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Prepared for: Course Instructor Introduction to Marketing (MKT 202) Section # 3 School of Business Administration North South University, Dhaka.

Mr. Bashir Hossain

Prepared By:

Hossain Ashraf Mehdee
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Sami Rahman
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Sub: Submission of project report. We admit that it would contribute a lot to have better understanding of our classroom experience with a practical exposure in the real working arena. 030) Kazi Atiqur Rahman (051. For us. 476. Still. We. The Report was assigned for better understanding of all the essential parts of the Marketing functions & strategy. 2006 Mr.April 25. 030) Shahriar Ahmed (051. Yet. Dear Sir. However. 486. that seems to be inadequately explained in the report. it is a great pleasure to submit the project report on Marketing plans for Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in Bangladesh. we shall be glad to oblige. Bashir Hossain Course Instructor Introduction to Marketing (MKT 202. 030) Sami Rahman (051. Hossain Ashraf Mehdee (051. we have tried our best of ability to complete the project properly and to produce a meaningful report within the constraints. Dhaka.3) School of Business Administration North South University. we have faced a number of limitations to prepare the report due to scarcity of organized data. 490. time limitation and little knowledge about marketing sector. Yours truly. 310. 530. 030) . 030) Tahsin Ahammad (051. if you need any elaboration on any issue. sincerely hope that the report will obtain your approval.

TABLE OF CONTENT Executive Summary Introduction Perkins At A Glance Current Market Situation SWOT Analysis Objectives & Issues Marketing Strategy Bibliography 1 2 3 7 16 18 19 24 .

we expect to compete successively with the local competitors in Bakery market with our wide variety of high quality delicious assortment of fresh-baked treats.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Penetrating in a new geographic market for Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. sparkling clean restaurants. we “ The E Company” are going to launch as a franchisee of Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in the bakery marketplace of Bangladesh. Being one the proud entrepreneurs to launch as a franchisee bakery in Bangladesh. personalized service and unsurpassed values featured at reasonable prices. Meanwhile. Our primary marketing objectives of this plan are to achieve the 5% of the bakery product market of the Dhaka city. we will target to occupy the leader position in Bakery manufacturer market & to set a new branch in the Chittagong city of Bangladesh as well. 1 .

Time Constraint. Bashir Hossain. Made necessary assumptions to explain scenarios. 2 . To describe the overall marketing plan of our bakery. To franchise a bakery in our country.INTRODUCTION Origin of the Report: This general report of Marketing is prepared to fulfill the requirements of the introduction to marketing course. Lack of knowledge about the functional aspect of Marketing planning. Made recommendation. Lack of experience. Methodology of the Report: Search information through the internet. instructed by our honorable faculty Mr. Objectives of the Report: To find out the application of the concept of marketing in practical situations. Gathered and stored data that were relevant. Limitations of the Report: Scarcity of pertinent information.

juicy USDA choice steaks.000. Florida and Wisconsin and rest 50% around the world. unique premium omelets. encompassing both full and part time positions all around the world. Pennsylvania. More than 50% of Perkins Restaurants are located in Minnesota. cookies. and Bread Bowl salads. cheesecakes and specialty pastries each and every day. The Restaurant Company currently owns and franchises approximately 500 full service Perkins Restaurants and Bakeries in all around the world. The design incorporates a central kitchen and bakery with separate dining wings for increased efficiency and guest satisfaction.PERKINS AT A GLANCE Perkins At A Glance: Since 1958 Perkins Restaurants have gained a solid reputation for high quality personalized dining. Prototype buildings can accommodate 150 to 220 seats depending on market needs and can be easily expanded when necessary. Perkins in-store bakeries provide a unique point of difference for the restaurant chain.000. The Company and its franchisees employ approximately 25. System wide restaurant sales were $811. cakes.000. Core menu items at Perkins include its famous pancakes. The Perkins system includes 156 company-owned and operated restaurants and 338 franchised units. the company and its franchisees opened 8 new restaurants. In 2003. Perkins menu development & innovation ensures that all product offerings recognize & address consumers changing tastes & preferences. Perkins prototype buildings offer flexible development alternatives for traditional as well as non-traditional sites. pies. serving a mouth-watering selection of premium freshly baked Mammoth Muffins. Ohio. 3 .

