Mitacs Globalink Application Guidelines

A Mitacs application is basically a standard SoP broken into sections. Remember, your application is read by the professors heading the projects you've applied for and the Mitacs team. So your application must be indirectly addressed to these people at all times. Also, the aim of Mitacs is to make Canada a knowledge-creating country, quite like its neighbour, the US. As you know, every Mitacs Globalink alumnus/ alumna is eligible for the Mitacs Graduate fellowship in any Canadian public university. By introducing you to Canadian research and lifestyle, they are trying to get you to pursue higher studies in Canada, instead of the US. Questions and the way of answering them: ● Research Interests: The point of this is to help match your profile with the projects/ professors. Be very clear as to what you like. If you model this part of the application in accordance with the project you wish to do, you always run the risk of becoming too specific and exclusive (wrt the other projects). So make this section almost a validation of the reasons behind choosing the projects you has chosen without becoming very specific. Also, must cite few examples. Without being repetitive (wrt other answers in your app), try to consolidate your research interests with your qualifications (academic like your degree, software)

Notable Achievements: The point of this is to get an idea of your "worth". So be brief
and specific and list your academic (state and national rankings of merit, branch/ institute position in terms of GPA, instances of highest GPA for semester etc.), co-curricular (awards, scholarships, prizes won in academic conference/competitions, awards for completion of certain software modules etc.) and extra-curricular achievements (extracurricular= literary + performing and fine arts + sports + positions of responsibility).

Past Experiences: This is to gauge your strengths, your coursework etc. So write a
detailed paragraph with how past classroom or otherwise experiences led you to your present areas of interest. In a way, this must also feed into your "Research Interests" question. Mention the exact name of course with the <month, year> in brackets next to it. Also, follow a specific chronology. List the projects you have engaged in, internships you have done, conferences you may have participated in, in adequate detail. Also write about your technical proficiency, software you know, workshops attended etc. You can also mention extra-curricular experiences.

Rationale for choosing Mitacs/ Canada: This, as you probably now understand, is a
very important paragraph. It must contain how you stand to gain and what you can offer. It must also contain something akin to praise about Canada, their research standards etc. Also, speak about the good qualities of the univs you'ce chosen (say, how you've heard the particular dept. you've applied to is extremely strong or the ranking of the university speaks for itself etc.). FYI, Univ of Toronto is ranked number 1 in Canada, followed by Univ. of British Columbia. Not sure of faculty/ dept. wise rankings. In the world, UBC is ranked 24th, right after Carnegie Mellon (unless it's changed for the new academic year). In the world ranking of public univs, UBC is ranked 6th. Canada is highly multicultural, with extremely low racism, high standard of living in general, and vegetarian-friendly. In this section, not only must you list academic motivation, but also social and cultural motivation for choosing Canada over say, US (even if these only occupy one or two lines of your paragraph). You must show enthusiasm and determination for the Mitacs programme.

Most importantly, be intuitive, honest, and use your discretion while filling the app. I hope this was helpful. If you need to know anything else, do write to/ call me.

Abhinav Agarwal (Mitacs Globalink Student 2012)

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