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List Farm Animals List Financial Preparations List Firearms List Firefighting List First Aid /Minor Surgery List Food Preparation List Food Storage List Fuels & Petroleums List Gardening List Home Businesses List Home Info List Household, Shop, Sundries List Hunting/Fishing/Trapping List Hygiene List/Sanitation List Medicinal Herbs and Plants List Personal List Power Light Heat Batteries List Ruck Sack Bug Out Bag List Security General List Shortwave Frequencies List Tactical Living List Tools List Training Courses List Vehicle Bug Out Bag List Water List
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Barter and Charity List'!A1 Book List'!A1 CBR/NBC List Communications/Monitoring List Farm Animals List Financial Preparations List Firearms List Firefighting List'!A1 First Aid /Minor Surgery List Food Preparation List'!A1 Food Storage List'!A1 Fuels & Petroleums List Gardening List'!A1 Home Businesses List Home Info List Household, Shop, Sundries List Hunting/Fishing/Trapping List Hygiene List/Sanitation List Medicinal Herbs and Plants List Personal List'!A1 Power Light Heat Batteries List Ruck Sack Bug Out Bag List Security General List Shortwave Frequencies List Tactical Living List '!A1 Tools List'!A1 Training Courses List Vehicle Bug Out Bag List Water List'!A1
You can live 3 minutes w/o oxygen, 3 days w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food You're on your own.

Basic stuff first: the Five Bs are building, bullets, beans, bacon, and buckshot

Morman Four: Wheat, Honey, Powdered Milk, Salt

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s w/o water, 3 weeks w/o food

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Barter and Charity List

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For your barter list, acquire primarily items that are durable, non-perishable, and either in small packages or that are easily div [The late] Jeff Cooper referred to it as “ballistic wampum.” WTSHTF, ammo will be worth nearly its weight in silver. Store all plenty of .22 LR (most high velocity hollow points) plus at least ten boxes of the local favorite deer hunting cartridge, even if yo least ten boxes of the local police department‟s standard pistol ca

Any supplies necessary for operating a home-based business. Some that you might consider are: ammo reloading, well drillin production, et cetera. Every family should have at least one home-based bus Need: Ladies supplies Ammo of various calibers Salt (Buy lots of cattle blocks and 1 pound cannisters of iodized table salt.) Two cycle engine oil (for chain saw gas mixing. Gas may still be available after a collapse, but two-cycle oil will probably be like liquid gold!) Gas stabilizer Diesel antibacterial additive 50-pound sacks of lime (for outhouses). Alcohol for human consumption in small bottles 1 oz. bottles of military rifle bore cleaner and Break Free (or similar) lubricant. Waterproof dufflebags in earth tone colors (whitewater rafting "dry bags"). Thermal socks Semi-waterproof matches (from military rations) Military web gear (lots of folks will suddenly need pistol belts, holsters, magazine pouches, et cetera.) Pre-1981 pennies (copper metal value at .03) All nickles since 1946 contain 25% nickel and 75% copper Hold coins of all denominations, as if and when the paper currency is devalued, coins may be declared as not devalued as it would be too hard to re-issue coins and the amount of coins in the hands of individuals would be believed to be small and of little overall consequence. Pre-1965 silver coins (90% circulated silver coins) sold in $1,000 bags = to 715 to 718 oz of silver (if dimes and quarters) 1-gallon cans of kerosene. Rolls of olive drab parachute cord. Rolls of olive-drab duct tape. Spools of monofilament fishing line.

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Barter and Charity List
Rolls of 10 mil "Visqueen", sheet plastic (for replacing windows, isolating airspaces for nuke scenarios, etc.) Strike anywhere matches. (Dip the heads in paraffin to make them waterproof.) Playing cards. Cooking spices. (Do a web search for reasonably priced bulk spices.) Rope & string Sewing supplies Beeswax, 5 lbs Candle wax and wicking Gold testing kit for dealing with gold. Gold key for dealing with gold. Rolls of wire, plain Barbed wire, mesh wire, chicken wire, chain link etc Cable, various sizes, and cable clamps

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Barter and Charity List

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kages or that are easily divisible. Concentrate on the items that other people are likely to overlook or have in short supply. Some of my favori s weight in silver. Store all of your ammo in military surplus ammo cans (with seals that are still soft) and it will store for decades. Stick to com hunting cartridge, even if you don‟t own a rifle chambered for this cartridge. (Ask your local sporting goods shop about their top selling chamb artment‟s standard pistol cartridge, again even if you don‟t own a pistol chambered for this cartridge.

ammo reloading, well drilling, water pump repair, wind mill construction, leather crafting, small appliance repair, gun repair, locksmithing, bee east one home-based business (preferably two!) that they can depend on in the event of an economic collapse. Recommendations: Link:
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(Stores indefinitely if kept dry) Marine 2 cycle oil (use only in emergency) in 1 gallon containers from TSC for $12.00 Stabil

Do not mix with chain saw 2 cycle oi

penny sorter available on Ebay? Note: 1942-45 nickles are 35% silver

A $1000 bag (face value) of dimes o

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fisch.Barter and Charity List Includes Singer treadle operated sewing machine with spare needles and belts For a reasonalbly priced block of Page 6 .za/operation.centercoin. contact the local beekeepers club and ask who has wax for sale http://www.

usually xx times greater tha Page 7 . t will store for decades. locksmithing. get s shop about their top selling chamberings). Some of my favorites are ammunition. valued at daily spot value of silver. Do not mix with chain saw 2 cycle oil!) A $1000 bag (face value) of dimes or quarters contains about 715 oz of silver. bee keeping and honey llapse. Also buy at epair. Stick to common calibers. gun repair.Barter and Charity List e in short supply.

Barter and Charity List has wax for sale Page 8 .

usually xx times greater than face value Page 9 .Barter and Charity List ue of silver.

Book List You should probably have nearly every book on this Bookshelf page. Kearney (Available The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley. Dean Ing. you will want to have two or three copies. For some.Family Preparedness Handbook by James Talmage Stevens Ball Blue Book of Preserving Cookin' with Home Storage by Vicki Tate Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Gehring Putting Food By (Plume) by Janet Greene Page 10 . but a for free download. Ayn Rand How to Survive the Coming Bad Years by Ruff "The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes . Beyond First Aid by Wiliam Forgey. Bill Cooper. suc so valuable and indispensable that you won‟t want to risk lend Note: Need a large 3-ring notebook with plastic inserts as a Key References Binder Title: Gardening: the Vegetable Gardeners Bible by Smith First Tier Books: KJV Version Reference Bible with Apocrypha First Aid -.) PDF is available for free download.(American Red Cross Handbook) Responding To Emergencies Wilderness Medicine. Party (See review. Rick Fines.and Why by Amanda Ripley Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon Second Tier Books: Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables by Mike Bubel Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills. below) Survival Guns by Mel Tappan Tappan on Survival by Mel Tappan Other authors: Mel Tappan. (Out of print. MD Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook by David Werner Mosby's Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide by David Manhoff Where There Is No Dentist by Murray Dickson The Encyclopedia of Country Living (Tenth Edition) by Carla Emery (See review. Third Edition by Abigail R. Mike Carney.) Boston's Gun Bible by Boston T. Jeff Cooper. below) Making the Best of Basics .

Ruff (1974) Stocking Up: The Third Edition of America's Classic Preserving Guide by Carol Hupping Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Solomon All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners by Suzanne Ashworth Small-Scale Grain Raising by Gene Lodgson How to Find Your Ideal Country Home: A Comprehensive Guide by Gene GeRue Simple Soapmaking by Anne Watson Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide by xx Perenial Gardening by Toensmeier The Vegetable Gardeners Bible by Smith Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles Better Basics for the Home by Berthold-Bond Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money by Dolly Freed Starting a New Life in Rural America: 21 Things You Need to Know Before You Make Your Move by Ragnar Benson The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book by Mike Oehler Emergency War Surgery (NATO Handbook:. 2008 (See review. Martin Fackler.Third United States Revision. 63rd Edition) The Merck Veterinary Manual Where There Is No Vet by Bill Forse The ARRL Operating Manual For Radio Amateurs (ARRL Operating Manual) Passport to World Band Radio. and Herbs. Dietary Supplements. 2004) by Dr. 2009 Edition Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen Essential Bushcraft by Ray Mears SAS Survival Handbook by John "Lofty" Wiseman Page 11 . PDR for Nonprescription Drugs. et al.Book List Famine and Survival in America by Howard J. below) Physicians Drug Handbook Physicians' Desk Reference 2009 (PDR.

Kains How to Stay Alive in the Woods by Bradford Angier The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants (Field Guide) Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies by Hugh Coffee Living Well on Practically Nothing by Ed Romney The Secure Home by Joel Skousen Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life. Many are out ofCourse… print in hard copy. Among other things he is a eugenicist. Weiss.Book List Ultimate Sniper 2006 : An Advanced Training Manual for Military and Police Snipers (2006 Updated Edition) by Maj. but the first five are the best) When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance. by Neil Strauss 98.D Page 12 . Great Livin' in Grubby Times by Don Paul Just in Case by Kathy Harrison Storey's Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance by John & Martha Storey Adventure Medical Kits A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicineby Eric A. von Dach HowSurvivor to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years: A Crash The book series by Kurt Saxon. and Surviving the Long Emergency by Matthew Stein Preparedness Now!: An Emergency Survival Guide (Expanded and Revised Edition) by Aton Edwards Five Acres and Independence: A Handbook for Small Farm Management by Maurice G. Here.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive by Cody Lundin When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes by Cody Lundin The Last Hundred Yards: The NCO's Contribution to Warfare by John Poole Camping & Wilderness Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book by Paul Tawrell Engineer Field Data (US Army FM 5-34) --Available online free of charge. Sustainability. but they are all available on DVD. with registration. John L. but I recommend getting a hard copy. preferably with the heavy-duty plastic binding. Spigarelli The Foxfire Book series (in 11 volumes. Saxon has some very controversial views that I do not agree with. M. Waterhole by Bob Mellin Color Field Guide to Common Edibles by Bradford Angier Other Nonfiction Books Recommended by SurvivalBlog Readers: Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival by Jack A. Pl Total Resistance by H. I must issue a caveat lector ("reader beware"): Mr.

and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century by James H. Auerbach Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Longby Elliot Coleman Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills.G. Gehring The Weed Cookbook: Naturally Nutritious . edited by Christopher M. Kains How Civilizations Fall: A Theory of Catabolic Collapse by J. Greer Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example by Dimitry Orlov The Builders Greywater Guide by Oasis Design Ashes series. Parrett The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil. 5th Edition by Paul S.Yours Free for the Taking! by Adrienne Crowhurst The Modern Survival Retreat by Ragnar Benson Last of the Mountain Men by Harold Peterson Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness by John McPherson LDS Preparedness Manual. 34 books by William Johnstone Page 13 . Climate Change.Revised Edition by Jeff Cooper Survival Poaching by Ragnar Benson Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Solomon The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year Round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses by Eliot Coleman A Blacksmithing Primer by Randy McDaniel The Blacksmith's Craft: A Primer of Tools & Method Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree The Complete Modern Blacksmith (Paperback) The Making of Tools (Paperback) Metal Casting: A Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry. Kunstler Principles of Personal Defense . M. 1 (Paperback) Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces for the Small Foundry (Paperback) Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design (Hardcover) "Five Acres and Independence " by M.Book List Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Green Resource for Every Gardener Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook (it superceded the very out-of-date ST 31-91B) Wilderness Medicine. Vol. Third Edition by Abigail R.

Gary North Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit From the Economic Collapse by Peter Schiff This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly by Rogoff and Reinhart Financial Armageddon: Protecting Your Future from Four Impending Catastrophes by Michael J. Colored Gemstones.Book List "Be Ready to Barter" Reference Book List: Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values Blue Book of Gun Values The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins 2009 2009 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 2010 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date Antique Trader . Pearls. at the Edge of the World. The "Rawles Gets You Ready" preparedness course (co-authored by JWR) "How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It". A detailed guide to family preparedness for turbulent times "Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse" and my screenplay "Pulling Through".The latter is currently available for free download. Moulin Rouge by Boston T. Panzner The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide by Martin Weiss Financial Reckoning Day Fallout: Surviving Today's Global Depression by Addison Wiggin and Bill Bonner The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil.Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide Wristwatch Annual 2009: The Catalog of Producers. C. Models. Panzner When Giants Fall: An Economic Roadmap for the End of the American Era by Michael J. Kunstler Humanure Handbook by J. and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century by James H. Party Recommended Books on Current Events and Economics: The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nick Taleb Government By Emergency by Dr. Prices. Gold & Jewelry With Confidence And Knowledge The Simplicity Primer by Patrice Lewis Crispin Trillogy books: the Cross of Lead. and Specifications Jewelry & Gems the Buying Guide: How to Buy Diamonds. Jenkins Page 14 . Climate Change.this book has details on selecting the locale for a self-sufficient survival retreat. & the end of time "Rawles on Retreats and Relocation" -.

probably the most level headed. Williamson (SurvivalBlog's Editor at Large) Unintended Consequences by John Ross (This otherwise excellent novel was marred by some vulgarity and gratuitous sex scenes.M.) Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken Molon Labe! by Boston T.North American Guide to Safe Places One Second After by William R. Party Earth Abides by George Stewart Vandenberg by Oliver Lange (Invasion scenario.) World Made by Hand by James Howard Kunstler Last of the Breed by Louis L‟amour Survivors by Terry Nation Conquistador: A Novel of Alternate History by S. from the British perspective. Some Will Not Die by Algis Budrys (Plague total wipe-out scenario) No Blade of Grass by John Christopher (Massive crop disease/social breakdown scenario. Stirling The Road by Cormac McCarthy Warday: And the Journey Onward by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka Malevil by Robert Merle Farnham's Freehold by Robert Heinlein The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein King Rat by James Clavell Footfall by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Page 15 . even keeled discussion of the preparedness & self sufficiency Strategic Relocation. Forstchen (An EMP scenario.Book List Fiction with Survival and Preparedness Themes (Some of these are out of print but usually available via inter-library l Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Alas. by Ray Kytle Just in Case by Kathy Harrison. Babylon by Pat Frank (A classic nuke scenario) The Rackham Files by Dean Ing (includes the text of "Pulling Through" a more modern nuke scenario + a mini nuke survival manual) Not to be confused with my screenplay--also titled "Pulling Through". Note: It was later republished under the title: Defiance: An American Novel) The Weapon by Michael Z. Beware!) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Wolf And Iron by Gordon Dickson The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton Fire and Ice.

