SK BATU LUKING, KANOWIT PKBS 1 Semester 1/2010 English Year 1 Name : _______________ ( Class : 1 ( ) PART A Circle the correct

answer. A) Read the passage below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow. (10%) ) Marks : ________%

1) How old is Qin Qin? A. seven years old 2) Where does she live? A. Kuala Lumpur

B. two years old

C. one years old

B. Selangor

C. Puchong

3) What is her father’s name? A. Loo Qin Qin B. Loo Chin Chan 4) Who is Khoo Siew Leng? A. Qin Qin’s brother B. Qin Qin’s mother C. Qin Qin’s sister

C. Khoo Siew Leng

5) How many brothers and sisters does Qin Qin have?


©Simon KN

English Yr1 Mac Test 2010

nine A. B. B. nain B. choose the answer with the correct spelling. nail 2) 3) C) Choose the best sentence that describes each picture. The girl carries a doll. This is a moon. lail C. Two brothers and one sister B) Based on the pictures. nice C. Mei Lan is sleeping. nine B. BI / 1 / 02 2) 3) 2 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 .A. C. B. C. This is a mat. This is a long pencil. (6%) 1) A. A. muoth B. mouth A. This is a sharp pin. Two brothers and two sister C. Susie is singing. mouth C. This is a man. A. (6%) 1) A. One brother and two sisters B. This is a new pen. C.

He has a van. door B. 1) A. He is a very nice (4)_________. dolls C. pin B. net C. tap 3 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 . mat 2) A. tent C.D) Look at the picture and then read the passage carefully. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. dog D. top 4) A. Based on the picture and the passage. His van is near a (3) ________. He is sitting on a (1)________. (8%) This is Mr Raju. Mr Raju is mending shoes and (2)__________. moon D. bags D. man C. pot B. nails B. balls 3) A. desk D.

(10%) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 4 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 .PART B E) Circle the correct answer.

is swimming. her brother.F) Colour the correct answer. my good friend. 6) Kamar and I G) Study the picture carefully. my father. seven years old. Then fill in the blans below with the words given. (8%) 5 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 . (12%) 1) She 2) I 3) He 4) You 5) Muthu is am am are is is are are is am am Rita.

Linda is a (1)_____________.Linda and her friends are playing on the playground. H) Fill in the blanks. Linda and Susy are (3)______________. (10%) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 6 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 . Tom and Andy are (2)_________________. They are playing on the (4)_________________.

rearrange the words given and write out the correct sentence.I ___________________________ ___________________________ 7 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 . (18%) 1) your – is – What – name? ___________________________ ___________________________ 2) Andrew – am .I) Rewrite the sentences with capital letters and full stop wherever necessary. (10%) 1) i have a new ball _________________________________________________ 2) he has ten pens _________________________________________________ 3) sasha opens the door _________________________________________________ 4) her dog is barking _________________________________________________ 5) the fisherman is mending his net _________________________________________________ J) Based on the picture.

3) she? – is – Who __________________________ __________________________ 4) Suzana – is .am __________________________ __________________________ 8 ©Simon KN English Yr1 Mac Test 2010 .She __________________________ __________________________ 5) is – Linda – My .name __________________________ __________________________ 6) a – girl – I .

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