Ateneo freshmen Survival Tract
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Ateneo de zamboanga University calendar of Activities 2009-2010
June 15 - Classes Begin August 17-20 - Midterm Examinations September 9-12 - Intramurals October 15-16, 19-20 - Final Examinations October 21 - Semestral Break November 3-7 - Enrollment for 2nd Semester November 9 - Classes Begin for 2nd Semester December 3-5 - Ateneo Fiesta December 4-6 - Alumni Homecoming December 19 - Christmas Vacation Begins January 4 - Classes resume January 18-21 - Midterm Examinations March 22-25 - Final Examinations March 27 - Graduation Day April 5-7 - Summer Enrollment May 22 - End of Summer Classes



June 12 - Independence Day July 20 - Isra’wal Miraj (tentative) July 31 - St. Ignatius Day August 21 - Ninoy Aquino Day August 31 - National Heroes Day September 20 - Eid’l Fitr (tentative) October 21 - Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar November 1 - All Saints’ Day November 2 - All Souls’s Day November 27 - Eid’l Adha (tentative) November 30 - Bonifacio Day December 7 - Study Day December 8 - Feast of Immaculate Conception December 18 - Muharram/Amun Jadid (tentative) December 25 - Christmas Day December 30 - Rizal Day December 31 - New Year’s Eve January 1 - New Year’s Day February 25 - Freedom Day (tentative) February 26 - Dia de Zamboanga April 8 - Holy Thursday April 9 - Good Friday / Araw ng Kagitingan May 1 - Labor Day

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afst09 01 The Cover 03 Schedule 04 Calendar 05 School Calendar 07 Editor’s Note 08 Message from the President 09 Administrators 10 Message from the Deans 12 ADZU Vision & Mission 13 ADZU Seal 14 Campus Map 15 Campus Facilities 18 El Consejo Atenista Vision & Mission 19 Message from El Consejo Atenista President and Vice President 20 El Consejo AtenistaOfficers 22 Changing the Tides 23 What Consejo Atenista Offers 24 Services 30 Clubs and Orgs 34 The Basics 38 Ateneo Fiesta 40 Unspoken Rules 41 Ateneo Jargons 42 Student Buddies 44 Students’ Buddies 46 Eagles’ Nest 48 Bogchi 49 AFST Editorial Staff & Acknowledgements

el Vi da A te ni st a!
Ateneo The 2009 edition of the urvival Tract is an Freshmen S r inte nt an d em bo dim en t of ou r to present to you, dea aspiration neo way of life. freshman, the Ate the Ateneo is Throughout this tract, of to you in all angles introduced be it academic, Ateneo college life, uals, and so social, topographical, vict forth. phrase “EL The cover features the ich is Chavacano VIDA ATENISTA,” wh ngside it is the for “The Ateneo Life.” Alo of colors and hues vibrant mixture te pop-artistic intermingling with intrica ed t depicts the multi-facet visuals tha style of life, of living Ateneo brand and and of learning. Bienvenidos, maga Azul Agila!


Dear Freshies, Congrats on passing the ATCU and welcome to the Ateneo Family! Your journey in this academy has begun! It's going to be a bumpy rollercoaster ride. If you play your cards right, your trip in college will be filled with good friends, good memories and good grades. But inevitably, no matter how good of a card player you are, there will also be moments of disappointment and, possibly, tears. Bottom line is- it's not going to be easy. That's why we've prepared this little guide to make the journey a little easier. We've filled it things that we wish we knew on our first day and other fun stuff just so you'd actually read it. This book like thing hopefully will prevent some bumps on your first weeks in the academy, so that instead of looking for rooms when you're lost you'd be looking for friends. We really really hope this helps. =) Ten years of elementary and high school education has prepared you for this moment. That's ten years of tears and late night cramming sessions, so make the next four years worth it. See you around! ^_^ AFST 09 Staff


m essage
from the
Dear Incoming Freshmen Students,

Welcome to the Ateneo de Zamboanga University! I thank you all for believing in the Ateneo education. This year is particularly significant for us. On 03 July 2009, we will launch our Centennial Jubilee celebration which will culminate in 2012 – the year when we will be 100 years in Western Mindanao. It is indeed a story of 100 years of living excellence, spirituality and citizenship. For this we are truly grateful to the Lord for the graces received even as we are humbled by our own shortcomings to be the instrument He desires for us. I do hope that you feel a sense of honor and gratitude to be part of a Jesuit institution of higher learning that has a long tradition, tried and tested across time. I also wish that you feel at home here in the Ateneo so that you may have a sense of ownership in what we do, in what we have, in what we are and in what we dream to become the persons we want to be. Congratulations for making it to the Ateneo! My best wishes to all of you dear students. Gratefully in the Lord,

Antonio F Moreno SJ President


a dministrAtoRs
Francis Jay Llenado Director, Department of Student Affairs Welcome to the Ateneo de Zamboanga University! Conrado Balatbat Director, Office of Scholarships Rebecca Fernandez Academic Vice-President Dear Freshmen, I am happy that you have decided to come to Ateneo for your College degrees. I am Delighted to welcome all of you to this university. Now that you are with us, I suggest that you seek and embrace every opportunity to become the best in the profession that you have chosen and to become the person you should truly be. Welcome to all! My dear students, Greetings! I am most happy to welcome you all to the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. As a Jesuit University, the Ateneo adheres to the teaching that all deserve a good education and that poverty should not be a hindrance to attain this. Thus, the Ateneo, through the Office of Scholarships, offers a number of scholarships to poor but deserving students. God bless you always! The freshmen survival tract is an annual publication given to freshmen students of the Ateneo. This is a guidebook to help you adjust to college and the Ateneo way of life. This year's freshmen batch 2009 is quite special for me considering that quite a number of you I have known personally since your grade school days and that includes your parents. I pray that you will be able to adjust immediately to college life and to work hard for your future. Remember that “the house you build is the house you will live in.” Again, welcome to the Ateneo and may your stay with us be filled with satisfaction and success! Pro Deo Et Patria, in the service of God and Country.

Welcome to the Ateneo all incoming college first year students! I hope that your stay in this university will help you to “smile at the world and learn how to give!” Remember always that in the Ateneo we smile at and greet people. This is part of our excellence. This is part of our cura personalis. You are not merely for academic excellence but also for character formation. SMILE AT THE WORLD AND LEARN HOW TO GIVE. Emir Españo Director, Office of Admissions


m essage
from the


Dr. Aireen L. Barrios Dean, School of Liberal Arts It gives me pleasure to welcome the incoming freshmen for SY 09-10. This is one of the most important phases in your academic life as you embark on the last leg of your education towards the attainment of a college degree. I fervently hope that you take great responsibility in managing your personal and intellectual resources to make your fours years or so stay in the Ateneo a worthwhile and productive experience. At the same time, may you discover the means to deepen your spiritual life and expand your social awareness and involvement in the tradition of Jesuit ideals of Men and Women of God, Men and Women for Others. Finally, may you develop the qualities of self-leadership and mature into role models and movers in the local community and the world. Welcome!

Dr. Evelyn G. Chavez Dean, College of Education

Dear Freshmen, Welcome to the Ateneo de Zamboanga University! We thank you for responding positively to our invitation. May your total experience in the Ateneo bring out the best in you. We invite you to grab every opportunity to sharpen your intellect, deepen your convictions, shape your character, and become living witnesses of excellence, spirit, and service. We hope to elicit from you not just critical thinking and positive values, but more importantly, social concern and responsibility. To become a true Atenean, you have to completely immerse yourselves into the Ateneo way of life, get involved, and make a difference. May you find joy and inspiration in your years in the Ateneo. Fly high!


Maria Lorna Paber, RN, MAN Dean, College of Nursing

The College of Nursing with affection and heartfelt feelings extend our warmest welcome to the first year students of ADZU. I would fervently encourage all of you to develop your potentials by availing the resources which the school can offer. I'm sure your journey with us will be fruitful towards the attainment of your goal when you stay focused. God bless.