The Memsahib (1964-2009) wrote: "The first time that I butchered chickens. pickles. jelly. (Get the Ninth or later edition. Sasquatch Books. when I wanted to make soap.) This bo 'how-to' country survival knowledge. butter. bread from scratch. a everything I needed to know in this book!" Other Books Recommended by The Late Memsahib: Small-Scale Grain Raising by Gene Lodgson How to Survive Without a Salary: Learning How to Live the Conserver Lifestyle by Charles Long The Family Cow by Dirk van Loon Raising a Calf for Beef by Phyllis Hobson Small-Scale Pig Raising by Dirk van Loon Page 16 .Book List How to Prosper in the Coming Bad Years by Ruff Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein The Rawles Kids' Favorite Books for Young Adults: Nonfiction: Hatchet My Side of the Mountain Robinson Crusoe Treasure Island Kidnapped The Swiss Family Robinson The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Little House on the Prairie Series The Chronicles of Narnia Series The Tripods Series Johnny Tremain The Red and the Black Undaunted Courage ( the story of Lewis & Clark expedition 1803-1806 ) Fiction for Young Adults Recommended by SurvivalBlog Readers: The Tomorrow Series Life As We Knew It Escape from Warsaw (Original title: The Silver Sword) The Late Memsahib's Top "Must Have" Book: The Encyclopedia of Country Living (Tenth edition) by Carla Emery. I used this different ways to fix zucchini I turned to this book.

Book List Raising Rabbits the Modern Way by Bob Bennett Raising Sheep the Modern Way. B and C? Page 17 ." What is your plan: A. Dickey Recommended Magazine Subscriptions: Backwoods Home Countryside & Small Stock Journal Home Power Some of JWR's Favorite Practical and Tactical Training DVDs: Clinton Anderson: On the Road to the Horse Colt Starting The Art of the Tactical Carbine Knifemaking Unplugged Other DVDs Homestead Blessings: The Art of Gardening published by The West Ladies Movies: The Road Australian movie: The Road Warrior Red Dawn The Outlaw Josey Wells DVD America in the Dark by EMP Act America Fair Game with Sean Penn Conferences: After Dark Conference Quotes: "Two is One and One is None. Updated and Revised Edition by Paula Simmons Ducks and Geese in Your Backyard: A Beginner's Guide by Rick and Gail Luttmann The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Penelope Ody Passport to Survival by E.

Book List Simple is Better Moulin Rouge by Boston T. Party Milestones by Siab Kataub (Islamic terrorist doctrine to be aware of) Page 18 .

Book List ve two or three copies. This is because these books are you won‟t want to risk lending out your only copy. Laser print documents on waterproof laser tough paper Link: Return to List of Lists Color code: Own Have read crats by Sally Fallon Page 19 . such as Carla Emery‟s "Encyclopedia of Country Living".

Book List Ragnar Benson Page 20 .

John L. Spigarelli ncy by Matthew Stein Page 21 . Plaster y Jack A.Book List Edition) by Maj.

com/gp/product/0898158966?ie=UTF8&tag=survivalcom-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN List Page 22 .com/gp/product/B002IGIRJU?ie=UTF8&tag=survivalcom-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325& Cornell has agricultural references on file http://www.library.

Book List ent survival retreat. urbulent times Page 23 .

) nce: An American Novel) aredness & self sufficiency issues Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places by Skousen Page 24 .Book List vailable via inter-library loan): British perspective.

butter. I found Page 25 .Book List nth or later edition. I used this book. When I needed 15 ead from scratch. and cream cheese.) This book is 845 pages of valuable hered chickens.

Book List Page 26 .

Book List Page 27 .

Book List Page 28 .

Book List Page 29 .

Book List Page 30 .

Book List ode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B002IGIRJU &camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0898158966 ode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0442293607 ode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0970220324 ode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0970220308 ode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0831131829 Page 31 .

Book List Page 32 .

Book List Page 33 .

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Book List Page 35 .

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make your own capsules Page 74 . heavy M17 chem bio mask Bleach M-11 Decon sprayer apparatus with spare CO2 cartridges KIO3 .CBR NBC equipment Need: Nuclear Radiological Dosimeter Rate Meter Charger Radiac Meter Rolls of Sheet Plastic Duct Tape HEPA Filters Potassium Iodate Tablets Outdoor shower rig Geiger Counter Biological: Disinfectants Hand Sanitizer Sneeze masks Colloidal silver generator Natural antibiotics Chemical: Rubber gloves.

Digital Gram.Scale. Blade Series.The Capsule Machine & Tamper (0) + 500 Gel Caps (CAPMC0+500GEL) Order above from purebulk.CBR NBC equipment 1 1 1 1 .EDTA Calcium Disodium 250g (EDTAC00250) . 0.Potassium Iodate 100g (KIO3-00100) .com Page 75 .01g x 100g (BLADE) .

used for children.) Echinacea.CBR NBC equipment Recommendations: Link: For isolating airflow to air filter inlets and for covering window frames in the event that windows are broken due to blast effects Gorilla tape preferred And Spares To prevent thyroid damage.999 fine silver rod. oil etc… spare filters (the model with a green outlet ring is for non-training use).for info on making your own: Decontamination spare supplies (distilled water and . also need replacement rubber inlet valve disks which is the other item that needs maintenance excellent counteragent to chem & bio agents Note: military uses STB = super tr own capsules Page 76 . Tea Tree. KIO3 pills .

Blade Series.01g x 100g (BLADE) chine & Tamper (0) + 500 Gel Caps (CAPMC0+500GEL) Page 77 . 0.CBR NBC equipment e 100g (KIO3-00100) isodium 250g (EDTAC00250) ram.

placed in M11 decon apparatus Page 78 .CBR NBC equipment Return to List of Lists Visqueen 4 to 10 mil plastic Note: military uses STB = super tropical bleach as a counteragent.

com/cappingsupplements.basskilleronline.shtml Page 79 .CBR NBC equipment capping instructions at http://www.

hand crank Software PGP Fone or Nautilus for encryption protection Watkins Johnson direction finder model AN/PRD-11 for VHF DF Uniden President HR-2510 Shortwave HAM Transceiver Kenwood TH-79A Maxon headset radios Gunnplexer cookbook microwave transmitter receiver NiMH batteries range 200 miles hand held dual band Ham radio Radio Shack/Realistic HTX100 these 2 are HAM radios that are very Single Sideband CB Cobra 148GTL (ssb) Recommendations: Drake model R8-A http://www.html Page 80 . 2-part wire Note: restricted to use while in flight http://www. buy spare radios of each type if you can afford them. (But never assume that any two-way radio communications Need: Shortwave HAM Transceiver Multifunction radio w SW FRS handheld w VOX option MURS handhelds with VOX option CB radio installed in each vehicle CB handhelds (handie talkies) SSB CB Marine handhelds AVN handhelds TA-1s Field telephone TA-312s Field telephone WD-1 wire for field telephones Bearcat weather .) As a secondary purchasing Brunton Solaris 26 for solar panel and pair th foot pedal. Top must seal. Keep your spares in sealed metal boxe popcorn container made of metal.ccrane. These frequencies will probabl to use. I recommend buying two or more 12 VDC marine band radios.aspx Link: functions like the Patriots' TRC-500s (no longer available) Note: FCC Restricts use to "on the water" VHF available army surplus requires 2 each D cell batteries or other small.ccrane.police scanner Charging systems: solar. Electronics inside must not touch th If you live in a far inland region.Communications_Monitoring List When selecting radios buy only models that will run on 12 volt DC power or rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery packs ( having to use an inverter.frostcpr.ccrane. wind.aspx Midland Basecamp radio FRS-GMRS model XT511 Recharging advice Recharger for cell phone http://www. water.

5765USB. 13640. 7175. 10320-USB. 12150. Ironkey storage device http://www. 6105. Page 81 . 17730. 15445. 6110. 15580. 7811. 6350-USB. 13735. 9785. 15205. 5446. 15185.Communications_Monitoring List SW Frequencies in the US: 4319-USB. 4960. 7205.ips. 17895 USA AFRTS USA VOA See detailed frequency tab for complete worldwide listing. 11655. 17640. 7125. 7405. 5960. 15150. 9645.5-USB.5-USB. 12015. 6080. Training from ARRL local chapter Solar flare alert Secure information storage http://www. 13600. 11975. 13362-USB 4930. 9760. 9885. 13755. 11890. 15290. 12759USB.

aspx e.aspx hese 2 are HAM radios that are very similar to each other ers/nimh-batteries. Electronics inside must not touch the side of the can. leaving you an essentially private band at any two-way radio communications are secure!) Return to List of Lists Hallicrafters S-38E or All-American model Five or Six Family Radio Service avail US since ris 26 for solar panel and pair that with a Tekkeon 3450 MyPowerAll battery Sidewinder Page 82 . adios.) eep your spares in sealed metal boxes to protect them from EMP.ccrane. Note. a perfect Farraday cage is a 3 gallon l. 14 channels.Communications_Monitoring List e nickel metal hydride battery packs (that can be recharged from your retreat‟s 12 VDC power system without ving to use an inverter. These frequencies will probably not be monitored in your region. 500 milliwatts max. UHF with chan 1-7 shared with GMRS (5 watts ma Note: GMRS channels 15-22 require a license to operate d to use while in flight Do not ground.

Communications_Monitoring List Page 83 .

Communications_Monitoring List ared with GMRS (5 watts max) Page 84 .

Communications_Monitoring List 9353&creativeASIN=B002LASCU2 Page 85 .

Need: Recommendations: Link: Return to List of Lists Desireable farm animals: Chickens Rabbits Pigs Goats Cows Jersey milk cow Angus beef cows Breeds of cattle used as oxen (for plowing Guinea fowl excellent for controlling deer ticks. and as security alarm animals!) Horse for plowing and riding Note: you can treat horse mouth disease (thrush) with Ducks Dog breeds Airedale and Rhodesian Ridgeback Note: Need old sheep shearing scissors and manual hair clippers (antique ones are usually good) .

com/Poultry/Guineas/BRKGuineas.Return to List of Lists cattle used as oxen (for plowing and hauling): http://www.feathersite.html orse mouth disease (thrush) with clorox .

com/ .Financial Documents and Safety Deposit Box items Will/Living Will Note: Secure information storage Marriage License Death Certificates of family members where you were a beneficiary Power of Attorney Life Insurance Beneficiary Forms Car Titles. along with passwords Tax Returns for last 2 years incl W2s and 1099s Scan to PDF and keep on CD and memory stick Ironkey storage device http://www. including where each account is and copy of Registration DD 214 (If you were in the Military) Financial Account Beneficiary Forms (such as for a 401(k) or an IRA) Status of Finance Document – quarterly summary with status of family‟s finances.

CD and memory stick Return to List of Lists .

17153&creative=399353&creativeASIN=B002LASCU2 .

50 Cal Flintlock Marlin 30-30 Reloading supplies from Brownells or Cabelas Cross Bow with spare bolts and broadheads Air guns . breakfree Pelican carry case PS22 addon NVG scope fits to ACOG Type: Remington 870.premium performance Pellet guns . Winchester Model 70 or Remington 700.50 cal Flintlock .22 cal) Bolt Gun (.223 cal) Black Powder Squirrel Gun Black Powder Pistols Black Powder Rifle Western style carbine Ammunition Eye and ear protection Cleaning equipment Carrying cases Scopes Trijicon tritium night sights Spare parts Gunsmithing tools Targets and target frames Barska combo wrench .or 770 with scope Remington Model 700 .44 mag pistol cartridge by cutting it down Page 91 .5 inch M Mossberg Plinkster with scope or AR-7 survival gun Savage. brushes.topairgun.308 cal) Bolt Gun (.com/product/PY-1828-3699 Beeman Crow Magnum pellets Note: it is possible to convert a .22 cal pellet gun Pellets.Firearms Need: 12 ga Shotgun Hunting Gun (. oil. high performance Seismic intrusion detection set Reloading equipment and supplies Beeman http://www.model AW11167 Multi-tool for M4 Front Sight firearms training Rods. Mossberg 500 Security (or Maverick 88 or 90 changed to a 18.308 cartridge to .32 Cal Flintlock .

htm http://www. uses Glock 22 9mm mags Note: Model 7615 Camo . accepts AR15 mags Page 92 .Firearms Brenneke 12 ga rifled slugs Surefire foreend flashlight mount for 12 Ga shotgun with tactical trigger switch McMillan Trijicon tritium sights Ammo Wrist Rocket Slings Bipods Gun racks Red Dot Scopes Magazines Other models Remington leather Ching Slings by Galco by Harris Note: cheaper steel cased ammo is often made in Russia and reportedly fowls the weap Leeper Golden Image http://betaco.trijicon.223 Kel Tek Sub-2000.

Reason: Link Ammo: Link:

k 88 or 90 changed to a 18.5 inch Mossberg barrel, model 90015) For small game 770 with scope Training and varmint Saiga .308 uses AK47 type action 5.56 (.223cal) H & McC $672.50

also for parts

Also see Hodgdon

uses 3v battery CR123A for 60 hr life

or similar multi tool


100 or 125 gram broadheads Hill Pump

Barnett Revolution uses 22 inch bolts GAMO .22 whisper with scope 950 fps

Beeman Mock 12.5 break barrel, Feinwerkblau, Gamo, RWS, Benjamin or Sheridan sing Raptor pelets

PSR-1A See the Hodgdon as a source, also the "Hodgdon Annual"

Page 93


Russia and reportedly fowls the weapon more rapidly.

requires the installation of a third swivel stud behind the trigger guard


Page 94

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Muzzy makes good broadheads

sper with scope 950 fps

Gamo, RWS, Benjamin or Sheridan single or multipump guns in .177 and .22 calibers

Page 95

Firefighting List

Now that you have all of those flammables on hand (see the previous list) and the prospect of looters shooting tracer ammo department. Even without looters to consider, you should be ready for uncontrolled brush or residential fires, as well as the




Fire Extinguishers

Type ABC

one per vehicle plus

Fire fighting rig with an adjustable stream/mist head 2” water line from your gravity-fed storage tank (to provide large water volume for firefighting) Smoke and CO detectors. Upgrade your retreat with a fireproof metal roof. Battery powered.

sprayer rig available from Tractor Supp

Exterior walls need to be stone, concrete block or brick Oxygen and acytelene cylinders (filled) should be stored away from inhabited structures. Fire retardant spray for materials FLAME Check FC-1055

Page 96

Firefighting List

spect of looters shooting tracer ammo or throwing Molotov cocktails at your house, think in terms of fire fighting from start to finish without th brush or residential fires, as well as the greater fire risk associated with greenhorns who have just arrived at your retreat working with wood s

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sprayer rig available from Tractor Supply Company

Page 97

Firefighting List er ammo or throwing Molotov cocktails at your house. think in terms of fire fighting from start to finish without the aid of a fire well as the greater fire risk associated with greenhorns who have just arrived at your retreat working with wood stoves and Return to List of Lists ctor Supply Company Page 98 .