Franchisee always receives help in site selection and construction management. "Perkins" represents a great opportunity to grow and prosper. In addition. familyoriented restaurants. ensuring the franchisees the best menu in the business. They provide a complete on-site opening team. providing a network of support systems they feel are necessary for a successful business. The soundness of their basic concept and the ability to adapt to current consumer trends have made the Perkins brand dominant for more than 40 years. marketing. This software provides administrative conveniences from labor scheduling and management to simplified purchasing and inventory control. For the franchise owners. their research and development efforts are second to none. And they do everything they can to make sure their franchisees are well prepared for changes in the marketplace. Franchising Perkins: "Perkins" has always meant comfortable. For Perkins Restaurants. Perkins is always closely involved with their franchisees. a computer package used by all Perkins restaurants. including signature items the franchisees can trust. followed by on-going business consulting. today's picture is bright and the long-term outlook is even better and so we decided to franchise Perkins Bakery and Restaurant and the steps 4 . All franchisees receive personal attention at every levels. training and purchasing. By analyzing our environment and the great satisfaction from the Perkins made us happy to decide and contribute our money in franchising the Perkins Bakery in our country. Perkins franchisees share in the benefits of PRISM Management Software.Perkins Promise of 100% guest satisfaction is the company's commitment to providing superior service to all customers each and every day.

Upon execution. Step 5: Following approval of our application. During this one-day meeting. Step 7: After our store open. Step 3: Based on their preliminary review of our qualifications and the geographic area in which we are interested. No money was required at this time. they invited us to submit an application along with the $5. Step 6: Prior to commencement of construction. Company representatives at the meeting include individuals from their Construction and Operations Departments. they will execute our License Agreement.we followed to franchise it is given below: Steps taken to Franchise Perkins Step 1: We submitted the Personal and Financial Questionnaire included in this packet evidencing that net worth and liquidity qualifications have been met. a Commitment Agreement was issued. they provide more detailed information about services.S. the balance of the license fee was paid.) deposit. Step 2: Attended a Pre-Application Seminar held at one of Perkins corporate offices. Our proposed site was evaluated and approved. Step 4: Our completed application along with all necessary supporting documents was reviewed. One of their 5 .000 (U. a pre-development meeting was held. identify the business relationship and outline their application process.

we will provide them with a final cost analysis of our project. Their NSO Teams will be sent in three waves to ensure effective training and assistance throughout the entire opening process. Step 8: After final construction costs is identified.and post-opening periods.experienced New Store Opening (NSO) Teams will be available then to assist our management teams during the pre. They will use the information to assist franchisees in estimating costs incurred with opening future Perkins Restaurant & Bakeries. 6 .

Product review: Perkins always tries to offer foods. of course. We serve them with a smile because we know these are the finest pancakes you can’t get anywhere. lean ham. fresh-baked muffins and goodies. Apricot. We love the secret-recipe buttermilk pancakes that were first made us famous back in 1958 by the Perkins. real sausage gravy. hygienic and attractive looking. customers can get every kind of food items according to their need. which are supreme in quality. Same goes for all our breakfast selections like our Potato Pancakes. Whipping them up right here in our kitchen with only the freshest ingredients like real buttermilk and farm fresh eggs. the cracking of farm fresh eggs. and our Tremendous Twelve® platter. Along with bakery item’s we also provide different food option such as lunch and dinner package.CURRENT MARKET SITUATION Market Description: For bakery business it is a monopolistic competition market in Bangladesh. and. Pancakes Plus Our world-famous pancakes are made-from-scratch with our own secret recipe batter and served with our Perkins brand syrups (Maple. 7 . They divide their food section in 4 assortments: Breakfast: Perkins love the sizzle of smoked ham. We're proud everything we serve you is the finest robust coffee. Perkins’s market planning is to keep the current customers and also to attract the new customers by providing them different options. tasty. Twinberry and Sugar Free Maple). Perkins target customers are the final consumers. 100% Grade A juices. served with our own specialty syrups. From these. fresh eggs prepared to order. our elegant Perkins Eggs Benedicts. We love bringing a stack to your table. and Mammoth Muffins® rising in the oven.