Dr. Visitacion Buenvenida Dean, School of Management and Accountancy

To All Freshmen Students: Welcome to the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Community – your new home for the next four years for your college education! College life is very dynamic and challenging because you will not only be challenged academically by your teachers but also to be engaged and responsible citizens of the society. May all of you hurdle the challenges in flying colors! Thank you and God bless everyone!
Engr. Aldrina Hitalia Dean, College of Science & Information Technology

Dear Freshmen, We are happy that you have decided to join the Ateneo family. It is our pleasure to welcome you all. We hope that you will find in the Ateneo a place to grow intellectually, a family to grow spiritually and emotionally, and a community to grow in service of others. Welcome all and may God bless you abundantly.


AdZU vision&MiSSion

The Ateneo is rich in tradition, diverse in culture and blessed by the spirit that is guided by the school’s vision and mission.



The Ateneo de Zamboanga University, an educational community forming men and women of God, men and women for others and serving as an agent of change in bringing about peace and development in the city, the region, and the nation.


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University believes that education is a process of formation that develops in the person the knowledge, skills, and orientation needed for a life of dedicated service. The university also believes that its institutional responsibility includes working for peace and process particularly in Western Mindanao. In the context of this general mission, the Ateneo commits itself: as a Filipino university – to deepen appreciation for our country's rich cultural and historical heritage and to help enhance the country's participation in an emerging global society; as a Catholic university – to foster Christ-like values so that they may govern every aspect of the life of the community and of the people it serves while engaging in a dialogue of life with others of different religious convictions or cultural traditions; as a Jesuit university – to instill in all who share its life St. Ignatius of Loyola's spirit of humble service to God's people and to continue a tradition of academic excellence

In Summary

pro deo et patria


In the Service of God and Country

A dzu sEal
IN THE SERVICE OF GOD AND COUNTRY. The school's mission is to produce men and women for others, men and women for the service of God and country. Signifying His gifts and grace for all.

The Ateneo de Zamboanga University seal reflects the mission of the school.

Blue and White rays Vinta
Indicating the various cultural communities of the southwestern Philippines where the school is located.

Christian character of Ateneo.

First letters of the name of Jesus in Greek and monogram of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

The red and yellow stripes are derived from the coat of arms of the family of Oñaz, the maternal line of St. Ignatius.

Two wolves and a food pot
Medallion of the family of Loyola, the paternal line of St. Ignatius of Loyola; stands for generosity

Book and the torch
Symbols of education.

And on the bottom, surrounding the seal, is the name of the school, the

which was founded in 1912.


AmpuS c
NUÑEZ STREET 12 14 15 16 5 13 11

ap m
10 Gate 5 9


17 6

2b 2a 4




Gate 3 3a 1a 8 1b




Gate 1

1. Bellarmine-Campion (BC) Building 1a. Bellarmine Hall 1b. Campion Hall 2. College Building 2a. Gonzaga Hall 2b. Canisius Hall 3. Grade School Building 3a. New Buildings 3b. Berchman Hall 3c. New 3-Storey Building 4. Brebeuf Gymnasium 5. New College Building (NCB)

6. Learning Resource Center (LRC) 7. St. Peter Claver Building 8. Sacred Heart Chapel 9. Multi-Purpose Covered Courts 10. Physical Plant Office (PPO) 11. Fr. Bello Health Center 12. JMR Formation Center 13. Jesuit Residence 14. Students Dormitory 15. Faculty Dormitory 16. Garage 17. Power Plant



campus facilities
Brebeuf Gymnasium

Sacred Heart Chapel

1st Floor Campus Ministry Office (Right Wing, Back Extension) ACIL Office (Left Wing) 2nd Floor YFC Office PSALM Office LS Office

1st Floor Front Canteen GS 106 Property Custodian's Office Center for Performing and Visual Arts Ateneo Business Resource Foundation Inc. ROTC Office 2nd Floor Center for Community Extension Services Dance Room Band Room

St. Peter Claver Building

Multi-Purpose Covered Courts

SACSI Office JVP Office CLC Office

1st Floor Judo/Taekwondo Room 2nd Floor Fitness Center PE Office


Learning Resource Center (LRC) Building

College Building

1st Floor Institute of Cultural Studies for Western Mindanao (ICSWM) Ateneo Peace Institute (API) LRC Conference Room College Guidance Counseling Office Center for Testing and Measurement Auxiliary Services Office of Personnel Services Carlos Dominguez Conference Hall Property Custodian's Office Alumni Office 2nd Floor Main Library(1st Floor) Internet Access Area Ateneo Research Office Ateneo de Zamboanga University Press Graduate School 3rd Floor Ateneo Corporate Resource Office(ACRO) Photography Room Multi-media Office Radio and TV Production Audio Visual Center MassCom Department Office 4th Floor Medical School LRC 410 - 414 Rooms

1st Floor NAP-C Office (Post Office) Office of Student Affairs Botany Laboratory Biology Stockroom SMART Wireless Laboratory Electrical Section Office of the Asst. Senior Dean Office of the Registrar Office of the Senior Dean College of Education College of Management and Accountancy 2nd Floor Phsysics Stockroom Physics Laboratory Electronics and Electrical Section College of Science and Information Technology College of Nursing Multimedia Room Animation Room School of Liberal Arts Faculty Lounge 3rd Floor Computer Center Computer Science Department Advanced Computer Laboratory Basic Computer Laboratory Balance Room Research Laboratory Chemistry Stockroom Open Source Laboratory


Bellarmine-Campion Building

New College Building

Bellarmine Hall Office of Admissions Office of the Scholarships Office of the President Projects' Office Bellarmine Conference Room Planning and Development Office Conference Room DSA Extension Office Nursing Skills Laboratory Nutrition Room Demonstration Hall Campion Hall Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago Infirmary Psychology Laboratory Simulation Room Nursing Library Nursing Review Center

1st Floor Home Economics Room Students' Activity Center Ladies Lounge Beacon Office El Consejo Atenista Office Ecumenical Prayer Room 2nd Floor English Department Multi-media Room Function Room

Jose Maria Rosauro Formation Center (JMRFC)

Jesuits Residence

JR 1,2 and 3 Fr. Bello Health Center


el consejo atenista



In spirit with this vision:

El Consejo Atenista commits itself as a service-oriented student government through the representation of the studentry in the Ateneo community anchored in the belief and trust in student empowerment via pro-active student participation.

The Executive Department shall pursue doable projects and programs that seek to improve students' services and increase their awareness and involvement in complement with the general welfare of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University community. The House of Representatives shall serve the studentry by strong and pro-active representation of the colleges and departments through effective legislation that, in turn shall result to efficient projects and services. The Judicial Council shall to the optimum extent of its duly-constituted authority, invest policies and structure to harness student awareness of their inherent rights and privileges as an avenue for their empowerment. The Ateneo Electoral Commission (AELECOM) shall, with its unwavering belief in every student right to suffrage, be committed to administering free, honest, and orderly Sanggunian elections, fostering student decision-making and involvement during such season, and, in the process, ultimately fighting apathy among the Ateneo studentry. And thus propel El Consejo Atenista to be more responsive to the welfare of their constituents and/or representations.

“ El Consejo Atenista. Your Student Government.


service beyond Words.”