) Buy a full minor surgery outfit (inexpensive Pakistani stainless steel instruments) Bandages for veterinary use may be very cheap (for animal use) pharmacy qual Note: Veterinary drugs are often Butane Lighter (5 pack) Matches large store large quanties in sealed plastic 5 gal buckets or in spare ammo cans Matches small Tablets Ibuprofin 100 (200 mg) Chapstick (30 SPF) 2 tube Toothbrush (2) Multi-vitamin (250) Non-Aspirin (50 each 500 mg) acetaminophen Antibiotic crème 1oz Neosporin Bacitracin $2.First Aid_Minor Surgery List When tailoring this list. spool.htm Prescription drugs: Ciprofloxin broad spectrum antibiotic Moxicillan or other broad spectrum antibiotic Azithromycin Antibiotic for yeast infections Bactrim Medical items for drive away kit: calvetsupply.nitro-pak. extensive use of open flames.50 at Dollar General Band aids (60) ¾ inch Sunblock lotion (45 SPF) 1 sm btl Peroxide (3 %) 16 and a greater likelihood of gunshot wound doctors or high tech medical diagnostic equipment. even have to learn. a elements. Loperamide (Imodium) 12 caplets Aspirin (300) (325 mg) Travel kit (mens) with scissors and nail clippers Tweezers (slant and square) 1 ea Safety pins medium Thread. nylon clear Toothpaste Alcohol swabs 100 Q-TIPS Vaseline Cotton Swabs Thermometer Head lice shampoo Page 99 . et cetera. Then consider axes. consider your neighborhood going for many months without power. extraction tools. Put a strong emphasis on burn treatment first aid supplies. Don‟t overloo filling http://www. or you will have the opportunity to put them in the hands of someone experienced who needs Need: Recommendations: Link: Need: CLS bag or backpack Surgical Kit Burn Kit Dental Kit http://www. chainsaws and tractors being wielded by newbies.

and ABB+ receives B+. O-.receives B-. O-.first-aid-product. O+. gives to A+. corn starch for drying anti-radiation thyroid [KIO3] pills See surv blog article about making your own KIO3 pills Desitin ointment Epsom salts Apple cider vinegar Roll bandages Tongue depressors Squeeze bottle for irrigating wounds Pen light for exams and emerg lighting CPR Barrier Gloves nitrile Instant hot pack Triangular bandages Saline solution Eye cup & eye solution for aid in removeal of foreign matter from eyes Foldable stretcher http://www. can give to AB+ Page 100 . AB+.1% Benadrill antihistimine (not the decongestant variety) Gloves. B+ and AB+ O.html Burn gels http://www. O+. and can give to all. A-. A+. A-.receives A-. gives to O+. sprains.Calvetsupply. gives to B+ and AB+ B. B-. and ABAB+ receives all (universal recipient). etc Steri-strips for wounds Milk of Magnesia Gauze pads and plastic tape Ace wraps usable for bruises. gives to A+ & AB+ A. as a sling. and O-. AB+.receives universal donor A+ receives A+. as a bandage or a bandage holder Epi-pen for severe allergic reactions Electrolyte Gatorade Yellow immunization record book Cold packs Mole skin Mirror Tinactin crème Foot powder baby powder.htm Hand sanitizer Baking soda (large bag avail at Walmart) Medical blood type transfusion cross ref list: O+ receives O+ and O-. B-. and can give to Butterfly sutures Anti-acid pills Hydrocortazone crème .First Aid_Minor Surgery List Want list: Betadyn iodine ticture source at www.frostcpr. unsterile Nitrile. and O-. latex.

receives AB-. see first aid list on page 362 Page 101 . A-. B-. Quik-Clot.The Capsule Machine & Tamper (0) + 500 Gel Caps (CAPMC0+500GEL) Order above from purebulk. and O-.make your own capsules 1 .01g x 100g (BLADE) 1 .com/cappingsupplemen combat application tourniquet CAT U.Potassium Iodate 100g (KIO3-00100) 1 or similar facility from Lundin's book When All Hell Breaks Loose .com/gp/product/B000KN470Q/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie KIO3 .com capping instructions at http://www. Navy Hospital Corpsman handbook Hemcon. Blade Series.First Aid_Minor Surgery List AB. gives to AB+ and AB- Spare ammo cans for storage and organizing of supplies Patriotnurse youtube videos Storage box for med kit med recommendations Stanley FatMax 28 inch http://www.S. Digital Gram. 0.EDTA Calcium Disodium 250g (EDTAC00250) 1 . Celox and Zeolite Training from Medicalcorps.

add the possibility of no access to t first aid supplies. scissors may be very cheap for animal use) pharmacy quality Note: Veterinary drugs are often manufactured in the same plants as drugs for human use.First Aid_Minor Surgery List extensive use of open flames. tape. cost per dose very low r in spare ammo cans Page 102 .) This is going to be a big list! Return to List of Lists ts/emergency-preparedness/1st-aid/surgical-kits/emergency-surgical-and-suture-kit Water-Jel burn dressings. and sentries standing picket shifts exposed in the ter likelihood of gunshot wounds. You may meone experienced who needs them. With all of this. Don‟t overlook do-it-yourself dentistry! (Oil of cloves. bandages. gauze. gloves. even if you don‟t know how to use them all yet. temporary ainless steel instruments).

First Aid_Minor Surgery List or a bandage holder t making your own KIO3 pills (below) Note: Honey can be used for treatment of burns (cover with plastic wrap as it is messy and sticky!) Page 103 .

com/watch?v=DOfthwm_v3E&feature=related uct/B000KN470Q/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=survivalcom-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000KN470Q Page 104 .youtube.First Aid_Minor Surgery List http://www.

First Aid_Minor Surgery List Page 105 .

First Aid_Minor Surgery List as it is messy and sticky!) Page 106 .

First Aid_Minor Surgery List eativeASIN=B000KN470Q Page 107 .

plastic Deer quarters hanging bags Pressure cooker.Food Preparation List Need: Oversize Skillet Dutch Oven (pot) Huge Stew Pot Several Huge Kettles Meat Saws Gambrels Skinning Knives Gut Buckets. large Country Living grain mill Portable Propane Grill Grates. etc Pectin Pomonas Universal Pectin stores indefinitely Burr mill or hammer mill for grains Tortilla press (and masa to make tortillas) Cooking in a solar over. dish washing. yeast and vinegar for food prep To heat water on your wood stove for bathing. arms. tripods. grills. and clothes washing and similar cast iron pots Recommendation: Page 108 . stands. use an oven roasting bag as base Need for spices.

com/food/canning-preserving/jam-jelly/secrets-to-success Solar Cookers International Page 109 .life123.Food Preparation List Link: Return to List of Lists Cast iron pots require aging and should never be scrubbed clean Note: Texas has a society dedicated to preserving the art of cooking in Dutch Ovens Presto 23 quart canning model $400 Needed for canning to facilitate jelling Surejell Make natural pectin by boiling down apples (10 lbs) http://www.

shtml Page 110 .Food Preparation List g down apples (10 lbs) to 1 quart ning-preserving/jam-jelly/secrets-to-successful-jam-or-jelly.

per year. including making improvised solar ovens Oxygen absorbers Page 111 . Folgers instant has a shelf life of 1 year.) Whole corn stores much longer than cracked corn or corn meal. sugar. Use for baking bread. sorghum. per year (Part of this can be in the form of pasta. after which flavor may deteriorate buy plenty of extras for barter Powdered Milk Powdered Butter (dehydrated) Canned Fruit and Vegetables Canned Meats Sugars Coffee Canning jars. Walmart pool supplies section 15 lb bags Multiple kinds. (Grind your own. and various jams and jellies. two year supply per family member rotate stock continuously. per year Beans 50 pounds per adult. mead. 220 pounds whole wheat per adult. making beer. 300 ml To produce sulfur dioxide for use as a preservative for dried apricots and other fr Buy a couple of cases of one-gallon bottles What you usually use already. Store about 20 pounds per adult. per year 20 pounds per adult. per year #10 can of "Thrive" powdered butter is $20 rotate stock continuously.Food Storage List Need: Salt Recommendation: 10 lbs of salt per member of your family Rice Wheat Corn Oats 30 lbs per adult.) Get 50 pounds per adult. The combined weight of these should be about 50 pounds per adult. molasses. etc freezer and vacuum Buy lots! 101 uses. rings & funnels Sulfur Vinegar Spices Baking soda Yeast Food storage bags Aluminum foil O2 inhibitor bags. lids. per year. per year Buy the nonfat variety. maple syrup. two year supply per family member honey.

large canning model. for low acid foods use a pressure cooker canner Protein powder Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. ViSalus program Sample Grocery shopping list Crackers Jelly Jam Preserves peanut butter reconstitutable butter dried fruit granola bars pickles pasta spagetti sauce canned fruit canned soups and stews baked beans other beans chili canned meat (chicken) canned tuna. bowls etc TP hand sanitizer tube toothpaste soap shampoo toothbrushes pet food dried Cold storage list for "root cellars" in two types. also listed on the household items list Presto 23 quart Cooking Oils. cortland. rome beauty see detailed list with prices below Page 112 . Dry and Moist Dry sweet potatoes Moist apples (best for storage McIntosh.Food Storage List Deer bags/Meat Bags Home dehydrator Pressure cooker. red delicious. use a boiling water canner. salmon and sardines coffee oatmeal dried cereal pancake mix biscuit mix paper towels dish towels garbage bags dried nuts paper plates. Canola Note: For High acid foods. Peanut.

butternut & acorn oranges grapefruit lemons cabbages onions carrots other root crops pears garlic turnips Canning supply list: water bath canner or pressure canner large bowls timer wide mouthed funnel jar lifter heavy towels measuring cups and spoons pot holders scrub brush strainers "Squeezo" strainer paring knives tea kettle ladles cutting board chopsticks & wooden spatulas pint and quart jars and lids collandar spare gaskets for pressure canner lid http://www.Food Storage List pumpkins winter squash.html Three good books on canning: The Ball Blue Book The Busy Person's Guide to Preserving Food The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning Other food preparation techniques and methods: Pickling Salting Dehydrating Baking bread (yeast rising) Making homemade yogurt making homemade cheeses Good sprouting seeds to eat as greens: alfalfa amaranth barley brocolli 48 lbs per bushel homemade dehydrator plans sprout by rinsing seeds in warm water 3 times a day keep in jar with cheesecloth over the top keep the jar in the dark Page 113 .com/squeezo-strainer.canningpantry. hubbard.

Kidney beans $. Armour Treat 9 oz can $1. and beans. canned $.74 Price check 16 Feb 2011 Vegetables: Chick or beef bullion cubes 3. and lentiles.99 Chili 15 oz $.5 oz $ Butter beans $.3 gallons pumpkin radish rye soy spelt Soybeans 60 lbs based on 13% moisture sunflower wheat 60 lbs based on 13. Tomato sauce 8 oz $. According to the LDS.about. Stewed tomatoes $.29 Sloppy Joe mix 15.58 Sardines.5 oz $ Spam.htm a one year supply of food on hand LDS food storage calculator for one yr Mortar and pestle can be used to grind grain in small quantities Milling and hulling machines from Olden Days Store.75 and 5 oz $.09 Roast Beef. lentils oats 32 lbs Note: 8 dry gallons makes a bushel as in: peas liquid measure 1 bushel = 9. Red Salmon 7. Veneta.5 % moisture Low tech food processing & thresher machine plans from Itech. recommend quantities http://lds. OR 97487 Diotomaceous earth (DE) for multiple uses use as a natural pesticide for dry stored grains Neem seed kernel powder to use as a natural pesticide Note that most Mormons are encouraged to maintain http://lds. Black beans 16 oz $. canned 12.89 Tuna canned 5 oz $. Canned 12 oz can $3.5 oz $ Grape Jelly 32 oz $ Diced tomatoes & Chili 14 oz $ Baked beans 16 oz $.Food Storage List buckwheat cabbage clover flax Ezekiel 4:9 Take thou also unto thee wheat. and barley.about.5 oz Chicken. Pork & beans $.htm (minimum) for one year Food Storage your family will need: 3 6 9 1 7 4 Grocery store list (Store A): Meats: Vienna Suasage 9 oz $.5% moisture corn 56 lbs based on Page 114 . WA 360-647-0975 Corn husking peg or right hand glove with peg riveted to the palm Food shelf life advice http://shelflifeadvice.

Salad dressing 30 oz 1.5 oz $.49 Bleach gallon size unscented Clorox Page 115 .80. canned Direct purchase from local Grain Mill: wheat oats corn barley rye soybeans millet buckwheat Other Supplies: Ziplock bags Presto 1 gal 120 ea $6.99 Scotch Brite cleaning pads 3 ea $1.99 Decon rat poison 12 oz $3.99 Applesauce 46 oz $1.99 Ramen noodles $.00 Mayonaise Shortening Rice in 10 and 20 lb bags Flour Dried Beans corn meal muffin mix box Corn Meal Fruit drink powdered Flavored Gelatin Dry mix Soup Sweeteners: Sugar 10 lbs $6.59 Jelly & Jams 32 oz $1.50 Green Beans $.59 Asparagus 14.99 Beef or Chicken broth 32 oz $1. Del Monte $.65 Brown Sugar Molasses Corn Syrup Instant Mashed Potatoes 15 oz $1. canned Canned fruit Fruit cocktail Peaches 29 oz Powdered milk 32 oz $6. Pancake Syrup Soups.79 Bar Soap 3 pk $1.Food Storage List Mixed Vegetables.49 Dish detergent Sunsations 25 oz $.88 Ajax cleaner $.59 Fruits.49 Corn $. Bon Ami $.99 Crisco Veg Oil 1 gal (128 oz) $5. baking Baking Powder Baking Soda 4 lb $$1.19 Beets.40 Ammonia $. carrots or mixed veg $.50 Yeast.69 Spinach 13.89 Other Food: Peanut Butter Peter Pan 40 oz $3.50 Beans $.50 Tomato Catsup 64 oz $4.39 Quaker Oatmeal lg 42 oz $2.99 Coffee instant Folgers 12 oz $6.29 Bleach 96 oz $.5 oz $.95 Vinegar Salt 26 oz $.85 Laundry detergent 170 oz liquid $3.50 Lentils lb $.09 to $1.68 Shampoo bottle 15 oz $.96 Spagetti sauce Spagetti (pasta) 1 lb $.75 BBQ sauce Macoroni Cheese box 25 oz.39 Steel wool 10 pads $2.18 each Pickles 1 gal $2.69 to $1.

Food Storage List Page 116 .

com/ Page 117 .8 years. In this form it is often called E220.Food Storage List Storage Life: Indefinite Link: Some can be in the form of salt blocks. my Note: Pinto beans cook up in 10 minutes no overnight soaking "Morning Moo" from Auguson Farms. Indefinite (honey can be de-crystalized thru low heat. animal feed store available Storage life is +/.amazon. then hard as a rock. but some say 20 years. mead. Whole wheat storage life is 30+ years whole corn storage life is 8 to 12 years 3 to 7 years 7 years max.html (part of the LDS essential four: powde 2 Years 2 Years Various. In winemakeing E220 d. & cannot be reconstituted nitrogen packed dry milk has a 5+ year shelf life brown rice has more nutrients "wheatberry" is the whole wheat kernel grains can be stored in food grade 5 gallon plastic buckets with seal gasket lids.shelfreliance. 95-110 F is adequate) a preservative for dried apricots and other fruits due to its antimicrobial properties. UT http://www. etc Note: Vacumn bagging system needs a large roll of bag material Commercial extra large roll g improvised solar ovens http://www. making beer.

red delicious. rome beauty Note: apples must be stored away from potatoes and onions Page 118 .Food Storage List food between 40 and 140 F is in danger of spoiling ortland.

