bishop said. A l i m e n t a Bishop said she at least got her husband Rupert Bishop’s body to bury. “I could go to the grave and Alimenta Bishop say this is the spot where my husband is buried, but I can’t say that for my son.”Rupert Bishop was shot and killed by bullets from a police constable’s gun on January 21, 1974. He was standing in the doorway of Otway House, the home of the Grenada Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union on the Carenage when he was gunned down on what was later dubbed Bloody Monday.

Kingston, Jamaica; ndrew Holness, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader, has come out swinging amid signs that he could face a challenge from Deputy Leader Audley Shaw for the post. At the same, Holness has declared that he will not mount a counter campaign in the event there is a race for the post. In his first public response since Shaw indicated on the weekend that he is considering a bid for the Party's leadership, Holness stated that he is ready for a challenge. However, he said he will not be distracted. Speaking Sunday night at the JLP's constituency office in South Central St. Catherine, Holness said he intends to remain focused on his duties as Opposition Leader. “I will not stop my national duty to focus on campaigning. I will continue to look about the nation’s business. As Leader of the party, I’m not going to stop looking about your business to go campaigning,” asserted Mr. Holness. Holness said he has consulted with the people of the country and in consultation with the members of the party, he has concluded that the supporters are comfortable with him as the leader of the party. He said if others see the need, they should go ahead and mount a campaign. Shaw is in the process of consulting with delegates before making a decision on the matter in coming weeks. If Mr. Shaw is

Shaw may challenge Holness for JLP Party Leader

nominated for the post of JLP Leader, the Party will conduct an election before its annual conference in midNovember. And despite not yet committing to run for the post, Shaw has outlined his plans if he becomes the new JLP Leader. “If I become leader I am gonna be at the office of the Leader of the Opposition…if I become leader, I am gonna be on the ground across this country talking the issues with the people, explaining things to them properly, so that when we become government, there will be a better opportunity for buy-in of policies,” said Mr. Shaw. Meanwhile, at least one JLP Member of Parliament is of the view that a leadership bid will have a disruptive effect on the Party. Peranel Charles, North Central Clarendon representative, Sunday night also suggested that it would not receive much support from JLP members.

Andrew Holness Andrew Holness JLP Leader JLP Deputy Leader

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8• STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013


Jamaica Tallawahs wins Caribbean Premier League

WADA threatens to expel Jamaica from the Olympics
If Government does not address failings in drug-testing programme
executive director of the Jamaica AntiDoping Commission (JADCo) that its drugs-testing programme was completely inadequate. Writing in CNN’s Sport Illustrated this week, former JADCo boss Anne Shirley accused the Government of failing to seriously deal with doping control despite several recommendations and warnings. Commenting on Shirley’s report, the WADA chief said if Jamaica refused to take its responsibilities seriously, WADA could deem JADCo non-compliant with its code. Howman has also admitted that WADA was aware that JADCO conducted just one out-of-competition test in the five months leading up to the London Olympic Games last year. According to the newspaper article, Howman refused to reveal whether WADA had contacted JADCo or the Jamaican Government following Shirley’s article, describing such discussions as “confidential”.


George Town, Guyana: amaica Tallawahs became the inaugural Caribbean Premier League champions, beating Guyana Amazon Warriors by seven wickets in the final of the Twenty20 league at the Queen's Park Oval in Port of Spain on Saturday (August 24). Put in to bat, Guyana could make only 128 for 5, which Jamaica chased down with 15 balls to spare, driven by an unbroken 62-run stand for the fourth wicket between Chris Gayle (47 not out off 48) and Andre Russell ( 33 not out off 18). Jamaica thus lifted the trophy and were richer by $50,000.


Telegraph, London: he World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is reportedly threatening to suspend Jamaica from the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil and other major competitions if the Government does not address failings in the local drug-testing programme. According to the UK Telegraph newspaper, WADA's director general, David Howman, says the Jamaican Government should investigate claims by the former


GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands: he Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) kicked off the inaugural CONCACAF Under-15 Championship in Grand Cayman. The tournament will be contested among the national teams of 23 member associations, making it the largest CONCACAF competition of its kind to be played in a single country. Countries that will be competing in the tournament include Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, the Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Curacao, El Salvador, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Saint Martin, St Maarten, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago and the US Virgin Islands.

CONCACAF kicks off first Under-15 Championship

Jamaicans Dominate World Championships

Usain Bolt poses with the gold medals he won in the men's 100m, 200m and 4x100m relays.



Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: he Dominican Republic ministry of tourism has announced a new sponsorship with the New York Yankees for the 2013 season, signing on as "an official travel destination" of the organization. As part of the sponsorship, the featured deal elements are in-stadium signage, a print advertisement in both Yankees Magazine and Yankees Magazine en Espanol, and hospitality.