The time for change is well past due. Last December 17, 2008, the 1997 Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Ateneo de Zamboanga University Constitution that existed for 12 long years was finally revised through an historic plebiscite that led to the birth of the new student government in the Ateneo – the El Consejo Atenista. This academic year that lies ahead of us is an exciting year. This will be a witness of how the promise of a new hope in student governance will be tested and will be translated into action. With the reforms in place, we will not only be a convergence of colleges, but rather, we share a strong bond of being a community unified by the spirit of service, excellence and friendship. El Consejo Atenista is your friend. Your student government will be your companion as you go along the twists and turns of your college life. The student government will be the center for student services, opportunities for fun and learning, skills development, student formation, and the promotion of participatory democracy and social maturity among the students. We are optimistic that we will get your support and cooperation in all of these endeavors. Let us all together combat the culture of apathy and share one bold passion to work for a better Ateneo. Bienvenidos a todos maga Azul Agilas! Este el de ustedes servidor,

This year marks a significant start for the El Consejo Atenista – the new student government of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. With a renewed spirit and a fresher outlook, we have you as our first companions towards a brighter path for genuine student empowerment. In behalf of the officers of your supreme student government, I warmly welcome you to your new home. I share the excitement of working with and serving you -- our new schoolmates, our new friends in the Ateneo community. And throughout, I shall be constantly guided by the motto of OUR office, “Service Beyond Words”. Our passion for service and forging friendships transcend the diversity of our colleges. Hand-in-hand, with cheerful hearts, no problem is too difficult. As your Vice-President, I share your concerns and worries, triumphs and happiness. I remain, a student first and a leader second. May the good Lord bless you on this new phase of your life! Once again, welcome Blue Eagles!

Christian Olasiman
Presidente, El Consejo Atenista

Robi Jone Lim Vice Presidente,
El Consejo Atenista


O fficers

ex ec

u t i v e br an ch

Christian Olasiman President

Nhordiya Jawali Executive Secretary

Robi Jone Lim Vice President

Michelle Roselo Finance Joan Mae Barredo Peace Advocacy and Social Action

Maila Madrigalejo Communications and Promotions Nhordiya Jawali Internal Affairs Mohammad Zen Johan External Affairs

Sheena Mae Tajala Systems, Activities and Programs Jake Laurence Santiago Student Affairs and Services

Francis Patrick Realiza CHIEF JUSTICE

ial branch udic





Jake Laurence Santiago Myser Sarigumba Joan Mae Barredo ASSOCIATE JUSTICES



Kenneth Vincent Beldua CHAIRMAN

is l a t i v e br a n ch
Tyrone Stevenson Chua VICE CHAIRMAN

Gracielle Dalaguit Secretary

Gov. Noel Mark Torralba Vice Gov. Hazel Ladiero EDUCATION

Gov. Paul Nathan Beira Vice Gov. Tyrone Chua ACCOUNTANCY

Gov. Kathrina Abastar Vice Gov. Carlo Carabaña NURSING

Gov. Kenneth Vincent Beldua Vice Gov. Mikaila Ross Fernandez MANAGEMENT

Gov. Christine Querubin Vice Gov. Earl Larroder LIBERAL ARTS



c hanging the tides
We know that this is your first year in the Ateneo, but aside from freshmen such as yourself, there's something else that's new. It just might be one of the most important offices you'll encounter during your stay in the academy. You do know which office it is, right? The Consejo Atenista is the student government of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. It replaced the Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Ateneo de Zambonanga University (SMADZU) as the supreme student government of the university after a plebiscite held February of this year. The need for a new constitution to answer the necessities and problems that the different colleges are facing was the catalyst for the switch. The obvious difference between the Sanggunian and the Consejo Atenista is that the latter demolished the gap that separated the student government from the different academic organizations. During the former's constitution, the academic organizations had their presidents and they had separate representative in the student government but under the constitution of the Consejo Atenista the Governor of a college holds the responsibility of being both the head of their respective academic orgs and representative in the House of Representatives in the Consejo. This aimed to strengthen the link between the different colleges and the student government because, now, the association between the two entities is more direct and apparent. This strengthened bond between the Consejo and the different colleges is hoped to aid the removal of apathy now that the on the ground problems of the colleges can reach the Consejo in an undeviating manner. Of course, there were also issues that fueled the switch for changer such as some representatives were no longer constitutionals since the old version did not keep up with the changes that were occurring in the colleges like College of Arts and Sciences ceasing to exist to pave the way for the School of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Information Technology. The constitution needed revision because there were parts that no longer applied to current situations. To make things short, the Consejo Atenista was created to serve you better.


What consejo atenista offers
The ideal government, student-run or otherwise, is established for one primary purpose: to serve its constituents. Aside from being that all-important voice of the student body in whatever issues and concerns that arise within the University, the El Consejo Atenista is a main provider of services to students, which are somehow geared towards making your stay in the Ateneo more easy, fun, interesting, and meaningful at best. Among the many services that the El Consejo Atenista offers, these are the five main services that you should be aware of:

1. Lending Services. Students who are in need of Bibles, calculators, and/or laboratory gowns may borrow such items from the Lending Services Section located at the University Student Lounge (USL). The Lending Services Section also lets students borrow board games, such as chess, Monopoly and Scrabble. 2. Lockers. Rentals of lockers are also being offered to students who are in need of precious and private space to store their books, uniforms, shoes and other belongings. Lockers are situated mainly in the first floors of the College Building and New College Building (NCB). 3. University Student Lounge. The University Student Lounge (USL), previously known as Student Activity Center (SAC), will be a newly-improved venue that would serve a multitude of purposes. The USL may serve as a venue organizational meetings, movie marathons, board-games playing area, among others. The USL will serve as the official rest and relaxation area made for students. In addition, the USL may also serve as a study lounge and for students. It will also be home to the El Consejo Atenista TV Express, a televised form information dissemination that would enhance the student government's promotions and advertising of its activities, programs, and news. 4. Student Development. The El Consejo Atenista is also known for sponsoring and providing students with the appropriate venues for extra-curricular activities, where students could express and use their talents and skills. These extra-curricular activities include academic competitions (debates, quiz bowls, and spelling bees); sports development activities (El Consejo Atenista Sports League, i.e. basketball, board games, etc.); among others. Also, the El Consejo Atenista conducts post-exam treats to students, such as movie marathons and free snacks treat, to give students some forms of rest and relaxation. 5. Student Complaint Center. Students who have serious concerns, sentiments and complaints regarding those developments, existing problems, and other issues that directly affect them, can freely express these by writing a formal letter of complaint addressed to the Student Complaint Center. Through the Student Complaint Center, student complaints and concerns can be readily addressed and acted upon by the officers of the El Consejo Atenista, in the hope of providing solutions and answers to such complaints and concerns being faced by the student body.


hi es ! Hi gh el co m e Fr es d ys are over an school da miliar place the once so fa mater is now of your alma n emingly alie ith the se replaced w A time for pus grounds. r you Ateneo cam not a time fo ents, yes, but e adjustm ill come a tim d. There w alize that to get flustere re ok back and ay when you'll lo ien as you m eo is not as al the Aten think. ol as ur high scho You know yo your palm. e the back of re to though it wer to park, whe rf to eat, where Where , where to su to hang-out where to pray, where opy, re to photoc of the net, whe are just some books: these find the w hi ch ar e 's se rv ic es ory yo ur sc ho ol in your mem r y embedded alread eate anothe e to cr banks. It's tim ce again, become a u, on e deposit as yo new adventur and begin a freshman d begin your shmen an as college fre ge life. colle


s ervices
Ow na
Parking Areas The Ateneo provides ample spac es for your wheels. For your cars, the park ing areas are located beside the chapel and at the back of the BC (Bellarmine-Campion) Building and the new parking lot in Nunez near the JR, just make sure you get parking authorization from the Auxiliary office before actually taking a spot. Your moto rcycles, on the other hand, can be housed besides the BC Building and in between the LRC Building and College Building.



College Guidance Office

Need an ear to listen?

In need

of spiritu a guidanc l e?


anc e and The Ate neo pro vide s guid student willing to ask for it. The counseling to any LRC Building on its office is located within the Office. roughly in front of the Finance right side t personality type you are Ever wondered wha to you? The office and what does that mean the gical Exams and meets gives Psycholo r for the interpretations. student some time afte ause you might Scared to go to the office bec 'in-need-of-counseling'? No be labeled as ides an initial worries. The office also prov is a with the Freshmen, which meeting y, to discuss the specific requirement actuall functions they perform.