green peppers Egg Beaters® no fat. Build Your Own Omelette Start off with any two ingredients. Short Stack A lighter portion of three buttermilk pancakes. topped with a savory cheese sauce. no cholesterol alternative. sprinkled with powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped topping. fluffy secret recipe buttermilk pancakes. celery and green peppers. Want more? Add additional ingredients: • Diced Ham • Sausage • Mushrooms • Tomatoes • American Cheese • Swiss Cheese • Cheddar Cheese • Monterey Jack Cheese • Pepper Jack Cheese • Bacon pieces • Garden mix of onion.The Buttermilk Five Five of our light. rye or whole wheat toast Granny's Country Omelette™ An American food made up with diced ham. With hashed browns tucked inside and out. 8 . sprinkled with powdered sugar. celery. Strawberry Pancakes Five secret recipe buttermilk pancakes smothered with strawberry topping. Egg Beaters® no fat. onions. Add fruit topping for a nominal charge. 55 Plus Fruit Pancakes Three secret recipe pancakes smothered with warm Blueberry or Strawberry topping and a dollop of whipped topping. available upon request for any of our omelets or scrambled egg entrees. available upon request for any of our omelets or scrambled egg entrees Egg Classics Served with hash browns or breakfast potatoes and choice of: • three buttermilk pancakes • fresh-baked Mammoth Muffin® • white. no cholesterol alternative. American cheese.

seasoned and grilled to order. and Canadian bacon. Perkins Steak and Eggs A tender 7 oz. Mammoth Muffins® Blueberry Apple Cinnamon Carrot Raisin Nut Bran or Oat Bran Cinnamon Streusel Lemon Poppy seed Banana Nut Boston Cream Raspberry Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Bavarian Cream Reduced Fat Muffin Specialty of the Day The Cookie Jar Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip White Chocolate Macadamia Nut 9 . top sirloin steak. No accompaniments. crispy hash browns or breakfast potatoes and four bacon strips or sausage links. four pancakes. Sausage Links. Sausage Patties. Tremendous Twelve® Our hearty breakfast of three large eggs cooked to order.Classic Egg Favorites Two farm-fresh Grade AA eggs cooked to order and choice of: Hickory-smoked Bacon. served with two fresh large eggs cooked to order.

vegetables. chicken. mutton. Traditional Bengali lunch package with beverage: This package we introduce boiled rice with beef. soup. Deserts: Blue Ribbon pies Pie Shoppe Specialties Sweet Touches Scoop of different flavored Ice Cream 10 . prown curry and beverage. and salad. reduced fat Lunch and dinner items: We offer our customers two kind of lunch and dinner package. dal. which contains Chinese rice.Pies Home style Apple Lattice Apple. Chinese lunch and dinner: Here people can get pure Chinese lunch and dinner. reduced fat Banana Cream Home style Blueberry Lattice (seasonal) Caramel Apple Home style Cherry Lattice (seasonal) Chocolate French Silk Coconut Cream Heath® Crunch Lemon Meringue Peanut Butter Silk Southern Pecan Wild berry.

pizzas. patties and other special items. Along with the special items in breakfast.Kids meal: Perky Bear Pancakes Three pancakes served with a sprinkling of chocolate chips and whipped butter. coated in a batter of cinnamon and grilled to perfection. Grilled Cheese Sandwich* Kid's Cheeseburger Kid's Cheese Pizza Crispy Tenders Basket Mac & Cheese* We also offer different types of wedding. 11 . Served with two strips of bacon. rolls. children and picture cakes. burgers. There are more specials items for the kids. hash browns and choice of toast or pancakes. birthday. French Toast Two yummy slices of French bread. City Slicker One fresh egg with two crispy bacon strips or sausage links. Rainbow Pancakes Breakfast Colorful sprinkles and whipped topping on two pancakes with two strips of bacon. deserts we also offer different kind of sandwiches.