Dominican Republic named official travel destination of New York Yankees

By Robert Taylor, Trackalerts.Com Contributor amaica with all the bad publicity leading up to the world championship and loss of top quality athletes for one reason or another showed resilience and came out of the competition with positive results. Many expectations were tempered by concerns but the result showed the concerns were overly pessimistic. The performance of some athletes were expected, others were way above expectation while there are those who showed there was room for growth and development. Starting with the high performers, ShellyAnn Fraser-Pryce comes to the forefront. The ease at which she dominated the 100m was surprising but brilliant. Her 200m victory to go with 100m placed her in a category many past greats never achieved. She was stupendous, exciting, whatever adjective one chooses to use, and it would be relevant to what she did. Her infectious smile and almost childlike exuberance makes fan gravitate to her and enjoy celebrating her victories with her. Kerron Stewart performance in the 100m finals give us cause for optimism that she is on the way to regain her 2009 form. Her reaction time of .229 was not something I think even she expected. Yet with all this she was able to close with a fast finish fifth place position of 10.97 and a 300th of a second outside the medal. The name Usain Bolt has been synominous with victory, records and impromptu cel-

The team of Carrie Russell, Kerron Stewart, Schillonie Calvert and Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce on anchor won in 41.29, a new national record and a championship record.

ebration. His victories seem almost anti-climatic. The standards and times run are now being compared with other performances. This is something unusual because performers and

performances are generally compared with other great athletes whether former or presents.

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Gay activists stop Queen Ifrica’sCanadian show
eggae fans in Canada will not get the opportunity to see Queen Ifrica perform on the weekend at Rastafest as promoters have removed her from the show. The Canadian publication, Daily Xtra said the cancellation follows a call by gay rights activists including the overseas-based gay rights organisation-Jamaica Association of Gays and Lesbians Abroad (JAGLA) to Canadian Immigration to immediately withdraw a work permit issued to Queen Ifrica ahead of her performance. Queen Ifrica’s management team in a statement on Friday expressed “shock and disappointment at the brouhaha arising from certain aspects of her performance at Jamaica’s Independence Grand Gala on August 6” Her management team also noted that the artiste’s work permit was not withdrawn. The artiste is appalled and disappointed with the way in which the propaganda machinery is leading the public to believe that she is against any person or group of persons and refutes the claim that her work permit has been withdrawn by the Canadian Government contrary to statements made to that effect by prominent media houses in


Jamaica. Her management team wants to make it clear that work permits for Queen Ifrica has not been withdrawn by the Canadian Government. According to the release Queen Ifrica QUEEN IFRICA remains grounded in her morals which espouses heterosexuality. “She wants to make it abundantly and emphatically clear, that she does not condone nor has ever supported or advocated violence against any group or community, whether implicitly or explicitly. This she asserts goes against the very grain of her Rastafarian conviction. The LGBT must decide whether the rights that they claim for themselves are not rights for everyone.” Following reports that Queen Ifrica would not be performing at Rastafest, Kerron Orlando, a representative from JALGA, welcomed the decision by the promoters stating that it was sending a clear message that persons who make comments that jeopardize the well-being of Gays.

King Addies Brutally Defeats Bass Odyssey:
America’s favorite war sound King Addies had a double-hitting, epic clash weekend against age-old rival Bass Odyssey! The new King Addies’ team, rated as the underdog, shocked the world with their brutal defeat of the multiple-World Champion sound Bass Odyssey in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, August 24. King Addies’ first victory since signing with Irish and Chin followed the intense showdown from the night before on August 23 in Hartford, Connecticut, when the popular sound delivered a powerful performance that left a permanent mark and impact on clash fans, resulting in a draw. New King Addies members A1 and King Pin rose to the occasion, settling a two-decade spanning -rivalry, captivating clash fans with a calculated attack in the process.

JAMAICA'S FORMER CONSUL GENERAL on The Money Train with Dance Master

International Soca Queens, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez and Alison Hinds, will dominate at the highly anticipated Soca concert “Carnival Mania,” to be held on the second night of the Caribbean Fever Irie Jamboree Music Festival on Saturday August 31st, at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn.

Alison Hinds and Fay-Ann Lyons for Carnival Mania



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Courtesy of The Daily Voice MOUNT VERNON: estiny Steward-Bowden of Mount Vernon is one of 10 winners of the 15th annual USTA/ NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay Contest in the Girls 11-12 category. Steward-Bowden, along with the other winners who range in ages from 1018, were selected from more than 1,800 essays submitted earlier this month. Steward-Bowden, a member of the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program, will receive round-trip travel to New York City for herself and a parent/legal guardian. The trip also includes two nights at the Grand Hyatt and President’s Box tickets to the 2013 Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The weekend will wrap up with an awards luncheon Aug. 25, hosted by former New York City Mayor

Mount Vernon Girl Wins USTA Essay Contest


Meet Jamaica’s Permanent Representative to the UN A
mbassador Courtney Rattray has appointed Jamaica’s been Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York since June 2013. He replaced Ambassador Raymond Wolfe, who is on pre-retirement leave, after serving in that position for seven years. Ambassador Rattray served as Jamaica’s Ambassador the People’s Republic of China, where he was posted in 2008. He also serves as the NonResident Ambassador to Viet Nam, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and Laos, and Non-Resident High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Singapore and Pakistan. He began his career in the Foreign Service in 2000 as Advisor to the then Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister and was subsequently appointed Jamaica’s Deputy Chief of Mission, in Washington, D.C., the following year. He held that post until 2005 when he was appointed Director of the Bilateral Relations Department. He served in that position for three years before his appointment as Ambassador to China. Prior to these appointments, Ambassador Rattray served as a negotiator in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce; Executive Director of the Jamaica Marketing Company Ltd. (London); Trade Commissioner for the Jamaica Trade Commission (London); Consultant for the Caribbean Banana Exporters’ Association; and held various managerial

Destiny Steward-Bowden, of Mount Vernon, is one of 10 winners of the 15th annual USTA/ NJTL Arthur Ashe Essay Contest in the Girls 11-12 category. Photo Credit: Susan and Fred Mullane of Camera Works USA.

and USTA Board Member David Dinkins, where the winners will receive an honorary plaque. Steward-Bowden has been playing tennis for six years. The budding athlete has tried dance, soccer, volleyball, ice skating and swimming, but says it was her experience after joining the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program that sold her on tennis.