Campus Ministry Office All your spiritual needs are addressed in this office which is located on the left side of the Chapel. This office is in charge of the yearly recollections you are required to take outside of the Ateneo. Your spiritual needs, which are as important as your academic and physical needs, are taken into account when you become an Atenean.

Want to relax and just chill out?
Need a time for prayer & reflection?
Sacred Heart Chapel and Ecumenical Prayer Room

ss the time or When you want to pa se are the to hang around, the just want your . You, along with places to go d talk to your an barkada, can talk ly until the bell heart's content but on xt class of course. rings for your ne
In the kiosks, you A word of caution a n d y o u r though: Be mindful clas sma tes of the Sacred Heart c a n a l s o Chapel. There could be a mass discuss going on. topi cs for the next day's lesson s, plan group reports or presentations for next week, or simply compare each other's answers to the teach er's 'what- the-he ck' questions the other day.

Busy school life does not have to get in the way of prayer and worship. The Ateneo has the Sacred Heart Chapel for the Christians, located beside the BC building, and the Ecumenical Prayer Room for the Muslims, located within the New College Building beside El Consejo Atenista Office. The Chapel holds regular masses. For more information, contact the Campus Ministry Office.

d to l the nee and Fee dload urf? s

Internet Access Area (IAA ) and C ompu The IAA is located on the ter L abo second floor of the LRC Building beside the rato Library. The Basic and Advance Laboratories are ries found on the third floor of the College building. They can be
used as classrooms for computer related subjects, or just places for the computer savvy student to go to. There are no speakers along the computer units though for obvious noise aversion reasons. So if you want to listen while watching a particular video, bring your own headphones. The labs offer printing and internet services (though some questionable sites are blocked), but you need to present your ID first If you need to research a to the Student Assistant to log you in using your ID number. You have subject matter for a report or just already paid for your thirty (30) hours, so use them wisely. You are also want to surf the net, these given your own personal network account to personalize your settings laboratories are for you. Word of using your own ID number as your username. The system needs you to caution again: Chatting, change your password regularly though, so remember your recent accessing porn sites, accessing password well because a P30 fine will await you for your carelessness. violent sites, and playing games
are all strictly prohibited.



s ervices
Info un
Bulletin Boards



Front and Back Canteen

The Front and Back canteens are located beside and at the back of the Brebeuf Gymnasium, respectively. The Front is air-conditioned and provides the usual array of snacks for students to nibble on in between their class schedules. But when lunch time comes and those hunger pains are slowly setting in, the Back Canteen is for you. The staple meal here is chicken with rice with, of course, gravy on the side. There are other yummy options as well. Aside from the cafeteria itself, there is also a variety of other alternatives to choose from. Mini-stalls sell different food products from hotdogs to cold drinks to meals-in-a-box. Lastly, after eating, the Atenean is expected to clean up after, and dispose properly the utensils he used. The Canteens also sell school supplies such as pad paper, work sheets, manila paper, ball pens, etc.

Teachers are no longer required to remind you about important notices, memos, and guidelines. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated about the goings-on in your college. The Bulletin Boards need to be checked regularly, so you should make it a habit to look at them habitually. Announcements like postponement of classes, general assemblies, office calls, etc are just some of the things you should look out for. There are a lot of bulletin boards in the campus, so just be perceptive. Some are found while walking down the catwalk (the hall in between the chapel and the BC building), in front and at the back of the College Buildings, in the BC Lobby (the middle of the BC Building), and in front of the LRC.

but not

Want to read art the pole?
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Photocopying Centers

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In college, you need not buy all the books for every subject you have. Some teachers even use three to five 4oo-page books as references. If you are not loaded with oodles of cash, it would be stupid to buy all the books when just a little of each is needed. There are even times when there is only one copy of book needed in the library. No one, and I mean no one, can take it outside the Library. What is a student to do? Here is where the magic of photocopying revealed. In the course of your college life, you will spend at least twice a week in one of the photocopying centers, P0.75 for each page photocopied. One is located in the first level of the library; the other one , located in the right side of the College Building near the College of Education Office; the last one, in front of the chapel.


Got to pay?

Finance Office
All freshies should already be acquainted with this office since you will probably make a couple of trips here in the course of your college life. It is enough for you to know that this office is located on the first floor of the LRC Building and here is where all school related financial transactions made.
re the ution: Befo Word of ca final exams, all nd midterm a uld be lances sho get maining ba re before you led paid or sett en one for slip (a gre r the your exam pink one fo e midterms, a the ot take th cann finals). You . out that slip exams with

When you need a quiet place to study your lessons or you need to research a chapter about a particular subject matter, borrow a book, or a place to sleep, and so on and so forth, the library is for you. Here you can immerse yourself in the air-conditioned atmosphere and either fully concentrate on what you are reading or rest your head on your crossed arms and start sleeping. The Main Library is found on the second and third floor of the LRC Building. The first level is where you can find the periodicals, such as newspapers, journals, and magazines. There are at least six computer units to the student in his research. There is an area for laptop users to plug in their wires to save their batteries. And there is a photocopying center beside the stairs for students who do not want or are unable to borrow the book but want to remember particular chapters. The second level is where most students go to find the books their teachers are referring to. It is divided into three sections: the regular section where all books can be borrowed, the Filipiniana section where Filipino-authored books are located, and the reserved section where the number of copies for a book is only one or, if you're lucky, two. Borrowing is easy. Just get the book you want and present it to the librarian. You need to fill out a student information sheet during your first time. Present your ID and sign a small piece of paper and voila, you have borrowed a book for 3 to Word of caution: If at the end of the borrowing period, you did not return 5 days depending on or renew the book, a fine is imposed at the kind of book. You P0.50 fine per day until you return it. If can renew the loan of there are unpaid fines, or worse, if you the book at the end of lost the book you borrowed, your each borrowing period. clearance at the end of the semester
will not be signed. Yikes!

Need a book?

Feel the pain?

Feeling woozy after that nosebleed-worthy exam? Got stung by a wasp in the eye, and it started to swell? Rashes started appearing all over your arm? You better go to the infirmary, otherwise known as the clinic, located on the first floor at the right side of the BC building. Also, at the end of each semester, a doctor and a dentist performs a required medical and dental checkup on every student in the clinic. This is a fun way to know if your body has grown taller, wider, heavier, and so on during the course of the semester.



s ervices

Sports action anyone?

For the ladies, want your own place?
Ladies' Lounge MPCC and Brebeuf Gym The envy of the Atenean men is that they do not have their own lounge unlike the women. To all the ladies, if you need a place to change for your PE classes or for any other reason, this is the place to go. But more than a changing room, this is a good place to hang-out with all your girlfriends either for those long girl talks or for studying without the boys' distractions. It is located on the first floor of the New College Building, in between the Beacon Office and the SAC (Student Activity Center). The Multi-Purpose Covered Court, located at the backfield, is as its name implies a covered court with multiple purposes. It houses a stage; has two basketball courts; bleachers; a judo room; a physical fitness room; and the PE Office. The MPCC is the place where competitions are held, university wide masses are celebrated and where the seniors march for the last time in the commencement exercises. Even the required aerobics classes for your PE classes are held in this area. For some students, the MPCC is where you will learn judo (judo room). For some, this is where you build up your muscles (physical fitness room). Before I forget, the PE Office is the place to reserve and borrow sports equipment. The Brebeuf gymnasium is located on the left side of the College Building. It also hosts different sports competitions. It is a well-loved building standing for more than fifty years now. This is where the dancesport and badminton competitions are held during the Ateneo fiesta. Pageanttype competitions, stage plays, and other social gathering are also held here.

Feel the need to experiment?

