Dr. Jill Hutcheson Principal
Ph: 636-978-4001 December 2011 Dear Parents: In December our faculty and students will be participating in a Giving Tree program to support a local charity providing assistance to those who are less fortunate. Any student can participate in this program by returning a permission slip to Mrs. Mills. They will then be able to select an ornament from the Giving Tree. Families are asked to purchase and wrap the item taken from the tree and return it to school with the ornament attached. The wrapped gifts will be picked up prior to the holidays and donated to St. Joaquim and Ann for distribution to local families. During the busy days of late November and December, it is easy to forget about the happy memories you and your family are creating together. I have included a poem entitled December Days are Short written by Jack Prelutsky. I hope it reminds you of the fun that comes along with winter and the holidays. It really gives a child’s perspective of winter time fun and reminds us all to make time to enjoy! Happy Holidays from the faculty and staff at Dardenne Elementary School! Best Wishes!

Dr. Bernard J. DuBray Superintendent

December Days Are Short
December days are short, and so there’s not much time to play, the fun has hardly started when the sun has gone away. Today, right after breakfast, while the sky was growing light, I ran to meet my friends outside and have a snowball fight. We began to build a fortress then raced our wooden sleds, we belly-whopped and spun like tops and tumbled on our heads. We stopped for lunch, then once again threw snowballs for awhile, we made a giant snowman with a really silly smile. We fed some hungry pigeons and went sliding on the ice, my mother brought some cake for us, a dog ate half my slice. We made another snowman and we finished off our fort, then suddenly, the sun went down... December days are short. –Jack Prelutsky

Jill Hutcheson Principal

2011.00 each ____________ Total amount included for all guests $_____________ (Dardenne students should not be included in this reservation as they will select their lunch choice in their room as usual. .) If you have questions please call the school office at 9784001. __________________________________________ Name of student______________________________Teacher___________________ Number of guests: Adults @ $2. THANK YOU. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WILL BE ATTENDING BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW AND RETURN IT WITH YOUR PAYMENT. DECEMBER 9.Feast day is coming OUR HOLIDAY FEAST WILL BE WEDNESDAY. RESERVATIONS ALONG WITH PAYMENT ARE REQUIRED IN ADVANCE. Thank you. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY FRIDAY. 14. 2011. DEC.65 each ___________ Children@ $2.

If you do not want your child you find there.Students at Dardenne practice a variety of safety drills throughout the school year.the provisions of the Free/Reduced side of the office is an information rack lunch program. please call Dr. cond beverage at lunch. Dardenne will receive a portion of your total purchase to support student activities. The cost is . a current school menu in writing to ask that your child not and PTC information along with Ft. DECEMBER FEAST . Papa JOHNS PIZZA . These drills include fire. tornado and earthquake drills as well as how to respond to an unexpected intruder in the building. These second drinks are not covered under . SAFETY DRILLS . water or juice for a sechild for lunch. brochures and pamphlets that drink. If you would like to receive this information. Ask your child what he/she is to do when any of these situations occur while they are at school.When you are hungry for pizza on the third Tuesday of every month.If you missed the Thanksgiving feast and you would like to join your child for lunch on December 14th. second drink at lunch. make sure to order from Papa Johns and mention Dardenne Elementary.50 cents to everyone. our cashier. DES activities.Students can portunity to join your select milk. please information about a variety of Youth Programs. Please feel free to take any charged if they select a second flyers. please call the office and make arrangements to pay in advance and let us know that you will be coming. ber Knight Line. As you know seating is limited and we will want to set up extra tables if needed.PARENT INFORMATION – Just out. All students are for parents. please call as soon as possible so that you can enjoy this opDRINKS AT LUNCH . The Donna Waldron. Hutcheson at 9784001. This month you will find to participate in this option. PARENTS RIGHT TO KNOW As a parent of a student at Dardenne Elementary you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers who instruct your child. The office number is 978-4001. be allowed to incur the expense of a Zumwalt School District information.