Ambassador Courtney Rattray

• Book Launch by Mrs. Angie Manning Edusei; Thursday, August 29 @ 6:30pm; Consulate General of Jamaica, 767 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017


•Jamaica National Outlook Forum, Tuesday, September 3 @ 6:30pm, New York Hilton, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10019 • The Push-Start Foundation – Fundraiser to Save Lives, Saturday, September 7, 2013, Bruno’s on the Boulevard, 88-25 Astoria Boulevard, East Elmhurst, NY 11369 • The Membership of Local 79 is cordially invited to join in the 44th Annual African

American Day Parade, The Largest Black Parade In America, on Sunday, Septmber 15th, 2013 at 1:pm ; Start at 111th Street & Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, Harlem End at 136th Street, Harlem. For further infomation, please contact: Carl Cully 646-457-8323 Barrie Smith 646- 628-2890 Lavon Chambers 646-734-5391

positions at Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO). Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon. A.J. Nicholson (left), is greeted by St. Andrew Rotary Club President, Judy Hylton, on arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel, for the club’s weekly luncheon, on Tuesday, April 23, where he was the guest speaker. He holds a Master of Science Degree in International Business from South Bank University, London, England; pursued the Global Master of Arts Programme at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Boston, USA; and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Studies from West Virginia Weslyan College in the United States.


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r Brooklyn, Marty Markowitz–The Trini From Tunapuna Is WIADCA’S Grand Marshal Along With Christopher Bowen (Mc Wassy) for this year carnival. They will join the renowned West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) as they present New York’s “Greatest Show on Earth,” the 46th Annual Caribbean Carnival Festival 2013. Under the theme “Celebrate our Caribbean Pride and Culture” the events are being held on Thursday, August 29th–Monday, September 2nd). Thursday, August 29th 8:00pm - 1:00am - Caribbean Woodstock This WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL boasts Caribbean entertainers in a wonderful mix of costume, competition, Steelpan, and musicians performing ZOUK, LATIN, HIP HOP, KOMPA, SOCA and REGGAE! Performers include Tallpree, Jeannie Sol, Adrian Dutchin, Statement, Trinity, Problem Child, Ricky T and many more! Friday, August 30th 10:00am-2:00pm - Stay in School Youth Fest -FREE!. WIADCA presents this performance opportunity to encourage youth to pursue education and develop their talents. 8:00pm- 3:00am - Brass Fest Featuring multi-award-winning Soca artist, Machel Montano HD along with Farmer Nappy and Patrice Roberts. Also performing is Lyrikal, first timer Brooklyn’s Willie Villegas Salsa Band, St. Lucia’s Teddyson John, & TJ Project, Pumpa and Boodoo Singh Tassa Drummers. Hosted by MC Wassy and Giselle “D” Wassi One, all guaranteed to electrify the audience with sizzling high energy performances. Saturday, Aug 31st 8:00am- 3:00pm - Junior Carnival Parade & Competition. Thousands of children and families enjoy music and “jump-up” while competing in their own costume parade. Route begins at corner of Kingston Avenue & St. John’s Place continues to Franklin Avenue & President Street ending at the Brooklyn Museum grounds. $2 Admission at Museum gate. 8:00pm- 3:00am – Panorama Steelband Competition A night of PAN, PAN, PANORAMA! This year for pan lovers, WIADCA presents a special guest appearance by New York University's NYU Steel Orchestra who will open the show and competing will be Pan Sonatas, CASYM, Crossfire, Pantonics, Adlib, Metro, Pan Fantasy, D’ Radoes, and Despers USA. Get ready to lock in your vote! Sunday, September 1st 7:00pm- 1:00am - Dimanche Gras An encore presentation featuring Panorama and King & Queen costume winners, and live performances by King David Rudder singing Hammer, High Mas’ & Trini to de Bone, the legendary Calypso Rose performing Tempo & Fire Fire, Lil’ Devyn, Swallow singing Fire in de Backseat, Lima Calbio, and more! Highlights include three of the world’s top Steelpan virtuosos appearing for the first time in the US in an on-stage showdown Robert Greenidge, Andy Narrell and Liam Teague will duel for the “BEST OF THE EAST” title and Something Positive Dance Troupe. All events will be Streamed live! Monday, September 2nd Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11:00am-6:00pm - West Indian Carnival Day Parade 2013 – Caribbean Pride & Culture. This multi-cultural, Caribbean Carnival extravaganza led by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and other Grand Marshals, is the ultimate expression of Caribbean Pride and Culture. Known as NYC’s “Greatest Show on Earth”, this colorful Parade of costumed revelers and millions of spectators enjoy music, camaraderie, fun, food and family as they “JUMP-UP” to the scintillating sounds of Soca, Reggae, Salsa, Zouk, Kompa and Calypso!