Science Labs There are three science laboratories, all located in the College Building but in different floors. All the specimens, the paraphernalia, etc, are located just beside these laboratories. There are rules which are strictly implemented within these labs because they have the potential to be hazardous. The Biology Lab is located on the first floor; the Physics Lab, on the second; the Chemistry Lab, on the third. These double as classrooms for students under particular courses.


Feeling Director/ Producer/Star?
RTVP ROOM The Radio and TV Productions Room is a special and-well furnished venue that houses advanced and sophisticated media equipment, paraphernalia, and personnel to edit, produce, and complete audio and video presentations. From heart-pumping sound effects to mouth-drooling visual effects, your radio plays, skits, dramas, movies, music videos, and other forms of mass media production will be taken into an entirely-new level of sophistication and artistry. The RTVP is located at the third floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) building. Before using the RTVP, permission must be sought first from the MASSCOM Department.

JMRFC The Jose Maria Rosauro Formation Center is a suitable location for recollections and reflections. This area is reserved for such purposes. It is located on the far upper left of the Backfield, opposite the MPCC. The area is far enough from the college buildings that makes it distinct from other buildings within the campus. It is built from wood which gives that earthy feel suitable for recollection and reflections.

Film viewing anyone?

Love art?
Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago The university finally has its own art museum, thanks to the Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago. Located near Gate 1, the gallery houses a multitude of art media, most of them paintings that showcase the uncanny artistry of Zamboanga's finest artists, including our own university artists. Every now and then, the gallery hosts art exhibits and seminars that attract both artists and art enthusiasts from all over the city. It also serves as an avenue where artists could exhibit their works and place them on sale for art enthusiasts to purchase. The gallery, in short, is for everyone and anyone who has a sincere passion for aesthetic beauty, creative expression, and artistic talent.

Audio Visual Room (AVR) The College Audio Visual Room is located on the third floor of the LRC Building. It is an air-conditioned room which makes it a favorable area for film viewings and other sorts of media presentations. The area needs to be reserved in advance because it is a highly sought after location by teachers and students alike.


c lub&orgs
Before you actually begin your academic life here in the Academy and take your seats in your respective colleges, it is of utmost importance for you to know the different organizations and clubs that are housed within the academy. While you are here, these groups will be something like a family for you within the Ateneo. You will be able to meet new acquaintances, learn, and hone your fortes. Smarten yourselves up for this introduction and begin to look for a family where you will excel. There are five types of organizations and clubs in the Ateneo.

Academic ORganizations
Each of the six different colleges and departments in this academy has its own academic organization. Accountancy Academic Organization (AAO) Management Academic Organization (MAO) School of Liberal Arts Academic Organization (SLA-AO) Science and Information Technology Academic Organization (CSITAO) Education Academic Organization (EAO) Nursing Academic Organization (NAO) Basically, your academic organization will handle your college activities for the whole year. They are more than willing to listen to your concerns as well. Every student in each college is a bona fide member of their respective academic organizations.

Alliance of religious ORganizations (ArO)
The Campus Ministry Office of the Ateneo holds the ARO. As the name goes, these organizations' main goal is to teach and spread the goodness of the Lord. They help in strengthening the spiritual life of each Atenean. Society of Knights of Ignatius (SKI) - If you love to serve during the mass, SKI needs you. Ateneo Lectors Society - Is reading and spreading the word of God your calling? The lectors and commentators of ALECS welcome you. Ateneo Liturgical Society (LS) - Are you a choir member in your church or aspiring to be one? LS would like to hear you sing. Christian Life Community (CLC) - An organization for those who are committed to serve the Church and follow Christ's teachings with St. Ignatius.


Muslim Students Association (MSA) - Live life with the teachings of the Qur'an. Your brothers and sisters in MSA await you. Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League (ACIL) - Is your passion teaching children everything about God? Go for ACIL. CFC Youth for Christ Campus-Based (YFC-ADZU) - Are you certified YFC member? This org is for you. Philippine Students Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM-ADZU) - Christian from different denomination? PSALM is a venue where you can maximize your God-given gifts These are some of the organizations under ARO. Want to know more? Visit the Campus Ministry now.

OthEr extracuRricular ORgs and cluBs
If you are the extracurricular type of student, scan the following and see if any fits you. Beacon Newsmagazine - Campus journalists and student writers belong here, the official publication of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. Beacon Yearbook - You belong here if you are interested to be part of the school’s official yearbook. Blue Vigors Dance Organization - For those whose hearts beat for dancing, apply to Blue Vigors. Ecowatch - This organization is for the lovers of Mother Earth. Sitio Bisaya sa Ateneo (SIBYA) - SIBYA connects the Bisaya-speaking students of Ateneo. Ateneo de Zamboanga Concert and Marching Band (Ateneo Band) - If you love the sounds of a marching band, this org suits you. The Chorus - This organization is for Ateneans who have what it takes to sing and compete. Ateneo de Zamboanga Judo Club - Love martial arts and hand to hand combat? Judo is the answer. Baile Dancesport de Ateneo Varsity (BIDA) - Are you an avid dancesport aficionado? BIDA is for you. Association of Blue Eagle Scholars (ABES) - Blue Eagle Scholars are the top 50 passers of the Ateneo College Entrance Exam. The ABES is where these brilliant minds belong and bond. Society of Ateneo Scholars (SAS) - The Scholars of Ateneo gather here.


c lub&orgs
Ateneo Debate Union (ADU) - Do you want to have your voice heard? Confident with public speaking? A Debater at birth? You might want to consider joining ADU. These are just a few among the many organizations existing in the academy, which all serve as avenues for skills enhancement, talent development, or simply for having fun.

Office-related Orgs and clubs
Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement Office – Volunteer Service Program (SACSI – VSP) - The official social advocacy arm of the Ateneo, the SACSI office is a home for volunteers and service-oriented individuals who are socially-aware, socially-involved, and socially-engaged. Self-Actualization and Leadership Training (SALT) - This organization is focused on the self-actualization of its members, the SALAOs as they are called, as the pathway towards the building of genuine friendships and service-oriented leadership. Ateneo Peers Circle - As members of this group, you will basically be part of the Ateneo College Guidance Office and help others who are in need.

departmental-based organizations
These are organizations that are exclusively made for students under specific colleges and departments. Such sub-organizations have special functions and purposes that are distinct from their related academic organizations. Among a few of them are: Ateneo Biological Society (ABS) Ateneo Informatics and Computing Guild (AICG) Eagles’ Math Core Circle (E=MC2) Economic Society (EcoSoc) Engineering Society (ES) Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - ADZU Chapter (JPIA – ADZU) Psychology Society You now have the list. Everything is up to you. Bear in mind that these are not mere clubs or organizations. They will help you unleash your hidden potentials and develop you to become the best person you are capable of becoming in the future.





Here are the basic steps involved in regular enrollment:


to be t process has The enrollmen ities that portant activ t im college one of the mos undergo as you have to obvious of r the most d was students, fo etting enrolle s of course. G reason be formally for you to nt in the what it took na fide stude cted as a bo indu Ateneo. nce as llment experie in Your first enro hat different be somew freshmen will enrollment r to the regula en ts comparison m be nt st ud r s th at in cu pr oc es ld be familia , you shou regular undergo. Thus the diments of with the ru th is sid e of t pr oc es s en ro llm en efficiently in order to end Zamboanga e time you sp averag minimize the e unnecessary inimizing th of your enrolling by m r as a result the lays you incu de norance of s or ig unawarenes system.