Food Storage List Presto 23 quart pressure canner er 3 times a day Page 119 .

oil $.49 Baked beans 16 oz $.5 oz $1.Food Storage List e lnch mt can 12 oz $1.52.75 oz $.37 Spam.79 Pink Salmon 14. canned 3.55 Stewed tomatoes $. 8 quarts to 2 gallons or one peck.49 Tomato sauce 8 oz $. Therefore 8 gallons to one bushel.49 Black beans 16 oz $.99 Tuna canned in water $.efn.69 Kidney beans $.79 Chicken & dumplings $1. and fitches.59 Sloppy Joe mix 15.html Nearest LDS canning centers: 4 2 3 1 9 Grocery store list (Store B) Meats: Vienna sausage 5 oz $. 4 pecks to 1 bushel. [according] to 4 quarts to one gallon.55 Red Salmon 7.5 oz $. and barley.19 Grape Jelly 32 oz $1. and beans.65 see calculator below http://www.55 Pork & beans $.25 Page 120 . and put them in one vessel.99 Vegetables: Price check 4 Mar 2011 Chick or beef bullion cubes 3.29 Butter beans $.29 Diced tomatoes & Chili 14 oz $. and millet. and make thee bread thereof.85 Beef stew 24 oz $1.5 oz $1. and lentiles.75 oz $1. http://www.

19 Spagetti (pasta) wh wheat 1 lb $.29 Dried great northern beans 32 oz $1.35 Evap milk can $.99 Mayo 30 oz 1.49 Jelly.49 Spagetti sauce 26 oz $1. canned $. carrots or mixed veg $.99 Beef or Chicken broth 32 oz $1.15 each Pickles Vinegar Salt 26 oz $.79 Peaches 29 oz $1.19 Macoroni Cheese box 25 oz $.19 Tomato Catsup 32 oz $1. Jam.45 Green beans or Peas $.69 Powdered milk 25 oz for 8 qts $5.49 Fruit cocktail 15 oz $. mayo Large size alum wrap and plastic wrap One gallon size vegetables Page 121 .49 & $.19 Bleach 96 oz $.19 Beets.69 Spinach 13.19 Sweetened cond milk 14 oz $1.99 Salad dressing 30 oz 1.5 oz $. canned Mandarin oranges 11 oz $.49 Rice Flour Dried beans pinto 32 oz $1.5 oz $.19 BBQ sauce 18 oz $1.89 Mustard 14 oz $.29 Fruit Drink powdered Dry soup mix Soups.29 Applesauce flv 23 oz $1.99 Applesauce pln 25 oz $1.29 Oatmeal 42 oz $1.49 Dried lentils Other food: Peanut Butter 18 oz $1.29 Corn meal muffin mix box $.59 Fruits.59 Asparagus 14.79 .99 Baking Soda Vegetable Oil 48 oz $1.Food Storage List Mixed Vegetables Corn crm or whole $.98 Pancake syrup 24 oz $1.99 Shortening 48 oz $3. Preserves Ramen noodles 12 pk $1.35 Benita corn mash mix 4.59 Wholesale-Restaurant Supply House list and ideas: Individual serving packettes of catsup.69 Sweeteners: Molassas Corn Syrup Instant mashed potatoes 13 oz $1.4 lbs $2.

Food Storage List Page 122 .

see below Source: Costco part of the LDS essential four: powdered milk (regular non-fat).com/buy_wheat_whole_grain_red_white_wheat_berries_making_bread_flour.wikipedia.aspx stic buckets with seal gasket lids. http://www. whole wheat. In winemakeing E220 is 220 parts per 2 gallons = one peck. duram. honey and salt) n called E220.Food Storage List Return to List of Lists Note: 5 gallon plastic http://www. mylar liners can be added.aspx Page 123 . 4 pecks = 1 bu.pleasanthillgrain. and O2 depletion packettes also can be added. red or white wheat http://en.pleasanthillgrain. Expell oxygen by filling contents to n Note: one bushel dry measure is 8 gallons dry measure. food grade with rubber seal lids stack well and are air tight.

Food Storage List es and onions Page 124 .

Food Storage List Page 125 . Page 126 .Food Storage List gallons to one bushel. http://www.

Food Storage List Page 127 .

Food Storage List Page 128 .

see below Page 129 . wait for it to sublimate completely.aspx added. then test for lack of o ead_flour. Expell oxygen by filling contents to near top. then put on a small piece of dry ice.Food Storage List ht.

Food Storage List Page 130 .

Food Storage List Page 131 .

Food Storage List Page 132 .

Food Storage List Page 133 .

Food Storage List Page 134 .

Page 135 .Food Storage List limate completely. then test for lack of oxygen by putting match to the atmosphere.

clean Spare fuel can racks Axle grease Lithium and non-lithium grease guns with spare grease 2-wheeled wheel barrow for transporting firewood Filler device to transfer propane from large tanks to small ones Page 136 . bituminous (soft) for blacksmithing Rags .Fuels and Lubricants List Need: Firewood Strike Anywhere Matches Thermite Fire Starters Solar Fire starter from Radio Shack Refined Fuels: Propane in portable tanks Lots of 2-Stroke Mixing Oil Gasoline Diesel Kerosene Ability to make alcohol for use in an alcohol stove Coal.

.Fuels and Lubricants List Recommendations: 8 cords per small house per year for heating and cooking Lots of them. 2-stroke generators. etc.) cheaper. Tractor Supply has the large size bottles It cannot be substituted (chainsaws. weed eaters. ethynol stove. dirt bikes. stored properly they wont go bad. also uses anything that will burn Thrift store as source for vehicle exterior mounting 5 gal bucket insert foam or liquid for solid wheels or get spare inner tubes ks to small ones Page 137 . Marine 2-stroke oil should no Stabilize with STABIL Stabilize with anti-bacterial agent Similar to Jet A fuel Kelly Kettle. they are also good for barter Starting fires in the woods or used to easily start a larger thermite reaction..

weed eaters. Spare bottles for exchange Propane is a good value. Marine 2-stroke oil should not be substituted Note: K-1 is the higher quality. cleaner burning kerosene Kelly Kettle boils water super fast! Page 138 . s.Fuels and Lubricants List Link: Note: a true cord of wood is 48 x 48 x 96 inches http://www..dbcpyrotechnics.) cheaper..

Fuels and Lubricants List Return to List of Lists Propane is a good value. Page 139 .

Tools+ spares for barter/charity See Tools page Non-hybrid “heirloom” seed assortments tailors to different climate zones are available from The Ark Institute Get started with medicinal herbs such as aloe vera (for burns). echinacea (purple cone flower). but there are at least 8 other grains on the preferred list "the produce from one seed of corn can feed an adult for one day" Native American Indians had the three sisters: corn. and milkjug greenhouse Black plastic for ground cover Double dug method of aerating the soil is turning over the lower soil but returning upper level soil to its upper location For extending the growing season. gate hardware Long-term storage non hybrid (open pollinated) seed. Herbs Heirloom seeds.Gardening List Need: Materials for a deer-proof and rabbit-proof fence Top Soil/Amendments/Fertilizers. cold non-hybrid Single wheeled cultivator Merrill frost free spigots for water supplies Greenhouse. See detailed list below http://www. valerian. field and sweet beans. barbed wire and chicken wire.html Recommendations: Mesh fencing and tall posts. multiple kinds pop corn pumpkin okra tomatoes egg plant lettuce Page 140 . squash planted together for synergy and mutual advantage squash. several varieties Corn is the number 1 grain for survival. et cetera. and for starting plants early Clear plastic for starting corn earlier than normal (when still vulnerable to frost) Seed list: Non-hybrid or heirloom corn. beans.

and Ready Made Resources Book: Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Solomon Wild rice (genus Zizania _and_Seeding___Our_Best_Seed_Spreader___3100 1?Args= http://www.not the regular rice genus Oryza) Jabber seeder used to fill in blank spots in a seeded row http://www. forage and making syrup cane mill .lehmans. seeds types and numbers in their package deal: 25 Vegetable Varieties Green Beans 272 seeds Page 141 . Everlasting Seeds.will germinate there are 3 _and_Seeding___Lehman_s__Best_Seed_Planter__ _H737359?Args= http://www.Gardening List Seed sources: Seed Savers Waist mounted hand cranked seed broadcaster Seed planters and spreaders note: use 2 single row corn planters connected together with boards to make a 2 row planter rows should be not more than 40 inches http://www. Seed for Security. the right distance is the width of your roto tiller Non-Wheat-Barley-Oats grains amaranth millet sorghum bamboo milo sugar cane broomcorn Non-traditional grains seed from health food store that made by CeCoCo. one of them multipurpose for grain. a Japanese company for making brooms From the Survival Seed Vault list of Heirloom Organics website.tractorsupply.

Fast growing.Gardening List Beans are easy to grow & delicious in the pod. Lettuce can be eaten in weeks. Bibb Lettuce 2.600 seeds A favorite in Ceasar Salads. (early) fresh shelled. It contains high levels of antioxidants. immature flower heads. Eat as baby or full grown. Romaine Lettuce 5. (mid-season) or dry shelled (lateseason).800 seeds Bibb is an excellent source of necessary iron and vitamins E and C. Peas 360 seeds Page 142 . Mustard Greens 1. cool-season biennial that is grown for the thickened root it produces in its first growing season. Grows on window sills year-round. A real superfood! Eat young AND mature. Carrots960 seeds Carrot is a hardy.000 seeds Broccoli is grown for its edible. Very nutritious.500 seeds Excellent source of vitamins & minerals & antioxidants. Harvestable around the calendar. grown indoors with little light and year-round. Broccoli 2.

In an extreme condition: use human urine diluted 1 to 8 with water for fertilizer. Radishes 650 seeds Easy to grow and ready to harvest in just 3 to 6 weeks. Winter varieties produce large fall harvested To simulate bird digestion of seeds to promote germination use gibberelic acid (GA3) Apple trees: possible good varieties based on disease resistance: Geneva 11 and Geneva 16 rootstocks with Freedom. peas are at their tastiest immediately after harvest. and Enterprise cultivars grafted on. Liberty. Its status as a staple is second only to rice. They grow best during spring and early summer. Corn sheller from ENasco or Lehmans Grain mill from Nasco http://www.430 seeds Spring turnip crops are best harvested while the weather is still cool. Page 143 .com/product/C08911N# http://www. Beefsteak Tomato 500 seeds The most popular garden vegetable crop. tomatoes come in a wide range of sizes shapes and colors.enasco.Gardening List Like corn. The flavor is improved by light frost Wheat 6.960 seeds Wheat is the world's largest cereal-grass crop. Turnips 4.enasco. Squash: Winter 68 seeds Winter squash allow you to have fresh grown vegetables from your garden well into the winter months.

2 wheeled with foam filled tires Page 144 . Jenkins Garden wheel barrow. C.Gardening List Composting info in the book Humanure Handbook by J.

Gardening List Link: Return to List of Lists See Penn State University website providing info on deer resistant fencing techniques Tools The Ark Institute Page 145 .

Gardening List sorghum juice must be skimmed as it is boiled their package deal: eties Beets 320 seeds Page 146 .

highly nutritious and versatile lettuce available. Pepper 160 seeds Page 147 .000 seeds Excellent for fibre. Oats 9.000 seeds Cabbage is grown for its head of leaves. Grows well into winter & stores well. Kale 938 seeds The tender young leaves from these fast-growing plants can be eaten raw. Cabbage (2 types) 4. B2 and C. Good Omega-3 source. Leaf Lettuce 11.200 seeds Black-seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce is the easiest-to-grow. We include over 11. boiling or sautéing and fresh greens to boil or steam. minerals and vitamins B.000 seeds because you need SHORT SEASON varieties in a survival garden. which are eaten raw or cooked. Melon 120 seeds This sweet. Cultivated for over 5000 years! A staple of any survival garden.Gardening List Easy-to-grow beets produce tasty roots for baking. or cooked for soup & stir fries. succulent member of the muskmelon family was prized by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Spinach 625 seeds This nutritious. chard is a good substitute for spinach in most recipes. Page 148 . Thirst quenching fruit. Watermelon 60 seeds Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin C and a very good source of Vitamin A.Gardening List The standard bell pepper for many decades is still the largest openpollinated. cool-season crop is among the first greens ready to harvel. Tastes great in salads. Swiss Chard 188 seeds Grown for its tasty and nutritious leaves. Zucchini 75 seeds A variety of squash having an elongated shape and a smooth thing dark green rind. but its quick to turn bitter. heirloom bell you can grow. Roma Tomato 500 seeds The Roma variety is a disease resistant tomato that makes it widely available & popular with home gardeners.

barn construction http://aguayaku.List of Possible Home Businesses Return to List of Lists Leather shop Sewing shop Gristmill operator Windmill repairer.barbering Tool manufacturer. installer Water pump repairer. fill station Maker of lantern wicks and mantels Mortuary affairs provider Hair cutting . low tech drilling and pumping) Solar system installer Fence builder Propane transfer station. installer Water well driller (possible use of the Aqua Yaku techniques. repairer Carpenter services.

org/en/available-resources .http://aguayaku.

com .Return to List of Lists Homeschooling resources at www.Currclick.

or similar low grade wire like that used to tie rebar together in the concrete trade Twine Velcro Mimeograph Flatbed copier Cannon PC170 with spare toner cartridge (requires 110 v power) Grain mill. Shop.Household. Sundries Equip Need: Half Barrels Recommendations: For working in (washing cloths etc) Lots of them (20+) for home use. hunting Salt Blocks lures and farm animals Bailing wire. galvanized steel for many purposes Silicone sealant tubes for caulk gun Lehmans Amish catalog for non-electric supplies Visqueen 10 mil plastic Flame check FC-1055 "Majesty" brand cook stove Roof sprinklers roll down escape ladder for 2nd story bedrooms Phone books and yellow pages need replacement needles and thread Lots of it Available cheap at Walmart. including heavy duty sewing needle sets (several) and button carpet thread Washtubs. something not easily made If you find a working one cheap Country Living Grain Mill Page 152 . adjustable Hand operated washing machine (WonderWash) Singer treadle powered sewing machine Needles and other machine parts Hand sewing gear.

small propane cook stove with spare propane tanks Mink oil and black wax shoe polish Shoe Goo . better than new ones grocery stores for 5 gallon buckets Arsenal Inc. clean Fireplace insert with cooking surfaces may be the best use of a fireplace Chimney brushes Apt sized. Bulgarian AK-47 chambered in 5. Page 153 . cut hole in lid for plunger glue for shoes and boots Lamp oil Mousetraps Mosquito nets Five gallon plastic buckets with lids. use as a manual washing machine Washer board Laundry soap Borax Cheesecloth for making soap multiple purposes because kerosene will smoke or smell bad Rat poison spare propane tanks antique manual hair clipper. Sundries Equip Gas grill Rags.56mm late 80s Isuzu Trooper Vogelzang Double barrel adapter kit model 5VZBK50E --.