West Indian American Day Carnival 2013


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Veteran health care and social worker and a member of the Victory Seventh Day Adventist Church, Joyce Maitland holds one of her many birthday gifts as she recently celebrated her 80th birthday in the Bronx.

14 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013



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Front Row: T’shura Wilson, Roberto Hernandez, Glenda Sanchez, Yeisi Guzman, Alexandria Hayden, Zhane Roseboro, Mayra Alvarez; Middle Row: Jewel Thompson, Daniel Clayton, Tiffany Chandler, Bradley Atkins, Brandon Atkins, Aziz Farouk, George Nunez, Mamou Doumbia. Back row: Lorraine Hawthorne-Morrison (Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation Board Member), Velma Hawthorne (Golden Krust Co-Founder), Lowell Hawthorne (Golden Krust President & CEO & Chairman of the Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation), Lorna Hawthorne (Golden Krust Co-Founder), Patricia Spencer (partially hidden – Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation Board Member), Christine Quinn (NY City Council Speaker) and Herman LaMont (Consul General of Jamaica to NY)


Bronx: cholarships in the amount of $2,000 each were awarded to twenty deserving and diverse college-bound students by the Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation recently. At a ceremony held at the United Church of Jesus Christ located in the Bronx, the philanthropic arm of the nation’s largest Caribbean franchise chain assisted twenty more young people and their families to achieve their dreams. New York City Council Speaker and Mayoral Candidate – Christine Quinn was on hand to congratulate the recipients and gave an impassioned speech to encourage the recipients to pursue excellence. She said “Golden Krust has grown to be an exemplar of the kind of business we need in our city: one that provides hundreds of New Yorkers with good, middle class jobs, and supports the community it serves”. Consul General of Jamaica to New York - Herman LaMonte was also on hand to mark this milestone in the lives of these aspiring young people. The 2013 Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation scholarship recipients hail from the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and South Florida. Students were invited to write an essay on either their immigrant experience in the United States or how their college education will help benefit the community. The essays were graded by a panel of judges, based on originality, creativity, grammar and content and community involvement. These twenty exceptional young men and women are the latest of hundreds whose lives have been changed by the company’s philanthropic initiatives. Since 2005, The Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation has awarded over 200 scholarships to graduating high school seniors, as well as students at the Oberlin High School in Jamaica; established a $100,000 endowment toward scholarships to students with high aptitude who demonstrate financial need over a period of seven years at the Bronx Community College.

Golden Krust Offers Twenty Scholarships

Youth Employability and Globalization Conference 2014
University of Phoenix • 11410 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33172 February 7-8, 2014 Why this conference? CONFERENCE SPEAKERS
Sheikha Nadia Al Dossary CEO and Partner, Al Sale Eastern Co, Saudi Arabia’s largest scrap-metal business.

National Educational Venture Alliance

National Educational Venture Alliance chairman and founder Dr. Neva Helena Alexander said the research community will be convening at this conference to provide the knowledge needed to move our society towards positive changes while impacting our youth. Apart from academia the conference aims at attracting a variety of business organizations with an interest obtaining new information, developing results driven solutions to youth matters, and contributing scholarly papers regarding youth, employment and globalization, hence providing a space to blend theory and practice as well as to identify best practices.

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander Conference Director

Dr. T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair Vice President, Research and Industry, DS Institutions

• Senior policymakers • Private and public sector leaders (energy, oil, water, food, finance, technology) • Development agencies • Media • Publishers • Researchers and Academia from many disciplines across the globe.

Who should attend?

Registration fees Registration cost: Researchers $200 • Student researchers ($100), All others $250 Late registration: After January 8, 2014 ($50) Award Dinner: $75 (already included in the registration fee). Other Speakers and Special Entertainment artist to be announced.

Registration and Info: • • 305-381-9981

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ate nights, hard partying or even Yo-yo dieting. It’s the lifestyle of many young people, but the bad habits of our youth can take a toll on our face years later. In fact, it’s precisely such reckless behavior that can impact skin long-term. Smoking: Between the drying out and the toxins and the oxygenzapping and the above-the-lip, pucker-inhale wrinkles, smoking does

Things That Ruin Skin
absolutely nothing good for your skin and really just makes you look old and gray-faced before your time. Booze: Alcohol dehydrates the skin, it can cause tiny red veins to rupture on your visage, and make you look as blotchy and flushed. To combat this: Down a glass a water between spirits, and limit consumption to just a couple of beverages per night.



Sugar: Sugar messes with your skin’s collagen; it can lessen its repair function and speed up elasticity loss, leaving your face dull and saggy. Curb sweet tooth cravings by turning to natural sugars like those found in fruit or, even better, snack on a handful of almonds which are packed with both antioxidants and protein.

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MARCUS GARVEY FAMILY DAY: Jamaican American business owners (l-r) Anthony Miller and Michael Mullings hold a copy the proclamation issued by Mayor Micheal Bloomberg to mark the birthday of Jamaican hero and civil rights leader the late Marcus Garvey Marcus who was born on August 17, 1887 and died on 10 June 1940. He was a Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator who was a staunch proponent of the Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements., He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). He also founded the Black Star Liner, part of the Back-to-Africa movement, which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands.

