This is to certify that this project report titled “CONSUMER PERCEPTION TO WORDS PEPSI AND COKE’S BEVERAGES” has been submitted in partial fulfillment of award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) of Institute of Productivity and Management, Meerut. It is a confide winter training project report carried out by Mr. Abhishek Singh, Roll No. 02, Session 2008-2010

Date: Mr. V.S. Solanki Place: Meerut Faculty of IPM,



Pepsi was founded in New York in 1965. Its head quarter is in Purchase, New York. It is Producing Non-alcoholic beverage and Food processing items. As my topic is Non-alcoholic beverage so I am only focusing on that only. Pepsi is a carbonated beverage that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. It is sold in retail stores, restaurants cinemas and from vending machines. The drink was first made in the 1890s by pharmacist Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. The brand was trademarked on June 16, 1903. Pepsi arrived on the market in India in 1988.PepsiCo gained entry to India in 1988 by creating a joint venture with the Punjab government-owned Punjab Agro Industrial Corporation (PAIC) and Voltas India Limited. This joint venture marketed and sold Lehar Pepsi until 1991, when the use of foreign brands was allowed; PepsiCo bought out its partners and ended the joint venture in 1994. Others claim that firstly Pepsi was banned from import in India, in 1970, for having refused to release the list of its ingredients and in 1993, the ban was lifted, with Pepsi arriving on the market shortly afterwards. These controversies are a reminder of "India’s sometimes acrimonious relationship with huge multinational companies." Indeed, some argue that PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company have "been major targets in part because they are well-known foreign companies that draw plenty of attention."

Pepsi-Cola contains basic ingredients found in most other similar drinks including carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, colorings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid, and natural flavors. The caffeine-free Pepsi-Cola contains the same ingredients minus the caffeine.

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants and vending machines worldwide. The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia produces it.

was developed in the mid 19th century and was the dominant form of formal handwriting in the United States during that period -4- . The typeface used. Coca-Cola opted to discontinue its operations in India. made it mandatory for foreign companies to dilute their shareholdings to 40 per cent. Coca-Cola. Frank Mason Robinson. The US soft-drink giant. in 1885. known as Spenserian script. Coca-Cola opted to discontinue its operations in India. meant to 'Indianize' foreign companies. Instead of diluting its shareholdings to the required limit prescribed by the Act. reentered India in the 1990s after abandoning its businesses in the late 1970s in the wake of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act of 1973. Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is a leading player in the Indian beverage market with an approximate 60 per cent share in the carbonated soft drinks segment. The US soft-drink giant. and he also chose the logo’s distinctive cursive script. made it mandatory for foreign companies to dilute their shareholdings to 40 per cent. Logo design The famous Coca-Cola logo was created by John Pemberton's bookkeeper. The Act.It was incorporated in 1886. The Act. The Coca-Cola Company claims that it is sold in over 200 countries. Instead of diluting its shareholdings to the required limit prescribed by the Act. reentered India in the 1990s after abandoning its businesses in the late 1970s in the wake of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act of 1973. It was Robinson who came up with the name. meant to 'Indianize' foreign companies.

Controversy on presence of Pesticides In 2003 and again in 2006. a non-governmental organization in New Delhi. Both PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company maintain that their drinks are safe for consumption and have published newspaper advertisements that say pesticide levels in their products are less than those in other foods such as tea. fruit and dairy products -5- . claimed that soda drinks produced by manufacturers in India. had dangerously high levels of pesticides in their drinks. the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). including both Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

located around 65 Km. It has a population more than a million and it is considered to be one of the fastest developing cities in western U. from the national capitol DELHI..About Meerut Meerut “The City of Revolution” is a major city of western U. Since it is close to the National Capital so the effect of rapid modernization can easily be seen in the lifestyle of the people -6- .P.P.

Research Objectives Comparative study to find out the market share of the Products in Meerut. To Study the Consumer Perception about the taste and availability of product. -7- . To study the effect of Advertisement on the buying decision of the Consumer.

-8- . Ganga Nagar. In descriptive research we use the primary and secondary data.Well prepared structured questionnaires were used in this study. Research methodology is the way to systematically solve the research problem. Paleda of Meerut City. which includes both closedended and few open-ended questions to get information based on the objective of the research process. Sample Size is taken 85 out of which 5 questionnaires had been rejected due to Mistakes. which was made by the respondents. Golden Avenue. Data Collection Instrument: . Shastri Nagar. Sample Design for primary data have been collected through probability sampling. The method used for the research is Descriptive Research to find out our objectives.METHODOLOGY I have done Descriptive research to find out our objectives. People of different age group from different economic background were asked to fill the questionnaire containing 15 questions. In which I have used convenient sampling. In descriptive research we use the primary and secondary both data. Data is Collected through Market survey in Pallavpuram.