Shop.Household. Sundries Equip Vogelzang Deluxe Airtight barrel stove kit model 5VZ-BK150E Snow Peak Titanium Multi Person Compact Cook Set $74 at Cockroach and rat poisons Page 154 .

org/wiki/Mimeograph http://www.aspx http://www.florenceadams.Household. and antique shops /index.wikipedia.html Available 2nd hand at most dedicated sewing stores.treadleon. with internal water heating reservoir for back up toilet paper Page 155 .com/ Available at Amish hardware stores http://www. Sundries Equip Link: Galvanized tubs Return to List of Lists http://en.

Household. Shop. Sundries Equip one source of cheap cloth is the dollar bag of clothes sometimes offered from a thrift store. practice the use of brushes as extensive use of fireplaces will result in soot build up and Page 156 .

Household, Shop, Sundries Equip

Page 157

Household, Shop, Sundries Equip

55 gal drums used for oil available at jiffy lube type outlets

$395 replacement grinding plates $100 or model by James washer

Also Diamont brand is good (cast iron)

Need replacement belts in round leather or rubber (3/16 in diameter, 72 in long)

Page 158

Household, Shop, Sundries Equip

Page 159

Household, Shop, Sundries Equip

Page 160

Household, Shop, Sundries Equip

electric grinder:

Page 161

sinkers.Hunting_Fishing_Trapping List Need: Compound Bow Crossbow Piano Wire Steel Traps Fishing Equipment Crawfish traps Trot lines Fish traps Gill nets Knives for non-labor intensive fishing chicken wire and frame material to make traps. swivels. rod and reels Link: 3 1/2 inch stretch meshing is a common size. at a reasonable price. flo CRKT. Case. Cold Steel. depths of 6 and 9 ft are common. lead wts on bottom. Into The Primitive: Advanced Trapping Techniques by Dale Martin. and Trapping North American Furbearers by S. lines. Leatherman Wire. bobbers. green: com recommend reading Guide to Trapping by Jim Spencer. Stanley Hawbreaker (my personal favorite and can be found at yard sales a Page 162 . Buck. small gage for making snares and traps Victor rat traps Frog Gig Fish spear Bird seed for bait florist wire. hooks. gill nets Reason: Hunting Hunting Snares Hunting/Trapping Gander Mountain has a nice selection of good traps for sale.

#1 ½. spares. #2 and #4 pan traps Page 163 .Hunting_Fishing_Trapping List Accessories: Arrows Bolts broadhead blades 100 or 125 gram Return to List of Lists sale. Sizes nd can be found at yard sales and library book sales). at a reasonable price. Also get several different size traps 110 connibears. floats on top florist wire. and battery charging mon.) Night vision gear. “Buckshot” Bruce Hemming has produced an excellent series of videos on trapping and making improvised traps. maintenance. (He also sells traps and scents at very reasonable prices. green: comes in 22. 330 connibears. lead wts on bottom. 24 and 26 ga.

Hunting_Fishing_Trapping List t series of videos on trapping and ents at very reasonable prices. #2 and #4 pan traps Page 164 . #1 ½.) and battery charging onnibears.

Ibuprofen is what the military uses. Recommendations: For the outhouse Phone Books and yellow pages hand soap. BC. cleansers. etc. Floss Fluoride rinse Sunscreen Anti-fungal spray Painkillers Condoms. for soap making PMS kit. tweezers Insect repellant Latrine screen for privacy Camo net poles with funnel on end driven in gravel pit in ground for men's urinal 2 hole portable plywood folding latrine seat with toilet seat attached What works best for you. laundry soap. dish soap. loaded shotgun.Hygiene List_Sanitation List Need: Sacks of powdered lime Toilet Paper Soap in quantity Bottled lye Ladies‟ supplies Toothpaste (or powder). lipstick bulk baking soda from Walmart Large roll or 100 yard rolls at some stores Stocking up on soap in bulk is Link: or use ashes from fireplace Page 165 .

Hygiene List_Sanitation List Return to List of Lists or use ashes from fireplace Stocking up on soap in bulk is smarter and safer. Estimate a one year supply of bar soap for one person at a cost of $20 Page 166 .

Hygiene List_Sanitation List one person at a cost of $20 Page 167 .

the root of this low-growing shrub is said to be effective for a host of debilitated conditions. Artichoke Cynara scolymus Though the culinary applications of this bulbous vegetable are well known. Astragalus is rapidly gaining popularity in the West. prized Agrimony for an array of medicinal uses. Astragalus is revered in Chinese medicine for its reputation as an immune strengthening tonic. Astragalus Astragalus membranaceus Native to China and Mongolia. Ashwaganda is sometimes described as “Indian Ginseng” for the significance of this botanical in Indian pharmacopoeia. including general weakness. Ashwagandha Withania somnifera Ashwagandha is regarded as one of the great rejuvenative herbs of India. where it has had a long history of use dating back to the Romans and ancient Greeks. potentially providing a safe and natural remedy to elevated serum cholesterol levels. After introduction to North America.Plants for Medicinal Purposes Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria Agrimony was introduced to the Americas from Europe. The strong bitter qualities of artichoke leaf are said to enhance digestion by stimulating the release of bile from the liver. the traditional healing system of India. and is often included in blends with other medicinals to promote recovery in times of stress or illness. and others. impotence. and other Mediteranean peoples. It is said to augment the body‟s natural reserves and flow of energy (qi). asthma and as a sedative. infertility. this unique herb was revered for its supposed magical qualities. Artichoke has enjoyed a long tradition of medicinal use extending back to the early Greek cultures. potentially finding success with a number of deleterious conditions from slow metabolism to general debilitation. These cultures. including wound healing. Even today the healing virtues of Artichoke remain relatively obscure. According to Ayurveda. and later on preeminent English herbalist Nicolas Culpepper also touted the healing virtues of Agrimony. Agrimony gained a reputation for alleviating symptoms of fever with native peoples. Holy Basil Red & Green Ocimum tenuiflorum . During the Middle Ages.

tincture. An old Spanish saying 'He has as many virtues as Betony‟.Revered in India as a sacred plant. Over the centuries. Holy Basil is a welcome addition to the intrepid herbalist‟s garden. and parasites. neuralgia. In modern herbalism. A favorite of felines. and assist with the exorcism of bad spirits. and is said to have a strong affinity for the blood. Wood Betony is once more rising to prominence following a period of relative obscurity over the last few centuries. is believed to help bring purity and serenity to the heart and mind. flushing excess water from the body. Borage Borago officinalis Borage is originally native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Fast growing with beautiful multicolored leaves. who consider it to be a safe but effective adaptogen capable of alleviating stress and strengthening the nervous system. and food source. fevers. Catnip Nepeta cataria Native to the Old World. bronchitis. chronic catarrh. sore and inflamed eyes. Wood Betony was said to provide protection from curses. Today. bloating. The medicinal virtues of Holy Basil are no secret to modern herbalists. today Catnip is often used as a bedtime tea for its ability to calm the mind. congestion. Both the Greeks. Borage is said to be effective against weak or diminished adrenal function. Once known as the “herb of courage”. fungal and bacterial infection. Romans. Wood Betony Stachys offcinalis Once widely revered. and has a long and noble history as both and medicinal and herb of lore. Burdock Aritcum lappa Burdock has a long history of use as a detoxifying herb. and gas. it has been used as an antidote in cases of acute poisoning. inflammation. shows the esteem in which Betony was held in centuries past. or Tulsi. pneumonia and colic. pleurisy and fever. and later European cultures valued Wood Betony for its mild bitter and astringent qualities. Common preparations of burdock include decoction. stomach and abdominal problems. Catnip also became a popular medicinal herb of numerous Native American peoples. It is also regarded as a diuretic. and was often given to soldiers before entering battle. heartburn. who found value in the treating cold. Wood Betony is sometimes used to relieve headaches. in whom it elicits a state of euphoria. A wine prepared from Borage is said to bestow courage and fearlessness upon the imbiber. and with a record of usage dating back more than 2000 years. flus. Cayenne Capsicum annum . Borage flowers were used to decorate the vestaments of departing crusaders. Holy Basil. colds.

and within the last few centuries it has gained much traction in the world of medical herbalism. Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Hyssop was thought to provide protection from the evil eye and witches if adorned in the home.  avender Lavendula officinalis L Native to the Mediterranean basin. Today Hyssop is sometimes used to provide comfort to the upper respiratory system and soothe the sore throat. Today. This affinity for the liver and its functioning explain why a host of other health benefits are often ascribed to dandelion root. Fossil records indicate that hot peppers have been consumed by humans even longer. and more consistent skin tone. Dandelion Taraxacum officinale sattivum Though much harangued by some as a common weed. including: improved digestion and appetite. In ancient times. and rich in vitamin content. Cayennes and other hot peppers are the cornerstone spice of many different cuisines across the globe.Peppers are among the world‟s longest plants. Dandelion root is often described as a liver detoxifier thanks to its ability to stimulate bile production. nearly 9000 years. Codonopsis root is rapidly gaining popularity for its reputation as “poor man‟s Ginseng”. Lavender also makes a soothing tea or nervine tincture. provide additional immune support and replenish the body‟s natural reserves of energy (qi). The untreated leaves can be added to salads and other dishes and are enjoyed for their slightly bitter quality. Dandelion has long been recognized for its myriad applications in medical herbalism. enhanced mood. and has found application in medicine and magic in these regions and beyond for the last two millennia. It is also said to be effective as an expectorant and promote improved circulation and digestion. in modern times Lavender is prized worldwide for the gentle and soothing therapeutic properties. Cayenne is most widely regarded as a circulatory stimulant said to strengthen the heart and blood vessels while promoting increased vitality. Although it is commonly utilized for wound and skin healing abilities of the essential oil. Codonopsis Codonopsis pilosula One of the more common adaptogen herbs of Chinese medicine. Codonopsis is said to help lower elevated blood pressure. with a history extending back nearly 7000 years. Regarded by some as a „cure-all‟. A hardy and familiar addition to any herb garden! Marsh Mallow Althea officinalis .

Milky Oat Avena sativa Although Oat Straw in unlikely to elicit the same enthusiasm as other nervine or adaptogen herbs. scrapes. indigestion. underscoring the significance of this handsome herb to Greek healers. Great Plantain Plantago purshii Native to Europe and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. astringent and vulnerary and is commonly used topically to assist with burns. Valerian root takes on a unique and distinct aroma that is not soon forgotten. and similar conditions relating to excess bleeding and inflammation. treat lung conditions. and as a topical agent it is said to be anti-inflammatory. Such properties were recognized by Hippocrates and Galen. Marsh Mallow has been used to soothe coughs. Plantain has traditionally been used to relieve diarrhea. inflammation. general fatigue and a host of other nervous imbalances. Marsh Mallow was widely used as a medicinal by the Greeks and Romans and other Mediterranean cultures of the ancient world. Traditionally. 16th century herbalist John Gerard attributes the name of this botanical to its reputation for quickly „sealing‟ external wounds and even broken bones. constipation. sore throats. Plantain is classified as a diuretic. Milky Oats make a worthy addition to any herbalists medicine cabinet. Valerian Valeriana officinalis Popular in the marketplace today for problems relating to anxiety and insomnia. as in medieval Sweden where new grooms carried Valerian in their wedding clothes to ward off the “envy” of the elves. Blue Vervain Verbena hastata . external scrapes and bruises. cuts. this humble grain has earned a reputation as an antidote for stress. bites and other mild external injuries. and general debility. The botanical name of Marsh Mallow. Althea officinalis. and also achieved some degree of popularity in Europe. Humble and hardy. antimicrobial and wound-healing. Widely regarded as one of the safest yet dependable remedies. When dried. A mainstay of traditional European Herbalism. which adopted this classical botanical‟s namesake. including indigestion. Over the centuries. Milky Oat seeds were recognized by the Eclectic school of herbalism popular in the late 19th century in the United States.Though it is known more for the confectionery marshmallow. broken bones. and Valerian remained popular following the fall of the Roman Empire. and has been said to have efficacy in treating a wide range of conditions. Solomon's Seal Polygunatum canaliculatum Solomon‟s Seal has been utilized in both New and Old World herbalism for centuries. is from the Greek “altho”. Valerian came to have unusual uses. alternative. Valerian has been used in Europe for thousands of years. which mean “to cure”.

For best quality. dry place. flowers or seeds. Cut any pieces larger than 1 inch into smaller pieces to avoid mold growth during the drying process. The ancient Druids of Ireland considered Vervain to have supernatural powers and held it in high esteem. and many other simple remedies. Wash thoroughly and pat dry. Strain out the herbs and enjoy. the use of Violet extends back hundreds of years. Hang the root pieces or lay them out on screens in a wellventilated area away from direct sunlight. Dr. Greeks. Later on. Use the infusion method when preparing a tea from leaves. leaving plenty for the plant to grow on. the leaves will crumble when touched. Edward Bach included Vervain in his 38 flower remedies to promote balance of body and mind. dark place. Store them in glass jars with tight fitting lids in a cool. Harvesting Echinacea: For medicinal purposes. Persians. syrups. coughs. Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpure Purple coneflower is useful as a natural antibiotic. if not longer. you'll want to harvest some roots and some flower tops. Decoction is the method of choice for roots. Harvesting Roots: Using a sharp knife cut off a portion of the root.Blue Vervain has a long history of use across Europe and into North Africa and western Asia. Strain out the herb and enjoy. Such preeminent healers as Hippocrates and Nicolas Culpeper utilized the moist. Other cultures to have included Blue Vervain in their pharmacopeias included the Egyptians. Other known uses for Echinacea: It is often put in combinations with other herbs. including colds. sprays. wait until your plants are 3 years old.When completely dry. most people prefer an infusion of the flowers. Cover with 1 cup of boiling water and steep for 15-20 minutes. Harvesting Flower Top: Using a sharp knife. Lay the tops on a screen or hang them upside down in bundles out of direct sunlight. To make a decoction: Combine 2 teaspoons of dried root and 1 cup of water in a saucepan. store in a tightly covered glass jar in cool. Romans and British. Echinacea teas: There are two ways to brew an herbal tea: Infusion and Decoction. When completely dry. finding applications for imbalances of the skin and eyes. antiseptics. Decoctions are very strong. it is most commonly used to boost the immune system and fight infection. It is an excellent infection fighter and is used as a powerful natural antibiotic. Cover. strep . If the pieces are large it may take several weeks for them to dry. It is known as one of the best herbs for helping enlargements and weakness of the prostrate gland. Blue Vervain has traditionally been used for a wide range of imbalances. flus and more. then reduce heat and simmer for at least 20 minutes and up to 1 hour. Over the centuries. cut the plant at the point where the first healthy leaves are growing. Make sure they aren't crowded so that air can't circulate around them. bring to a boil. some have also used Violet for problems of impaired digestion such as constipation. salves. cool properties of this botanical in their humoral systems of medicine. It can be made into tinctures. It is reported to be specially good in glandular infections and problems and as a good cleanser for glands and the lymphatic system. It has been used in ear aches. Violet Heartsease Viola tricolor Though largely forgotten in modern herbalism. To make an infusion: Place 1-2 teaspoons of dried herb or 2-4 teaspoons of fresh herb in a teapot. For a pleasant cup of tea. Using Echinacea: Although Echinacea is used to fight many different ailments.

com/Encyclopedia-Herbal-Medicine-Definitive-Reference/dp/0789467836/ .Return to List of Lists Note: for a more complete reference use one of several good books on Herbal Medicine such as: Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine





Herbal Medicine such as: pedia-Herbal-Medicine-Definitive-Reference/dp/0789467836/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1308590885&sr=1-1 .





qid=1308590885&sr=1-1 .

bees wax for shoe waterproofing Training/Skills to Pursue: Gardening EMT classes Reloading ammo Blacksmithing Welding Beekeeping skills Transportation: 3-wheeler heavy duty cargo bicycle Sailboat ? Page 184 . Wrist watch. Army tactical (2) Any elective surgery that you've been postponing “Comfort” items Pneumonia vaccination Camo by Real Tree or Advantage Vest: Second Chance Hardcorps 3 Tetenus booster Vaccinations: Hepatitis A & B Cold weather parka. NB-3 Foot powder Tinactin Ice-snow traction devices for boots . Birth control Keep dentistry up to date. wind Shoe polish. mink oil.Personal List Need: (Separate List for each Individual) Spare glasses Prescription and nonprescription medications.