hygienic and delicious. And there are also sugar free items along with diet cookies. They are made with Kids Meal The lunch is healthy. Omelet free. Sugar free muffins and pies 4. hygienic and delicious. Dinner Teenagers & Any of the Dinner Item others Aged Peoples Item named “Build your own Dinner” All foods are healthy. hygienic and delicious. You can choose any items you want with plain rice or Chinese The dinner is healthy. Granny’s Country 3.Targeted Food Section Segments Kids Kids Meal Teenagers & others Breakfast Aged Peoples Any of the Breakfast Item 1. You can choose any items you want with 12 . All foods are healthy. Our breakfasts for aged people are cholesterol less calorie. Diet Kids Names Features The meal is healthy. designed specially for kids and attractively served. Lunch Teenagers & Any of the Lunch Item others Aged Peoples Item named “Build your own lunch” Kids Kids Meal All foods are healthy. designed specially for kids and attractively served. Diet sweets. designed specially for kids and attractively served. Egg Classic 2.

DECENT PASTRY SHOP: Decent pastry shop was established in 1982. their quality of cake and other food items are not fully market winning product.Suger free pies. They are 13 . They use new machinery and they made all of their products without hand touch. Our special desserts for aged people are choleswith less calorie. sweets and 2. Their main highlighted area in business is to make pastries and cakes. Key competitors are: SHUMI’S HOT CAKE: “Hot cake” is a very well known bakery. All foods are healthy. They are also very able to make different kinds birthday cakes. there are many competitors.Special sugar and calorie less ice creams cookies and sweets. Though they have some branches in the city. Teenagers & Any of the Desert Item Deserts others Aged Peoples 1. And there are also sugar free items along with diet cookies. KING’S CONFECTIONARY: One of the most famous confectionary in the city and also in the country. diet terol free. They are made Competitive review: As it is a monopolistic competition market. But they have some limitations.Targeted Food Section Segments Kids Names Kids Meal Features The meal is healthy. hygienic and delicious. They follow modern design and ingredients to make their cakes and pastries. designed specially for kids and attractively served.

But recently they are struggling to maintain their quality as the mobile court fined them for their bad environment in their kitchen. They also have heavy financial support and by this they are trying to capture the market. MR. cakes etc. They are trying to capture the market by their attractive and innovative products. Competitors’ Price Reviews of their different items (in Taka): Product Wedding Cake (per Birthday/ Picture/ Children cake (per kg) English Cake 70(small) 110(med) 160(big) Cookies (per packet) Baby sweet 25-100 25-100 25-100 25-100 25-100 250-600 70(small) 110(med) 160(big) 200-500 70(small) 70(small) 70(small) 110(med) 160(big) 250-700 1100 1000 1100 1200 1200 Shumi’s Hot Cake Decent Pastry Shop King’s Confectionary Hot Bread Mr. HOT BREAD: One of the franchised bakeries in the city. Bakers 600 550 600 650 700 110(med) 110(med) 160(big) 200-600 160(big) 300-700 14 . doughnuts. The have the reputation and are doing well with modern marketing system.famous for making breads. BAKERS: One of the franchised bakeries in the city. They are famous for making breads. cakes etc. They are new in our country’s market and they are doing very good. doughnuts.

Bakers None 20-150 60-300 25-70 40-250 10-30 None 20-100 60-300 20-80 20-200 10-30 75-250 20-150 60-300 25-80 40-250 10-30 None 20-250 60-300 20-90 40-350 10-30 None 20-300 60-300 20 .90 40-400 10-30 15 .Product Name Lunch & Dinner items Breakfast items Pancakes Muffins (per piece) Desert Items Pastries Shumi’s Hot Cake Decent Pastry Shop King’s Confectionary Hot Bread Mr.

The Company operates or franchises 494 full-service restaurants. while many of others are still sleeping. The chain offers its "Fifty-Five Plus" collection with breakfast. chicken nuggets and pizza wheels. cakes. unique premium omelettes. Perkins will introduce the in-house bake shops in Bangladesh where customers can either order or take out a wide array of delectable. personalized service and unsurpassed values promises a memorable dining experience. sparkling clean restaurants. Core menu items at Perkins include its famous pancakes. freshly baked Mammoth Muffins. Perkins menu development and innovation ensures that all product offerings recognize and address consumers changing tastes and preferences. Early in the morning. 16 . Its Kids' Menu has fun foods like bear pancakes. Consistently serving a wide variety of quality foods in a family-oriented environment with genuine care and attention to detail is the foundation of our business. Seniors and children also are special at Perkins. lunch and dinner entrees at special value prices for guests 55 years of age or older. our bakers are busy baking up the delicious assortment of fresh-baked treats that have helped make Perkins a most popular restaurant and a great local bakery. pies. cookies. Perkins’ menu offers consumers a comprehensive breakfast. juicy USDA choice steaks. cheesecakes and specialty pastries each and every day. High quality food.SWOT ANALYSIS Strength: Since 1958 Perkins Restaurants have gained a worldwide solid reputation for high quality personalized dining. Bread Bowl salads. lunch and dinner selection ranging from the traditional to the innovative. and signature melt sandwiches.