MARCUS GARVEY FAMILY DAY: The Consul General of Jamaica, Herman LaMont (5th l) holds a copy the proclamation issued by the Office of City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on behalf of the family of Marcus Garvey as (l-r) NYS Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Rep. Eliot L. Engel and Councilman Andy King look on. Scores of Northeast Bronx residents commemorated the life and times of the late Marcus M. Garvey on Saturday with the launch of the first Caribbean Heritage Marcus Garvey Family Day event hosted by Councilman King at Evander Childs High School Field, Bronx.

M ar c us G ar ve y S ays
Jamaica's first National Hero, was born in St. Ann's Bay on August 17, 1887. In his youth Garvey migrated to Kingston where he worked as a printer and later published a small paper "The Watchman." He died in England in 1940. His body was brought back to Jamaica in 1964 and buried in the National Heroes Park in Kingston. • A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. • Knowledge, History, Past. God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement. • If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. • The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness. • With confidence, you have won before you have started. • I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there. • Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men. • A reading man and woman is a ready man and woman, but a writing man and woman is exact. of a suffering people.

Office Assiatant needed at a small but well-established Administrative law-Social Security, Immigration firm. - Have excellent written and verbal communication skills, - Have knowledge of local, state, and federal rules, - Be proficient in e-filing, and - Show discretion and professionalism when dealing with sensitive or confidential information. Minimum Qualification: High School Diploma
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ecent studies reveal that 50%-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their relationship (about 45%-55% of married women cheat). And the women being cheated on, about 70% have no idea. Or maybe they just don’t want to know. It doesn’t have to be that way. Men give off tons of hints that they’re inclined to cheat. For starters, there are the classic signs: •A sudden drop off in sex •Cash withdrawals or credit card charges you can’t account for •Working late a lot •New attention to his looks and wardrobe •An eagerness to run errands that get him out of the house for hours But more subtle signs, certain personHe’s an excellent liar. We don’t mean ality quirks, his family dynamic and past an occasional exaggeration or little “relarelationships also can clue you into whether tionship-saving” fibs to the question, Do I a man’s more likely to cheat, even if he has- look fat in thi? n’t yet. He’s a passion junkie. Some men just `Here are a few: love the beginnings of relationships, when He has a super-sized ego. In his eyes, it’s all champagne, roses and stolen weekhe’s Superman and believes everyone else ends of white-hot sex. should think so too. Mental health pros call He has cheated before. Any therapist it narcissism. will tell you that past cheating behavior He has no sense of guilt. Men who indicates an unfaithful future. don’t feel remorse or guilt when they do He learned it at home. If one or both something wrong are prime candidates for his parents were routinely unfaithful, your cheating. man may be more inclined to cheat, especially if his father was the skirt-chaser. He lost his job. Don’t hit the panic button: His loss of a paycheck doesn’t necessarily signal an affair. But unemployment puts strain on a marriage and can make a man feel vulnerable, especially if he had the job for decades and it defined his identity. He’ll be looking high and low for validation that he’s still worthwhile. He had doubts about moving in or getting married. A man who is not entirely invested in a relationship is always looking for an exit, making him vulnerable to the temptations of infidelity. He stops cuddling in bed. Perhaps he doesn’t spoon you anymore. Or he comes to bed dressed for Antarctica when he once slept nude. He has a “new drink.”A switch from Manhattans to martinis could just be a desire to get out of a cocktail rut. Or it might be a new habit picked up from another woman."It’s part of their ritual, something sexy that they’ve been doing with the other person.” Now they’re bringing it home. Source:

Will He Cheat?

Dear Divine Diva: y friend "Robert" knows everyone in town. It creates a huge distraction when we dine in a restaurant because he is constantly looking around to see who else he knows. When he spots someone, he leaves me sitting at the table to go and say hello to the person. If this happened once, it would be acceptable. But it occurs continually throughout the meal and interrupts our conversation. The fact that Robert is constantly scouting the room for others to greet makes meaningful conversation impossible because his mind is never fully present. I have reached the point of no longer wanting to dine with him although he is a good friend. How would you recommend resolving this? -Distraction, Long Isand

That distraction when we dine
Dear Distraction: Have an honest talk with Robert, and explain how his rudeness has made you feel. If his behavior continues, then socialize with him in places where there are no distractions --like his home or yours. He may be insecure and feel a compulsion to ingratiate himself with others, but constantly leaving you alone at the table shows lack of consideration for your feelings. Also, I find it curious that all those people he knows do not come by your table to greet him -- and possibly be introduced, don't you? Always, Divine Diva


Dear Divine Diva: work with a nice woman in a serviceoriented job. She wears a full set of dentures --top and bottom. When she's nervous, she has a habit of "clicking" and adjusting them. It gets worse when she's had an energy drink. Personally, I can ignore it. But I have heard comments from customers and coworkers who wonder if she's "on something" -- like drugs. Should I tell her what people are saying or suggest she use a product to help keep the dentures in place? I would hate for her reputation to be ruined because of this nervous habit. -Caring Co-Worker, Bronx