Even if you don’t have a second grader in the show. We will be going outside alby a Fort Zumwalt building administramost every day for recess unless it is tor. Myia McCallister.Our Second Grade Musical will be held at WHS on Friday. Louis Caroling organization as volunteer community outreach. Dardenne families are welcome to take a stroll through The Meadows with us that afternoon! Thursday. 17th – Oct. Louis on Saturday. December 9th. We will share our winter songs along with traditional carols. 16th Annual exhibition of art created by teachers and students from area schools was held at the Foundry Art Center from Sept. The Dardenne Singers will sing at The Meadows in Lake St. coat. pillow. MOSAICS MENTOR ME 2011 . December 22nd our Dardenne Singers will perform along with the faculty.m.Our lost and found containers are overflowing again! If your child is missing a hat. we’d love for you to attend our performance. Susan Thomas. doing this for the St. 11th. Congratulations to those students and our Art Teacher.LOST AND FOUND .The Fort Zumwalt School COATS AND JACKETS . please check out our lost and found barrels which are located at the top of our ramp. From 7:00 .10:00. JOB FAIR . We are . they are not dressed for the weather they can’t enjoy their time outside. your child dress appropriately for the Participants will be interviewed briefly weather. It would be helpful if you could put your child’s name on all of his/her belongings so that we can return missing items more easily. lunch box or shoes. December 10th from 2-3. Feb.The MUSIC . Children need an the attached flyer or contact any buildopportunity to run and play but when ing administrator.Please help District is sponsoring a job fair on Saturday. The performance will begin at 7:00 p. Artwork from several DES students was on display. students and staff at the Winter Sing-Along. Cora Deverick and Mikalyley Hopkins were presented with recognition letters from the governor. 23rd. For more information. please see raining or snowing.

Patchin. parents can be involved and help their children learn and have fun at the same time. For safety’ sake use the traffic light as your only exit. Using Study Island is a win-win proposition for everyone.ENTRANCE ONLY . drivers pulling into the entrance of our parking lot are not expecting drivers to meet them coming out. Mrs. Our PTC purchased the latest subscription renewal for Study Island so you can be assured that your child will have access to this resource through the remainder of 2011-12.Please be aware that the entrance to our school parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY. In addition. That means if you are taking a trip over the holidays.STUCO will support the Salvation Army Bell Ringing project on Saturday. Thank you to this group for volunteering and sponsors. This is one way that parents can easily promote academic improvement in a fun and engaging way. Don’t put yourself and your precious cargo in jeopardy by ignoring the signage directing traffic at our entrance. I have found that students who use Study Island are making better academic gains than students who do not use this program when MAP scores are used as a crite- ria for comparison. Please urge your child to use this resource at home as part of their routine. We have had this web based learning tool for over four years. at home. It has become an important school improvement strategy. 12/3/11 at Dierbergs (K and N) from 10:00 a. he or she can use it at Grandma’s house. Students learn and grow. It can be very dangerous to pull out into the traffic on Highway K. Since our entrance is one-way only. Hall and Mrs. Your child has access to Study Island resources at any computer that has Internet capabilities. until 12:00 p.m. at the library.Last month I sent home a letter with every student about using Study Island at home. Please do not use the entrance to leave campus. STUDY ISLAND . or at the beach! Why not encourage learning while your child plays interactive games that are fun and challenging? STUDENT COUNCIL . . I urge everyone to be safe by using the traffic signal.m. they can also preview skills that haven’t been taught and get a head start on their classmates. Students enjoy using Study Island at school while they reinforce the skills that have been taught at school. Our exit onto Highway K is at the traffic signal.

1. FIFTH GRADE THOMPSON Ally McLaughlin Jr. Lupita Alonso Brandon McCutchen/Alternate 1. 2. Joshua Eggert 2. Mack Jordan Sanchez/Alternate PATTON Brendan Douglas Brenden Davis Kavya Alagendran/Alternate BURKE 1. Courtney Schif Brandon Analla Anna Chen/Alternate SCHWARTZ Zeke Emerick Dakota House Jordan Sutherland/Alternate .DARDENNE SPELLING BEE PARTICIPANTS 2011-2012 FOURTH GRADE HEIZMANN 1. Emma Cadwell 2. 2. 2. Dylan Bennett 2. Myia McAllister Delany Shuffett/Alternate 1. Ava Overman Ryan Staples/Alternate ERMELING 1. 2. TURNER 1.

December 2011 .

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