000 in dimes.-there is about 715 to 718 oz of silver in the face value of $1. pre-1965 dates).Personal List Cash Precious metals: Note: the value of silver is historically 1/12th to 1/16th the value of gold Holding 90% coin silver (U. concealable (Class 2) and full (Class 3) Steel toed sneakers by Sears "Possibles" bag: Get Home Bag (GHB) paracord storage contest Page 185 .S. or any combination of them Shower bags Fingernail brushes Rags. quarters and half dollars. clean Personal mantra: 2 pair and a spare = 5 Protective clothing for outdoor living Kevlar chaps for wood cutting with chain saw Safety helmets Inner tube for personal flotation Body Armor.

Personal List Recommendations: Lens inserts for welding goggles. but requires skills development & maintenance (see Survblog discussions of pros and cons) Page 186 . welding auto darkening helmet. CDs. ( oe waterproofing must practice. requires study and experience Lee is a good brand of reloading equipment source of steel. as ag skills require development ! often must be affilitated with a Fire/Rescue/ or EMT organization meet other reloaders at local indoor firing range training with a local blacksmith guild or working museum limited enrollments somewhat complicated.industrialbicycle. games. etc Link: Execute optional crowns according to an accelerated schedule supplement digital watches with wind ups in case of EMP effects To help get through high stress times. etc. scrap for fabrications Cheaper in times of economic turmoil.) Normally only given to adults over 65 E-SAPI plates http://www. chocolates. NBC masks.rei.

broad brimmed hats for sun protection over extended periods air pump to inflate inner tube d full (Class 3) camo clothes of various types http://www.instructables. Falklands War 1982 ability to layer extensively. 10s and 20s lver is historically 1/12th to 1/16th the value of gold pre-65 coins will have value in a future barter economy but will have little use in the immediate aftermath of the crunch Cross loading principles: the lesson of the Atlantic Conveyor. 5s.Personal List small bills Instructables Page 187 .

Personal List Return to List of Lists athletic earpieces / straps for holding on glasses good brand of reloading equipment Richard Lee has written a great book explaining reloading in clear terms. of steel. scrap for fabrications Page 188 .

Personal List Page 189 .

Personal List in clear terms. Page 190 .

if you are the only family in the area with power. When possible.Power Light Heat Batteries One proviso: In the event of a “grid down” situation.vogelzang. and chimneys Link: http://www.cfm/standard-barrelkit/4. when fuel is available 4 cycle 3Kw and 2 cycle 900w Solar system would benefit from a deep discharge battery.4. your house lighting will ruin the night vision of your LP/OP pickets. 55 gal barrel heater conversion kits AGM batteries Page 191 .com/ Photo voltaic panel system with distr box and 12 v lights Blackout curtains http://www. etc Lopi is a good brand with high efficiency Solar panels by Arco See articles on European style multichamber stoves Woodstove Stove rope seals. compound and venting pipe. mantles. it could turn your house same time.lehmans. like the Trojan T-105 PV panels for 12 V Car Pal. these have no ad Need: Aladin lamp Kerosene lamps Recommendations: tall globe plenty of extra wicks. like 6 volt golf cart batteries are the those used on RVs and campers best. Make plans and buy materials in advance for m for your windows. (Unlike the older nickel cadmium se. Sovonics.harborfreight. incl 90 degree elbows http://www.html Rechargeable batteries Portable generators practice using rechargeable batteries and exercise your solar recharging capabilities below For emergency use. buy nickel metal hydride absorbant glass mat for deep cycle use Stove.

ccrane. white amengine.sundancesolar.Power Light Heat Batteries Flashlights should be LED Inverter 12 v .product_details& product_id=17&flypage=flypageBrunton Solaris 26 for solar panel and pair that with a Tekkeon 3450 MyPowerAll http://store.shtml traditional model "Eclipse" rebuilt from 1920s solbutcelbat. or other rotary power requirements Hand crank battery charger Direct solar charging of small batteries Charging advice http://www.aspx Button battery solar charger Charger for 2 batteries D Cell plastic adapters for use of AA cells in flashlights some are designed to charge 2 AA batteries which could be removed at dusk Solar yard lights LED head mtd flashlights Solar systems rigged thru the linking of coils from discarded refrigerators http://www.110 by Xantrex rechargeable batteries has sinewave inversion Winco 12 v wind generator LED lights and adapters 12v from Real Goods. CA Panasonic 12v flex light Jacobs wind generator Steam engine Wind mill for C7QK?tag=survivalacresColeman camping stove model 20&camp=14573&creative=327641& "Exponent" multifuel stove uses 3 linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=B0009 possible fuels: p? . or VC7QK&adid=035HFXXXKZXD5E9 1QAPA& kerosene (with generator) $60 Page 192 .

lowtechmagazine.html etc tinder for starting fires cotton ball with some petroleum jelly http://www.html Underground propane storage tank Page 193 .lowtechmagazine.Power Light Heat Batteries Electric and propane stoves for cooking --.alternatives! Good alkaline batteries should last for 5 .com/2010/11/boat-mills-bridge-mills-and-hanging-mills. tide water mills.7 years if stored in a cool area Pedal powered tools Floating boat water wheel mills bridge mills.

Power Light Heat Batteries ea with EverReady has new rechargeables (AGM) Kocera 48 w panels DC power loss is high.) Return to List of Lists consider lamp oil as better than Dietz lanterns 4 hrs burn per night - 26 hrs on one tank (22 oz) = 10 gals p http://www. so use large gauge wire (#6) smokestack cap with emergency closure like those used on RVs and campers Model 27 recommended by RV expert L. it could turn your house into a “come loot me” beacon at night. Page 194 .harborfreight. At the ans and buy materials in advance for making blackout screens or fully opaque curtains windows. these have no adverse charge level “memory” effect. C. admium technology.

com/ 5 or more for $22.sundancesolar.30 each at Page 195 .Power Light Heat Batteries Include an LED forehead mounted strap flashlight 15 meter tower elevated on a crows nest made of three 40 foot telephone poles http://store.

html Page 196 .Power Light Heat Batteries arms-and-factories.html e-mills-and-hanging-mills.

99 EverReady has new rechargeables arge gauge wire (#6) Page 197 .html on sale for $159.99 sometimes $149.Power Light Heat Batteries 26 hrs on one tank (22 oz) = 10 gals per year olar-panel-recharger-41427.

batteryspace.aspx Page 198 .Power Light Heat Batteries Air 403 model or newer model Air-X wind generator 5 or more for $ each at http://www.

Power Light Heat Batteries Page 199 .

Power Light Heat Batteries Page 200 .

Power Light Heat Batteries nimhrechargeablebattery.aspx Page 201 .

or bees wax Extra (ESBIT with fuel) Knee lighter. individual Sawyer water filter drinking container model SP140 --. matches Personal protection options (see firearms list) .34 oz bottle Sandpiper internal frame backpack Rags. (note: bags are rated for minimum temp F. tee shirts. underwear. topo. or water resistant boot care kit: polish or mink oil. FAA sectionals with radio and GPS Head mounted LED flashlight small flashlights. gloves Quart canteens of water or camelback system Energy bars Spare glasses with retainer straps Personal toiletries .) Lightweight sleeping bag Cash Pen and notebook Foot powder Medicines. clean Camelback water system with Sawyer filter installed in the drinking line Fire starting system and paper for kindling Small first aid kit with pain killers Small folding shovel and small fold up stove . two sets Hiking boots or combat boots Recommendations: Link: Return to List of Lists cross ref this list to the Tactical Living List preferably waterproof. "180" ear warmers. pile cap. LED keychain light plus toilet paper and wet wipes Poncho and poncho liner Tube tent Sheath knife and folding pocket knife Multifunction tool Sleeping mat Gerber or Leatherman roll depending on weather conditions. elbow pads 1 set (construction style can be camo painted) Firearms List http://www. crank MREs state hwy.Need: Durable set in plastic containers Deck of cards Maps Flashlight.

or bees wax unted LED flashlight um temp F.) m/ip/Sawyer-Inline-Water-Filter-with-34-Ounce-Bottle/8283710 can be adapted to use with a Camelback .Return to List of Lists Cross Ref to Vehicle BOB or mink oil.

Security-General Need: Security-General: Sandbags Sandbag filler expedient. cut off a traffic cone. inverted Barbed Wire Razor wire Concertina wire Broken glass mounted in concrete atop solid walls See weapons list Principles of physical security Motorcycle security chain Keyed alike padlocks 3 or 4 inch pipe section cut for pad lock protector and capped on one end Trip flares pressure treated plywood for construction Dog: Rhodesian ridgeback for security Guinneas Heavy fishing net Anti-shatter Security film for inside of windows Page 204 . and suspend it 18 inches off the ground.

anti-vehicular ditches/berms. antivehicular concrete “planter boxes”. http://www.survivalblog. ballistic protection (personal and residential). gates.installed inside hooks Page 205 .yahoo. intrusion detection/alarm systems. as much as you think you might need for defense as well as stakes to put it down with. meat.php hardened steel cap a 3-inch pipe section and cut hole prevents bolt cutters from accessing multiple uses: security. razor wire. rosebush plantings. tick and insect control cut to larger than window & door size and ready to hang on pre. etc. Note: all obstacles must be observed Common in Asian countries like Thailand layers of protection exterior obstacles (fences.Security-General Recommendations: For use as tangle foot wire.thetechherald.) Link: http://www. 5/8” diameter (or larger) locking road cables. “decorative” ponds (moats).

php/200826/1316/the-onion-how-to-layer-your-security-layer-1-part-1 cap a 3-inch pipe section and cut holes in opposite sides for chain access. Return to List of Lists Note: the approach to real estate physical security must be addressed with an attitude of layers or belts. http://answers.html Note: all obstacles must be observed. use hardened steel chain to deter bolt cutter use prevents bolt cutters from accessing Page 206 http://www.

Security-General of layers or belts. o deter bolt cutter use Page 207 .

7450. 13580. 17895 9525v. 4910. 9560. 13605. 9720. 9525 7410. 9805.Short Wave Frequencies Worldwide ALASKA ALBANIA ARGENTINA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BAHRAIN BANGLADESH BELARUS BULGARIA CANADA RCI CANADA CBC CHINA CROATIA CUBA CZECH REP ECUADOR EGYPT ETHIOPIA FRANCE GERMANY GHANA GREECE GUYANA HUNGARY INDIA INDONESIA IRAN 6150. 9920 6115. 15700 9610. 9470. 5995. 9910. 9955. 6115. 6005. 2325. 7465 9690. 17740 6160. 7160. 6080. 6190. 7330. 15150v 6010. 4835. 9890. 11710. 11970. 11935. 7385. 6180. 9580. 13740. 15235. 9400. 6200. 15605. 13710. 11995. 15020. 9400. 6180. 11600. 9505. 7320. 6950. 13675. 9735. 17800. 15230. 15630. 5025. 13650. 15710 6050. 13730 6010 7185 7360. 11620. 15240 7285. 11690 6000. 5945. 7345. 9435. 11785. 15460. 9570. 7225. 11885. 6155. 13680. 9745. 9690. 9785. 12105. 6020. 7385. 11900. 9580. 6140. 9755. 11615. 9935. 9865. 9990. 9500. 9790. 11760 5930. 7325. 5950 5980. 7280. 15515. 17660 . 15275 4915 7475. 13630. 6080. 9625 5960. 15375. 7285. 9690. 11885. 9730. 15160. 13675. 7315. 17510. 6060. 9420. 9560v 5920. 11695. 7270. 9710. 6040. 9765. 9870. 15275. 9700. 7390. 7420 7400. 9755. 17525 3291. 9590. 9870. 17670. 9430. 11880. 11725. 12045. 7425. 5990. 11650. 21620 5905. 15365. 7355. 11700 4680. 15155. 9770. 6020. 9705. 15075. 9475. 15345 2310. 9445. 7240. 15240. 6035. 9950. 9660. 9855. 6120. 12080. 9425. 11900. 11645. 7240. 9565. 11700. 2485. 6300. 17715. 11715. 13670. 15230. 15160. 6250. 11690. 6025. 17835 7165. 9550. 7285.

11730. 9690. 5470. 11735. 6120. 6185. 11695. 11935. 9640. 7120 11720. 15720. 12010. 15180 7275. 17535. 13760. 13840. 9975. 7180. 15270. 11535. 15525. 13650. 6115. 6985. 15355. 9610. 9795. 9560. 9650. 11970. 6040. 17720 7130. 15295 6185 6235 12085 5986 5005 6020. 15135. 7570. 7380. 11895. 17665. 11675. 9525 6055. 9535. 11725. 13650. 6035. 9345. 9525 7320. 11655. 11690. 17835 3385. 17825. 11545. 21610. 15640. 6145. 9850. 15100. 5950. 9755. 6010. 15100. 7275. 9750. 17845. 9335. 9640. 9840. 12015. N KOREA. 9570. 11740. 15575 7145 4760. 15315. 4960. 4405. 7230. 17675 7255. 17810 3935. 9875 7295. 17745 6240. 12065. 17870. 15595. 11715. 6285. 9345. 12080. 7530. 9730. 15425 12000 6100 . 9770. 9895. 7170. S LAOS LIBERIA LIBYA LITHUANIA MALAYSIA MEXICO MOLDOVA MONGOLIA MYANMAR NEPAL NETHERLANDS NEW ZEALAND NIGERIA OMAN PAKISTAN PAPUA NEW GUINEA PHILIPPINES POLAND ROMANIA RUSSIA SENEGAL SERBIA 6280.ISRAEL ITALY JAPAN JORDAN KOREA. 15105. 9345. 6110. 15195. 17725. 9870. 6120. 9760. 11800 5975. 11570. 9875. 11885. 6090. 7145. 21695 7325. 13665. 6165. 6150. 9515. 7105. 7250. 9505. 17810. 15120 15140 6215. 21670 11690 3560. 9325. 11710. 9990. 9710. 7350. 12030. 7545. 15190. 7150. 17725. 9765. 15760. 17685. 7120. 17600 5965.