17 . Effective Marketing in the Target Market can lead to the milestone of Success. a customer can buy items from any Perkins outlet in the world. Launching of other Franchise Bakery in the local market. the main food of target market is not such items. Promotion of different occasions like: Father’s Day. target market can not be very large. Perkins Guest Experience Program offers monthly draw on sales receipt with exciting gifts in cash or in gift cards. as well as toys and interactive games to make Perkins restaurants an even more fun place for children and families. Family Day. starts from US$ 10 with which. But. Teacher’s Day…etc. in the local society can promote the demand of our bakery products specially cakes. Threats: Most product are all bakery oriented. As a result. Competitors’ lower price in the local market may cause obstacle to allure enough customers. Starting with only 1 (one) outlet in the whole Bangladesh which may not bring convenience for the consumers. Opportunities: Perkins restaurants have a new "KidPerks®" program with free cookie and beverage with the purchase of a kid's meal. Perkins gift card which offers much in the similar way a debit card works.Weakness: Prices of different items are relatively higher compared to that of the domestic competitors. Mother’s Day.

Doing so. Second-year Objectives In the second year of our operation. sparkling clean restaurants. Besides. poisonous colors. we will target to occupy the leader position in Bakery manufacturer market. adding impure or rotten raw materials.OBJECTIVES & ISSUES Objectives: First-year Objectives In the first year of our operation. chemicals and marketing products without manufacturing & expiry dates. we will be putting our innovative & devoted marketing efforts to achieve awareness & response. major discrepancy had flashed into publics’ eyes regarding manufacturing food items commercially in Bangladesh. Perkins in Bangladesh will bring a new aspect for reliability in Bakery products with its high quality food. personalized service and unsurpassed values which is our major issue. Issues: In recent times. by our effective marketing & promotional efforts. 18 . Meanwhile. we plan to set a new branch in the Chittagong city of Bangladesh & also to earn break-even by the end of our second operating year. Such mal-practitioners used to manufacture products in unhygienic environment. our objectives are to penetrate our business into new geographic market inside Bangladesh. our prime objective is to achieve the 5% of the bakery product market of the Dhaka city.

Aged people will find foods they need with less calories. Positioning: Perkins tries to position themselves as an attractive bakery. Product Strategy: Perkins positions their product as nutritious. Perkins arranges their food basically on time wise (breakfast. However since we will retain in our high quality their prices of foods would be a little cit higher then other food vendors but not beyond people reach. sugar. diet cookies. Pricing Strategy: At first the price of all the items will be a little bit more than normal in order to cover the cost which we have spend to establish the franchised company. Egg Classics 90 – 450 100 – 250 19 Prices (in Taka) . hygienic and fresh. We will serve the meal according to the order instantly. The pricing strategies of some of our products are given below: Product Names Breakfast items 1. very healthy. We will try to segment carefully and efficiently. diet sweets and many more healthy foods. dinner). We will provide the kids the “Kid Meal”. We will always serve the most fresh and hygienic food and ofcourse instantly.MARKETING STRATEGY Perkins marketing strategy is normally based on target marketing. the most powerful attribute of Perkins is they would not like to hear any complain about their food quality. Rainy. lunch. and season wise (Summer. However. Perkins tries each and every passerby and food lovers to attract by their lovely features and outstanding quality. teenagers. vitamins and protein providing meals with attractively decorated and served. Pancakes 2. age wise (kids. Teenagers and others will find almost everything they want from a restaurant and bakery. market segmentation and market positioning. tasty. aged people and others). However slowly we will be getting down to cheaper and stable price. Winter).