Magazines and Newspaper ASSUMPTIONS It is assumed that the chosen sample is the representation of whole population. Primary data collected through Questionnaire Secondary data collected through Internet. -9- . It is assumed that information provided by the samples is accurate and best of their knowledge.SOURCE OF COLLECTION OF DATA All the useful data which were require for this research has been collected through Primary and secondary date.

10 - . So final date interpretation is done on the basis of only 80 questionnaires.REPRESENTATION OF DATA THROUGH CHART RATIO OF MALE & FEMALE RESPONDANT Total numbers of respondent were 85 out of which 5 questionnaires is rejected. Total respondent were 80 Gender male Female Number 67 13 84% 16% Male Female .

11 - .Profile of respondent Total respondent were 80 Profile Student Service Housewife Professional Businessman others Number 39 18 5 6 8 4 5% 10% 48% 8% 6% 23% Student Professional Service Businessman Housewife Other .

12 - .PRODUCT DETAIL Beverage product can be divided in two types: Cola drinks Soft drinks Pepsi Products: Pepsi 7UP Mirinda Dew Slice (cola drink) (cola drink) (soft drinks) (cola drink) (soft drinks) Coke Products: Coke (cola drink) Mazza (soft drinks) Limca (cola drink) Sprite (cola drink) .

Fanta (soft drinks) Thums up (cola drink) .13 - .

14 - .MARKET SHARE OF PEPSI & COKE’S BEVERAGES Total respondent80 Company Pepsi Coke No of respondent 37 43 Market share 46% 54% Coke Pepsi On the basis of above data coke is leading with 54% market share .

PRODUCT SHARE OF PEPSI Total respondent of Pepsi 37 Product Line Pepsi 7up Mirinda Dew Slice No of Respondent 11 6 7 6 7 22% 29% 16% 19% Pepsi 7up Mirinda Dew 14% Slice .15 - .

PRODUCT SHARE OF COKE Total respondent of Coke 43 Product Line Coke Mazza Limca Sprite Fanta Thums up No of Respondent 9 10 3 6 3 12 28% 21% 7% 14% Coke Sprite Mazza Fanta 23% 7% Limca Thums up .16 - .

17 - .OVERALL SHARE OF THE PRODUCTS Total respondent 80 Product Line Pepsi 7up Mirinda Dew Slice Coke Mazza Limca Sprite Fanta Thums up No of Respondent 11 6 7 6 7 9 10 3 6 3 12 .

18 - .14% 4% 8% 13% 8% 4% 12% 11% Pepsi slice Sp[rite 7up Coke Fanta Mirinda Mazza Thums up 9% 8% 9% Dew Limca .

19 - .REASON BEHIND CHOOSING THE PRODUCT Total respondent 80 Preferences Taste Advertisements Schemes Easy availability People Like Others No of Respondent 61 8 5 4 1 1 1% 6% 5% 1% 10% 77% Taste easy availibility Advertisment People like schemes other .

20 - .EFFECT OF ADVERTISMENT Total respondent 80 Influence of Advertisements No of Respondent Yes No 30 50 38% 62% Yes No 62% respondent said that Advertisements Influence their buying decision. While 38% said that it doesn’t influence them for buying .

how does consumer respond? Total respondent 80 Respond Take another verity Visit next shop Suggest to have same verity Postpone decision No of Respondent 26 35 13 6 7% 16% 32% 45% Take another verity visit next shop Suggest to have same verity Postpone decison .21 - .Brand loyalty If the desired verity of beverage is not available at particular shop.

PRESENCE OF PESTICIDES Total respondent 80 Respond Fully disagree Agree to some extent Fully agree No of Respondent 32 43 5 6% 40% 54% Fully disagree Fully agree Agree to some extent .22 - .

23 - .CONSUMPTION OF BEVERAGRS How often people consume beverages? Total respondent 80 Respond Once a week Twice a week More than twice a week Once in two week When ever you required No of Respondent 19 20 14 3 24 29% 24% 4% 25% 18% once a week more than twice a week when ever you need twice a week once in a week .

77% of population is being influenced by taste only.INTERPRETATION On the basis research the facts which have come out are: Coke is leading the market with 54% market share in Meerut. Pepsi is the capturing highest market share with 29% in Meerut. and population prefer both in Meerut. Instead of that they are using cold drinks. rest 62% population belies that Advertisements are not much effective. Only 38% population only influenced by advertisement. while Pepsi is covering only 46% market in Meerut. The population between 12. Under the brand name of coke Thums up is market leader with 28% market share and Fanta is second largest with 23% market share. . while 10 % population by Advertisements only. while population above to 50 and below 12 prefer soft drinks.24 - . 54% population beliefs there cold drink have pesticide up to some extent.30 year prefer the cola products. 45% population are loyal to words there product. Under the brand name of Pepsi. while slice is second market leader of Pepsi with 22% market share.