7160. 13640. 11885. 13735. 6350-USB. 5960.SINGAPORE SLOVAKIA SOLOMON IS. 9545 3345. 15465 7245 5890. 12035 TURKMENISTAN 4930. 15360. 9680. 11905. 7240. 9885. 7240. 9330-LSB. 5830. 9955 3215. 11735. 17810 4319-USB. 12095. 13362-USB 4930. 5015 UGANDA UKRAINE UK UNITED NATIONS USA AFRTS USA VOA USA KAIJ USA WBCQ USA WEWN USA WRMI USA WWCR VANUATU 4976. 11750. 9750. 15215. 15785. 7570. 9660. 9925 5875. 1995. 15150. 7205. 7130. 7405. 12150. 7560.5-USB. 6005. 6110. 6125. 9740. 11850. 5755. 9660. 6130. 5975. 9760. 11920. 9480. 9440 5020v. 9810. 15235. 13610 5950. 12133. 12085. 11890. 9410. 9525. 9805. 12160. 11655. 9840. 6080. 9975. 7320. 11550. 15400. 7445. 7811.5-USB. 9535. 15105. 15240 9330. S AFRICA SPAIN SRI LANKA SUDAN SURINAME SWEDEN SYRIA TAIWAN TAJIKISTAN THAILAND TIBET TURKEY 6080. 11975. 6020. 9770. 9480 5110-LSB. 13600. 6040. 9680. 7465. 7125. 9565. 5850. 4905. 7280. 11550. 13755. 7415. 10320-USB. 9985. 5765-USB. 17830. 7130. 15255. 13720 4990 6010. 11625. 17640. 7260v . 9450. 6105. 9785. 5070. 5935. 12015.5-USB. 15575. 7390. 6195. 9685. 9490 5960. 15745v 4750. 9955. 17770 6055. 11765. 9785. 9355. 9645. 13770 4820. 9725. 4960. 6150 7230. 7420. 7240. 7170. 7175. 17595 7385. 15285. 15825 3945v. 9525. 11675. 12759-USB. 6050. 5446. 5026 5820. 18910-LSB 5810. 11680 6005. 9680. 6055. 13710.

Many countries are better heard in non-English broadcasts. 9840. Many are easily heard. 15595 6175. 11850. including exotic music. 6165 11735 Updated 1/20/07 English-Language Shortwave Frequencies Audible In North America By Glenn Hauser Exclusively For C. No SW frequency operates 24 hours. Longer frequency lists for these give you more chances to hear something directed elsewhere. More than one station may be involved under some countries. some are difficult and rarely audible. 5885. all of them shown here are relays. 9610.) Do not assume any particular frequency is actually coming directly from the Some major countries no longer broadcast intentionally to North America. 11740. Nigeria. . or only in ID announcements (Mexico). Shortwave Listening Tips: In North America listen to Asia and Australia in the morning and listen to Europe at night. Sudan). 7250. Germany. (In the case of China. Country of origin is shown. 9635. Some stations only air a few minutes of English. Many of the frequencies are relayed from elsewhere. 9660. 7285. 12020 9780v 4910. Inc. or even outside broadcasts to that country (Liberia. You may not hear anything unless you are listening at the right time. 11625. 7365. or only language lessons (Ecuador). such as Australia. 6185. Explore the dial and you will hear many fascinating things. South Africa. 7305. UK.VATICAN VIETNAM YEMEN ZAMBIA ZANZIBAR 4005. 9310. 9645. or you may hear another language. 5915. 7360. or you may hear some other country sharing the frequency. 13765. This is a quick-reference list of frequencies from each country which carry some English and which may be heard in North America. Many of the strongest signals from strictly religious broadcasters in the US and elsewhere are not shown. 9755. Crane Company.

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The market is crowded with rip-off artists and scammers. Synthetic double-bag (modular) sleeping bags for each person Night vision gear + IR floodlights for your retreat house Subdued flashlights and penlights. Late issue Third Generation (also c can cost up to $3. Sandbags Page 213 . you will be able to say between the Jones place and the Smith‟s ranch?” They will be impressed. has a high “line pa to buy your Starlight gear from a reputable dealer. Make a phone number/e-mai on the map.500 each. Russian-m for under $100. Buy some extra for barter. Make sure to specify that that the tube is new or “low hours”. Mo the property lines and owner names of all of your surrounding neighbor‟s parcels (in pencil) in at least a five mile radius. so you can mark it up just like a military commander‟s map board. but remembe help you get to know your neighbors: When you are introduced by name to one of them when in town.Tactical Living List Adjust your wardrobe buying toward sturdy earth-tone clothing. Stock up on some boxes of green and brown cloth dye. Starlight light amplification technology was first developed during the Vietnam War. and monoculars you can afford. A Starlight scope (or goggles. you can turn most light co notice. Inc.) Study and memorize both the terrain and the neighbors‟ names. in Silver City. with your retreat property on the center map. Note: In a subsequent blog posts I will discuss the relationship and imp If you live in the boonies. Nevada. piece together nine of the USGS 15-minute maps. They may be life-savers! If you can affo as an AN/PVS-4. With dye. (Frequent your local thrift store and buy extras for re Dyes. They should not be purchased for use as your primary night vision devices unless you than nothing. plus city and county office contact numbers for quick reference and tack it up right next to the map board. Cover acetate. turning nighttime d view. (Get your County Recorder‟s office.000 times. with a Gen 2 (or better) tube. (This may sound a bit “over the top”. One dealer that I STANO Components. and you will seem like a Need: Burlap Sacks or roll of material Save those wine corks Cold weather and foul weather gear Mosquito nets Mosquito repellent.) Buy the best starlight scopes. Rebuilt first gen (early 1970s technology scopes can often be had for as little as $500. goggles. One Russian model that uses a piezoelectric generator instead of batteries is the best of this low-cost breed expensive American made scopes fail. or a monocular) literally amplifies low ambient light by up to 100.

expedition quality formerly made by outdoors companies like Moss Bushnell binoculars (armored) and spotting scope compressed air horn with spare air cartridges CB walkie talkies (see also comms list) Mallory "Sonalerts" camo nets with poles Gate lock sleeve made with 3 or 4 inch pipe section to protect from bolt cutters concertina and razor wire Trip flares M49A1 with florist wire York pack: watertight rubber storage and transfer containers Paragon Portage Packs from Northwest River Supplies Trijicon scope 56mm 3 x 9 and DTA flash hider Purpose of low Velocity subsonic Q loads? Molycoat for winter lube for guns Page 214 . inflatable or foam rubber All weather tents Ruck sack Model CFP-90 Camo sticks Front Sight firearms training near Las Vegas.Wiggys Ultima or FTRSS for every member FAA low altitude Sectional maps USGS topo maps Sleeping Roll. NV Tree climber or utility linemans pole climber spikes and belt Gaiters. waterproof clothes Parachute cord "550" cord Florist wire Cable saw 4-season tent.Tactical Living List Range cards and sector sketches Sleeping Bags .

red and blue plastic filter) add eight 4" x 4" sheets of red and blue cellophane Infrared cyalume trip flares Retention lanyards on everything Canadian camping trip: cache used/found: Page 215 . IR chem lites LIST For tactical river crossings the following are recommended: Convenient Carry Case Multiple Inflatable Inner Tubes Rubber Tire Patch Kit 55-Gallon Barrel Liner Bags and/or Heavy Duty Trash Bags Compact Manual Bicycle Pump 550 Parachute Cord Duct Tape Knife Topographical Maps Camper's Towel Binoculars or Monocular Night vision capabilities $40 Brinkman 3Meg Searchlight (comes with a yellow.Tactical Living List Practice camping with a "bucket weekend" Footpowder Tarps and ground covers Chem lites.

a whistle. 1. chin jab. 2. a large blue tarp.Tactical Living List 5 lbs of pemmican. Note: self defense techniques at American combato system chop. Sheath should have high attach center of gravity so the knife does not fall out when unsnapping retainer. single shot crank pellet gun with about 300 pellets. a fixed blade knife and a medium sized ferrocium rod (fire stick for sparking) . tinder can be augmented with cotton ball and a little vaseline. Good knife is Becker BK-2 with para cord wrapped around sheath. small tube 1 ft long can be used to direct oxygen to the flames. ziploc freezer bag of birdseed (to attract birds). side kick. this minimizes chance of knocking down your wood structure. in that order Plastic temp holding bags with handles folding litter tinder. 5 large rat traps (to catch squirrels). fingertip thrust.hold knife firm. a compass.8 quart Kelly Kettle with fuel.5 lbs of parmesan cheese (used also to attract squirrels). pull rod back and under it with left hand. cotton ball with petroleum jelly inverted traffic cone cut off and suspended for sand bag filler Page 216 .technique . a green wool blanket. quiviut socks (musk-ox hair).

) cloth dye. and you will seem like an instant “old timer. charity. Colorado is highly recommended. since you will be doing more outdoor chores. Russian-made monoculars (with lousy optics) can be had zoelectric generator instead of batteries is the best of this low-cost breed. make it a weapon sight such sure to specify that that the tube is new or “low hours”. Mount that map on an oversize map board. ally amplifies low ambient light by up to 100. (This may sound a bit “over the top”. “Oh. You can get bags for free from supermarkets Link: In hunting season Walmart sometimes sells a Ghili jacket that could be us Burned cork makes quick and cheap face camouflage buy plenty. Make a phone number/e-mail list that corresponds to all of the names marked bers for quick reference and tack it up right next to the map board. but remember. Page 217 . hunting. Cover the whole map sheet with a sheet of heavy-duty mmander‟s map board. is Al Glanze (spoken “Glan-zee”) who runs a.” Recommendations: For Ghili Suits. you are planning for the worst case. With dye. and standing guard duty. One dealer that I trust. Don‟t overlook ponchos and gaiters. It is important he market is crowded with rip-off artists and scammers.000 times. Late issue Third Generation (also called or “Third Gen” or “Gen 3”) starlight scopes 1970s technology scopes can often be had for as little as $500. has a high “line pair” count. Buy some extra for barter. turning nighttime darkness into daylight--albeit a green and fuzzy t developed during the Vietnam War. you will be able to say. It will also introduced by name to one of them when in town. These are best used as backups (in case your not be purchased for use as your primary night vision devices unless you are on a very restrictive budget. and barter. (Get boundary line and current owner name info from both the terrain and the neighbors‟ names. They may be life-savers! If you can afford to buy only one. (Frequent your local thrift store and buy extras for retreat newcomers. don‟t you live about two miles up the road e and the Smith‟s ranch?” They will be impressed. Note: In a subsequent blog posts I will discuss the relationship and implications to IR illuminators and tritium sights. USGS 15-minute maps. you can turn most light colored clothes into semi-tactical clothing on short notice. and minimal scintillation. use lotion on face in advance to aid in removal (if desired) Unscented The Wiggy‟s brand Flexible Temperature Range Sleep System (FTRSS) made by Wiggy's of Grand Junction. Draw in rrounding neighbor‟s parcels (in pencil) in at least a five mile radius. (They are better s.Tactical Living List y earth-tone clothing. and monoculars you can afford. with your retreat property on the center map.

com see ebay also for single rolls .about 43 cents per foot in 1000 ft rolls for making traps for emergency cutting wood for shelters. so the old ones are give aways by pilots 15 minute increments and resolution book of topo maps on line topo maps at Moss Stardome 2 or Little Dipper by Sandpiper updated every 6 months and must be current for aviation use.wiggys.Tactical Living List For your retreat http://www. etc a good product is a cable saw used for dehorning cows Page 218 .

Tactical Living List 2 year shelf life.opticsplanet. keep refrigerated Yukon Gen 1 = $159 http://www.html Page 219 .net/yukon-brand.

Tactical Living List SD thru offensive response Page 220 .

Tactical Living List

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a Ghili jacket that could be used as the base for a full suit.

val (if desired)

Page 221

Tactical Living List

ts per foot in 1000 ft rolls

PX 59 cents a ft in 100 ft lengths

Page 222

Tools List
Emphasis on hand powered tools. Get copy of Lehmans Amish Catalog

Systematically list the things that you use on a regular basis, or that you might need if the local hardware store were to ever disappear: wire of various gauges, duct tape, reinforced strapping tape, chain, nails, nuts and bolts, weather stripping, abrasives, twine, white glue, cyanoacrylate glue, et cetera. Need: Recommendations: Link: oduct_info.php/cPath/36_103/products_i d/1646

Adze ASSEGAI WITH LONG SHAFT Assorted Planes Auger Axes Bag Balm Bevel Bit Center Bolt cutters--the indispensable “universal key.” Assorted Sizes X4 fault.php/cPath/2_3_18

Large broad axe, Felling Axe, fault.php/cPath/525_526 splitting maul

Bowl adze Brace Buck rake Bucksaw Bulk grain and sweet feed Bushman (or Bushman Bowie) Carding combs Carpentry Hand Saws Chain Dont forget assorted bits to go along with it. drawn behind horses (store in galvanized trash cans with tight fitting lids to keep the mice out) X 10 for use and barter Cross cut, Rip, and one person crosscut for felling trees Several heavy duty chains for pulling and strapping oduct_info.php/cPath/36_103/products_i d/2926 .html

Page 223

Tools List
Chainsaw Bar (1 Spare) Chainsaw Bar Oil At least 3 gallons part no. 36340050074 (chain), BPMR7A (spark plug) NGK gap For the chainsaw you own: .0225, pick up filter no. BO 0873 - PN Stihl model MS270C, 18 inch 00003503604 ategory_logging+saw-milling

Chainsaw Chains (at least 6)

Chainsaw lumber mill Chisel Morticing Chisel paring Collars, harnesses with hames Come-alongs Copper-tox Crosscut saw sharpening kit Work gloves Draw knife Elastrator and bands Feed buckets 20 pair leather Several, plus replacement parts fault.php/cPath/36_104

Froe Full Size Hay Scythe Gauge Goat milking stand Gouge Grind Stone Hacksaw Blades (lots of them) Halters plus replacement parts fault.php/cPath/36_387 utyofscythes.htm#

A manually powered round wetstone for sharpening tools. hand crank or foot powered and a good hacksaw for them to go on

Page 224

Tools List
Hand sheep shears Hay fork Hay hooks oduct_info.php/cPath/355/products_id/19 33