Everybody talks about her dentures
Dear Caring Co-Worker: Take the woman aside and tell her privately that the clicking is distracting to customers and co-workers. She may not be aware that she is doing anything. Suggest that she discuss this with her dentist because her dentures may need adjusting -or, as you mentioned, her dentist can recommend a product to stabilize them. She may be more receptive if she hears it from a dental health professional. -Always, Divine Diva

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Kangen Water

ARIES (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19): Planning your getaway is not a very smart strategy. Forget about all your lofty ideas and focus on exactly what is expected of you now, leaving the great escape for some other day. TAURUS (Apr. 20 – May 20): You want to be seen as reliable, yet you're still willing to attempt something new, even if it means putting your reputation at risk. GEMINI (May 21 – Jun. 20): Take the time to discover how reality differs from what others are saying now. Listen in between the spoken words so you don't miss what's being left out. It's best to know the shortcomings of a plan before you endorse it. CANCER (Jun. 21 – Jul. 22): You're more interested in making a noticeable splash than in achieving your goals. Luckily, you have an excellent chance of succeeding at both now, so taking a risk is an excellent idea as long as you are honest about your intentions. . LEO (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): Others may grow tired if all you do is talk about yourself. Instead of trying to convince everyone that your plan is the best, find the good in someone else's approach. VIRGO (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): Don't worry if you make a brilliant breakthrough that isn't noticed right away by anyone else. Remember, you are running ahead of the curve now and it will take time for others to catch up. LIBRA (Sept. 23 – Oct.22): You should be able to make it appear as if you are working even when your mind is


Wholesale food manufacturer seeks independent route sales operator with experience in DSD/Route Delivery. Must be able to operate hand held device, be self-motivated,with good attitude, have clean driving record, good oral/written communication and math skills. Good earning potential within the tri-state area. EOE. Please send resume or detailed letter of interest to:

SALES INDEPENDENT ROUTE SALES or fax to: 845-398-3001.

fully equipped, great rates ask for John

Major Westchester specialty bakery, located in Mt. Vernon seeks a Sales Rep to generate new sales and provide customer service to new and existing accounts in the NY tri-state area. 1-3 years food sales experience required. DSD knowledge a plus. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) a plus, must be familiar with products and must operate own vehicle. Competitive pay and benefits, EOE. E-mail resume with pay requirement to:

SALES – BAKED GOODS or fax to: 845-398-3001.

Newly opened restaurant seeks industrious young female as a full time server. Candidate must have knowledge of cash register and good people skills. Must be willing to work flexible hours.

Food Server


Send resume and full picture to:

Vegetarian Food For Health
Specially Mixed Juice ‘Herbs’ Roots Tonic •Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Produce • Vegetarian Dishes • Fruit Juice • Fish Dinner• Vegetarian Soup & Fish Patties/Baked Products Natural Health Care Products.

Yes, he’s back from the shadow of death, the Jamaican born Obeah man and spiritual case worker


Starting price

Guaranteed success where others fail. Power to help in all walks of life. Calls your friends and enemies by name, without asking you a single word. A visit to this obeah worker from Jamaica will be of immense value to you.


We Also Cater 1312 E. Gunhill Road,
Bronx, NY 10469 (Near Burke Avenue)

Call About Our Fly & Buy Program • No Credit, Bad Credit, No Problem -----------------------------------------------------------------------




20 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013


he New York CARICOM Consulates in collaboration with the Caribbean American Nurses Association (CANA) and the Caribbean American Medical and Scientific Association (CAMSA) Inc. invite you to attend the official program that will take place at 1:30pm at the Caribbean Health Fair on Saturday, August 24th. This event will be held at the Holy Cross Parish Parking Lot located at 2530 Church Avenue (between Bedford and Rogers Avenues), Brooklyn NY 11226. The Free health extravaganza will bring together a very experienced group of health professionals (including physicians and nurses) who will screen and educate the community, distribute valuable resource information, conduct clinics, engage in fitness demonstrations, provide family entertainment and giveaways and

Caribbean Health Fair Sets for August 24



much more. The major hospitals in Brooklyn namely; Brookdale, Kings County, Brooklyn Hospital, SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center along with organizations such as the Caribbean Women’s Health Association and a host of agencies have rallied their support around this event. This health fair has also attracted sponsors such as Health First, MetroPlus, Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill, Tower Isles Patties, Courts Caribbean, North Shore Beverage, Henrica’s Restaurant, Super Wings, Grace Foods and Western Union who will be in attendance. It is expected that over 500 people will attend and take advantage of the many services that will be offered. __________________________
Chris Castriota, 718-637-9216 or

Why should we eat fruits and vegetables? o They are healthy! o They have fiber which can prevent certain cancers o They have nutrients and vitamins which are important for energy o Eating fruits and vegetables can help you control your weight

Eat your fruits and vegetables?