1 2 3 5

Acquire a consultation form from your respective college and go to the designated personnel from the Registrar's Office to have your forms approved. These personnel are usually stationed near the Mary's shrine. Note: You are required to present your clearance form from the previous semester in order for your forms to be approved. After your consultation form has been approved and stamped, have it encoded at the designated area, which is usually at the Student Activity Center. Wait for your encoded forms to be released either at the aforementioned area or at the Brebeuf Gym. After you retrieve your encoded form, proceed immediately to the Finance Office for payment. However, if you are an official scholar, proceed first to the Scholarships Office, fill up your scholarship form, have it approved, then finally proceed to the Finance Office. Scholars and non-scholars are usually catered at different windows by different personnel in the Finance Office. Also, only non-scholars need to get number cards and wait for their numbers to be called before they could make the necessary payments. Once settling your account at the Finance Office, proceed immediately to the Registrar's Office to have your encoded form validated. After you retrieve your validated form, go immediately to the Student Affairs office. Here, you are required to fill up a Student Information sheet and have your validated form signed and approved. Also, be aware of the OSA's schedule for the release of the ID stickers for the semester. ID stickers are important in order to signify that you are officially enrolled for the current semester.





Your WPA, or the Weighted Percentage Average, is the quantitative measure of your academic performance. However, the WPA is much more than a numerical interpretation of how smart you are in school. Meeting the required WPA set down for your respective academic program/course is what determines your continuance in the University. That is because each of your respective colleges has what is called Academic Program Retention Policies. In a nutshell, the question of whether or not you will be able to graduate and attain a bachelor's degree is dependent on your WPA meeting the minimum requirement set forth by the school. Thus, whatever your teachers, classmates or friends might tell you, grades really do matter in college. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each and every one of you to work hard for your grades so that your college education will be worth all the trouble and stress your parents have to endure to send you to school. You must be responsible for obtaining a copy of your final grades, computing your WPA, and determining whether you have met the minimum WPA requirement. Actually, the Registrar's Office does the official work of computing the WPA for every student, but it would be of tremendous advantage for you if you know how to arrive at your WPA for a number of practical reasons which you will later discover and realize. Computing for your WPA, then, involves the following: Get a copy of all your grades for each subject and the respective number of units each subject carries. Then, just multiply the subject's grade by its respective number of units. Do this to the rest of your grades. Add all the products, then divide the sum by the total number of units. The result is your WPA.

An Under Probation (UP ) status is given to any student whose WP A did not meet the minimum requirement. Any one who is placed under academic pro bation is expected to obtain the minimum WPA set forth in the college handbook wit hin the next semester in order to be reinstated to regular academic status. Academic probation is very stressful, even heartbreaking, to any one who is faced with such a plight because of the she er number of official pro cedures that you will have to painstakingly fulfill just to get yourse lf enrolled. Such includ es writing a letter to the academic vice-preside nt explaining why you failed to reach the required WPA, gettin g interviewed by the gui dance counselor, and so on. Thus, the wise need onl y be told once: Never ever forget you r responsibilities as a student. Study hard, wo rk hard, and if you do, you're assured of going through college in a breeze.

Academic probAtion

The id
It would be an understatement to say that your ID is an important part of your stay in the Ateneo. For starters, your ID is your key to the school; without it, you won't be allowed, by all means, into the premises of the school by our beloved security guards. Othe r functions, such as borrowing a boo k from the ADZU library, acquiring examination slips from the Finance Office, or having your clearanc e signed, also entail the use of your ID.


shifting of courses
A considerable number of college students, even here in the Ateneo, shift courses for a considerable number of reasons. For one, they might find their current course unappealing to their taste or incongruent with their interests and passions. On other cases, students shift because they are forced to do so; after failing to meet the minimum WPA requirement of their course and are therefore removed from the academic program. In rare circumstances, some students shift courses just for the heck of it; for reasons only they themselves could ever comprehend. Whatever the reason, shifting has been and will always be a norm in college life. Thus, should you finally decide to shift courses, here are some important steps for you to follow:

1 2 3 4

st. Inquire at the Admissions Office about your entrance examination results to determine if it meets the minimum qualification requirement for you to be able to shift to the course you want.

nd. Should you qualify, proceed by collating all your grades from your subjects in the latest semester and your WPA, and submit them to the Admissions Office. The office would then determine whether you meet the required WPA cut-off of the course you want to shift to.

rd. If you are officially-deemed to be qualified, then fill up the shifting form provided to you, then submit it for final approval. Visit the Dean of the College under which your course belongs in order to approve the subjects of the course you wish to shift to. th. Follow the regular enrollment process.
Take note that when your WPA does not meet the minimum requirement for shifting to the course you want, then there is no other remedy for you except to continue your current course or shift to another course where your WPA is sufficient to meet the requirement. Moreover, if your exam result does not qualify for shifting, then you need to take and pass another ATCU exam in order for you to be able to continue to Step 3 given above, provided a six-month interval has elapsed since your last take of the ATCU. In summary, shifting courses is a very serious move for any college student, for it entails a lot of effort and a lot of thinking and reflection just to reassure your self that shifting is the best way to go. It won't be a waste of your precious time or a waste of your parents' hard-earned money if you shift with the most valid of reasons, and that you are perfectly, absolutely sure that you are doing the right thing. Never rush in shifting to another course without careful consideration of the pros and cons, and without evaluating the eventual consequences and opportunities that shifting would provide you.

Thus, you must always take care of your ID. Make sure it doesn't end up getting lost throughout your stay in the school. Should you ever, by virtue of your recklessness or carelessness, lose your ID, then you will have to spend a few pesos to replace it. This would entail an acquisition of an affidavit of loss from a notary public, filling up a new ID form provided by the Registrar's Office, and pay the necessary fees at the Finance Office. You will be given a temporary ID in lieu of your lost official ID; this will be used while you are waiting for your new ID to be processed.





finding YouR rooms
Classrooms here in the Ateneo are formally designated and identified through alpha-numeric codes. An example would sufficiently explain the logic behind such codes:

Non-Academic Exams
You are required to take psychological exams that are being administered by the Guidance Office. Although the results of such exams may not have any direct use to you while you are in school, they will after you graduate. By that time, while you are on the lookout for possible employment with certain companies and firms, they usually seek for recommendations from the Guidance Office regarding your EQ (Emotional Quotient), which is what the aforementioned exams are attempting to measure. Thus, don't be complacent or be negligent while taking such exams. Be serious about them; hey, you don't even need to study, so you've practically got nothing to lose. Medical and dental exams that are being administered by the School Infirmary are also important, because the school requires it. Aside from that, you also need to pass such exams whenever you are planning to play in any of your favorite sports during the Ateneo Intramurals. Lastly, such exams are a requisite for you to be cleared for the semester, so don't take them for granted. Building Floor Room number From the above example, the room you are looking for is room number three located at the second floor of the New College Building. Here are other must-know shortcuts regarding room locations: NCB – New College Building BC – Bellarmine College building (used to be labeled as the High School building) LRC – Learning Resource Center SR – Stock Room (small room at the left wing of the NCB on the second floor) JR- Jesuit Residence G – Gym JMRFC – Jose Maria Rosauro Foundation Center

lost And found
Should you unfortunately lose any of your valuable possessions, such as a textbook, cellular phone, wallet, bag, and what-have-you, you may approach the personnel working in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and inquire if your valuable possession is with them. The OSA houses a lot of valuables that have been turned over to them by good-hearted and conscientious Ateneans. However, since good and conscientious people are a rarity nowadays, it would not hurt for you to be always cautious of your valuables.


celebRating the eucharist
Catholics who wish to nourish their spirits by the Bread of Life are free and encouraged to attend daily masses held at the Sacred Heart Chapel.

Attendance and cuts
Obviously, your attendance is always a must in each of your classes. Here in the Ateneo, showing up and being regularly present in your class is highly-expected and deeplyencouraged. OK, your attendance is a requirement. This is so because being absent from class for a fixed number of instances would automatically give your teacher/s the right, and sometimes the pleasure, of officially dropping you from class. Even your tardiness could lead to your being dropped from, for two lates equal 1 absence. Generally, you are considered late after the second bell rings. But sometimes, your arrival after the opening prayer is already considered late for certain teachers. Lastly, your arrival fifteen minutes or more after the second bell rings is already an absence. Moreover, certain teachers have their own internal policies regarding what is “late” and “on time”. Thus, you should be responsible in familiarizing yourselves with such policies in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort and annoyance on your part. Lastly, and more importantly, please exercise your right to be informed by referring to the Office of Student Affairs and inquiring about the latest rules and policies regarding absences and tardiness.

