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Vedas, Shruti, Words, World

(The words in italics are the Sanskrit words. These words can be read in the Sanskrit English dictionary by Sir Monier Williams, available in Internet at <> The Sanskrit words in italics are in Itrans) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vedas do not mean a set of holy books. The word Veda (veda) is from the word 'vid' which means to 'know'. We are conscious, living, because we are always in the process of ''knowing''. Whatever we know is a form of our 'knowledge'. This world is created from ''Knowledge'' or ''Consciousness''. This world, every entity is the 'knowledge'' or 'feeling'' of the Creator. In our mind if we imagine a flower, it is made of my mind or of ''me''. Similarly, in the external world, everything is created in the Universal ''mind''. In our mind, every idea is associated with a word or definition. Words in us are the forms of our mind, shapes of the mind. Similarly, this revealed world is the ''words'' of the Creator! This is why, many ancient religions have said that the creation is from the ''words of God', or that "at first there were only words". Everything is first created in the "mental sphere" and physical formation is an effect of "mental creation" Vedas are also called ''shruti''. shruti means listening. Every expression of thought in you is a word, the formation of your thought is a word. Whatever you speak or whatever formation your thought takes, you know it, you listen to it. This is "shruti " or listening. In every creation always there are two things, "to

become" / "to create" and "to know what is created". Whenever Consciousness splits Herself/Himself or creates, ''there is a formation" and there is a "knowing of what is formed". This is why, we always find two fundamental spaces or dimensions, "inside"-where we are knowing" and "outside"- where we have got expressed. You are knowing yourself as a "person so and so......". Universal consciousness, the Creator is knowing in you as "yourself" and this is "you". This is not only "you" of today, in this knowing of Creator "you" of eternity is existing. This is how Consciousness has become every being. This is why Vedas have called HER/HIM, "jaata-vedaa". jaata means ''born'', "veda", means ''to know" (vedaa means characterized by knowing) In Consciousness, 'to know' is same as 'to become'. This is how the "thoughts" of the Creator takes the form of universe. As you read this Book of World, the open pages of the Vedas, as you listen more correctly the words by which the world is made of, you can listen the words of the God, the Eternal words, by which everything is created and held. To listen means to feel, and you feel in your consciousness. Whatever you feel inside, you actually become that in your inside, in your consciousness. This is why your future life, your future, your every thing depends on how you feel. Your every work is associated with feeling. When you say "work' or "Karma", its not just the external work, it is the feeling with which you are working or active. Every creature, inert or animated is made out of the feelings of the Creator. If we look at us, we realize that we live in an ocean

of feelings! We are always happy or sad, gleeful or afraid. We are always seeing, hearing, listening ..... When we see a flower, we describe our own feelings which we term as a flower. We feel it inside ourselves. When we smell it, the fragrance is inside us. This inside is our inner world, the micro and for every one it is unique. As we will learn what is inside, we will also learn what is outside. We can start from outside, as the present civilization has taught us but such start does not lead us far, because our own reference is our inside! The three aspects of vedana, feelings, behind the creation are Rik, yajur(yajus) and saama(saaman). This world is Rik, expression of mind, made of words of the creator (mantra), the word gets joined to you, the world gets joined to you, through your sensory organs(indriya). This is yajur. The tree which is outside, created in the divine mind is Rik It comes flowing to you, through your sensory channels organs, joins you, this is yajur. As this feeling gets assimilated in you, you really feel it, you may say, ''what a great tree''. This is "saama''. In your inside, in the realm of feeling, whatever you feel, you become that, you become "same" as that you feel, this is ''saama''. This is how in every moment you are being built by the waves of Vedas, by Rik, yajur and saama. From the divine One's, absolute One's feelings, feelings are coming to you, and you are thus living in the world. Like the incessant trains of waves breaking down on the shore day and night relentlessly so are waves of the Universal Consciousness breaking down in you all the while. Your every action, every moment is thus connected to Universal Consciousness. As a river appears to be a sheet of still water but actually it consists of several under

currents, so also you. You are extremely dynamic and ever changing in your inside. {This document was earlier published in Scribd. This is written from the teachings received from the seers Shri. Bijoykrishna Chattopadhaya (1875-1945), and his principle disciple Shri Tridibnath Bandopadhaya(1923-1994). This knowledge belongs to everyone and is everyones treasure.)------Debkumar Lahiri
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