What fruits and veggies can we eat? o Red – Tomato, red peppers, strawberries, apples, watermelons, onions o Green – Lettuce, spinach, broccoli, grapes, pears, cabbage, beans o Yellow – Banana, squash, zucchini, yellow peppers, corn, mangoes o Orange – Oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, papaya o Purple – eggplant, grapes, plums, blueberries, kidney beans o White – potatoes, garlic, onions

Questions & Comments:


he Health Department launched a free mobile app today that will help cooks calculate how many calories are in the food they prepare and find ways to reduce calorie counts. With CalCutter, restaurant chefs or home cooks can enter the ingredients and number of servings of a recipe and the app will calculate the number of calories per serving in the finished dish. CalCutter will then suggest alternative ingredients or cooking methods that reduce the number of calories in the dish. The Department also announced it will be working with celebrity chef and New York Times bestselling author Rocco DiSpirito to incorporate low-calorie ingredient swaps into the app. “Many people want to count calories as a way to avoid gaining weight, but they have no way of knowing how many calories are in restaurant food or even food they prepare themselves,” said Health

Health Department Launches “CalCutter” a Free Mobile App

o Substitute one egg or half the cheese with veggies –onions, spinach, mushrooms o Lunch–Take out half the meat and cheese in your sandwich and replace them with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, or other veggies o In place of some of the meat or noodles, add a cup of chopped veggies to your soup o Dinner –Add a cup of chopped veggies, and take out a cup of rice or pasta from your favorite dish o Make sure most of the food on your plate is from veggies, not meat, not rice, not pasta o Snacks! – An apple, a banana, a few carrots, broccoli, peppers, berries, nuts, yogurt o Instead of going to the vending machine, bring fruits and veggies from home for a snack Tips and tricks o Eat them raw or steam, bake, or cook with herbs – but DO NOT FRY! o Avoid high fat dressings or sauces o Canned or frozen are good options, but stay away from additives like sugar, syrup o Choose whole fruits over juices, and dried fruits Things to remember: 1. Choose your portion size wisely 2. Remember to substitute, not add to keep amount of food same, and to lower calories 3. Be creative – try something new and healthy – if you like it stick with it!

Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley. “CalCutter is a free, simple tool to help cooks figure out how many calories their recipes deliver. We encourage both restaurant cooks and home cooks to use this tool and prepare food with calorie counts that fit into a healthy diet.” Studies show that most people – including even trained dieticians – have great difficulty estimating the calorie counts of foods. This makes it very difficult for people to watch calories to try to avoid gaining weight. CalCutter is designed to help with this problem. New Yorkers can obtain information and tips on how to eat well by calling 311 or visiting and searching for “Eating Healthy.” To download CalCutter for iPhone, Android or to view it on the web, visit: Smartphone Apps or go to and search “CalCutter.”

How can we use these fruits and veggies? o Breakfast – add fruits to your cereals – bananas, strawberries, berries o Remember to cut back on the amount of cereal to make room for the fruit

An Urgent Appeal
We need $5 M to purchase two Linear Accelerator Machines for Jamaica

Vincent HoSang Chairman, Caribbean Food Delights

am appealing to everyone especially our Caribbean brothers and sisters. I have been asked to purchase a Linear Accelerator Machine for Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica costing approximately US $5 Million. I met with the Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson a few weeks ago. He asked if I can purchase two machines as Kingston needs one also. If 500,000 people give a one-time donation of $10, we will be closer to our goal. Please send donations to Vincent HoSang Family Foundation (VHFF), 117 Route 303, Suite B, Tappan, NY 10983.
Your donation is tax deductible. Thanks for your kind support


AUGUST 1-18, 2013• STREET HYPE • 21

Highlighting the Opportunities and Challenges of Local Business Operators

Business Hype

BY MIKE BLOOMBERG Entrepreneur, Mayor of New York City, Philanthropist he following are some tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur based on my experience of building a company from the ground up, leading New York City as mayor, and founding a philanthropic organization. 2. Make your own luck. 1. Take risks. Luck plays a part in success, but the harder Life is too short to spend your time avoiding you work, the luckier you get. Whatever you failure. In 1981, at the age of 39, I was fired choose to do, even if it’s not the job of your from the only full-time job I'd ever had - a dreams, always work hard at it. Be the first job I loved. person at work in the morning and the last to But I never let myself look back, and the leave at night. Hard work creates opportunivery next day I took a big risk and began my ties where your resume cannot. own company based on an unproven idea that nearly everyone thought would fail: 3. Be persistent. making financial information available to Persistence really does pay off. When startpeople, right on their desktops. Remember, ing my company, I would go downtown and this was before people had desktops. buy cups of coffee. Then I’d take the coffee In 2001, when I was debating whether to up to Merrill Lynch – our target audience – run for mayor, most people advised me and walk the hallways. “Hi,” I would say. against it. They all were afraid I’d fail. But “I’m Mike Bloomberg and I brought you a one person said: “If you can picture yourself cup of coffee. Can I talk to you?” giving a concession speech, then why not go Even if people were wondering who I for it?” That was the best advice I received – was or where I came from, they still took the and I followed it. coffee. And I kept coming back, day after In order to succeed, you must first be day, working to build relationships with willing to fail – and you must have the potential customers. I learned about the audicourage to go for it anyway. ence for our product and what they could really use. Three years after starting Bloomberg LP, Merrill Lynch purchased 20 terminals and became our first customer.