Those who rise early in the morning may attend the early morning mass every 6:30AM. Otherwise, a 12noon mass is ready to cater to those who are unable to attend the early mass. Notwithstanding that the Ateneo is Catholic school, our Muslim brothers and sisters, also have their own place for prayer, the Ecumenical Prayer Room, located at the first floor of the New College Building. The Ateneo way of life is deeply spiritual in nature; above everything else we place God. As Ateneans, our intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth must always go hand in hand, for Jesuit education is a holistic education.


at e n e o
Ateneans walk through the university's halls with the proud notion not only of its academic excellence but also of its compelling participation in a number of extra-curricular activities. One of which is the communiversity famous, the Ateneo Fiesta. It is a communiversity event in the sense that it has drawn and will continue to draw students from Ateneo and even those outside the university for a week of performances, food, games and more. Celebrating this event is surely a cutting edge development – beckoning distinct changes in the breadth and expanse of external collaboration and the affinity of the university with its new crowd. The Ateneo Fiesta will continue to give its recognized and diverse offerings such as performances and exhibits which shine the spotlight on creative expression. These include art and painting contests, debate and extemporaneous speaking, sports competition, singing and dancing challenge, float parade and individual booths with their boon offers and a lot more. The Ateneo Fiesta is not just a dancing and singing event, but also a flare-up of the multitude talents and skills by the blue-blooded The most awaited part of the fiesta would be the Alumni Homecoming celebration. A great number of alumni honorees and invitees will once again grace Ateneo with fond memories of their school days. Another bite of the fiesta is the successive gathering of the distinguished segments of the university which range from the grade school to the medical school. Each night of the week is normally earmarked for each


f i esta
segment, allowing them to flaunt the culture and prosperity of their department through fashion shows, theater pieces, and minute concerts. The Ateneo Fiesta has always been an honored tradition of the university. The whole feast has been wontedly commemorated in a week at some time in November to December. This year, the series of sports competition will be celebrated in the first semester while the other events will be on the second semester. Despite the changes in its temporal length, the quality of the celebration will neither be impaired nor be a risky factor in catching on to the effect that it can carry out on the Ateneans. Instead, it gives us renewed focus to the very purpose of the feast as a religious celebration cum veritas et fortutido (with truth and courage). The Ateneo Fiesta is an annual event which helps hike up the cultural climate of both the university and the city. Athletes, singers, dancers, painters and other sorts come together in culture and prosperity. The celebration brings together the members of the campus and even those outside it together throughout such time. We welcome your interest in this event and in the university as well. Cultivate your blueblooded sense of self and be part of this celebration in turning the university a fairground with significant milestones and unique events for students and families alike. This time marks your beginning to conquer the solstice ad majoreim dei gloriam (For the greater glory of God).


a set Ateneans follow . No one of silent rules w these knows exactly ho be or who rules came to d them. exactly create or has it Nonetheless, rum e who disobey that thos ll su ffe r th es e ru le s wi ly from Youunknowing we are Know-Who, and something you sure that is would not like. few According to a its, here are surviving culpr es they some of the rul et to have deeply regr broken:


u nspoken rules
Thou shalt place your cellular phone(s) in silent mode or discreet mode. Or, you may do so, at the expense of you being scowled at by your classmates and teacher the moment your phone rings loudly in the middle of a class discussion.


Thou shalt smile and greet your friends and teachers as you see and meet them within and outside the


Thou shalt not talk boisterously along the corridors or engage in noisy chat-sessions with your friends at the kiosks. People may think that you have an over-functioning vocal cord or worse, preparing lunch for your alaga in Grade School.


4 5

Thou shalt not wear too much make-up or wear outrageous getups that are more pangsagala than couture. You will be seen as amusing to the Ateneo lot, not the good kind.

premises of the school. Try not making other people's lives miserable just because yours is. Remember that even the aestheticallychallenged becomes pleasant-looking with a big grin.


. Thou shalt participate actively in all University activities. Trust us when we say this, for whenever your teachers tell you that “all students are highly encouraged to attend” this and that, it actually means that your attendance is required. Thou shalt respect Thou shalt never people regardless place yourself in of religious danger. Let's face it: affiliation, political views, There have already been or any other aspect. countless incidents when Here in the Ateneo, we the Ateneo-bred were live in harmony despite targeted by “kidnappers.” our differences, and we Note: It is always better to live in peace in spite of err on the side of caution. all the issues and controversies flying around the campus.


Thou shalt always be cautious in relationships, especially those which you try to hide. Having a sweetheart in college is perfectly normal. But a word of caution to the passionate: keep your passion to yourselves; if not, keep it discrete as much as possible. The Jesuit Fathers may seem innocent but they have ears that hear and eyes that see.

tccic! wabyu! mwah!




Thou shalt BE YOURSELF! Do not try to become like other people, to follow in their footsteps, or to meet their expectations of you, because if you believe that you are worth more than the value that they attach to you, then you are definitely and absolutely right. It is time to make your own mark, to spread your wings and fly at your own breeze. The sky is as vast as your eyes can see and as your majestic flight can take you. You must fly your own way, for that is what BLUE EAGLES are made to do.


A teneo jargons
Speak the Ateneo way!

pro deo et patria
“In the Service of God and Country”--- is the summary of the vision and mission of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. It aims to form Men and Women of God, and Men and Women for others, who are equipped with knowledge, skills and orientation needed for a life dedicated service in becoming agents of change for peace and development not only within the city but throughout the whole region and nation.

fortes in fide
“Strong in the Faith”---Ateneo de Davao University's motto serves as its driving spirit to find strength in their faith despite adversities in life, which is imperative in carrying on with its vision and mission of developing the “whole person,” sound in mind and body through education.

lux in domino
“Light in the Lord”---Derived from the letter of Paul to the Ephesians 5:8, “For you were once in darkness, now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light, for light produces every kind of goodness, righteousness, and truth.” This is what the Ateneo de Manila University aims for --- to bring the Lord, who is Light, into this dark world by making Him as the center of one's life. It also encompasses the essence of keeping the light burning for others as well rooted in love and truth.

veritas liberabit vols
“The Truth Shall Set You Free”---is the maxim of the Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro. It aims to achieve its goals in the pursuit of truth and excellence through forming men and women of competence, conscience, and commitment in the service of the Church and the Filipino people.

primum regnum dei
“Seek first the Kingdom of God”, taken from a biblical passage (Matthew 6:33), is the motto of Ateneo de Naga University. It conveys the school's pride of forming men and women who will find God in all things, always seek His greater glory and respond generously and courageously to Christ's call to serve first God's Kingdom.

cura personalis
“Care for the person”---is a cornerstone of the Jesuit education. It is the challenge to live a life of health and compassion for both self and community. It also means seeking to promote personal and holistic (physical, intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural, and spiritual) growth and development through education and discovery of one's self and one's role within the community.

ad majorem dei gloriam (a.k.a. amdg)
“For the Greater Glory of God”---is the motto of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). It is the foundation of the society's philosophy, pondering on the idea that every act should be bound God's glory and not for self interests.

“More”---seeks to aim for steadfast commitment towards excellence and greater good in all aspects of life.


s tudent buddies

The Ateneo is filled with a diverse group of people. Some of them you may really like, while others you will loathe; while the rest you may simply ignore. Nevertheless, your college life will not be complete and interesting without them. Here's your chance to meet a few of them:

the over achiever
The know-it-all, this lovely gal is the all-time favorite dean's lister and is considered as the teacher's pet because of her sky-high WPA. Spontaneous in recitations and flawless in exams, never believe her when she tells you she didn't study.

the idol
She may not be the prettiest or the smartest, yet she sure does know how to stand out. An assured total package of singing, dancing, and what-have-you, she is the ultimate performer, the benchmark of all talents.