Heave Duty Hand Drill

with a chest plate to solid convert the wheels rubber tires or foam filled "no Heavy duty two wheel garden carts flats" tires

Hi-Lift Jack Hoof nippers Hoof pick Hoof rasp Horse brushes Lathe Spring Pole Lathe Treadle Leather Leads Leashes Leather Punches Leatherworking tools Maul, wood splitting MACHETE W/ SHEATH Manure shovel Nail clippers (various sizes) lots of them, various sizes but with emphasis on the 10 Penny (the most useful constructions size). X 10 for use and barter X4 full sheet of rawhide for making leather items 42KG3A?ie=UTF8&tag=survivalcom20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative =9325&creativeASIN=B00042KG3A

Nails Pendleton Lite Hunter Plane jack

Page 225

including harnesses for horses and mules Page 226 .traditionalwoodworker.php/cPath/36_339 http://www. tomahawk SWOT fly repellent Tack repair tools Teat dip Timber Jacks One man crosscut saw Bow saws with spare blades X2 And extra rod/wire solder. hobby oxyacetelyne Electric portable soldering iron Spading Fork Spike fault. horse drawn Plane Router Post Hole Digger Saddles and bridles Several hand Scythes Swickle mower Skidding Tongs Small Broad Axe Small Welding Rig.php/cPath/525_526 Includes cutting torch Chain saw with spare chain. flux drawn behind horses to move logs fault.php/cPath/36_306/products_i d/3560 Two man Crosscut saw Udder wash Tack. spark Stihl (always starts) Model plugs and fuel filters MS270C with 18 inch bar easy adjustable tensioner device http://www.Tools List Plow.

php/cPath/39_92_338/product s_id/579 Stihl makes nice large plastic felling wedges Wheeled Cultivator For gardening Wood Chisels Chisels Pick Shovels of various sorts For woodworking Stone and wood D flat head. etc http://www. grain oduct_info.html Green River Skinning knife Set of good Files 3 in 1 Oil Post driver (metal T Posts) Blacksmithing tools Forge (c.traditionalwoodworker. multiple uses.php Page 227 .brocoPortable cutting torch Broco Prime rankin. foot pedal operated Whet stones x2 For Splitting wood Varying types and sizes/shapes for sharpening blades http://www. tongs.opentip.html http://www. etc bituminous coal preferred as fuel piece of railroad rail will short substitute (100 . hammers.250 lbs preferred) brands: Champion and Buffalo are common (PC/TAC CT Kit) Portable welder by Ready Weld Foam for filling small tires ReadyWeld 2 Run no flats NSN: List Wood splitting mauls Wedges splitting and felling Sharpening wheel. Wright or Mouse Hold are good brands Post vise for blacksmithing Vice-Grips (Irwin manufacturing) or copies http://www. 1900) hand cranked air blower Anvil for blacksmithing (metalworking) Use and Barter Redundant and several styles for different material Several Gallons of it. long handle.

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Tools List Parts kit on hand with spare chain and blade Page 231 .

Tools List 5180-01-Z99-6965 Page 232 .

Training List: Courses and Sources Medical course: Medical Corps Tactics course Marksmanship course Welding class Blacksmithing class Gardening class Self Defense course Wilderness First Responder course Return to List of Lists American Combato System .

crank powered Tablets drinking water 25 qts 1 Deck playing cards Large clear plastic bags 4 Fishing equipment. pistol grip Can opener Camp cooker Hammock. lightwt Hatchet (camp axe) Leatherman tool Camp shovel. eye protection. small with folding pistol grip Matches. large Face mask filters. head 4 Gloves. Bic 2 Cross Ref to Ruck Sack BOB List Saw. 5 Radio. laundering. small For transfering small amounts of liquid Water filter kit Sawyer or Katadyn Hikers model Space blankets Blankets. etc Siphon kit. spare D cell and AA cell Flashlight with batteries D cell Switch to LED versions for all flashlights Zip lock storage bags. multifunction tool Paraffin. crank powered (need connection to re-charge cell phone) Light stick Flashlight. portable Duct tape Gorilla tape is the best 12-in-1 camp scissors. utility 1 pr. large and small Softwipes 2 each . clean Whistle Knife swiss army Rain poncho.Have in duplicate (for 2 cars): Recommendations: Link: Return to List of Lists Magnesium fire starters 2 Lighters. Goggles. misc Batteries. pocket sharpener Candles large diameter for longer burning see candle section at Walmart Camping cook set and utensils Want: Plastic utility bowl For washing. full size for sleeping . 50 ft 1/4 inch Knife sharpener. wood. block Polyrope. small (Smith‟s) or the new Gerber portable.50 pack Mosquito repellant Mosquito nets. wool Mosquito nets. 1 pr Rags. folding Wood saw.

etc fabricate from rebar. 4 times more efficient than a common bicycle Vehicles: a street legal motorbike 4x4 diesel truck or Jeep Mountain bike with accessories and racks . install extra fuel tanks for long range travel Spare tire brackets Gas can racks external mount Basic Issue Items list (maintenance & repair parts) for car/jeep/truck Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) see Army BDAR kits content and materials list repair materials comparison Recumbent bicycle with an exterior shell is a velocymobile. HDRs. MREs. all weather Emergency food canned. pvc pipe and 550 cord Bolt cutters Waggle pump for fuel transfer Vehicle candidates: late 60s early 70s vehicles from the SW with low rust rebuild all major components or rebuild later model cars with conventional style distributors and electrical systems.Sleeping Bags Tent medium. small Specialty lifting tool for pulling manhole covers. etc Pack of Sodium Hypochlorite for making chlorine for purifying water 1 lb packs of NaClO are about $4 at po Water Fuel Containers Small mirror Road Flares Collapsable stove with fuel canister an excellent choice is the Coleman triple fuel stove with kerosene ge Unbreakable cup or mug GPS Sunscreen Soap in plastic soap container for camping Crowbar. dried.

to Ruck Sack BOB List .

pdf of NaClO are about $4 at pool supply houses stove with kerosene generator http://www.pdf .

Berkefeld. battery operated models available Katadyn drip filter Metal or Rubber 4-6 Gallon Water Containers Military Surplus For water treatment (Note: liquid bleach degrades at 20% per year.) Parts for Aqua Yaku water well drilling Pre-fab and assemble the materials kit needed for drill Solar Jack water pump (type G) Well drilling equipment. some of the pool shock chlorine can be used to liquify. temp dependent) for storing water long term on location Since liquid chlorine has a limited shelf life. large funnels activated charcoal new white cotton material House downspout conversion sheet metal work and barrels. Sawyer.Water List Need: Water Filters. unscented Several food grade plastic barrels "Pool Shock" Hypochlorite powder (chlorine) ($1 to $4 per lb. then used to sterilize water Bleach. Katadyn. Note: chlorine will not kill botulism spores nor will it kill cryptosporidium cysts (often found in flood water) but boiling will kill them Sun Pump SDS series Deep Rock manufacturing Note: Cody Lundin teaches how to make a dropper using any spoon with a small piece Page 238 . portable or trailer mounted Eyedroppers boiling kettles. Doulton Ultraviolet light water treatment Katadyn Hiker model Heavy Duty Work Buckets Recommendations: “Big Berkey” ceramic water filter system Home or portable.

Water List liquid iodine.Paul Miller Living Water well bucket. 1 3/8 inch diameter good to 170 ft . Hanston KS Irrigation from dripworksusa. galvanized tub Bullet bucket Wash _Catalog_Page.$475 plus pipe . galvanized tub skinny.asp?mi=6314 iodine tablets Black and decker hand pump: Jackrabbit Stalwart emergency hand ump . 3 drops per quart of water $47 from http://www.5 gal per minute. 1/2 ts salt 1/2 ts baking soda & 3 Ts sugar Facts about bottled water in Cody Lundin's book page 143 Use of the SODIS system for solar radiation and purification of water Better than Bleach: Use Calcium Hypochlorite to Disinfect Water water heating thru a series of refrigerator coils More Articles Related to Water Gets past the bleach storage problem Page 239 . 2 percent. made from PVC and stainless steel Shower bags Wash basin. galvanized and avail from Lehmans Non-electric Use as bathtub Making a rehydration solution for drinking: 1 qt water.forestrysuppliers.

If the water is cloudy with suspended particles: First filter the water as best you can. Old Way: Using Bleach to Disinfect Water I cringe to think how many people have expired bleach in their disaster emergency kits that will be used for treating polluted wa Those of us who have emergency preparedness stocks of survival food and survival gear often keep a gallon or two of unscen calcium hypochlorite . Why Using Bleach to Disinfect Contaminated Water is a Problem Page 240 . Add two drops of bleach per quart or liter of water.35% chlorine content (be sure to read the label). Double the amount of bleach you add to the water. and households preparing for emergency disasters rely upon common household bleach as a Bleach will destroy most (but NOT all!) disease causing organisms (boiling water to make it safe to drink is always the best method).bleach Typical fresh household chlorine bleach has about 5. Let the mixture stand for a half hour before drinking. survivalists.Water List Many ourdoorsmen. To use household bleach 1. Stir it well. 2. What is not well known is Calcium Hypochlorite is far better for chemically disinfecting water. 3.

To disinfect water.000 gallons of drinking water Calcium hypochlorite is one of the best chemical disinfectants for water. add one part of the chlorine solution to 100 parts water to be treated. Let the mixture sit for at least one-half hour before drinking. Ca(OCl)2 1. To make a stock of chlorine solution (do not drink this!) dissolve 1 heaping teaspoon (about one-quarter of an ounce) of high 2. It can be stored for about 6 months at temperatures between 50 an I cringe to think how many people have expired bleach in their disaster emergency kits that will be used for treating polluted wa This is why I created Survival Topics – to give you the real information you need to survive.28 oz of the m Page 241 .Water List A little known problem with long term storage of bleach in your disaster emergency supply cache is that it degrades over time. So if bleach is unreliable for long term storage in emergency preparedness kits then what other commonly available chemical m Use Calcium Hypochlorite for Disinfect Water A 1-pound pag of calcium hypochlorite in granular form will treat up to 10. 4. 3. (Since there are 128 oz in a gallon. It destroys a variety of diseas Calcium Hypochlorite is widely available for use as swimming pool chlorine tablets or white powder that is much more stable th How to Disinfect Water Using Calcium Hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2 Using granular calcium hypochlorite to disinfect water is a two step process. better than household bleach by far. use 1. “We recommend storing our bleach at room temperatures. Therefore one teaspoon can result in 200 gallons of treated water.

A 1-pound Calcium hypochlorite will store for a long period of time and remain effective as a chemical drinking water treatment.Water List Another plus for using calcium hypochlorite to disinfect water for emergency use is that a little goes a very long way. So get rid Page 242 .

com/HTML%20pages/portable_systems. Page 243 .html rated at 4 to 6 percent sodium hypochlorite Clorox.deeprock.Water List Link: Ready Made Resources Return to List of Lists http://doultonusa.aspx http://aguayaku.htm 5 gallon plastic buckets are OK http://www. NM Albuqueque. Northern Solar Electric. ID ches how to make a dropper using any spoon with a small piece of paper of fabric falling off of it. unscented 8 drops per gallon See video on YouTube called "How a Water Well is Drilled" Zomeworks amping-equipment/flasks-containers/newhigh-density-new-british-489211.

1 lb of cal hypochl will treat 10. Use of thin baggies vs water bottles is preferred.Water List avoid if allegic to iodine. nursing or with thyroid problems or Simple Pump or Baker Pump for old fashion cast iron pumps Can work given time and good direct sunlight. if pregnant.000 gallons of water Page 244 .

Water List emergency disasters rely upon common household bleach as a disinfecting agent to make water safe to drink. vival food and survival gear often keep a gallon or two of unscented household bleach on hand for making safe drinking water in large quanti rine content (be sure to read the label). ect Water disaster emergency kits that will be used for treating polluted water. chemically disinfecting water. oiling water to make it safe to drink is always the best method). To use household bleach for disinfecting water: Contaminated Water is a Problem Page 245 .

yeast. Consulting a Chlorox bleach representative produced this statement: an be stored for about 6 months at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. pool chlorine tablets or white powder that is much more stable than chlorine. per gallon of water. water.000 gallons of drinking water ter. This is often known as “pool shock”. Even what are considered reliable sources of information such as the EP n you need to survive. better than household bleach by far. use 1.28 oz of the mixed solution. fungus. spores.Water List disaster emergency supply cache is that it degrades over time. and viruses. (Since there are 128 oz in a gallon. alcium Hypochlorite Ca(OCl)2 step process. It destroys a variety of disease causing organisms including bacteria. olve 1 heaping teaspoon (about one-quarter of an ounce) of high-test (78%) granular calcium hypochlorite for each two gallons (eight liters) o 00 parts water to be treated. reparedness kits then what other commonly available chemical methods of disinfecting water are there? As it turns out a better solution is ea sinfect Water at up to 10. After this time. ) Page 246 . bleach will be begin to degrade at a disaster emergency kits that will be used for treating polluted water.

So get rid of the household bleach and buy a can of Calcium hypochlorite for your disa Page 247 . A 1-pound pag of calcium hypochlorite in granular form typically costs only a few $US d main effective as a chemical drinking water treatment.Water List or emergency use is that a little goes a very long way.

Water List black Berkey filters from "the Berkey guy" Page 248 .

Water List ion cast iron pumps Page 249 .

Bleach is often the chemical of choice because it is commonly available and frequently mentioned when disc Page 250 .Water List rinking water in large quantities.

Water List uced this statement: will be begin to degrade at a rate of 20% each year until totally degraded to salt and water. spores. . Storing at temperatures much higher than 70 deg f information such as the EPA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA will show you how to use bleach to disinfect water bu ns out a better solution is easily available. Page 251 . ch two gallons (eight liters) of water. and viruses.

Water List ically costs only a few $US dollars and can be obtained in any swimming pool supply section of your hardware store or online. This amount w m hypochlorite for your disaster emergency water disinfection needs. It lasts far longer and treats far more water than the traditional chlorine Page 252 .

Water List Page 253 .

Water List Page 254 .

Water List ble and frequently mentioned when discussing the how-to‟s of drinking water. Page 255 .

However. u how to use bleach to disinfect water but will leave out this exceedingly important piece of information. Page 256 .Water List temperatures much higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit could cause the bleach to lose its effectiveness and degrade more rapidly.

This amount will treat up to 10. which is enough for a family of four for some six or se more water than the traditional chlorine bleach water disinfection treatment.000 gallons of drinking water. Page 257 .Water List hardware store or online.

Water List Page 258 .

Water List Page 259 .

Water List Page 260 .

Water List ss and degrade more rapidly.” Page 261 . However. if you require 6% sodium hypochlorite. you should change your supply every 3 months.

Water List gh for a family of four for some six or seven years at a gallon per day per person! Page 262 .

Water List Page 263 .

Water List Page 264 .

Water List Page 265 .

Water List our supply every 3 months.” Page 266 .

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