First Grade News

August 28-30, 2013
Welcome, to a new school year! Each week I will be sending you a newsletter home as a paper copy, by e-mail, and it will be posted on the first grade blog. Please take the time to read through it! I do my best to keep it relatively simple and short. The newsletter will contain some highlights of our learning for the week, assignments, important notes, and upcoming events.

What we’re learning
This first week we are getting acquainted with the procedures and routines of our classroom. There are a lot of things to remember! We are learning about God’s plan for salvation in our Old Testament bible stories. How amazing our God is in giving us a Savior! Through books and activities we are recognizing our letters and their sounds. In Math we are learning about the calendar and writing our numbers correctly.

Please help your child complete his/her assignments on the day shown below. Christ Light stories may be difficult for your child to read at this early part in the year. Simply guide your child by reading the story out loud and pointing to the words. Have your child help you with words he or she knows. If your child can read the story by him/herself with only a few helps, great! Most important is comprehending the bible story and its beautiful truths. Wednesday: Share your first day of school drawing and tell what we did! Thursday: Read Christ Light story “The Creation of the World”. Please initial the top of the Christ Light story and place the booklet back in your child’s O.W.L. so I know the assignment was completed.

Important Notes

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There will be no milk or hot lunch this week. Hot lunch does not start until September 3rd. If food is not finished at school, it will be sent home so you can monitor how much your child is eating. For first grade, milk orders should be handed in on Thursday. Please bring your Earthquake forms and kits if you have not already! If you haven’t turned in your Parent Survey, please do so by this Friday. Sign up for Apostles E-News to keep up-to-date with school items. Please take a Keeping Kids Safe class if you plan to help in the classroom or attend field trips! Dates are on the handout from Welcome Back Night and on our website.

Upcoming Events
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September September September September September

2– Labor Day, No School 11– School Picture Day 20– Collaboration Day, 12:00 dismissal 23– Hearing Screening 24– APTC Meeting 7 pm

Jesus Give Away
“God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.” Genesis 1:16 He also made the if it were an after thought. :) The irony: Our universe has billions of galaxies and the stars within those galaxies are unfathomable, yet the Lord humbly inspired only one simple sentence about stars in his creation account. What an amazing Creator we have! Jesus bless your week, Miss Luehring

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