3rd preference will go to schemes. 2nd will go to Brand.Research Findings As it was 1st research Project of my life. Frequency of consume to cold drinks is higher of male than female.25 - . . 4th preference will go to Price. so it gave my lot of experience which will be very helpful in my life as well as in my summer training. By combining all the beverage verities I come to know that Thums up is the market leader with 14 % total market share while Pepsi is the second highest market leader with 13% market share. while female prefer soft drinks. 5th preferences will go to Packaging. If the Buying decision of consumer is rated 1st preference will go to Taste. By this research we analyze that male prefer cola dinks. On the basis of that research we find that in case of beverages people are much influenced by taste rather than Advertisements and other things. I come to know that Young generation is the biggest consumer of cold drinks than any other.

Which incurred again cost of re-transportation. these bottles are being retuned back for refilling to companies. While with the 46 % market share Pepsi is on the second step.26 - . Pepsi should increase its product portfolio to capture the Coke’s market share. If we are analyzing properly then we find Pepsi is small product portfolio than coke. . Companies should focus on the taste of the product because 77% population is influenced by taste only.Recommendation Though the coke is enjoying about 54% of the total market share and it is market leader in Indian beverage industry. which is responsible for its second position. Which comes in glass bottles. If company start to supply 200 ml cold drinks in pet bottles (plastid bottles) it will be good for company because 40% of population is using only 200ml. Young generation is the potential consumer so companies should more focus on them. As we find that 40 % population consumes 200ml cold drinks.

It is possible that some potential source might have remained untapped. the respondent was not giving me the proper reply. .27 - . which is not well known to me. In some cases. He/she might think that this is only wastage of time or this might create some problem etc. And as a result he/she has given some fake answers and fills the questionnaire very casually. Because I was covering Pepsi & Coke both. But still are certain limitations while doing the research work. The area of study is limited and confined to certain limitation. Some of the limitations are as follows. As we did our project in Meerut.Limitations It was my 1st research project so due to curiosity I put my whole heart on this project. There might have been tendencies among the respondents to amplifying or filter their responses under the testing. One of the biggest limitations with this project work is the time factor. So it become difficult to conduct survey in Meerut The sample size of 80 respondents is too small to find out the consumer perception.

28 - .Since the result has been drawn on the basis of the information provided by the respondents therefore there is a chance of error. The questioners were in English so many people were avoiding to fill the questioners .

Also the outcome that came out from this research work is that in city Meerut coke is the market leader with 54% market share. and as a result of this I have learnt a lot of things like how to talk with the different people with different behavior. with 29% market share of its total market share and Thums up is the leading brand of coke with 28% market share of itself. . I am benefited a lot and this will definitely help me a lot in my summer training as well as in the future.30 year prefer cola drinks and rest people who comes in between 30 -50 year have common. While surveying I have met a large number people. Also I have gained some new experience about the consumer research.Conclusion After the completion of project I have seen the different aspects of this Winter Training Project. Pepsi is having only 46% market share. I come to know that Pepsi is the leading brand of Pepsi co.29 - . with different perceptions. taste is the 1st preference to choosing the product and one more important factor that below 12 years and above to 50years people like the soft drinks while people between 12. with different nature. Through this research I also come to know that young generation is the potential market for beverage industry.

com www. As of the course of my curriculum.pepsicoworld.com Books: Magazines Research papers Research Methodology by C. Therefore.pepsicenter.com www.com www.R Kothari Questionnaire Respected Sir/Madam I am MBA student of IPM Meerut. I need your valuable view for the question given below. . I will be highly grateful to you.com www.pepsi.30 - .BIBLIOGRAPHY Internet: www.indiainfoline.com www. I am doing the market research.google.agencyfaqs.com www.wikipidia.

Which brand of cold drink you like the most? a) Pepsi d) Dew g) Mazza i) Fanta b) 7up e) Slice g) Limca j) Thums up c) Mirinda f) Coke h) Sprit What is the reason behind choosing your Brand? a) Taste c) Easily available b) Advertisement d) People like How many times in a week. you take cold drink.31 - . Since how much time you are using your brand? a) 1-6 month b) 6-12-month c)1-2 year d) more than 2 year . a) Once b) twice c) thrice d) More than three time Which quantity of your cold drink you often purchase? a) 200ml What is your Age? Please specify ( ) b) 300ml c) 500ml d) 2Lt What is your income per month? a) 0-10 thousands c) 15-20 thousands ( ) ( ) b) 10-15 thousands ( ) d) more than 20 thousands ( ) What is your profile? a) Student c) Working b) Professional d) Any other Specify 8.

9. Which brand of cold drinks often comes in your family? Pepsi 7up Mirinda Sprit Fanta Dew Slice Coke Thums up Limca Mazza Name Age Occupation Address Contact No (If any) :::::- .32 - . If your desired brand of cold drink is not available at particular shop a) Take any other brand c) Suggest to have that brand b) visit next shop d) don’t take any brand 10. How many members in your family are? Please specify ( ) 11.

.33 - .

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