Top 5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

For advertsing and editorial feature call- 914-663-4973


field you choose for starting a business – be a lifelong student. The world is full of people who have stopped learning and who think they’ve got it all figured out. You’ve no doubt met some of them already – and you’ll meet plenty more. Their favorite word is “No.” They will give you a million reasons why something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. Don’t listen to them, don’t be deterred by them, and don’t become one of them. Not if you want to fulfill your potential – and not if you want to change the world for the better. 5. Give back. You are ultimately responsible for your success and failure, but you only succeed if you share the reward with others. At the end of the day, ask yourself: “Am I making a difference in the lives of others?” My first charitable donation was a $5 check to my alma mater, Johns Hopkins, not long after I graduated. I was just scraping by back then, but I continued to give. And while the checks may be bigger today, they come with the same spirit. You don’t have to be wealthy to give back. You can give back by getting involved and giving your time and talents. You just have to be committed to opening doors for others.

4. Never stop learning. The most powerful word in the English language is “Why.” There is nothing so powerful as an open, inquiring mind. Whatever


Your Purpose is Our Responsibility

• Income Tax • Accounting • Financial Services
Tel: 718 405 0553 • Fax: 718 405 9402

Visit or Call us.. 3384A Boston Road, Bronx, NY 10469

Kingston, Jmaica: N Money Services Limited (JNMS), the remittance arm of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), has implemented new procedures for collecting and sending remittances at its JN Money Transfer locations in western Jamaica and the United States of America. “Effective August 5, 2013, persons who live in the parishes of Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James and Trelawny must collect funds, sent using JN Money Transfer, at locations in their respective parishes,” Leesa Kow, General Manager, JNMS said. Kow said persons collecting funds that exceed J$100,000 are required to produce two pieces of identification- a driver’s license, elector registration identification card or passport. These two pieces of identification must be presented along with a tax registration number (TRN) card. Persons collecting funds of J$150,000 or more must present proof of their address, in addition to two pieces of identification and their TRN. Only a utility bill in the name of the person collecting the funds, or a bank statement, which must also be in the name of the money transfer recipient, are accepted as proof of address. A letter from a Justice of the Peace attesting the address of the money transfer recipient may also be accepted. JNMS operates 18 JN Money Transfer locations in Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James and Trelawny. The JNMS General Manager said new procedures were also implemented on August

JN Money Transfer Implements New Remittance Procedures

7, 2013 for persons in the US sending funds to Jamaica from any of the 76 JN Money Transfer locations in the US. Miss Kow said no more than US$1000 can be sent in a single transaction at JN Money Transfer branches and no more than US$500 using JN Money Transfer agents. Persons sending funds that amount to US$999.99 or more are also required to identify their source of funds. In addition, persons using JN Money Transfer for the first time are required to produce identification when sending funds to Jamaica. “We recognise that this may pose some inconvenience to our customers, but these procedures have become necessary as we seek to maintain the necessary “checks and balances” and mitigate the misuse of our systems for illicit activities,” she said.

Leesa Kow General Manager, JNMS

22 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013


• Actors • Dancers • Make-up Artists
• Singers • Musicians • Models


Stage Shows • Concerts Parties • Weddings
347-489-3998 • 646-867-3872


646-867-3872 • 914-663-4973
Stage shows • Concerts, Parties • Weddings • Bookings:


The Vincent Hosang Family Foundation Receives $5000 Boost
TAPPAN: he Vincent HoSang Family Foundation, VHFF is $5,130.00 richer thanks to veteran female promoter, Alma Campbell’s fund-raising efforts. The money was raised through her organization, M.A.N Promotion’s Annual Fundraising Gala, held at Crawford Park Mansion in Rye Brook recently and will go toward the VHFF’s Jamaica LINAC Cancer Machine Project Initiative. In making her presentation at the VHFF headquarters in Tappan, Campbell lauded the charity organization’s chairman and philanthropist, Vincent HoSang for his dedicated service to humanity and for his infectious spirit of giving.

FOR JAMAICAN HEALTH EQUIPMENT: (l-r) Alma Campbell, President, M.A.N. Promotions, Vincent HoSang, Chairman, VHFF and Sabrina HoSang, COO, Caribbean Food Delights.


The VHFF’s Jamaica LINAC Cancer Project Initiative Fund now stands at approximately $60,000. The VHFF is appealing to the Caribbean Diaspora, more so Jamaicans, to continue their support of the Jamaica LINAC Cancer Machine Project Initiative until the official handing over ceremony to the Jamaica government takes place later this year, in Jamaica. At that time, the VHFF will use the opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank its numerous donors and contributors. Donation and further information: The Vincent HoSang Family Foundation 117 Route 303, Suite B, Tappan, NY 10983 845-398-3000 •

Dave Rhymes
Poet • Comedian • Actor Stage Shows • Concerts, Parties, Etc.

Jobs; Real Esate; Baby Sitters; Nannies, Etc. LIMITED SPACE..BOOK NOW!

646-836-0538 646-867-3872 •



Call Nola-

We advertise your talent here... 914-663-4973

• Floor Care • Stripping • Carpet Cleaning • Scrubbing • Upholstery Cleaning • Waxing • Vending Machine Placement
Sometimes all you need is a snack and a clean place to relax… Our services include:

Contact: Paul

914 380 2116


AUGUST 1-31, 2013• STREET HYPE • 23

WILTSHIRE LIMO Cool Runnings Restaurant

24 • STREET HYPE • AUGUST 1-31, 2013


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