The jOkE cRAckER
He makes you laugh and cry all at once. The life of the classroom or any barkada, his antics always provoke a chorus of laughter from the crowd. Dull moments cease to exist when you're in his company.

the fashionate emo
Tight pants, statement shirt, checkered bag and old soiled chucks are the basic components of his fashion arsenal. He has elevated emo from being just the “state of being emotional” to a fashion statement through his uncanny style and unique choice of apparel.


the uPtown guy
His first time in the city is not apparent in his stance. He is trained to be independent and he flaunts it with his, almost always, composed vibe. He is most motivated to succeed out of the lot since he's doing it for his family.

the megaPhone
Whether she's whispering or shouting, it's hard to tell. She is labeled as the most talkative in class. She is never lost for words for she has a lot to say: pretty much everything about anything.

the mEek gEek
He makes PowerPoint presentations with style and is well-versed with Adobe Photoshop CS4. He owns a laptop, IPod, a camera, a videocam, and a highly-advanced cellphone, all in its new model. This guy is always the right person to run to when you're thinking of buying the latest gadget.

the hot shot
He is so athletic that he doesn't need PE class anymore. Strongwilled and highly-determined, this all-around sport star never fails to drive himself and his team to victory. For him, gold is gold – and he won't settle for anything less.

the barBie giRl
This girl is stylish. She always has a complete make-up kit stashed inside her bag that she never leaves home without. Seeing at her from a distance feels like seeing the incarnation of Barbie: always dressed to impress.

s tudents’ buddies

Teachers are the lifeline of any academic institution. Teachers come in different packages, though. Here, in the Ateneo, teachers usually are categorized according to the following:

the ghost/absentee teacher
Most of us would love them because we rarely see them. They are always either late or absent from their own classes but miraculously majority of their students pass. This type of teacher gives very few quizzes but the disadvantage to that for us is we have very little chances of redeeming ourselves if we fall in one of the two she will give during the whole semester. If you have this kind of teacher, read and study on your own. Always be prepared for her surprise! Like a ghost they can scare the wits out of you with her midterm and final exam because of the items have never been discussed in class (duh, that's because they’re gone half the entire semester)!

The cool Teacher
We also have the cool teachers. They are usually the fresh graduates who are still somehow in the same line of thinking as their students. They become our buddies outside the classroom. We get to hang out with them and we tend to be more open about our issues with them. Aside from the Inspirational Teachers, they also become very good friends. Just be reminded that they are still our teachers first before anything else. So limitations have to be set inside the classroom. Leave the jokes outside.

The dartboard Teacher
They are the teacher who gives crazy tests and lots of recitations. They are never absent from class and is pretty good at discussing the topics in the subject. You seem to understand him during class discussion and you do good in the seat work activities. But come exams and recitations you become a target board of questions that are so out of this world, you are tempted to pull at your hair! No matter how much you have studied or reviewed your notes, you go crazy! Then come grade releases, you become dumbfounded because your grade seems to have just been “dart boarded” because you can't seem to understand how it was computed. Beware the Dartboard teacher!

The Inspirational Teacher
If you happen to be a student of one of few Inspirational teachers we have here you are on lucky dude! Not everyone will get to the chance to meet the gurus in this university who have become institutionalized and experts in their field. They spout wisdom when they speak and have effective teaching methods that would surely make you love even the most boring subject in the world. Make the most of your semester with them and be open to the experience. It will be all worthwhile. How do you identify an inspirational teacher? They usually have a very good reputation among older batches and you will know one when you meet one. Usually, they will become more than just a teacher. After the semester the inspirational teacher can become your mentor and a friend for the rest of your life.

The Terror Teacher
The Terror Teacher is everyone's nightmare. They are super strict with the attendance and the proper use of the school uniform (yes, unfortunately we still have this kind in college). It is usually also comes with the looks. They are the type that would make you turn around and run the opposite direction when you meet him in the hallways. If you meet this kind of teachers, try to find the soft side in them. But do not be a suck up! Of all things Terror teachers hate, it's having student pet. Just do your job as a student and surely you will have a pleasant, if not civil, teacher-student relationship. At least it won't be forever. Secretly, everyone loves and thanks the Terror teacher by the time we graduate because he instills in us the discipline we badly need to survive college.

The bookworm Teacher
From the label itself, this type is known to have memorized that book he has been using for a decade now since they started teaching. Usually this type of teacher has been teaching the same subject for years now and is prone to recycling those exams questions so if you encounter him, it pays to have a friend from the older batches who can lend you those old test papers (teehee). The book he has is a must have if you don't want to get lost in the middle of the discussion. But to maximize your learning experience with this teacher, do some extra reading on the sides. It never hurts to have other more recent references from the time to time. We are in the progressing world.


e agle’s nest

The Ateneo campus, although relatively smaller compared to other schools, has its numerous share of tambayans, where you could hang out, eat spend time with friends, and so on.

lrc steps
At the College Garden

MAIN library
2nd & 3rd floor of LRC

Back & side of Brebuf gym

bc / hs lobby
B/w Bellarmine & Campion hall

“blue log”
Back of Brebeuf gym

“ back field ”
Back of NCB

Legend: FOOD (favorite feasting area) STUDY (moment for yoga)

ROMANTIC (perfect spot for lovebirds) LOUD AREA (ala gossip girls xoxo) REST (perfect spot for sleeping) MAXIMUM: 5

“college boulevard”
At the College Garden

“ tunnel/my space ”

B/w Consejo and Beacon

“ jr waiting shed ”
B/w JR and NCB

In front of college building

Behind BC & side of chapel

“front bench”
Near gate 2



Your life is dependent on food, literally speaking. Thus, it would be of great help for you to know the food houses that abound the Ateneo campus. Among them are:

Alice kitchenette
If you have less allowance than those fortunate pipz in the campus, you can always drop by the neighborhood carenderia, most famously known as “Alice”. They sell low-priceviands with the menu of your choice. So come and join the AGMPO- “Alice Group of Mini-Pocket Owners”.

Strikes 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and you’ve got nothing to do, and you still have extra 5 pesos in your pocket. Then rush down the streets to grab your share of the “Universal Merienda ng mga Atenista”. This ministore just a few meters away Itti Shoes, serves saging prito during the afternoon at 50cents each and viands in the midday, available at reasonable prices.

bc batchoy House
If you have spend your whole week full of carbs, then its now time to slow down. Have a soup bowl full of healthy yummy ingredients at the Blue Haus. Make your pick, whether chicken, pork or beef would be the toppings of your famous Pinoy Batchoy that may be served as special. They also serve viands which always go with a boiled egg and a start up appetizer, a FREE beef soup. Call it a marketing strategy, or what-have-you, but it’s what makes breeds loyalty on their customers.

This one-in-a-kind store because it is strategically located exactly in front of Gate 2, beside the Selex photocopying center. Students who get tired of waiting for manang photocopier to finish her job could always hang out outside of this store, and treat themselves with Trebor’s usual line up of street food such as fried isaw, kwek-kwek, turon, and so on. Just don’t go too far and join the lot of smoking dudes that usually abound the store. Of course, you are always free to do so without prejudice to your constitutional rights.

rochesca fastfood and store
famously known to many as “Lola’s”, this is the place to be when you’re in search of a one-stop shop for full meals, street food galore, and of course, private space. There’s even a computer shop inside the store, so its pretty much got everything you need whenever you’re craving to satisfy your crumbling stomach and your trembling hands that yearn to draw first blood in a Dota game.

fast food centeRs
The Philippines has a lot of them despite the limited real estate left due to overpopulation. La Purisima Street, Zamboanga City is no exception. From Dunkin Donuts to Mister Donuts to McDonalds to Mindpro, fast food centers abound and await those who crave for those luscious burgers, succulent desserts, and mouth-watering meals that these stores offer.


e ditorial staff
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