Owner’s Manual
Please read this manual carefully before operating your set Retain it for future reference Record model number and serial number of the set See the label attached on the set and quote this information to your dealer when you require service

For The Warranty Terms & Conditions, Please Refer To Warranty Certificate

Do not unplug by pulling the power cord. Low rack – To hold large food such as chicken.Thank you for purchasing convection oven model ECO-A1213˄MR˅. do not immerse or expose the Convection Oven to rain. x Place the Convection Oven on a flat surface and far from the edge of the top counter. hot plate or heated oven. 1 2 . x Do not operate or place any part of your Convection Oven on or near any hot surface such as a gas or electric burner. x Switch OFF and unplug the Convection Oven from the power outlet when not in use or before cleaning. 2. Return the appliance to the authorized dealer or service facility for repair. x Keep the appliance out of reach from children or from persons with mental or physical disabilities. x Turn timer to OFF and remove plug from the power outlet before lifting off the lid. x Never leave the Convection Oven unattended when in use. IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS When using your ELBA Convection Oven. x To reduce the risk of electric shock. 3. x Always turn setting controls to OFF before disconnecting the cord from the power supply. moisture or any liquids. x Keep at least 2 inches of space on all sides of the Convection Oven to allow proper ventilation. kindly keep this instruction manual in a safe place for your future reference. Use only the handle. x Oversized foods must not be put inside the Convection Oven glass bowl to avoid the risk of fire or electric shock. x Do not operate the Convection Oven if any part of it is damaged. Use only the timer control of the oven. Tong – To take out the food from the glass bowl. 4. other than the one originally provided. x Avoid touching hot surfaces of the Convection Oven during use. After reading. Before operating the appliance. x Do not use or replace the accessories of the Convection Oven. This model is not suitable for commercial use. x This Convection Oven is not intended to be used with an external timer. PARTS DESCRIPTION 1. Hold the plug when unplugging from socket. please kindly hand over this instruction manual as well. High rack – To hold small quantity of food. Lid holder – To put hold the lid after cooking. Should you pass on this Convection Oven to a third party. please read this instruction manual and take note of all safety precautions and follow the operating procedures. basic safety precautions should always be followed: x Always operate your ELBA Convection Oven from a power source of the same voltage and frequency rating as indicated on the rating label. x This ELBA Convection Oven is intended for normal domestic/household use only.

x Some parts of the Convection Oven have been slightly greased and as a result. Allow at least 1 inch of space between the food and the lid. x Close the glass bowl with the convection oven lid. it will cease after you have used the oven for some time. damp cloth. x Set cooking time from 6 minutes to 60 minutes or as per required cooking time of the food you are cooking by turning the Timer knob clockwise. please set the temperature to 100°C until the food is cooked. For safe cooking. Use low and high rack when cooking 2 different foods at the same time. To cook frozen foods. x Frying: Dip food to be fried in oil then place on the wire rack. x Toasting: When toasting bread or chips. x Place the low rack or the high rack inside the glass bowl of the Convection Oven. the oven is specially designed not to operate or stop operating when the handle is lifted up. Food CHICKEN FISH PORK CAKE LOBSTER SHRIMP SAUSAGE PEANUT ROASTED BREAD POTATO RICE CRAB Time 30-40min 10-15min 15-20min 10-12min 12-15min 10-12min 10-13min 10-15min 8-10min 12-15min 15-20min 10-13min Temperature 180-200°C 130-150°C 180-200°C 140-160°C 140-160°C 150-180°C 125-150°C 140-160°C 125-140°C 180-200°C 150-180°C 140-160°C 3 4 . wipe the bowl with a soft. x Steaming: When steaming vegetables. the oven might slightly emit smoke when connected for the first time. x Insert plug into the power outlet. Place lid on top then heat up the Convection Oven for 10 minutes without any food inside. x Convection Oven will automatically turn OFF after the setting time has elapsed. x Make sure to pull down the handle of oven to start the cooking process. place food in aluminium foil pouch. Cooking time may vary according to the size of the food that you are roasting. x Set temperature from 125°C to 250°C by turning the temperature knob in clockwise. x Baking: Place food to be baked in a metal or tempered glass pan not more than 12 inches in diameter to leave enough space for proper hot air circulation. Put the x food that takes longer time to cook on the low rack. add few drops of water then seal pouch. However. place foods directly on the wire rack.HOW TO USE x For initial use. x Defrosting: Place food to be defrosted on the wire rack then set heat control of the Convection Oven to 50°C. x Put the food on top of low Rack. COOKING SETTINGS x Roasting/Broiling: Place food directly on the wire rack. allow at least 1 inch of space between the food and the glass bowl.

x For self cleaning. x Put back parts and accessories of the Convection Oven to their proper places before operating again. x For manual cleaning. pour water and a few drops of liquid soap into the glass bowl. x Wipe external parts of the oven using a soft.g. x Store Convection Oven in a cool dry place after cleaning. Pull down handle of the oven. After that. wash the bowl and the base with warm soapy water or by using a dishwasher. Set temperature from 125°C to 150°C and the timer from 5 to 10 minutes. dry cloth. x Do not use harsh cleaning agents or abrasive objects (e. scrubbing pads or metal brushes) for cleaning. 5 . discard water and rinse glass bowl thoroughly. x Wipe dry the Convection Oven using a soft.CLEAN AND CARE x Allow the Convection Oven to cool down before cleaning. damp cloth and a mild detergent.

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