Rainbow Pancakes Breakfast 3. Cookies 5. Chinese Foods 2. French Toast 4. Perky Bear Pancakes 2. Different Kinds of sweets 2. However online distribution is a bit restricted since we will keep one store 20 . First part serve in the store and second part will be serving online. our distribution channel will be divided into two parts.40 As far as Perkins is a click and mortar company.Product Names 3. Lunch and Dinner Packages Desserts 1. Kids Lunch and Dinner packages Others Wedding Cakes (per kg) Birthday/Picture/Children Cakes Cakes Sandwiches Burgers Pastries Distribution Strategy: Prices (in Taka) 40 – 90 10 – 550 45.90 80 – 250 110 – 175 75 – 100 80 – 155 15 – 150 30 – 100 80 55 60 50 50 – 80 750 1300 400 . Ice-creams (per scoop) Kids Meal 1. Mammoth Muffins 4. Biryanis 3.800 35 – 60 45 – 90 15 . Sweet Touches 3. Breakfast Packages Lunch and Dinner items 1. Pies 6.

Chief Marketing Officer Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Sami Rahman Sales Manager Hossain Ashraf Mehdee Promotion Manager Tahsin Ahammad Advertising Manager Shahriar Ahmed Production Manager Atiqur Rahman Supply & Quality Control Manager Regional Sales Promotion Analyst Advertising Analyst Production Analyst Supply & Quality Control Analyst Figure 1: Perkins marketing Organization 21 . which will make them different from other bakeries. radios. billboards. customers can order through telephones only because order through internet requires a credit card and also is a bit complicated process for our home customers. channels. People will have a very distinctive idea what Perkins is and what are their characteristics. Marketing Organizing: We will maintain a smooth hierarchy that will reveal our strong structure of our organization. Marketing Communication Strategy: We will be advising and announcing our messages through some important medias. like televisions. At the beginning we will show an informative advertisement then we will move onto reminder adds to tick consumers mind that we exist. At the recent time our suppliers will supply foods to the final consumers from the store and through the telephone ordering.only in the first year. and by sponsoring concerts. Of course Perkins will be available through the Internet later. Obviously we are very much careful about the hygiene of the food.

Place Scheme: We are expecting to open our Perkins outlet at Gulshan Residential area. The total floor area of our outlet will be 10. e. Every Company is giving promotions infect very cautiously. For example we will give a concession to coffee in summer so that we can earn a marginal profit from that or we may make the cold beverage cheaper in winter. Perkins will arrange their product variety according to the seasons.Promotional Strategy: The market is now a day full of promotional activities. water-melon etc. litchi. coffee will be a little higher in the rainy season than the summer. an aristocrat location in Dhaka city. 22 .g. in between Gulshan 1 and 2. Many traditional items will be also available at this time. Rainy: The price of hot drinks. There will be lemonade and fruit juices like mango. We will start showing informative advertisements in papers from the middle of June.000 SFT. Some additional juice items of summer will not be available in this part of year. orange. We will divide the year in three seasons. e. We will launch some special packages (limited) in the starting to attract the new customers. which is very much attractive and reachable for our target market. Summer: We would like to have a collection of additional juice and beverage in order to make the sweated customer fill a cool touch in their throat. coffee. display and restaurant and obviously the kids corner! Actions Plan: We are expecting that Perkins will be introduced in Bangladesh on July of 2006. kitchen and in house bake serve. Too much promotion will make customers habituated. Special days will contain special offers for peoples.g. We will give a concession on hot drinks. including our inventory.

Winter: We will add some traditional pies and cakes in this part of year. 23 . The price of hot drinks will be higher than their usual price in winter season. We will give concession on fruit juices and lemonade.

Shumi’s Hot Cake. Panthapath Branch. Sales Man. Baily Road Branch. Bakers. Sales Man. Mr. Sales Manager. http://google. Rafiqul Islam.bd http://perkinsrestaurant. Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong. Shayan Shafi.com http://franchisegator.com http://franchise.com Mahbub Alam. Panthapath Branch. Hot Breads. Dhanmondi Branch.com http://bakeries. . Shatmasjid Road Branch. Decent Pastry Shop.BIBLIOGRAPHY Principles of Marketing. 1oth Edition.com. King’s Confectionary.